A Frightening Night by Chinaislitfam
Summary: Choose the story via different chapters.
Caleb was shrunk during the night without knowing the cause of it. He must seek help to find a way to his normal size.
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1. Chapter 1 - The Night Begins by Chinaislitfam

2. Chapter 2 - Stephanie by Chinaislitfam

3. Chapter 3 - Emily by Chinaislitfam

4. Chapter 4 - Sarah by Chinaislitfam

5. Chapter 5 - Stephanie’s Workout by Chinaislitfam

6. Chapter 6 - Emily’s Friends by Chinaislitfam

7. Chapter 7 - Sarah’s Torture by Chinaislitfam

8. Chapter 8 - Stephanie’s Boyfriend by Chinaislitfam

9. Chapter 9 - Emily’s Treat by Chinaislitfam

10. Chapter 10 - Sarah’s Show and Tell by Chinaislitfam

11. Chapter 11 - Stephanie’s Goodbye by Chinaislitfam

12. Chapter 12 - Emily’s Little Toy by Chinaislitfam

Chapter 1 - The Night Begins by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
This is an introduction and beginning point for the story, I will add the Chapters soon. Go ahead and decide which sister to choose while I work on the different storylines! Also chapters will be pretty short because they will be branching paths.
I woke up that night around 2:30 AM. I could barely see a thing and I was covered by some type of fabric. I then noticed that I was inside my own clothes! Though they felt much, MUCH larger. I crawled out of them to find out that I was a mere inch tall!
I needed to find help to return to normal size, though I couldn’t do anything now that I was so tiny. I would have to deal with... my sisters.
I have 3 sisters and my mother. My dad died a few years ago and my mom became an alcoholic and hasn’t stopped since. My dad worked for the police force and one night he got shot and killed.
My oldest sister, Stephanie, is 18 years old. She enjoys working out and texts on her phone a lot. She has a huge ass and average sized breasts, and I kind of like her a little bit. I’ve had a crush on Stephanie for a few years now, but it would be weird to have a brother/sister relationship. Though she has caught me taking peeks at her ass sometimes, and she is a fierce lion when that happens!
My middle sister, Emily, is 13 and likes to dance and is a “Gamer Girl.” She’s kind of scary to me, and I think she wouldn’t mind playing around with me if she found me at my size. She does have GIANT boobs though! I seem to have crushes on my two older siblings, but I like Stephanie a lot more.
My youngest sister, Sarah, is 8 and she doesn’t do much. She just watches TV and plays with her dolls. I thought she would’ve outgrown them at this age but I guess not. She would be the scariest to come across at this size, she probably wouldn’t even recognize me! She could try to eat me thinking I was food. Or she could think I was one of her toys and make me have tea parties with Barbies.

All my sisters would be scary at this size, I mean what if Sarah put me inside her dollhouse and made me one of her doll slaves?! She is very rough with her dolls, though she can’t help it, she’s only 8 years old. Emily could force me to go to her dance recitals, and she is TERRIBLE at it! I hate going when I could be home doing other things. Stephanie could accidentally step on me, as she is a pretty tall girl, 6”4 to be exact. She wouldn’t even see me! I would have to get her attention another way if I needed to get her attention. I will have to choose one to help me.

