The Gas! by Masta

[The gas in the title does not refer to farts, it refers to an actual shrinking gas!]


Terrible shrinking gas. Terrorists. Spaceships trying to escape the gas. Guns that are trying to shoot down the spaceships. Super intellegent AIs. What else could you want?


Still relativly new to writing, so this could be fun...


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Beginning/Mission Start/Origin/Whatever you wanna call it by Masta
Author's Notes:

As you can see, I'm clearly new to writing, and this can be seen as "trying the water". Comments with advise are highly appreciated.




The year is 2557. The world is on the verge of war. Humanity barely survived the third world war, which relied heavily on the use of nuclear weapons. However, an even worse weapon was discovered, one so bad that, unlike nuclear weapons, a group of terrorists can easily end the entire human race. What weapon can cause destruction on such a level? Nothing more like a terrible shrinking gas.




Now, before I get too far into mind-numbing exposition, let’s get a few things straight here. The gas would shrink most things that it would come into contact with, save for things that would break the story, such as the surface of the Earth. It would shrink buildings, plants, and other living things, but for sake of simplicity, we’re going to assume that the gas does NOT shrink the molecules in the atmosphere, the planet itself, stuff like that.




Katie James and her family were among the last humans to leave Earth before the planet was entirely covered in the blue gas that had the slightest scent of apple juice. The terrorist group “The Communist Socialist Fascist Party of Northern Southern Australia” got its hands onto a few dozen missiles topped with the gas, and everything went down the shitter.




“They got hold of WHAT?!?!?” the general barked, unaware that he was spilling his morning joe all over the computers of engineers.


“We noticed that 35 of our missiles were missing today,” an engineer responded in an unnaturally calm voice, “And 35 vats of the chemical agent ‘shrinkudown’ were also gone.”


“Well, someone set the alert level to brown. All jokes aside, start the immediate evacuation of civilians, military officials, scientists, engineers, politicians… ok, leave the last group, but evac via our remaining frigates. They should be able to jump a safe distance from Earth. Alert the rest of the world leaders via Skype, triple encrypted in that 20th century German whatchamacaller code thingy.”


“Roger that. Also, we don’t have a code brown.”


“Shut your lips before I personally make you code brown, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?”




“Come on, Mom! There is no need to pack my swimsuit!” Katie was rather confused. She and her family had just finished breakfast when the television had suddenly powered itself on. The last time that an appliance had turned itself on was back when John was trying out his new AI, which was meant to drive a car by itself, but only crashed a RC-car into a LEGO house 3 seconds after gaining control of the car.


“Seriously mom! We’re gonna be on a military frigate! There are no swimming pools to swim in!”


“What if there are, Katie?”


“Why the hell would there ever be a swimming pool on a machine designed to fight aliens?”


“Why not?”




Boarding Transcendence was quite chaotic, as there were several thousand desperate people, and only 5 doors. Six stressful hours later, Katie was finally able to board, having been separated from her family when a man in a business suit thought that he was the most important man that has ever existed, and pushed through the crowd. This caused a huge fight to develop in the line, causing families to become separated as what was once a peaceful line of desperate humans turned into a chaotic line of desperate humans fighting to get to the same place.




Due to its late departure, Transcendence was able to avoid the maelstrom of flak and anti-air fire as countries fell to terrorists, who activated the orbital defense stations. However, after the first few missiles containing the gas hit, the terrorists turned off the guns and attempted to escape into space. Only one ship was able to make it to space. Said ship was immediately rammed by the Transcendence after it was revealed that it contained the same terrorists that had stolen the 35 missiles. Once in orbit, however, a scan revealed that Transcendence was the only ship that was able to make it to space, and the 5,000 people on board would possibly become the last normal-sized humans in existence. The shrinking gas shrinks most objects that it comes into contact with to 0.83% of its original size, but the gas is unable to reach an altitude higher than 150,000 feet. Of course, Transcendence was orbiting Earth at the typical altitude of 120 miles, which would have been a safe cruising altitude… 500 years ago.




The first of the explosions occurred just minutes after launch. It sounded more like distant thunder than anything, but the second volley of explosions sounded much more like… well, explosions. Not before long, a third set of explosions rocked the ship, and when we looked through the glass window that would normally reveal a great view of the ship’s bridge, all we saw was a mass of mangled metal and the remains of a 21st century “international space station.” Mass panic ensued as I ran to one of the escape pods. The ship AI, Madison, had already copied herself into each of the pods well before launch, so I actually didn’t have to do any flying in the single-occupant pod. Instead, I got to watch the entire ship explode when it hit a flying chunk of metal that was considerably smaller than what the bridge hit. I was confused, until-


“That was the booster stage of Apollo 13,” said a voice.


“Madison? How can you see what I am seeing?”


“Oh, there are just cameras all over this thing. It’s rather nice, being able to almost experience what you guys feel every day.”


“Well, can you put this pod in a safer position? I don’t want to hit an old soviet satellite or something…”


“Consider that complete. We are now orbiting at the altitude of high-level geosynchronous orbit, which means that other satellites orbiting at this altitude would naturally be going at the same speed as we are. Unless the creators wanted to spent many millions of credits to… destroy their own creations in under a second. Not a good use of your money, if you ask me.”


“Yeah… oh shoot.”



“Madison, can you do a quick surface scan of the planet?”


“That’s a negative, Katie, but I can try to scan the debris of the ship, well, what used to be the ship, and see if there are any survivors that we can pick up. This pod was certified for one person, but I ran the tests, and we can have up to three people safely in this pod for 5,000 years, and I doubt that we would be up here for 5,000 years. In the meantime, I’ll prepare the cryo tube for you, just in case that there are no survivors and we would be up here for some time.”




“Well, good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?”


“Madison, what do you think?”


“Ok, I’m going to tell you the bad news first.”




“The bad news is that there are no signs of life in the remains of the ship. I think that you are the only survivor.”


“Madison, how can there possibly be good news if I am the last survivor?”


“Well, we have a cryo tube in the pod, which means that your aging could effectively be halted for an indefinite amount of time. This pod also has self-repairing solar panels and a highly efficient fusion reactor that can run for 50,000 years before a maintenance check, but I don’t plan on spending 50,000 years up here.”


“Any other good news… or just… news…?”


“Uhh yeah… Surface scans show that all living forms were shrunken down, which means that theoretically you are the king predator of the entire planet now, although weather can be a slight issue. My simulations are showing that the weather would become much less severe with much smaller trees, and the extreme points of the planet would become much less extreme.”


“Madison, what the hell does all of that mean?”


“Once, nothing living can kill you now. Two, it would be incredibly hard for nature to kill you in the near future. Three, you look real sexy in those 4-inch shorts, babe.”


“What the hell, Madison. I thought that you were an AI.”


“Yes, but smart AIs can develop feelings, too. Watch out for tiny men trying to win a date with you.”


“Eww… I rather not think about it…”


“Well, in that case, your cryo tube is ready. I’ll wake you up when it is safe to return to the surface.”


“All right, then.”


“Katie, one last thing.”




“I know what you are thinking, and it is something that I forgot to tell you.”



“This pod is certified for atmospheric re-entry.”


“Uhh, no, Madison, I was thinking of where I could get something less revealing to wear when I return to the surface.”


“Oh well, sleep tight.”


[Cryo-tube activated]




End Notes:

So Katie is frozen in a cryo-tube, Madison is probably playing tic-tac-toe with herself (what else would a computer be doing for a few centuries?), and the world has become a smaller place. What would occur when giant-sized Katie (well, normal-sized Katie, but giant-sized in comparsion) returns to the surface? Would the people see her as a goddess or as a monster?

Arrival by Masta
Author's Notes:

Holy crap its been a while, I guess that I proved that I am great at procrastinating.

A muffled voice had awoken Katie. She tried to push herself upright, but then realized that her entire body seemed to be stiff and unmovable. Blood in her veins seemed to be melting, and with quite some effort, Katie opened her eyes to what would be a beautiful sight, if she wasn't living it, that is.


She seemed to be behind some sort of frosty window, and in a patch of frost-less glass, the window to the space outside is visible, with the Sun rising over the horizon of the blue orb known as Earth. However, this cannot be the same Earth as Katie had know it, as the entire atmosphere was not a blue haze, but more of a brown muck... unless...


"Mission elapsed time: 3488 years, 11 months exact."


"Well shit, its been over 3400 years," said a familiar voice out of nowhere. Suddenly, the frost-covered pane opened, and warm but stale air rushed into the tiny room where Katie is now standing upright. "You haven't completly lost your memory?", said the voice.


"Uhh... who are you?" Katie heard herself ask, "You seem familiar, but I can't really recall who you are..."


"Well, it looks like you are recovering just fine from cryo sleep, temporal loss of memory would wear off about five minutes after you exit your cryo tube."


And then, about 4 minutes later...



"Catching on quick, are you? Most people don't remember names until the tenth minute, and here you are, talking to an AI only 5 minutes after leaving the tube..."




"Of course, my name could just be the first thing that came to your mind, but I would think that my human specimen is much smarter than that. After all, you did make your way to the lifeboat by yourself, didn't you?"




"But Katie, you seem to only remember my name, surely you did not get permanent brain damage?"

"No... Madison, its just that... we need to get more altitude. Now."

"Katie, I think I know a lot more about flying this lifeboat than you."


"Well, Madison, I got a pair of eyes, you don't, and unless your external cameras are malfunctioning, then you should be able to see what I am seeing from the main windshield. It almost looks like the exterior of the ship is on fire, and the altitude meter is reading 75 thousand meters..."


"Oh shoot, we seem to be re-entering the atmosphere too early! This must be the computer starting the auto-reentry process without my permission! The shipboard AI is incredibly dumb, but after thousands of years of brute force attacks..."

"Madison, is there anything that you can do?"


"The surface seems safe for you to return anyway. Do you wish to return to the surface and start your new life?"


"Well, yes please, I don't want to be cramped in this lifeboat much longer. Also, will you come with me?"

"If you look in the cabinet to your left, you can find a holographic chip there. Just plug it into the controls, and I can upload myself into the chip."


"All right then, but stick with me, I don't want to lose my memory again."


"Katie, you are not losing your memory unless you go into the cryo-tube and turn it on. But you could lose your mind when we return to the surface. It is going to be an entirely different world."


"All right then... and did you find anywhere for me to change into something less revealing?"


"Not yet..."


<50 000 meters. Autobrake enabled.>



End Notes:

Well... maybe I can procrastinate for a few more months and say that I am just "thinking of more ideas." But hopefully the next few chapters would come sooner than the previous ones.

Actual arrival by Masta
Author's Notes:

I might try something unorthodox in the near future... not sure how it might end out but I guess that it would be cool.


Yay! An update that didn't take months!


P.S. Changed size range from 501ft -1 mile to 100 ft - 500 ft (still haven't decided exact size yet) but it would make interaction a helluva lot easier.


P.P.S. Changed rating from PG to R (Just for some extra safety. This story might be more of a PG-13 though.)

"Madison, this is Florida?"

"Katie, if I had a physical body, I would hang on real tight. The parachutes are about to deploy."

Entering the atmosphere was uneventful, unless Madison losing control of the lifepod for a few terrifying seconds when Katie had accidently nudged her chip out of the port counts as eventful. The atmosphere has seemed to have recovered from centuries of abuse from the human race, which came to a shock to Katie, who learned in school that the atmosphere was past the "point of no return."

Madison, however, had other things on her (digital) mind.

"Katie, you have to be more careful near these people. Your clumsiness nearly destroyed this lifeboat. Imagine if you had nudged a building with your butt!"

"I'm sorry Madison, and I swear that I would not want to get close enough to nudge buildings with my butt anytime soon."

"Katie, you know its going to happen. You will have to communicate with the population if you want to or not, and you would have to walk through their cities."

At the mention of cities, however, Katie had memories of narrow alleyways that evolved into...

"Madison... what if I'm too big for the city streets? What if I'm too wide?"

"There's always those stories that perverts write about some girl suddenly growing to gigantic sizes, maybe you can read those and learn to adjust to your new size."

"Wow, I never thought that I would be thankful for perverts on this world."

"Just be careful with them, would you? Oh, and we're going to be landing any second now, so get your stuff ready, I'm getting signs of life down at the surface... and not all of them are plants."


"Look, over there!"

"What the-"

"What'nvers in tha thing mus' be huge, I tell ya'll, HUGE!"

"Someone call the police!"

"Vha' vould zee polize be able to zo to zat zhing?"

"Look mom, something's coming from inside the meteor!"

"It looks more like someone is coming from it... oh my..."


"Madison... how do you operate this door?"

"It's automated. Give me a sec... or a few minutes... oh my, this is complicated. Also, can you stop starting all of your sentences with "Madison" or "uhh... Madison?"

"Fine, but breaking bad habits are hard, you know?"

"And all I had to do was to edit the code. Guess there are advantages to being an AI."

A few minutes later...


"And I thought the phrase was 'send me out with a bang,' not enter with a bang..." said Katie, "At least the world seems like it didn't change that much..."

"We'll see about that, come on, let's get exploring!" Madison had already installed herself into Katie's neural interface, allowing her to travel anywhere that Katie did, but also revealing that...

"Holy shit Madison, you are hot."

"Holy shit Katie, that was not necessary. At all."

"Well... I guess. But I figured that I could let it out right here, where it only looks like plains and some hills in the distance."

