Lisa by The Intimidator

Brad had a normal life until one day an accident shrunk him he made a decision get the help of his friend Lisa. His choices will change his life

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Story Notes:

My first story hopefully this will go well and I'll make more.

1. Chapter 1 Shrunk by The Intimidator

2. Chapter 2 Found by The Intimidator

3. Chapter 3 Adjusting by The Intimidator

4. Chapter 4 Change by The Intimidator

5. Chapter 5 Acceptance by The Intimidator

6. Chapter 6 Will by The Intimidator

7. Chapter 7 Adjusting by The Intimidator

8. Chapter 8 Meeting by The Intimidator

9. Chapter 9 Lines by The Intimidator

10. Chapter 10 Chaos by The Intimidator

Chapter 1 Shrunk by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:

The story beings with brad being shrunk. Forgive me I'm working on formatting.


So my name is Brad Johnson I'm 17 about 5'8 in height I have straight brown hair and eyes, and honestly I think my life was great I had good grades,good friends, good family, and I was lead runner on the Cross Country team I think my life is ok now. So my story begins about 3 weeks ago when for what I've been able to figure out is l shrunk due to mixing the chemicals in science class, and let's start my story just a minutes after the chemical misfortune than started it all.

I remember walking out of class with my friend Jon and trying to get a small conversation going even though he always avoids conversations. "Well that was interesting experiment what do you think?" I said to my friend Jon. He looked at me and nodded yes then walk away. Ok then well that's that time to head to that nightmare of a class English. As I started to walk to English I felt off I couldn't walk start and I was felling tired. (RINNGGG) wait how English is like two minutes from my chemistry class. Well damn now I have to knock on the door and hope he lets me in... I passed out just before knocking on the door.

I woke up who knows how long after and almost forgot what was happening. I was about to knock on the door but then realized the door was huge and everything around me was also huge. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! I was panicking trying to figure out what happened to me. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BIG OR AM I SMALL? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN OUT?

Calm down I said to myself maybe I'm dreaming but a dream wouldn't be this complicated and I wouldn't be aware which means that this is all real and I've been shrunk which IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID! HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN WHAT SHRUNK ME?

Never mind that now I need to get help but how am I going to get help and from who and where? Where good question, where am I right now? Outside English class but super tiny which means if I find a way in I can get help from a friend in that class, but how am I supposed to get in? From what looks like 100 yards to me I can see there's a little crack in the door that looks like I can make it through. That looks like a good enough way to try to get in. So I run as fast as possible to the door and squeeze through the opening.

Well it will be a tight fit but I think I can make it in the crack and get inside the room. As I enter the room I noticed it was quiet and remembered the class had a test today. Ok well I guess I failed the test but now isn't t the time to worry about that I could be in real danger if those stories I read have something in common it's that you're a lot more vulnerable when your small I need help.

Now who can get help from it has to be someone I can trust. Adria she's been my friend for years now I can trust her for some help, now where is she? Oh no I forgot she absent today she told me yesterday before school ended. Well I don't know how much time I have till the class is over. Who can I trust that will help me? Lisa she sits behind me and we've talked almost everyday I don't know her as well as Adria or as long I just meet her a few weeks ago when school started but I think she's a good person and I'm hoping this will be the right choice.

So I run as fast I could to her seat and luckily she's there but there's a problem she's huge just like everything else is. How am I going to get her attention without get anyone else's attention? Yelling probably won't work but there's a risk if I yell I could get the attention of someone else by accident. Her backpack I could try to get into one of the pockets but that puts me in risk of being crushed by school supplies. Maybe I could try to climb onto her shoe and scratch her leg to get her attention. Well it's not like I have time to kill I'll take my chances with climbing her shoe.

As I started walk to her shoe getting ready to climb it her foot moves to the left hitting me but not hurting me luckily. Shit that was close I've got to be careful about this, alright let's try this again. I walk up to her shoe and grab onto the midsole of the shoe pull my self up and grab the collar of the shoe and pull myself to the top of her shoe. Then I realized her shoe doesn't have a closed top it's open. Once that though came to my head her foot moved again and knocked me to the side of her shoe then I fell into the small space between the shoe and her foot.

Well that happened I said with fear in my voice. I've got to get up and get her attention... I can't move my arms or my legs I'm stuck there's not enough room to move anything but my head and I can't even see over her foot. I'm basically in no position to get her attention because I can't do anything that would get her attention.

She's moving what's going on? RINNNGGG class is over hopefully she notices me on the side of her foot when she's walking to where every she's going to. Ouch this hurts the side of the shoe and her foot are rolling be left or right every time she takes a step and on top of all this I still can't see where the hell she's going. She stopped maybe she noticed me and I she can help me or at the least take me out of her shoe. FLUSH... Oh she just went to the restroom... WAIT this is the best time to try to get her attention but how I can't even move my legs or arms? WIGGLE OF COURSE! If I can can just move left a little bit then right come on just a little more.

YES THERE WE GO I CAN MOVE ENOUGH TO WIGGLE AROUND. Why I'm I moving backwards and rolling along the side of her shoe? She's talking her shoe of to she what bugging her yes. As I look up I can her giant face looking down staring into her shoe trying to determine what was moving then her expression change from serious to confused. Then two giant fingers at least three times bigger than me start coming down and then grab my sides a little to tight and bring me up pretty quickly to her face. With a quick hand movement I'm now in her palm as two giant eyes stare down at me trying to figure out what their looking at. Then in what would be a whisper to size person but a yell to me she said "Brad?"

End Notes:

Please tell me what you think this is my first story. Suggestions on how to make it better would be greatly appreciated

Chapter 2 Found by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:

Lisa has found Brad now he just needs to get her to help him. How will the rest of his day go?
- The Intimidator

——————————————————————————————-Brad was now looking at Lisa’s giant face with her giant brown eyes looking right at him. Lisa spoke “Brad is that really you?” Brad was still in disbelief of just how big Lisa was from his perspective. He was now able to see the small details on her face that would have otherwise been unidentifiable to a normal sized person. Her dark brown hair and eyes along with her light skin. When Brad had collected his thoughts he finally responded with a low and simple “Yes”

Even though Lisa had trouble hearing the low word from Brad she was able to understand what he had said then a million questions rushed into her head and started asking rapid questions to Brad “How’d you get so small, why were you in my shoe, how long have been in my shoe?” she stop herself from asking all the questions she had so Brad could answer. When Brad processed the questions he began to answer “I’m not sure how I got so small but it may have something to do with chemistry class, I ended up in your shoe because I was trying to get your attention so you could help by climbing onto your foot but then you moved and I feel to the side of you shoe, and I’ve only been there for a few minutes I think I don’t have a way to tell time now” With Lisa now caught up on the events of the past few hours of Brad's life she asked him one more question “What do you want me to help with I don’t know anything about people shrinking to a few inches tall”

Brad hadn’t thought of that what had he been expecting Lisa to do shrinking to a few inches tall isn’t something that just happens to people. While Brad was thinking of what to say the bell signaling the end of lunch rang meaning Brad didn’t have time to keep talking to Lisa about what he thought she could do. “What am I going to do with you now?” , Lisa said. “Put in a pocket or your shoe again until the end of school, but not in your backpack I’ll get crushed by something” Within a few seconds Lisa told Brad “I’m going to put you in my left pocket until I get home” “Ok” is all Brad could say before being put in Lisa's pocket.

As the day went on Brad sat in Lisa’s left pocket wondering what he was going to do now. He thought to himself would Lisa actually be able to help him, would he just become normal sized again, was he stuck like that forever? Brad continued to question what would become of him for hours until he realized that something was wrapping around him he entered a state of panic followed by him kicking his legs to no use. He then stopped fight back when he was once again face to face with Lisa.

“Don’t do that!” was the first thing Brad said to Lisa after being raised to her face. “Hey don’t be an ass was going to tell you something” “Sorry” Brad said “But being restrained and not knowing what’s going on isn’t exactly something normal” In the back Brad's head he came to a realization that without any effort Lisa could hurt or even kill him intentionally or not, Brad would now had that thought in the back of his mind. Lisa then began talking “Well I was going to tell you that I have practice so it will be awhile before I get home so I’m going to leave you in my backpack until practice is over then put you back in my pocket”

Brad really didn’t have say in what she was doing because he was already being put in an empty pocket in her backpack. Lisa had left the pocket that Brad was in slightly opened so that he was able to get air. Brad sat there in the pocket thinking about everything that would happen now. Most likely his parents would file a missing person report if he didn’t contact them soon. Another thought came into mind Lisa if she didn’t want to didn’t have to anything for Brad he couldn’t fight back he was too small to do anything. “Lisa wouldn’t do that though she’ll help me she’s a good person” Brad said to himself.

Brad grew tired and fell asleep for an unknown amount of time to him but was awoken by Lisa poking him to wake him up, once he was awake Lisa put him in her pocket and began to walk home. Once again in Lisa’s pocket Brad realized that was warm and wet, Lisa had been sweating from her practice and it made her pocket an uncomfortable place to be for Brad. He yelled a couple of times to try to tell her that he wanted to be put somewhere else but gave up because she couldn’t hear him. The walk seemed like long time to Brad but eventually he heard a click sound and Lisa yelling she was home.