*Now the story will be told as a choose your own story. One of the 3 sisters will help Caleb, though each sister will be fleshed out in multiple chapters. If you want Caleb to go to Stephanie, go to Chapter 2.
Emily - Chapter 3.
Sarah- Chapter 4. Choose the sister you wish to seek help from.
End Notes:
First time writing, tell me what you think!
Chapter 2 - Stephanie by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb goes to Stephanie, hoping she can help him.
I noticed that I was thousands of feet off of the ground when I looked off the edge of my bed, so I slowly climbed my way down the sheets, which took about 30 minutes. Stephanie’s Room was across the hall from mine, so it shouldn’t take too long to get there. I walked along to my door, and I crossed the threshold into the hallway, 3 doors, Stephanie closest to mine.
I walked into the room, with light pink walls and floor lamps in almost every corner. Everyone else was asleep except Stephanie, probably texting her boyfriend or something. As I walked in I noticed that it was a whole new perspective of the house now that I was this size! I decided to explore a little bit before I try to get her attention.
Stephanie was on her bed, legs propped up, head leaning on the bedframe, but I was 1 inch tall on her floor, free to explore the entire area! I walked up to her bookbag, which had been in the same place all summer, and it looked like a mountain at this size. Her closet looked like a gigantic cave that had bras and jeans inside. I was next to her dresser at this point, and I climbed up the wooden boards to see inside.
I was looking at the ground, about he same height as my bed, and as I was leaning over the edge, I accidentally fell into her panty drawer. I tried yelling for help, but because of my size, barely any noise was made.
Stephanie usually stays up late but still gets up early. So I waited for her to go to sleep so she could wake up and change clothes to get me outta there. It actually smelled pretty good in there, it had that high school girl scent to it.
She finally went to sleep and woke up around 6:00 AM. She went to go get some panties as she had just finished her shower. I was waving to her but she grabbed some without looking. I held on for dear life as I was dragged in he air by panties the size of a building. When she was about to put them on she noticed me hanging off the edge.
“Caleb?” Stephanie questioned.
I tried yelling to her but she couldn’t hear me so she put me up to her ear.
“How are you so small? And why are you on my underwear?!”
“I was shrunk in the middle of the night! I have no idea why I’m like this! Help me get to normal size Steph!” “Why should I? You’re always perving on me and you hanging onto my panties at 1 inch tall isn’t helping.” “Because I’m your brother! Please help me, I don’t want to be like this forever!” “Well we’re gonna have some fun today... little brother.”
I did not like the sound of that. Go to Chapter 5 for the next part of Stephanie’s story.
End Notes:
Part 1 of Stephanie is complete!
Chapter 3 - Emily by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb goes to Emily, hoping to get help.
I crawled down my bedsheets to the wooden floor which was a lot bigger than I though it would be. Emily’s Room was the door left from Stephanie’s, which was right across the hall from mine. I made my long journey across the hall and into her room.
I was barely as tall as a power socket. She was asleep on her bed, with her TV still on, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the main menu. I just climbed down my own bed and now I have to climb up hers. Thankfully there were some boxes on the floor I could get a head start with.
They were at the foot of the bed, so I had to make my way on top of her body. I climbed from her left pinky toe to on top of her right sole. It stank a lot crawling up there, and I almost vomited a little bit. I made my was up to her ass which was not as big as Stephanie’s but was still bigger than average. I almost fell off but I caught myself by hanging onto her pajama pocket. As I made my way to her boobs, I started getting turned on. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen right as I’m about to ask her for help, having an erection in front of your sister is not a good situation to be in. I had to crawl over her left breast, which felt mountainous at this size. It also felt like a trampoline almost. The nipple was hard because the room was pretty chilly. I finally made it to her head, and I started yelling at her for help.
“Emily! EMILY! Help it’s me Caleb!”
No response.
I tried to get her attention some more, but it wasn’t working. I went over to her eye and started poking it. She has very sensitive eyes so she woke up pretty quick after that.
“Agh, what’s that in my eye?!”
“Emily! Emily!”
“Caleb? Is that you?”
“Yes I got shrunk and I don’t know why or how!”
“What time is it? 7AM?! I’m gonna be late for school! And you know I dont like being late on the first day!”
“But what should I do? I can’t get Stephanie or Sarah to help me! I’ve already been going for 6 hours to get to you!”
“You can come with me to school.”
“While shrunk? Where will I be put? Your book bag is way to dangerous for me to be rattling around in, and you don’t have pockets in your skirt!”
Emily pointed at her breasts which were on the verge of popping out of her small shirt, and then brought her finger down towards her vagina.
“Which will it be?”
“Erm.. uh.. is there another place?”
“Uh.. I.. I-I..”
“If you don’t make a decision soon, I’ll choose for you because I am NOT being late to class!”
I wanted to be in her shirt but I felt too nervous to ask, it just felt wrong, but her vagina just felt weird to say!
“Okay- I choose...”
“Nope! Times up!”
She picked me up with her index finger and thumb and started to pull her panties out.
She could not hear me as she was too far away now. She opened her panties and stuffed me inside her pussy head first. I felt humiliated, being the sex toy of my younger sister. I could feel her heartbeat inside her wet pussy. I heard her say as she opened the door, “and as you’re like this, I’m calling you my ‘little brother’,” followed by a laugh as she went to the school bus. I did not like where this seemed like it was going.