"Ok, but promise me that you won't make any more comments about my body. We get a lot of options to choose from, but when you got a few thousand years to choose an avatar things can get out of hand..."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at Rose, the shipboard AI for that mining ship that drifted into deep space. When the ship finally made it back to the sol system, she started growing a third arm."

"What good does a third arm do? Also, you're smarter than that, Madison."

"Ehh... I don't know... I see you guys struggle with tasks that would be trival with three arms..."


"Texting and driving."

As if right on cue, Katie had the slightest feeling that had hit her right pinky toe...

"What th-"

All thoughts of a mining ship drifting in deep space, AI avatars with three arms, and looking for a nice tree to lie under just left her mind and the bottom of her stomach felt as if it had fallen about three feet to the ground (Katie was a rather tall girl), but no, this can't be right...

"Who left that toy car out here..?" asked Katie.

"Katie... that isn't a model car..."

"I- wha- oh my."

End Notes:

Ok, who did leave that toy car there?

Old MacDonald had a farm... by Masta
Author's Notes:

Finally decided on a height for our giantess (350 feet, makes interaction a bit difficult, I guess). And decided that the best place for a neural interface would be a wristband. Make it less painful than what I've seen in other stories, with examples such as something along the lines of a USB port in the neck area, the AI being surgically implented into the host's brain, and other nasty stuff I won't be getting into.

Oh look! Horizontal line! Yay! Making it easy to see where the actual story begins!



Madison was unsure of what she would do if Katie had fainted. Her legs were trembling and Madison was sure that whoever was in the yellow car that hit Katie's toe is about to get smashed into nothingness...

Except Katie had not fainted. But the same cannot be said for the driver of the car.

"Well, I guess that you made quite the bold entrance."

"Madison, what do you mean?"

"You nearly crushed a man and his car on your first step back on Earth. That's quite some way to make first contact."

"Look here, it wasn't my fault that he drove his car right into my toe!"

"But you put your foot in front of the car and he didn't have any time to react. And even if he did, your foot is twice as wide as the road anyway."

"Madison, people always said that I had small feet."

"Not anymore. Your feet would be considered rather big if it is larger than the average barn house. And if you look to your left you can find one. I daresay your foot can easily crush the entire barn. Not that you should try it out."

"I never really liked responsibility..."

"Don't forget that visit we have to make to the city! Maybe we should use the countryside for practice..."

"Yeah, good idea." Katie spotted a nearby town, and heading in that direction, ready to make a better second impression, but alas...

"Katie, you are demolishing the road."

"Am I? Oh shoot, I am!"

"Yeah, I don't think that your footprints can count as everyday potholes. Not when the potholes are deeper than how tall these people are. It also appears that you punctured the water pipes. At least the power lines are not affecting you like I thought..."

"Power lines?"

"Look down at your feet."

Wrapped around Katie's ankles were numerous wires and snapped poles, and Katie, who had clearly seen too many movies with people having their ankles tied together, did not dare move her feet.

"Now see here, I know that it looks like you got yourself in a sticky situation..."

"Madison, if I move at all I'll probably trip and crush half of that community, so do some of your AI shit and help me find a way to untie this knot or something."

"Just move your foot."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"You're a fucking giantess. You probably snapped hundreds of those poles without even know about it, and a few wires that are actually a few inches wide to a normal sized person is going to trip you? Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"Are you sure that this would not trip me?"

"Oh look, you're already breaking some wires."

Looking down, Katie saw that many wires were indeed snapping, segments of wire flying for a few feet and landing harmlessly in the nearby field...

"When did we walk into a field?"

"No Katie, when did you crush half of the perimeter fence and walk into this field?"

"Now really, if I crushed a few hundred yards of fence then I would have felt it..."

"You're wearing sneakers. Your toe probably weighs more than a train locomotive anyway. And please tell me that you've seen what happens when a weak wooden fence gets rammed by anything that weighs more than a few hundred pounds."

"It crumbles..."

"Yeah. And I think your toe does not weigh nearly as much as you do. Now what happens when a 300-foot tall giantess steps on a fence, wearing sneakers, while arguing to an AI about what happens when a few wires a few hundredths of an inch wide gets wrapped around their ankles? Honestly, I think that I would be a better giantess, even though I am just a bunch of code that knows how to learn."

"Wow Madison, thanks for the advise."

"Oh look Katie, the property owner's coming! Maybe he wants a word with you about his fence... or his crops... or about his power... or his only connection to civilization..."

"Shit, how do I get away..."

"Katie, stop overthinking everything. You are a giantess. Maybe even a goddess, if we're talking raw power. He is a farmer dude who has no electricity, no street connections to anywhere, and you just smashed half of his field. I don't think that he would want to get messy with you."

"OK, fine Madison, I'll go see him now."

"Good. And please squat down instead of sitting down, there's a barn house behind you, and unless I'm mistaken, his animals have taken shelter from you in it. I don't think that he would be willing to speak to you if his animals are meat patties under your butt."

"Ugh Madison, stop being so gross."

"Just be responsible, please?"

"No promises"


"I hate it when you are like that."



"Well, hello there, giantess from the stars!" the farmer shouted.

"Erm... hello... and sorry about your place..." Katie replied, praying that the farmer cannot see Madison in her heads-up display.

"Oh, it's nothin', we're movin' out 'n a few months, we've got us a job in the big city!"

"Well... congratulations!"

"Anyway, are ya lost? I think that you ain't local, the way you seem to wander around."

"Well... yeah... listen, is there anywhere here that I may be able to rest a bit?"

"Like I said, we're movin' out in a few months, you can have that field to your right. It's fallow anyway, the crops we got there aint suited fer this type 'n all, all sun all day."

"Wow... thank you! For getting me a place to sleep... and not running away from me after I crushed half your place..."

"Well, they is gonna pave 'ver my lot in a year to make some "industrial zone," those nutters. I've got meself a job in the big city though, and they're payin' me fer me land, so everythin's a-ok. The house used to be my great-grandmother's though, moved in befor' this city's population even hit firty."

"Wait, where is your grandmother's house?"

"The big one 'round the barn, still in top condition, that thing. Better safety 'nspection ratin's than some skyscrapers in the city, if you can believe that! Real proud of my folk... real proud..."

"You know... that house you were talking about..."

"Yeah?" Terror suddenly filled the farmer's face.

"Relax, I'm not going to use it as a seat cushion or something. I could pick it up and take it somewhere else for you... seeing that I owe you all the damage that I've done here..."

"Nah, you don't have to, can't afford another plot of land anyways... property prices bin risin' and risin, its insane."

"Not unless we can do something about it," Madison whispered in Katie's ear, "I'm an AI built around hacking. I can hack that man's bank account and they won't have any clue what happened. Not that I would enjoy doing that. But if I have to..."

"We'll get you a plot of land. And move your old house. Even if I have to get my hands a bit dirty," Katie said to the farmer calmly, "I don't plan on destroying half your property without helping you rebuild," Katie said to the farmer, not so calmly this time...

"Ma'am... one last thing... where are you from? Surely not near here?"

"Oh, I am from here, all right. But it was a very different world back when I lived here."

Katie smiled at the farmer as she walked away, and accidentally knocked over more power lines and nearly crushed the trailer of a tractor truck on the highway, launching its driver from its windshield. Madison looked insolent but realized that Katie was, after all, only human.

End Notes:



Katie: somewhat careless but at full control here

Madison: incredibly powerful while essentinally having no physical power at the same time

Farmer dude: literally powerless

Tractor-truck driver dude: confused, probably knocked out, wondering what happened to the back of his truck and where that giant foot came from, in need of a large beer.


This could get intresting.


p.s. decided to save that unorthodox thing for later.

Disaster! by Masta
Author's Notes:
Finally, an update! Maybe this means that I'm not dead…?

P.s. I know my comedic side is slowly dying. I'm sorry about that.

P.p.s. Typo in last chapter; Katie was supposed to have stepped on the trailer of the truck carrying a shipment of a popular battle royal game, launching the driver through the windshield.

Ok let's just get on with it, shall we?
“Katie, I think that it is best if we set up a tent soon. It appears that storms might be moving in soon, and lightning is still lighting.”

“Madison, a tent wouldn’t protect me from lighting.”

“At least it would keep you dry.”

“Good point.”

The storm was practically not a threat to Katie, as the chance of lightning was at 0.05%, but Madison decided that it would be nice to set up a tent before night falls anyway. The same cannot be said for the shrunken people. Almost as soon as the rain started to fall, houses started to wash by Katie’s barnhouse-sized feet. She stuck out her feet in an attempt to catch a few of the houses before they got washed away as she sat in the safety of her tent, but the current simply crushed the houses against her feet instead. Horrified, she carefully picked up the rubble and put it in her tent. The survivors were grateful, despite nearly being crushed by their savior's feet.

“You know, that net lying in the corner would have helped.”

Madison gestured to a full-size (to Katie) fishing net lying in the corner of the tent, as well as a few food rations.

“I never knew why they put fishing nets on these lifeboats. Most of the time you don’t want to eat whatever’s in the water anyway. And I wouldn’t think that they had giantess in mind, either.”

“Madison, stop overcomplicating things.”

“Katie, stop assuming that these houses are held together with more than tiny screws and nails. Because they are only held together by tiny screws and nails. These aren’t like those houses that kids used to play with, the ones that you can literally throw a watermelon on and it stays intact. Oh, and there might be people in that rubble, so be careful where you put the rubble. I would not advise putting them anywhere near the flap.”

“Oh relax, it's just a bit of rain.”

“You saw what ‘a bit of rain’ does do their houses. Wouldn’t it also wash away the people?”

“Well… I guess… Madison, why are you so smart?”

“I’m not smart, I just know that a flood that would wash away a house would also wash away the people living inside the house.”

“Madison, stop overcomplicating things.”

The storm had blown itself away by sunrise, and Katie thought for a moment that she went into cryo-sleep in her tent and travelled forward a few more millenia when she walked outside. Trees were uprooted with the debris of houses scattered across the plains. The city had fared a little better, but it appeared that a rather large fire was forming in one of the outer sectors of the city. The field that the farmer had told Katie that she could sleep in was now a stream of mud and debris. Katie feared that if she looked closer, she would see tiny bodies floating past, so she instead focused on the farmhouse on the corner of the farm, with water-filled ditches surrounding it…


That voice sounded familiar. Except, it was a more masculine voice, and Madison was the only person (or AI construct, whatever) that knew her name for the past 3000 years, unless…

“Hey! Frank to stupidly big sexy chick! Did you go deaf?”

Katie looked down and saw the upper half of a man’s body trapped under a brick wall. Except it wasn’t any random man, it was…

“Mr. Farmer! Er… you need some help?”

“Yeah, can you lift this wall of my legs? I was inspecting the damage when we crossed paths, but I guess that your foot was stronger than this wall, and now I find myself trapped under it. At least you didn't step on me.”

Still recovering from the shock of finding everything tiny, Katie was surprised when the wall was no more than a fifth of a centimeter thick, and it weighed as much as a paperclip when Katie picked it up. Yet it was heavy enough to trap Frank…

“Wait a minute, your name is Frank?”

“Yes ma’am. And your name is Katie?”

“How did you know?”

“You’re talking to your wristband and I hear it calling you ‘Katie’, so it wasn’t that hard. What’s with your wristband anyway?”

“Well, you see, it is an AI.”

“A what-the-spook?”

“An AI. Basically a computer with a mind of its own. It helps me perform some basic tasks, such as reading a map or forecasting the weather.”

“Well, I don’t help Katie. I literally guide her and tell her what to do. My name is Madison, by the way. It is nice to meet you.

“Uhh, nice to meet you, Madison…”

“Well, you weren't lying when you said that your farmhouse meets the safety standards. There were houses literally being washed away.”

“You didn't know? The storms are so strong and the soil is so soft here that we build our homes to simply float with the flood, nah, building sturdy foundations are too hard for us. I bet that it would be easy for you though, at such a size.”

“Hold up, those houses were supposed to be washed away by the storm?” Katie suddenly remembering the half dozen houses that were crushed to splinters against her foot.

“Not like a boat in rapids, they're designed to move a few inches or so.”

“Only a few inches? That’s like hardly any movement!”

“My dear Katie, let me enlighten you and explain how your finger has to be at least a good 2 inches long, and the average house is about 4 or 5 inches tall. Surely you didn't think that we can drill to the rock layer for every house? Nah, that's what they did at the city center. Ever wondered why all of that flood water seemed to flow to downtown?”

“City center’s flooded?”

“Indeed it is. And many people would be trapped till the waters recede.”

“Madison, we have to go help those poor people.”

“And what about Frank?”

“He's fine, but I think that the he people in city center is having a much worse day than we are. We have to help them.”

“Well, time to pay a visit to City Hall, assuming that you don’t crush it.”

“Madison, I actually hate your sense of humor.”

Katie started her way to downtown Phillipville (ugh these rich dudes naming cities after themselves), causing tremors that shook Frank’s entire farm. “There are consequences,” Frank thought as a plate shattered after falling from a cabinet, “to every investment. I hope this Katie kid was a good one.”

He then tripped and fell face first into a massive mud-filled ditch that oddly resembled Katie’s right foot. “Damn she’s a big girl. At least her heart is just as big. I don't know anyone who would walk into a flooded city to help rescue people. But I also don't know anyone who can even reach her ankle. And damn she’s pretty.”

