Yao - Jing by Aphrodite

Decided to start uploading some of my tales here.. starting with the first from 2015

A giantess deciding to visit Hong-Kong for sex and destruction. Contains a giant male at the very end.

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1. Chapter 1 by Aphrodite

Chapter 1 by Aphrodite

Yao Jing...

It was the pitch of night when a tumultuous rolling boom broke the quiet of the small hours. The sound woke the city and, in all directions, eyes snapped open into wakefulness. The echoes were still reverberating when people everywhere tumbled out of bed, stumbling and tripping on a trembling floor that set everything in the room rattling. White knuckled, hundreds of hands clutched at hundreds of windowsills to stand, gaping, at the chilling sights and sounds to the east.

There, the airport was aflame, glowing a lurid flickering orange with thick, acrid black smoke that swirled upwards to choke the moonlight. A second thunderous boom sent vibrations rippling through the streets and buildings: the floor swaying and sending people sprawling over the ground.

A high whistling was followed by a glowing white fireball, tinged red at the edges. It rose like some ghastly fungus and cast harsh, jagged black shadows that made the most mundane of things look monstrous. Moments later, with a roar of sound, the shock of the blast hit and people threw themselves down onto the ground once again. Glass in windows vibrated then shattered, showering glittering shards. For miles around, ears rang with the noise of the explosion, but still the outside sounds crept in through the smashed glass. The people dragged their trembling bodies up, glass clinking aside as thousands of numb bloodless fingers braced against the walls.

The awful sounds of chaos and destruction filtered through, accompanied by horrible panic filled screams. The people living there must have thought there had been a plane crash or an earthquake. But perhaps they already knew there was something that just didn't seem to fit: for, in odd contrast, lilting above the other course noises of mayhem, they were sure they could hear laughter...


In the morning, it was all over the news, every channel was covering the events at the airport, and I flicked through the channels from disaster scene to disaster scene. Not one offered any decent explanation to what had happened: most of the people had been killed in awful ways, with only a scant handful pulled alive from the wreckage, all gibbering nonsense and clearly traumatised. But, worst of all, there were hundreds of people missing, not dead or injured, they were simply gone... and what could possibly cause a plane to be torn in two like that? The innards stripped and the passengers all vanished: only one or two remaining, their bodies squashed out of all recognition and their faces frozen in their last look of numb terror? Or another plane pressed completely flat into a depression sunk into the runway, with the bloody remains of people oozing out from the crumpled fusilage and along the split tarmac? Or.... No, no! I can't say any more, It is all too much!

The scene on the news pulled away, they were now talking about the cable cars, the whole car system was missing and the poles twisted and cast aside. It looked as though it had been simply torn from the ground and taken.... where? I smirked at that, my fingers lifting involuntary to caress a row of delicate glass beads adorning my throat.

Now they showed the complete devastation from the air. The faint whirr of the helicopter at the background as the reporter explained the little details. As if I couldn't already see it! The buildings torn apart, planes tossed haphazardly like toys and there were bodies scattered everywhere. I turned the TV off with a longing sigh. More than enough death and destruction for one day they must have thought. How very wrong they all were... I was only just getting started.


So the airport was naughty, I'll admit that. But you have to remember I had been cooped up inside that tiny little plane for hours on the journey there: it was unbearable! I needed to do something to relieve the tension just a little. I suppose, if I wanted to, I could argue that I was simply removing a main escape route before I got to work properly, but that would be lying. The truth is I lost control,  pure and simple, and that was that.

The day after the catastrophe, I wandered through the busy streets getting that feel for city life that made it so much more delightful when I decided to come along and spoil it all. It's nice to remind myself that these are all real people, with families, jobs and lives. They scurried around like insects. Busy, busy, busy. Never stopping, always doing something. They didn't have a clue how hopeless it was, or what was going to happen. It was just a dull mundane buzz that was so easy to shatter into chaos in a moment.

All that day, the last normal day, I was flushed and expectant, with a bad case of the butterflies: I had always been so careful to keep myself a secret before, but this was different. I had decided to announce myself to the world in spectacular style and have a damn good time doing it. So I chose the biggest, busiest and most crowded area I could think of and here I was... Hong Kong. Did you know the population was over seven million? Yes, that was a big factor that drew me, and of course I say that's what the population was.. not sure what it would be now, not much I'd assume.

I walked through the streets amongst all the totally oblivious people (and how many would still be here in 24 hours?) I gazed up at the pristine buildings.. so tall and pretty and so fragile, so easy to tear into fragments... and every time I thought that my hands would clench involuntarily and I'd grin like a maniac.

My first? Oh no, it definitely wasn't my first time... you may have seen some of my work from the news? Those missing planes? That village destroyed in a landslide? Yes, yes. Those were all me. But that was just practice for this night. This, this packed and delicious metropolis, was going to be my debut.

That evening when the daylight dimmed, I sat on the edge of the harbour and watched the sun go down, dipping below the horizon, the pale sky deepening to a midnight blue. The buildings on the far side of the water slowly started lighting up with all the pretty colours and the bright neon lights. It sparkled like a little earthbound galaxy, the scene mirrored in the water, and every so often a boat would cut through the picture, distorting it in a widening "V" until all was still once again.

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. The night time lights called me and I was helpless to ignore them, I was like a moth to a flame. Time to play....


Have you ever heard of the Marco Polo? It is - was - a nice hotel with a wonderful view of the bay. Don't bother to go look for it, it's not there any more. Well, I adored that view, it looked straight out at a towering skyscraper I loved. The IFC Two... when you have time, Google it and have a look. Well, the before pictures of it anyway. I'm sure you've already seen what it looked like afterwards, it was all over the news for weeks. It was an interesting domed building with sleek sides with strange curving spires on the roof and, every time I looked out at it, I just couldn't help the stream of naughty images from popping into my head.

I sat in my hotel room and yanked the curtains open with a flourish, revealing the view. I spent some time watching the pretty flashing lights and, in the uncertain privacy, I stripped off naked, all except for that little string of glass beads at my throat. It was impossible not to smile at my reflection in the windows, standing like a huge ghostly figure amongst the buildings, and I turned lightly, sitting down on the bed with my legs spread wide so that my pink lips parted amongst my pubic hair. Smiling secretly, I ran my fingers through my rough hairs and along my vulva to feel how wet I was already. Moisture dripped from my fingers and I sucked it from then, looking back at that fascinating skyscraper, and wondering if the scene would look so peaceful if they could see what I was thinking of doing to them.

I took one last flick through the channels to look again at the aftermath in the airport and I bit my lip in anticipation. I felt the surge of powerful pleasure build in my body and the grin on my face grew wider...

