After school incident by Sketchy17

Alex was just a normal high school student how had a little incident that would change his life forever

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On his way home by Sketchy17
Author's Notes:

Hey this is my first time writing giantess stories, if you enjoy let me know please thank you. 

The 2:30 sixth period class dismissal bell had just rang.


Finally, thought Alex - the decently built black haired kid in the back of the classroom.


Alex was the newest student to Redwood high being a sophomore and having not made any new friends and losing connection to his old friends miles away since he transferred, he felt had no reason to stay any later at school than after it ended. Alex was never too much of a social person, he spent most of his free time either working out, sketching in his notebooks or playing with his little miniature “action” figures he had not out grown yet. Having decided he wanted to just walk back home and get some much needed rest, Alex set off on his way. Luckily for him, he only lived about 3 blocks down from his school and could be home within the next 10 minutes. Knowing the walk would take some time, Alex grabbed his headphones and his phone out of his jeans and started scrolling through his playlist.


“No, no not that one” he mumbled to himself, trying pick a song to listen to.


While Alex was too busy focusing on his choice of music, he didn't notice the uneven split in the sidewalk and tripped over it losing his grip on his phone as it landed into a bush.After realizing his stupidity, he reached into the bush to retrieve his phone, he was pricked by a discarded needle containing remnants of a translucent pink liquid.


“Ow,” he yelped in pain and shock,” you have got to be kidding me, who the hell leaves shite like that in bushes!” Alex silently screamed to himself as he pulled the needle out of the palm of his hand. He discarded the needle by throwing it to the grass next to the bush and then went in for a second attempt at reaching at his phone, hopefully to find no more needles containing strange liquids or anything for that matter. After grabbing his phone, Alex found a suitable song and continued his way home, rubbing the area on his palm where the needle entered his skin.


After a few moments Alex arrived at his home that he, his sister, who was older than him by a year Rose, and and his mother, Ellen,  had moved into after their father had abandoned them a few months ago. It was a small little apartment it was only a two bedroom, meaning that him and his sister had to share a room. Once inside Alex locked the door not expecting his sister and mother to be back home for another few hours around 6 since his sister had to be picked up from volleyball practice by their mom after she was done with work. After dropping his backpack on the couch in his living room, Alex had noticed he had slight sharp pain in his stomach. He decided he'll just go take a nap and then get something to eat when he wakes up so he put his phone on the dresser near his bed where he kept his little action figures that all stood at about half an inch tall and went to sleep on his bed.


Some time later Alex woke to a burning sensation all along his torso, but after a few seconds of being awake then pain disappeared completely. It took him a moment to realize it but he had woken up in on a vast land of red and black.


“How the-? Where the hell am I?,” said still trying to wake up.


Alex tried rolling over to reach for his phone to see what time was only to realize that his dresser that was maybe a foot away from when he was sleeping, looked like it was a mile away. Slowly Alex started to wonder what was going on.


“Is this some weird ass dream or something?” He pondered trying to rationalize what was going on, he had tried the cliche of pinching his arm to see if he was dreaming or not, and unluckily for him he felt it. Then the reality of the situation hit him like a slap the face.


“Did I just shrink?!?” He yelled to himself in that big empty room “There is no way I could have-” then he remembered that needle he had been injected with accidentally see earlier, “how could I have shrunk, how's mom going to re-” Alex stopped mid-sentence realizing how was he even going to get his family's attention at his size. A feeling of dread washes over him thinking ‘what if they never find me’ ‘what if they do see me and think I'm a bug they-’ Alex didn't even want to finish that thought. He tired to focus on his survival and he realized that he has to find out what time it is to know how long before his family shows up.


He started his journey to his dresser which, lucky him, was the same level as the bed with no gap in between so he could have no problem (besides distance) to get to his phone.

The earth below him was soft and felt uneven for his first few steps as he adjusted to this new soft terrain. After traveling what felt a mile, which in reality had been no more that a two feet, Alex had finally arrived to the dresser where he climbed on to his phone which read 3:57 pm.’Okay,’ he thought to himself,’ they shouldn't be home for another home for another few hours that should give him enough time to come up with a plan to get his family's atten-’ his thoughts were cut off by the gurgling of his empty stomach.


“Aww hell I should've got some food before I went to sleep,” Alex spoke aloud to himself and decided he would go to the kitchen and try and find a crumb to scavenge from before he died of starvation before his family could find him. As he walked to the edge of his dresser to begin his decent down his blankets hanging over the end to the carpet below he stopped and looked behind him to the action figures he played with since he was little only to realize that he stood at the same height of his collection of eight, half an inch toys one of which he got solely because it looked like him. He remembered how his mother had threatened to get rid of them if she found them around the house again. A cold shudder came over him as he thought what could happen if they thought he was one of those toys as he started his decent.


Luckily for Alex, the new apartment was much smaller than his old home, though the trip still took a while for him to leave his room and pass through the hallway into the living room/ kitchen, he was finally able to make it near the dining table where he spotted bread crumbs from what he assumed to either be remains from either his mother or sister. He didn't care which one of them dropped it, he was just happy to have found something to eat as he dug his hands into the crumb that stood at half of his height.


As he finished up, full and sleepy from his mini-feast, he began to drift off into sleep he was abruptly woken back up to life as he heard a noise that both comforted and scared him. The front door had just been unlocked and was beginning to crack open...


End Notes:

Sample Disclaimer Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The arrival of the giants by Sketchy17

“Oh fuck,” Alex thought “how could they be home that fast? Did it really take him two hours to get to the kitchen?” But that was beyond the point, Alex was left scared, without a plan to get the attention of the two women, giantess in his eyes, that in a way held his fate of whether he was found or lost forever within his own home.


“Alex,” his mother bellowed as she walked into the house, “we're home,” with his sister following behind her phone in hand, almost oblivious to the world around her. Ellen, from where Alex had been standing,looked like a brown haired middle-aged goddess towering over him miles into the sky. In reality his mother had stood at 5’9 and she had always been a little on the bigger side. She didn't have a large gut, just a little pudge. Most of her weight rested in her large, rounded breasts, wide hips and a little in her slight double chin. Alex had taken this time to notice how gorgeous she was with her long brown hair, her hazel brown eyes, and her pale but heavenly white skin. Ellen was kind-hearted who would do just about anything to protect her family and loved them to death, but the only thing that annoyed her was Alex's habit of leaving his toys around.


“Hey mom can you make some dinner so we can eat, practice has got me starved,” Rose said plainly walking in to the kitchen and pulling up a seat, taking Alex's attention away from his mother by shaking his world with her foot falls.


“Of course sweetheart.” Ellen responded as she walked to the kitchen to start preparing food.


Rose was the more athletic of the two women, she was only 5’2 and though still on the slightly petite side, she still had a decently well rounded chest, an obvious gift from her mother, a short black hair similar to Alex and well defined muscular butt thanks to her few years of playing volleyball.


“Dinner will be ready in a bit,” Ellen called to her daughter. Coming out of Alex's focus on the details of his gigantic family, he realized that he would be best off trying to get their attention so he can at least make his presence known so he could hopefully be saved. He started attempting to climb up the dining chairs to get closer to their faces and avoid being squashed underfoot like a bug. Luckily the chairs had a design carved throughout the legs giving him places to grab and hold to avoid losing his grip and plummeting down to the carpet and becoming a little red stain on it. As Alex reached the seat of the chair, the aroma of what his mother had been making finally caught his nose. She had made grilled chicken with buttery mashed potatoes topped with shredded cheese and green onions. His mouth began to water as he began to climb the table cloth to be on the table, thinking about all that food. After Alex makes his ascent on to the table, his mother begins to serve dinner causing Alex to run and hide behind a napkin holder to avoid being crushed by a plate.


“Alex dinner is ready!” She calls out still thinking he is in his room taking a seat on the chair Alex had been on only a few minutes prior. “If that boy doesn't come out to eat soon, there won't be any left cause it will all be in here” she continued as she grab at her tummy chub.


“Who knows mom, maybe this won't all go to your butt like always,” Rose stated jokingly to her mom.


“Now now, no need to be jealous sweetie, maybe if you ate enough for once, it would actually go to yours.” Ellen replied causing both women to laugh as they started to eat their dinner.


Alex chuckled to himself at the joke, while he waited for them to finish eating to try to get their attention. During this time Alex began watching his mother while she greedily eat her food. He watched her as she scooped up piles of mash potatoes that could have easily fit twenty of him easily in it into to her already salivating maw. She licked her lips, and opened her mouth, sending the whole spoonful onto her tongue. Alex watched as she deliberately swished the food around, jaw slowly working as she savored the large bite. Ellen leaned her head back, eyes closed, and swallowed hard. Her thick neck barely moved as the food disappeared down into her body. Ellen smacked her lips, and excused herself as a small burp came up. As he stood in awe watching this, Alex felt a strange new mix of being scared for his life and being turned on, he imagined himself being trapped in that steaming pile of mashed potatoes his mother completely unaware that she was about to devour and savor her only son.


“No what the hell am I thinking,” Alex thought to himself, “ she's my mother how can I even think about having her eat me?! I need to get back to normal size and just put all this behind me”. He noticed his mom was finished with her meal was lazily running her hand over her belly and began to get out of hiding when he noticed his mother's expression go from peaceful to worry.


“Oh my god,” she said covering her mouth with her hand.


“Finally they see me,” Alex thought “know I just have to-”


“Is that a bug on the table?” Ellen continued eyeing the little speck intently for any motion while simultaneously reaching for her sandals she was wearing to smash this bug. Alex just stood there paralyzed by what his mom had said. As she pulled the sandal, Alex’s gazed was fixated on the sandal, it was the same sandal Alex had bought her for her 40th birthday, as she had been complaining about how hurt feet were beginning to hurt from walking so much. Before the sandal can come down on him and crush him out of existence, Rose looked up from her phone to see what his mother was about to slam her shoe on.


“Hey mom relax, take a look at it.” Rose stated causing her mother to look at it closer. Alex had silently thanked his sister for inadvertently saving his life from a quick and bloody death under his mother's slipper.  “It's probably just one of Alex's little toys again,” Rose continued.


“ I told that boy to not let me find any of those darn toys around the house,” Ellen said to herself as she lowered her slipped back to her foot, Alex just stood still paralyzed, both out of fear and to not make his mom think he's a living bug.

“I'm just saying that he is way too old go be playing with those things,” said under her breath while looking back at her phone.


“You know what Rose, you're right he is too old to be playing with those things. I'll go talk to him about it right now,” she said stating as she got up from her seat and grabbed Alex in her hand to bring to Alex's room to talk to him about his toys. He felt violently lifted into the air and was gripped and surrounded by the heat of his mom's soft but firm palm. His world shook with each and every movement his giant mother took. As she approached the doorway to his room, she began “Alex I think it's time we talked about your-” she stopped abruptly once she stepped into the room only see it was empty. “Rose have you seen your brother!” Ellen called down the hall, completely unaware that her son was trapped within the grip in the palm of her hand.