Go to Chapter 6 for the next part of Emily’s story.
End Notes:
This will be the most fleshed out story if you chose Emily! So tune in to Chapter 6 for more Emily content!
Chapter 4 - Sarah by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb goes to his youngest sibling, Sarah, seeking help.
Sarah’s Room was the farthest away from mine in the hallway. It was almost a mile walk for me to get to her. The wooden boards were nearly 10 times as wide as I was. I walked past Stephanie’s doorway, and she was, as usual, sitting on her bed texting late at night. As I walked past Emily’s doorway, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was on her TV and she was asleep, controller in hand.
I got to her room, and it was the smallest room of the house. She used the spare room as her bedroom. She was sleeping soundly on her bed. I crawled up the humongous bed and tried yelling at her to wake her up. I tried and tried to wake her, but she was sound asleep. I decided to wait for the morning, so I jumped on her nightstand, and fell asleep next to her lamp.

6 Hours Later

I woke up on a warm, but soft material. I opened my eyes, and I was in the palm of Sarah! She was staring down at me, trying to figure out what I was. I called to her, “Sarah!” I yelled. She didn’t hear me, but she must’ve thought I was one of her dolls, even though I was 1/12 of the size of her 12” tall Barbies, because she put me in her dollhouse, what should I have expected. Barbie was giant compared to my size, so even they were a little bit scary to me, even though they were inanimate objects.
My mother yelled from downstairs drunkenly, “Sarah! First day of 3rd Grade! Urp!”
“Coming mom!”
I did not know where she put her dolls until now, as I had never seen her dolls except for when she was playing with them. She only had 2 dolls by the way. She opened her panties and shoved me in with her Barbie and Ken dolls. She must do something with them other than keep them in her panties all day! Even Barbie was a Giant Goddess at my size. And here I am, shrunk in my 8 year old sisters panties. Her pussy wasn’t even fully developed yet, but it smelled terrible, and I vomited from the stench. It was full of sweat and I think Sarah enjoyed rubbing her vagina, even for being at such a young age, as she was rubbing me against her clit all the way to school. If she used enough force, I could accidentally have been pushed inside her vagina, and being in an 8 year olds panties is bad enough but inside her clit? No way! If she was a little bit older I may would have enjoyed this bus ride, but since she is only 8, it felt pervy as all hell. This is gonna be a long day. And I hope she will notice me soon enough. Maybe Stephanie or Emily will notice her playing with me. Or maybe she will bring me out in class.

Go to Chapter 7 for Sarah’s story progression.
Chapter 5 - Stephanie’s Workout by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Stephanie has found Caleb in her panty drawer and is going to have a little “fun” with him.
Stephanie took me off the side of her panties and put me on her bed. She then stripped in front of me so she found out her panties on and change her clothes for her morning jog.
“Stephanie don’t get naked in front of me!”
“What? I’ve seen you perving on me all the time! You’ve seen me naked plenty of times, don’t lie about it!”
“No I haven’t! I just looked to uh..”
She was right, I did stare at her when she got out of the shower multiple times.
“Yeah. No excuse. And you seem to have a thing for my ass!”
She shook her ass with her yoga pants on in front of me, teasing me with it.
“I think you would like a more close up view!”
She then picked me up and slid me down her ass crack.
“Stephanie! Get me out of here!”
She hadn’t even started running yet and she was sweating like crazy!i was sliding between her cheeks with every movement. I tried banging on her cheeks but she just ignored it. I then heard her yell to Mom saying, “I’ll be back in a little bit! Going for another jog!”
She started running and I was going everywhere. Her legs moved, I moved. Her ass moved, I moved. I mean I liked her ass but not this much! I now know the evil side of Stephanie, I only knew her as the healthy, fit girl in the family.
After her jog was over, she took me out of her pants and placed me on the dinner table. Mom had left for work, and Emily and Sarah were at school.
“Did you enjoy the personal experience with my gargantuan ass?”
“Yes and no. I liked the idea, but not the sweat and odor.”
At least I was honest.
“Well you’re going to have an even better experience now that we’re the only ones here!”
She pulled out a dildo from her closet in her room and brought it back downstairs.
“Where’d you get that? How did Mom not see you get it?”
“A friend gave it to me at school.”
She put me on top of the dildo and she started to take her clothes off again.
“Oh no, you are not going to do what I think you’re about to do.”
“Get ready for this Caleb you tiny fucking perv!”
She plopped her ass down on the dildo and I was sent flying inside her ass. It was wet and slimy, and it smelled like shit, because that was almost all there was.
She started moving up and down on the sex toy, and I could hear her moaning while I was inside her, and I was starting to struggle for oxygen. As I was about to pass out, she finally let me out saying, “that was the best experience of my life!”
“You fucking bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Help me get back to normal!”
“Oh this is just gettin started Caleb!”