In seconds my head had touched the ceiling and I started to heave upwards with my shoulders. Thick white plaster dust sprinkled down as it cracked, giving way to my expanding body. I jolted when the floor collapsed and my feet dropped down into the lobby. Gasps and screams followed, more floors buckling as I started filling the interior of the hotel. I felt walls resist before they collapsed and, for a brief moment, I felt a tiny little person wiggling against my nipple before they burst, bathing my breast in their warm blood. That first was followed by more, my soft unyielding flesh filled rooms and hallways, trapping people against myself adding their moist screams to the sound of rending destruction.

My head and shoulders pushed through the roof and huge lumps of concrete split and rained down over the streets, sending people scurrying for cover. The hotel was becoming more snug, fitting round my body like a cocoon and the external walls pressed up against my hips and breasts, resisting me. The amusement on my face was obvious as I took a deep breath and pressed my tits forwards. A myriad of cracks snapped out around them causing the walls to bulge outwards. With a snarl, I sheared my hand through the front if the building, tearing it away from my body like a piece of cloth, and the rubble cascaded down in ribbons of dust and concrete.

Taking one tumultuous step forwards, my foot and calf tore through the lobby with sickening ease, scattering debris over the road. I felt a couple of unseen cars crumple under my sole when it pressed down into the tarmac, sinking down several inches as if it was nothing more than damp sand. I brushed the rest of the building aside and it hung for a moment at a mad angle before it smashed down across the streets, raising a plume of thick white dust. People swarmed away in panic from the scene, but I was too busy extracting myself from the ruins of the hotel to pay them any attention yet. Beds, furniture and flailing people were flung up into the air to make the long deadly descent to the ground where they splattered in grim bits. I cried out in triumph when I finally tore myself free from the hotel and stepped out, gloriously nude and unencumbered, onto the busy streets.

I'm glad it was dark, there were no lights to show my face when the blush started. Isn't it ridiculous? There I was, stark naked and a thousand feet tall, about to have my way with a whole city, and suffering from stage fright.

Well, I suppose I was pretty exposed and there were thousands of people gaping at me, to give a little credit. To distract myself from my burning face, I ran my fingers through my hair, straightening out the tangles and brushing away the powdered brick dust. I cast a glance down at my necklace, some of the beads had smashed, but no matter, there were still more than enough to enjoy. Listening to the sounds of shock and horror rising from around my feet, I chuckled, feeling that familiar old thrill of lust surge through my body.

I looked down at the manic little mob in the street lights, at the red splatters seeping from under my toes... ah, that was my undoing... you people really shouldn't all crowd close together like that: it's such a very tempting target and sometimes the temptation is just too much, I hesitated only a moment, then I lifted my foot over their heads and pressed it down right into the very thickest crowds.

Have you ever stepped, barefoot, on a ripe berry? It resists the pressure then, with a little pop, the firm skin splits and the soft innards spurt outwards? Now imagine it's not one berry, but hundreds of people, and they don't just stand there, they scream and holler and fight. They raise tiny hands in a desperate and futile attempt to try and prevent the inexorable decent before it crushes the life out of them. And it's not just soft either, you can feel and hear the sickening crunch of bone. Oh yes it's deliciously cruel. I like to curl my toes around the mess so the bloodied remains seep up between my toes and, sometimes, I get the pleasure of trapping a live person and watching them yell, beating against my skin, their face reddening until their guts spurt outwards.... Oh I'm sorry, is it too violent for you? That's a great pity as there is more to tell of that night... much more...

I've always found that first moment amusing, that brief moment where the tiny inhabitants are frozen; I had just crushed the life out of a few hundred of them and the evidence was right in front of their faces, seeping out round my toes in bloody rivulets. But, instead of fleeing like they should, they still stood there gaping like fish, with only some of the wiser ones backing hurriedly away. I can only assume it's a combination of shock and fear that makes them stilled like this, a numb disbelief that casts a deathly hush over them. Well, that was no good, I wanted to see them run, so I thought I'd give them a hurry along.

People stumbled backwards out of the way when I reached right down into their midst and plucked up a bus. It was a pathetically tiny little thing, barely the length of one of my fingers, all crude advertisements and flaking paint work. I lifted it to peer inside and saw it full up, with a row of frightened faces staring out at me all illuminated by the interior lights. It rose up into the darkness so the people on the ground wouldn't be able to see what I was doing with it, but that was no problem, I wouldn't leave it to the imagination.

I tilted the bus and felt the weight shift slightly as people tumbled down the aisle, thudding up against the rear windows in a heap. Others clung to their seats, their cries of pain and fear muffled inside the puny thing. I tilted my head as though pondering my next move, before running my tongue over the cool metal, enveloping it in my saliva and extracting yet more yells from within. Slipping the front end inbetween my parted lips, I was able to feel it vibrating with the engine and the wheels span uselessly, the driver hitting the accelerator in panic. Resting my teeth on the roof, I pressed down slightly until I heard the squealing protest of metal and a surge of new screams. But I was just toying with them and I slid he damp, dented thing back out. The driver looked particularly terrified, clutching at the steering wheel like it could somehow save him from me.

It didn't occur to me until afterwards that the lighting on the bus must have lit up the inside of my mouth, showing my captives my hard white teeth baring down on them and my massive tongue undulating, tipping them this way and that, smearing them in my glistening saliva. The headlights would have shown them the dark tunnel of my throat. The driver must have thought I was going to swallow him. But no, not for them.

I bared my teeth and my fingers rose like pillars round the vehicle, curled over and I started to squeeze. The windows shattered, releasing agonised screams into the air, but that did nothing to help them. I drank in the sounds of terror and pain as the little metal container shrunk, pressing bodies together, snapping limbs back then finally caving in around them, making them a tomb of twisted metal and glass. Something dark and sticky wet oozed out between my fingers and splattered down on the streets. Then I tipped my hand and watched the twisted bus spin down over and over and smash into the crowds scattering cars and bodies over the road.

People are strange, they often watch when they should be getting the hell out of there, but at some point the tension reaches a tipping point and sheer panic overwhelms the mob. Then they all run and fight like crazy. Those sounds of terror are an incredible music and I crave it.. it makes me feel so immensely powerful and also, well I'm sure you guessed it, but also horny as fuck. And if you are the size of an insect and helpless you really don't want to be near me when I'm in that kind of mood. It doesn't bode well for you at all.

That panic erupted now, and people started running like mad. They were like ants, ants who's anthill had just been broken apart, but, to be honest, I wasn't really interested in killing them just yet. I only wanted to see them run. I had something else I needed to attend to and knew exactly where I was headed.