After hearing her daughter reply back no, Ellen was frustrated by her son not being home this late and decided as a way of punishment she would just get rid of his toys and then ground him when he returns home. ‘But how to get rid of the toys,” she wondered to herself quietly. “Maybe I could throw them down the garbage disposal and grind them up,no. What if I was to just flush them down the toilet or even better yet I could just leave them in there and let Alex fish them out with his hands if he wanted them so badly, maybe.” For Alex, every word his mother spoke was muffled from the hand crushing him, surrounding him like a barrier so he couldn't understand a word that his mother spoke planning essentially on how she going to obviously kill her son. Ellen stood there wondering how to dispose of them, until a mighty roar emerged from the depths of her stomach to make it aware to her and anyone  around her that her belly was not yet full. With that her mouth moves to a slight smile as she licked her plump red lips, eager to get on with the punishment...


A cold fate by Sketchy17

Ellen walked over to the dresser and grabbed the little eight toys in her palm along with Alex and made her way to the kitchen. Her stomach gurgled eager in anticipation of its next meal. As she entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, she decided that she wanted to have some ice cream with chocolate syrup and some extra “sprinkles” on top and reached for the half eaten pint of vanilla bean ice cream she had left from the other night. Ellen pried off the lid and dropped her tiny bite size toppings into the container, poured some of the thick, sticky syrup and made her way back to her room.


Alex had dazzled from the transfer from the darkness that was his mom's hand to the rush of white hills below. Before Alex could realize where had been put by his mother, he looked up to the sky only to see a single hand holding a dark brown bottle raining this dark liquid substance. Alex had tried to outrun the rain, but his leg had been trapped within the white hill below, all he could do was just pray he wouldn't drown within it once it got to him. His prayer was answered, he was stuck up to his neck in the cold thick sticky substance with only his right arm free. As he felt his prison shift and rise, he began to look around only to see his toys stuck in the sticky liquid with him.


As Ellen entered her room, she locked the door behind her and and began to undress herself to be more comfortable for her meal.

She sat her wide round ass on to her soft bed and laid back on her pillows letting her ample breast lay on the chub of her tummy. She scooped up a small bite and brought to her awaiting mouth. ‘This was a great idea’ Ellen thought to herself as she swallowed the ice cream and one of its little toppings down into her.


“Oh fuck,” Alex thought now scared out of his mind seeing the big metal spoon scoop up the action figure mere inches, to him at least, away from him, “ I have to get out of this place fast.” He tried moving but couldn't gain any ground thanks to his syrupy prison all he could do was hope his mother would see him before he shares the same fate as the rest of his toys in his own mothers stomach. His mother continued to scoop up and devour the toys and the ice cream albeit for the alex and the one that looks like him, nearly scooping Alex up in the process. As the treat was nearly finished, it began to melt giving Alex more room to move in order to hopefully escape. As he began to move he saw his mother scoop up the last toy.


Ellen was absentmindedly eating the last few bites of her dessert when she felt something cold against her chest. Surprised she looked down to see the large scoop of ice cream and its little sprinkle had landed right on her open left nipple.


“Oh” ellen whispered to herself as she had lifted up her breast putting the ice cream on the floor next to her. She grabbed the little toy off of her nipple and brought her tit up to her mouth to suck the mess off with a wet shurlp. She brought the you closer to her face to get a better look at it.


“Wow this little toy looks just like Alex,” she paused for a moment to smile, “now what are doing in mommy's ice cream and on her big puffy nipple? Did you want to go with your little toys down into mommy's big hungry tummy? Aww you're such a good boy trying to feed yourself to your hungry mommy. What's that? You don't want to go into my belly? Don't worry it's nice warm and safe in there baby, you'll love it,” she said before all Alex could hear was an audible wet swallow come from his mother. Alex was shocked beyond belief, his own mother had just saw some that looked just like him and ate it without remorse, and even pretended it was actually him. He didn't move and just stood there in his melted prison, out of horror and that strange situation of being turned on again.


“You were delicious Alex, you really hit the spot” she stated as she let out a light burp, “ Ohh such a naughty boy giving mommy gas, just wait until mommy finishes her desert and go to sleep, then i'll let you out in the morning, into the toilet that is,” she giggled to herself, reaching for the ice cream. She scooped out the rest of the ice cream along with Alex and brought it to her salivating pink mouth. Alex stood frozen in awe, as he entered his mother's mouth still surprised at what she had said. As he entered his unaware mothers mouth, he began to realize the danger he was in once she closed her mouth and he was left in the wet, dark cave that would lead him to his death if he didn't get her attention soon.

Ellen was enjoying the last bite of her desert swirling it around in her mouth to get all the sweet flavour out of it. Alex had tried to gain his footing and only barely held onto her tongue as she swallowed most of the treat remaining in her mouth. The movement had ceased and gave Alex a moment to rest however this respite lasted only moments though as his mother decided it was time to “officially” finish her meal. Ellen tilted her head back, a gentle index finger placed on her throat as she downed this last delicious morsel that was her son.

“Oh god no!” Alex screamed as his mother's tongue acted as a slide, transporting him downward to the back of his mother's throat, that cold, wet, fleshy opening welcoming him.
Alex jumped, just as he was about to disappear down his mother's throat, he jumped over the gaping hole and clung to her swaying uvula. He hugged it's slippery surface desperately, clinging for dear life as he dangled over that dark abyss.

“Mom!” He didn’t care whether or not he could be heard. “Mom don't eat me!”


She was laying down her bed to go to sleep when she felt it, that stubborn little “sprinkle” had caught in her throat probably due to the sticky chocolate syrup she thought. She cursed silently and tried swallowing again.


Alex screamed as the muscles at the back of his mother's throat contracted in an effort to send him down into her cavernous stomach.


“Now now be a good little topping and go down into my stomach with the rest of my food,” she spoke to herself. She tried repeatedly to dislodge that stubborn little toy, to send it down into her stomach where it would become a part of her. Alex's grip was slipping as his mother continuously swallowed in order to get the toy lose. The light was slowly getting dimmer as Alex was pulled down into his mother's wet tight esophagus.


Ellen cheered to herself as she had finally been able to swallow the last bite, completely unaware it was her missing son being sent to her unforgiving stomach. After being pulled for what felt like a lifetime Alex soon reached the sphincter and fell onto to a pile of his mother's stomach bile. There was a small amount of light shining in from the throat but Alex almost wished there wasn't. Ellen's chubby stomach was kind of cute on the outside, but the inside was horrifying. The massive wrinkled sac was nearly full of unrecognizable brown slop. Steam and bubbles rose up from the bog-like surface layer. Below no doubt was a lake of acid that would strip the skin off his bones. Then there was the smell. There was no chocolaty aroma down there. He couldn't even make out the scent of the ice cream she just ate or the mashed potatoes just before. Vomit, bile, and rotten food made up the atmosphere and there was no reprise in sight. Alex began to climb a pile of mush in order to reach the sphincter, gagging as he got close it. On the outside Ellen was rubbing her full tummy as she drifted off to sleep while enjoying the remnants of the taste of the last part of her treat.


End Notes:

Hey I have no clue how I should end this if you have any suggestions let me know thanks😊

The not so great escape by Sketchy17
Author's Notes:

Hey, just giving you guys a heads up, there is some scat and water sports in this chapter, if its not your thing, then just skip over it.

Alex decided to wait in his fleshy tomb for a short period of time in order to make sure his mother was settled and asleep to not risk being swallowed again while climbing to his freedom. It was almost pitch black in the sweltering organ, and all he could hear were the various organs working inside this massive body. Far above a low thumping could be heard. But the two sounds that concerned him the most were the gurgling from the intestines below the floor of the fleshy prison, and the stomach itself groaning as it geared up to digest its newest meal. And unfortunately for Alex, he'd found himself as a little topping on the menu. While Alex waiting listening to the world around him, he couldn't help but notice this cock was still hard even though he knew the danger he was in. Alex couldn't help but unzip his pants which were still soaked from his mother's salvia start playing with his cock. After a few minutes of stroking his cock with his mother's spit and whatever was left of the ice cream on him, Alex shot his load out into the stomach acid below which greedily accepted his cum. After a moment, Alex soon regained his energy and decided it was best if he just left and forgot that ever happened. Alex pulled himself to the closed hole and started trying to force his way in. It took another few minutes, but against all odds he managed to work his way in. It was a long trip, taking the better part of what felt like an hour. But after a couple of near tragic swallows, Alex had reached her mouth and  was almost out of Ellen when his worst fear in that moment occurred.


Just as he started to pull himself all the way out, Ellen licked her lips, yanking Alex back in.


"No no no!" Alex cried as he plummeted back towards that pulsating dark hole he had just crawled out of. He was being dragged back into the greedily open throat which was determined to keep him in Ellen's stomach until he was nothing more than waste and fat on Ellen's thick body. Just as Alex had given up hope and believed he was nothing more than piece of food for his mother's large belly because he was too tired to climb back out, a tremendous burp came up. The force threw Alex free of her mouth, and he tumbled through the air for what felt like an eternity. Finally, he landed with a wet slap on a soft, wet, and fuzzy surface. He laid there stunned for a few minutes, trying to get his energy back to so he could figure out how he would avoid being eaten again or by dying some other way within his large home.


Alex was awoken by the world beneath him as it rapidly shift upward, startled by the movement, Alex began thrashing about to quickly understand his surroundings but as he tried to move he realized his was entangled in what felt like a forest


“Where am I?” Alex thought to himself, as his world continued to rapidly shift, the world around him soon became a bright flash. Alex instinctively closed his eyes and soon began to squint as his world stopped for a moment only for it to fall backwards only to abruptly stop. As his now semi-adjusted eyes opened all he could see in front of him was white, but as he looked down he noticed more of the dark hair he was entangled in only to see darkness and what looked like water. Alex started down questioning where he was until he heard what sounded like his mother grunting and saw a large stream of light yellow liquid pass by him. Alex had realized he was in the hairs of his own mothers snatch. Alex had felt like puking, but there was nothing in his stomach to lose. He was now forced to watch his mother relieve herself, ‘this is so fucking gross,’ Alex thought to himself. After a moment of a steady constant stream, Alex prayed she was done, however his mother's system had other plans as he heard his mother let out a thunderous wet fart out, the smell alone was almost enough to knock Alex out. As the noise soon concluded, Alex soon heard his mother grunt again followed by a large splash beneath him. Alex forced his eyes closed in order to not have to see the work his mother's bowels have created. The splashes continued for what felt like an eternity, Alex held onto the hairs surrounding him for dear life in case he would come unloose and fall into the dirty warm water below and join the remains of her meals.