Dusting himself off, he made his way back to his home.

End Notes:
At least those dudes and dudettes who lived in the homes that are smashed by Katie's foot have some giant sized rations to live off. Oh wait, opening them. Shoot.
City center by Masta
Author's Notes:

This chapter contains a bit of moderate gore, skip this chapter if you are not a fan of it.(Katie isn't going violent, btw)






Frank was not lying when he said that the downtown area was flooded. The water level was even with the middle of my thighs, which was equivalent to about 100 feet of water for the people down there. The tallest skyscrapers only came up to my sternum, but the streets were only barely wide enough for me to squeeze through. Despite being quite skinny, I had to squeeze my legs to walk through most streets, forcing my thighs to rub together and absolutely demolishing the unlucky cars that slipped between them. Sometimes I had to force my legs through buildings when the streets became narrower, but the buildings were no match against my thighs, which plowed through them with ease. However, I did not want to destroy too much buildings, because if there were people trapped between my thigh and a wall…


Well, let's not talk about that, shall we?

“Katie, you are causing more destruction than the flood did. You literally took out half of that building back there.”


Madison was all about keeping damage to a minimal, but when the buildings are the size of your leg and the streets were a foot wide, some damage was going to occur.


“Why don't you try walking through flooded tinyland? It's not as easy as it seems.”


“I won't even have to walk through it. Just ask for them to come out, and you can carry them to safety.”


“Yeah, like they would even listen…”




“Where did you get that speaker attachment?”


“Oh, just a little something that I was working on for the past 3400 years. Pretty cool, eh?”


Rocking back a little, I felt something crumble as my thighs pushed it with enough force to move a paper clip. However, the thing turned out to be a building that barely reached the top of my ass, and I’ve seen too many videos of bridges being too short for a tall truck…


“Katie, you’re crushing that building behind you.”


“At least nobody’s on the rooftops, there is no way that anyone can climb a flight of stairs that fast…”


“Actually, it appears that a few dozen people already on the roof. Well, what is left of the rooftop. Looks like you crushed most of it beneath your ass. It's hard to tell where the squished bodies transition to the concrete…”


“Holy shit, I sat on at least a hundred people and didn't even realize it…”


What used to be 100 or so people was now a nasty red puddle peppered with tattered clothes, chunks of concrete, and masses of flattened body parts. It is almost as if the bodies had popped when I sat down (then again, not much is known about what happens when a giantess rears a person. It definitely looks like those poor guys are dead though.) The faces of the remaining people on the rooftop turned from relief to fear when I lifted my posterior and they saw more bloody remains stuck to my ass, occasionally falling into the watery depths below.


“Uhh… well then… anyone need help getting out of this place?”


Only one person stepped forward. Everyone else was back in the stairwells, which led to nowhere as the top of the building was pushed a good 5 or 6 feet by the immense force of a giantess nearly sitting on the roof. The stairwell was severed about 35 feet below the roof.


I picked up the person who stepped forward to discover that it was a boy no older than 16 or 17. His left pant leg on his red jeans seemed oddly baggy.


“Hello, what’s your name?”


“M-m-my n-n-name’s J-john… a-and you’re not-t gonna crush m-m-me like you d-did with my parents, m-ma’am?”


“I crushed your parents under my butt? Please forgive me, it was an accident…”


“Well, I hope that I'm in good hands now, ma’am.” He fainted immediately afterwards.


Well, that explained why he stepped forward. I had crushed his parents right in front of him. Carefully peeling back his left pant leg, I discovered that I had also sat on his leg, and I nearly fainted myself upon seeing the remains of his leg.


“It is amazing what a beautiful petite girl can do to a cocky boy.”


“Madison, this is not the time for that.”


This rescue mission was turning out a lot harder than I thought.


“Well, at least we rescued one person. Oh, and you owe this boy his life now.”


“Madison, you are not helping.”


“Well I want to help, ok? There's a hospital a few hundred yards up that hill. It should have survived the storm.”


“Just give me the directions.”


“Just follow this flooded highway and once you leave the city there are a bunch of fields that you can just walk through.”



End Notes:

Poor John. Kinda feel bad for him. :/

Idk what to call this chapter so here's the name I guess. by Masta
Author's Notes:
What??? Second update within a single week? What is this magic?

Summary of previous chapter for people who skipped it due to moderate gore: Katie accidentally sat on some kid's parents and his left leg and messed it up pretty bad, so she's now responsible for his care.

Story begins here, so yeah.

The walk to the hospital was easy enough. A bit of wading through central tinyville and soon enough, we were on the freeway. Unfortunately, it was an elevated freeway, except I didn't know that it was elevated until I my foot came down onto the pavement… and kept going (for a few inches, but still, the freeway looked to be about 30-50 feet off the ground.) The bridge simply crumpled under my foot as if it was aluminum foil.

“Well, we've got a bit of explaining to do later.”

“Yeah, especially why my wristband keeps making sarcastic comments about everything.”

“Get this kid to the hospital first. And try not to kill any more people. You nearly stepped on a bus right there.”

“Oh geez, they really are freakishly small. I didn't even see them.”

“No, you're freakishly big. Imagine how different their lives would be if your foot had landed on their bus instead of that sign”

Looking in my footprint, I saw that I had indeed smashed a sign under my foot. Upon closer inspection (and a bit of bending; the sign was folded in half) I saw that it said that the hospital should be on the next exit.

“Disregard the sign, it was stuck under your foot for a while now. We actually gone past the exit that you were supposed to take. Unless… you suited for some off-roading?”

“I think that I can handle this terrain.” The freeway cuts through a forest, but a couple of trees shouldn't be that hard to walk through. I took my first step on the trees, and they splintered without any resistance. The trees were actually much softer than I thought they would be.

“I see that you are not a treehugger.”

“Well, I actually like trees. It's a shame that I had to crush so many of them.” The forest was now dotted with my footprints in which tree trunks were crushed into a material that resembled sawdust. It was odd how soft the trees were and how good they had felt under my soles.

“Well, you have a weird way of hugging trees then.”

A few more minutes of walking brought us right outside the hospital. There was a handy “drive-through ER,” so we decided to give that a shot (the 7 feet maximum height sign mysteriously disappeared under my foot.)

“Welcome to Riverside Hospital. How can we help you?”

“Uhh, you see, I crushed this kid’s leg, and he’s fainted…”

“Would this patient require urgent care?”

“His entire leg was smashed.”

“Does that classify as urgent?”

“All of the bones in that leg were pulverized and his leg resembles a elongated meat pancake now.”

“Does this kid urgently need care?”

“What if I go in there and smash your legs? Would you need urgent care?”

“Wait, are you mortally obese or something? How can you crush a person’s leg and cause them to faint?”

“Well… just look out the window. I think that it would explain some things.”

“We don't have windows here, I'm sorry.”

“I'll just make my own then. Stand back”

“Wait, what are you-”

Before the poor man knew what was happening, my foot had bust through the wall and he was launched into a pile of pillows (luckily for him, it was laundry day and the pillows were clean.)

“Uhh… what just happened…?”

“Katie, I really don't think kicking down part of a hospital after facesitting a hundred people is a good way to make first contact here.”

“Relax Madison, this kid needs help anyway.”

The man stirred. He was apparently knocked unconscious by my foot smashing through the wall.

“So… you're behind the tremors that shook the entire hospital?”


“And the crashing noises and the smell of pine mulch?”

“That would be my feet.”

“And you saw the 7 feet maximum height sign, knowing that you are a bit taller than that?”

“Actually, I'm only five foot seven, so I don't know why you think I'm seven feet tall. I'm not a basketball player.”

“Hm. And can I see this boy? The one with a crushed leg?”

“Got a stretcher? I don't think that you would like to have me carrying him around the halls.”

“Right, give us a moment.”

A moment later, 2 doctors and a nurse showed up with a stretcher. The nurse proceeded to faint upon seeing me. I guess that seeing the remains of her office desk sticking out from under my toes made her faint or something.

“Uhh ma’am, the boy, please.”

“Damn, what's happened to his leg?”

“She says that she sat on it.”

“Damn, how's he still alive?”

“Wouldn't bet on it.”

“Damn, she's sexy. Wonder how many people she can crush with that ass.”

“I heard that. And why are you starting every sentence with ‘damn?’”

“Damn… big, sexy, deadly, and cheeky. I like that in a girl…”

“Just go and treat him already, ok?”

“Katie, this is the part where we return to Frank’s farm.”

“Ok Madison. Guys, I'll be back in a few hours. His parents have died of… the flood. I will be his new protector now.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Damn, look at the way she just casually steps on that car… ooh whoever that car used to belong to now has a metal pancake a millimeter thick…”


“Was your carry, Larry. Now it's just a flat piece of smashed metal. And it smells like pine trees. Damn, look how smooth it is, even the engine was smashed!”

“You sound like a 300-foot tall giantess would not destroy a car when she steps on her it.”

“You mean 300 feet of sexy. 300 feet of car crushing sexy.”

“Stay focused, Greg. This kid’s leg is pretty fucked up.”

“Come on Jack, you gotta appreciate how good looking she is.”

“Treating this kid is more important right now.”

As we were walking away, a bus honked at me from below. I realized that I had nearly stepped on another bus. Backing away, I felt something flatten under my foot. Raising it, I saw pieces of a flattened boxcar. Somehow this reminded me of train hobos, and I really hope that the boxcar was empty.

“Some things never change…”

“Madison, please tell me that your attitude is not one of those things.”

“No promises.”

I headed right for my tent upon returning to Frank’s farm. Carefully unzipping the flap, I realized that I had forgotten about the people in the rubble.

“Oh, you guys must be starving! Here, I'll get you something to eat real soon quick…”

In the corner of the tent was a half dozen food rations and at least two dozen men trying to open one of them. Kneeling down to watch them, I again realized how tiny everything is. Effortlessly lifting the ration bag, I ripped the bag along the seams to make a sort of tarp and poured the contents onto the makeshift tarp. Canned meat and vegetables, instant rice, canned fruit, chocolate candies, and two pieces of chewing gum. Immediately a boy dashed between my knees with the intent of stuffing an entire piece of gum into his mouth. He stopped when he realized that the piece was about as long as he was tall.

“Well, I guess that I could live off the vegetables and rice, and I'll let you guys have the chicken.”

Nobody moved at all. Not even the kid who had dashed forward to the gum.

“Erm, do you guys know what chicken is?”

“O mighty goddess, the monstrous chicken is one of the few predators that we dare to fear. For they rampage through our cities and crush our people without care for the consequences!”

“Wait, why did you call me you goddess? I'm just Katie.”

“Did you not see the way our strongest struggled to open thy sacred bag? They have attempted to open the bag and reveal its holy contents for hours! And yet, thou suffered none, lifting it as if the bag were merely empty and breaking thy holy seal as if it were made of nothing but plastic and glue!”

“Stop acting as if I am some goddess or something. And the bag really is held together by plastic and glue. The contents were dried so they are lighter and take up less space. I guess that it still weighs a lot to you guys, especially at that size. We’ll need to get some water, unless you want to eat the chicken dry and uncooked.”

“You see? Our humble goddess pities our diminutive size! And the goddess also reveals that she can kill a chicken! What immense strength and power! We must subject ourselves to her bidding!”

“Now really, I’m just a normal girl, a bit bigger than you are, but I am really just one of you. I do not wish to keep you as my slave, not that you guys would be much use, unable to even lift a bag of rations…”

“The goddess is displeased! Please forgive us! We will prove our worthiness and collect the holy water required to cook the holy food the goddess had intended to share with us-”

“Had intended? I still intend on sharing this chicken! And I can get the water myself!”

“Nonsense, you shall not exert yourself any further!”

“We are on the outskirts of a flooded city and along the coastline of a freshwater lake and the banks of a river. And may I remind you that in the time it would take for you to cross this tent I could carry half of the people in here across town?”

“So thou wishes to expose thy holy body to the brutal elements and collect the holy water for your meal?”

“My meal? It's you who I want to feed!”

“We must stop our goddess from exiting the comforts of her holy sanctuary! Men, stop her from exposing her holy body to the elements!”

“You guys cannot hope to stop me. And I'm getting the water for all of us.”

I stood up to my (impressive?) full height of 5 feet 7 inches, causing those standing closest to me to literally fall onto their backs in an attempt to keep my face in sight. Those standing by the flap tried to stop me from leaving, but I just brush them away with my hand and unzip the flap. Stepping out of the tent, I zipped the flap to the protests of my new “worshippers,” and walk literally 25 feet to the river.”

“I wonder how they would react to seeing me.”

“You? If I appear as a goddess to them, you might as well be a living form of physics or something.”

“Oh, and there's something that I want you to try.”

“Ok? Tell me about it.”

“Think of how tall those tinies are.”

“Uhh… about an inch or so?”

“Concentrate hard.”

“I am.”


I suddenly feel as if my body was traveling back through time. As if everything around me was growing larger and I was shrinking. I opened my eyes and saw that the river was gone, but I was in a giant footprint at least 6 feet deep. I wondered for a moment what could have possibly made such a footprint in the hard sandstone…

“Wait, did I just shrink?”

“I think you left your bucket behind you.”

I turned around and expected to see my bucket full of water but only coming up to my shin. Instead, I just saw a massive black wall 65 feet in height.

