Ashley's Ascension by Silentnomad50

Ashley uses a potion, found in a book that was given to her. The results end up giving Ashley an incredible ability. Her darkest wishes and desires will be brought to light.

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Chapter 1 by Silentnomad50

"Two more drops and that should finish it." Ashley muttered to herself as she eased the small dropper over the beaker and slowly placed two drops into the green liquid. Gently placing the dropper on the table, she sat back in her chair.

" There it is at last." Ashley whispered to herself.

  Months upon months of collecting the proper ingredients came down to the concoction that mildly bubbled before her. Months spent with many a sleepless night as she worked to find the ingredients needed for the magic potion that would make her wildest fetish come true. She could already feel her panties becoming wetter by the second as she thought about all the possibilities her hard work would bring to life. " Oh, I'm most definitely pleasuring myself tonight. I think I've earned a moment for myself. If this potion works as it should, then tonight will be the perfect warmup for my new life!" Ashley exclaimed loudly to the small basement where she worked. Ashley jumped up from her chair, fueled by her giddiness and growing arousal, and made her way upstairs. Looking back one last time at her creation, she smiled to herself. "Tomorrow, begins a new era for me."
   Ashley clicked the light off and shut the door behind her. She made her way through her kitchen grabbing a pack of Coors light before heading back to her bed room. She downed one of the beers before she made it halfway through the hall and tossed the empty cans to the floor.

 " Not even worried about it anymore, I won't ever be back here." She laughed as she pulled a cross off the wall one of her exes had hung up when she first moved in.

" God won't be able to stop me or the hell that's coming with me." She giggled as she threw it on the tile and continued to her bathroom. Stripping down to nothing, she shotgunned one more beer and tossed the empty can into the sink. Lifting her head up she looked thoughtfully at her naked body standing in front of the mirror. "I just don't understand why anyone could say no to this for the rest of their lives." She pulled a strand of blonde hair out of her face. Her hair was her favorite feature, it had a fullness all its own and hung down to the middle of her tanned back, making it the perfect length for men to grab and pull as they thrust themselves inside her. Her icy blue eyes lit up as she began to think of a throbbing hard dick pounding her from behind and she moaned as she let her hands wander the rest of her fit, tanned body. She grasped her ample left breast in one hand and eased her other hand towards her now sopping wet vagina. Biting her lower lip, she began to make slow circles around the moist outer lips of her vagina. It took no time at all for her to plunge her fingers into her pussy. As she feverishly fingered herself, her thoughts turned to her innermost desires.

  She began to imagine herself growing larger by the moment, the ground shaking below her expanding toes...."OH!!" Ashley let out a yell as her body began to writhe in the throes of her orgasm. Ashley slumped to the floor with a relaxed grin on her face. " I barely made it into my fantasy before cumming." She giggled as she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and began sucking, reveling in her wonderful familiar taste.
   Satisfied, Ashley stood back up and turned the shower on. As she let the hot water pour over her body, she began to ponder all the wrongs done to her. Ashley thought about the numerous boyfriends she'd had over the years as well as the ex-husbands that had abused her. She remembered one man in particular though.


  He had given her the fucking of her life one late night in her old apartment and then left her in the blink of an eye. Her pussy still ached for his dick. She had poured her heart and soul into their love making and for a brief moment he had shown the same back. It was not to be though, he left her, claiming he wasn't ready for such a deep commitment. What she wouldn't do to have him back in her life, to have him by her side as she changed the world. She smiled remembering how she had been the first woman to ever suck him off. Gosh, how he had gushed his warm and salty cum into her mouth and down her throat. She had sucked many guys off and of all the men she had been with his was by far the tastiest she had ever swallowed.
   Ashley sighed as she let her mind wander once more, this time to all the women out there she had thought were her friends. Ashley only ever sought to provide love, kindness and happiness to her Facebook page.

However, all those bitches enjoyed tearing her down and calling her a slut and a whore.

"So what if I believe in a good fucking!?" She thought angrily to herself.

 " All I need to do is just smile and move on, a great smile will always keep you going." She let one work its way on her face as she turned and washed the suds out of her hair. "Everyone will be thinking a lot differently come tomorrow, oh yes, they will never know what hit them." Ashley began to feel aroused again as she finished washing herself off and took time to massage her perfect nipples that jutted out from her perky breasts.

  "I will do anything and everything I've ever wanted to do." Ashley moaned as she turned off the water and dried herself off. She walked out of the bathroom and slid naked into her bed for the last time.

End Notes:

First time writing and submitting a story. Lots of groundwork in this chapter setting things up. Let me know what y'all think!

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