Now don't you just love it when things unfold perfectly for you? Ah yes, when I looked downtown towards a particular park, I saw rows of little bright sparks rising up into the sky, and I knew I was in luck. News of my arrival hadn't yet filtered through the city and I needed to move quickly. But I couldn't fit down some of the streets, which were too narrow, and I didn't want to cause too much of a scene, not yet anyway. So I was forced to step softly, taking the long way and curving round on the larger main roads to head for the park.

You see, I'm no mindless terror: I know exactly what I'm doing and I don't like to miss on an opportunity when I spot one. And this idea came about a year ago. I had caught myself a nice little boat that came from a village not far from the city. After they found some fragments of the boat, the families held a vigil in this particular park for the missing crew. That night, they let fly these little paper lanterns into the sky.

I found this verrrry interesting. That park was set in a square of roads, with only a few streets leading on to it and I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful place that would be to trap a lot of people. But I needed to test it, so shortly afterwards, I got a hold of a small plane loaded with passengers from the city. And after that vanished, their families had the same sort of gathering. Now the question was: would my bit of fun at the airport produce the same habit? I was counting on it. And that's why the sight of the lanterns floating up into the air made me grin.

Oh my! When I got there, there were thousands and thousands of people... the park was literally thronging with delicious morsels. I was ravenous too. I had deliberately skipped lunch in preparation for a feast, and here they all were waiting for me! Naturally, my approach hadn't gone unnoticed. It's very difficult to be discreet when you're so gigantic and, apart from the obvious booming tremors of my tread, there was the sound of panicked yells, crumpling vehicles and splitting tarmac. Already there were floods of people fleeing before me and pouring out into the square to join the rest. People everywhere shrieked and bolted, so I knew I needed to act fast to prevent them scattering away down the alleys and side streets.

See, now you know, exploring the city beforehand was not just for pleasure, I had used that time to plan it all out already, so I knew the biggest escape routes and I headed for those first. It took only seconds to drive my fingers into the walls of one building, curl them round and drag the whole thing back so it fell full across the street I had just used sending glass, concrete and steel smashing down in a destructive crescendo. Before the echoes had faded, I was already at the next big street, ripping into the buildings and tearing them down too.

Car alarms started all at once, my hurried movements making the ground heave and the cars bounce on their suspensions. I left behind a row of cracked footprints, stained with blood and cars pressed flat into the tarmac. People ran for the streets in a vain attempt to get away, only to flow back again when I bore down on them, smashing through building after building like they were made of nothing more than spun sugar, burying the square in clogging grey dust.

The screaming just was incredible, rising up to my unsympathetic ears completely unheeded. Then, when I was done with the destruction and I had them all nicely corralled in, I lifted my arms to bask in it. Not that anyone could see it. The dust had blocked out everything from view. I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me and so I stayed still and quiet, waiting patiently for it to settle.

First the street lamps appeared: fuzzy glowing yellow halos growing gradually sharper and clearer. Then the little pale rectangles that marked the remaining building lights and next, the skyscrapers themselves, emerging like the trunks of trees in fog. Last but not least, the crowds finally started to emerge. At first, they were only visible as a huge flurry of movement, swarming around the collapsed structures, trying to climb the debris or drag bits away to clear a path out of there. The dust settled and eventually I could pick out individual people again. The fear was thick in the air, I could practically taste it. But I think, despite their mad and futile attempts to escape, that they knew I had them already. I suppose it's only human to try and flee while you still have limbs to do it with.

"Stop!" My voice cut through the sounds of terror and echoed through the streets, forcing the people grab their ears protectively. They didn't stop though, instead they screeched and became even more frantic, making me frown in irritation. I don't like being ignored. So, to focus their attention, I lifted my foot and planted it square in a thick part of the crowds. They didn't even have a chance to cry out before they were squished to a paste, their bodies bursting into long crimson ribbons, my hair flying out and framing my angry face.
"I said stop!" I'm sure they could hear more than a hint of danger in my voice. "I have something to show you. Don't make me ask you again."

In moments, the crowds froze and the last few howls died away. A few sobs or agony filled sounds from those injured echoed eerily in the tense silence, the mob waiting to see what my next move would be. They flinched when I smiled, nodding in approval, my voice becoming deceptively sweet.
"That's better.. Now some of you are going to be lucky... you're loved ones are still alive. Though whether they still will be in a few minutes.. that depends.." My fingers teased the little glass beads adorning my necklace, making them softly clack together.
"As for the rest of you, I'm going to show you exactly what I did to all your little friends."

The tiny people swarmed backwards as one entity from my body as I crouched, cracks radiating from my toes with my shifting weight and my knees spreading over them. I peered down over my bare breasts, my lips curled in a cruel smile as I pulled back my hair from my face. Then, using my fingers to part my nether lips, I showed them how wet I was. I flushed faintly as I stroked myself, drawing out a long strand of glistening nectar that I let dribble down on the heads of the tiny people. Even that little drop hit with a thick splat, coating a group of horrified spectators in my juices and leaving them fighting to claw their way out.

I smirked down at them struggling, slid my fingers between my lips and delved into my pussy, carefully working something outwards... Something white and metal, twisted out of recognition. It shifted in my depths, wrenching a faint, involuntary gasp from my lips and I groaned longingly, reluctant to release it. But I did, and it was only when I drew it out, coated in my sticky feminine cum, and dropped it down softly on the tarmac, that people saw what it was.

The battered fuselage of a plane, the wings and tail torn off, the sides dented and dimpled, shining with ruddy smears that used to be people and mixed in amongst my fragrant juices.

Screams erupted once again as the crowd surged simultaneously away and towards the awful sight, some trying to escape, others desperate to perhaps rescue some loved one. Ha! Some hope! I thought they needed a better look anyway and so, with a grin, I dug my fingernails into the mangled plane, the rivets popping, as I peeled open the shell so they could see inside.

I bit my lip, the carnage inside was incredible, the space inside was tight and completely sodden with my juices. All the chairs were buckled up and broken, here and there a recognisable body, partly pulped, with the whole interior smothered in mashed bloody remains. The cockpit was non existent.. Just smashed control panels rammed up deep in to the seating area. And just the thought that I had done that... Oh gosh, the tiny audience must have seen me shivering in delight!