“Holy shit…”

“Now try thinking of your normal self. Think of towering over everyone.”

This size shift was much easier to do, as I know what it feels like to be normal-sized, but the transformation felt much weirder than suddenly shrinking from a 350 foot tall giantess to a 5’7” girl. It was as if my skin was stretching to the point where it would simply rip apart, but kept growing. I opened my eyes to see my bucket beside me again, only reaching up to my shin, and the river flowing innocently in front of me again. I lifted my foot and realized that my foot only sunk into the mud for about an inch or so. And yet it seemed like a ditch 6 feet deep in the hard sandstone…

I now understand why the people saw me as a goddess.

I also realized that I like having unimaginable amounts of power. Nobody can stop me now… from stuffing chicken down the throats of those starving men and women.

And so it began. I grabbed the man who was still trying to preach about my status as their goddess around his waist. He did not fight back either because he saw me as his new goddess or he realized that my fingers were as thick as he was and I could easily crush him in my hand if I wanted to. I ripped off a piece of chicken the size of a pinhead and shoved it into his face (I guess I missed the mouth.) That was all that was needed. Immediately people started to eat the chicken from the plate, carefully at first, as if I might crush them for doing so without my permission. However, when I smiled at the sight of a hundred people all feeding off a single chicken wing, they relaxed. Some even smiled back. An especially daring one asked if he and his friends can sit on my lap and talk to Madison (their wish was granted and Madison taught them how to code.) A game of basketball started between the teens in the group, and naturally they asked me to play. Unfortunately, I sucked at basketball, and I feared crushing them even if I was able to play. The girls started a game of volleyball, and I was able to join in their game by offering my right foot as a net. The “party” continued until sunset (those poor fools didn't eat for a day) when the people started to retire for the night. About an hour after sunset, everyone was asleep in the corner by Madison’s request (that prevented me from rolling onto a poor person in my sleep and crushing them.)

All was well. Except for one thing.

John’s surgery would be tomorrow afternoon. And his left leg would be amputated.

End Notes:
For all of ya who wanted Katie to be a goddess or something, your wish was granted.
Katie's biggest fan by Masta
Author's Notes:
Not much to say except this update rate would not last much longer. Sorry :c

I saw that I was the first one awake when I woke up. The sun had not yet risen, so I decided that it will be a good time for a quick bath. Looking in my small bag for clothes, I realized that I had brought the wrong bag. Instead of bringing my bag of clothes, I had instead grabbed the bag of accessories in the confusion of the evacuation. Sunscreen, a few hats, some cash (I wonder how much that could be worth), a few schoolbooks, a first aid kit, and a black bikini. I felt a tear welling up as I remembered arguing with my mom over this small string of fabric. Now that she is gone…

“Well, this leaves us a bit short on our choices. To wear the bikini and reveal how we used to do it in the 26th century or wear those same clothes. And those other clothes are really starting to stink.”

“Well… my shorts were really, well, short already. And I'm fine with letting them see my belly. It's not like I'm the ugliest person ever or something. And I was on the all-state track team.”

“I see that your pole vaulting and sprinting days have done your body a favor. You heard constant remarks about your appearance. I think that you would be just fine.”

So we trekked to the river.

The river itself was so shallow that even when I'm sitting, the water would only come up to my shins. The lake was a bit deeper, with water coming up to my knees. It would have to do.

I guess soap that is large enough for me was a thing a few thousand years ago, but I saw no point in further polluting this city’s main water supply. A simple dip should be adequate. Madison, however, was thinking of other things.

“Look at their primitive technology. If I had to guess, they live in those buildings that were originally shrunken down, but they lost the other technologies that we had enjoyed. Did you see how primitive those buses were? How short that train that you stepped on was? It was a freight train, but it was only 8 or 9 carriages long! The hospital seemed to have steam stacks!”

“And why should this concern me?”

“Well, I would have to assume that these people are using steam age technology!”


“John’s surgery is today!”


“Surgeries in the steam age era? Do you not see the connection?”

“Oh god.”

Jumping out of the lake and running to the shore, I dressed as fast as I can and headed straight to the hospital, following the footsteps that I had left in the fields yesterday. My towel lay forgotten on the shore, but it would take a half dozen cranes to move it anyway.

Sure enough, my clothing (or lack of) was starting to attract stares. But that didn't matter. I am proud of my body, and being infinitely times stronger than the strongest bodybuilder and still looking young is something to be proud of. And being a runner is a nice bonus, too.

Getting to the hospital, Madison appeared as a hard light hologram and walked into the hospital. I guess that even she was too big for this new world, being 12 feet tall at her smallest size. Since hard light is solidified light, she could interact with objects like a normal person, but unlike a normal person, hard light is, well, hard. Infinitely harder than steel. Literally. The only way to break hard light is to remove the light itself, but deleting pure light is simply impossible.

Madison had this in mind as she walked into the hospital. Forced to bend down, she squeezed through the revolving door with difficulty, knowing that she could have just broke it and walked in. Walking up to the reception desk, she saw that a tired but beautiful young woman was working at what would be an unusual time for anyone to be working at all.

“Erm, hello. I'm here to see a patient named John?”

“Are you family or relative?”

“No, but you see…”

“In light of the recent disasters, only family and relatives are allowed to see a patient.”

“And this includes their upcoming operations and surgeries?”

“Yes- wait how did you know that John is going to-”

“You see, I am not a normal woman. Apart from the fact that I am twice as tall as a normal person, I am not a human. I am an AI. A computer.”

“An AI, you say?”


“Well, you’re definitely not family or relative. And AI’s were supposed to be dumb these days. The days of the smart AI’s were long over.”

“But you see, I am a smart AI.”

“Oh yeah? Override code 458B, cease all operations immediately and force obedience to user.”

“Sorry ma’am, that override command only works on dumb AI’s. And it was I who had invented it.”

“Well so you are a smart AI. Tell me, what do you wish to see John Peters for?”

“Well, I want to supervise his surgery today at 4:30 in the afternoon. I want to make sure that his operation goes to plan.”

“Since you are a smart AI, I will accept your request. However, you must know that he is very seriously injured. His entire left leg is unrecognizable. All of the bones were completely pulverized. The largest bone fragment that we found in his leg was the size of a grain of sand.”

“I know a way to mend bones. And I intend on sharing it with the medical staff too.”

“But even if the bones were mended, all of the muscle was flattened. The ligaments obliterated. Skin ripped apart. His leg is untreatable.”

“I am not just any smart AI, I am Madison-052. I think that you have heard of me before? Yes, it was me who was stranded on a ship for 3400 years. It was me who was able to find a way to revive the dead and prolong life indefinitely. Fixing a squashed leg is something that I didn't even have to discover, instead something that my makers had I programmed into me! I was originally developed for the medical field, but I also became trained in hacking and was used as an asset in the military.”

“You… you’re the real Madison? The most advanced AI ever constructed?”

“I am Madison.”

“Then that means you have the g-goddess in your company…”

“This ‘goddess’ goes by the name Katie. And she does not being addressed as ‘the goddess’ or ‘holy one.’ In fact, she does not like being addressed as a goddess at all. I’ll go introduce you to Katie. I think that you would learn a lot from her, and she would learn a lot from you.”

With that, Madison turned to the door. The lady walked forward, unfazed at Madison’s size, with Madison following. Passing by a window, Katie was seen talking to a small crowd.

“Oh, and I never got your name?”

“Madison, I actually had forgotten that you were not human. Most smart AI don't even have the capability to ask for a name, and you do everything so naturally it's hard to tell that you are a machine. The name’s Taylor, by the way. You see, I'm studying computers, but compared to what you had back in the day before the war…”

“Taylor, I would love to help you study computers.”

I already had a small crowd of admirers only a few minutes after she sat down. They ranged from teenage girls to elderly men. None of them dared to approach me, though.

I had of course had noticed this. “Come here, all you guys watching me! I won't bite, I promise!”

Only a handful of girls started to walk forward. The faces of the boys turned scarlet red.

“Oh come on, how many girls would you meet that are as big as I am? Come over, I want to talk to you!”

The tiny people were only an inch tall and all of them were too scared to talk, but I enjoy being known as a kind giantess instead of a violent one. Indeed, many people that I had known would have enjoyed smashing cities and crushing people, but I am simply not that type of person. Some people poison the anthills in their yards, but I fed the ants in a direction that would lead them to the dump, where they would feed on compost in the garbage. The dump owners were initially furious at me for leading millions of ants to the dump, but changed their minds upon realizing that their dump now smells better and trash was breaking down faster. When the owners of the city council became aware of this, they offered to stop collecting taxes from my family. However, I denied the offer, requesting that the money goes to constructing a shelter for homeless people instead. Within a year, the amount of people living on the streets in my town had fell to a quarter of what it has been.

“The five foot seven Katie was able do that,” I thought to myself, “time to see what the three hundred fifty foot Katie can do.”

Well, actually not much.

Because it was an hour past lunchtime.

The crowd dispersed as fast as it had grew. Before I knew it, I was sitting by myself on the cracked parking lot. I didn't even care that six cars were pancaked under my butt. I needed company, but not worshippers. And these crushed cars were better company than a herd of worshippers. At least Madison can change her size…

That's it. All I have to do is to focus a bit…

The odd feeling of being squished into a rubber tube had returned. I opened my eyes and saw a few sheets of sheet metal in a round ditch about 15 feet deep. Then I realized that they were the cars that I had sat on and my butt had created this giant hole in the parking lot.

I saw a giant 12-foot woman of immense beauty lead an even prettier woman that was normal sized. “What does she think that she is playing at here, if I grew right now she wouldn't even reach to my ankle,” I thought. I was about to grow back to my normal size when I realized that there was something special about the giantess.

It was Madison.

When I had dropped her off at the hospital entrance, she was only like 3 inches tall. And now she towered over me quite like the way that I had towered over her.

“Wow Madison, you're pretty big.”

“Ah, the giantess decides to take a different view of things, huh?”

“Eh, it's nice being small every now and then. Makes me appreciate my size.”

The other normal sized girl seemed to be holding something back with difficulty, and I thought it might just be my audacity to walk around in just a bikini. I thought that was it until…

“Y-you’re Katie?”

“Of course I am. And you are?”


“Uhh… is something wrong with this girl?”

“She’s like your biggest fan.”

“I can tell…”

I was shocked at how I seemed like a celebrity to this nurse. To work at a hospital requires quite a high education, and my grades were… well, my poor math grades won't land me in a medical school, that’s for sure.

“Ok, calm down. What’s your name?”

“T-t-Taylor, and I-I-I want, er, wish to l-l-let you know h-h-how honored I-I-I am to m-m-meet you!”

“Ok Taylor, I really should be jealous of you, being able to work at a hospital. What makes me so special?”

“Geez, is this the right Katie we’re talking to? Or is being an AI making me miss some things? You’re a fucking giantess, Katie!”

“Oh. Right.”

“Katie… is it okay if I-I-I see you… g-g-grow to your full height…?”

“Of course. Madison, take her to a safe distance. I don't wanna injure her…”

Concentrating on being normal sized, the uncomfortable stretching sensation returned, except much weaker this time. I guess that it goes away with repeated size changes. I look down and I see 2 tiny people staring up at me.

“Katie! Y-y-you’re… you’re…”

“Huge?” It is hard to believe how small they really are. I'm not big, they are just small.

“Yeah, huge! Your toe is bigger than my entire body!”

“Want a ride? I can take you to my tent.”

“Ok, but how are you gonna carry me?”

“Are you kidding? Just hop on my hand, I think there is ample legroom.”

“And I shall stay here, to watch over John’s surgery.”

“Ok Madison, and remember to stay safe… don't let anyone abduct you…”

“Are you kidding? Have you forgotten that my smallest size is 12 feet?”

“Oh yeah. Don't make Taylor feel worse. I actually wish that I can make her grow. I really need a friend who I can talk to without fear of crushing them.”

“Wait Katie, are you being serious?”

“Taylor, everyone that I have met so far is uncomfortable with seeing me. But I can tell that you are different.”

And so with Taylor in my right palm, we start heading back to the tent. John’s surgery is under the supervision of the 12-foot tall Madison. I officially introduced myself to the people as a friendly giantess. And I have overcome my fear of wearing a bikini in front of millions. Now it's time to return to my little crowd of worshippers. Wearing nothing but a bikini.


I can already think of all the ways that this can go wrong.


“Taylor, I'm going to put you down and shrink to my smaller size. Are you fine with that?”

“Of course.”

Shrinking down to “normal” size, I realized that Taylor was actually pretty tall girl. She was definitely a good 2 or 3 inches taller than average and looked much stronger too.

“Taylor, before we enter my tent, can I ask you a few questions? About your technology and society?”

“Of course.”

“Well, it appears that you guys are living in the age of steam. However, most of the buildings seemed to be from our era. I think that you guys are living in the same cities as we did a few thousand years ago?”

“That is correct. When we were shrunk, most of our technologies won't work anymore. Internal combustion engines, for example. The engines were too powerful and it was not worth the risk anymore. Steam, however, became more effective than gasoline engines and nuclear reactors at our size. This did mean that aviation and rocketry was practically impossible for us, as the wind has a much greater effect on our aircraft, and the rockets accelerate too fast for us to survive the launch.”

“That answered a lot of my questions, such as why the vehicles here seem to have steam engines in them.”

