Ashley's Ascension by Silentnomad50

Ashley uses a potion, found in a book that was given to her. The results end up giving Ashley an incredible ability. Her darkest wishes and desires will be brought to light.

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2. Chapter 2 by Silentnomad50

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Chapter 1 by Silentnomad50

"Two more drops and that should finish it." Ashley muttered to herself as she eased the small dropper over the beaker and slowly placed two drops into the green liquid. Gently placing the dropper on the table, she sat back in her chair.

" There it is at last." Ashley whispered to herself.

  Months upon months of collecting the proper ingredients came down to the concoction that mildly bubbled before her. Months spent with many a sleepless night as she worked to find the ingredients needed for the magic potion that would make her wildest fetish come true. She could already feel her panties becoming wetter by the second as she thought about all the possibilities her hard work would bring to life. " Oh, I'm most definitely pleasuring myself tonight. I think I've earned a moment for myself. If this potion works as it should, then tonight will be the perfect warmup for my new life!" Ashley exclaimed loudly to the small basement where she worked. Ashley jumped up from her chair, fueled by her giddiness and growing arousal, and made her way upstairs. Looking back one last time at her creation, she smiled to herself. "Tomorrow, begins a new era for me."
   Ashley clicked the light off and shut the door behind her. She made her way through her kitchen grabbing a pack of Coors light before heading back to her bed room. She downed one of the beers before she made it halfway through the hall and tossed the empty cans to the floor.

 " Not even worried about it anymore, I won't ever be back here." She laughed as she pulled a cross off the wall one of her exes had hung up when she first moved in.

" God won't be able to stop me or the hell that's coming with me." She giggled as she threw it on the tile and continued to her bathroom. Stripping down to nothing, she shotgunned one more beer and tossed the empty can into the sink. Lifting her head up she looked thoughtfully at her naked body standing in front of the mirror. "I just don't understand why anyone could say no to this for the rest of their lives." She pulled a strand of blonde hair out of her face. Her hair was her favorite feature, it had a fullness all its own and hung down to the middle of her tanned back, making it the perfect length for men to grab and pull as they thrust themselves inside her. Her icy blue eyes lit up as she began to think of a throbbing hard dick pounding her from behind and she moaned as she let her hands wander the rest of her fit, tanned body. She grasped her ample left breast in one hand and eased her other hand towards her now sopping wet vagina. Biting her lower lip, she began to make slow circles around the moist outer lips of her vagina. It took no time at all for her to plunge her fingers into her pussy. As she feverishly fingered herself, her thoughts turned to her innermost desires.

  She began to imagine herself growing larger by the moment, the ground shaking below her expanding toes...."OH!!" Ashley let out a yell as her body began to writhe in the throes of her orgasm. Ashley slumped to the floor with a relaxed grin on her face. " I barely made it into my fantasy before cumming." She giggled as she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and began sucking, reveling in her wonderful familiar taste.
   Satisfied, Ashley stood back up and turned the shower on. As she let the hot water pour over her body, she began to ponder all the wrongs done to her. Ashley thought about the numerous boyfriends she'd had over the years as well as the ex-husbands that had abused her. She remembered one man in particular though.


  He had given her the fucking of her life one late night in her old apartment and then left her in the blink of an eye. Her pussy still ached for his dick. She had poured her heart and soul into their love making and for a brief moment he had shown the same back. It was not to be though, he left her, claiming he wasn't ready for such a deep commitment. What she wouldn't do to have him back in her life, to have him by her side as she changed the world. She smiled remembering how she had been the first woman to ever suck him off. Gosh, how he had gushed his warm and salty cum into her mouth and down her throat. She had sucked many guys off and of all the men she had been with his was by far the tastiest she had ever swallowed.
   Ashley sighed as she let her mind wander once more, this time to all the women out there she had thought were her friends. Ashley only ever sought to provide love, kindness and happiness to her Facebook page.

However, all those bitches enjoyed tearing her down and calling her a slut and a whore.

"So what if I believe in a good fucking!?" She thought angrily to herself.

 " All I need to do is just smile and move on, a great smile will always keep you going." She let one work its way on her face as she turned and washed the suds out of her hair. "Everyone will be thinking a lot differently come tomorrow, oh yes, they will never know what hit them." Ashley began to feel aroused again as she finished washing herself off and took time to massage her perfect nipples that jutted out from her perky breasts.

  "I will do anything and everything I've ever wanted to do." Ashley moaned as she turned off the water and dried herself off. She walked out of the bathroom and slid naked into her bed for the last time.

End Notes:

First time writing and submitting a story. Lots of groundwork in this chapter setting things up. Let me know what y'all think!

Chapter 2 by Silentnomad50

  The next morning Ashley woke up feeling better than she ever had before. She glanced at her phone and noticed the numerous missed calls from her work as well as several voicemails left.

" Oh, y'all will know soon enough why I didn't come in today." She laughed as she tossed her phone back onto the nightstand and rolled out of bed.

  She opened up her closet, selected her favorite pair of underwear, a tiny red glittery thong, and covered her lower half in a pair of leggings before throwing on an old extra large t-shirt she had stolen from one of her exes. It had been his favorite shirt and she had made for damn sure he would never get his superman t shirt back.

  She glanced at herself in the mirror as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. The baggy blue shirt hung down past her ass and easily hid her bra free breasts. She checked herself one last time as her excitement began to grow. She slipped into some cheap black flip flops and headed to her basement. Flipping on the light she made her way down the stairs.

"Whew!" Ashley thought as she wrinkled her nose.

" I hope this stuff tastes better than it smells. She made her way to the counter and picked up the large beaker and examining her potion. The once green concoction had turned to a dark blue, signaling the completion of the potion. Satisfied, Ashley set the beaker down and picked up the worn leather bound book sitting on the counter just to her left and opened it to a previously marked page.

  Ashley had been given the book months ago by an elderly woman outside a n apartment complex where her date for the night had left her after they had sex. She had told him that she was in love with him and he kicked her out of the bed pushing her clothes into her hand and slamming the door in her face. She cried as she put her clothes back on and made her way to the bus bench outside. The only thing she ever wanted was a man that would love her and care for her as much as she was willing to love and care for him.Life was so unfair, she wished she had been big enough and strong enough to to hurt him back but that wasn't the case.

  She had been sitting on the bench crying for sometime when an elderly woman appeared out of nowhere, sat down next to her and began to talk to her. The elderly woman had been able to calm Ashley down enough to figure out what she was so upset about. Nodding her head in understanding, she produced a worn leather book from her bag and pressed it firmly into Ashley's hands.

" In here my dear, you will find the secret to your wildest dreams and deepest fantasies. You will find all you need to have the happiness you expect and deserve. The power to change everything lies within." The elderly woman had kissed her forehead and vanished into the evening as quickly as she had appeared.

  Ashley had clutched the book to her chest all the way home trying her best to wrap her head around what the hell had just happened.

  The following day she opened it to discover it was a book of potions. She thumbed through it until she happened upon a chapter entitled " Sizing: A potion for controlling the size, shape, properties and characteristics of you and the world around you."

" This has to be some kind of joke, there's no way this is real."

Ashley sat back and sighed, " Well, I guess there's no harm in trying. It's not like I have much else going for me right now." Sitting back up she began to read through the ingredients she would need. She read it three more times and wrote down a list. "Some of these will take time, but this is definitely doable." With an excitement she hadn't felt in years, Ashley began the long journey of finding the necessary ingredients for the potion.

  Ashley pulled her mind out of her memory, closing the book for the last time with a brief hug before setting it down. She turned and grabbed the beaker, her hands shaking with nervous excitement as she brought the glass to her lips.

  " To the sweet elderly woman and to unlimited smiles, happiness and power." She tilted her head back and downed the liquid.


  She yelled as she dropped the empty container. She shuddered from the vile tasting liquid. Quickly she hurried over to a full length mirror she had propped up against the wall and eagerly awaited her transformation. Nothing was happening. She waited for what seemed like eternity, but she felt nothing and saw no change. An hour went by as she paced back and forth across the basement floor.

  Frustrated she yelled at her reflection " I don't fucking understand, this was supposed to work! I don't feel any damn different!" Defeated and angry she made her way back up the stairs. Slumping into her couch she let out an exasperated sigh and did her best to hold back a tear forming at the edge of her eye. " I guess since my phone is broken I best go into work and explain myself, maybe I can beg them to let me keep my job." Grabbing her keys she headed out the door and began the long sullen drive to her work.

End Notes:

Last bit of lead up and background. The next chapter starts the real fun.

Chapter 3 by Silentnomad50

" Of fucking course."

Ashley breathed angrily at the congested lunch traffic. She laid her forehead against the steering wheel of her truck as she sat stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the the tallest overpass headed into the city. To add to her ire, she was having the hardest time keeping her foot on the brake. " I really need to trade this in for a smaller vehicle, I have such a hard time reaching the pedals. Even with the seat completely forward. Stupid ex and his large trucks, at least I was able to take it from him." She thought sullenly.

  Closing her eyes she imagined what it would be like to be much taller than her current five foot frame. Ashley lifted her head up and reached over to the radio to turn on some music when all of the sudden her stomach began to feel strangely warm. She felt her hand miss the radio knob and hit the window.

"What the fuck?" She thought to herself.

  Looking to her right she traced her arm all the way to the other side of her truck. "How in the..." her thought was cut short as her other arm and shoulder pushed against her door. Looking down she saw the fabric of her leggings stretch as her legs began to elongate. The flip flops on her feet dug in between her toes and eventually gave way as her enlarged feet slipped off the pedals and up underneath the dash. Ashley slammed her truck into park before she lost control. She attempted to look around to see if anyone had noticed her, but her head hit the ceiling of the cab and forced her to crane her neck down before she could look around.

" Oh, my God! It's working! It's really working!" Ashley screamed with delight.

  With her head forced down couldn't help but admire her much fuller breasts. The right one had slipped just past the steering wheel while the left one had made its way into the hole just above the horn. Unfortunately that meant the weight of her supple breast was now resting on the horn, causing it to blare continuously. She felt the cold air of the a/c blowing on her nipples causing them to protrude out of the now thinly stretched superman logo.

  The warmth in her belly subsided and she felt her growth stop. "Wow! That felt amazing!" she thought, " So all I need to do is think about what I want to change and it will happen? Perhaps?"