Lisa lived in two story house on the second story and had her own room. When Lisa got into her room she locked the door behind her and took Brad out of her pocket and placed him on her desk. “Well welcome to my house Brad” Lisa said quietly enough that it would not travel through the walls into the other rooms of the house. “I’m going to shower then we can find out what’s going to happen, for now I’m going to put you in my sock drawer so that way no one will walk in and find you” “Alright then I wait until you’re done then” Brad replied. While Brad sat there waiting he realized he was hungry he had missed lunch and he hadn’t eaten since around 7AM. When Lisa came back she took him out of the draw locked the door and asked “What now Brad?”

End Notes:

It’s been an eventful day for Brad but now he may start getting a plan together for what he’s going to do about his current problem. (Hopefully I’ll have another chapter by next week) Any advice is highly recommended please leave s review so I know what to fix for the next chapter

Chapter 3 Adjusting by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
With Brad now with Lisa, the small problems Brad has due to him being shrunk will be solved. A new problem for Brad will surface by the end of this chapter.
Author's notes- I know format is still an issue but after copying the story from where I type it the story resets to a basic essay layout. I?ve tried my best to fix mistakes involving thought and so on. If you would leave a review on how you feel the story is, thank you for your time-The Intimidator

Brad began telling Lisa some basic things to start with the simple things first ?Well first of all who can I trust? Authorities can't do anything about this all they would do is bring me to my parents? then Brad froze he realized once again he had no idea what to do about his parents because if he had Lisa take him to them then they might breakdown seeing Brad like he is. Lisa noticed the change in Brad and tired to give him a pat on the back with her finger but accidentally used too much force and knocked Brad over. ?What was that for!? Brad yelled with anger as an obvious tone in his voice. ?Crap sorry I was meaning to pat you on the back I didn?t think it would knock you down? Lisa said. ?Just be careful from now please I don?t know exactly How much my body could now that I?m like what three inches now? slight anger was still in Brad's voice during his response to Lisa.

Brad remembered that he was trying to talk to Lisa about what they should do about his current problem. ?Can we get back on topic and figure out what to do about my current situation please?? Brad said trying to get something sorted out. Lisa said ?Yes? just as she heard her mom call for that dinner was ready. That reminded Brad of another thing he was hungry ?Lisa? he said ?What about food what am I going to eat?? After thinking about for a few seconds Lisa told Brad ?I?ll bring my food up here tonight my parents don?t really care if the family eats together most of the time we don?t anyways?. Brad agreed with Lisa because it seemed like a simple solution to a small problem. ?Ok stay here for a second I?ll get my food and come right back? Lisa said. Brad nodded in agreement then watched Lisa close the door when she left leaving Brad to think.

Brad walked around the desk thinking about all the possibilities that could be happening to him and the people he cares about. Would anyone but his parents miss him; how long would it take until his friends realized he was missing; is his size temporarily or permanent? All those questions raced through Brad's head at the same time making him want to sit down and think. Is this my new life? Three inches tall for the rest of my life? Brad didn?t know what to do anymore should he have Lisa take him to his parents and they take care ,should he ask Lisa to take care of him for a bit? ?I don?t know what to do anymore? Brad said panicking and alone. Lisa walked back into the room with a plate of food laws then locked her door so no one could walk in unexpectedly and put the plate down on the desk next to Brad. Before she was able to say anything she noticed Brad sitting head in his hands not even acknowledging the food or Lisa.

?What?s wrong Brad?? Lisa said. Brad said and did nothing keeping his head in his hands sitting on the desk. Lisa rip a piece of her napkin and put a tiny portion of her dinner which was chicken and a baked potato onto to the napkin piece eyeballing what size of the food would be small enough but big enough for Brad. When she finished picking of the pieces for Brad she pushed it to him and waited for Brad to start eating. After a few minutes Brad looked up at Lisa told her ?Thank you? then started eating the food she had given him.

While he was eating he would occasionally glance at Lisa when she was not paying attention to him and look at her eat and thinking that everything would be different for him. A thought slipped into Brad?s mind how many different ways could he die from his small size. Then he began to think he was definitely small enough to be crushed by Lisa be it her feet, hands, butt, carelessness and she might not even notice . Also he could fall of something such as the desk and fall to his death. Eaten, he was small enough to fit in Lisa?s mouth or anybody?s mouth for that matter. They finished eating about the same time and then Lisa looked down at Brad and asked if he needed anything. Brad responded with no.

?Brad I have to do my homework now so I don?t know what you want to do while I?m working on it? Lisa said. Brad really didn?t think of that what he would do when Lisa was busy with her daily activities. ?Anything really I have literally nothing to right now? Something popped into Lisa?s head which she asked Brad ?Can you give me a foot massage? My feet hurt a little and you said you anything? Brad said ?Uhh sure? feeling like he may not really have much of a choice because he said anything. Lisa took off her left sock and put her foot down and brought Brad down to the ground and told him just to rub anywhere he could reach.

He put his hands against her foot and began to rub them hard, man her feet are soft. Brad worked on her sole, and the ball of her foot. After that Lisa lowered her foot so he could reach each toe and massaged them. Lisa thought it would be funny to play a little game with Brad, when he got to her big toe she grabbed him with her big and second toe and gave him a playful squeeze before saying ?Sorry I thought it would be funny.? Brad was shocked and slightly scared from her little game but said nothing. After he finished her left, Lisa asked Brad to do her right foot which he did. He repeated the process again on her right foot. When he finished he was exhausted. He laid against her foot breathing hard. ?Thanks Brad my feet feel so much better now.? Lisa said. ?You?re welcome it the least can I do for you.? He said still laying against her foot exhausted.

Lisa picked him up put him on her palm so she could talk to him and told him ?I?m going to sleep now where do you want to sleep?? Brad thought about for a second then told Lisa ?Anywhere as long as I don?t get crushed? Lisa thought for a moment then asked Brad ?Is the sock drawer ok?? Brad said ?Yeah that?s fine? Now that everything starting to sink in Brad realized just how tired he was. He was about to ask Lisa to put him in her sock drawer he realized that he had to use the bathroom ?Lisa I need to use the bathroom? he said. ?Ok hang on I need to hide you so that was no one sees you.? Lisa put Brad between her big toes and her second toe then put on some slippers and walked to the bathroom. While between her toes Brad wondered why this was the place she had thought to put him. When they reached the bathroom Lisa took Brad out from her toes and put him on the toilet seat then turned away. Brad did his business called Lisa then they went back to her room. Brad then told Lisa that he wanted to go to sleep and she put him in her sock draw and letting him crawl into a sock to use as a mattress and blanket.

Brad fell asleep instantly from the long day he had. Since it was only eight at night Lisa had no plans on going to sleep so she said up on her phone. While one her phone she thought what happened. Lisa realized she had power over someone and something for once in her life. Lisa had felt like she was always out of control no matter what but now she had power. Lisa thought to herself about the idea of having power. Coming to the conclusion that she would hide Brad and not help him become normal sized anymore. Brad would just have get used to being small because Brad belonged to Lisa.
End Notes:
This chapter sets up the rest of the story. How will Lisa thirst for power effect Brad is this going to be hell for Brad? Thank you for anyone who read the whole chapter and/or the whole story so far. Any suggestions are always welcome leave a review to help me improve the story, thank you- The Intimidator
Chapter 4 Change by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
This chapter is the beginning of change in Brad’s new life. Lisa has turned on Brad so she can feel powerful. What will happen to Brad from this point on? Only time will tell.
When Brad woke up he was still in the sock drawer that Lisa had put him the night before. After the long day that he had Brad fell asleep almost immediately after Lisa had closed the drawer. It took him a moment to realize he was still in sock drawer since there was little light due to it being slightly cracked open. Brad thought to himself Crap it was all real shrinking getting Lisa?s help I thought maybe it was a dream. Just a few minutes after collecting his thoughts he heard an alarm go off followed by the sounds of footsteps. After the alarm went off he felt the drawer being opened followed by Lisa looking down at Brad and raising him to her face. ?So how was your night? Lisa asked Brad. ?It was actually pretty good I knocked out almost immediately, what about you?? Lisa told Brad that she slept good to.

?So today is Saturday and I have practice in about an hour I?m taking you with me because I don?t want anyone knowing about you? Lisa told Brad. ?What do you play anyway?? Brad asked trying to figure out where he was going. ?I?m on the soccer team and there?s practice all through the week? Lisa said. ?Where are you putting during your practice? In a bag?? Brad asked curiously. ?No Brad I?m putting you between my toes so that way I can know exactly where you are.? Lisa said. ?But I?ll get hurt when you run or kick the ball? Brad said trying to get Lisa to change her mind about where to put him during practice. ?You?ll be fine Brad I?ll be careful and you really don?t have a say in this now I?m going to get ready then we?re leaving.? Lisa told Brad who was shocked that Lisa wasn?t giving him a choice. After Lisa finished getting ready she told Brad ?Ok I?m leaving for practice now.? Before Brad could try on last protest Lisa picked him up and positioned him between her big and second toe.