Finally his mother stood up from the toilet done relieving herself, before Ellen could flush she looked back down at the work of her stomach.


“I told you I would let you out Alex,” she said still half asleep, “you and your little toy friends look really cute in mommy's shit, I hope you had fun in mommy's belly. Good bye Alex,” she said as flushed the toilet and waved at her shit. Alex couldn't help but open his eyes only to see the head if the toy that looked like him sticking out of the side of one of the thick brown logs as it swirled around in the toilet. Alex just watched as she walked back into her room, rubbing her now empty belly slowly moving down to her pussy next to she laid in bed, her large fingers soon connected with Alex knocking him free from her hairs only from him to be shoved into her wet, warm vagina. Alex soon began to struggle against his mother's fingers within her which only helped turn her on more. As she fingered her pussy, completely unaware that her shrunken son was inside her, she opened the draw to her dresser, she shifted her panties and bras around for moment only to fish out a large pink dildo. She quickly shoved the tip of it into her mouth to make it even easier to shove it into her waiting hole.


As Alex tried to quickly crawl back outside of his mother's surprisingly tight and wet pussy, he was soon rammed back a big hard object and was pushed deeper into her depths. Alex knew as gross as it was, that grabbing onto that thing was his best bet of not getting stuck in there. Ellen let out a quiet moan saying Alex's name, luckily for him he couldn't hear anything outside of his mother. As the toy was thrust back into her depths again, Alex grabbed on to the tip and held on for dear life as she continued to shove it in and out until she reached her climax and squirted out the sticky clear juices. She pulled on the sex toy, giving a moment to jump out in between her thighs. As he landed on the now soaked bed sheets, he looked back up to his mother's face only to see her shove the toy back into her mouth and swallow all of her juices still remaining on the tip.


‘If I had held on for another minute I would be back in her stomach again,’ Alex thought to himself, relieved that he jumped. Soon after her orgasm, Ellen put her toy back in the draw and drifted back off to sleep. Alex now took this opportunity to think of how he would get his mothers attention, he decided he should travel over his mother's thigh and then walk alongside her to make it up to her ear and yell to make his voice heard.


End Notes:

I hope you guys are enjoying this story, if you have any suggestions on what I should add next for Alex on his little adventure, like always feel free to leave a review with some ideas😊 thank you.

Journey over the giantess by Sketchy17

Alex laid there on his mother's bed looking up at his sleeping giant goddess of a mother, still tired and sticky from escaping his mother's most intimate place of her body he was unwilling forced into and narrowly avoiding being swallowed back down into his mother's now empty stomach which would greedily accept him and give him no food to climb to  escape and the only way he could leave would be through the exit his toys and the rest of Ellen's meals left her body. Once he gets his energy to start his accent of the sleeping giantess, Alex begins his walk over to his mother's milky white right thigh. Once he reaches it, he grabs hold of the soft mountain and begins to make his way up to the peak of her thigh. He is careful as to not wake her my grabbing to tightly and pinching her but not too light as to tickle her resulting in her closing her legs and squashing him into a fine red paste between her white thighs. Once he reached the summit of his mother's wide thigh, looks off into the distance at the dresser next to Ellen's bed and sees a green glow reading 3:27.


“Okay,” Alex began speaking to himself to hear something other the silence of the world around him, “ she normally doesn't get up to get ready for work until 5:30 so if I hurry I'll be able to make it to her ear before she wakes up at starts moving around a lot.”


Alex's looked back at the sleeping woman more specifically the big stomach of the woman he had been in only hours ago. He watched it as it rose and fell slightly with each breath she took. It had looked so peaceful, as if it wouldn't hurt anything but Alex knew that wasn't true. He knew the hell that laid beneath the layers of fat, he shuddered at the thought of how that could've very well been his final resting place. He began to walk up towards it in the dark room his tiny eyes had became adjusted to, as he walked closer he looked back down to the left of him to see the dark wet cave that was his mother's vagina. He thought back to how he has now left that place twice in his life, the first being at birth.

He thought back to how the idea of just thinking about his mother naked was gross. He would have never thought he would have been in this situation, being shrunken and unknowingly shoved back into her, while Ellen plays with herself resulting in Alex being drenched in the juices of her pussy. Now he was stuck having to travel across the terrain that was his mother's naked body in order for him to hopefully be heard and saved by her. Once he made it to the wall of fat that laid above him, he grabbed on and began his accent. After reaching the top of the layer of fat, Alex began his journey over the soft and squishy road. As he passed by the gaping hole that was her deep belly button, he could feel the ground below him rumble slightly as if calling out to the morsel that was on Ellen's stomach when it should be in it instead. After regaining his balance before almost falling into the deep cave, Alex continued his travel, he walked for what had felt like a half hour, until he had passed his mother's belly and made it to the canyon that her breast were to him. As he looked out passed the mountains of flesh, he stared at his mother's peaceful face, as she was completely unaware of the trouble she put her own son into. Once he realized he must keep moving before his mother wakes up, he looked over to the clock on the dresser as it read 4:52. Realizing he only had a little bit more than a half hour Alex began to run through the canyon praying that his mother wouldn't turn over in her sleep otherwise he would be squashed into nothing more than red stain in between his mother's giant tits. Once he made through the valley he began walking over Ellen's thick neck making his way up her chins so he could make it to her ear from her cheek.


As Alex made his way over the chin, he felt a soft and pleasant smelling breeze wash over him almost with enough force to knock him back down from where he just climbed. As he stood his ground on the face of his mother, he looked towards the giant velvet red lips in front of him. They looked so soft like a red supersized pillow that was at least 8 times his height, he just want to lay on them and he felt himself inching toward them as he was well aware of the danger beneath him and where he could end up if he's not careful. As he neared closer to her lips he noticed how her lips slightly glistened in the dark around them from the green light of the clock. As he stood there in his thoughts wondering whether or not he should touch them again, this time without the worry of being dragged into his mother's greedy throat, he decided he should head over to his mother's ear to be heard and saved by the sleeping goddess he walked on.

Alex walked over her soft cheeks and began he slide down into her ear. As he approached her inner ear, he grabbed onto the concha and spoke certain he would be heard.


“Mom, wake up but don't move your head,” he spoke softly as to not risk startling the sleeping giantess.


“Alex where have you been? Do you have any idea what time it is?” She asked still mostly asleep with her eyes still closed, “and why do you not want me to move my head?”


“Mom I know this is going to sound crazy but I shrunk down to about half an inch and I'm in your outer ear”


“Alex what are you..” Ellen stopped as she noticed the slight pressure on her ear. She reached and grabbed it between her index and thumb. She sat up still holding the object in the air as she made her way to the light switch.


Ellen was left with no words as she saw a miniature version of her son between her fingers...


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Getting heard by Sketchy17
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“This has got to be a dream or something,” Ellen whispered to herself yet Alex could hear it crystal clear as he just hung in between the grip of his mother's two fingers. Her face of confusion, soon became one of true fear,


“wait Alex were you in mommy's ice cream earlier?” Alex slowly shook his head up and down, “and was that you holding on to mommy's uvula?” Again Alex shook his head. Ellen was beginning to break down into tears as she realized she was her own son in her food and ate him anyways after she acknowledged he was there. Ellen broke down while holding him “Alex I am so sorry..I don't know what i was thinking..I'm such a monster how could do that to my only son..,” Ellen sobbed between her sniffles. Alex shook around in his mothers fingers as to get his mothers attention. Once she gazed down at her shrunken son, Alex raised his hand and cupped is right ear to show that he wanted to speak to her. As she brought Alex up to her ear, she tried to hold back the waterworks pouring out her eyes. Once Alex reached her ear he spoke softly, trying help her feel better.


“Mom it's okay, you didn't know and I'm still alive and I still love you, no matter what,” he told her “and I kinda enjoyed it,” he blurted out.


Ellen rubbed the tears away with her other hand, “Really sweetheart? Do you really mean it?”.


“Yeah..I do.”


“I love you Alex, you are the best son any  mother could ask for,” Ellen said with a smile on her face as she brought Alex to her still bare chest to give him a hug at his miniature size.


“Now what are we going to do about your situation Alex?” She thought aloud as she glanced over to the clock, as it read 5:27. After a moment of silence, Ellen spoke up with her plan.


“Okay, i'll get ready for work, and take you with me so I can make sure you don't starve here at the house alone, I'll call the school and let them know you're not feeling well and then after I pick up your sister from her practice i'll talk to her about what happened to you, and then go to the hospital and try to help you, or maybe not if you enjoy being this small, sound okay?” she said trying to make like of the problem. Alex chuckled to himself and shook his head in agreement to the plan. “Okay,” she continued as she walked over to the dresser to turn off the upcoming alarm “I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll leave you right here until I'm done.”


Alex relaxed on the dresser, sitting up against the clock, listening to his mother start up her shower. Alex wasn't entirely forgiving of his mother about how she enjoyed shitting “him” out, however Alex knew he was no position to judge her as he was the one that jerked off and cam while inside his mothers stomach as well as beginning to fantasize about his mother's mouth. Alex got comfortable and started to stroke his cock again as he got turned on again thinking about being devoured and used by his mother while he waited for his goddess of a mother to finish her shower.


Ellen was enjoying her hot steamy shower, feeling the water run down her curves as she thought about Alex. She was so excited that Alex enjoyed being eaten, she thought about what she can eat him with next. Hell she could do anything she wanted with him, she could eat him on an empty stomach and feel him move around in her large stomach, she could maybe convince Rose to feed him to her, or even feed Alex to Rose. But why stop there she could make him rub her feet, she could sit on him or even make him personal living sex toy. A smile grew across her face, though she cares about Alex, now that she knows he enjoyed it, Ellen was really going to enjoy Alex's new situation.


Once Alex heard the water stop, he shoved his dick back into his pants and waited for him mother to step out and get dressed. Rose walked back into her bedroom drying herself off as she approached Alex.


“Hey sweetheart, are you hungry?” She asked as she opened her dresser to pull out a black bra and panties to match. Now that Alex thought about it, he had actually been kinda hungry since he hadn't eaten since last night. Alex shook his head. “Okay sweetheart, I'll get you a crumb or something after I get dressed okay?” She said as she had already began to pull up her underwear. Alex just stared at the goddess in front of him, he watched as her

ass had jiggle slightly as she pulled the panties over her wide heavenly thighs. Alex focused on the wide white ass in front of him as his mother put on her bra. Ellen noticed and smirked at the little man behind her and shook her ass a little bit for his entertainment.