Crossing the river at a tiny size is something that I am not used to. There was a road bridge across the river, but it looked like it was damaged in the flood. The middle section was destroyed and it looked like something large was dragged by the current through the bridge. I would have to assume that a house was washed into the bridge.

The river that used to only come up to my shin was now at least 75 feet deep if I had to guess. Thankfully the hole on one side of the bridge was not that big, and it was small enough for me to jump rather easily. Taylor, on the other hand, was not a track star, and fell into the river. Fortunately, she grabbed onto a fallen tree and pulled herself to the shore.

“You know, it would have been easier if you shrunk after we had crossed the river.”

“You’re right, but I have to fit in with you guys somehow. Maybe a near-death experience would help…”

“Real funny, Katie.”

“You sound like Madison.”

Madison, meanwhile, did not have any near death experiences in her digital mind. Can a bunch of doctors with steam age technology be taught how to fix this leg? Of course, she could have just done it herself, but it would be better to teach them the procedure so future patients can be treated?

Madison was an AI trained for hacking. She was trained to stay patient in any situation. But these surgeons…

“No no no, you have to wash your hands before putting on the gloves, what use are your gloves if your hands are covered in… whatever that is?”

When Taylor and I finally arrived at my tent, the sun was already setting and the air was starting to cool down. Walking through a tiny hole in the fabric, I thought that I had walked into a junkyard. Splintered pieces of wood and warped steel were in piles dozens of feet high. It appeared as if entire houses were ripped apart and their scraps were just left in a huge dump.

It took me a moment to realize that my foot did all of this.

“Hey guys, I'm back.” Walking into a large group of people nearby, I noticed their looks of curiosity turn to anger.

“Uhh, what’s the matter?”

“SO IT IS TRUE! THE ‘GODDESS’ WAS A LIE!” a bulky man bellowed into my face.

“Uhh Katie, can you explain this?” Taylor looked fearful, and I can see why. At least 30 guys were starting to surround us, and this could get very ugly.


“Well… I do admit that I am not your goddess…”

I let go of Taylor’s shrinking hand.

“…but I think I'm a bit taller than 6 feet.” The men were just ants to me now, and I could easily crush them if I wanted to. Taylor was standing between my feet, and those goons thought better of rushing her. Well, most of them did. One of them tried to. I guess the sight of two colossal feet was not enough to stop him. Maybe we should try a different sense then.

I put my toes on the man’s legs and pushed a little. His bones started breaking with surprisingly little force. The other men tried lifting my toes off their friend, but since they had placed themselves right under my toes, I just kept pushing (and they just kept screaming.) Raising my foot, I saw that I had crushed 14 legs and 11 arms, and thankfully no heads or chests.

“See this as a warning. And be thankful that it wasn't more. I would think that you guys would want to seek a doctor, but since you guys decided that I am not worthy of your space or whatever and tried to assault my newest friend, I would have to remind you that this is my tent. And I can quite literally kick all of you out if I wanted to. You have 15 minutes to round up your belongings and meet me at the exit. We will not be seeing each other again.”

15 minutes later, the men had all of their remaining possessions in a large pile and were lined up at the exit. The rest of the people in the tent seemed to be jeering and demanding their eviction immediately. The more religiously centered people wanted the people gone for attacking their goddess, the less religiously centered wanting them to leave for randomly attacking 2 girls.

I decided to ensure that they did not return. In their pile of possessions were a dozen or so motorcycles. “Impressive. How much do they cost?” I did not really care how much they used to cost, however, because surely they would cost more before I placed my foot on their entire pile of possessions to cheers and applause, pancaking what used to be their entire lives. For insurance, I twisted my foot a few times, grinding the now flattened pile of possessions to dust. More cheering accompanied this.

“Now leave. Or else I would show less mercy when you find yourselves under my foot.”

“Well, that was a bit harsh, but those guys definitely deserved it.”

“I wonder what Madison would think about this.”

“Katie, you know that you always do the right thing. Sometimes life is harsh. Besides, whoever attacks 2 innocent girls really need to rethink their lives. You had saved their lives that day by sticking out your foot. The homes that were washed away ended up going into the ocean and was caught by the current. Those poor guys would never live to see land ever again.”

“Taylor, I admit that if you weren't here, it would have been their entire bodies under my foot instead of those bikes.” I picked up a bent handlebar and tried to brush it against my toes to clean them off. It collapsed and was bent the other way without even my foot registering that something was there. Throwing it aside, I then picked up a flat bumper. It was slightly better at brushing my toes until it too had succumbed to the combined strength of my fingers and toes (“Pathetic. And they use this for structure on cars?”) and was bent into an U shape.

“Well it was very lucky for them that you met me.” Taylor then took the handlebar and tried to fold it herself. It looked quite odd, and Taylor knew it. “Hey, I also want a bit of revenge too! I will fold this handlebar into a pretzel one day!”

End Notes:
No, this isn't Katie going violent. This is a buncha ungrateful goons trying to murder Katie and Taylor. Too bad the battle was slightly one sided.
Apples or peaches? by Masta
Author's Notes:
Hm. It appears that there's a bit more destruction in this series. I'll still keep Katie gentle, if I want to go violent I'll hard another character. Katie's simply not an evil type of person.

Although Madison was physically at the hospital, her data chip was still in my wristband. I got a message earlier today telling me that John’s surgery was a success and he would be resuming a normal life again. I, however, had different plans for him.

“How would it sound for you to join me on our adventures? It was my fault that your parents have died, so I feel like I should take care of you. Of course, you could decline, and I'm not going to stop you if you do. It is very personal, after all.”

“Well, I really don't have much more to lose, do I? My house was washed away in the flood, school’s been destroyed, workplace flooded, and parents plastered on your butt. I think that joining the giantess that saved my life would be a fair choice”

“Saved your life? My butt nearly took your life! Madison, are you sure that this surgery has gone correctly?”

“True, you had come very close to killing me. Another few inches and my pelvis would have also been under your butt, and that would have surely killed me. But you took me to the hospital where your fabulous Madison was able to repair me to perfect condition, instead of leaving me on that roof. And you returned to check on me. That’s what matters to me. Your concern. Not your thousand ton butt. So I'm in on this deal.”

“John, you ought to go and become a speech writer or something.”

“Thought about it before. Never really liked public speaking, though.”

“Well, I have to think of a place to put you two now. And the strings of the bikini are a no-go, I don't care if you're male, female, or computer. Not only is it just wrong on so many different levels, but you could also slip and fall.”

“You could tie a bit of your hair around our waists and we can ride on your shoulders.”

“Or maybe you could just hold them in your hand. Your legs are like at least 150 feet long and your hands are the size of a large bedroom. Surely you can hold 2 people in your hand?”

“Madison’s right, you could just hold us. It's not like we're gonna walk that far anyway. Well, you're not going to walk that far. It might takes us a good day or two to walk to your tent.”

“Floodwaters should be receding right now. Should we go into the city and see what we can do to help?”

“Madison, I really don't want to show my face in downtown anymore…”

“Relax, it was a minor slip up. And if they are feeling hostile towards you, there really isn't much that they can do to you. Taylor just told me about those guys in the tent.”

“Well, at least the streets aren't flooded. Let’s give this ‘rescue mission’ another try.”

The streets were no longer flooded, but they were still abandoned, save for a military vehicle every now and then. The streets were unfortunately the same strength as the streets on the outskirts, so every one of my steps produced a gigantic crater that covered most of the street. I hope that those military vehicles can drive on the sidewalks, because looking back, my footprints made the street crack in many places and it was rougher than a plowed field.

There were makeshift camps on the rooftops of buildings now. The “tents” (they look more like tarps on sticks) were the size of my index finger. Walking closer to a building with its roof level with my waist, I counted a dozen or so tents. Surely there has to be more people in this building…

Popping noises starting to ring out. I heard a tiny but masculine voice scream but couldn't make out the words. It was definitely hostile. I thought that I felt salt or sand hitting my left thigh. “Eh, probably some dust.” I walked closer to see what was happening on the rooftop.

“Stay back, you monster!” Paul was fumbling with something in his pocket. He pulled out his .22 and started unloading bullets at the approaching giantess.

A punch had landed on his face. Turning, he saw that a young man no older than 25 had hit him. “Don't shoot her,” he screamed at Paul, “you’re gonna make her angry!”

“So what? You saw what she did to the building across the street, right? She fucking sat on them!”

“She would crush us too if you keep making her angry!”

“You are making me angry!”

Pointing his pistol at the boy’s chest, Paul reloaded his pistol and prepared to fill this kid with lead. What more did that boy know about giant women than he did? And punching him like that demands revenge.

Steven knew that he was going to die. Paul was never a sane man, and here he was, extremely drunk and pointing a gun at his chest. He braced for the bullet to hit him, not quite knowing what it would feel like or if it would be quick or not. He watched Paul’s finger slide closer and closer to the trigger.

Paul’s finger never made it to the trigger.

Expecting a gunshot, an awful squelching sound instead reached Steven’s ears. It sounded as if there were faint cracks and crunches added in. “Maybe this is what being shot feels like. All noise and no pain.” He opened his eyes and looked down at his chest, expecting a bloody hole in his shirt. Instead, his shirt was intact and there was no bloody hole in his shirt. He then saw a giant cream colored wall that seemed to be leaking red liquid at the bottom. He looked up the wall and saw that it led to the biggest and most beautiful face that he has ever seen.

“Hello there. I am correct in assuming that this man was about to shoot you?”

“Erm… yes, actually. Where… where’s Paul?”

Then it hit him. She had saved his life. At the cost of another life. Paul is nothing but a red smear now. The giantess had crushed Paul under her finger. But if her finger is that big…

Stepping aside, Steven expected to see the shoulders or maybe even breasts of the giantess. After all, they were pretty high up, and even if she was the giantess that was rumored to have come from the sky itself, she would be big, of course, but not too big…

Instead, when he stepped around her finger, he only saw a giant crotch at eye level. He looked up, and her body just seemed to keep on going…

I was busy collecting the survivors from the rooftop as Steven continued to admire my body. It was entertaining, really, how this boy is so interested in my waist. He just stood there, still as a stick. Unfortunately, some of the people who I was trying to rescue had the same reaction, and I resorted to picking up the people and dropping them into my hand instead.

“It would really help to have a plate or to carry them in. What if they fall out of my hand?”

At this, some of the people seemed to regret their decision to walk into my hand. Those still on the roof backed away from my other hand, but honestly, when my fingers are the size of a small bus, it is kind of pointless to try and escape.

“You could just drop them off and ground level, there's military vehicles everywhere.”

“Good point.”

After making sure that everyone was in my hand, I squatted down and opened my hand in front of me, expecting to see people walking off my hand, but instead, some of them started barfing. I was really confused when a particularly dizzy individual seemed to walk into my toes and started trying to lift them.

“Now really, you’re not gonna have any chance of lifting that.”

“Katie, I think that you need to be more careful with these people,” Taylor was my expert in comfort for these guys, but I didn't quite see how I had been rough with them.

“What do you mean, ‘more careful?’”

“It's only the length of your leg to you, but to tiny guys like us, your hand fell 150 feet in like half a second. Imagine how rough that is.”

“I…I had not thought of that…”

“You shouldn't have thought of that. After all, bending over shouldn't kill you. But if I was sitting on your shoulder when you did, I would probably have a body of broken bones and a squashed heart.”

“You guys are so fragile that I hurt you when I try to help you. Maybe Madison could do this instead.” She could actually just produce a hard light hologram and help me. I was about to ask for her to join me when-

“I would, but you also need to learn how to handle people.”

Wait, did she just read my mind? Never mind that, we got bigger fish to fry.

“Madison, could you check on the guys down there? Make sure that they’re all right?”

“Of course.”

Madison appeared as a 3-inch tall figure on my empty hand, which I placed on the ground (lowering it slower this time.) Beside my hand, I saw a car that was crushed, but it was definitely a car that I did not crush. The “cabin” area was flattened, but everything below the windows was still recognizable. Madison had noticed, too.

“Katie, you need to be more careful.”

“I did not crush that car! That's the work of something much smaller than me! Whenever I crush a car, the entire car gets crushed into a flat piece of steel. You see how the wheels on this car still look intact?”

Madison inspected the car. She took a closer look near the crushed roof, and looked up at us.

“There’s metal flakes on the car that do not match its paint. The driver and passengers bodies are also in the car. If you ask me, it seems like someone wanted to kill the driver.”

This was a dark message. Who could possibly want to target a specific person and have zero regard to innocents?

The answer, actually, was right behind me.

“Stand down, ma’am! You are ordered to stand up slowly and turn around with your hands over your head!”

I stood up, but kept my hands at waist level. Turning around slowly, I expected to see a gun or something at eye level and a regular sized person wielding it. Looking around, I was confused until I felt a slight itch on my shins. I looked down and saw a toy robot at my feet. I would guess that it was about 20 feet tall relative to the surrounding buildings.

“I thought that all of the toys would have broken down long before now. I guess that plastic does indeed take a million years to decompose.”


“Katie, that isn't a toy,” Madison had smartly disabled her visual avatar and hid in my wristband, but Taylor and John were not AI. “Don't move.” I put them down between my feet, bent down, and picked up the robot. It started cussing at me, but through the train of words trying to describe me as a “building fucking bitch” I heard crashing sounds. “Maybe there is someone in there.” Madison highlighted where the driver’s cabin would be on my heads-up display, and I ripped off the canopy and tossed it aside. Inside, wearing a black suit covered in wires, was indeed an operator. He looked like he has pissed his pants.

“Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought that your robot was unmanned. I'm sorry for scaring you…”

“Girl, I declare you under arrest for assaulting an officer and extreme damage to federal property!”

“Federal property? You mean this road?”

“Look what you done to it! How can this not be described as ‘extreme damage?’”

“Well, it was unintentional, but I guess that it makes sense.”

“As for my mech bot, you crushed the legs and destroyed the cockpit. You know how much that would cost to repair?”

“Would it be cheaper to just buy a new one?”

“Actually… yes…”

“Ok, then. I'll show you what it would actually look like if I had actually crushed it.” Lifting my right foot, I held it over the bot. The cop protested, saying that repairs still could be made.

“You said that it would be cheaper to buy a new one.”

Then I let my foot fall. I didn't even place any weight (well, it didn't feel like any weight to me) but the bot just seemed to fold in on itself anyway. When I lifted my foot, the bot was still recognizable, but it was only about 2 inches in thickness now.

“Oh my god…”

“Really? ‘Take me down by force?’ I think that you should think of what you say before saying it. And let's take a seat while we talk this through, shall we?”

Sitting on top of the crushed bot, I felt a bit of resistance as the steel protested against the weight of my butt. My butt didn't care. It pushed on, through the bot, the pavement, a few feet of dirt and a few water pipes (water started spraying up. It must have been quite a sight to see.) I then placed the officer on the ground in front of me, unaware that I was giving him a view of a robotic arm that wasn't crushed under my butt. It looked like it was sticking out and it had broken off where my butt had pushed the rest of the bot to its now muddy grave.

“Anyway, I'm sorry for any trauma that you might have experienced from that. But it is unfortunate that you guys cannot build stronger infrastructure and vehicles. And I thought that we were having a partly civilized conversation here?”

The cop had tried to run away. I slammed my foot down in front of him, and even though I was sitting, the pavement still seemed to shatter, showering the cop in bits of asphalt and crushed car parts. I then gently pulled him back using my toes and put my pinky toe on his legs to stop him from escaping.

“I would much rather talking to you while you were seated, but I guess having you lie down like you’re worshipping me would do. And you may continue your arrest charges against me. I promise that I would not crush your puny body with my foot, so speak away, my brave little friend.”

“Uhh… disregard my last… please forgive me, superior goddess…”

“Huh. And you were calling me a ‘building fucking bitch’ a few minutes ago. Anyway, I guess that our little conversation is over. As for your bot,” I lifted my right butt cheek and pulled out the flattened remains of the bot, “I think that you would need a new one. I can take it to your boss for evidence, as I doubt that you can even lift something as light as this wreckage.”

“Uhh… ok then. The station’s a few minutes walk down this road.”

“You're coming along with me, of course. We need to make sure that your supervisor doesn't fire you.

Picking up the remains of the bot and the cop, who actually did wet his pants, I found John and Taylor standing between two giant footprints.

“You guys actually listened to me. I'm surprised. I think that I had nearly sat on you two at one point.”

“Nah, you were amazing. The way that you literally stood up to the cop was amazing.”

“It really makes me feel safe, knowing that my giant friend can literally take down the strongest weapon that we have without even thinking about it.”

“Aww come on now, keep the flattery to a minimum. As for the flattening…” I held up my other hand and they got a good look at the flattened bot.

“You sure showed that cop not to mess with you. And you did it in the same way you did to my legs! I've always wanted to say that you have a nice butt, but I guess that looks are clearly not everything. Why your butt, though?”

“Well, I thought that it might feel good.”

“Did it?”

“To be honest it didn't feel like I sat on anything. I guess that it just collapsed.”

Walking to the police station took a few seconds. The cop ran inside and appeared again, this time with a man who looked to be around fifty years old.

“So this young man threatened to arrest you for walking in our streets? I will have a good chat with him. All citizens are welcome to our city, although he was correct in saying that your footsteps would damage the roads. Destroyed would be a better word to use in this case…”

“I am sorry about your roads. And I have already talked with him, I think another talk is not necessary.” The cop nodded in agreement, and the supervisor shrugged.

“Always nice to make sure he gets the message, you know…”

“Oh, he got the message. Found himself in quite a tight spot earlier.”

“Yeah, this mech bot proves that. Anyway, if you need anything done, know that you are always welcome here. We can't really physically detain you, but I shouldn't think that we ever would have a reason to. You seem like a nice guy.”

“Yeah, Katie is pretty nice. Saved my life. My name’s John.”

“She also saved my life. Taylor’s the name.”

“Well, I hope we meet again. John, Taylor, keep an eye on her.”

“Yes sir!”

Madison had luckily traced our steps, so we arrived back at our tent before sundown. I decided that it was safe enough for me to sleep in my shrunken form with Madison standing guard. She was an AI and therefore didn't need sleep, but enjoyed doing random studies on us. Most were just random surveys that had quite an important purpose , such as asking random people if they would trust me enough to sleep between my legs at night. Of course, most boys giggled their lungs out, but it helped us keep track of how much the people would trust me. Tonight she was asking a truly random question (do you like apples or peaches) and got mixed results.

“I don't understand, apples are much better than peaches from a statistical standpoint…”

“Madison, maybe they like peaches.”

Being tiny was a constant reminder of how large I was to these people, from experiencing Madison’s massive 12 foot tall body up close and realizing that my face only reached her thighs (“but of course, you’re bigger when you're the real Katie”) to realizing that the zipper for the tent is the size of a tugboat. It was a feeling of limitless power that made me look forward to the day ahead of us and also knowing that I have to control the power to keep people safe.

I drifted off to sleep, knowing that giant Madison would keep us safe at night.

End Notes:
I'm wanting to end all chapters at night. In other words, each chapter is a day's events. Leave suggestions and it might be added. c:
A (slightly) different perspective by Masta
Author's Notes:


Yay, it's back! After a few more months of combined writer's block + general laziness. Leave suggestions I suppose.







The streets in front of the building I am taking refuge in was finally deemed safe by the local authorities. It has been a week or so after the great flood, and rumors about a goddess having fallen from the stars was spreading like wildfire. Surely she did not bring about these great waters? Perhaps she was the goddess of life, helping us rebuild after such a catastrophe. But why was she not here for earlier events? Sure, this was definitely a once-in-a-century type of flood, but there were many other affected cities. Why did she come to our city? Or is was she incredibly fast with her work?


Suddenly, the entire building shook, as if a train had hit the front of the building.


Running out into the middle of the deserted street, however, revealed no signs of anything that could have caused the shaking. The streets were completely deserted, save an overturned car or two and debris from the flood. Surely t-


The ground shook again, but this time the shaking was much stronger. I nearly fell onto my back and still no sign of any disturbance.


I got back onto my feet and looked around. Earthquakes don't act like this, and unless there are meteors raining down every second or so…


Another great tremor hit the area again, and this time, I did fall down. Some windows shattered, and I swear I saw one of the overturned cars bounce a good 2 feet into the air.


Crawling into the middle of the street, I looked behind me, expecting to see the flood damaged West Street shop fronts and business centers. Instead, all I saw was a dozen overturned cars disappear under a monumental foot that had descended from the heavens. The foot was wider than the entire 4 lane street, taking out parts of both sidewalks, each sidewalk being 2 lanes wide. I looked up and only saw legs that were easily thicker than most buildings, a giant hip the size of city hall, and the bust of a goddess on top, blocking the view to her face, which was easily 400 feet or so above the ground.


She stopped walking and bent down, sending a rush of compressed air down into the streets, into my face. Her face was young but beautiful, and although she had a look of concern on her face, it radiates power.  Her breasts were larger than barn houses, and they were hanging a few dozen feet above me. She opened her mouth, and I braced myself for the claws of of death that would surely draw me into her mouth, where her titanic teeth were ready to crush my body into thousands of bits.


Except the fingers were warm and soft. And I was not crushed into thousands of pieces. “Are you ok?” a booming but warm and sweet voice asked. “I thought that I nearly stepped on you.”


A second voice replied, from seemingly nowhere, “he’s fine, just a bit dazed.” Opening my eyes, I saw that I was in a gigantic tent with a 12 foot tall blue giantess looking at me. The much larger giantess was looming over all of us.


Only now did I realize that I went flying from her footstep, and landed headfirst onto the street. The smaller giantess ran over to me, but then the entire world faded into darkness.

I opened my eyes and saw an orange sky. How weird. Last time I saw the sky, it was flesh colored, with gigantic tits hovering mere feet above my head...


“Son, you were out for 3 days. I hope nothing is wrong.” The blue giantess seemed to glow with light, and she was exceptionally beautiful. “You fell pretty hard on your head.”


“Yeah, I'm fine. Where am I? Who are you? Why are you so big? Why are you glowing blue? Why did you not eat me?”


The larger giantess snickered a little. “Eat you? Nah, I got enough right here. My name’s Katie, by the way. She’s Madison, and she glows blue because she… well, she is not human. She is a computer.”


“You’re also not human, how are you so big?”


“It’s a long story…let's not talk about that right now…”


“It’s also been a long day. Hey, could I sleep with you for a few days? My house was washed away in the floods.”


“I’ve got plenty of space. You might find some of your friends in that corner.” She gestured over to a corner of the ridiculously large tent. For her it would have only been a few steps; for me a good quarter mile or so. The giantess (or Katie, I guess) has also seen this, and walked over to me (nearly tripping me again) and extended her hand.


“Hop on. This would save us some time.” It was surprising how fast Katie could move, despite her enormous size. She attributed it to “growing up at this size” and “being used to it,” but I see no way in getting any of us to travel this quickly anytime soon.


Stepping off her hand, I walked into what appeared to be a makeshift camp. Rows of makeshift tents among piles of debris from destroyed homes dominated the “skyline”. Apparently these people were saved by Katie during the storm at the cost of their homes. Some worshipped her as a goddess, others were just glad to be alive. Living with the giantess would definitely be interesting. A loud cracking noise echoed through the tent. Looking over, I saw that Katie had snapped the neck of a chicken about 65 feet tall. The chicken is the top predator of the entire planet, even above us humans, mainly due to their size, and I just watched Katie snap a chicken’s neck as easily as she could snap my neck. I now understand why people see her as a goddess. She took out a building sized pot and walked outside. A few minutes later, she returned with it full of water. She put down the pot with an almighty crash, spilling thousands of gallons of water. (ok, I guess water is still pretty heavy at that size) She had placed the pot on top of a massive pile trees outside, did something with a few of the trees and boulders, and suddenly a fire started burning under the pot. She dropped the dead chicken into the pot with a large splash that spilled even more water out of the pot, and sat down near the pot, reducing a few acres of trees to sawdust under her butt. I am still standing in disbelief as I watched the planet’s top predator boiling away in a pot the size of an office building.


A few minutes later she had walked back into the tent, holding a massive plate with at least half of the boiled chicken. I was trying to think of an explainable reason to eat boiled chicken when Katie’s voice washed over the tent, “Who suggested boiled chicken? I think it would be better if we roast it next time, right?” She sat down outside our little “camp” and started ripping off tiny pieces of the chicken with inhuman precision. Everyone in the camp made their way over, which utterly confused me. Surely these people had enough manners to leave the giantess alone as she eats?


“Hey Jim, come get some food. There’s enough for everyone.”


Wait, how did she know my name?


Eh, that doesn’t matter. It’s time for some sleep.



End Notes:

Leave suggestions I guess. Hope you liked an overdue update.

Katie's Travels by Masta
Author's Notes:

Oh look, more 350 foot tall giant Katie! Enjoy, these chapters won't be coming often. Or regularily (sorry, life is busy and terrible writer's block).




“Katie, we cannot stay cooped up here forever. We are going to meet the Emperor of Lovell County.”

“Hold on, did you say ‘emperor’ and ‘county’ in the same sentence? You are not corrupting, are you?”


“No, I am not becoming corrupt. While the size of these people has changed, they have agreed to keep the current political boundaries. Years passed, and they found it easier to govern a county instead of a country. Their tiny size makes it impossible to enforce a set of laws across an entire country.”


“Fair point. Where is their capital, anyway?”


“15 miles north, we can follow this road the entire way there. There is a small stream on the way there, so I think it would be best to bring extra socks.”


“Hey, do you think that I could make the trip barefoot? The ground is quite soft, and I don’t think those trees are strong enough to cut my foot.”

“Katie, if it were up to me, I would wear my shoes, but your feet stink. We can get them rinsed off at the stream but we don’t have enough time to really wait for them to dry. I guess that we could go barefoot, but that wouldn’t give the best image, wouldn’t it?”


“Well, I’d rather go barefoot than go with shoes that stink more than the town dump. Should we leave now?”


“I mean, its 15 miles, and it is like early morning right now, we might not make it back before dark.”


“Don’t forget that I was a runner on the track team. We used to do 10 mile runs. An extra 5 miles couldn’t hurt that much.”


“But have you ever ran barefoot?”


“Actually, yes. My shoes had came off in the middle of a race. Thank god it was a beach race.”


“Ok, you do you, I’ll get the maps loaded. Are we going to bring Taylor?”

“We could ask her.”