Lisa had to walk to practice she didn?t live to far from the school where the team practiced. Meanwhile Brad was standing up stuck between her big and second toe, even though he was angry he was mostly concd on why Lisa had forced Brad into being between her toes. Every so often Lisa would give a playful squeeze to Brad. When Lisa got to practice she talked to some of her friends. During her conversation with her friends Lisa thought about Brad between her toes, he was right there probably able to hear everything going on but no one but Lisa knew he was there. When practice started the team was told to run for twenty minutes around the field, while it was fine to Lisa, Brad was going for the ride of his life with each step. Each and every step Lisa took made Brad lose his balance preventing him from standing. Each time Lisa took a step Brad would lose his grip and fall. When Lisa stopped running Brad felt sick from the constant movement, heat, and smell. Brad thought Why is she doing this to me I could have just stayed in her bag.

As Lisa begun to sweat Brad couldn?t pick himself up when he fell because the sweat was taking away grip on Lisa's toes. Brad was helpless and began to panic he couldn?t do anything to protect himself from harm what if he slipped into the wrong position and got crushed by her toes, what if he slid under her foot and suffocated because her foot was on his face. When Lisa finished practice Brad had been forced into a position where his body from shoulders down was stuck underneath Lisa?s foot while his head to his shoulders were sticking out of the gap between Lisa?s big and second toe giving him a small gap to breath. Each time Brad would breath he would smell the odor from Lisa?s foot, since Brad was inside her sock which was in her shoe there was almost no ventilation meaning the smell wasn?t leaving anytime soon. The sweat from Lisa?s foot was drenching Brad's body but he couldn?t do anything about it.

When practice finished Lisa decided stayed at practice a little while after it finished to be with her friends, she was in no rush to get home. On Saturday both her parents worked until the evening she was free to do anything all day. Brad wasn?t able to free himself from under Lisa?s foot, but he didn?t feel as sick anymore, but the odor from her foot wasn?t pleasant. Brad just layed trapped under Lisa?s foot thinking about why Lisa had done this. What happened she was being so nice yesterday, did I do something to her? Brad started becoming scared what else would Lisa do to him now? After an hour of hanging out with her friends Lisa walked home. On the way back to Lisa?s house Brad felt every step and was in pain because of the pressure from her foot on his body.

When Lisa got home her parents had already left as expected. She walked around and closed all the curtains once she was inside the house. After all the curtains were closed Lisa sat on the couch took off her shoe and her sock looked at her toes and she noticed Brad wasn?t between toes. When Lisa had taken off her sock since Brad wasn?t between her toes he got stuck in the sock and then yelled ?Lisa let me out!? Brad yelled. Realizing that Brad was in here sock she put her hand out flipped the sock upside down and watched Brad fall into her hand. ?Why did you do that I told you it wasn?t a good idea!? Brad yelled at Lisa once he stood up. ?Because I can do whatever I want to you and no one will ever know, you belong to me now Brad.? Lisa snapped back at him. Brad stood in Lisa?s palm looking her right in the eyes and yelled out in anger ? I?m not a piece of property I don?t belong to you I?m a person!? Brad yelled trying to hide his fear and at the same time try to stand his ground.

?Well then let?s see about that Brad? Lisa said. Lisa then used her other hand and grabbed Brad by his ankle with her thumb and index finger then held him upside down. Brad was caught off guard by Lisa?s sudden actions. Brad started to panic he kicked his leg trying to free himself. Lisa tighten her grip of his ankle and ?Say that you belong to me before it?s too late Brad.? Lisa demand. ?I don?t belong to you!? Brad yelled out. ?Well then I guess you need to learn your place then.? Lisa said. Lisa then opened her mouth and let Brad dangle above it for a few minutes. Brad screaming; kicking; panicking, all at once. Lisa let go of his ankle and let Brad fall into her mouth. When Brad fell he landed on her tongue which had been waiting for him to fall. The warm wet surface that surrounded Brad was the only thing keeping Brad from falling back and down into Lisa?s throat. Brad struggled to turn himself to see the front of her mouth. When Brad was facing the opening of Lisa?s mouth he tried to make his way to the opening, but as soon as he started making his way there Lisa closed her mouth leaving Brad in total darkness.
End Notes:
Lisa has turned on Brad and now may be forcing him into a no win situation. Thanks for read feel free to leave reviews about your opinions on the story and how to make the story better. I am trying my best to include every aspect of a giantess into this story I don’t know what I’ll end up being able to do. This story has been mainly been me kinging each chapter with no set plot until now I have the basic set up for the nest few chapters now.
Chapter 5 Acceptance by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:

Brad is now in a bad situation he must resist Lisa’s attempts to break him. Can Brad stand what little ground he has against Lisa?

Brad couldn’t see anything unless Lisa opened her mouth which did occasionally to give Brad some air. Brad couldn’t see anything it was pitch black, he couldn’t stand because of Lisa’s tongue, it was warm and wet and it was making Brad really uncomfortable.Brad was now in a state of panic and fear, he no longer knew what Lisa would and wouldn’t do. Brad yelled “Let me out why are you doing this to me I thought you were my friend!” Lisa should figure out what Brad had said because the sound was muffled since he was in her mouth. Lisa used her tongue to move Brad to the side of her mouth then mockingly said “What did you say I can’t hear you in there little guy.” Before Brad could do anything he slid down the side of her mouth, he was then trapped by Lisa’s tongue moving him the roof of her mouth.

Brad was completely helpless he couldn’t move or get any balance because of the saliva in her mouth. All Brad was able to do was wiggle around and pound his fists on her tongue in resistance. After a few minutes of holding Brad on the roof of her mouth Lisa opened her mouth and licked Brad onto her palm. Brad was drenched in Lisa’s saliva, when Brad stood up he looked at Lisa with fear and horror in his eyes. “All you have to do is say you belong to me and this will all be over Brad.” Lisa said mockingly once again. Brad thought for a minute about should he just accept this and say he belongs to Lisa. Then Brad thought No I’m not a piece of property I’m not saying I belong to her because I don’t I’m a person. Brad looked at Lisa dead in the eyes and yelled “ I don’t belong to you, now stop doing this and put me down!” “Well I’m just going to make it worse on you till you say that you belong to me so if you say so Brad” Lisa said.

Lisa then grabbed Brad by his ankle again the dropped him back in her mouth. Lisa thought what she could do to make Brad accept his new life, then she got an idea. Lisa began sucking Brad like a piece of candy. This was starting to get to Brad, he was having a hard time breathing because even though Lisa would open her mouth for a few seconds Brad's head would go into her saliva. After sometime of sucking Brad Lisa took him out of her mouth and said “Say what I want to say and I’ll stop” Lisa said slightly annoyed. “N-No” Brad said still catching his breath, Brad knew he was probably going to pass out soon from fear or from her saliva. “It’s only going to get worse for you, but it’s your choice” Lisa said putting Brad back in her mouth.

Even though had unlimited power over Brad she didn’t have unlimited ideas on how to get Brad to accept his place. I thought came to Lisa maybe she was being too nice to Brad, it was time to bring it up a notch. Brad was nearly ready to give up he had no clue on what could possibly be in store for him next. While Brad thought of surrendering he felt himself being moved by Lisa’s thought except this time he wasn’t being sucked on, held against the roof or sides of her mouth, but instead to the front of her mouth. Lisa opened her mouth stuck her tongue out and grabbed Brad. “ Well you’re standing your ground better than I thought you would so this is it this is how I’ll break you mentally or physically it’s up to you which comes first” Lisa said to Brad. Brad was confused what did Lisa mean by mentally or physically? He then got the answer to his question. Lisa placed Brad on her front teeth chest on the bottom teeth with the front half of his body stick out of her mouth from his head to shoulders.

Lisa closed her mouth leaving Brad's head and shoulders sticking out of her lips. Brad was able to move his arms out from the inside of her mouth to the outside and rested them on her lips. Brad was confused what was happening why this position? What was Lisa planning? Then from his stomach he felt pressure being applied, it took Brad a moment to realize what was happening. Lisa was using her teeth to slowly add pressure onto Brad. Once Brad was realized Lisa’s plan he started to panic, he began kicking; screaming; and punching, Lisa did nothing but add slightly more pressure. This is a bluff she won’t do this if she bites me in half then she have all my guts in her mouth Brad though in an attempt to mask fear from his thoughts but he knew he didn’t know what to expect anymore.