  Ashley looked at a peppermint that was laying on the floorboard and imagined it growing much bigger. Before she knew it the peppermint burst out of its wrapper and grew big enough to fill the passenger seat floorboard.

" This is too perfect." She squealed.

Loud horn blasts around her interrupted her experimentation. She looked over to the car next to her and was just able to make out a man yelling and waving angrily. Shifting slightly, Ashley was was able to maneuver her left arm enough to roll her window down. She reached her long arm out and imagined her hand and arm growing as she stretched towards the angry driver.

  Her now much larger hand burst through the glass of his passenger window and she grabbed hold of the man's face. Her long fingers were able to wrap around the man's head with ease. She could feel the vibrations in her hand as the man tried to yell, only to be muffled by the giant palm covering his face. She imagined him shrinking as well as her arm returning to its normal length. When she brought her arm back into her own vehicle the once angry man was now a tiny shaking mess standing in the palm of her hand. Amid the continued honking and yelling, Ashley could only stare in amazement at what she had just done in the last few minutes.

" I'm sorry hun, but in the grand scheme of things you're just not important enough for my attention right now and I have a date with my destiny." She gave him a smile as she flicked him out the window of her truck.

"Now to get out of this thing and get to some real fun." Ashley imagined herself shrinking back to her normal size but with much larger muscles than she had ever had.

  The warmth in her belly returned as her arms and legs retracted, she watched as they grew thicker and thicker. Before too long her blue shirt was tight across her body again, except this time she could make out the veins across her chest and the sleeves of her shirt threatened to pop from her massive biceps. Her leggings had creeped up past her much larger calves and showed every sinew of her muscular thighs. She grabbed her door, ripped it off its hinges with ease and climbed out of her truck. Unknown to her, the tiny man she had just dropped out of her window became the first victim of her bare left sole.

  Once outside her truck she looked around at the mess she had caused so far. By now the whole mass of traffic on the overpass had come to a complete stop because of her and she could make out the high pitched whine of sirens headed, no doubt, her way. She imagined herself back to normal. In an instant she looked as if nothing had happened to her, just in time for the police arriving. The officer stepped out of his vehicle and sauntered over to her.

"Ma'am, what seems to be the prob.." He stopped short as he took in the muscular vixen before him and the broken door of her truck laying on the ground next to her. " Ma'am are you okay? Are you hurt?" The cop asked her now on high alert.

" No officer, I'm perfectly fine. I'm just glad you made it in time for the show!" A confused look swept across the officer's face.

" Lady, what in the hell are you talking about?"

Ashley blew him a kiss, winked and imagined herself at a towering height just barely taller than overpass, and making sure to revert back to her original fit body.

" Better let the thong grow with me too. A girl has to leave something to the imagination." She giggled

  Within seconds the warmth returned to her stomach quickly followed by her smooth tanned skin pushing out in all directions and bursting through the now much too small superman shirt. Her breasts popped out of the torn shirt hitting the officer in the face with an audible smack. The force of their growth pushing him backwards onto his ass. He watched in shock as the little muscle woman that had been standing in front of him, became increasingly larger and larger by the second. The officer scrambled to his feet to dodge a set of brightly pink painted toes.

  Unfortunately for him, he was moving slower than her growth. He quickly found himself pinned against the hood of his patrol car as her foot grew and grew forcing him and his car against the sidewall of the overpass. He gasped for breath and banged his fists on the side of her foot as it continued to grow past him. The side of her foot was now above his head rapidly crushing the life out of him.

   Ashley lifted her still growing right foot up and shifted her stance to place it down onto the street below the overpass, waiting until her left leg caught up in length so she could place it on the opposite side and leave the overpass intact. She felt small sharp pains on the soles of her feet as she crushed the unaware vehicles below. The vehicles and pedestrians still stuck on the overpass were quickly cast in the shadow of Ashley's enormous growing body.

Chapter 4 by Silentnomad50

  When she finally stopped her growth, Ashley was easily straddling the freeway just as she had imagined. She couldn't help but laugh as she placed her hands on her hips and took in her new height. The front of her red thong, barely covering her enormous pussy, sat mere feet above the roadway. A few unlucky vehicles parked near Ashley had their rooftops crunched under the weight of her now massive pussy. Heat poured from her aroused vagina, causing the windows of the cars around to fog over.

  In one of the vehicles below, Jerry, had sat nervously in his minivan doing his best to calm his two children and wife as the events had unfolded around them.

"Honey keep the kids occupied and don't let them look ahead please." Jerry whispered to his wife while trying to figure out how to get them out of this mess.

  His thoughts were quickly side tracked as he watched the cars ahead of them pushed aside like blades of grass by the woman's feet. He couldn't believe his eyes, he had assumed the traffic jam was due to a typical accident caused by a careless driver, this was anything but typical.

  Before he knew it the woman was towering above them and the only thing he could see before him was the glittery red material of the woman's thong shining in the midday sun as her growing form cast a shadow over them.

  The vehicle's automatic lights kicked on and he could see his windshield had fogged over. Jerry pulled his sleeve over his hand and wiped a small portion clean just in time to see a giant French manicured hand descend down and begin rubbing the front of the glittery red thong before them. Her loud moaning caused the overpass to shake. He heard his youngest daughter ask his wife, Lisa, what was going on and before he heard his wife's explanation his attention was abruptly drawn to a red headed woman who was frantically getting out of her little Ford Focus that had been trapped under the store sized pussy.

After a brief struggle the woman was able to get free from her car and attempted to run towards them, being careful to avoid the mass of shifting tanned skin and glittery material that was all around her. The woman was forced to her knees to avoid the giant white tip of a fingernail as the giantess masturbated above her.

  Rolling to her left, she was barely able to avoid being smashed against the concrete wall by a giant mole connected to the outer labia above her, she continued to army crawl along until she abruptly stopped.

Jerry leaned closer to get a better look, the woman's legs were tangled in what appeared to be a thick dark brown rope. Then it hit Jerry, that has to be the giant woman's pubic hair.

  He watched in fearful fascination as the giantess continued pleasuring herself, her rubbing circles becoming quicker and quicker as her hips now began to buck. He could see more of her enormous labia as her fingers circled over her clit causing the edges of the thong to pull further away from the lips and fold into the vagina.

  She was clean shaven, the poor red headed woman just happened to stumble upon a random missed hair hanging down.

" Poor lady." Jerry whispered as he watched her struggle against the thick dark brown hair that coiled around her.

  Jerry felt his dick begin to harden as he watched the giantess slide the red material aside and plunge her fingers into the biggest pink pussy he had ever seen. He looked away for a moment embarrassed and hoping his wife couldn't see the tent he was pitching.

  A musty smell began to overtake the inside of the minivan and Jerry quickly hit the cabin air recycle to help ease the smell. His children were much to young to learn about the smells and functions of a females sexual organs. However, he found himself wrapped up in the giant masturbation show before him.


The giant yelled, startling Jerry out of his lusting and causing his family to fall dead silent.

"Oh god no, I think she's cumming." He heard his wife breathe.

  He saw the front of the thong snap back into place as the giantess' hand rose back into the air, sunlight reflecting off of the cum covering the tips of her fingers. The glittery red thong quickly darkened as the giantess continued cumming as wave after wave of pleasure hit her.

The red headed woman, looked up in fear having failed to disentangle herself and screamed as what appeared to be a waterfall poured out the sides of the now dark red thong. Her scream was stifled as she was drowned in the hundreds of gallons of cum falling.

Jerry turned to his family, " Quick! Get out of the van now and run!!"

They jumped out of their minivan, but they were too late. The river of cum swept them off their feet and sent them and the cars around rushing over the side of the freeway to their deaths.

Chapter 5 by Silentnomad50

" That was the best fingering I've ever had." Ashley said as she shuddered in pleasure. She licked at her fingertips as she watched the cars below her being swept away by her orgasm. Ashley glanced at the city on her right.

"I think I should experiment a little more before I go play. I'm interested in seeing what all I can do. I'll start with some little things."

  Looking down at her breasts she imagined her nipples growing thicker and longer. She saw the dark pink nubs that were her nipples puff out and begin to lengthen. " Good to know I can narrow it down to more specific parts, however, these extra long nipples are a little ridiculous."

  Instead of returning them back to normal, she grew her breasts out to match. Slowly, the hills of flesh expanded to twice their size and hung heavy off her large frame. " Much better, I always thought larger breasts would suit me."

  Ashley bent over to get a closer look at the destruction her little masturbation had wrought.The once full overpass was now clear save for the few cars still stuck under her pussy.

  Reaching between her legs she dislodged a slightly crushed truck and brought it to her face to closer examine it. As she brought it before her bright blue eyes she thought she saw a flicker of movement. With one finger she ripped the crushed roof back to reveal a man doing his best to hide on the floorboard.

She smiled at him, " So I'm guessing you thought you'd just stay close to my pussy this whole time? What a pervert! How about I give you more pussy than you've ever had in your life?"

  She plucked the doll sized man out of the cab and placed him back on the overpass directly in front of her thong. "Don't move a muscle little man." The man shivered in fear, clearly in shock.

Ashley closed her eyes and imagined her labia expanding.

  The man's eyes widened further in fear as the giantess's pussy lips bulged out, straining the red fabric and pulling the band away from her waist. It wasn't long until the thickening wrinkled skin plopped out around the red fabric, swallowing it in it's continued growth up and outwards.

  The wall sized pussy lips slowly made their way towards him, reaching high into the air between the giantess's massive thighs. A wash of must and humid air hit him as the dark wrinkly flesh made its way on either side of him. He could no longer see as the walls were soon passed where he was standing. The large lips closed around him trapping him in a moist cavern, blocking all light.

  Ashley watched in amusement as her labia grew out and up. The fleshy top of her pussy now almost taller than her belly button.

"I think I need to call Guinness records, this is definitely a record for largest labia in the world."

  How absurd this must look from everyone's point of view. Minus the fact that she was currently straddling an overpass. By now, at least four cars and the little man were trapped in the cave of her pussy lips. " There's not a dick out there that could even begin to reach the opening of my vagina." She smirked.

Then it hit her, " Could I really make that happen? Guess there's only one way to find out."