Go to Chapter 8 for Stephanie’s story progression.
Chapter 6 - Emily’s Friends by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb got to choose to go to school either inside of his younger sister’s pussy, or inside her breasts. He chose too long and got the opposite of what he wanted as she chose for him. He is now 3 inches deep in his sister.
The bus ride was bumpy as usual. But it was even worse being inside my own sisters clit. She seemed a little bit too happy that I was this small, but it was disgusting in there.
When we got to school, I could feel every step she made. I was squirming inside her and that made her walk a bit strangely. We got to class and that was going to be the only break I get. So I tried to get comfy in there, put she kept pulsing and it moved me up and down, while I was trying to sit still.
In her second period, I heard, “Emily, where is your brother Caleb? Mrs. Watson just called saying he wasn’t here this morning.”
“Uh.. he’s sick today Mrs. Maimone!”
I jumped up when she said my name, but Emily sneakily stick her hand in her skirt and pushed me in further. I was 6 or 7 inched in there now! She was enjoying this! I thought she was going to help me, not torture me!
We got to P.E. and that was the worst time of all. During jumping jacks, I slipped and slid around all inside her vagina. After some excercises, we played dodgeball. Emily is really good at dodgeball, and takes it very seriously. She was running as fast as she could, and it was making me sweatier inside of her. Someone hit her in the crotch and it sounded like a cave was about to collapse.
We went to the lockers and as Emily was about to go to her 4th Period, which was lunch, she yelled, “Amelia! Stacy! Meredith! Come to the bathroom real quick, I need to show you guys something.” Why would she want them to go to the bathroom? She can’t use it as I’m inside of her!
They went inside the girls’ bathroom, locked the door so no one else could get in, and they all sat down on the floor.
“Okay, get ready for this.”
She took her panties off, which must be normal for girls to see each other’s parts without freaking out, and slowly pushed me out. I was wet and sticky and there were 4 goddesses surrounding me in a locked bathroom.
“Oh my gosh!”
“He’s so small!”
“Why is he like this?”
“I don’t know, I found him this morning in my room, and I decided to stick him in there.”
“Emily! What the fuck?!”
“Hey, you asked for this since you’ve teased me all these years. It’s payback time and you should not have come to me for help.”
I had no clue what they were going to do to me.
“Let me see him first!”
Meredith had had a crush on me for a few years now, even though I’m 3 years older than her. She is kinda tubby, so I wasn’t insterested even if I was going to do that. She then started reaching for my body.
“You know Caleb? I always wanted you to put your dick in my pussy, but you’ve always said, ‘but you’re 3 years younger than me! I can’t do that!’ But now since your dick is so tiny, I guess I will have to stick you all the way inside!”
She started pushing me up and down inside of her fat ass clit, moaning from the pleasure. I was screaming for help, because I don’t like being inside of a fat chick’s genitals. She eventually started to orgasm and she stuffed me inside of her as far as she could. I soon threw up as I was covered in white cum. She pulled me out and they all started to laugh at my cum-covered body.
“Ooh! Me next! Me next!”
Amelia started to reach for me. I was always interested into dating black girls, and this started to turn me on a little bit. Seeing a goddess’ face right in front of you is a major erection just waiting to happen. And soon enough it did.
“Oh my gosh his dick is so small! Ha ha! You want me to stick you in my pussy don’t you? Well guess where you’re going to go to!” She started to open her mouth, and I immediately lost my turn on. She threw me in her mouth, and was rolling me around in her tongue. It was wet and slimy in there, but it was especially hot. It was like being in the hot summer sun but it is right on your skin.
She eventually spat me out, and that wasn’t nearly as bad as Meredith’s vagina.
“Saved the best for last!”
Stacy grabbed me and immediately started rubbing me on her clit. At least I wasn’t inside of it. I was gonna get whiplash if she kept doing it, but then she did something I didn’t expect. And this was the worst.
I was sent headfirst flying up her asshole. She then got on the wall and started twerking like she never had before, sending me deeper and deeper. I was starting to smell the shit that was brewing inside of her, and then she farted and I went flying back from where I came in from. It was the worst smell of my life, and I didn’t vomit this time because Meredith’s clit did enough.
“Well we can’t take him back to class now! He’s still all sticky!” Said Meredith. I let a sigh of relief.
“Oh I know!”
Emily pulled out a jar from the closet in the bathroom.
“No one ever goes in that closet!”
Emily then squatted over the jar and pissed for about 30 seconds straight, and then she let out a house sized piece of shit (compared to my size.)
“Your turn girls.”
Meredith let out all of the cum that was left inside of her. Making the jar at least another 10% full. Stacy only let out some rabbit poop. Amelia took the biggest shit of my life, it was 4 times as big as Emily’s.
“Now for the final topping!”
Emily picked me up by my head and hovered me over the jar. I started banging on her fingers but she ignored me. I was dropped in, and it was like all of the horror that just happened to me had come back for seconds.
“Have fun lil bro! Ha ha ha! I’ll be back to check on you later!”
“Emily, wait! Blargh- you can’t - blegh- leave me in here!”
They put the jar with me inside back in the closet, they unlocked the door, and walked out like nothing happened.