After a slightly painful amount of pressure was applied to Brad, Lisa stopped adding pressure but didn’t let Brad loose he was still in her teeth with pressure. Lisa started moving her bottom jaw sliding Brad across her teeth in the process. Brad was now in pain the pressure and the sliding started to be to much for him. Then Brad felt something on the top and bottom of his bottom, he moved his hand back into Lisa mouth and touched where he felt the unknown source then brought his hand back to his face. He looked at it and realized it was his blood. The pressure and sliding must have cut me, but how much? Is this fatal? Is it just a small cut? Brad thought. Brad was overwhelmed by fear he had no idea what was going to happen and without thinking he yelled out “Ok Lisa stop please I’m begging you!” Lisa stopped took Brad out and said “Say it and I’ll stop if you don’t I’m going to keep going”

Brad looked at himself he and his clothes were soaked in saliva with a large red stain on his shirt. “Please don’t make me say it, I’m hurt, I’m humiliated, I’m defenseless” Brad said. “If you don’t want to say it don’t I’ll keep adding pressure till you break. All you have to do is say that you belong to me” Lisa said. Brad was done he couldn’t handle it anymore he fell to his knees in Lisa’s palm looked up and said “I belong to you” Brad was now humiliated to the point where he as if he had no dignity left. “ Now was that so hard?” Lisa said. Brad couldn’t respond he was to weak to do anything and passed out.

Several hours passed until Brad woke up. He found himself on a table he looked up and tried to gather his thoughts and process what had happened. He looked up and saw Lisa on the couch watching television. Brad looked down to check his wound to find he was no longer wear any clothes, his cut was already scabbing so he knew it was bad just a normal cut. Lisa looked down and saw Brad muted the television and pick him up. “Well hello there I thought maybe you had died I’m glad you didn’t though” Lisa said. “Where’s my clothes why am I naked? Brad asked confused but mostly angry. “ I got rid of them you don’t need them and plus they were all ripped up. Also I need to see if your intestines were spilling out.” Brad didn’t say anything he just stared holding back his emotions. “You taste bad, probably because you were underneath my foot during the practice and your clothes had sweat absorbed.” Lisa said, Brad still said nothing and stood in Lisa’s palm. “Well I haven’t showered yet and you haven’t either so let’s go shower” Lisa said. Brad had no time to say anything before Lisa closed her palm and started walking to her room to get clothes. Brad silently thought about what had happened he had no power to defend himself he had no dignity left Brad had lost everything.

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Chapter 6 Will by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
What comes next for Brad? More change from Lisa or has everything leveled out? Apologize for spelling errors
Lisa had gotten all her stuff together to take a shower still holding Brad in her palm she walked towards the bathroom. Lisa has plenty of free time to spend with Brad her parents would not be home for several more hours. Brad didn?t resist to Lisa holding him on the way to the bathroom he felt weak and he had lost his motivation to fight back after what happened with Lisa just before. Lisa thought to herself no kicking, no screaming, no punching, no resistance at all I think I?ve got him. I thought maybe he only said it to save himself but he may have meant it. To Brad it seemed useless now Lisa had shown that she wouldn?t hesitate to put Brad in his place and if needed to go the extra step and hurt him.

Lisa opened the door to the bathroom and put her stuff down then raised Brad to her face. ?Well Brad I need to shower and you definitely need to shower while you were my mouth I couldn?t stand the taste of you? Lisa said. Brad said nothing he had nothing to say. Lisa continued ?So while you were passed out on the table I thought about it. At first I was going to let you take a makeshift bath by filling up the sink just a little bit ,but then I thought it would be easy for you escape. So you?re going to shower with me.? Brad worked up courage to say ?No? Lisa seemed slightly mad ?What?s wrong little guy? You should be honored that you?re showering with me after all you?re nothing compared to me.? Brad didn?t say anything after that to prevent himself from saying anything that would anger Lisa.

?Well say thank you little guy this is an honor for you? Lisa said smiling. Lisa was testing Brad seeing what he would do, looking for some sort of fight in him. ?Thank you for this honor? Brad said he didn?t know what to do he didn?t want to try to fight he didn?t have it in him, but he didn?t want to do this. Lisa put Brad on the sink turned on the shower water then and started to take her clothes off. Brad wanted to look away but something was compelling him look. Brad had always thought Lisa was attractive, but he was never one to ask rashly he didn?t know much about her so he never told her anything. When Lisa finished undressing she looked at Brad who quickly looked away trying to avoid her eyes. ?What?s wrong little guy? Looks like you were enjoying the show.? Brad was confused for a second then realized he had an erection he felt embarrassed and tried to hide it. ?I understand you?ve never seen something like this? Lisa said gesturing her hand at herself. It was true though Brad had seen porn but never a naked female in person.

Lisa grabbed Brad and told him ?Ok let?s go little guy.? Brad didn?t know what would happen but he hoped for the outcome that had the least amount of humiliation involved. Lisa entered the shower and put Brad on her shoulder, ?Now hold on I wouldn?t want you to fall I?m pretty sure that a long way down for you.? Brad didn?t even want to think about what would happen if he fell, but he knew the outcome of falling would not be pretty. As Lisa started getting wet it made it harder and harder for Brad to keep his grip on her shoulder each movement would have him off balance and holding on as if his life depended on it, which it did. After a few minutes of letting the water run over her body Lisa reached for her shampoo. In the process of applying it into her hair Brad started to lose his balance do to the movement of Lisa's shoulders. ?Hey be careful I could fall.? Brad shouted out to Lisa trying to keep his balance. ?Oh you'll be fine don't worry.? She doesn't care what happens to me I'm just an object to her a piece of property, Brad thought to himself knowing if he said anything Lisa would do something to show him where he belongs. Soap from her hair started to reach her shoulder and the rest of her upper body.

This made her shoulder slipper and it quickly became a problem for Brad, he struggled even more to keep his balance. ?Lisa take me off of your shoulder please I'm going to fall if you don't!? Brad yelled while stumbling trying to keep his balance. ?You'll be fine nothing's going to happen.? Lisa said in response to Brad's plea. After she said that Brad had lost his balance and fell down but not falling off of Lisa. ?Lisa!? Brad yelled panicking now. Almost immediately after Brad said that he felt himself moving against his will, but Lisa wasn't moving him she has ignored his call for help. Brad realized he was sliding down off her shoulder toward her breasts. ?No!? Brad screamed out knowing that if he kept moving forward he would fall to his death. Brad frantically tried to get grip and move back but it was to late he was falling and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Brad continued to slide down and noticed he was on her breast. Lisa had average sized breast for someone her age, but to Brad her breasts were huge. Even though Brad was moving relatively slow he was still in a state of panic. As he reach the end of Lisa's breast he knew that if Lisa didn't notice him soon he would fall off and hit the ground. Brad was almost to her nipple he knew that this was it his last ditch effort. He grabbed onto Lisa?s nipple and hoped he could hold on and not fall.

Lisa had been paying attention to Brad the whole time but she didn't do anything to see what Brad would do. When she noticed something touching her nipple she looked down and saw that Brad was holding on for his life. This sight made Lisa burst into laughter but also slightly turned her on. Brad was now humiliated he was holding on the a giant nipple for his life and the only person who could save him was laughing at him. The movement from Lisa's laughter made it difficult for Brad to hold onto her nipple and he lost his grip.Brad knew that this was the end for him so he closed his eyes and used his arms to cover his eyes and waited. Brad landed on a soft surface and once he noticed that he was not hurt he moved his arms and looked at what had happened. ?Well I?m not going to let you die.? Lisa said still laughing at the slight she had just seen. Brad was still processing what had just happened to him.

?Well I think it?s time we actually start washing ourselves? Lisa said as she grabbed her washcloth wet it and put some soap on it. Brad no longer knew what to expect. Lisa then held Brad so he could look at her face to face and she said ?And you're going to me little guy? Lisa then put Brad on the washcloth it only took him a few seconds to realize what was happening. ?No please I can?t take it anymore leave me alone!? Brad begged, but Lisa didn?t care that Brad didn?t want to she wanted to and that what was going to happen. ?You have no choice what I say goes the sooner you get used to it the better.? Lisa said as she started to rub the washcloth on herself. Brad was being run all over Lisa?s body, she started with her breasts making sure she rubbed him all over each of them spending a little extra time on her nipples. She then rubbed him up and down her legs for a few minutes before moving to her ass. Brad was trying to get Lisa to stop by screaming out to her ?Please stop I just wanted you to help me!?, but it had no effect. Lisa then brought Brad to her face and smiled. She then put Brad down between her toes and finished up washing herself.

She then stepped out of the shower with Brad still between her toes and grab her robe. She then picked up Brad and put him in her mouth. Lisa left the bathroom then walked to her room locking and closing her door when she entered. Brad was confused and scared about what could be happening, he couldn?t see anything but he could feel Lisa?s tongue moving him around. Finally Lisa opened her mouth and took Brad out of her mouth. Brad noticed that Lisa was naked laying on her bed, Lisa then turned Brad around so she could look at him. ?Well little guy it?s time for some fun? Lisa said smiling and moving the hand she was hold Brad in down from her face to her vagina. Brad realized what was about to happen and yelled in protest ?No I?m not letting you do this to me!? Brad then began to run he jumped off Lisa?s hand and landed on the bed. Brad knew that he stood no chance of escape he had to try. Lisa moved her right leg blocking Brad?s path ?You can?t escape this your life now, you live to serve me, you belong to me.? Lisa said, Brad didn?t know what would happen now, but he knew everything was about to become much worse for him. Lisa grabbed Brad by his legs and brought him to her vagina, Brad let out one last plea ?Please you don?t have to do this you're a good person.? Lisa responded with ?I know I don?t have to this that?s what makes it fun.? Lisa then pushed Brad face first into her vagina. Brad started to panic he couldn?t see, he could barely move, and he felt himself moving farther into Lisa?s vagina.