“Are you enjoying the view down there little one?” Ellen giggled as asked, knowing she couldn't hear him. “ Now now sweetheart, let's go get ready for work today,  and them you play with my ass after we get home,” Ellen spoke seductively to her shrunken son. Alex was then picked and placed in between his goddess of a mother's bust. Ellen then threw on a black shirt and her favorite blue denim jeans. Alex was in heaven just enjoying the soft warm breast around him albeit they belong to his mother. Ellen was enjoying her little sons struggles as she walked into the kitchen to get a quick breakfast hoping that Rose didn't hear her conversation with Alex. Ellen grabbed an apple on her way out as she did, she yelled back “Rose, im leaving!”


“Okay, have you seen Alex?” Rose replied from her room.


“No but I'm sure he'll be back later,” she lied to daughter. Ellen looked down at her shrunken son “I'll tell her when we get back,” she whispered into her chest as she walked out the front door towards her car. ‘This is going to be a fun time at the office,” Ellen thought to herself with a grin on her face...


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Just a day in the office by Sketchy17

Ellen and her little passenger, whose little head was sticking out of her bust, arrived at her work. It was a simple 7 to 3 office job where all she really did was just file paperwork and type out reports for the company.


“Now be a good little toy for mommy and don't get lost in her giant breast, I'll be sure to let you out in a bit so you can eat okay sweetheart,” Ellen spoke softly into her chest as she pushed him down with her finger. Alex couldn't respond if wanted to, he was stuck between the mountains his mother called breast however he wasn't exactly complaining. Ellen grabbed her light breakfast and exited her car making her way to the glass door in front of her. As she walked through the door she was greeted with the sight of her co-worker, Alma. Alma was a black women in her late 20’s, she had long black hair and light brown eyes and even though she stood at only 5’2, she is a big girl with an even bigger appetite. She was known for stealing and eating people's lunches if they left them in the fridge for too long or if it was left unattended on a desk, and all that food had gone either to her large stomach which hung out from the white shirt she was wearing or to her large round ass which was barely covered by her short black skirt.


“Hey girl,” Alma spoke as she saw Ellen, “have you heard about what's been going on around town?”


“No, what's up?” Ellen responded curiously.


“Well a lot of people have been shrinking around town, people are saying its causes by some chemical in needles around town”


Ellen glanced down at her chest for a split second before looking back at Alma, “ Really?” Ellen said trying to sound as surprised as possible, “well has anyone found a cure yet?”


“No, but honestly I don't care if they do, those little people are so cute at that size, I already  found two of them yesterday.”


“Oh well where are they now?”


“Don't w-” Alma was interrupted by a small burp coming from her large stomach, “ excuse me,” she said as she covered her mouth for a moment, “now like I was saying, don't worry they're somewhere safe,” she said with a smile on her face as she walked away, back to her desk.


Ellen wasn't sure what she was surprised by more, the fact there are other little shrunken people in the world near them or the possibility of what Alma could've done to the tinies she found. Either way she made her way over to her office and took her seat, she began to start up her computer when she reached into her breast for her shrunken son.

Alex had to readjust to the brightness around him after beginning stuck in the darkness.


“Hey sweetheart,” she whispered down at his miniature form as not not get her co-workers attention “are you ready for some breakfast?” She said as she began to peel the banana. Alex shook his head as she took a bite and then ripped off a tiny chunk and put it next to Alex on her desk. The piece was easily two times his height but he didn't mind as he tore off a piece and began to feast. Alex was enjoying his food when he looked up at his mother who absentmindedly took bites of the banana that easily could have fit at least five of him. He watched in awe as she grinded up the bites into fine paste with her large molars and swallowed the masticated food down her large neck. Ellen threw away the peel after she finished her meal, she then grabbed the remnants of the banana that Alex barely touched and popped it in her mouth like it was nothing. Alex stood and enjoyed the view until a loud churning noise came from the beast that was Ellen's stomach.


“I think the last of your toys are ready to come out now,” she joked, “ and sorry about eating them Alex.”


Alex honestly didn't really care about the toys anymore, he felt like had outgrown them in the last day of his adventure.


“Well I'm going to put you over here behind these files, so you don't get found by someone else in the office,” she continued as she moved Alex, “because I know you don't want to smell the mess mommy's going to make over in the restroom, I'll only be a few minutes.”


And with that Alex was left hidden away, with this spare time to himself know Alex began to stroke his cock yet again to finish off what he started earlier this morning. After what felt like only a minute, he heard the door open. He peeked from behind the file to see Alma.


“Hey Ellen I have thes-,” she stopped as she noticed the room was empty. Alex hide back behind the file, as she walked in placing a small stack of papers on her desk where he had been only moments ago. He hoped she would just leave in case she thought he was a toy or bug of some sort. The floor shook from the impact of her foot falls, Alex was left their hiding and praying he wouldn't be found by the large woman, who knows what she would do to him if she found him. Alex's heart dropped as he heard the giantess speak again.


“Oh my god,” Alma gasped excitedly. “Is that another shrunken tiny I see over there?”


‘Oh fuck,’ Alex thought to himself as he slammed his eyes shut awaiting to get picked up by the giant woman that could potentially choose his fate. Whether it was lucky or unlucky the giant hand never came for him. He looked again from his hiding spot to see Alma had found a little shrunken woman on the ground by the base of the desk. Alex watched as the little pale women, who was no bigger than Alex, as she tried to break free from her captors grip to no avail.


“Ooh, you're a little fighter aren't you, well you won't be for long sweetie,” she said as she dropped the woman onto the chair Ellen had been sitting on. Alma then lifted the back end of her skirt to reveal the white lace panties she was wearing and began to lower her fat ass down on top of the defenseless woman. Even from the distance between Alex and the shrunken women, he could have sworn he heard a quick scream start as soon as it was snuffed out by the massive weight on top of her. Alma bit her lower lip as she grinded up against the chair, squishing her little captive. Alex watched, amazed, as she stopped moving as a loud gurgle came from her stomach followed by thunderous dart onto the poor girl.


“That one smelt awful,” alma laughed as she stood up to see the unconscious woman on the chair. “Awww do you not have anymore fight left in ya, oh well,” she continued as she lifted the woman to her face. Alma stuck out her long pink tongue and dragged it slowly across the tiny’s passed out body, savoring her flavour. “Mhmm, you taste amazing. Do me a favour and go straight to my hips okay you little morsel?” She laughed before she dropped the women into her mouth, only to swish around her around in her hot wet mouth and send her down into her stomach with a hard swallow. Alma licked her lips and let out a light burp as she rubbed her belly walking out of Ellen's office.


‘That could have been me,’ Alex thought, that he would have shared the same fate as that unknown woman if his mom hadn't hidden him. Alex couldn't help but feel bad for the woman as he stroked his cock, finally shooting out his load to the sight he just witnessed behind the paperwork.


After a moment, Ellen walked back into her office with a grin on her face, not noticing the smell, “Hey Alex, I have an idea and I think you might like it”...


Nightmarish misadventure. by Sketchy17
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“So I was thinking little one, what if I picked up some glow in the dark string so I can use that to pull you back out if you go back into mommy's tummy?” Ellen asked as she playful jiggled her belly fat in front of her shrunken son. Alex shook his head as he was now excited to go back inside his mother soon without having to fear being digested like the woman he saw just moments ago. Ellen smiled as she saw Alex's reply.


“Well I'm glad to hear that you'd be happy with that, otherwise mommy may have just eaten you and left you in there so you could just end up as more pudge on mommy's big tits,” she laughed quietly as she shook the mountains she called breasts. As she looked at her little toy on her desk she glanced up at the clock, 8:23 it read.


“Well sweetheart, this is going to be a long day,” she purred at her son, “could you do mommy a favor and rub mommy's feet for a bit, and clean them up a little, please?” She smirked as she looked down on Alex, ‘like he has a choice anyways, if he doesn't listen I could just punish him anyway I want.”


Alex obeyed his mother's commands as she took off her black heels and lifted him up and placed him on the floor next to her bare pale feet. He never had a foot fetish before he shrunk, however he wanted to appease his goddess of a mother in order to avoid being crushed or eaten because even though he was turned on by his situation, he wanted to still love to enjoy more of it. Alex gazed up at the at the snow white feet in front of him.  Alex stared for a few moments until his mother had lift him up again.


He was dropped onto her big toe which he clung onto to avoid falling off. The heat from today had clearly had an effect on her as they were smellier than anything he had experienced. It was like replacing the atmosphere itself with the inside of a person’s shoe after they had just run a marathon. Bits of dried skin would start to stick to his body as he tried to stomach his task.

“You are not licking” said Ellen as she started to wiggle her toe. He clung onto it like it was a horse but he was too busy trying to hold his breath to focus. When he finally inhaled he lost his grip and slid off her toe. Although her foot was only slightly raised off the ground, it still hurt when he fell. Lying on his back he looked up to see the foot directly above him. His mother was now standing which caused her to look like a skyscraper. Unrelenting fear caused him to be paralysed as he felt like a bug about to be stepped on. Her foot came down over him as he braced himself. But the foot merely applied enough pressure to be in contact with him. He was underneath the fleshiest part of the foot which also happened to be the smelliest. “I said lick!” his mother said more sternly as he realised she had become obsessed. Whatever perverted motive is driving her has clearly taken a complete hold on her. She did not hate him or want to hurt him, she just wanted to fulfil her fantasy. Knowing that he had no choice he stuck out his tongue. He pushed his face into the foot flesh which began to coat him in sweat and stink. Dragging his tongue along the skin was only possible by moving his head back and forth as his tongue became numb. After what felt like an eternity which was actually only a moment or so, Ellen lifted up her foot. As Alex caught his breath of fresh air a he saw was his mother’s perverted face beaming down at him.

“That's mommy's good little toy,” she spoke down at him, “now you can clean mommy's other foot later tonight, and until then,” Ellen spoke as she extended her right hand out to grab him. “ You'll be staying right in here” as she pointed to her cleavage while moving Alex to the position her opposite hand rested.

She placed Alex in between her massive pale breast, and squished them together slowly as to help keep Alex even more in place. After she felt Alex's struggles die down, she began to continue typing away on her computer.


‘ I can't wait for Rose to find out about her shrunken brother, it's going to be so much fun to have her playing with him’ she thought to herself as she smirked.


Alex just dozed off surrounded by the walls of warm flesh around him trying to just enjoy his situation and be happy he wasn't the one found by Alma. Yet he still couldn't help but feel bad for that poor woman that was most likely being digested by the large black women.

When he awoke, Alex tired to move but arms were stuck in place as he laid on his side. Alex looked around him to try to figure out his surroundings but to no avail the world around him was dim and barely lit. The floor below him felt as if it had been frozen over.


“Well look who's finally awake,” Alex heard a familiar voice through the darkness.


“Mom?” He spoke as the the lights had been turned on from an unknown source.


“Doesn't he just look so appetizing,” Ellen spoke as she laughed.


As Alex's eyes adjusted to the now bright room around him he saw the giant figures that towered over him it was his mother and.. Alma.  Alex attempted to look at his surroundings again, a few yards away from him was a tall glass filled half way up with what he believed was water and the floor was a cream white.