But I was becoming bored of teasing them with what I could do. I wanted to play and I wanted to kill. People screeched as I leant forwards over them and pressed my palms into the street. They disappeared under my hands, whole crowds of them, perhaps jerking once as I snapped and folded their bodies until only warm bubbling ooze seeped around my fingers. As I put my weight on my hands, the road surface split, the cracks filling with shining blood so it looked like a little system of veins and arteries spreading under my fingertips. More weight and I gradually lowered my vast body down onto the ground. Anyone who was daft enough to be nearby tried rushing away, desperately clambering over each other to move and the the multitude thrashed like a single living thing in boiling panic. The street lamps swayed madly and the nearby buildings dropped mortar dust, their lights flickering on an off as they rocked and shifted on their foundations with my movement.

When I was finally laying down, it was fucking incredible. I felt the tickling and delicate crunching of cars being crushed flat, those with passengers still inside also accompanied by a slick wet ooze. The trees in the park crackled and splintered loudly, reduced to matchsticks as my awesome body stretched the whole length if it, my breasts rolling out over the outer fence and over the packed cars in the streets. The little cars stood no chance against the weight of my magnificent tits and were flattened with a satisfying crumpling that made me groan. I smirked at my nipples, hanging only ten feet or so over the heads of people. They were erect and rock hard, so there was no hope of disguising my arousal, even if I wanted to, and I couldn't help the thought that just the slightest wiggle of my shoulders would send writhing bodies bursting under them.

Shifting my colossal form, I closed my eyes to drink in the feeling of things breaking against my naked body. Letting my soft mountainous tits roll over the road until the tarmac bent and cracked underneath their weight, and I knew there were a fair few people buried underneath them. I could feel the slick muck of bodies under every inch of my skin and, here and there, a delightful tickle of someone trapped and living.

My stomach growled and I looked guiltily at the people trying press as far away as possible from me. I wonder if they heard it and knew what I had in store for them? I was finding it increasingly difficult to restrain myself. But first, I wanted to show them my other souvenir from the airport. I reached up between those soft breasts to lift the necklace so they could look closer..
"Now I'll show you some that survived... Anyone of you little insects recognise this?" I grinned again, beckoning with one finger. "You can come closer, take a look. I promise I won't do anything to you."

Now I have never understood why, when people are that scared, they become extremely compliant. Unless of course they are in the grips of hysteria. I think it is hope... When they have hope they will do anything to live. But when I work myself into a frenzy, and nothing can save anyone I get my hands on, well that's when you get hysteria.

Which is odd really.. Since the panicked sounds usually make me more savage and uncontrollable.

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes.. Well would you believe some actually started coming closer to have a look see? And when they saw what it was, all the blood drained out of their tiny little faces.

I don't know if you remember the news reports on the scene at the airport? And there being a few mysterious events. Well I think I have answered where the plane went. And I think some of the unusual damage is easy to guess. And I'll leave the missing people to the imagination. I'm talking about the cable cars. The ones that go up the mountain? And they disappeared. Yes, I think you guessed it.

Those poor people have been hung trapped between my breasts all day. And now I could see if they recognised anyone in the crowds. The people in the cars banged on the windows, rattled at the doors, mouthing in cries I couldn't hear.

Just for the fun of it I pinched one cab until the glass shattered and broke, the flimsy metal and plastic squidging the occupants. They splattered out messily, speckling my skin with blood, and I lifted my fingers to my lips to lap the remains from my fingers.
"Mmmmm" I purred "you taste so good."

I reached over my head and looped the cables off, draping them over the rubble to one side. Treating them to another smile, I gave a little wink.
"Anyone who has a camera is about to get something very interesting to watch... And try to get the good angles." I gave a smug little grin, it didn't take long at all and most started to get out cameras or phones in trembling hands. I nodded in approval.
"That's right... If you film you will find me very grateful." Then I flicked my eyes back to the streets and my voice turned hard.
"Sorry you lot... I'm going to eat you now."

They had no time to even run as I bent my head and ran my tongue over the packed street, chasing down the frantically running crowds and dragging the first wiggling morsels up into mouth. I held them there a little and the tiny people were mad with terror. They were under my tongue or slipping over my taste buds, beating desperately against my teeth, screaming, begging, pleading with me. I ignored the call for mercy, tipped my head back and swallowed them alive, a couple of hundred at once, my throat tugging them down, clutching and fighting the whole way down to my stomach.

Immediately I felt that little power rush, a tingling thrill that ran right through me. The road surface split and tore upwards as my hands clawing through it, gripping involuntarily in excitement. Suddenly my cunt was aching and the trapped people must have noticed my nipples swell up huge and hard. It was always like this. Whenever I was gigantic and playing with tiny people, I always got aroused. But this was so much stronger. I wanted to fuck them.. All of them. I literally wanted to grind them all to a bloody paste until nothing was left but drowned rubble.

Not a good thought to have when you know it only takes a second and you could.

I fought down those primal urges, and instead crawled forwards until I had a good sized trapped crowd and slowly pressed my massive breasts down. I let out a soft moan. It was amazing, the people tried to run from underneath, but my globes filled their sky, cut out the light and first, would no doubt feel soft, before the full weight pressed against them, stealing their air, crushing bone and finally bursting them.

It was wonderful on my nipples: a slick wet mess and the occasional crunch of a car. Nothing on the street could withstand them, not even the ground itself. I wriggled my shoulders a little into the sticky goop, pressing hard until the ground splintered and cracked around them.

When I sat back there were two perfect round craters, each with a depression in the centre from my hard nipple. But what made it best was the grisly red sticky stain that filled it. The people had turned into one messy pulp and it coated my chest, dribbling down my stomach into my pubes or dripping into the road. There were cars too, they were pressed flat as well and smeared in blood.

I cast a sideways glance at the cable cars, I hoped they were filming this. They damn well better be filming this. Still watching them, I preened, licking along the top of my boobs, leaving long clear smears. I thrummed in my throat, teasing my nipple with my tongue and using my fingers to scoop up any of the mess I couldn't reach and lap it from them, savouring the taste of the mangled bodies: the taste of my complete power over them.

But I still wanted more, and I dragged my hand through the trapped crowds, scooping them up in droves, tipping back my head and pouring them like peanuts into my open mouth. Of course some missed and made the dizzying drop to splatter at my feet. And those were surely the lucky ones as now, I started to chew.

To be frank, didn't need to chew them: they were so small it was pointless. But it was so cruelly fun. It must have been really frightening inside my mouth. My tongue tipping them side to side then my teeth baring down, crushing some outright and shearing through others, crushing and severing limbs, leaving them yelling in agony. And their agony was my pleasure.

After swallowing the slippery mess I scooped up another lot, rippling my fingers so some fell through and tumbled screaming to the ground. Watching them clawing at my hand like it was some sort of lifeline to avoid the drop seemed really ironic to me. After all, my hand was only taking them to a different end: but people always strive to survive. That's why they fight me so much.