Lisa was waiting for Brad to start moving around and he did. Brad started to wiggle trying to find out how to get out, but he was unknowingly pleasuring Lisa in the process. Brad noticed it started to get hotter and hotter along with it getting wetter. Brad knew he needed to get out as soon as possible or else he many not make it out at all. But every movement by Brad was pleasure along with thought there was a tiny man inside of her. Lisa soon couldn?t resist from fingering herself. Brad was unaware of what Lisa was doing so as he neared the entrance he was hit by her finger knocking him back. It continued to get hotter and her cum was rising Brad was moving as much as he could to get out but kept getting hit by Lisa?s finger. Unknowingly Brad had made his way to Lisa?s G spot. Lisa was now screaming in pleasure fingering herself faster and faster Brad knew what was about to happen. Lisa screamed as she had an orgasm, Brad was shot out of her vagina and laid on the bed where he had landed covered in Lisa?s cum not wanting to move and feeling as if he couldn?t. Lisa was painting she had never had an orgasm like that before. The two laid for a few minutes until Lisa picked up Brad and brought him to her face.

?T-that was amazing little guy!? Brad said nothing and just looked at Lisa still covered in her cum. ?Oh her let me clean you up.? Lisa said then dropped Brad back into her mouth. She sucked on him for a few minutes then noticed that he and erection so she started playing with him. Brad noticed what Lisa was doing and tried to stop her, but he couldn?t stop her and as much he tried to prevent himself he let his load out. Then Lisa took Brad out and said ?See that wasn?t so bad Now was it? Brad said nothing. ?Well you loss, anyway I?m tired so I?m going to take a nap the door is locked so I don?t need to worry about anyone walking in. You can sleep between my toes.? Lisa said. Lisa put Brad between her toes and fell asleep. Brad knew that this was his chance to escape, but when he tried to move he couldn?t Brad knew he was tired. No I have to go now I may not get another chance. Brad thought, but he couldn?t do anything and quickly feel asleep as well.
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It’s been a eventful day for Brad and Lisa how will this affect Brad? There may be no new chapter of Lisa next week because I’m trying to work on another story I want to bring out. Also this was about twice as long as the other chapters of you want me to keep making longer chapters just tell me and I will.Please feel free to leave reviews to help me improve the story.
Chapter 7 Adjusting by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
Lisa has given Brad the ultimate test but how will he do? Find out
_____________________________________________________ Brad and Lisa both slept for a few hours and during their sleep they both had different dreams. Brad had two dreams during his nap. In the first dream Brad was in front of his family and friends as he saw them wonder where he had gone. His parents wept about their son disappearing, his friends talked to each other quietly about his absence. Brad was standing in front of them calling to them trying to tell them that Lisa had him but no one could see or hear Brad. It ended with Brad stopping his attempts to tell them what had happened to him. In Brads second dream the events of the day he shrunk played out the same except he hadn?t shrunk when he had originally shrunk. He left science and went to English where he noticed Lisa was absent. When he sat down the bell rung and in the blink of an eye everyone in the classroom was gone. From behind him he heard laughter, when he turned around to she who was laughing. It was Lisa, when she stop laughing she told Brad ?You think you get away from? You belong to me you can?t escape me!? Brad then noticed everything was getting bigger. Brad was now shrunk down to his current size and Lisa stood up and reached her hand out to grab Brad ?No! Please No!? Brad yelled as everything went to black. Brad woke up from his dream screaming then realized what had happened.

Lisa had a completely different dream from Brad. In Lisa?s dream she had power over everyone. Lisa sat on a throne looking down opon little people at her feet all the same size as Brad. Those tiny people were everyone that had ever mistreated her. On the arm rest of the throne we?re her close friends and the people she cared about. She would do one of three things with the tiny people by her feet. Lisa would either play with some under her feet and between her toes before crushing them under her foot. Grab a few of them and suck on them in her mouth before swallowing them whole. Or Lisa would sit on them until they were either suffocated or crushed. Those on the arm rest watched in horror but said nothing in fear they would be next. Lisa noticed Brad was in neither group, in fact he was nowhere to be found. Lisa?s dream ended with her noticing in the distance one of the tiny people had ran off trying to escape either watching the horror or being a victim of it, but whoever it was Lisa couldn?t figure out who it was. When Lisa woke up it took her a minute to collect her thoughts and remember the events of the day so far. She then quickly checked to she if Brad was still between her toes, he was but he was awake. Lisa grabbed him and said ?Well wasn?t that refreshing?? Brad didn?t mention his dreams to Lisa he just stood and looked at Lisa. ?I?m surprised you didn?t try to escape or anything, but then again honestly where would you go? I doubt you can make it off the bed.? Lisa was right Brad hadn?t thought of that.

A week had past and a daily routine had start to become normal to Brad. He would be woken up by Lisa and be taken to the restroom when she went, Lisa would then put Brad in her pocket if for breakfast if she didn?t have any pockets then Brad would be placed between her breasts and when no one was looking she would slip a piece a food to Brad. After breakfast Lisa would finish getting ready and while she did that Brad went to the space between her big toes and second toe and position himself in an upright position and wait for Lisa to put her sock on then her shoe, he would alternate foot each day. During lunch Lisa would save a small portion of food into her backpack for Brad which she gave him later. When it came time for Lisa to practice for soccer then Brad would be put into her backpack and was given the food Lisa had saved for him and when Lisa finished practice she would slip Brad into her bra and walk home. Lisa then went up to her room got clothes to shower and took Brad with her. In the shower Brad would be placed by her feet and when the soap ran down her leg to her foot Brad would use that to bathe himself. After the shower Lisa would lock the door to her room and start her homework, but while Lisa did her homework Brad gave her foot massages when he finished if he had finished and Lisa said that he could stop Brad could sleep if he had time. Then Lisa would put Brad in her slippers and go down when she was called for dinner and leave little scraps on her plate and when she took her plate to the sink she would take those scraps and give them to Brad when she got in her room. After finishing with her homework Lisa would watch YouTube videos and let Brad watch if he had been good that day. Then when Lisa went to sleep Lisa would put Brad a drawer or in her sock depending on how she felt.

Brad learned that if he followed this routine and did as Lisa said then he would be ok but the urge for him the escape and go home was still in him. He yearned for someone he knew to find him and take him to his family so they knew he was ok, but he knew that if he had managed to escape and someone else found him then he could end up in a situation that was worse than his current situation. On some day to taunt Brad she would go to someone that Brad knew and talk to them for a while, Brad could hear the conversation and wished he could call out and ask for help, but he knew that if he tried Lisa would make his life hell so he kept quiet and listened helplessly to the conversation. Lisa felt an overwhelming sense of power each day knowing that she controlled someone entirely she wished that she could have more but knew it was unlikely she would ever get anymore. One day Lisa wanted to test Brad to she if he had become used to his new life and decided to talk to Adria, Brad?s closest friend. ?Hey Adria how are you handling the whole Brad thing with him disappearing?? Lisa asked Adria. ?It?s actually pretty hard I miss him he was a good friend and I hope he?s ok, but I just want to know what happened to him.? Adria said with sorrow in her voice. Brad began to cry he knew that if he tried to get Adria?s attention Lisa would kill him, but he didn?t care and he began to scream and yell ?I?m here Adria please help get me away from her!? Brad hitting Lisa?s toes and began to scream out even louder. Lisa squeezed her toes together putting Brad in great pain, but he wasn?t going to give up ?Adria!? Lisa slipped up and said ?Shut up or else? ?What?? Adria said in disbelief. ?Oh uh nothing!? Lisa said sweating nervously. ?Adria!? Brad screamed. ?Who?s that?? Adria asked looking around after hearing her name faintly. ?Fucking idiot!!!? Lisa mumbled. ?What?? Adria said ?You better tell me what the hell is going on before I lose my head, first you say to shut up then you call me a fucking idiot!? Lisa knew that there was trouble now ?Follow me? Lisa said and lead to Adria behind one of the buildings.

?What the fuck are you doing?? Adria asked while Lisa took of her shoe then her sock. ?One word to anyone and I swear I?m going to kill him before anyone can find him!? ?What are you talking about!?? Adria said. Lisa held Brad in a fist with his shoulders up showing. ?Holy crap Brad!!!? You have him but how is he so small why do you have him!? Adria said and started asking Lisa which Lisa motioned her hand for Adria to stop talking.? ?It doesn?t matter, but what does is do you want him to live or not. If you say one word about this to anyone Brad will never be found. So I suggest you keep quiet.? Lisa said. ?Let him go!? Adria said trying to grab Brad. Lisa then tighten her fist and Brad let out a scream showing his pain ?Lisa stop please let me go!? Lisa loosened her grip. ?You see I could kill him and get rid of any evidence? Lisa said. ?He just said to let him go he doesn?t want to be with you.? Adria said. ?Well sucks for Home then doesn?t it?? Lisa said. The bell rang for the end of lunch and Adria said ?Don?t worry Brad this will be over soon I promise. And Lisa when Brad is safe I?m going to kill you for this.? Adria said then walked off. ?Adria no come back help me!? Brad said. ?You should?ve kept quiet Brad now you're just in for some serious trouble? Lisa said.