The man was doing his best to breathe in the thick damp air. He tried looking around for anyway out but the total blackout made it hard to find his bearings. Suddenly the air felt warmer and he heard what sounded like wet skin sliding against wet skin. Without warning he was slammed in the face with something soft and spongy, yet rigid and he began sliding. The pace quickened and he did his best to hold on. He groped around looking for a better hold. He found what felt like a crack and dig his hands in. Soon he found himself surround by light as the sliding slowed and stopped.

  Now that he was in the daylight, he was able to let his eyes adjust and see what the hell had happened. He seemed to be holding onto a fairly large vertical crack surrounded by red spongy material with wrinkles scattered throughout. He looked down behind and below him.

" Oh my fucking god! I'm hanging on the tip of a giant dick!"

Several stories below him sat the largest wrinkled scrotum he'd ever seen. She had turned her large vagina into an even larger dick.

Chapter 6 by Silentnomad50

" Hey there! I didn't know if you'd survive or not."

He whipped his head back around, startled by the abrupt ear deafening noise and realized he was looking directly into the icy blue eyes of the giantess. She had bent over to get a closer look at him causing him to almost lose the grip he had on the tip of her dick.

  " You must be feeling pretty jealous by now, I mean, a girl like me with no doubt the biggest and best vagina you've ever had the pleasure of being around. Yet now, here you are holding onto a dick you could have only ever dreamed of having, much less using to satisfy any woman."

The giantess laughed causing the dick to begin swaying violently as her belly bounced against the enormous shaft.

" What's the matter little man? You really should smile, it makes all the difference. Now, I'd hold on a little harder if I was you. This dick has a few more stories to climb, cause this big girl wants to suck herself off for once."

  The man braced himself, pressing his face against the flesh of her dick as the head he held onto grew larger. The vertical slit where he held onto grew wider and wider, if he wasn't careful he would either fall to his death or into the dark cavern it was becoming. He forced himself to look up, the giantess held her head over the shaft with her mouth wide open, ready to accept the enormous cock.

  Despite his terror, the man couldn't help but notice how beautiful this giant woman was, her eyes dug into his soul and her perfectly proportioned face was the stuff of dreams. He noticed how soft and full her lips looked, even stretched out by her holding her mouth open. In his ogling he noticed something, her dick was almost to her mouth but there was no way it was gonna fit. Her mouth was much to small at her present size and the cock was only getting larger as it grew up and up. He tightened what little he had left of his grip and closed his eyes in anticipation of being pushed off by her upper lip or the tip of her nose.

  Ashley closed her mouth and straightened up as she realized she had made her dick much to big, she pulled back and watched the thick veiny shaft fly past her face and over her head carrying her small prey out of her vision. "Oops! My appetite for dick can get a little carried away." Ashley felt like she was gonna fall on her back as the weight of the hard dick threatened to fall back on top of her. Her enormous ball sack had spread her long tan legs almost into the splits. Each ball had crushed the concrete sides and now hung off the sides of the road. The overpass began to creak under the weight of Ashley and her skyscraper cock.

"Better balance this out with a little junk in the trunk I think."

As the familiar warmth spread in her stomach, Ashley focused on making her ass cheeks larger than her balls. Her cheeks began spreading out and crushed the concrete sides, her ass crack widening as the cellulite covered flesh spilled over the sides of the road way. With a loud crack, the overpass finally gave away and she fell a few feet before her growing ass caught her fall. She bounced on her ass as she felt the fat swell around her hips and begin to brush the bottoms of her elbows. When her ass cheeks finally stopped growing, Ashley was unable to put her feet on the ground. Her body was being held up between her ass cheeks and scrotum.

"I have got to look freaky as hell!" Ashley said as she looked around at her crazy body.

"I need to fix this and see what I can do about getting this big hard dick of mine to spew, because I am horny as hell right now." Ashley placed her hands on the shaft and started rubbing as hard as she could, with little effect. She was only able to make it sway back and forth, quickly increasing her arousal.

Chapter 7 by Silentnomad50

Far above the giantess's head the man waited pensively as he watched her ass grow to balance her weight. He could tell, even from this distance, how much this woman was enjoying herself. She had begun rubbing the base of the shaft causing small vibrations to shoot to the tip. The man laid down on the head careful to not fall into the tip and closed his eyes.

  "This is just one big nightmare, any second now my wife will wake me up and everything will be back to normal."

  The small vibrations from the giantess's rubbing stopped. Curious, the man opened his eyes and flipped over onto his stomach, easing over the side to look down. The giantess had her eyes closed, a look of concentration across her face.

"Now what?" The man thought.

He watched nervously as the rest of the woman's body began to grow, catching up with the rest of her. Her legs and feet grew first as they made their way around the giant ball sack. The right foot hit the side of her scrotum so hard that the left ball was pushed off the side of the overpass and left to hang, swinging like a mammoth pendulum.

Her wrinkled soles finally found ground and her heels began to dig into the earth as they continued their growth. A gas station that was nearby was quickly dug up and destroyed by her right heel. Before too long she was able to bring the sole of her well pedicured feet together. Her thighs grew increasingly thicker as toned muscle upon muscle became more prominent in her tanned skin. The giantess pulled her knees up, putting her feet flat on the ground. Her knees rose on either side of the dick, finally surpassing his vantage point at the head. The rest of the giantess body began to follow suit. Her already enormous breasts began to inflate and push out, the base of her shaft covered in either side by her supple breasts and finally resting atop her balls.

   The beautiful woman leaned her head down and spit on the thick veiny shaft in front of her and watched hungrily as it rolled down towards the base and covered parts of her breasts. With her masive hands she pushed her breasts together and began rubbing them up and down her cock as her upper half of her body began its growing journey.

  The man felt a hot air blow over him as the giantess's growth slowed and her enormous mouth sat just above him. He could see each one of her brilliant white teeth as she smiled, each tooth as big as he was tall. Her long blonde hair whirled around him, thicker than ropes.

  Ashley's body finished catching up with the rest of her enlarged body parts. She smiled down at the speck of a man still riding on the parking lot sized tip.

"Well, it looks like you've managed to survive this long. However, this is the end of the ride for you. How about you go out with a bang? Ever been shot out of a cannon before? No? There's a first time for everything."

She raised her right index finger and nudged him. "Jump into the tip."

 The man looked up at her braced against the white tip of her nail and shook his head. Ashley's eyebrows turned down in anger

" I don't believe I gave you a choice you little shit! You'll do exactly as your told or your death will be much worse." She snarled at the little man bringing her mouth directly in front of him and clacking her teeth together just a foot away from his body.The man shook even more and tried his hardest to back away from the menacing mouth before him.

  Satisfied, Ashley began to pull her face away when she noticed the dark spot spreading on the front of his khaki pants. " Did you just piss yourself or cum?" She asked in disbelief.

"Pants off now!"

  The man quickly unzipped and lowered his pants. His tiny dick poked out of his blue boxers with a small drop of creamy white cum still on the tip. "Oh my god, that is the biggest compliment a girl can get. Let me take care of that little bit left before you go, I just can't say no to dick."

  Instead of bending back down, Ashley allowed her tongue to grow out of her mouth and towards the man's dick. The warm, pink and wet tongue slammed into his body as she lapped the tip of it over his whole body. She moaned as she slathered it up and down him. Shrinking her tongue back into her mouth she gasped.

"You tasted amazing! As much as I'd love to swallow your tiny body right now, I have another plan for you." Ashley winked and pushed his sopping wet body into the tip of her dick with her thumb. Wrapping her soft red lips around the head she began to slide the dick into her mouth, saliva began running out of the edges of her lips and down the shaft. With her left hand she grabbed the base and twisted up and down as she began to bob her head in rhythm hitting the back of her throat with each thrust of her mouth.

  Her right hand she grew large enough to cradle her entire scrotum in her palm as she worked her balls with her long fingers. As her intensity increased she felt a tingling from deep within her cock. She felt the the veins throbbing and the shaft shaking. The feeling was suddenly too much for her as she stopped her sucking and tightened her lips around the head. She felt her cock pulse as loads upon loads of cum shot into her mouth and filled her cheeks with her hot sticky cum. Small rivers of white began flowing out the sides of her mouth as she did her best to hold it all in her mouth.

  Tilting her head back off her cock she began swallowing and letting it run down her throat. A salty misty taste lingered on her tongue as her mouth emptied.

"Oh God." She moaned in ecstasy. " I am amazing at blowjobs!"

She began licking the tip of her dick lapping up any leftover cum and to keep her cock hard for a few more moments. Satisfied that she had cleaned it completely, Ashley shrunk her dick and balls until they sucked back into her body and her genitalia returned to her previous beautiful pink vagina.

Chapter 8 by Silentnomad50

Ashley looked around surveying the damage she had wrought.“ Hard to imagine that all this was caused by me.” She looked to her right where the city she was headed to earlier sat just mere miles away from her massive frame.

“ I could walk straight there and begin the cliché giantess acts of stomping and rampaging or.....I could really take my time playing with them.” Ashley mused to herself.

“ I do believe some fun is in order, besides rampaging alone is boring.”

Ashley stood up to her full height and faced the city. She closed her eyes and imagined herself quadruple her current size. The warmth spread across her belly and Ashley began stepping backwards to keep from crushing the city she was waiting to play with. When her growth finally stopped the bright white tips of her toenails were only feet away from the city. Ashley had to bend down out of the clouds just to see the earth below her.

  Hooking her thumbs through the straps of her thong she began to slowly slide the moist fabric down her legs and lifted her feet up and out of the tiny circle of red fabric, being careful to not step on the city. She laid the thong over the city, resting the wet crotch area over the skyscrapers like a tent and letting the band circle around creating a fabric wall trapping any people left inside. Satisfied at her work she bent down to get a closer look at the area around her. She spotted what appeared to be a deserted suburb. “That should be a suitable spot to hide and plan my next steps.”
   She shrank herself down making sure to step carefully into the suburb once she was small enough to fit without destroying anymore homes than she already had. Within moments she was hidden behind a two story house and down to a more reasonable height of 6 feet. With a bit of sadness she sighed, already missing the feeling of being completely unstoppable.

“ This will be worth it, with all those people trapped by my thong I can take my time and sneak my way in to get a better feel for what those pathetic souls are feeling about me. Especially when I expose my true self to them.” Her pussy ached, “ If I can only keep control of myself” She giggled. “ I suppose I can’t be walking in looking like myself and naked. Time for a change of appearance.”