That group ended up in my mouth too and were likewise shredded and swallowed. I was completely merciless and the carnage was awful, their blood colouring my lips. And after I Iicked my fingers clean, I noticed one solitary little man adhered to my fingertip in my saliva. It was amazing that he had managed to survive there, so I decided to reward him with a little treat.

I was sitting on my knees by now and even like that I could still look over the roofs of most of the buildings. Many of those rooftops were still packed with shell-shocked people. I treated them to a winning smile, angled myself better so the cable car audience would get a good look, and parted my pussy lips. I turned that little man over, giving him a view of my vast body as I moved him down and, oh so softly, pressed my finger to my swollen clit. Shit, he struggled like mad (wouldn't you?) and that felt wonderful. Do you have any clue what it feels like to hold a tiny person against the most sensitive of areas? Of course not, but I can tell you it's a very wicked delight. It didn't take much to end his struggles though. I pushed myself up against my finger, compressing his body. He howled one last time and splat! He was gone.

I looked slightly guilty at the mush on my finger and shrugged. There were still plenty more people here, but now I didn't feel like messing around. I wanted to finish here. I wanted to meet the rest of the city.

The sounds of terror reached a crescendo, the mob climbing over each other, trampling over each other, desperate to escape. But they had not a chance and I pursued them, licking them up in screaming droves. I even licked up the cars too, all of it was ground by my teeth and swallowed down. Blood dribbled from my lips and out from under my fingers where I had carelessly squished any stragglers who got in the way.

A bus tried barging it's way through the trapped cars and people. Idiot, he might have had a chance if he hadn't drawn my attention like that. I lifted the vehicle, biting down straight through the flimsy metal shell and tearing it in two. I let the passengers watch me crush the front half with my murderous teeth, letting them look the victims in the eye as I killed them. Then I tossed them in too and treated them the same way.

It didn't take long and soon the square was empty of living people. It was a complete ruin filled with crushed people and cars. The vast majority had been eaten... I have no idea how many: hundreds at least, maybe thousands, and I patted my flat stomach with a chuckle.

And now I wanted to see the rest of the city. So I stood up to my full height, waved cheekily at the traumatised people in the cable cars still stranded, hanging off a building, and strode forwards. Yes, I could have taken a clear path but where was the fun in that? No, I chose a row of low buildings, lifted my foot and trod down.

The roof caved in instantly and I felt the soft cracking of floor after floor under my tread. I enjoyed the feeling and then, with a savage jerk, kicked through it. The building exploded outwards sending huge chunks of masonry plowing through the previously untouched streets. Cars and people were swept by up by my foot and flung violently into other towers, smashing through windows or splattering them with blood. I laughed loudly and the city erupted with more shrill screams and the sound of sirens.

The occupants of another expensive hotel felt the thudding of my footsteps and saw my colossal body tower over the structure, before I unceremoniously sheered it from its foundations. It folded and toppled against another proud building and that sprawled across another, sending several crashing down like deadly dominoes. The thunder of its fall was still dying when I let out another harsh laugh and thrust my arm up into a row of buildings. I dragged it upwards through floor after floor and sent the whole upper level smashing down in pieces at my feet.

A throbbing sound near my ear distracted me, and I turned to see a couple of heavily laden helicopters trying to flee the city. No doubt some rich fat cats who could afford this luxury. Ah, well they were all equal in my eyes. I took a step up close and grinned as they tried desperately to turn away from my huge swaying breasts filling their vision.
"What, leaving so soon?" I purred and snatched one from the air by the tail, snapping off the rotors and then the whole tail section, tearing it open it so I could tip the little passengers out onto my breast.

They clung there, clawing at my breasts to stay on and each movement tickled my nipple wonderfully. So I snatched the second helicopter and did the same with the other breast. Feeling them squirming about there made me feel immensely powerful and I lifted my arms skyward, making my breasts bounce and jiggle. Watching the tiny little men clinging to them desperately, swinging madly up and down, trying not to make the endless drop down the length of body, made me grin and I cupped one huge breast to suckle myself. My lips enclosed my nipple and my throbbing pleasure deafened them as I used my tongue to trap and crush every succulent person before swallowing them. Then the same the other side, leaving my nipples dripping blood, running in little lines down the curve of my tits.

There was a predatory light in my eyes as I turned lightly on my heels, flashing my teeth down at the swarming press of bodies and chasing them down the streets, cornering the mobs and crushing them underfoot, leaving a trail of gigantic footprints pressed deep into the roads, each one decorated with specks of colour that used to be cars or people.

I was in a frenzy of death and destruction, picking tiny people up to squidge between my fingers, or laying down at grinding them with my breasts or under my pitiless cunt. I pulled down buildings, blocking roads and creating my own personal gigantic pathways through the city. Tiny people staggered through rubble strewn streets, blinded and choked by the building dust, slipping in the bloody pulp and tumbling on the ground that jolted with my tread. Hundreds upon hundreds of people died with my every step, and I painted my body in their gooey remains like it was some sort of trophy.

I mused for a moment, tracing my fingers along the curves my body, watching the little boats on the water chugging along. Then my brows knotted in a frown. Shit. I forgot about the boats. Even now they must be evacuating hundreds of my people, and I didn't want that. I wanted them here, trapped in this toy city until they died at my whim. I felt like I was being cheated of my victims and growled in anger, turning and striding towards the boats like a vengeful goddess.

When I neared the banks, I didn't pause, I simply worked my way round the docks where I smashed apart every jetty and pier, tugging ships from their moorings and twisting them apart in my fingers. Jetties filled with howling people vanished underfoot, pressed down into the seabed with the outer ends splintering up at crazy angles and tipping the people into the churning waters or over my vast toes. When I lifted my foot they were dragged into violent whirlpool as the seawater rushed to fill the space. Most of the boats were loading up with people trying to escape, and those trying to board instead reversed and tried going back the other way. It was complete and utter chaos! In no time, people stopped making their way towards the sea and instead headed inland, no doubt hoping to get as far away from the city as they could.

When the docks were thoroughly taken care of, I nodded softly in satisfaction. Broken bodies bobbed on the waves amongst the debris and there was not a vessel in tact along the shoreline. But the open water was another matter, and as I turned to face the boats, I placed my hands on my hips, raising one admonishing finger in disapproval. I waded out into the deep harbour, cool dark water surging between my thighs, sending some smaller vessels to the bottom. I tugged at a few of the bigger ones, the engines whining in protest and some finally tearing themselves apart as I dragged them through the waves and up onto the shore, stranding them there, laying at ridiculous angles on the churned up city.