Brad now grew full of fear knowing that his actions were useless, he also felt as if he had won Adria knew where he was and maybe she could save him. The rest of the day was hell for Brad. Instead of putting Brad in his usual spot Lisa said ?Good luck for today you?ll probably need it now.? Lisa then dropped Brad into her sock and put her foot in then walked off. Brad was now regretting his decision even more now and wishing that he had kept quiet. Brad ended up under Lisa?s foot ever step she took put Brad in pain and it was much harder for Brad to breath. While in class Lisa would put pressure onto her foot knowing it would hurt Brad knowing he probably wasn?t strong enough to manage the pressure. When it came time for Lisa?s soccer practice Brad knew he wasn?t coming out of her sock until they got back to Lisa?s house. During the her practice Brad was sick, once Lisa started to sweat it made his current condition much worse. When practice was over Lisa walked home and went straight to her room and locked the door. She took Brad out of her sock and said ? I thought this was over little guy. I thought you accepted the fact that you?re mine now. But no you just have to cry for help. Well now you?re going to get it worse than you?ve ever gotten it before!? Brad knew that it had been a mistake but he knew that Lisa wanted to test him so he said ?What did you expect me to do? You went to my closest friend and taunted me! Of course I?m going to call for help try to get her to notice me!? Lisa squeezed Brad in her palm quickly then stopped ?Well you should have known better Brad now it?s time I break you for good? Lisa then moved Brad to her backside with one hand and used the other to pull her pants and panties back leaving an opening for Brad ?No don?t do this please!? Brad yelled out but as soon as he finished saying that Lisa let go off him letting him fall into her ass.
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Sorry for the late release I was busy but don’t worry on Sunday or on Christmas I’ll release the next chapter which while be to forward the plot
Chapter 8 Meeting by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
Lisa chocked and got caught in a catch 22 situation with Adria just before, now Lisa is going to punish Brad, but what will Adria do with her new information (This chapter has less giantess in ,but this chapter is mainly to help bring the story near to its end so that way Brads Saga can start its second installment soon. There is a slight jump back to chapter 7 dealing with Adria after the Brad and Lisa part of this chapter. (I will put a marker when the time jump and the story syncs back up) Also I apologize for grammar mistakes. Also sorry for the delay)
As Brad fell he only had a second to see how he would land. It was clear he was heading straight down towards Lisa butt crack. Once Brad got to Lisa?s butt crack he slipped right down between them now trapped between her butt cheeks. Lisa did not have a bigger butt, but to Brad it was massive. When Brad landed he was lucky enough that his body was facing away from Lisa?s asshole. Lisa had let go of her panties leaving Brad in darkness only getting the little light that crept in through the fabric, but it was hardly enough for Brad to see his own hand. ?Well let?s see how long I feel like leaving you down there Brad. It does feel nice having you there.? Lisa said chuckling a little bit. Brad knew if he tried saying anything she would hear him and if she did her him then she might make matters worse for him. Lisa teased Brad while he was in her butt. For a short time Lisa twerked with in effect made Brad dizzy and light headed, the smell from her asshole that would be unnoticeable to some normal sized was strong to Brad.

When Lisa said down to do her homework she would squeeze her butt cheeks just to give Brad discomfort. After about an hour Lisa was called for dinner unlike she normally did tonight Lisa didn?t save anything for Brad. As the night dragged on Brad cried every now and then, but he made no sound and had no tears. When it came time for Lisa to go to sleep she reached and grabbed Brad from her butt. ?Now I?ve got an idea that I know you?ll love little guy? Lisa said. Brad looked at Lisa with fear in his eyes because he didn?t know what Lisa could be planning. ?So instead of sleeping in the boring sock drawer you?re going to sleep in my ass tonight.? Lisa said with a smile on her face. Brad began kicking and screaming trying to fight back. ?No use little guy you can?t stop this.? Lisa said then continued ?Don?t fucking move or I?ll kill you? Lisa said as she put Brad on her bed. Lisa then lowered her pants and panties and sat down inches in front of Brad. Lisa then grabbed Brad feet first and began to stick him up her asshole. Brad screamed; kicked; cried all at once trying to escape Lisa and her psychotic ways. Lisa stopped when Brad?s body from his feet to the bottom of his chest were inside her asshole. ?I?m not completely crazy I?ll give you something breathing room, but don?t expect me to check up on you through the night if you sink in that?s on you. As Lisa began pulling up her panties and pajama bottoms Brad screamed out ?Please don?t do this I just wanted help!? It didn?t matter Brad was covered by darkness as Lisa pulled up her clothes.
Millions of questions raced through Adria?s mind after learning the whereabouts of Brad. What is Lisa doing to him? Is he ok? Does he want to stay with her? How could Adria bring him back? Adria lost focus in the remainder of the school day and during her tennis practice. Adria thought about telling authorities, but she knew that no cop in their right mind would believe some girl telling them that a missing boy is shrunken and being held captive by Lisa it sounded ludacris. Adria knew that if anyone was going to believe her it was her close friends but only the ones that were close to Brad as well. Whoever Adria told they would need to be able to keep a secret. Adria decided that she would tell Karen, Mely, Sarah, and Dinah.

Adria knew that she needed to tell them in a private fashion and make sure they knew she was telling the truth. That next day before school started she meet up with the group she thought would believe her and told them to watch Lisa for strange behaviour then after school meet her again at the track. As the day went one Karen, Sarah, Mely, and Dinah looked for strange behavior from Lisa. The four of them didn?t notice anything wrong with Lisa but they did notice that was tapping her foot on the ground but not gently and when she would stop she would hold her foot on the ground for a short time then repeat the process.

When the school day was over they meet Adria at the track and Adria asked ?Did you notice anything weird about her today?? ?Not really but she did seem to be energetic she keep tapping her foot all day? Karen said. ?Yeah she did. She stopped then started again all of class.? Sarah said. Adria knew why, but she didn?t know how tell the others without them thinking that she was crazy. ?I need to tell you all something. You?re probably going to think I?m crazy when I say this, but please you have to believe me it?s about Brad.? The group went silent and looked at Adria and then each other, all of them were close to Brad and him suddenly disappearing has an effect on all of them. ?What is it?? Dinah said ?Do you know where he is? Is ok?? she asked. Adria looked down and felt the group looking at her then she finally said ?Brad... is being held captive by Lisa. But you see the thing is... he?s one inch tall and Lisa has him under her foot.? There was a silent moment until Mely said ?And what makes you think this?? She seemed tense and angry after hearing what Adria said. ?Because Lisa showed me yesterday she was talking to me at lunch and then she started acting weird, cursing, and saying shut up. I was about to fight her then she told me to follow her and then she took off her shoe and sock them Brad fell into her hand then she said don?t tell anyone?

?Oh ok then Kermit the frog showed up and they flew off? Dinah said sarcastically ?Sounds reasonable now doesn?t it? Sarah said. ?Listen I can?t make you guys believe, but why in my right mind would I tell you guys this if I wasn?t telling the truth to? Just so I can make a fool out of myself in front of people who really care about Brad?? Adria said trying to ignore the speculation from the others. ?Look just keep an eye on her tomorrow hangout with her look for odd behavior.? Adria said ?Fine, but because this whole thing seems weird.? Karen said. The others seemed unconvinced, but decided to watch for suspicious activity

The next day the group that Adria had talked to the day prior kept an eye for any questionable actions from Lisa, Karen noticed that Lisa tapping her foot for a moment then stopped held her foot down then did so again. Mely and Sarah decided to hangout with Lisa at lunch they didn?t say anything, but noticed Lisa putting some food in her napkin then walking off. Dinah thought about watching Lisa then decided Adria was just trying to manipulate the group into acting like fools Dinah thought to herself this is stupid Brad is gone everybody was beginning to let go, but now I?m expected to believe he was shrunk and Lisa has him? This is unbelievable.