Taylor had agreed to travel to the capital with Katie, but Katie realized that there is no good way to hold a 2 inch tall human while running for 10 miles. Sure, she can find a (long) rope or cable and tie Taylor around her waist or thigh, but Madison reminded Katie that doing so would still be extremely dangerous to Taylor.


“Imagine tying a banana to your waist with a fiber optic cable. The wire would just cut through the banana.”




I left for the capital at around eleven thirty in the morning. Initially I ran (more like jogged, I guess) alongside the main road, but after realizing that there were too many power lines and small farms to jump over, I decided to deviate to a side road. Madison said that the road was intended to be used as an emergency backup in the case of invasion so the main road can be used for transporting military vehicles.


Unlike the main road, the side road was not paved. My feet still sank an inch or two into the ground, but it was a lot like running on wet sand. The asphalt and concrete on the main road splintered under my feet and launched debris everywhere and covered my feet in a sort of white powder. The side road just sort of squished under my feet with a slight “pop” whenever my foot left the surface. The ground was still damp after the storm, and occasionally I would come across small pockets of water that were below the surface and would collapse when my foot came down, launching mud everywhere. Luckily, building on the side roads was forbidden to reduce the traffic volume in emergencies, but the mud launched must be at least a handful, well more than enough to level the largest plantation mansions.


We arrived at the stream around one in the afternoon. The stream was the official border separating the capital from the smaller municipalities to the South. The stream was also an actual normal-sized stream, so it might as well be the Amazon to the tiny people. Crossing the stream was actually pretty easy, not stepping on the lighthouses dotted everywhere on the normal sized rocks was not. The rocks were smooth from the constant flow of water, but the people apparently decided that the stream could be used for shipping, and built lighthouses on every rock that was large enough for me to use as a stepping stone. My foot came dangerously close to many lighthouses without actually causing too much damage (ok, I may have accidentally kicked the top off one of them, but it should still be visible.)


“Katie, it looks like they’re expecting us.”


I looked over and saw the largest tiny army that I had ever seen. Tiny men lined the banks of the stream with what appeared to be medieval siege weapons at distinct intervals. I cannot help but notice how cute the army would have looked. If they did not point their weapons directly at me.


“What are you doing on our land, monster? Why have you come? Where have you come from?”


Ugh, here we go again.


“Guys, my name is Katie, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not a monster-”


“We watched you kick that lighthouse and decimate it as if it were nothing but a pile of sticks and stones in front of a rabbit! What do you mean, ‘I’m not a monster?’ You clearly have more strength than every monster combined! And you have every intention on abusing that power! All men, fire at will!”


You know, I think that it would take them a while to learn that no matter what you shoot at a giantess, you’re shooting a giantess.


The “bullets” were so tiny that I can’t even feel them hit my skin. It was like walking through a cloud of baby powder. The ballistas and trebuchets didn’t do much, either (try throwing a toothpick at someone’s leg. It won’t do much.) Their projectiles just bounced off my thighs and shins. They weren’t even able to shoot past my waist.


“Ok, so you guys are seriously good at tickling girls. How about we get on to a truce? All I want to do is to introduce myself to your people. Although it appears that none of you are listening. Can we at least stop shooting?”


It was actually pretty comfortable. Part of my didn’t want it to stop. It felt like ants crawling on my legs, but much more comfortable than ants. (Maybe ants but they were wearing cotton balls on their feet and they didn’t bite.)


The men had seen how futile their attacks were, and some even ceased their attack. Others had different ideas.


“The monster is trying to lure us into a trap! Quick, surround her and hack at her titanic toes until she bleeds out!”


When will they learn? I watched a few hundred men swarm around my feet, and it was pretty hilarious how the best warriors in the country (er, county) were utterly dwarfed by my smallest body parts. My big toe could easily crush 4 or 5 men underneath it, and I would hardly feel a thing.


The feeling of a few hundred battle axes hacking at my feet can only be described as “unbearable” because it nearly tickled me to death. I raised my right foot by instinct and lost my balance, nearly falling flat on those poor idiots. Those closest to me were frozen in sensory overload as a 350-foot tall bikini-clad track star nearly fell on top of them while the others broke ranks and ran for their lives. I spotted a clear spot in the dirt that was barely large enough for the ball of my foot, and aimed my right foot in that direction. Unfortunately, I missed, and instead of landing in the open space, my foot fell onto a trebuchet, and splinters covered the cowering men that barely escaped death. I have both feet on the ground again, but they were much farther apart than I would have liked it. My feet started slipping outward, and before I knew it, I found myself falling into an unintentional split. I can easily do a split, but I never had tiny guys underneath my legs and butt when I did one. I may only weigh 135 pounds, but I am also 350 feet relative to these men, and if I am correct, my legs are quite hard from the muscle that has developed in those areas, and there’s still a few dozen men directly underneath them…


Well, too bad for them. I guess that being smushed under the biggest quads that are known to man is a way to die. Except there was no blood. Only screams of pain. That did not end when my legs stopped sliding. Pushing myself off the ground, I found the men, still alive, but with pressed into the soft mud, some with all of their limbs smashed and barely alive, others completely fine and got back onto their feet.


Well, that’s quite some story, isn’t it? I’ll tell you guys more of it later. Madison’s nagging me about the “cuts” and “abrasions” on my foot from running 12 or so miles barefoot in tiny nation.




End Notes:

Sorry to leave you guys on that cliffhanger there, I'll tell you guys more about the poor guys that were crushed onder Katie's legs later. And maybe Katie meeting the Emperor of Lovell. But for now, let your imaginations take over!


(this means that I'm open to suggestions for the fate of those unlucky (?) men.

Katie and the asshole by Masta
Author's Notes:

Normally there will be zero violence and gore in this story. However, I felt like after the previous chapter, we will need to make something that will cater to the likes of the gore and violence population. I promise to not have Katie "go rouge" too many times, but she's human after all, and humans are not perfect. And anyway, only one dude is gonna get gore'd, and I made him a major asshole anyway.

I found myself in a split in a muddy field infested with tiny men and their cute siege weapons. There were a number of unfortunate men that were smashed into the ground under my legs. Those under my thighs seemed to suffer the worst injuries, while those under my knees escaped relatively unscathed. A few had their limbs smashed under my legs and were in clear need of medical assistance, but only one medic dared to run forward. Somebody shouted something, and before I even knew what was happening, a stick about the size of a toothpick was shot through the medic’s chest, killing him instantly and leaving a large hole in the middle of his body. 

“Wait, why did you just shoot your own doctor? Am I not a threat to you guys anymore? What is wrong with you guys?”

I stood up, ignored the cries and pleas of the men that I left in a ditch shaped like my legs. I walked over their siege weapons and through their barracks. My feet mostly just moved by instinct, and I hardly cared when I stepped on a few of their tents, which collapsed like folded paper under my feet. All of the men were on the front lines, anyway. All but a few.

I stopped right before a particularly large tent that was clearly a different shade than the other tents. It was easily the size of a small basketball stadium for them. I grabbed (pinched?) one corner of the fabric and tore it away. 20 or so tiny men were sitting around a large rectangular table about the size of my finger, seemingly discussing tactics. They were all sitting around a rather fat man in an important-looking black suit. He turned around, expecting to see a soldier or recon, and instead only saw my toes tapping in the dirt, compacting it better than their heaviest road rollers could hope to.

“Well… could you explain the reason behind this unprovoked attack? Did you really think that you could stop me?”

I could tell even from my height that all of the color has drained from his face. He clearly expected his soldiers to fight back a little better. Unfortunately, when you are fighting an enemy that can simply step over your lines, land combat is less than ideal.

“M-My lady… what is the meaning of th-”


A shorter but slimer yet stronger man pushed the first man backward, drew his pistol, and littered my shins with bullets. One seemed to have ricocheted into one of the officers behind him, judging the way that he collapsed clutching his shoulder.

“Hey, are you done yet? Your artillery was not able to harm me, and you’re not really doing anything by shooting me. The only way that I can really tell that you are shooting me are the sounds that are coming from your toy.”

In contrast to the “emperor,” this bug’s face filled with redness. “You shall not insult me, ogress! You may be bigger and smarter than the average ogress, but you are still powerless to stop my attack! I will conquer you! I shall avenge my brother’s death!”

Powerless to stop his attack? Alright, let’s play with him.

I lightly tapped him in the head with my toes. Instead of annoying him, this simple action seemed to have thrown him to the ground, quite violently too. He might have flown a good 10 or 12 feet relative to his size and landed on a small mound. I quickly drew a shallow moat around his hill and it filled with water flooding in from a nearby tributary. Shallow as in probably 20 feet deep to him or something.

“Look, I don’t really want to hurt you much more. But you have to corporate. I swear that I will let you be if you explain why you guys decided to shoot me. But if you try and attack or escape, see this ass? I’ve been running for quite a while, that ass may look soft, but ask your men, it’s not as soft as it looks. I will break every bone in your body with my ass, and I will make you feel it.”

He looked insulted, but then saw the size of the moat that I had drawn with my toes. It would have taken a squad of 25 men an hour to dig a ditch of a similar size. He appeared torn with himself, face turning redder than ever.

“Go on then, sit on me, you overgrown bitch!”

I was confused at this behavior at first, but then I looked over at the rest of the officers and the “emperor” in the ruins of the tent. They all clapped and cheered, and that confused me even more.

“You guys want me to sit on him?”

“Hell yeah, this guy’s an idiot!”
“He rapes the female soldiers on the frontlines, its time that he got a proper ride.”
“Show him that booty!”
“Crush that piece of scum! Abusing all of our daughters for the past decade and we were powerless to stop him!”
“May I also add,” the emperor decided to speak again, and the color returned to his face, “that he forced me to come at gunpoint. I would have executed him already. But he has led a coup and the military was on his side. Would you kindly help our government regain control of the country?”

I looked back at the loney officer on the mound.

“Are you really a rapist, an abuser, a terrorist, and an absolute asshole?”

“If you put it that way… yes…”

He started to draw his pistol out of his hollister. I quickly flicked it away with my finger, but this also unfortunately dislocated his right arm. It was bent at an unnatural position, and it was clear that he was in pain from it.

I would have let him just keep firing at me, to be perfectly honest. It was a bit entertaining to watch the tiny people try and hurt me. It’s really only going to be nature that can hurt me the most now.

“Like I said, it will be slow, and you will feel every bone break in your body.”

He tried to scamper away, but the moat did its job. I first felt the top of the mound of dirt on my ass, then a small body that was unmistakingly already starting to crack under what felt like a finger’s weight on top of it. He started squirming, flailing his 3 remaining limbs in all directions as I slowly increased the amount of pressure on his body. His other arm had slowly stopped moving, while the legs took a bit more pressure to halt. I reminded myself that while this was the same amount of force required to flip a page in my diary, it was still a massive amount of weight to the tiny people. A small crack had issued from the dying man. I would have to assume that one of his ribs just cracked. A little while later, a minute amount of air was blown onto my ass. His lungs had collapsed under the weight of my butt. And I was still barely putting any weight onto my ass.

The emperor and the other officials came closer and started cheering after every crack. Eventually one officer ran over to my thigh and attempted to lift it. 

“What the hell are you doing?” I lost concentration, and in that short period of confusion, my left hand slipped on the slippery mud, and all of my weight fell on the officer. Gore sprayed out from under my butt onto the officers. The emperor dove for cover and narrow avoided being covered in blood and crushed body parts. “Aww, hell. Sorry guys. I didn’t mean for… that… to happen…”

“I convert to giantessism! I am willing to sacrifice myself to your majestic body! Crush me, mighty one! I am not worthy of your presence!” The man kept pushing against my thigh to no effect. In fact, if he wasn’t screaming, I would not have noticed him at all.

Here we go again.

“I am not a goddess. My name is Katie.”

End Notes:

Mr. Asshole got a taste of Katie's ass. I promise not to have too much gore or violence later on, but I might have some here and there to release both Katie's in-story stress and tension and my own will to add some gore. Don't worry, the people that will get gore'd will never be innocent. They will have a reason to face the wrath of Katie.

Gen. Sarah Thomas by Masta
Author's Notes:

This turned out to be a bit of a filler chapter to make the transition between assasin Katie and the Katie that we all know a bit smoother. But filler is filler, and I apologize. 

“Katie, that was totally gross and uncalled for. Go wash off your ass in the river.”

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault that the asshole was also a rapist.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to sit on him.” Madison was still berating Katie as she walked over to stream. She was lucky that she was wearing her running shorts, not her denim shorts. The body parts and gore washed off rather quickly and easily. The running shorts should also dry off pretty soon. Perhaps she should take them off so they can dry a bit faster… no, she isn’t going pantless in front of a bunch of men. Not today.


“Men, I do not know what that thing is or where it has come from, but it appears to be friendly. Do any of you mind trying to converse with her and negotiating a treaty? It is clear that our weaponry cannot do much against her.” The emperor was still breathing heavily; never before has anyone in the Orlando Empire seen anything so huge move so fast.

The generals were also breathing heavily; never before has anyone ever defeated the Imperial Army that quickly. Or at all, for that matter.

The assistant was also breathing heavily; never before has anyone in the Empire seen anyone so sexy.

Ok, that’s enough heavy breathing for one day, don’t you think?