Go to Chapter 9 for Emily’s story part 3!
Chapter 7 - Sarah’s Torture by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb goes to Sarah, but she thinks he is one of her small collectibles. On her way out the door, she stuffs him in her panties with her other dolls.
I honestly have had the worst life ever. I mean, how many people in the world do you think have been shrunk down, and shoved down their 8 year old sister’s panties? That’s right, none.
It was a bumpy bus ride, and an annoying one with Sarah rubbing me against her clit the entire time. She sat next to Emily and they had a conversation of where I was. They thought I was sick and didn’t want to come out of bed today.
When she went into the classroom, all I could hear was 8 year olds screaming their heads off. The fabric of Sarah’s underwear blocked out some of the noise, but not much. The teacher, Mrs. Cran, was a very loud teacher. He was louder than all of the 8 year olds combined. All this noise gave me a headache.
She went to take a bathroom break around her second period. She slipped her jeans down, and then her panties. He pulled out Barbie, me, and Ken and started playing around with us. I started waving my arms, but she didn’t notice. So I bit her thumb to get her attention.
“OW! What the heck?”
“Sarah! It’s me!”
“Caleb? I thought you were a Barbie!”
“Help me Sarah! I don’t know why I’m like this!”
“Why? You’re a meanie, pushing me around all the time and calling me names. You can suck my butt!”
She then wiped me up and down her ass crack, which had shit all over it because she was, well, in the bathroom. When she pulled me back up, I gasped for air, covered in 8 year old shit.
“Ew you’re poopy! Go inside my butt with the other poopy stuff!” “Sarah! You’re a sick freak! A freak!” “See! You’re calling me names again, and that’s mean!”
She pushed me inside of her asshole slowly, feet first. This was torture. My last glimpse of light was my sisters ass inhaling me inside. When I was inside there, it was slippery from all the shit she just let out of shit creek. I had little oxygen, so I had to conserve it. It didn’t seem like I was gonna be out of here any time soon, so I tried to get comfortable and take a nap. But every time she quinched her cheeks, every time she sat down, and every time she stood up, I was crushed by her ass internally. Like I said earlier, if Sarah was a 17 year old like me and wasn’t my sister, I would have loved every second of this. But she hadn’t even developed breasts yet! If she was my girlfriend, I would let her do anything to me. I wouldn’t care. I would find it very, VERY hot if I were stuck a foot down inside my girlfriend’s ass! Or maybe I could literally get ‘inside her pussy.’
Go to Chapter 10 to see what Caleb does to get out of this one!
Chapter 8 - Stephanie’s Boyfriend by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb was stuffed in Stephanie’s ass crack as she went for a jog, and then used him as a sex toy. What will Caleb face next?
“I am enjoying this a lot Caleb.”
“Well I don’t! It is humiliating!”
“Well I have a little treat for you.”
She called up her boyfriend Trip to come over. After the call, she stripped in front of me again and got some clothing you would see in a porno before they start doing it in bed.
“How do I look? Does my ass show big enough?”
She waved her ass in front of me, teasing me again.
“Uh, that’s a weird question to answer.”
“Lemme give you a closer look to see.”
She plopped her gargantuan ass on top of both of my legs, disabling my ability to move. I tried to get out but the weight of her body was entirely put on her ass at the time.
A doorbell rang and Stephanie welcomed Trip in. When she opened the door, his eyes widened like a dog seeing its owner when they come home.
“Hey Trip, uh, that thing we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. No ones home for a few hours. Let’s go to my room.”
She picked me up without making it noticeable and stuck me inside her asshole just enough that I wouldn’t be seeable to the naked eye.
“Take off your clothes and fuck me, dirty boy!”
She stuck her ass outwards towards him and he began to unzip his jeans. I was thinking to myself, “I have the worst life in all of human existence, don’t I.”
His 7 inch dick was going for her ass, where I was. I tried to escape, but she clenched her asshole, trapping me inside. His dick was coming through the opening, about 3 inches away from me now. I was hoping for dear life someone would come home and see this, but it didn’t happen.
He started going at it hard. I was getting pushed farther and farther back into her ass, and he was starting to cum. Eventually I was completely covered in Trip’s slimy cum.
“Oh my goodness... *moan* that was the best fucking I’ve ever had!”
“Wait, you’ve had other guys before me?”
“Uh.. duh. Of course!”
“You lying son of a bitch! You’re a whore!”
He started trying to beat Stephanie up, but she was stronger than Trip, as she worked out a lot more than he did and was a lot taller than him too. That kinda turned me on some, having a strong older sister as well as hot.
She kicked him out and then began to cry having just lost her boyfriend. I slowly made my way out of her ass and when I was about an inch away from freedom, she pulled me out anyways.
“Ca-leb, don’t- you dare *sniff* try to esca-pe.”
She then stuffed me back into her ass. Got on a handstand, faced the wall and started shaking her ass, making me fall deeper and deeper into her 4 walls of torture. She eventually calmed down and went to sleep, but forgot about me. So I went to sleep on a warmer part of flesh I found.