After school Adria meet with the group everyone was there except Dinah. ?Where?s Dinah?? Adria asked. Everyone just shrugged not knowing where she was. ?Oh well if she?s not coming then she?s not coming. Did you guys see anything odd from Lisa today?? Adria asked. Karen, Mely, and Sarah told Adria what they had seen from Lisa during the day ? Basically the same as yesterday except for the food in the napkin.? Sarah said. ?Look I know that?s not much evidence backing my case, but please believe me Lisa has Brad we need to save him.? Adria pleaded to the others. ?So say we do believe you, then what? Mely asked ?Do we ask her to give him back? If she does have him then she?s not going to admit that she does.? Mely added. ?We?re going to take him by force four against one she can?t beat all of us. We confront her in secret when she?s away from everyone and take Brad back!? Adria said. The three other girls shot glances at each other then looked at Adria. ?We can't do this Adria. What if we do go through with this and she doesn?t have Brad?? Karen asked. ?I don?t know, but it?s a risk I?m willing to take for Brad. Aren?t you willing to do the same?? Adria said holding back tears. The others sensed Adria?s pain they knew she only felt this way when something happened to someone important to her. ?Ok what are we going to do then?? Sarah asked speaking for the whole group. Adria smiled and wiped a tears from her eyes ?Ok so first we start by??
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Thank you again for reading this chapter. Is this final Brads light of day? Is Adria and the group going to get Brad back?
Chapter 9 Lines by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
Brad now faces what could his point break and there is a change in Adria’s plans. Sorry for grammar mistakes (While attempting to post this chapter the website was changing the layout of the paragraphs I apologize that I was unable to fix it a (* was placed in front of the beginning of each paragraph )
(*A week had passed since a plan was set into motion and since Brad?s unwilling placement in Lisa?s ass. After that Lisa put Brad into a schedule to keep him from getting ideas of freedom again. In the morning during breakfast Brad was slipped into Lisa?s ass and stayed there until Lisa left for school. Brad was then taped to Lisa?s foot with his head sticking out between Lisa?s big toe and second toe. He would stay there until lunch when Lisa would take him off for him to eat The she would put him on her other foot. When it came time for Lisa to practice he would put Brad on her breasts which moved up and down with her strides. When Lisa came home she went up to her room grabbed her clothes and showered in the shower she used Brad as her washcloth rubbing him all over her body getting every she could with Brad. After the shower Lisa went into her room locked the door sat at her desk then put Brad in front of her bare feet, Brad was to give Lisa a foot massage while she did her homework. During dinner Brad was put between Lisa?s toes while she wore her slippers. When Lisa finally decided to go to sleep she would put Brad between her ass cheeks and the routine would start all over. Twice in the past week though Brad had been used as a dildo for Lisa.
(*Lisa found this as a kind schedule for Brad letting him on her body everywhere, but inside she knew why she was really doing it. Power had always been something that was out of Lisa?s grasp. From being bullied once in a while to her parents only being there for dinner and breakfast. She felt like she could never get something across to someone because they never saw her as relevant she didn?t have many friends most the people she knew were more like acquaintances, but when Lisa found Brad everything changed. Lisa prove a point to Brad that no one else would see the fact that she wanted control of things. Lisa wouldn?t admit it to herself, but she was dependent on Brad. Having him gave her a form of comfort and self confidence that she never wanted to let go of. Brad saw this as hell.
(*Brad wanted to escape more than ever, but he couldn?t he was stuck nothing he could do would get him away all he could do was hope that someone came to his rescue soon. When he looked at Lisa he saw a symbol of pain, torture, insanity, neglect and selfishness. No matter the pleads the crying himself to sleep Lisa refused to let him go she wanted to keep him locked away because of reason Brad didn?t know, reasons that would seem twisted and demented if he found out. At night he would have nightmares of being normal again walking, talking, being with the people he cared about, but then one by one they were taken away until in the distance he would see Lisa walking towards him. At first she would be the same height as Brad, but as she walked closer and closer she began bigger and bigger until she was right in front of Brad who was barely taller than her big toe. She looked down at him and reached her hand out to grab him. Brad would try to run he would turn around and run sometimes escaping for a moment and others getting less than two feet away before capture, but no matter what Lisa always captured Brad.
(* On the Sunday Lisa was alone by herself for the day her parents left for work and wouldn?t be back until Tuesday morning. Lisa was wondering what to do with Brad for the day then she thought of something she would call one of her few friends, Dinah. She didn?t know why she thought to do it, but she did. Lisa called Dinah who had nothing going on so she agreed to come over. ?You better no pull any crap today or else I won?t be so nice to you anymore little man!? Lisa told Brad while she was trying to hide him. ?What? I thought you were alone for the next few days.? said Brad quite confused on the change in plans. ?Dinah?s coming over it?s too boring to be here by myself all day long while I suppose I could use you for a foot massage or some ?pleasure? I?m not in the mood today.? Lisa told Brad. ?This is a test isn?t it to see how tempted I am to escaping from you? I told you I won?t try it again.? Brad said and lied. ?Well then this won?t be a problem.? Lisa said she knew that she had Brad in a one answer position. ?No? not a problem for me at all.? Brad said quietly.
(*When Dinah knocked on the door Lisa quickly put Brad into her panties not putting any thought into which side Brad was in. Lisa opened the door and let Dinah in had her sit on the couch. They watched tv for a bit and at snacks Lisa slowly began to forget that Brad was in her panties. Brad landed in right above Lisa?s clit and the best he could to not make contact or slid down more. Dinah remembered what Adria had been telling her about Lisa having Brad and then she said ?You know Lisa, Adria told me the stupidest thing last week about you I haven?t talked to her since.? Lisa was a confused Brad has slipped out of her mind of a bit
(* ?You want to hear something completely stupid?? Dinah asked Lisa. ?Oh uh... sure why not.? Lisa responded wondering what Dinah was talking about. ?So last week Adria got a small group together and told us that Brad was shrunk and that you had him. Just the thought of that was so idiotic I haven?t talked to her since. I mean Brad shrunk and being held captive by you. Oh and she said that you were keeping him underneath your foot, the talk of an insane person.? Dinah said laughing afterwards at the thought. Lisa wasn?t laughing she was in raged she had specifically told Adria not to tell anyone or else she?d do the worst she could do to Brad. Dinah looked over at Lisa and saw her face ?What?s wrong? You?re mad, did that offend you?? Dinah asked. ?No it just I think Adria won?t let go of Brad, I mean it?s been three weeks he?s gone and nothings going to change.? Lisa told Dinah. Brad could here the conversation, but said nothing afraid if he did that Lisa would kill him. ?There?s something more your not telling me I can see it in your eyes. What aren?t you telling me?? Dinah asked. Lisa was about to talk ,but then Brad lost his grip and slid down and was now in front of Lisa?s vagina.
(*Brad tried to move away from Lisa?s vagina, but his efforts were useless all Brad was doing was rubbing himself on Lisa?s vagina. Lisa felt Brad moving down there and began getting angry thinking that Brad was trying to escape again. ?Well I haven?t told you everything, but you have to promise to keep it a secret.? Lisa said knowing that Dinah always kept her promises. ?I promise ,now what do you want to tell me?? Dinah said. ?Ok hold on a minute? said Lisa before standing up and closing all the curtains and locking the door to the house ?Come with me to my room? Dinah followed Lisa upstairs to her room and when she entered Lisa locked the door. ?Now tell me, what is it?? Dinah said. ?No I?m not going to tell you I?m going to show you.? Lisa said as she reached her hand into her panties grabbing Brad. ?What the hell are you ?.? Lisa was now holding Brad by the ankles let him dangle in front of Dinah?s face. ?Wait it was you Adria was right you have Brad!? Dinah said in shock. ?Yes I have him? Lisa said smiling. ?What the hell why!?? Dinah asked shocked. ?Because he came to me shrunken and asking for help? Lisa wasn?t lying, but she decided to leave out Brads desire to leave. ?And also because I?ve been having such a great time with him.? Lisa said. ?Dinah please help me she?s been holding me with her?? Lisa covered Brads mouth with her finger. Dinah took out her phone and was about to call Adria, but before she could Lisa grabbed her phone. ?Let me show you how amazing this is.? Lisa said. ?If you don?t agree then you can take him with you.? Lisa told Dinah. All though Dinah cared about Brad she did want to see what Lisa was talking about. ?Fine? Dinah said. Brad felt crushed ?Dinah please not you to I can?t do this anymore!? Brad cried out. ?Shut up Brad!? Lisa yelled. Brad stopped talking in response to Lisa. ?Hey don?t yell at him it?s already bad enough that you?ve had him for three weeks.? Dinah said.
(*?Take off your shoes and socks.? Lisa told Dinah. Dinah took off her shoes and shoes wondering what was next. Lisa put Brad on the floor while Lisa and Dinah sat on the bed looking down on him their eyes watching his every move. ?You know what to do little guy? Lisa said to Brad who started to walk to Lisa?s feet with his head down. ?No not me, Dinah.? Lisa said. Brad suddenly felt embarrassed maybe it was because someone other than Lisa was going to see how digradded he had become.