  She closed her eyes and began to imagine her new body. Her dirty blonde hair changed to a deep fiery red and her eyes switched to a bright emerald green. Freckles appeared across her body as the tanned smooth skinned changed to a creamy white. She shrunk herself down to a stocky 5’. Taking advantage of her shortened frame she made her calves thick and her thighs full and muscular. Her much thinner waist helped accentuate her already full hips and round ass.

Ashley looked down at the smooth pussy between her legs.

“Eh, might as well try something different.”

  Thick red hair began growing out until a well trimmed fiery bush covered her bright pink pussy. She ran her fingers through it and gave her pussy one last rub. Ashley made her way around the house.

  The backyard was well taken care of with many children’s toys scattered across the green grass. The backdoor was wide open as if everyone had left in a hurry. Ashley looked around in awe at how she had been the cause of this. Her actions alone forced an entire family to run in fear, no, hundreds of thousands of families. She couldn’t stop smiling at the thought. She made her way into the home. She passed pictures of a happy family and possessions strewn across the floor. Ashley made her way upstairs to the master bedroom. In the bedroom she found the wife’s walk-in closet where many clothes were still left.

  After a few minutes of searching she was able to scrounge a pair of high waisted blue panties. Looking in the mirror she could see the fabric forced right across her ass as the material dug into her pussy forcing the red hair out the sides. She slipped on a pair of black leggings and a white sports bra. Using her mind she was able to enlarge the bra to fit her massive breasts.

“It’s not perfect but it will suffice to help me blend in.”

After slipping into some tennis shoes she made her way downstairs where she was able to find some keys and a car left in the garage. Backing out of the driveway she began to once again make her way to towards the city.

  As Ashley neared the city, she couldn’t help but gawk at the sight in the waning daylight. Her former thong stretched for miles in all directions, the sun slowly setting behind it. A light red tint was in the air as the remaining sunlight shone through the fabric. The band of her former thong filled her entire view as she made her way closer. She couldn’t help but get turned on at the thought that she used to wear that very thong that now trapped thousands. Just a mere hour before it had barely covered her pussy and ass and now she could live in the city it swallowed up. Up ahead she noticed what looked like a makeshift checkpoint with armed guards and heavy looking military vehicles.

She slowed to a stop and two soldiers approached.

“Ma’am, can we see some identification?”

Ashley nodded her head “ Of course.” She acted fervent in her search and faked shock in her face. “ I’m terribly sorry, but I believe I left everything behind. When I saw that giant woman, I was scared for my life and just got out as fast as I could!” Ashley said with increasing hysteria.

“ Listen, it’s okay miss, we are just doing what we can to identify as many as possible. We understand it’s been crazy for everyone today. You’ve come to the right place though, if you keep heading forward you’ll find a place to park your vehicle and the rest of the camp where people just like you are finding help.”

Ashley wiped a tear away from her face. “ Thank you so much, bless you.”

Putting her car back into drive she made her way forward. All around her were tents as far as she could see, nestled at the base of the fabric wall. “ There must be thousands of people here.” Ashley muttered as she found a place to park the car.
   She stepped out and took a deep breath, the familiar smell of her juices hung heavy in the air as the wind whipped through her massive thong. Ashley smiled as she breathed in her smell again and began her exploration of the refuge camp. At her current height everyone towered over her, but no one gave her a second glance.

“ No one has a clue who I am.” She thought to herself.

“ Thank you again old lady for bringing me that potion book.” Ashley walked up to a line where a few others were waiting to claim a tent. Military personnel were all around. Ashley looked up at one by her and tapped him lightly on the arm. “Excuse me sir, do you know if anyone is able to get in or out of the city yet?”

The soldier glanced down at her, “ At this moment the city is completely blocked off, the fabric wall left by the giant is too thick. It’s going to take a lot of demolition to blast through. You see those choppers?” The soldier point at the sky. Ashley followed his finger to see three helicopters flying over. “ Those are dropping supplies inside at coordinated points and bringing back any elderly, sick or injured.”

Ashley thought for a minute. “ Thank you.”

She walked away and looked back up. “ I don’t have too long in here before they start blasting, better decide quick how to make my grand entrance.” Ashley, deep in thought, abruptly ran into something solid. She looked up at the man she had just run into and smiled to herself. “ I think I know what to do.”

“ Oh! I’m so sorry!”

Brian heard the tinny voice from behind him. He turned around quickly and looked down. Before him stood the prettiest and most voluptuous woman he had ever seen. Her green eyes dug into his with a hint of fear in them. “ He quickly gained his composure and gave her a grin.

“ No problem at all, I can’t say I’m sorry that you ran into me.”

The red haired woman lowered her eyes sheepishly and stared at the ground.

“ Hey, I hope I’m not too forward in saying just how stunning you are.” The small woman looked back up with her face lit up. “ Y-you think I’m stunning?” Bewildered he said, “ Of course! Have you never seen yourself in a mirror before!” Brian knelt his 6’7” frame down. “ You wouldn’t happen to be with anyone would you?”

The red haired woman glanced side to side. Brian’s heart was in his throat, “ I have to get this woman to have sex with me.”

“ No, I am alone now. That horrible giant lady took my family from me.” She began tearing up.

“ Hey, hey hey now.” He grabbed her shoulders, “It’s okay, my name is Brian Linford, what’s yours?”

She sniffed, “ Allie Williams..”

The woman began to cry and grabbed hold of Brian’s neck pressing her massive chest into his. Brian felt the soft warm flesh jiggling against his muscled chest as she buried her head into his neck.” Brian wrapped his muscular arms around her and pulled her close.

“ It’s okay Allie, stick with me and you’ll be just fine. I’ve got a nice tent not too far away and we can get you calmed down. Sound good?” She pulled away wiping her eyes and nodded “ Yes, thank you. That would be nice. Most people here seem to only be looking out for themselves.”

  Brian pulled his shirt up revealing chiseled abs and began to dab at her tears. He saw that she was staring hard at his abdomen. He stopped wiping for a moment and looked at her amused “ See anything you like?” She quickly snapped out of her stare and looked away embarrassed. “ I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have done that.” Brian chuckled, “ It’s no problem, I get it all the time. I own a CrossFit gym just inside the city and I have quite a few female clients that are just there to stalk me.”

She looked back at him. “ I hope you don’t think I’m like those other girls, I’ve just never seen such a perfect looking male, much less talked to one.”

Brian felt his dick begin to harden a little as he thought to himself. “ Bedding this bitch is gonna be like taking candy from a baby.”

Brian flashed her a smile. “ Let’s go get you back to my tent and taken care of. Oh before we go I have something for you.. Brian pulled out a jeweled bracelet he had that a woman he had sex with prior had left in his tent.

“ May I?” He asked as placed the half bracelet on her left arm.

Allie looked even more stunned as he placed it. Without asking he then proceeded to lift her up and carry her across his arms. Allie giggled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “ You’re handsome, strong and kind. How did I get so lucky?”

  Brian felt his dick twinge again as he looked at her unable to keep his gaze from her amazing rack. Her well rounded ass pressed against his stomach as he made his way back to his tent. He had to keep from full on running.

  They finally reached his tent and he carried her inside, setting her gently down onto his mattress on the floor. “ Sorry it’s not much but it’s better than an old cot or the floor.” Allie looked her around taking in everything and smiled at him. Brian felt his knees go weak.

“ Something about this girl just takes my breath away.” He thought to himself.

“ This is perfect.” Allie scooted to the middle and kicked her shoes off, stretching out.

  The queen sized mattress was huge compared to her tiny frame. Brian turned to take his shoes off and grab some blankets. When he turned around Allie was propped up on a pillow completely naked save for the bracelet. Brian felt his jaw hit the floor as he took in her perfect little body.

“ This little slut.” He thought.

He paused his gaze at her fiery red bush. “ Not a fan of that but I guess I can make an exception.”

Allie beckoned to him with her finger. “ Why don’t you come keep me warm and help me unwind from this crazy day?” Brian smiled and flopped down beside her.

Before he could blink she was on him and tearing his clothes off.

  Allie unbuttoned his jeans and began pulling them down, using her feet she pushed his jeans the rest of the way off while her hands began to roam his chiseled muscular frame. She bit his right ear lobe playfully and breathed

“ Are you ready for what’s next?” Brian closed his eyes as his dick went fully erect.

“ I’m all yours beautiful.”

  Ashley quickly got Brian out of his clothes. Her sex drive was in full gear, between the potion and the events before she needed to get off once more

. “ Are you ready for what’s next?” She breathed into his ear.

She felt his enormous dick go completely hard against her leg as he closed his eyes and smiled “ I’m all yours beautiful.”

She smiled as she thought, “ This was almost too easy.”

“ Now I have a surprise for you, I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you, okay?”

Brian nodded his breathing getting heavier. Closing her eyes she shrunk Brian down to six inches, Ashley then sat on her haunches, straddling then is diminutive man. “ Okay, you can open them.”

  The little man opened his eyes eagerly and a confused look quickly spread across his face as he stared at the massive woman above him. “ What did you do to me?!” Ashley giggled. “I shrunk you down silly. Now listen, I have to tell you a secret.” The little man was already leaping to his feet and running. Ashley rolled her eyes and slammed a giant hand down in front of him. “ Gonna do this the hard way huh?” Ashley closed her hand around the naked man and began bringing him closer to her vagina. “ Now, I need you still while I explain what is gonna happen.”

  She pushed him feet first towards her pussy and slid his feet easily past her already wet hairy lips. She tilted her head back moaning lightly as she pushed him waist deep. Looking back down she released her grip on his upper body amd clenched down on his legs with her vaginal muscles. Grabbing both his arms with her thumbs and index fingers, she held them out away from his body.

“Gotta tie you down just for good measure.”

She let her trimmed bush begin to grow wildly, soon it shot past his head. Brian’s tinny yell was quickly muffled by a mass of curly moist red hair. Ashley began rotating his little arms in the hair until they were locked in place. Satisfied she let go and parted the hair away from his face. When she finally locked eyes with him she could easily see the fear and disgust on his face.