Go to Chapter 11 to see the end of Stephanie’s story with Caleb.
Chapter 9 - Emily’s Treat by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Emily and her friends trapped Caleb in a jar full of their own shit and piss. Emily will go to check up on Caleb and give him a little something of his own to try.
What was only a few hours felt like days stuck in a jar full of shit and piss. Emily came back to me around the end of the day.
“How are you holding up little bro?”
“Terrible. I’ve thrown up 4 times in the past hour.”
“Aw that’s too bad. But since you’re my slave and you gave me something nice, I’ll give you a treat when we get home!”
“Slave?!” You said you would help me get back to normal!”
“Yeah, yeah. Well get to that later. But for now you can be my ‘little bro slave buddy!”
She took me out of the jar and this time she put me in her breasts.
“I decided you should probably take this road this time, maybe walking won’t be such a pain for you, so you better enjoy this while you can until you’re riding in my pussy again!”
She slid me in between her boobs, unnoticeable without digging in to find me. She was right though, it felt a lot safer and didn’t hurt nearly as bad.
We got home and Mom had not gotten back from work yet, and Stephanie and Sarah were at Stephanie’s boyfriend, Trip’s house. Emily slid me out from between her breasts and put me on her bed. She looked like a goddess. It turned me on when looking at her from this size again.
“Well little bro, I told you I’d give you a treat so here it is! You seem to stare at my boobs a lot, so I think you’d like this!”
She took her shirt off and then her bra. Her nipples were erect and large compared to me. She brought me up and dropped me on her left nipple.
“Start sucking.”
“You heard me. Breast feeding gives off milk. So start sucking, you deserve this lil bro!”
I started to suck on her tit that was 50 times bigger than I was, and nothing was happening. I kept sucking and then I felt it. It was the best tasting thing that I had ever had. I started sucking more and more, it was almost like it had nicotine in it, I just couldn’t stop. It was warm, and she was almost treating me like a baby, forcing to breastfeed me. I started to cum from the pleasure of sucking on her nipple. Emily then pushed me down into her nipple, making me go deeper into her tit, almost completely enclosed by female eye candy. Then it hit me, “this is my own sister, why am I enjoying this? And she is 3 years younger than me!”
“Woah woah woah. Doesn’t this feel a little bit wrong?”
“Not if we both enjoy it.”
She seemed to be happy about me sucking on it as well. Maybe we could both enjoy her little slavery of me used as her sex toy.