‘Oh shit, am I on a plate?!’ Alex thought to himself. Alex closed his eyes as his world began to shift as he was lifted up through the air caught in one of the goddesses grip. When he opened his eyes he was met face to face with Ellen.


“Hey sweetheart, be a good little toy for mommy and be a great little treat for this big beautiful woman, okay?” She cooed with a malicious smirk on her gorgeous face. Alex tried to move his hands only to now see than they had been tied by a thin string. Alex stopped his struggles momentarily to see the view that was now in front of him. It was Alma’s face staring at him, eyeing him like a piece of candy with her maw gaping eager to accept his tiny form. The pink mass below was warm, much warmer than the plate he was on moments ago but it was all the less inviting.


Alma’s jaw moved a few times, moving Alex around as the tongue tasted him.

"Oh my god. He's amazing,” Alma said, ending with a deep "Mmm" sound as Alex's little was thrown around in her mouth. Saliva was pooling in her mouth. Her jaw moved slightly as she moved the tasty morsel around inside.

Inside, Alex found himself waist deep in sticky saliva, and each of Alma’s moans rattled him. Each time those lips parted, the brief glimpse of light illuminated the pulsing pink surroundings that led to the dark pit that would soon be Alex's possibly final destination. Unable to get on his feet due to his hands being tied to his side, Alex knew he would soon lose this fight as he tried to thrash around on her tongue.


Alma looked towards Ellen as she opened her mouth. Ellen was treated to the sight of Alex  being carried back towards the throat by the slight current of the saliva draining. The little man could clearly be seen fighting a losing battle against the large, slimy tongue that was eagerly shifting and sliding him back to join the rest of the food that had fallen victim to Alma’s powerful gut. After a moment, Alma shut her mouth and moved back. Her stomach gurgled loudly, just in time for her to lean her head back and swallow. Her little morsel created a slight bulge in her neck before disappearing behind the large expanse of tits. And with that, Alex was now just another piece of food to be sent Alma's pudgy belly. She opened her mouth to the Ellen, showing that the tiny boy had been devoured and would soon be nothing more than a little more chub on her large round ass. Ellen was pleased as she began rubbing the large woman's stomach that now contained her shrunken son.


“Don't forget to get the drink that comes with you dinner to wash it down beautiful,” Ellen spoke softly as she handed Alma the glass.


“It's okay,” Alma said as she let out a light burp, “I'd rather just get straight to dessert,” she spoke as she leaned into Ellen's face kissing her lips.


“Well aren't you eager to get started,” said Ellen as she began to pull off her shirt.


On the inside, Alex had landed on some bile and had found himself in a horrible yet familiar place. The walls of the stomach moved as it churned away at its contents, through the dim light from the opening of the esophagus, Alex could make out a figure in the stomach acid as it drifted ashore on to the bile Alex now rested on. Alex screamed in horror and fainted as he saw the remaining bones and skull of one of Alma's last few victims. As the goddesses outside began passionately kissing as Ellen reached for more Alma's more private places, Alex's unconscious body was lurched into the acidic waters unknowing joining the previous victims and speeding up his fate.

Alma moaned as Ellen moved back and began kissing her starting up from between her thighs. She ran her hands through Ellen's hair and pushed her face into her as she reached her churning belly. The added pressure forced Alma to burp quite loudly, eliciting a chuckle from Ellen. She continued kissing up Alma’s body, stopping for a minute to tease her lover's sensitive nipples. The large black woman began to sweat as she enjoyed her lover's embrace. ’Surely that little treat will be digested in no time,’ Alma thought to herself, as they made their way over to a bed to get even more intimate.


After the two women had finished, Ellen fell asleep while Alma patted her gut, the gurgling had stopped over the past few hours. She was already feeling hungry again, the struggling morsel she'd had earlier hadn't even dented her appetite but man he was delicious. She belched quietly as not to wake her new found lover; the last remnants of Alex were now just fat for her belly and waste moving through her bowels. ‘I bet he'll be a cute little turd coming out of my plump round ass’ she thought to herself as she began to cuddle with Ellen “or even better yet maybe I can find his skeleton or skull and put it in a necklace for Ellen after cleaning it, or maybe I can feed the remains to Ellen,’ she smirked as she drifted off to sleep.

“Are you okay Alex?” He heard from above him, as he looked up a saw his mother staring down into her cleavage at him with a concerned look on her face. “You fell asleep in there a few hours ago and you started  thrashing around in there, I thought you couldn't breath in there.” She continued as she brought him up to her ear.


“No I just had a nightmare..” He replied.


“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked.


“No its fine..”


“Well okay sweetheart, and hey we're almost home, okay sweetheart,” she said as she placed Alex back in her breast as she continued driving...


Unaware bonding by Sketchy17

As Ellen exited her car walking to the front door of her apartment, she spoke aloud to her tiny son who rested in between her pale, heavenly cleavage, “while you were asleep, Rose texted me saying that she was getting a ride home from her friend and how she wasn't having practice today and won't be home until about 4:30. Which gives us a little less than an hour before she gets here,” as she took off her shoes. After relieving her feet, Ellen reached into her cleavage and scooped out her little toy of a son as she continued to talk, “Alex sweetie, I'm going to go make some dinner for when Rose gets back, in the meantime, is there anywhere you want me to put you as to where you won't get lost, and remember you're probably going to stay there for about an hour while I cook okay?” she said as she rose her son up to her ear for him to speak.


“Can you take me to my room please mom and just put me on my bed so I can relax for a bit?” He asked.


“Awww are you sure you wouldn't rather relax in the kitchen while I cook so I can keep an eye on you?” The giantess responded.


Alex thought about the idea for a moment but then decided to stick to his original plan as a way of avoiding accidently becoming a piece of nutrient for one of the two goddesses.


“Yes, I'm sure mom,” a spoke aloud.


“Okay,” Ellen huffed, seemingly disappointed that her little toy didn't want to be around her, as she held the tiny boy in her hand as she walked down the hallway towards Alex's room.  Ellen entered the room, which had remained more or less the same on Alex's side do to the situation he had been placed in thanks to that needle. Ellen again spoke aloud as she lifted Alex's tiny form to her ear, “So where on the bed do you want me to put you?”


“Anywhere is fine,” Alex yawned.


“Okay,” she said placing him in the center if his now gigantic bed. The soft blanket below him seemed to stretch for miles like it had when he first shrunk. “Okay sweetheart, I'll be in the other room and I'll come get you when it's dinner time, don't you go anywhere,” she joked to Alex as she walked out of the room into the hallway. After she shut the door behind her, Alex collapsed onto his back onto the soft world behind him, Alex started to think back onto his last two days that he had been shrunken, ‘this has been one hell of an adventure, a few more close calls than I would like to admit. Wait a moment today's Friday, that means mom and Rose are gonna be home tomorrow,’ Alex shuddered in both fear and excitement wondering what they'll do to him. ‘They'll probably end up using that rope mom was talking about if it ever comes in,’ Alex thought as he started to drift off into sleep again.


“Hey mom,” Rose spoke as she walked into the apartment wearing her dark red dress to match her backpack as well as show off her well rounded chest, her eyes still glued to her phone, “I'm home, also have you seen Alex yet because I didn't see him at school today?”


“Actually sweetheart, I wanted to talk to you about Alex during dinner okay?” Ellen replied from the kitchen.


“Okay,” Rose said with slight hesitation in her voice, “well is dinner almost ready?”


“Yeah, like three more minutes,”


Rose continued walking, dropping her backpack down before she turned into the hallway. Her stomach had gurgled with gas as she opened the door.


“Ugh I can't wait to take off this dress and put on something more comfortable,” spoke to herself as she entered her room. Rose put her phone on top of the dresser where Alex's little action figures had once been. Alex had heard the loud footfall as the giantess came in, he believed it was just his mom coming in to wake him up so he thought nothing of it and continued to lay there with his eyes closed in order to get as much rest as possible before they did anything with him. Rose had just slipped off her white panties when she got a message on her phone, after she reached for the phone Rose sat down on Alex's bed right where the little boy was sleeping.


Alex's world was pitch black as he jolted awake after feeling the heavy force on top of him. Alex tired to move around to see where he was, the walls had felt soft but was too heavy for the little boy to move. He continued to struggle when it hit him, the smell of what seemed like death and sweat. Alex gagged as the smell hit his nostrils, nearly puking. As he held back his puke his world seemed to rise and shift up and down rhythmically until it suddenly stopped.


Rose stood up with her phone still in hand replying to one of her friends messages and walked to her drawer to grab another pair of panties.  As the giant woman grabbed a new pair of dark blue panties, Rose had noticed a small little itch in between her thick round ass. Instead of scratching it, Rose had just decided to let out some gas thinking there was no one else around. As she put on her sweats and one of her favorite tees she soon took a whiff of her fart.


“Whoa, that was ripe,’ Rose stated as she covered her nose, “I'm just happy Alex wasn't here to smell that one,” she said laughing to herself as she walked out of her room, unbeknownst to her that poor little Alex had been at ground zero of that fart and passed out from it and was now unconsciously being pulled into his sisters brown, smelly ass hole which eagerly accepted its shrunken boy of a meal. And speaking of meals, dinner was about to be served as Rose walked into the dining room...



End Notes:

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In a tight spot by Sketchy17

As Rose strided through the hallway slowing and unknowingly, pulling Alex deeper into her anus, the pleasant aroma of the tomato sauce covered pasta and crisp lightly buttered garlic bread had reached her nose as she was now more relaxed in her more comfortable set of clothes.


“Mmmhm, that smells amazing mom, you always did make the best pasta,” Rose spoke as she pulled out on of the chairs at the dining table.


“Thank you sweetie,” Ellen replied with a smile, “now can you sit down for dinner so we can talk?”


Rose sat her round ass in the chair and shifted around a bit to get more comfortable, pulling Alex deeper into the dark, putrid cave to the point where only his feet had been limply hanging out. Ellen placed a plate with the tortellini and a few slices of garlic bread in front of Rose and herself as she took a seat across from her.


“So have you heard about all those people that are being shrunken around town?”


“Yeah..” Rose replied puzzled for a moment, “ what does that have to do with Al-” She stopped her mouth agape, surprised by what she had just realized. “Wait how long has he been shrunken?


“It's been about two days Rose,” Ellen replied softly still not sure how Rose would take this new information about her brother.


“Where is he?”


“He should be in your room on his bed asleep still,” she replied. Rose thought back to when she was getting changed in her room how she didn't see any shrunken people on his bed.


“Mom, I didn't see him when I went in there,” rose stated changing her mother's face from calm and collected to that of worry as both of the women stood up and rushed through the hallway go Rose’s room. The two giantess surveyed the bed for any shrunken boys but found nothing unbeknownst to them Alex was passed out in his older sister's brown hole and would be soon waking up.