“ What’s the matter Brian? Not a fan of the hairy independent female? I bet you’re used to getting anything and everything from women you meet. Well guess what, you finally met the wrong bitch. In fact, you found the bitch that brought about the whole series of events that has happened today.” She waited to watch his reaction.

He looked puzzled.

Ashley rolled her eyes and sighed, “ Here, maybe this will help.”

  She began changing her body back to her original self minus her now wild pussy hair that trapped his arms and kept her height the same. As the last remnant of red left her hair and went back to her original dirty blond, she could see the realization settle upon his face.

“What do you think now?”

He finally found his voice again, “ Y-you’re the giant lady from earlier.”

“ You aren’t quite as dumb as you look, good job my little pussy pet.”

He licked his lips nervously, “ What are you doing here? How did you change your body like that, how did you get so big and why are you here now?!”

Ashley smiled coyly. “ Oh, I could explain everything to you but that would just take too much time, which is something I don’t have. So we are just going to worry about the future. As we speak, the military is almost ready to start blasting through the band of my underwear out there and it’s my absolute favorite pair. I can’t sit by and watch them ruin a good thong. I also can’t let all these pathetic people at this camp site I worked so hard to trap escape my fun. Additionally, you now know my secret which means my cover is blown. So you have a choice, you can either stay my personal pussy pet,”

Ashley placed her hands on the bed and began gyrating her hips, “ Or, you can stay like you are and suffer like the rest of these pathetic shits. Which will it be?”

She continued gyrating her hips causing her pussy to ache more while she awaited his answer. The power she had over someone who used to have it all was intoxicating to her. She saw and felt his legs slipping around in her increasing vaginal juices as she clenched and released only further increased her desire. She looked down at him and saw his face in twisted in horror as her musty smell overcame him and the tangle of hair became wetter and wetter.

“Okay! Okay! I’m with you! I’ll be with you!”

Ashley abruptly stopped, anger flashing across her face.

She imagined her pussy smooth and hairless again, Brian’s just freed arms found themselves bound by the soft flesh of her right palm and fingers. She brought him within an inch of her full red lips.

“ You don’t get to be with me, I allow you to be with me!” She hissed at him.

Ashley felt a small warmth deep between her fingers. “ Oh my god,” she laughed, “ you just pissed yourself!”

Brian lowered his head and began sobbing.

“ Oh you poor thing.” Ashley whispered as she lowered him back onto the bed.

“ You dry those pretty brown eyes of yours, because you are about to have some fun with me my little man, sit back and enjoy because this gal needs to get her rocks off something fierce or I just don’t think I could hold off until tomorrow morning.”

Brian sat defeated until he felt a change happening in him. He looked down between his legs where a tingling sensation was increasing and watched as his flaccid penis was quickly growing past his feet. Before too long he wasn’t able to see past the mammoth shaft that rose higher and higher into the air, supported by his rapidly growing balls. He felt his legs push to the sides, straining his hips and causing him to fall into his back. His dick finally stopped growing, the base of his shaft the only thing in his field of vision.

“ Oh, now this is what mama needed.” Ashley’s giant hand wrapped around the soft veiny flesh and began squeezing and rubbing up and down his skyscraper sized dick.It wasn’t long until she had him hard as a rock.

Brian felt her hot breath on his tip followed shortly by a waterfall of warm bubbly spit. He thought this was the end as he held his breath from the waves of spit and the immense pleasure he was feeling as she sucked his dick. She slipped her lips off his dick with a loud smack, breath heavy as she rubbed her clitoris.

“ Fuck me!” She moaned as she leaned back spreading her legs apart.

  Brian felt the world rush to meet him as she grabbed his enormous dick pulling it down and lifting his small body into the air. Ashley let her feet rest behind Brian, soles touching, allowing her vagina to stretch open for the coming dick.

She plunged his dick into her and stifled a yell, she made him grow bigger and bigger inside her. Brian’s little body edged backwards until his back was pressed against her wrinkled tan heels. He felt the familiar pulse of his shaft as he was ready to cum. Ashley felt the change and pulled herself off the humongous dick and let the explosion of hot sticky cum shoot all over her body.

  The once hard penis rested across her crotch slowly softening as it pulsed in a pool of sticky white cum. Ashley cupped handfuls of the cum into her mouth and licked her fingers as she savored the salty cum like a fine wine. She shrunk Brian’s penis back to its original size and watched his little body sprawled out her feet, he was out to the world.The enormous ejaculation he underwent having been to much for his considerably smaller body.

  She lazily sucked on her still sticky fingers as her plan for the morning unfolded in her head. Slipping her fingers from between her lips she grabbed the six inch man and nestled him in between her massive breasts. She grabbed the sheets he had dropped on the floor earlier and let peaceful sleep slip over her as she drifted off.

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Chapter 9 by Silentnomad50

Ashley was woken up the following morning by the sounds of tinny grunting. Opening her eyes she found herself looking at Brian’s tiny form holding onto something.
As her vision came back into focus she could see his naked body red and sweaty as he breathed heavily and barely holding onto a pocket knife almost as big as him. Amused, rather than angry, Ashley turned the pocket knife into a rainbow colored dildo and grew it to a foot in length. Brian, confused and exhausted, collapsed under the giant fake dick. Closing his eyes and swallowing hard he turned his head and looked up at the smiling giantess.

“What can’t you do?” He breathed.

Ashley still smiling grasped the dildo and lifted it off his body. As she sat up, Brian couldn’t help but slide towards her from the shift in weight. Ashley turned back towards him and encircled him with her tan legs.

“ If I desire it, it happens little man, no matter who or what. If you’re a God fearing man, then you had better be afraid, because it’s my divine will now that dictates what happens in this universe. Nothing and no one will change that fact. If the recent events have yet to change your mind, perhaps you need a more aggressive approach.”

  Before Brian could respond he felt his body stretching.

“She’s growing me back?” He thought incredulously.

His feet pressed into the soft skin on either side of her labia and his shoulders touched her calves, his growth slowed and stopped when his head pressed into her feet.

He looked up in confusion at his captor, “ I don’t understand, why grow me back some when I was so tiny?”

  Ashley flashed a devilish grin at him and wrapped her large hands completely around his wrists, pinning them away from his body, the bracelet he had given her jangling on her wrist.

“ The better to hold you down with my little pet.”

He felt his legs being spread apart, craning his neck down he saw another pair of tanned and well manicured hands grasping his legs and pinning them too.
The giantess had grown another set of arms to hold him.

To his surprise yet another pair of hands appeared, one rested to the right of his body while the other hovered precariously over his body. Ashley gently unfolded her index finger and lightly stroked his chest.

“ Your time with me is almost at an end Brian, I was hoping for you to see my plans for these people, but your actions showed me you can’t be trusted. You’re a typical alpha male for sure and as a typical alpha male, I can assume that there are two things that will truly disgust you. Fat chicks and gay acts.”

A loud boom broke their attention in the tent.

Ashley shook her head angrily, “ Shit! Sounds like I’ve wasted my time playing with you, they are starting the demo of my thong. No more games, your end is now Brian. I can’t waste much more time with you.”

   Brian watched as yet another pair of hands appeared before him, this time her right one clutched the rainbow dildo and made its way between his legs and paused.

“ NO, NOO! For the love of God please don’t!”

Ashley leaned forward towards his face, “ Keep praying all you want, I’ve already thrown God off his throne!”

  Brian stared in horror as her beautiful sharp gestures gave way to rounder features, her chin quickly becoming lost in the fold of a second one. Gradually more and more layers of fat swallowed her perfect body. Any spaces around him that had been open we’re quickly filled by soft, tanned rolls of fat pressing in. A quick glance to his left and he was just able to catch her right ankle all but disappearing as enormous cankles took over, any semblance of muscle tone or definition was completely erased from her form.

  As Ashley’s face closed in on his, the fat from her neck poured over his body further pushing him into the soft bed. She began kissing his face, the fat moist lips blocking out all light. Ashley leaned back, spit hanging from her lip still connected to his drenched head. With a free pudgy hand she wiped her lip clean. Her massive fattened breasts rested atop her enormous gut, the stretched pink nipples peering down at him. Her belly button was long gone, the slightest movement she made caused waves across her soft body. Brian still struggled to breathe through the heavy liquid, he spat several times trying to force it out of his mouth. He looked up to see her grinning, the act forcing large folds of flesh to pile up on what was once a beautifully sculpted set of cheeks.

She raised her eyebrows knowingly at him, before Brian could figure out what was happening, she rammed the dildo right up his asshole.

Brian let out a blood curdling scream before a thick sweaty palm silenced it. He could only shake his head and sob, his wriggling body still pressed to the bed by her multiple hands.

In and out, the fat giantess shoved the dildo, getting faster with every thrust. Brian was in the worst pain he had ever felt, praying that any moment he would black out.

Ashley pulled the colorful dildo out, the tip now covered in the man’s blood and tossed it aside.

She panted, “ I never realized what it was like to be out of shape, that little bit winded me.” Carefully she removed all of her hands from his body and let her multiple flabby arms rest on the blubber that had become her body.

The entire queen sized mattress was engulfed in the folds of her skin.

“You don’t look like you’re feeling very well there my little pet. Perhaps you just aren’t as well fed as me.” She giggled and patted the sides of her stomach sending more waves through her fat.

  Brian’s face was turning paler by the second as blood oozed out of his violated ass forming a pool around his limp body. She could see him glaring at her through half closed eyes. Ashley wedged a pair of hands under her and lifted her giant fat stomach as high as she could. She shrunk Brian back down until he was barely 2 inches tall.

  With her belly lifted up and away from the rest of her body, the aroma of her aroused pussy, previously contained by layers of fat, hit him so hard he puked.

  Ashley tilted her head back and sent the rest of her chubby hands to work satisfying her. She rubbed slow circles around her nipples with two of her hands while another pair pulled her swollen kissy lips apart. The bright pink pussy now exposed was quickly attended to by one hand rubbing her clit and the other fisting her increasingly wet pussy. She worked her fat body feverishly until she was almost ready to climax, at that moment she let out a yell and released her stomach at the same time. It flopped heavily down onto the bed crushing the battered tiny man into a smear.
   Satisfied, she breathed in and out enjoying the lingering rush of endorphins from her masturbation. Once she caught her breath, Ashley began to reset her body back to her original fit sexy self. She watched curiously as her belly receded, she spotted a small pink spot where Brian’s body had exploded from the impact of her heavy stomach, his blood diluted by the overflow of juices from her pussy.