Go to Chapter 12 for Caleb and Emily’s character progression.
Chapter 10 - Sarah’s Show and Tell by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Sarah found Caleb and stuffed him inside her anus.
All my life until the next day was hearing stomach rumblings and farts making me vomit every time Sarah did one. Stomachs were loud enough when you’re outside of them, but it sounds like Godzilla when you’re right next to it.
Anyways, she had gone to sleep, with me still in her ass. The next day as she was about to go back to school when I was pushed by a piece of shit, all the way outside of her anus. I wasn’t in the piece of crap but I was stuck to it. I was pushed into the toilet where I started to drown in the disgusting toilet water.
“Oh gosh.”
She reached into the toilet water and grabbed me, splitting me from the poop. She rinsed me and her hands off in the sink.
“Caleb, I need you for something. I don’t have something for Show and Tell, so you’re going to be my guinea pig for it.”
“Why should I? I’d rather be dead right now. Why are you doing this to me?”
“Because you are a bully! Now do what I say or else you’re going to get it!”
She stuffed me inside her sock, and then put her foot inside. I was stuffed between her big toe and her 2nd toe. She put her shoes on and ran out to the bus.
This was worse than being in her ass! I was being scrunched up between her toes and she was grinding me up with them. And she put on dirty socks that haven’t been washed for 2 weeks, so that, plus her sweaty toes, equals the smell of a thousand skunks at once.
“We haven’t seen Caleb in 2 days now Sarah. What should we do?”
“It’s fine! He’ll show up soon! He’s probably tired from hanging with his friends all night.”
“But he couldn’t have gone out because he was si-“
“I don’t wanna talk about this Emily, who do you have for your teachers?”
Sarah was trying to get me out of everyone’s minds! She really wanted to keep me didnt she?
We got to school and Sarah got me out of her sock and got me ready by putting me in her cupped hands.
“Okay class, who would like to go first?”
Sarah raised her hand, very excited.
“Okay Sarah, you can go first!”
“I have a very special Show and Tell today, and it is, my brother!”
I was raised into the air and I almost fell down as she brought me up.
“He can do tricks! Caleb, do a backflip!”
“I can’t do that!”
“I said DO IT!”
I failed to do a backflip and the class laughed at me. I didn’t care because it was a bunch of 3rd graders but Sarah was probably going to kill me.
“Sarah, is that doll naked?”
“It’s not a doll! And yes he is naked.”
“I believe I will have to take that from you until your parents come to retrieve this inappropriate item.”
Sarah and Mrs. Cran were playing tug-o-war with my 1 inch body. Mrs. Cran got me and I was put in her drawer. Sarah sounded very angry about it.
It was dark except for when she opened the drawer to grab a pen or pencil throughout the day. At the end of the day after school, however, Mrs. Cran opened the drawer and pulled me out of it. She brought me up close to her face.
“Hello Caleb. I remember you from when you were in 3rd grade.”
“Hello Mrs. Cran!”
It was so awkward with me being naked in front of my old teacher.
“Well I remember you being a very bad boy so many years ago.”
“I’ve changed a good bit since then.”
“Come with me to my house. We can talk some more there.”
This wasn’t good. Why was my teacher bringing me home?! I had just escaped Sarah and now I’m in the same position. I need to get out of this crazy world.