Other ships I swept aside, the broiling waters swallowing them, or I slammed my fist down onto the deck, scattering evacuees and completely obliterating the flimsy, insignificant little vessel. I tore, ripped and crushed, destroying everything I found on the water and leaving behind a floating, sobbing massacre. I lifted one small tugboat, water streaming down from the hull, when I noticed a much bigger fish. Beaming, I crushed the boat in my fist and cast it aside, heading straight for the pretty horizontal rows of lights.

A luxury ship, packed with holiday makers, had caught my eye and the passengers screamed when I emerged from the darkness and loomed over them. It was a nice sleek streamlined thing, with a pool on the deck and several layers of open walkways. A few people plummeted, yelling, into the water as the turbulent waves buffeted the ship, rocking it violently from side to side and pitching up and down too. I used one hand to gently steady the ship making the waves slap up against the hull with a series of cracks. I sifted through the seawater, rescuing some of the survivors floundering in the waves and almost lovingly, softly, tipped them back onto the deck. The tiny faces looked up hopefully when I stood back and they no doubt thought, perhaps foolishly, I was going to leave them be.

The sea wind caught my long hair and sent it whipping round my face as I took a deep breath of the chill air. They had no chance of seeing my expression in the dark, which was lucky, as I don't think they would have stayed on the decks if they could.

The burning in my gut had reached a peak, I needed a release, and this little ship would have to do for now. The waves swirled again, my leg lifting over the ship, water cascading down over the decks, so it was nestled between my thighs. Peering back over my shoulder, I watched the panic break out anew, they knew this boded ill. And I soon proved them right, when I started buffeting the ship roughly from side to side with my swinging hips.
"Enjoying the view?" I smirked at them, my fingers parting my pussy lips so they could see how wet I was for them. I was completely unabashed, all traces of nervousness gone, as I cheekily wiggled my hips and pressed down.

Dozens of people were crushed under my ass and legs, pinned up between my warm, unyielding fresh and the hard surfaces of the ship, and I felt the deck splitting under me. I pressed my thighs together, squeezing the cool white hull playfully so I could run my womanhood over the deck, sweeping up hundreds of people to thrash helplessly against my pussy or to struggle tangled in my curling pubes. Others struggled in the magnificent flood of my juices: the deck was covered in it and glistening wet, and it even oozed down into the innards of the ship through breaks in the hull, slowly pervading the interior with the scent of my lust.

There was a most delightful crunching of tiny bodies and I felt the gushing of warm blood over my pussy lips as I crushed the life out of innumerable people on deck. The surface of the ship was absolutely swarming with them, the screams rising up to my ears far above as I mercilessly crushed them to a pulp. And that slippery mess felt wonderfully arousing, it made me moan softly and the vessel trembled with the sound.

I guess people inside the ship must have been drowning in my thick juices or gagging in the overwhelming scent of my sex, as more people staggered out, emerged on the deck to be confronted with the awesome spectacle of my body. First they would see my parted pussy lips, draped over the ship, the bodies flattened under my folds, or clinging to my hairs. And above that, if they could drag their eyes away, my body rising to an impossible height with my eyes gleaming down at them over the curve of my breasts. It would be the last thing they ever saw before being quickly and ruthlessly smeared. They didn't have a chance against my voracious sex and I threw my head back in delight, tilting the ship so the water flowed round my ass and into the back floors. The middle of it creaked and squealed in protest against my rough play, rivets popping and metal snapping as the ship started to split. It must have looked like a sick parody of the Titanic, or how it would have looked if it featured a thousand foot tall giantess.

I rolled the ship under my cunt, making it rock violently in the water, creating huge white capped waves that slapped against the sea walls and splashed up into the city streets sweeping up cars and people. I was moaning more now, and I grasped the prow in my fingers so I could force myself down into the doomed ship. This split the hull open and, as it did so, spilled hundreds of people against my wetness. I gasped in ecstasy and they screamed and howled in reply, fighting against my deadly cunt, but I ground them against the deck viciously, faster and more roughly with each savage stroke.

The besieged vessel twisted and broke under my pitiless grip, sifting it from side to side to spill more tiny victims to thrash and die against my sensitive inner flesh. My thunderous groans filled the city, building to a peak until suddenly, I was cumming. It was almost without warning, as though a floodgate had lifted releasing a immense flow of unbelievable pleasure through my gigantic body. I cried out and my pussy tensed, bursting bodies that had been swept into my depths, turning them into nothing but a pulped mess. My hair tossed wildly, my head flung back as I came all over the battered vessel, my juices filling the interior and drowning the cowering passengers. My hand claimed the tortured hull, pressing it hard up to my pussy and grinding wildly through the floors, seeking out every last living speck until it disintegrated to nothing under me.

The sea was filled with debris, bodies and cum soaked wreckage. And I towered above it all, vast and unstoppable, my breasts heaving, my hair a wild tangle as I lapped away the traces of blood from my fingers and my lips curled in a cruel smile. Fucking hell, that was a momentous occasion, my first orgasm in this city and it felt bloody good. My body was buzzing, my eyes gleaming down in the dark as I basked in my power over these pathetically tiny people, listening to the lapping waves, the screams and sirens rising faintly from the shoreline, the sky glowing orange with fires, and the jagged patterns of desicrated buildings against the burning sky.

With typical bad timing, the police arrived at this point and started to shout up through megaphones to me from the shore. Now they had to turn up just as I was still in a haze from my huge orgasm and I turned my head lazily in their direction. There were no lights on the water except for those on the few remaining boats, so I expect they couldn't really see much of me in the dark, but I felt like I had just been caught stealing, and looked down slightly guiltily at the shattered remains of the ship still clutched between my thighs.

The swirling waves caused by my body had caught a vessel in the flow and dragged it perilously close. I watched the ranked police defiantly as I picked up the large private yacht, water steaming down off it. It had apparently been commandeered to evacuate people from the city since it was heavily laden, more than a boat that size should be carrying. Ah well, I wasn't bothered by that,it just meant there were more for me to enjoy!

The authorative voices called out over the megaphones again but it was crackly and I couldn't hear much of what they said. Though it wasn't to difficult to get the gist of it: namely that I should stop fucking slaughtering them. I cocked my head and gave a long slow look at the police on the shore and slowly, deliberately, lifted the boat to my lips. I paused, as though considering my next move, then rasped my tongue over the decks, sweeping some of the passengers off into the churning waves and others into my warm mouth.

I glared at the police, holding the thrashing people in my mouth and silently daring them to challenge me, to just try and stop me from doing whatever I damn well please, and I brought my teeth down over those bodies with a sick, wet crunch.