She bent down to further inspect the remnants before her.

Small pieces of his body that survived the impact lay floating in the mix of blood and cum, sticking her tongue out she lapped at the tiny area. A faint trace of copper lingered through her own familiar musty flavor. Laying back down she took a moment. She felt somewhat surprised at her own actions.

“ I am one fucked up person.” She began to shame her own desires.

“No. I’m a fucking goddess! My desires are nothing to be ashamed of.”

Just then another loud boom jolted her from her thoughts. “Dammit! I got carried away again, I’m gonna be super pissed if they have already ruined my favorite thong!”
   Ashley quickly changed her body back to her previous short red headed form.

“I need to get close to the site. Another disguise would help get me closer, but I can’t have anyone questioning me.” She thought for a moment and settled on dressing like a three star general. Ashley imagined her old clothes as the military camo she needed, tied her hair back into a bun, placed a cover on her head and made her way out of the tent.
   The bright morning sun forced her to squint as she looked towards the looming red band and a column of smoke and dust rising in the distance. She waved at a humvee driving by, the soldiers inside saluted her. She gave a sloppy one back to them, “ Gentleman, I need an update on our demolition efforts.”
Looking slightly confused one finally piped up, “ Ma’am we’re not entirely sure what their progress is since we were just on patrol duty, but we would be happy to give you a lift to the site.”

Ashley nodded curtly and climbed inside.

  The short ride was silent minus a few comments from the two guys about the looming pink band and how hot the giant woman was.

Ashley smiled to herself, “ Boys will be boys, even faced with their looming deaths.”

  They made their way through several checkpoints, before they finally dropped Ashley off at an observation platform. Any effort to slow their advance to the demo site was batted away when the guards caught a glimpse of her rank.
Stepping out of the vehicle, she saluted the young men one last time and made her way to the top. She was quickly flanked by some confused lower rank officers.

“ We weren’t aware that you’d be here ma’am. This is a pretty slow go and we don’t expect to get through as easily as we had expected. I-I sent all this in my initial report...” The Captain stammered down at her, papers rustling in his hands.

“ That’s enough Captain, I’m well aware of your progress. I needed to see the obstacle personally.”

The captain relaxed slightly and straightened up, “ Of course.”

  Now that she was at the base of her thong, she longed to slip it back on. She yearned to feel the silky fabric against her crotch and the thin strip of fabric rub over her asshole as it dug in. Afraid she had given something away she quickly looked around, her pussy was aching to be satisfied again.

“ I’m such a slut.” She thought to herself, realizing full well she had just gotten herself off mere minutes ago.

“Captain?” She turned slightly.

“ Yes ma’am?”

“ How far have we been able to penetrate the fabric?” Fumbling with his notes, the Captain sifted through the jumble until settling on one.

“ Looks like all they’ve been able to accomplish so far is just scorching the surface. At most, four feet of depth has been cut into it.”

Ashley nodded her head approvingly, “ Perfect.”

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Chapter 10 by Silentnomad50

"I'm sorry, I think I misheard you. Did you say perfect?" The captain asked quizzically.

Glancing at the only other woman in the room Ashley responded, " Yes I did, now if you don't mind I need to have some girl talk."

 Before anyone could respond, Ashley shrank everyone on the platform down to mere millimeters, except for the young brunette now frozen in shock to her left. Walking towards her,  Ashley incresed her height until she was an intimidating seven feet tall and morphed her uniform into a camo bikini. She stopped inches away and peered down at the frigtened woman, her waist level with the brunette's face. Ashley waited patiently for her to calm down. After a few minutes of cowering, the brunette realized she wasn't shrinking or being hurt and peered up and over her hands at the now large frame of the red head. 

Calmly she asked, " What's your name?"

She blinked a few times waiting for her tongue to come unfrozen,

" L-Lara" she managed to whisper.

 Ashley took a step back and sighed, " That's a very pretty name for not so pretty woman. You can stop shaking in your boots, I have no intentions of harming you. Unless, you decide you don't want to help me, then I would need to find another suitable female."

Lara managed to straigten up and look Ashley in the face. "I promise I won't try anything. I'll be good."

Ashley smiled, " Good to hear."

She placed her hands on her wide hips, " It's my understanding that officers in the military must have college degrees correct?"

Lara nodded slowly not sure what the tall woman was getting at.

" So that means that you spent four years at an institution where you learned new things. During those four years did you ever decide to try experimenting? Maybe, just one little innocent drunken kiss placed on the lips of a hot roommate?"

The tall woman's emerald green eyes bore into Lara's. " I, uh. Yes. A few times actually..."

Another smile from the tall woman. " That's exactly what I was hoping." Ashley leaned down, letting her large breasts swing in the camo fabric inches from her eyes.

"Tell me," She whispered as she placed her hands on Lara's shoulders, " would you kiss a woman like me?"

A stunned nodding Lara was only able to tear her eyes away from the magnificent breasts before her when she realized the soft creamy white skin was darkening to a deep bronze. Brilliant blonde hair fell before her eyes, Lara looked up and found herself staring into the bright blue eyes of the giant woman who was responsible for the carnage just the other day.

" It's you." she breathed.

Ashley nodded slowly and brought her full red lips closer to Lara's right ear and whispered.

" I will make you everything you've ever dreamed about. All you have to do is join me."

Ashley kissed her ear and pulled back to look at Lara in the eyes one more time. Before she could say something else to convince her, Lara had already planted her lips on hers and she could feel her tongue pressing at the part in her lips. Ashley let her continue her passionate kiss for a few moments before breaking it off.

" I-I'm so sorry, I.." Lara was cut off by Ashley's large index finger.

" Don't be my dear, you are mine forever now. You will do as I say from now on, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

Ashley's eyes narrowed, " Yes, I understand my goddess."

"Yes, I understand my goddess." She repeated.

" Good, now I need you to go on a very special mission for me. You are to retrieve my thong as well as find a way to keep all the people from escaping."

Lara was wide eyed, " How can I possibly accomplish that?"

Ashley cupped her face in her hands, " With my help."

Ashley began to change Lara's homely appearance, starting with her face. Her narrow, horse face was marked by scars from teenage acne and her nose had clearly been broken at one point. All of that was erased in a moment as her new features took their place, shaped by Ashley's desires. Within moments, the homely brunette would easily have won any beauty pageant. Her thin hair, now full and shiny framed her barbie doll face. Her A cup breasts swelled to an easy double D, forcing her uniform buttons to pop in protest. Lara reached around and felt her ass expanding, straining the seam in the middle. She unbuttoned the front to give her ass some relief and slid her hands down her now much fuller thighs. She bent down to remove her boots only to find that her new calves had split the top in half and her feet were already pushing out of the seams around the boot.

Lara couldn't belive it, " I'm actually hot now."

Ashley stepped forward and pulled Lara's new body into hers. Wrapping her arms around her she gave Lara a deep passionate kiss on her full lips. Their tongues intertwining feverishly as their mouths opened for each other. As quickly as she had grabbed her, Ashley had pulled away and began leaving the observation platform.

" Get me my thong."

" How my goddess?!"

Lara yelled as the larger woman was already at the bottom of the steps with her back towards her. She never responded and Lara turned to look at the all too familiar red thong hanging on the city. The red band was still miles and miles away and although she was now gorgeous, it really did little to alleviate the task set before her. Lara was pulled from her thoughts when the top of her head slammed into the ceiling of the platform. 

"OUCH! Wait! I'm growing!" She screamed.

Lara's body burst through the ceiling of the platform and her lengething legs quickly caught up, catching her as the rest of the structure gave way to her massive growing form. Any remaining remnants of her old uniform were torn away from the sudden growth spurt. Within seconds she was twice the heght of the two hundred foot structure she had just been standing on. Before too long she guessed she was two miles high. Her barefeet stretched uncontested across the vast empty space between her and the city. Dust filled the air as her soles spread across the dry landscape, zooming outwards as fast she went upwards. Lara tracked her growth against the thong, she estimated she was now barely a head taller than the band. Her growth continued, her massive heels were making quick work of the refugee camp and the surrounding military presence. Finally it slowed and stopped altogether, she glanced around her taking in her new perspective.

"Oh my god, that was the best feeling ever." She breathed heavily

She could feel her pussy aching, warm liquid rolling down her bare thighs and pooling on her feet. She realized she had orgasmed the entire time, her pussy lips were moist and sticky as she rubbed her hands over her vagina. She was forced to sit down from the waves of pleasure still hitting her. Her massive ass pressed into the earth below as she plopped down, her weight shifting as she brought her feet in towards her. Her extremely wrinkly soles were wet and shiny from the cascade of pussy juices. She began rubbing the moisture into her feet, using her cum to clean the red splotches of blood and debris on her heels. She was careful to clean the dusty spaces between her house sized toes as well. Knowing full well that her newest lover wasn't killed during her growth, she was curious what had happened to her after she walked away.

"She's waiting for you to bring her the thong and then show you her gratitude." Lara reassured herself.

Satisfied, she hopped to her feet creating a small earthquake in the process. 

" Fee, Fi, Fo, Fong. I'm headed to get my goddess's thong." she mused to herself.

Dusting her giant ass off, she began her short stroll towards the trapped city.




Chapter 11 by Silentnomad50
? How my goddess?? The now hot brunette asked

Ashley purposely ignored her as she made her way down the observation platform?s steps. She already could care less for her life, she was just a tool to her, a toy for her amusement. She made her way over to one of the nearby Humvees, barely able to squeeze her massive frame into the small cabin. As she started the vehicle she began growing Lara, in her rear view mirror she was able to see the platform crushed from her rapid growth. Ashley focused on the road ahead of her, pushing the armored car as fast as it could go.
Before too long she had blasted through the doomed refugee camp and further, making sure to stay ahead of Lara?s expanding wrinkled feet that had now now filled every view behind her. The sky darkened around her as Lara?s body cast a looming shadow over the earth around her. When Lara?s growth finally stopped, Ashley was barely a mile away from her right ass cheek. She stopped the vehicle and stepped out taking in the beautiful sight before her. Ashley could feel her arousal kicking into high gear again.

? So this is what it was like to be one of the poor souls on the highway.? She breathed as she rubbed her hands over herself.