“He's not here,” Rose spoke breaking the worried silence, “oh shit mom watch your step he could be on the floor somewhere! How small is he anyways?” She said as she searched the top of the bedside dresser for her shrunken brother.


“He's about half an inch, he's as tall as his little toys are,” she said as her eyes scanned across the floor.


“That's actually kinda funny mom, him now being the size of his little “action figures”. What did you ever do with them anyways?” Rose asked trying to lighten the moment and calm both her and her worried mother.


“Ohhh well you see,” Ellen began taken back by her daughters’ question unsure how to respond, “ I took the ones I could find and sent them on a one way trip to my tummy.”


“Personally I would have just crushed them to pieces under my feet,” responded surprising her mother, “ well that or I probably would have just fed them to someone or something.”

Ellen smiled to herself as she heard that, she now couldn't wait for them to find Alex and get that string.


Alex began to come to after being unknowingly sat on and knocked out by his giant older sisters deadly gas from her high protein diet. The world around him was dark and humid beyond belief as he noticed the putrid smell and attempted to cover his nose. Fear set in quickly as Alex began to squirm to get free from his entrapment. The two giant women continued searching in silence for a few moments until Rose finally broke it.


“Ughhh,” Rose groaned as she started scratching at her ass. “What's wrong sweetie?” Ellen spoke, “It feels like there's something moving in my butt..” Rose spoke as her eyes met her mothers as they both stopped in their tracks, “noo..there's no can't be..” Rose continued as she made her way to the restroom. As she closed the door, she pulled down her sweats and panties and bent over spreading her asscheecks and trying to pull out whatever was in her butthole, after a moment she finally pulled it out and up on examination she saw that it was in fact Alex.


“Oh my godd!” Rose shrieked, in turn Ellen rushed through swinging the door to see what had just occurred to make Rose screamed.


“Did you find him? Is he okay?” Ellen screamed, she gasped as she saw her shrunken son dangling in between her daughters fingers. “Alex,” she continued as she took a hold of Alex, “are you okay?”


After a moment of catching his breath, Alex signaled for his mother to put him by her ear, as she did he spoke, “yeah I'm okay, I'm just surprised I'm alive still.”


“That's good,” Ellen sighed from relief, “now Rose go finish up dinner while I get Alex cleaned up and find out what happened to get him stuck in that ‘predicament’, okay?” Ellen turned on the sink as Rose pulled up her pants and walked out, still kinda disturbed yet partially smirking that her shrunken little brother was in her asshole.


As she began to rinse Alex's body off in the sink, “So how did that happen Alex?” She asked, almost snickering now that she knew her son was safe.


“I don't know how, one moment I was asleep where you left me and the next I was in the darkness of her ass,” Alex yelled as he was lifted to his mother's ear again.


“That's hilarious,” Ellen laughed as she continued to wash her shrunken son, “well I hope you had fun in there my little toy, because i'll be sure to have the same kind of fun that Rose had with you, ya know if she doesn't want to use you again later tonight..” Alex looked up at his mother surprised by what she had just said to him, “..ya know, unless you want to get back to licking my feet again…”


End Notes:

Hops you guys are all enjoying the story,  like always feel free to givr me any ideas you want to see added to the story. As a side note I have been thinking and I might only add a few more chapters and then stop there but its just a thought😊

Sister-brother bonding by Sketchy17

Alex gazed up at his goddess of a mother, shocked how could she still want to torment Alex with her feet and better yet how did Alex forget that even happened until now. Ellen smiled down at him as if planning how she was going to play with him first.


Alex now terrified of having to deal with her other foot, spoke “Mom I'll do anything you want just please don't have me clean your feet!”


Ellen was happy to hear her little toy begging and spoke, “that's my good little boy, now mommy's going to leave her on your sister's dresser and go finish her dinner, in the meantime try not to get shoved up your sister's asshole again,” she laughed, “unless she wants you in there.” And with that Ellen was out the door making her way back to her food before it got cold hopefully. Alex was still shaken by how fast his mother went from being caring and loving to seeing her own shrunken son as nothing more than a little toy for both her and Roses’ pleasure. Fearing what was to potentially come after the two giant women finished their meals, Alex decided it would be best for now if he hides in order to not be used as a sex toy by his giant family. Alex made his way over to his sister's bed which had luckily been a mess for him and hopped down onto the soft mattress. Once there he made his way down by sliding on the cover that was hanging over the edge.

After the slide down Alex made his way under the gap in his sisters bed, the light quickly faded the further he got. Alex walked past black box which he believed to house a giant pairs of shoes by the overwhelming stench of a few of them. By that he was able to guess which ones she had worn recently, disgusted by the idea that Rose might want her feet cleaned too, Alex continued on his journey to find somewhere where he could hide and be safe from the goddesses for the time being. Alex continued in the ever-growing darkness to the point where he could barely see a few feet, to his size, in front of him. He keep walking aimlessly until he bumped into a slightly ajar box laying on its side that smelled of strawberries. As odd as it was, Alex decided it would be the most bearable place to stay at compared to the other boxes he had seen up until now, and made his way through the capping hole that was roughly two times his height making it easy for him to enter. Once inside the smell of strawberry had grown even stronger but it was much more welcoming that what he previously smelled, Alex ran his hands along the contents of the box in hope to get to know his surrounding a bit better what he felt surprised him. It was hard but slightly squishy and felt of rubber, not wanting to investigate anymore Alex made his way back to the wall of the box and sat up against and soon doze off from the emotional rollercoaster he had gone through in the last few days.


Back in the dining room, Ellen and Rose had just finished their dinner in silence until it was broken by Ellen, “So how did it feel to have your shrunken brother up your ass sweetie?” She asked casually as if it was an everyday occurrence.


Taken back by her question Rose waited a moment before responding ,“ I honestly didn't even feel him until he started moving around down there,”


“Wow if you barely felt him with you're small ass, then if he ended up in my ass he'd be lost in this thing,” Ellen laughed and grabbed her left cheek to emphasize her point.


“Yeah he would,” Rose started to chuckle, “ I bet your ass could just eat him up like a snack”


Ellen laughed along with Roses addition to the joke and stated, “ hey sweetheart we should go get Alex and get ready for bed okay?”


The two giantesses walked through the hallway and entered the room the two women word surprised to see that Alex was not on the dresser still, “Where could he have gone?” Asked Rose, “Did you sit on him again? Ellen jokingly asked, “well I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready to sleep be sure to watch your step sweetheart,” she stated, walking out as if she didn't care about finding her son. After a few moments of looking around on the floor and at her and Alex's beds, Rose gave up and laid down in her bed and waited to hear the shower going before reached under her bed and grabbing a box from under it. Once she was certain her mother was in the shower, she opened the box and wasted no time grabbing the object out of the box. Not noticing the shrunken passenger along for the ride and laid back down on  her bed.


Alex's peaceful sleep had been abruptly ruined by the box he found refuge in from the giantess, by one of them grabbing it. In Alex's rush for safety Alex grabbed onto the plastic object in the box and held on to it for his life. His eyes burned as they tried to readjust to the brightness of the room. Before he could even open his eyes a heard the rest of the box fall to the floor and the only thing being held in the air was him and whatever it was that he was holding. Holding on even tighter, his world rushed to a stop as his world became dark once more and humid. Upon feeling the drastic change in weather Alex opened his eyes to see his surroundings, but all he saw was black moving walls with a slight pinkish hue. The object along with Alex began to move back and forth repeatedly occasionally getting more faster and jerky, as it did the world around Alex grew hotter and stickier. Until he and the object had been pulled out and left on the bed. As Alex got off of the now sticky object, he opened his to see his sister naked and asleep with him in between her legs and as he looked to the object he was holding, it was a pink dildo. Disgusted by yet again being used as a sex toy by his family, Alex tried to get away from what had just happened but passed out on the bed with his sister a moment later from shock and exhaustion.


The choice by Sketchy17

As Saturday morning came along, Ellen woke up and got out of bed excited about Rose could have possibly done to Alex last night. Maybe she made him clean her feet or she could have shoved him back up her ass again and kept him in there all night. Those thoughts of her’s drove her wild with pleasure as she began to rub her clit through her panties as she made her way to take a shower. After she stepped into her shower after taking off her underwear, Ellen was enjoying her hot steamy shower, feeling the water run down her curves as she continued to think about Alex, and she wondered what a shrunken boy would go good with. A smile grew across her face as the perfect idea came along, Ellen turned off her shower and quickly started to dry up and get dressed before her kids got up.

Ellen walked through the hallway, dressed in her black yoga pants that hugged her curves and a plain white tee that complimented her ample breast. As she entered her living room she made her way to the front door to see if her package had arrived yet and luckily for her it had. She wasted no time to go find Alex and see where he had been all last night.


Ellen was a little surprised by the sight when she walked into her children's room. Alex was still passed out face down on the bed next to a dildo in between Roses’ legs. All while Rose remained asleep and aware that her mother could see all of her.


‘Well I guess she had more fun with him than I would have ever expected,’ Ellen thought to herself, she chuckled a little, ‘I should probably teach her to put away her “toys” before I get “rid” of them like I did to Alex's. Ellen made her way closer to the bed and carefully scooped up the little boy from in between her legs and brought him over to her room and put him in the dresser on top of a stack of her panties and closed the drawer trapping him in the darkness.


Back in the kitchen, Ellen started her devious and delicious plan to have fun with her shrunken son. She was making two smoothies, one for her and the other for Rose.

For Rose, Ellen planned on just adding some bananas and her protein mix with some milk because Rose liked going to the gym early on the weekends and in hers she planned to add some banana, some green apple and some strawberries and a shrunken boy, after she blended the rest because it wouldn't be any fun if he wasn't squirming all the way down and moving in her stomach. As she finished blending both of the smoothies, Ellen put the two drinks in the fridge hoping the noise from the blender didn't wake up Alex and Rose and sat on the couch and she decided to turn on the tv and wait a bit before calling Rose over and getting Alex all while still licking her velvet lips in anticipation of her soon to be breakfast.


“Where am i?” Alex woke up in a panic in the surrounding darkness, confused from what happened last night. At first Alex thought he was still in the box and that was all a nightmare but once he started moving he felt how soft the ground beneath him was. Alex stood up and started to roam in the darkness with his hands in front of him to feel around and get an understanding of his surroundings yet again. Alex only walked for a short distance before he fell a short distance onto a hard wooden floor. After the fall, Alex just decided he had enough of this and was just gonna go back to sleep but before he could drift off to sleep he realized that he was starving since he hadn't ate anything in awhile.

‘Hopefully they find me and I can get some food soon,’ he thought before he drifted off to sleep.