Immediately the air was full of the crackle of gunfire and they apparently had a little bit of artillery too, as there was a shrill noise and an explosion right in front of me, lighting the sky with a harsh red glow, bathing my body in hot, dry air and fanning my hair out behind me. I squinted into the sudden brightness, shielding my eyes and taking an involuntary step backward in the water. The flare had destroyed my night vision and the darkness seemed blacker and thicker than before.

A burning anger rose in my belly and I surged forward, sending powerful waves slamming up against the dock. Involuntarily, my hand clenched into a fist. And the people screamed briefly in the yacht when I crumpled it round their tiny bodies. I heard the soft thud of another shell being launched and I growled, hefting the yacht and sending it flying through the air towards the sound. I was rewarded with shouts, a huge tortured crashing and a mushroom fireball as it plunged into the packed police tossing up a mass of cars and people.

The second explosion hit my stomach, blinding me once again, a powerful burning inferno that did nothing to stop my vengeful march. There was no power on earth that would stop me getting there and tearing those insolent men to dollrags. I was going to kill every last one of them.

Shit, I don't know how they stood there still shooting. I saw some footage of it afterwards and it was pretty intense. You could hear the water crashing and the gunfire, and the deep thuds that were my footsteps, each making the image shake. Then I loomed out of the dark and I looked like a demon. My legs were clean, washed by the water, but my torso and stomach were covered in dribbling blood where I had painted myself in my victims. My hands were clenched and I didn't even pause as I strode right into the gunfire and stepped up into the police and their cars, burying them underfoot. You really got a sense of the sheer scale... even the sea wall crumbled down.

But what was actually most intimidating was the look on my face. There was something there, not just fury, but a look that showed my complete disregard for all the lives around me. One look at my face and you could see exactly what I thought your place in the world was. Just a plaything, a pet, a toy, something to be squashed, or torn apart, used however I wanted, whenever I wanted. You, every last one of you, are all mine.. and what are you going to do about it?

Oh the police tried valiantly to stop me, but I tore into their ranks, dragging them flailing from the streets and squeezing the life out of them, flinging some up across the city, screaming as they span them smashed into some distant quarter in bloody bits. I took care of hundreds at a time with each step of my feet. I chewed them, tore, mangled and squashed, the streets were covered in gooey remains.

But I didn't stop there, I pursued them even when they flung down their weapons and ran, trying to bury themselves amongst the civilians or crawl like worms into the buildings. And that made hunting them into a much more wickedly fun game.

I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled after them, seeking out their uniforms amongst the crowds. But they weren't safe, I must have killed hundreds of civilians for one police officer, and from my height, anything remotely uniform became a target for my wrath. I remember one little mote of a man in particular.. He backed up against the glass of a shopping centre, banging his fists against the glass doors begging the people inside to let him in, but they were not so mad. They knew now that helping any of my targets was a certain death sentence, so they bolted the doors and left him to his fate. The mass of screaming people on the streets bolted across my path, trying to get away when they saw my eyes pick him out. But my hand swung down, covering them and dropping into their midst. They screamed, and screamed, their voices crying out as one as my hand rested over their puny bodies. I felt them crunch, their bones snapping and disjointing, piercing their skin. Skin that rapidly reddened from blood as they choked and gurgled on their guts, and finally the press of bodies vanished under my wall of fresh, crimson gore splattering out over the streets, peppering the front of the shopping centre and soaking the tiny uniform in blood.

He fell to his knees, spluttering on the metallic taste in his mouth and sobbing. He had just watched close up the mass of bodies crushed to a pulp under my palm and he clawed at his head, curled into a little broken ball as though to hide. The little faces vanished from the windows, digging themselves deeper into their flimsy little glass house. I watched them all scramble away through the clear roof and my lip curled. Not so easy to flee from me.. But first...

I hooked up the diminutive little man, cursing softly when I lifted him and realised he was just a stupid security guard. Ah well, better return him then. He didn't even have any fight left in him as I flipped him and he smacked up into the glass roof like a limp fish. A cacophony of renewed cries bursting from the building as I leant over the delicate glass roof. My beasts left bloody smears as I dragged them over the hard surface and bent my head to kiss the glass.

There was a flurry of movement below as the people fled, a few gaping upwards at my round breasts. I caught their eye, treated them to a little wink and bent over the broken man. His eyes were wide and glassy, but his trembling betrayed him and I knew he was alive. Temporarily anyway. My lips parted and my warm breath fogged the glass around him, so the people in the shopping centre couldn't see what I was up to until the tip of my tongue touched his body, making a vast heart shape in the fog. He twitched once, just once, before I broke him and what was a little burst of warm salty blood was a hideous sight down below.

They saw him splayed out over the roof, his fingers clutching wildly, his eyes filled with silent pain. They could see the blood staining his shirt, the moment his skull fractured and his innards draped over the rooftop, staring down at them all with sightless misshapen eyes. Glowing cracks ran in the glass around my tongue, and the people fled for their lives expecting me to bring the whole roof down over their heads and I was considering it, but for once, I decided against it, raising my ponderous body with a creaking of metal struts. I huffed over the glass, dragging my finger through the condensation to make them a promise "later" and I turned away. Ah, the police, I didn't want to forget them.

I returned to the hunt, it was more difficult now as many had discarded their uniforms and vanished into the maze of alleys. But there was a group of die hards who had ended up trapped by a fallen building and were shooting desperately up at me. Famous last stand I guess. Well there was no happy ending in this story, and I advanced on them with a carnivorous grin, licking my lips so they knew they were dead.

They could hardly stand, my swaying body made the ground shudder with such force that it made it impossible for them. But the valiant little officer still fired up, their puny little bullets tickling my breasts and arms. They had nowhere to run to, but backed up against the rubble behind them as I lay on my front, kicking my heels up high behind me and resting my chin on my arm to peer down at them. Poor little mites, I'd have felt sorry for them if it was still in me to feel any empathy for their plight. But that had gone long long ago...

I raised my hand and let their frantic bullets tickle my palm. It was like soft sand, their feeble weapons didn't even scratch my skin. But that didn't matter, they were trying to hurt me so I thought I was justified in hurting them a little in return.

Okay... maybe not just a little. The first I pinched his weapon, pinning his hands against it as I lifted him above the heads of his fellows and, dangling him there, I pinched my fingers together tighter, snapping his fingers over the hot barrel of the gun. He squealed and kicked and I responded with a little shake and opened my fingers. He hit the ground feet first, but, unfortunately for him, the drop wasn't high enough to kill him and his legs fractured with a loud sickening snap. I gave him a moment, watching him try and drag his maimed body away from me and one officer ran forward to help him but it was all in vain and I pressed one huge finger against his back. He gasped and gurgled, flailed once, twice, and then he crunched, spurting warm guts over the grey concrete.