Ashley fell to the ground when Lara hopped onto her feet, the resulting earthquake rattled her eyes in her head. When her vision refocused the giant woman was making her way towards the city to retrieve her precious red thong.

? The poor woman, I almost feel bad for being this mean to someone.?

She laughed, ? Who am I kidding? This is too much fun, besides, I can?t let another woman take all my fame and fun.?

Ashley crisscrossed her legs and watched with amusement as Lara made it to the city. She could see her carefully looking over the still massive piece of underwear. Ashley had purposely kept her smaller, she wanted to watch her struggle and fail miserably. The bottom of Lara?s knees were barely over the top of the red band. Lara squatted and placed her hands under the band, her full round cheeks spreading and giving everyone a perfect view of her giant asshole. She heard the fart moments before she felt the smelly wind push against her, her blonde hair whipping around her face.
Ashley brushed strands of her hair out of her face as she watched Lara continue to struggle to make the thong band budge. Lara finally gave up having to sit down, her broad shoulders moving steadily with her heavy breathing. Two of the helicopters that were still dropping provisions attempted to get by the giant woman resting only to be swatted down in her fit of frustration. Lara got back up and rammed into the side of the band in another fruitless attempt to make the fabric budge.

? I applaud her effort, but it?s time for this goddess to reclaim what?s her?s. I don?t want anyone mistaking this stupid bitch for me.?

Ashley slipped the camo bra off, her now free breasts jiggled lightly. With her right hand she grabbed the wet crotch of her bottoms and closed her eyes. Her slim fit features were replaced by bulging muscle mass from top to bottom. In one easy motion, Ashley ripped the thinning fabric of her panties away. Her thighs pushed against each other as growing muscle fought for a spot under her glistening crotch. She felt the sides of her widening breasts spill onto the tops of her bulging biceps. All across her body thick veins began popping out as her vascularity increased to provide more oxygen to her massive muscles.

? Oh my gosh, the pure power I feel.? Ashley moaned as she let her hands feel every bit of striation in her new muscular frame.

She looked towards Lara?s giant body, ? Time to pay for your ineptness, bitch. Your goddess needs to get this hard body off.?

Stretching her enormous arms to her sides, Ashley began her growth and let her imagination carry her larger than her former earth cracking size when she had placed the thong around the doomed city. Her body rose towards the sky, expanding quickly in all directions. She wanted her growth to be fast enough to take Lara by surprise. Her tanned veiny feet spread to either side of the valley, easily stretching past the giant woman struggling.

Lara, panting and sweaty, let go of the red fabric for the last time and sat back down on her bare ass.

? I?m never gonna be able to get this thong for my goddess, I?m still way to small.?

Lara placed her head in her hands, holding back a tear of frustration. When suddenly she felt a change in the air as tiny vibrations shook her large body. The smell is what overtook her the most.

? What is that, it?s familiar but I can?t place it.?

Lara lifted her head up and looked around her.

? HOLY SHIT!!? She gasped in wide-eyed fear.

Any open space around her had been replaced by enormous mountains looming high above her. Upon closer inspection she realized she was surrounded by a pair of the largest feet she had ever seen. The giant veins alone were half her size. Standing up she walked around the side of the city and could see the enormous pink toes miles beyond where she stood. Turning around she followed the mountain range of the right foot as it connected to a muscular calf that any bodybuilder would be jealous of. Anything above the knee was hidden by white clouds, but it didn?t take long for her to know who she was looking at. It was her goddess, here to deal with her failure.
What seemed like an eternity passed and yet the colossal woman made no move. A puzzled Lara made her way closer to a giant tan foot, wrinkling her nose at the pungent smell. She was able to place her hands into one sweaty wrinkle. The realization it her that she could climb the side easily if she just used the wrinkles as hand holds. Even at her enormous size, the goddess?s skin was silky smooth to the touch. Lara had never been one for feet but the sheer size of her goddess?s foot was stirring her arousal. She had never seen something so impressive.
Lara was shaken from her lusting when the mountain before shifted away. Looking up, her goddess?s body descended from the clouds as the much larger giantess lowered onto her muscular ass. The sight was awe-inspiring, such a display of power unlike any she had ever witnessed before. Lara was hit by another wave of humid air that knocked her to her back, propping herself onto her elbows she realized she was now laying before the largest vagina in the world. Massive wrinkled pussy lips stretched miles above her and at the top peering down at her was a gigantic clit.
Ashley spread her thick legs across the earth easily trapping the small giantess in front of her gigantic throbbing pussy. Ashley lowered one finger and placed it behind the brunette.

? You have failed me and now you will pay for your pathetic attempt.? Her booming voice shaking the earth.

Ashley could barely make out the screams from the woman as she shoved her forward into her awaiting pussy. She could barely feel her squirming and fighting, the smaller woman was big, but she was an ant compared to her vagina. Ashley shoved her deeper into her pussy clenching and releasing her vaginal muscles on her finger, easily crushing the life out of Lara. The though further increased her desire as she began bucking her.

Abruptly she stopped herself, ? Can?t get to excited, I still want my thong back and I have more fun planned for the actual city.?

With some slight disappointment Ashley began shrinking her body down until she was small enough to wear her thong. Bending down she lifted the underwear off the city and slipped it back on, giving the band a reassuring snap on her waist. She felt the familiar string of fabric slide against her asshole as she rubbed the silky fabric over her pussy. Glancing down she saw her enlarged clit poking out lightly from in between her index and middle finger.

She bit her lip, ? Nothing makes a girl feel sexier than having her favorite thong back.?

Ashley, still rubbing her aching crotch, placed a foot on either side of the city and lowered her muscular body.

? Time for some fun together.? She breathed heavily over the waiting city.
End Notes:
I feel like I may have rushed this one some, might come back later and make some changes. Let me know your thoughts and critiques so far. Thank you for following my first story. :)
Chapter 12 by Silentnomad50
Ashley sat pensively over the city, her muscled ass hovered menacingly close to a few of the taller buildings near the outskirts.
?I know most of you held onto a hope that you would make it out of this city alive. Once the military made it with their helicopters, you?d be free soon.?
She flashed her brilliant white teeth below, ? Your hope has been crushed as easily as the military and their camp. Y?all are now nothing more than a sacrifice to my pleasure and my desire. I am your goddess and my will be done.?
Ashley stood back up, the setting sun shone across her strong tan back. The city sat covered in darkness by her shadow as it awaited her move. She crossed her thick arms and tapped her lower lip thoughtfully.
? What to do..?
A sliver of light shined in her eyes forcing her squint for a moment. The bracelet that Brian had given her jangling in her wrist had caught the light behind her.

? That?s it!? She exclaimed with excitement.
Ashley removed the bracelet from her wrist and squeezed the open ended ring closed. Satisfied, she grew the bracelet until it was almost as big as her. She laid one side down on the ground and continued the bracelets growth. Once she was sure it was big enough, Ashley grabbed the side and pulled, her large muscles straining as she laid the giant piece of jewelry around the city, once again trapping everyone inside.
She eyeballed her worked and decided she needed a few more feet. Upwards her body shot until she was able to straddle the bracelet while on her knees. With one hand she pulled her thong to the side exposing the maw that was her beautiful pink vagina to everyone below.

? If my boss is still down there, I just wanted to apologize for not coming into work the other day. I just really felt like y?all were beneath me.? She boomed down with a giggle.
Ashley closed her eyes as the familiar warmth spread once more across her stomach. Soon her already large clit began poking out more from atop her labia. The hooded penis shaped clit continued its growth until it made its way across the city. The weight of the head forcing it down as it grew, scraping across the top of her bracelet wall until it finally rested on the ground far below.
Ashley?s gigantic muscular body shook with pleasure as her elongated clit dug into the earth. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter in response to all the stimulation her clit was receiving. Even the wind whipping across the exposed organ sent shudders down her spine.
The frenulum of her pussy hung like giant curtains on either side, swaying back and forth with each pleasurable shudder. She let go of her thong, now held open by the enormous clit, grasped her labia and began growing the flaps of wrinkled flesh until they covered the circumference of the bracelet. She kept it growing until the thick skin had enveloped the entire band of the bracelet within its folds.
Ashley inspected her work with amusement, rubbing her hands lovingly across the giant tent of flesh that was her labia. Her muscular legs tensed and relaxed with each gentle stroke across the bumpy soft flaps.
? It?s time for this bad bitch to get off.? Ashley moaned as she looked around for a suitable toy to help increase her pleasure.
Finally she spotted an old quarry in the distance filled with large construction vehicles.
?Ugh, this won?t work unless they are running..? She sighed as she grasped one flap of her labia and lifted it. Reaching into the city she groped around until she felt confident she had a mass of people in her hand. She pulled them out of the city and let her lip fall back down. She brought the mass of people before her face and opened her palm. Several of the poor citizens had been mashed together from the pressure of her grasp.

? I need five people that can still move, to make their way towards my wrist. NOW!?

Immediately twenty people hurried their way to the edge of her palm, fighting each other for a spot. Ashley brought her other hand over and gently picked up five in a row.
?I have a special treat for the rest of y?all, your goddess thanks you for your participation.?
She closed her fist as the screams intensified and brought her hand close to the enormous shaft that was her clit. She sprinkled the people down the pink flesh, as each tiny person scrambled across her clitoris?s skin, tiny waves of pleasure shit from her aching vagina. Her arousal was at an all time high and she had to move fast if she was gonna take advantage of the five people in her other hand.
Ashley grew her muscular arm towards the quarry and grabbed five of the large construction vehicles in her blood stained hand. Placing each one carefully on her left thigh, each one no bigger than hot wheels compared to her massive quads.
She lowered the five onto her leg near the vehicles.
?Each one of you climb into one and start them up. I want all of them working, or I will be very displeased.? The five looked confused and fearful as they hurried toward a price of equipment. One by one the engines revved to life and Ashley licked her full lips in anticipation. She placed each one into her left palm, bringing it carefully to her human riddled clit she wrapped her slightly vibrating palm around the pink shaft.

?Oh shit!? Ashley yelped

It took everything she had not to buck her strong hips and accidentally destroy the city trapped in the canyon of her muscular thighs. The muscles in her ass cheeks flexed and rippled across the skin as she clenched and relaxed from the building stimulation on her clit.