Meanwhile, Ellen got up from the couch and made her way to her room to get Alex when a new idea popped up in her head. What if instead of her swallowing her son, she puts Alex in Roses smoothie instead. Ellen pondered over this new idea while she gently picked Alex's still sleeping body and made her way back to the kitchen where she would have to make the choice of who was going to get a little surprise in their drink...


End Notes:

Hey guys and girls, I plan to end the story within the next chapter or two I hope you all enjoyed this little story of mine and I plan to start a new story shortly after this one.

The end : Ellen by Sketchy17

After pondering for a moment about which drink to drop her shrunken son in, Ellen began to speak aloud yet softly to herself, “I doubt that Rose will even enjoy him, and how will I even get him out without her noticing?” Ultimately with those thoughts in mind she decided that she should drop Alex into her smoothie. With that Alex was unceremoniously dump in cup of the pinkish creamy smoothie below with his next destination set to be in the belly of his goddess of a mother.


Alex was woken up with a jolt of cold covering his body. He tried to open his mouth but upon doing so his mouth got filled with a familiar taste, strawberry. Alex noticing the density in the world around him tried to claw his way up to the warmness of the air. Upon breaking the surface Alex's lungs filled with air as the burning sensation in his chest began to stop. With the adrenaline pumping from that life or death situation, Alex quickly glanced around him trying to stay a float in the pink mass around him. What he noticed next shocked him, the world around him was his kitchen but it was off somehow. As he turned around he saw a familiar face, it was Ellen's and she seemed to be smiling down at the pink substance around him. Alex began frantically waving as she reached out towards him but he noticed she was reaching for him but the container he was trapped in.


Ellen laughed a bit to herself as she barely saw Alex splash around in her drink as he met the cold mass, and just as an added bonus for herself she decided to play unaware of her little morsel as she reached for the glasses.


“Where could that little boy had ran off to last night, I sure hope we find him before something bad happens to him,” she spoke to herself, containing her laughter well, as she walked over to the living room and called out for Rose by the hallway.


Rose awoke to a panic when she heard her mother call out, she quickly located and grabbed her toy and put box in the box and hid it under her bed. Once she finished stuffing it to the back of the under part of her bed she opened her drawer and pulled out some sweats and a tee shirt and through them on in a matter of seconds forgetting to put and underwear and walked out through the hallway.


“Hey mom,” smiled and it quickly faded when she soon realized she left her phone in her room.


“Good morning sweetheart, I made you a smoothie,” she said as she handed of the protein shake to Rose, “oh and have you seen Alex since last night dear?”


“Thanks mom,” Rose said as she took a sip if the smoothie, “and no I haven't, have you?”

She replied.


“No but I doubt he has gotten far from your room, and i'm sure he'll turn up eventually,”

Ellen said as she took a sip of her smoothie.


Alex watched in horror as his mother's face came closer and closer to the rim of the glass, he tried to swim against the current but the waves were to strong for Alex to gain any distance from the black hole that was his mother's mouth. Alex's efforts doubled as he saw the giant rows of white pillars above and in front of him yet proved fruitless as his surroundings grew dim.

Rose began to walk back through the hallway to her room as Ellen smiled as she looked back down into her smoothie, not seeing any tiny boys floating around meaning he is apart of the drink in her mouth.  Now completely inside Ellen's mouth, Alex struggled against her violating tongue as he choked on sticky saliva. She pushed him against the roof her mouth and sucked on him like a lozenge, eliciting a moan of pleasure that rumbled from deep in her throat. Then she swished him back and forth between her cheeks, drowning him in saliva and disorienting him. She even held him between her teeth, nibbling at him gently. When she returned him to the center of her tongue he was battered, bruised and exhausted. He couldn't fight back as she took one final swallow, sending him down into her belly at last running her index finger along her throat all the way down her double chin to her stomach as she began to pat on her belly.
Ellen felt Alex plop down in her gut heavily, and sighed. The cute little boy had been even more delicious than she hoped, but perhaps not quite as filling. She could still feel him moving, though. The faint ticklish sensation was very pleasurable and relaxing. Ellen gave her belly – now bloated out slightly more with the addition of Alex– an affectionate rub.


“Well I'm gonna go get dressed and head out to the gym, I'll be back in a bit,” Rose called out from her room as she walked back, thankful that her mom didn't walk into her room to wake her up. Ellen walked back to the couch and. After a moment she felt a movement in her belly. It was a faint tickling sensation, and it felt almost pleasurable to her. Now that her attention was focused on her tummy, she also felt the slight pressure of gases. The pressure rose into her chest, becoming an airy, feminine belch. Surprised and a bit embarrassed, Ellen covered her mouth with her hand, and giggled, “Excuse me.” I guess eating tiny boys makes me gassy, she thought with a wry grin. The burp had brought back some of her smoothies sweet taste to her mouth, and she savored it guiltily.

For Alex this had been a hellish experience, waking up to almost drowning to now being a part of his mother's drink and now being trapped his mother's empty stomach with no way to climb out like last time. It wouldn't be long before his mother's stomach began to digest him like everything else his mother had eaten before. As much as this had been a turn on for him last time, Alex tried to avoid cumming in his mom's putrid smelling stomach again and instead find a way out. Before Alex could even get an idea of his surroundings in the dark temple of his mother's stomach in the bile that was waist high for him, the world began to shake.


Ellen was now just jiggling her belly around to shake Alex's world to pass the time for Rose to leave so she could go “enjoy” herself with her little morsel running around in her. After a few minutes she saw Rose head out the front door and heard her as she walked down the stairs on her way to the gym. With that Ellen began to rub herself and sliding a hand down to her crotch. She moaned loudly, licking her lips as she pictured what she'd set in motion with her own son. She slipped a finger inside herself, her other hand massaging her clit.“Jesus Christ” she murmured, grinding back and forth on the couch, imagining what it must've looked like, felt like. She squirmed all over her seat as she pictured it from his point of view, being swallowed by his “unaware” giant mother. Ellen's hips bucked repeatedly with her powerful orgasm as she thought back to swallowing her son. Ellen's fingers slipped in and out of her pussy at a feverish pace. She was on her back, thrusting her hips in the air. Her bloated belly jiggled with each thrust. All of the movement was making her stomach gurgle loudly around its contents. Contents that included at one point, her tiny, struggling son.  She continued masturbating, her panting and moaning getting louder until finally she reached climax. Screaming in pleasure, her eyes rolled back and her arms and legs were shaky. She settled back down on the couch with her eyes closed. Patting her belly, a large belch ripped through her. Smiling to herself, she stretched and continued to rub her gurgling gut. Though she enjoyed her meal, it wasn't quite filling as she thought it would be and she decided that she wanted to give Alex a little “company” as she made her way over to the kitchen and grabbed a pizza box that had been sitting in the fridge since last night when she ordered it before she went to sleep.


“How the fuck did I get into this mess,” Alex asked himself while he trudged around in the muck looking for something to help him escape. That train of thought ended unceremoniously when the esophageal sphincter above him opened, depositing large wad of chewed food directly onto Alex's head. It impacted him with a wet smack and broke apart, smearing his body with viscous gunk. “Ugh, gross.” Alex muttered, wiping some the mess off his face. ‘You sure picked a great time to have a snack, mom’, he thought as he pulled off the large chunks of food off of him.

      Still covered in filth, with his eyes barely adjusted to the darkness, Alex decided this was as clean as he was going to get, and turned to crawl back to the stomach's high ground, only to find a huge mass of food blocking his path. The multicolored blob had even begun to slide down to where he was sitting. “Guess I wasn't very filling,” he deadpanned. Left with no choice, Alex stood up on the ridged, undulating floor of the stomach and waded carefully into the muck. Pushing aside the more solid chunks of food with his arms, he took an uncertain step, and then another before losing his footing as the stomach convulsed. He tumbled over backwards, landing with full force in the middle of the mess. Laying in defeat, Alex looked up at the sphincter just in time to see it divulge another wad of food right onto him.

      The food kept coming as Alex lost track of time, aware only of the stomach's strange movements and sounds. Soon he was buried completely. Even with no room to breathe, being entombed in food and digestive bile was hot and uncomfortable. Time to move, he thought, and gathered his strength to fight back to the surface. After a second or two of twisting and pushing at the quagmire around him, he surfaced, sputtering and gasping. Ellen's belly was very full now; only a small pocket of air remained at the top. Floating chest-deep in food, Alex found his head was very close to the top of the stomach. He reached his arm up hoping to get a grip on her esophagus in order to stay above the sea of food. Another clump of food landed directly on him and knocked him out cold and it wouldn't be long before the stomach acid below that accepted his cum would make its way up to him.


The last slice of pizza lay across the center, and the monstrous woman had just slipped the last bite of the second slice between her plump, red lips. She chewed away at it happily, before realizing there was something stuck in her cleavage. Her hand went down to retrieve a chunk of crust almost the size of Alex and his toys. With a deft motion, it was thrown into her already-full mouth mid-chew. Ellen thought about how she should pick up more of those little toys Alex had and sprinkle them on to the food she ate more often as moments later the whole mass was swallowed down with an audible 'gulp', nothing more than a bulge that quickly disappeared behind Ellen's giant bust.

   As soon as the bulge passed, Ellen sighed happily. From somewhere below, Alex heard a soft slapping noise as she patted her gut, satisfied by her meal. Ellen wiped a few strands of stray spit off her chin, the remnants of the immense belch she had just loosed. That felt good, she thought, and rubbed her pudgy, bloated gut. She had taken off her shirt a while ago, and her belly now lay heavily in her lap.

      As Ellen massaged the soft skin, she became aware of a new sensation: Alex's frantic struggles, amplified by how tightly he was pressed into the wall of her stomach. Poor thing, she thought with concern, my stomach's probably a pretty nasty place to be right now. If it was uncomfortable for her, she couldn't imagine what he was going through. She did her best to comfort him, taking her hand and gently massaging the part of her tummy where she felt him moving. She hoped the soothing motion would calm him down. Slowly his squirming subsided, allowing Ellen go relax and enjoy the sensation of fullness. For a few minutes she laid back in the chair and rubbed her aching belly, eyes closed in bliss.

       Slowly recovering from her indulgence, Ellen sat up as straight as she could with her stuffed belly in the way. She surveyed her surroundings and groaned, “Ugh, I'm such a pig.” The floor was littered with crumbs, and her dress was smeared and stained. She knew she'd eaten far too much, but then again she always ate like this.

      A few minutes later Ellen entered her bedroom and moved over to the bed. After pulling back the covers she turned and plopped down heavily on the bed, causing it to creak under her weight. Ellen cringed in discomfort as her belly sloshed and gurgled from the excessive motion. For a moment she felt her throat and jaw tightened, and she almost vomited. With a few dry swallows she suppressed the bile, instead releasing a dainty burp. With her stomach finally settled, Ellen laid back and pulled the covers over herself, shimmying a bit to get comfortable she thought about how maybe she should pull Alex out of her but then she thought back to how he escaped her stomach before while she sleep so she didn't worry too much. Now lulled by fullness and the quiet noises of digestion, Ellen quickly fell asleep.