(*Dinah was slightly taller than Lisa and a lighter skin tone. She had brown hair that reached to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her eyes were brown they could look into someone?s soul if she wanted to stare at them. She was skinny, but not to an extreme. Her feet were the same size as Lisa?s and her toenails and fingernails were painted navy blue. Dinah looked down as Brad walked to feet. When Brad got to Dinah?s feet Lisa told her to put her feet in a position where Brad could reach the bottom of them. After doing so Brad began to give Dinah a foot massage the same way he did when Lisa told him to. Lisa whispered to Dinah ?When he gets between your toes to massage them grab him between your big toe and second toe.? Dinah was confused, but went along with it anyways. Brad didn?t know what Lisa told Dinah until after Dinah grabbed Brad between her toes and shook him around for a minute. When Brad finished both of Dinah?s feet he fell on the floor not wanting to move, he was then greeted by Lisa putting her foot on him. ?Let?s have some more fun with him? Lisa said to Dinah. Dinah had enjoyed the foot massage so she agreed. Lisa lifted her foot so Dinah could grab Brad. Brad saw Dinah?s hand reaching for him and he knew that his hope for Dinah saving him was gone. ?So what do I do with him now?? asked Dinah. ?Well whatever you feel like doing to him? Lisa said in response. Dinah smiled and looked at Brad with her soul piercing eyes. ?I know what to do now? Dinah said. ?Dinah please don?t do this I?m begging you help me escape and get some help!? Brad pleaded hoping that maybe he could get through to her. ?I would ,but this is pretty fun? Dinah said in a playful tone. Brad knew that he could have lost his best chance at escape now that Dinah was enjoying have a one inch tall person in her hand. Dinah dropped Brad in her mouth on sucked on him for some time. Brad at first tried to fight back eventually gave up. After about twenty minutes Dinah stuck her tongue out and Lisa grabbed Brad who was covered in saliva. ?See isn?t this fun?? Lisa asked Dinah. ?Yeah,but what are you going to do with him? Like what?s your long term plan for him?? Dinah asked Lisa. ?I never thought of that. I guess I?ll figure it out when I get there.? Lisa said. ?If you keep this a secret then you can do this again.? Lisa added. ?Ok sounds good? Dinah said and checked her phone. ?I have to leave now ,but don?t worry your secret is safe with me.? Dinah said as she put her socks and shoes back on.
(*After Dinah left Lisa?s house and started walking home she thought to herself I?m going to do something about this. I?m not going to get Adria?s help , but I?ll do something I?m going to be the one to get Brad back. How though? I know i'll make it seem like I?m pairing up with Adria and stab her and Lisa in the back. Back at Lisa?s house Lisa was worried yet relaxed she knew what she did was a major gamble and seemed to pay off, but maybe it didn?t.
(*Dinah meet with Adria later that day ?Let me help you I?m sorry about before and not talking to you for a week, but if there?s a chance that Brad is alive then I?ll take it.? Dinah told Adria leaving out the part about her knowing where Brad was and what his life became. ?Why know? After all you straight up abandoned us for a week.? Adria questioned. ?I was caught in grief and denied that Brad could be alive. I?m ready to help what can I do?? Dinah said. Adria against a feeling in her stomach told Dinah ?Fine let me fill you in. So during lunch everyday Lisa goes to the bathroom after putting food in a napkin and putting the napkin in her backpack. The plan is once Lisa goes to the bathroom we followed quickly Mely will block the door to make sure no one walks in while the rest of rescue Brad. Now that you?re helping you can help Mely.? Dinah knew what she would do, instead of helping Mely she would call the school security guards and send them to the restrooms and stop the fight. But she needed to workout a plan for getting Brad. With the two plans taking place the odds of either succeeding were now lowered severely.
End Notes:
One chapter to go in Lisa which plan will work and what will Brads fate moving on be. Just to let you readers know Lisa is only the first installment of Brads sorry.
Chapter 10 Chaos by The Intimidator
Author's Notes:
Chapter Notes: Brad wants to escape Lisa desperately, but by the end of the day will his desire land him in a horrible position. Sorry for grammar mistakes
Adria and her group including Dinah planned on the plan being taking place on Friday to give them a the weekend to figure out what they would do with Brad after they freed him. Although the group had been questioning Dinah?s sudden return none of them expected the plan that Dinah had for freeing Brad herself. On Monday Dinah came back to Lisa?s house knowing her parents still weren?t there and hung out there for a bit not because she wanted to talk with Lisa ,but instead deliver a critical piece of information to Brad. ?Hey Lisa can I suck on Brad for a bit?? Dinah asked ?Oh yeah sure? Lisa said taking Brad out her left sock. Brad had fallen asleep in Lisa?s sock because he was exhausted. He had been positioned between Lisa?s big and second toe and Lisa?s fingers wrapping around him woke him up. The shock caused him to kick and scream unaware of what was going on. After being put in Dinah?s hand Brad began to process what was happening and he felt as though he was reliving yesterday. ?Do you mind if I go wash him off? I don?t want him to taste like feet while I suck on him it?ll really take the fun out of it.? Dinah asked Lisa who replied ?Oh yeah sure go ahead the bathroom is down the hall and is the second door on the right.?
Dinah got up and walked to the bathroom with Brad in her hands. Once she was in the bathroom she locked the door and then turned on the water scrubbing Brad off, after she finished she looked at Brad and Dinah told him ?I?m sorry about this ,but I have to play along with it don?t worry I?ll get you out of here soon. Adria has a plan to rescue you. I don?t think it will work so when you fall out of Lisa?s sock in the bathroom if the plan goes well then I want you to run to the toilets as fast as you can and hide behind them and wait there until I come back for you. Do you understand?? Brad nodded and said ?Why should I want to go with you for all I know I could end up in a worse position that I am now.? ?You just have to trust me I?ll take care of you or you can stay here and hope for the best for who knows how long.? Dinah said. ?Fine I?ll do it, but just because I can?t take it here anymore.? Brad said. Dinah took Brad back to the other room and sucked on him for a bit then left.
Friday came around and both plans were waiting for the que to start. Dinah had not gone to the meeting place because she had to tell security with the in five minutes of the other group entering after Lisa. Lisa walked into the restroom as she normally did at lunch. One minute after going in the restroom Adria and her group walked in behind her. Dinah set a timer for five minutes setting her plan into motion. Adria and her group got into position waiting. It was quite now one was making a noise it was the calm before the storm. Lisa walked out of the stall to see Adria, Karen, and Sarah standing in front of the sinks waiting for her. Lisa realized what was happening and tried sprinting to the door where she found it closed with Mely standing in front of of it. There was a silence because they were giving Lisa a chance to give up before it was to late. It had been one minute. ?Lisa you know why we?re here hand Brad over and we won?t touch you.? Adria said. Lisa trying to keep her fear in check was able to say ? I...I don?t knnow what you?re talking about.? ?Last chance this doesn?t have the end violently? Adria said. Brad could hear everything that was going on and was crying of joy that his nightmare with Lisa could finally come to an end. Now two minutes had pass and Dinah waited.
?Leave me alone I don?t have him.? Lisa said fear present in her voice. ?Then I guess we have to take him from you? Adria said as she ran over a punch Lisa across the face, it had begun. Lisa was caught off guard and stumbled back and fell down. That?s when Karen and Stacy rushed to restrain her arms and told her down. Sarah grabbed Lisa?s right arm and Karen grabbed Lisa?s left arm, the two held Lisa on the floor. It had now been three minutes. Adria grabbed hold of Lisa?s right leg leg and took of her shoe and reached inside there was nothing. Lisa knew that Brad wasn?t in the right shoe, but also knew it was only a matter of a few moments until Adria got Brad. Adria took of Lisa?s sock and reached inside, nothing. Adria then tried to get Lisa?s left leg, but Lisa started kicking and unintentionally kick Adria in the face which lead to Adria punching Lisa in the face.? Now it had been four minutes Dinah started walking to the nearest security guard. Adria took of Lisa?s left shoe reached inside and found nothing. Brad knew what was going to happen he would finally be free of his nightmare. As Adria began taking off Lisa?s shoe Dinah sprinted the rest of the way to the security guy ?There?s a fight in the girls restroom on the 500 wing its four girls against one!? Dinah said the security guard ran to the restrooms ,but he would take at least one minute to get there. Adria began pulling off Lisa?s sock at that moment Lisa kicked and sent Adria back; the sock with her; and Brad flying to the toilets. No one saw Brad fly, but just before Adria could punch Lisa again the security guard pushed the door open making Mely fall and the security guard saw what was happening. ?All of you get out of here now and head to the office!? the guard said. All of them panicked not knowing what had happened to Brad they looked trying to see where he was. ?I said now!? the security guard said. All the girls started walking there and Lisa said to Adria ?Whatever you did he?s lost now he?s not in my sock anymore.? Adria felt a wave of horror rush over. What happened to Brad?
Brad was laying on the floor in one of the bathroom stalls feeling sore from the land. When he tried to get up he collapsed and fell back down. Brad felt himself losing consciousness and as he started to black out he thought Please someone help me I can?t deal with this much longer. Brad heard a voice and began to wake up when Brad looked up he saw a hand reaching for him. He didn?t know who?s it was, but he just wanted to left alone.
End Notes:
Thanks for reading my story. I’m glad was able to finish my first story and I finally get to put complete with it. The second installment will come within a month, but for now I’m not going to post the second story for a while and I’m not even work on it for a while, don’t worry I promise there will be a second part of Brads Saga
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