?Yeah....yeah...yes!!? Ashley screamed.

She climaxed harder than she ever had before. She could feel the juices pouring out of her pulsing pussy. Weak from the orgasm, she leaned forward and placed her hands in the ground trying to catch her breath. Her mammoth breasts swayed back and forth as her chest heaved. Finally, she sat back up and retracted her clit and labia. Peering down she looked on the drowned city, her pussy juices sloshed over the sides of the bracelet as debris, cars and people floated and in the sticky musty liquid. She bent down closer until her lips were submerged, her nose was filled with her smell. She began sucking and drinking up her cum, quickly draining the insides of the bracelet. Vehicles and buildings clacked into her teeth as she slurped the remaining liquid.
?Mmm, I don?t remember ever cumming that much. That was so intense!? Ashley thought to herself as she ran her tongue along the remains of the ruined city.

She sat up once more and rubbed her hand over her chiseled abs as a yawn escaped her. She slowly shrunk her body down, enjoying the beautiful remnants of the waning sunlight in the West. At her smaller height of sixty feet, she walked leisurely away from the gargantuan bracelet behind her.
Soon she was a few miles away and she scanned the ground carefully hoping to find any house that might have survived Lara?s growth. She spotted a house further away sitting on a hill that still looked somewhat together.
Stopping in front of the two story house she shrunk down and walked through the front door. Finding her way to the bedroom she flopped onto a bare mattress. Her thong was soon growing up around her until the triangular piece of fabric covered the entire bed. The thong was still warm and wet from her pussy. Breathing in the humid air she slowly drifted off to sleep.
Chapter 13 by Silentnomad50

Ashley was woken abruptly from her deep sleep the following morning by a muffled noise. She rubbed her eyes as she slid her naked body out from under her thong sheet and angrily made her way to the window. Peering through half opened eyes she saw a mass of military vehicles and official looking people as far as she could see. It was an alphabet soup of agencies outside the two story house she was in. A large group, with weapons drawn, was facing her window. One moderately attractive blonde woman was talking at her through a bull horn.

She hung her head with a sigh, ? Will these idiots never learn? I?m unstoppable, I feel like I?d proved that fairly well.?

Raising her head back up she began brainstorming her way through this.
?I?ll need an ultimate display of power to squash not just these pathetic humans, but to make a more lasting statement.? Ashley thought to herself as she shrunk her thong back down and slipped it on. With a reassuring snap of the band against her full hips, Ashley?s plan unfolded in her head.

FBI agent Helen Starn raised the bullhorn once more to her mouth and repeated her message.
? Please, come out in a peaceful form with your hands where we can see them. We just want to talk and come to terms that will end mutually beneficial for everyone.?

She lowered it with a sigh, ? This is useless, we need to get to her and kill her before she?s able to make a move and wipe us all out.? She handed the bull horn to the agent next to her.

? We knew this was a last ditch effort and we were crazy enough to go on this suicide mission.? Agent Brett Rhodes reminded Helen.

?Yes, but if we had done it my way and not the directors we would have already put a bullet in this big bitches head before she?s able to even think about growing again.?

Helen looked the house over once more and turned to Brett with an open hand.

? One more try for the directors sake and then we go in.?

Brett nodded as he handed the bull horn back to her. Unholstering his gun he braved himself over the hood of the suv and readied himself.

Helen raised the bull horn one last time.

? Ple...?

Before she could say another word, the hard plastic bull horn had morphed into a giant blue dildo. The head popping into her mouth and gagging her.

Helen threw the large blue dick onto the ground. All around her she heard a sea of surprised yells. She looked around in shock as every agent?s weapon had also morphed into large blue dildos. Agent Rhodes still had his wagging in his hand.

?Brett, put that thing down and help me figure out a plan B!? Helen yelled

Brett dropped the dildo and leaned in towards Helen.

? What the fuck are we supposed to do now that all our guns are fucking dildos!??

Helen glared at Brett, ?We still have the small nuke in the van that she doesn?t know about yet.?

Brett?s eyes widened, ? You really are planning on using that??

? Yes I am, I just don?t know how yet. We came here for one goal and I?ll be damned if I?m the reason everyone is fucked by this giant bitch.? She stated defiantly.

Helen closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, deep in thought.

? Um, agent Starn?? Brett stammered out.

? Agent Starn!?


Brett pointed towards the house.

Helen followed his finger to find the woman, naked save for that damn red thong, walking out of the front door with her hands up. A hush had fallen like a heavy blanket across the yard.

The woman stopped just past the front porch, arms still help up. She began growing upwards slowly until the top of her head was level with the second story.

? There,? She smiled. ? Now I can better see everyone. Who is in charge??

The giant scanned the crowd, her brilliant blonde hair swishing back and forth across her toned shoulders.

Helen stepped around the front of the van.

? I am. I am special agent Helen Starn with the FBI and I?m here on behalf of the president of the United States to work with you on avoiding any further casualties.?

The giant woman?s eyes narrowed as she cocked her head to the side, studying her.

? I am Ashley, your goddess, and A goddess does not negotiate, she only demands and receives. I believe you have yet to learn this lesson, but I will remedy that.?

Before Helen could think, Ashley?s arms above her head began multiplying and lengthening towards the crowd of agents. Within moments, every agent was trapped by a soft bronze hand except for Helen. More hands appeared and grabbed the weapons turned dildos and brought each one behind an ass if an agent. Helen could barely hear Brett?s crying plea through the mass of arms around her.

? Please don?t, please let us go!

A final hand made its way before Helen, an open palm waiting for her to step onto it. Helen carefully stepped into the wrinkly palm and soon found herself face to face with Ashley.

? Now that you too have a better viewpoint, you can watch as I fuck every last one of your agents.?

Helen, felt her hot breath wash over her as she flashed her brilliant white smile. Without warning, the massive orgy began. Clothes could be heard ripping amongst the screams as every one of her agents was ass rammed by giant blue dildos. She could only cover her ears to try and muffle the sound of the screams. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

? What have I done? These people, humans don?t deserve to be treated this way.?
The screams diminished and soon stopped.

?Open your eyes.? The giantess commanded.

Reluctantly Helen did as she was told. Everyone hung limp in the giantess multitude of hands. Blood running between the cracks of her fingers.

The giantess lowered Helen back to the ground. Suddenly she felt her body tingling and stretching. She looked around in fear as the ground became further away. The growth quickly ripped her blouse and skirt from her growing form.
It was over before it started.
? What the hell?? Helen gasped

There she stood even with the giantess?s heavy breasts. The only article of clothing left on her were her silk pink panties. Quickly embarrassed, Helen attempted to cover up. However, yet another set of hands pried her arms away with a third hand making its way towards her panties.

?What are you doing and why are you doing this to me?? Helen cried

? Be silent slave, you?re mine to do with as I please and now you will stand here with the knowledge that you alone are what killed your agents.?

The giantess?s third hand grasped the band of her underwear and pulled, revealing her well trimmed vagina. The rest of the hands containing her team began shrinking and drawing closer toward her exposed pussy. Helen quickly understood what was about to happen and began struggling in vain to break free.

? You can?t do this, you can?t do this to them!? Helen screamed.

? I do what I want and when I want. I am your goddess!? Ashley boomed down at Helen.
Fist after fist shoved each agent into Helen?s pussy. She could only sob harder with each thrust.
Finally, her waist band was snapped back into place. The blood of her agents ran out the sides of the pink material and down her long white legs. Helen collapsed onto her knees at the feet of the giantess as the mass of hands disappeared. She could feel her own body reverting back to her normal height. With each breath she took her nose was assaulted by a mixture of blood, must and sweaty feet.
The smell intensified as the feet of the giantess grew even larger around her shaking body. A large drop leaked from the thong high above her head, splashing onto her blond head and forcing her to her hands and knees. Helen looked forward through her tears. Sitting beside the ball of the giantess?s right foot was the van, remarkably still intact.
? If I could just get into that van, she might grab me and I could detonate it before she knows what hit her.?

Helen began her sprint.

Ashley stretched towards the sky, the pathetic woman safely stuck between her massive beautiful feet.
? What to do with my new pal next.? Ashley mused to herself.

She looked back down to study the poor woman. To her surprise, the tiny blond woman was almost to a van near her right foot.
? Seriously? You think you?re gonna our run me?? Ashley laughed out loud.

The blond woman made her way into the van just as Ashley?s massive hand whisked up the small vehicle and brought her to eye level.

? You must be dumber than I thought, what were you expecting to happen you tiny little bitch??

The blond woman rolled her window down and leaned out.
? I hope you enjoy my little present for you, courtesy of Uncle Sam!?

Ashley ordered through the window of the van and was barely able to make out what looked like a nuclear warhead.

Ashley panicked, her mind began racing. Swiftly she began growing as she popped the van into her mouth and swallowed without chewing. More and more she grew, taller than she had ever been. She imagined herself able to swallow the Earth in one gulp.
A massive pain bubbled in her gut and Ashley cried out as the pain intensified, ripping her insides apart. Her perfect body imploded, her growth stopping just as her giant feet tore through half of the state. Down the giantess?s body fell, crashing into the earth and sending a massive quake across the United States. Ashley?s ascension has finally been stopped.

.......Several years later......

The cleanup was almost complete. The worst hit part by the giantess had taken many years to recover but ground zero was almost back to normal. Samantha Caudill, a government cleanup contractor, made her way through some of the objects that had been recovered from the giantess?s former home. Very few things were left after the giantess had gone Super-Mega as the news stations called it.
?This looks interesting..? Samantha muttered to herself as she turned over a large book.

She brushed off some dirt around the edges and cracked the pages open to a bookmarked page. Near the top of the page in faded font read something about potion for size and changing. Underneath appeared to be a recipe with instructions.

Just then it hit her, ? This must be the book the giantess used to become what she was.?

Samantha quickly looked around her, but no one was paying her any mind. She quickly closed the book and slipped it into her purse. Turning away from the rest of the pile of items, she began to briskly walk back to her car. Eager to try her hand at her recent discovery.

The End.

End Notes:
After some thought, I felt it was time to wrap this one up. Please let me know what y’all think. I’ve got some ideas for other stories, but I wanted to go with this one to get my foot in the door and see how it would go. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this and for the feedback. :)
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