A few hours later into the afternoon, Ellen awoke from her little after food nap to her stomach gurgling signaling that her stomach was now mostly empty and she would have to soon go to the restroom. She expected to she Alex somewhere nearby but she didn't see the tiny boy anywhere. Ellen got up from her bed and made her way over to the box that contained the glow in the dark string and pulled out the string and began to swallow most of it holding the tip by her fingers outside of her mouth. Ellen was expecting to feel a slight tug on the string after a moment but a minute or two had past. A little worried Ellen pulled the string out and just thought that maybe it had been too short or something and besides Alex was probably fine because Rose only goes to the gym for about an hour and she hadn't returned home yet. That thought was put aside when Ellen began to feel mother nature call, she made her way over to her room and entered her private bathroom only to stop and take a moment and admire her naked body in the mirror. She noticed how her stomach appeared more pudgy than usual as well as how her ass and tits had gotten a little bigger after her last meal. After a moment of looking at herself, Ellen's stomach rumbled again reminding her why she was her again.

Ellen sat down on her toilet and began to let nature takes its course, and took a few deep breaths to relax her muscles, but as soon as she did a thick, hot log of excrement emerged, and it didn't stop. Ellen grunted and curled her toes as the snake made its uncomfortable exit. The longer it took the more she feared she might be having a prolapse. After what seemed like minutes, it stopped just as quickly as it started. Her anus pinched closed, and the tail end of the mighty turd splashed down into the toilet bowl. She sighed with relief, wiped, and stood up to inspect her work. A long, brown tube of waste, curled and folded over itself, filled most of the bowl, sticking out of the water in some places. Ellen reckoned it might be the entire length of her colon, and began to flush her creation. Upon closer inspection of the turd, Alex's little skeleton could be made out, polished ivory white by digestive acids. He was embedded near the tail end, and stood out as the only white in the dark brown log. Ellen washed her hands and made her way to the room to search for Alex thinking he was hiding again, however the only remnants of the boy she ate were now resting in the sewers and on her hips and tits.


End Notes:

I hope you all enjoyed this story😊😊 I plan to make another story soon and I was thinking if I should make it POV or 3rd person like this one.

The end : Rose by Sketchy17

After pondering for a moment about which drink to drop her shrunken son in, Ellen began to speak aloud yet softly to herself, I feel like he'll make a great little addition to her breakfast, and I'm sure she'll feel him and when she mentions it I can just use the rope to pull him out and then maybe later I can get her to feed him to me” Ultimately with those thoughts in mind she decided that she should drop Alex into Rose's Smoothie. With that Alex was unceremoniously dump in cup of the white creamy smoothie below with his next destination set to be in the belly of his goddess of a sister and maybe Ellen's later if the plan works out.


Alex was woken up with a jolt of cold covering his body. He tried to open his mouth but upon doing so his mouth got filled with a familiar taste, vanilla. Alex noticing the density in the world around him tried to claw his way up to the warmness of the air. Upon breaking the surface Alex's lungs filled with air as the burning sensation in his chest began to stop. With the adrenaline pumping from that life or death situation, Alex quickly glanced around him trying to stay a float in the white mass around him. What he noticed next shocked him, the world around him was his kitchen but it was off somehow. As he turned around he saw a familiar face, it was Ellen's and she seemed to be smiling down at the white substance around him. Alex began frantically waving as she reached out towards him but he noticed she was reaching for him but the container he was trapped in.


Ellen laughed a bit to herself as she barely saw Alex splash around in her drink as he met the cold mass, and just as an added bonus for herself she decided to play unaware of her little morse as she reached for the glasses.


“Where could that little boy had ran off to last night, I sure hope we find him before something bad happens to him,” she spoke to herself, containing her laughter well, as she walked over to the living room and called out for Rose by the hallway.


Rose awoke to a panic when she heard her mother call out, she quickly located and grabbed her toy and put box in the box and hid it under her bed. Once she finished stuffing it to the back of the under part of her bed she opened her drawer and pulled out some sweats and a tee shirt and through them on in a matter of seconds forgetting to put and underwear and walked out through the hallway.


“Hey mom,” smiled and it quickly faded when she soon realized she left her phone in her room.


“Good morning sweetheart, I made you a smoothie,” she said as she handed of the protein shake to Rose, “oh and have you seen Alex since last night dear?”


“Thanks mom,” Rose said as she took a sip if the smoothie, “and no I haven't, have you?”

She replied.


“Well I'm sure he'll turn up eventually, a person that small could only travel so far,” Ellen replied jokingly.


“Okay mom, well I'm going to go get dressed and head to the gym,” Rose said before she began to chug down her smoothie in front of Ellen and released a major belch walking through the hallway.

Alex kept swimming as hard as he could against gravity until a familiar sensation slithered across his belly. It was the giant tongue of his giant sister. She had emptied her cup and was licking the last few drops into her mouth and he were coming along for the ride. Alex tried to jump off but he couldn't get a foothold on the slick flesh. He was brought fully inside and her teeth closed in front of him. A gulp rang out as he was smashed up into the roof of her mouth. She was swallowing the rest of the smoothie. The tongue continues to rub against him like an overly affectionate whale as Rose tried to figure out what he was. Alex didn't feel like something she'd normally find in her smoothie but after soaking in the stuff he certainly tasted like it. She figured that Mom must have put in too much powder and he was just a wad of undissolved protein powder. With that in mind, the tongue bucked him off onto something hard. Alex looked up to see a set of massive teeth heading right for him and he realized what was happening. Not wanting to get chewed up, he rolled off of the teeth and fell under his sister's tongue. Alex remained still as her jaw continued to move up and down. Alex's heart was pounding and adrenaline was pumping from the brush with death. Rose nearly pulverized him without even thinking about it.


With whatever that was in her mouth seemingly pulverized, Rose swallowed again and her tongue returned to its resting position. Alex shouldn't have been surprised by what happened next. Rose’s stomach groaned and he heard a terrible sound coming from behind him.


Curiosity got the better of Alex and he peeked his head up from the side of her tongue. He was then treated to an explosive release of putrid gas that came erupting from her stomach. Rose was emitting a thunderous belch and he was in the splash zone. A fiery wind burned his eyes and the rotten scent of digestion rattled his brain. It took everything Alex had to not vomit right there on the edge of her tongue. Alex retreated back under as the rest of the toxic gas passed over. Tears streamed down his face and mixed with her saliva. Alex had to think carefully about his next move. Unlike when he was in Ellen, Rose was awake and might try to chew on him again if she noticed his presence.


Back on the outside Ellen was losing it, she had just fed Alex to Rose, and Rose was completely unaware of the torment Alex is and will be going through in her body. Ellen couldn't wait for Rose to go leave so she could have the house to her lonesome and pleasure herself.


Rose entered her room, still thankful that her mother hadn't came into the room to wake her, and began to get dressed putting on her black sports bra and matching black yoga pants and put on a white shirt. With that rose made her way out the door and began her five minute walk to the gym.


Now that Rose had left Ellen was finally free to pleasure herself. She moaned loudly, licking her lips as she pictured what she'd done with her own son. She slipped a finger inside herself, her other hand massaging her clit. “I should have done this with him the first day I found ” she murmured, grinding back and forth on the couch, imagining what it must've looked like, felt like. She squirmed all over her seat as she pictured it from his point of view, being swallowed by his “unaware” giant sister. Ellen's hips bucked repeatedly with her powerful orgasm as she thought back to her daughter swallowing her shrunken son. Ellen's fingers slipped in and out of her pussy at a feverish pace. She was on her back, thrusting her hips in the air. She was in heaven at this point.


Alex however was in hell, the situation was almost as terrifying as it was disgusting. He knew staying underneath Rose’s tongue was not a long term strategy and frankly he didn't want it to be. Now that she thought her mouth was empty, making his presence inside known might give her reason to investigate


With that in mind Alex tried to push thoughts of what will happen if he messed up out of his head as he climbed up onto her tongue. The muscle twitched at his touch and began prodding him before he even got all the way up. It swept up underneath him and Alex face-planted on top of the spongy flesh. Looking up he saw her dark throat begin to arch as he began to slip down into the dark and putrid hole. Just as he was about to disappear down Rose's throat, he pushed himself up and jumped over the gaping hole and clung to her swaying uvula. He hugged it's slippery surface desperately, clinging for dear life as he dangled over that dark abyss yet again. Before Rose could even register there was something on her uvula, Alex's gripped failed him.


Alex tried to scream as the muscles of her esophagus contracted in an effort to drag him down into her unforgiving stomach. After being pulled for what felt like a lifetime Alex soon reached the sphincter and splashed into the swamp that was his sister's stomach bile.


Alex quickly swam up to the top, screaming as he broke the surface. The acids were in full effect, and his skin was already starting to burn. Tears began streaming down his face. Alex's time was quickly running out, and he knew it.

On the outside Rose had already made it the the gym about five minutes ago was in the middle of her first set of curls when her stomach began to gurgle. ‘i should really start eating more for breakfast,’ she thought as she continued her workout.

As an hour had passed, sweat ran down Rose's toned six-pack abs as she did sit-up after sit-up. She struggled to rise one last time. ‘And that makes sixty’ she spoke out to herself. With that Rose was proud of herself and still being hungry decided to go out and get some food and she also decided today would be a good cheat day as she made her way out of the gym and to the nearest McDonald's. Rose thought that Ellen wouldn't mind her being out longer than usual.


‘I need to get the hell out of her fast’ Alex thought as he tried to reach for something he could grab a hold of and stay afloat on for a bit. However that search in the dark was cut short when the esophageal sphincter above him opened, depositing large wad of chewed food directly onto Alex's head. It impacted him with a wet smack and broke apart, smearing his body with viscous gunk and knocking Alex out.


Underneath Hayley’s sweaty, toned abdominal muscles, her stomach quietly churned. Digestion was well on its way, being stimulated from her workout. The burger and fries had already turned into meaty slop, and a tiny boy swirled through the churning digestive cocktail. The screams and crying that had echoed against this fleshy prison had silenced a few minutes prior. A tiny, still, raw body, not quite dead but getting closer every minute, bobbed up before quickly being sucked back down. More and more of the digested food disappeared down into Rose’s deadly bowels, and Alex’s near comatose form sank closer and closer towards the sphincter each time it opened.


By the time Rose made it home, Alex had became only nutrients for her body and fat on her ass and tits. Only Ellen had known about Alex's fate within his own giantess sister.


End Notes:

Like I said before I hope you all enjoyed this story and here's an alternative ending for those of you who wanted to get more action from Rose.

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