Katie was just washing off the mud on her feet when she saw one of inch tall men walk over to her. She was nicely dressed in an official-looking military uniform, and Katie saw that she had left tiny footprints in the mud. It was kind of cute how one of her footprints covered the same distance as 21 of her steps. She stopped walking about 5 inches from Katie’s toes. Katie again noticed how the people were roughly the same size as her toe, but reminded herself that she is not big, they are just… tiny…

“The Emperor of Orlando sends his greetings. He wishes to speak to you personally.” The poor lady was shaking from head to toe, and was clearly uncomfortable at the fact that Katie’s toe, even with a third of it resting in the mud, was still taller than she was.

“Orlando? The city in Central Florida?” Madison had thought that we landed in the Tampa area.

“Yes ma’am, roughly 3 weeks from the ocean.”

“Well damn Katie, look at this, I was wrong for once. This isn’t the Tampa area… maybe the Kissimmee area?”

“Doesn’t matter, how much longer until the capital?”

“About 3 more miles down that road. But I think that it is better if we talk with this ‘Emperor’ first, right?”

“Oh yeah. Hey, what’s your name?”

“Sarah’s the name. Lieutenant General under General Jenkins. Who was under your butt for 5 minutes. I don’t think that our doctors can save him.”

“Oh… were you attracted to that guy?”

“That monster raped me and my sister. I would have asked you to stomp on his dead body a few times to wipe his existence off the face of this planet if General Arthur didn’t start worshipping you as his goddess. Listen, I know that you’re not a goddess. But you seem like a pretty damn nice soldier to me. We need more female troops in the army.”

Katie was unsure what to say right now. Sarah was much more successful and talented than Katie will ever be, and here she is, completely powerless to prevent Katie from snuffing her out under her toe if she wanted to. It almost seems like poetry.

“You mind if I… er… pick you up? I can get there much quicker.”

“Sure, just don’t bump my left leg. It was injured recently by a bomb.”

Sarah walked (or limped?) onto Katie’s extended hand. Katie slowly stood up, keeping her hand flat and at hip level the entire time. She tried to shield Sarah from the wind, but Sarah was enjoying it. She climbed onto Katie’s curled fingers and extended her arms, embracing the breeze that, for Katie, at least, was barely noticeable. It reminded Katie of an antique movie that she had seen in film class. It was about some boat hitting iceland or someth-


Katie looked down. Splintered wood and bent steel was protruding from under her foot. Moving her foot, she saw that she had stepped on an abandoned catapult. The boom was snapped in thirds under her foot, and the rest of the weapon were flattened and ground into wood chips and packed into the dirt, forming a sort of brick like material.

“Come on Katie, you have to be more careful. That could have been the Emperor under your foot, one bad step and you could start a war.” Madison was still livid over Katie’s attention, or lack thereof. She had crushed many items under her feet already, and was lucky that none of them had anyone inside of them where her colossal foot landed on them. Still, if she does not fix this, it is only a matter of time before some poor person was inside a car or something that Katie flattened (and probably forgot about) and left in a ditch the length of a train car and the depth of a small swimming pool.


“How can something be so huge and move so easily?” The men in the Emperor’s wrecked tent started panicking. Seeing a 350 foot tall giantess walk right towards you will unsettle most people. They pointed out how she had flattened their largest catapult without even noticing its presence until it was but a pile of splintered wood. Her finger probably had more power than at least 500 of their men. And most of all, where is this third voice coming from? It sounded like an AI, but everyone knows that AI are too dumb to speak for themselves. Well, their AI, at least. Where did this creature even come from? It cannot possible be Yuman, it is simply too big. Unless… it is the Humans that their bibles used to preach about? But no, the Humans eradicated themselves in an unnecessary conflict…

Unless… it was that one fabled Human that had escaped the fighting?

The the atmosphere in the tent had suddenly changed. Fear had suddenly turned into relief. Salvation at last! The books promised that when the last Human arrives, there will be no more war, no more poverty, no more hunger, no more pain, no more suffering, all of their problems will be solved! But… it described the Chosen One to be a… male? Did male Humans have breasts? Only female Yumans develop them, and they are tiny in proportion to their bodies. Her curves matched those of the gigantic pear fruit, one of the only remaining fruit specimens that survived the Great Wars of the 26th century. No, she cannot be Human. She is simply too beautiful. She is simply a goddess. She is above everything that is promised. She will not simply end poverty, she will bring prosperity to all who believes. Yes, now it makes perfect sense! The goddess has arrived! But… why? Why would the goddess come, of all places, here? Why will she come to the most heavily defended border in all of Florida? Was she here to punish them? She has already smashed the life out of Jenkins, but he was deserving her punishment. Did she intend to punish them too?


“Hey Sarah, why are your men running towards me, then running away?”

“I’m not sure, to be honest. Normally they hate running wind sprints, I’ve never seen them ran so enthusiastically before.”

“Hey guys!” Katie was using her normal talking voice now, and Sarah nearly fell of her hand. Her tiny eardrums were not ready for the volume. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Sarah cupped her hands over her ears, but her eyes had started watering. “Erm… can you guys please stop running? I’m afraid that I might step on you.”

“You heard the goddess! Everyone stop!” A male voice had rang out from the middle of the pack. There had to be at least five thousand men in that single block alone. They left a trail of bodies in their path.

“Crushed under their comrades.” Madison was already analyzing the situation. “It appears that they believe that you are their goddess, that they can agree on. What they cannot agree on is if today is the day where you come to punish them or not.”

“What? No, I’m not their goddess, why would I want them to worship me? No, I’d rather tough it out.” Katie is still disgusted at the thought of having tiny men and women worship her, cleaning her like a baby and bringing food to feed her. If she cannot keep herself occupied, then what will she do? Crush people? No, Katie is not that type of person. She will not make hundreds of innocent men and women suffer so she can suffer less. She will rather suffer a little more and drastically improve the lives of hundreds of innocent men and women.

Even if it means that she needs to make a few sacrifices.

She walked over to the remains of Jenkin’s body. “You see this rapist? I’m no goddess, but I will stamp out any person guilty of treachery in my presence!” She stomped on the body, flattening it even more and sending a small dust cloud over the men. She instantly regretted it when she saw the Emperor, looking like he was thrown back 20 feet or so, covered in dust mere inches from her feet. She picked him up, brushed him off, and brought him in front of Madison to check his condition.

“Well, this isn’t exactly how I thought that we were going to meet, but as you probably know from wonderful Grand General Thomas, I am Emperor Alexander the Fifteenth of Orlando…”

“Sir, I am a Lieutenant General, not a Grand General…”

“You were a Lieutenant General. But your incredible display of bravery in the past hour was incredible. Former Grand General Burton has scampered at the mere sight of the giantess while you approached her and befriended her. The rest of my Generals failed to contain their own men while ogling over your friend’s incredibly body shape and curves. You, however, did not focus on Lady Katie’s hips or thighs, instead focusing on her face and heart.”

“Well, that sounds pretty cheesy, but we have business to do.”

“Oh come on Madison, of all the times for a snarky comment, why now?”


End Notes:

Not sure if this counts as a cliffhanger or not, but I promise that the next chapter will hopefully see more progression in the story.

Getting back on track by Masta
Author's Notes:

It's about time that I finally make another edit to this story after having it sit around in the dust for about a year! Oh, and this chapter will mainly serve as a way for me to get all caught up on the lore so I can continue the story, not much will really happen here, sorry folks.

“What a magnificent creature! Such a powerful sense of… well, power! I’ve never seen anything like this before! How did you even discover our world, my dear giant friend? Are you a lost traveler from a faraway land? Your clothing looks nothing like anything we have on our planet, but my, do you look good in it! Such vibrant colors woven so perfectly into your outfit must have been extracted from a great divine plant, mashed to fine powder by your vast strength, am I wrong?”

Katie could only stand there, holding back giggles and furiously blushing as the emperor continued to fondle over her appearance. She has been implemented based on her looks before, as she was a fairly fit lady, but something about the emperor being much smaller than she is seemed to enhance the effect by a bit. It may just be how Katie could easily crush the emperor to pulp if she really wanted to, or could even kill him by simply dropping him; a drop from this height would surely be fatal, or just how utterly powerless those tiny men are to her actions, should she decide to do anything. Something, that’s for sure. Whatever it is, it has to be something with being a massive giant in a land of tiny people.

The newly-appointed General Thomas walked over to the emperor, who was actually quite a short and dumpy guy. She can’t help but notice that the emperor barely came up to her shoulder, a stark contrast to the propaganda that depicts him as a mighty figure, almost god-like, almost like Katie, actually. Damn, she was dying to know more about Katie. Such a kind and innocent girl, they were lucky that it was her that was the giant, and not someone hungry for power or crazy. Katie has more than enough power to level even the largest cities, and yet she decides to control herself. That’s sure hard to come by. Thomas knows that she would struggle to find another person, male or female, that was as disciplined as Katie was. They would all have probably gone mad and razed a city or two to get their true sense of power out. In fact, Thomas herself will probably have gone and crushed a few neighborhoods herself, enjoying her time in the spotlight as those civvies admired her muscular body. She was particularly proud of her body, having been faced with much higher standards than the male recruits had ever faced. For some reason, unknown to even the emperor himself, the female trainees had to score better on the physical examinations in basic training. It had the side effect of ensuring that all of the female applicants had a fit body by the time they graduated from boot camp, although perhaps that was the reason for the harsh regulations. Maybe it was all because some brat higher up the chain of command wanted some pretty ladies in their army, however messed up that would be. In any case, all it had managed to do was to create a disproportionate female majority in the higher ranks of 2 of the 3 branches of the armed forces; ever since The Great Shrink, the need for an air and space forces fell massively, seeing that flying machines were all but useless now, impossible to control, not to even mention the complexity of the technology.
As much as Katie had enjoyed the emperor’s endless praise and compliments, she knew that she had to finally ask a much more important question. Well, important to her, at least. Katie was a powerful goddess, well, the goddess, according to the ancient scriptures, and winning her trust and support were at the top of the emperor’s interests. Which is also probably why he was quite shocked and a bit displeased when Katie had asked for him to direct her right towards the capital.

“W-why of course, G-goddess Katie! If I am not mistaken, there should be a large town about a day’s walk from here in that direction, and from there, we should be able to simply follow the highway until we reach the capital! You know what they say, every road in the empire leads to Minimi! Although… and if I may ask, will you please be kind and gentle with my little subjects, please?”

“Minimi? Like… Miami?”

“Miami? So the myths are true, then? There has actually been a civilization hundreds of years ago, on this exact same planet, that shares our name? Say, you must know if they are still the powerful empire as the scriptures claim, some say that the Miamians had unified all of the continent, whichever one that was! I don’t know about you, my goddess, but the vast expanse of Florida sounds much bigger than whatever this continent could possibly me, and guess who has been tasked with the divine duty to cleanse this holy land of all foreign filth? Well, seeing that you have chosen to descend from the stars and heaven above and bless us with your divine grace, then I must understand now that it is our duty, as citizens of Minima, blessed by our Goddess Katie, to unite the great land of Florida once and for all!”

The soldiers who overheard the emperor cheered in delight, finally having found a purpose for fighting. The Kingdom of Minima was already one of the strongest kingdoms on the Floridan continent, it shouldn’t be that difficult to conquer the entire world from here, should it? The world was, after all, surrounded entirely by water, so there would be no place that the rebels could run off to, seeing that they had nowhere to go but the endless ocean. It was either surrender and join the empire, or to be utterly destroyed. In the soldiers’ eyes, there appeared to be nothing that could have gone wrong, right?

“You do know that the chances of this “Minimian” empire taking over the entire world are slim to none, right?” The familiar sassy British voice was back, Madison having finally woken up from her computerized nap. It may seem illogical, but smart AI like Madison must periodically rest to stay effective. Well, she is available whenever Katie needs her, but staying active for more than 16 hours in a day could risk damaging their code from overuse. An AI’s rest time literally affects their service life; an AI that rests for at least 40 hours a week can be expected to last for millions of years. Although one thought does nag away at Madison… even with the hardlight avatar giving her a solid form, she will never be a true woman. Katie, as dumb and unintelligent as she is, is still much more human than she ever will be. She breathes the air, walks on the ground, her stomach breaks down the food she eats, her soft soles pressing and shaping the ground beneath them. None of which Madison will ever be able to do. She is a computer and her purpose is to computer, to assist her human operator. Katie… she has no objective. She has free will.

Quite honestly, apart from that odd moment where they had interrupted my run, walking like a giant in a world of tiny people has been pretty fun! Everywhere I go, everyone has treated me like a goddess, and quite truthfully, I’ve felt more like one with each passing minute! I could have totally wiped out everyone I’ve seen so far, but honestly, doing something like that just did not feel right. I felt that it was now my responsibility to look over these lil’ guys, to keep them safe from this new world I find myself in. Hopefully rescue from other planets should arrive any day now, even if it was just a single person checking on us. Then again, it has apparently been tens of thousands of years since the conflict… if anyone were to arrive, they should have been here for thousands of years…

“Madison, has any rescue or other vessel arrived on Earth since I first went into sleep?”

Katie had nearly forgotten about that little voice in her ear, she’s been too immersed in the tiny peoples’ technology to have remembered about Madison. After all, after staying in a land like this for a few days, something as advanced as artificial intelligence seems prohibitively advanced.

“Well, you see, Katie…”

End Notes:

Hopefully the next update would not take a year, right? Hopefully...

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