Go to Chapter 13 for Mrs. Cran’s meeting with Caleb at her house.
Chapter 11 - Stephanie’s Goodbye by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb was pushed deeper inside of Stephanie’s anus, forgotten about.
I woke up and I was still inside of Stephanie’s ass. She was still asleep so I tried to make my escape. I was tired from being fucked by Trip’s giant dick. Never in the world would I have though that I would be inside my evil sister’s ass. I crawled outside of her ass and I could finally breathe fresh air again. I scrambled through her nightclothes, trying to find an opening. I eventually got to ger tits, but I didn’t notice what they were until I got to the nipples. I slipped off of her right nipple and in between her boobs. She rolled over in bed right as I fell, so I was squished between her breasts. This was worse than her crushing me with her ass, she was unaware of this so she couldn’t have stopped it! I was barely able to crawl my way from under them.
I got to her face and she was snoring like a lion. I was accidentally sucked in when I walked under her mouth. I felt the air turn from cold to insanely hot. Her tongue covered me and I was covered in wet, sticky saliva. I pushed her tongue out of my way and I slipped on my saliva covered feet, and I fell towards her uvula. I grabbed on to it by reflex so I wouldn’t fall, but that woke Stephanie up, making her violently sit up. This was my fate, making me fall into her throat. She swallowed some saliva, pushing me down farther. She was completely unaware of what was happening. I soon fell into her stomach acid, burning me like a chicken on a barbecue.
I quickly scurried onto an undigested piece of food. I ate some of it so I could survive a little bit longer. The food was slowly dropping and I was going to be in the ass again soon.
I tried to see if there was a way I could climb up the walls of her stomach so I could survive, but there wasn’t. I would have to suffer my fate.
The piece of food I was on sunk into the acid, and so I swam downwards towards the place where all the shit was. It burned like hell, but I had to do it. I had grown used to the smell after being put right next to it for so long.
I was eventually inside the ass again and just in time for Stephanie to use the restroom. I was shit out of her ass, and I was in the toilet. My last glimpse of life was seeing my giant sister’s ass as I was drowned by the toilet water after being flushed.

Okay, I know some of you are gonna be mad with this ending. But this was the bad ending.
Go back and choose Emily or Sarah’s story! Emily’s will be the longest one, and Sarah’s will be the 2nd longest.
Hope you enjoyed!
Chapter 12 - Emily’s Little Toy by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Emily gave Caleb a treat of fresh breast milk straight from her own body.
“Okay, that’s all for now Caleb.”
She took me away from her tit and put me in her pubic hairs. They were soft but it was as if I was lost in a giant bush when I tried to see through it. She let me go to sleep there, while she went to sleep naked for the night.
The next day she asked me, “Where do you want me to carry you?”
“Your breast’s are a lot softer and felt a lot safer than your pussy.”
“Okay then! Maybe you’ll choose the other someday.”
She slid me softly in between her breasts that were too big for her shirt size. And this didn’t hurt, it felt like being in between two giant pieces of jello.
Today’s went normal at school. I wasn’t stuffed inside a fat girls pussy, I wasn’t put in the mouth of someone. The only thing that was bad was in P.E. because I kept almost sliding out of her breasts, and she would probably have never found me again if that had happened.
We got home and she gave me another ‘treat.’
A few days go by and I try going to school in her pussy again, as I have been sleeping in her pubes for a while now. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time I did it. Probably because I did it willingly this time. I got used to the smells and feels of being in there, so I would not have to worry about it later.
“Caleb, I am actually enjoying having you around all the time. Do you think you may actually like being shrunk?”
As much as I hated to admit it, I was getting pretty attracted to her at this point. We were supposed to be a normal family. But now, we’re using each other sexually.
“You know what, yeah, I do actually.”
“Do you think you may want to, uh, act like we’re not related, but have a relationship?”
“I mean, you’ve used me as your sex toy a lot of times already, so we can see how it goes!”
We eventually started acting like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn’t want to remember that we were brother and sister. We both enjoyed having me like this. I got to have the pleasure of being inside of a girl’s pussy and she got the pleasure of having a human sex toy.
A few weeks go by, and it’s the norm for me and her to do freaky stuff.
“Do you want to go to school today? You’ll have to go in my sock though.”
“Nah, I think I’ll stay here, I need a day off.”
“What if I let you be in my skirt?”
“Your skirt?”
“Yeah, I’ll even let you pick which side.”
“Yeah, I guess I could go with you.”
She picked me up and slid me in her panties. I crawled into her asshole and took a nap inside there until school was over and I got my treat.
It had been two months since I was first shrunk, and me and Emily were in a serious relationship by then, without even caring that it was basically incest.
“Caleb, do you enjoy being my little toy / boyfriend?”
“Of course Emily! We both enjoy the things you do with me!”
“You don’t want to be normal sized?”
“Not if it’ll stop the happiness we have together.”

Go to Chapter 14 to see more of Emily and Caleb’s relationship.
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