My finger dripped blood and my eyes gleamed in cruel delight at the kill before focusing on the tiny little bug who tried to help him. He scrambled back when I caught his eye, but where could he go? Exactly, nowhere at all. His ending was quicker, but a little more messy as I gripped him by his chest and rolled his body between my finger and thumb. His face reddened, and a series of faint splintering sounds marking his ribs snapping. He yelled as I rolled him in circles,over and over until he stopped wiggling and then more until he was just a bloody smear.

I smirked sideways down at the rest, dabbing his remains over my lips to colour them. They didn't bother to shoot now, but it made no difference, I made the dwindling crowd watch as I picked them up and killed them one by one.

Until finally only a handful was left.

I cornered them, and looked down upon them with murder in my eyes.
"I'm going to kill you now... But first a task for you. And how quickly you complete it is how quickly you will die. Do I have your attention?" There was a flurry of terrified nods. How quickly they learn obedience! "You have radios?" More nods. I licked my dry lips and shifted a little "Take them and call for backup. Call for everything, the army, tanks, planes, whatever. I want to see the best you have to offer."

It took only seconds for them to finish the call and, true to my word, it took only seconds for me to finish them.


I turned my head back to that wonderfully shaped IFC building. I was aching, burning with unbearable need. But I still had one thing to do before I was ready. I needed people, lots of people.

I moved away from the apocalyptic scene of death and destruction, looking for undamaged areas where there might be people still on the streets. But by this point most people had got the hint and were trying to get as far away as possible. My eyes narrowed in fury, yet it seemed impossible to me that they had all fled that quickly. The streets were completely deserted. I growled in frustration then I paused, struck with a sudden suspicion, and turned with a predatory grin to a nearby skyscraper.

It was a weird looking thing... All interlocking panels of triangular glass. It looked almost like it had been broken once already. I leered and pressed my face up against it, my fingers curling round the hard angular surface so I could peer inside. Gently I traced along the hard little ridges on the windows, following the lines with just enough force to softly sway the building. I found it odd that the lights seemed to be all off and the interior was jet black. Yes, very odd indeed: I could see nothing within.

Leaning back, I tapped my fingers thoughtfully on the glass making a solid pulsing booming. A grin hovered on my lips, my fingers curled and I felt the smooth surface resist the press of my hand, but not for long. The windows burst into a spider web of cracks, then they shattered, and glass rained down. I forced my hand in through the glass and concrete beams, grasping the walls and pulling out whole sections that I sent cascading down the sides of the once pristine structure. A familiar sound greeted me.. the thrilling music of terror rising up from the gaping cut I made.

I explored the hole, turning aside powdered rubble and concrete then smiled triumphantly when I was rewarded with the soft mass of humanity quailing within. I felt tiny arms beat against my own as I brushed softly over their packed little bodies and the hot stickiness inside informed me of the deaths already within. Well, I had what I wanted, but I never like leaving a job half finished. Long bloody lines followed my fingers when I scraped up anything from the floor I had exposed. I turned my hand, grinning down at the terrified people trapped there amongst the mixed detritus of the building, the living among the dying, crying out or mercy. I hesitated as though in contemplation, then shook my head slowly in answer, tipping my hand and pouring them over the open air. I shook my hand to dislodge those who tried to cling to my fingers and finally, with a flick of my wrist, sent the last few spiralling down where they landed like broken toys at my toes.

I took a second o survey the miniature massacre, licking my dry lips, before turning my soft little grin back to the glass building. They were going nuts inside there, trying to flee before I brought the whole thing down on top of them, though I couldn't see any of this. But I could damn well hear them. They only had seconds more to scream for me, as I plunged my hand back into the structure, pulling it upwards through floors and stairways, rooms and corridors, sending people yelping down the gaping floors or turning them to a mushy pulp under my murderous fingers. I tore my hand through the roof and, for a few seconds, the building stood upright, two narrow spurs shivering softly in the dark. I tossed aside the clutched rubble I had dragged from inside and lifted my foot, slipping my leg into the gap and pressing my toes over the intact floors below. I didn't press down, I simply leant forwards until the undeniable weight of my body sent my toes plunging down though the floors and finally, the once impressive skyscraper couldn't take the punishment anymore and caved in on itself. Bits of the building broke over my thigh, or rolled down the endless length of my legs. A vast dusty echo of the building hung in the air, before that too followed, billowing out around my calves and the ruins sprawling the streets.

I skipped straight through the dust and mess like it wasn't there and right up to the IFC. It was one of the few buildings actually taller than me, and I peered in through the windows at the rows if frightened little faces inside who had just watched me tear down their smaller neighbour with contemptuous ease. They must have thought they were dead... but not quite yet. I pressed my naked body up against the cool glass, wrapping it in my arms and kissing the facade. The people at the windows staggering backwards as my red lips filled the window. Then the people breathed in relief when I released their building from my embrace, stepping back to admire the bloody imprint of my body that I had left on the glass. I grinned faintly and glanced down at the other buildings waiting for my attention as I drew my finger through the sticky mess, writing one word in huge letters up the side.... "SAFE"

I tapped my fingers against the structure and addressed the besieged city, my voice throwing in the air.
"If any of you little shits want to live... this is where you need to go. This skyscraper. Anything else is fair game..." And I turned on my heels, deliberately kicking my foot straight through a nearby hotel, shearing off the top floors, straggling the ruins over the streets. Then I flashed my teeth down at the pathetic little building, my hands clenched as I slammed my foot right down into the middle of the rubble just to accentuate my point.


I needed to occupy myself while I waited. I wanted to give them time to fill up that big structure with people, but it was difficult. I was wet down below, really bloody wet. I'm sure I could have drowned a fair few tiny people if I had decided to but I wanted to hold back, to wait just a little longer.

The ground heaved as I moved away down streets, brutally tearing apart the buildings of those where I couldn't fit, leaving a great long path of destruction in my wake. People soon gave up hiding in the buildings when they saw me ripping into them en mass, so the streets were again filled with screaming squishy little bodies. I followed at a casual saunter, letting them flood round the stalled cars and traffic, or climb bodily over those who stumbled and make a little headway then boom! I'd take one earth shattering step and flatten them to a bloody pulp. Poor sods couldn't win... I'd kill them wherever they hid and they couldn't outrun me either. They could to nothing but scream as I killed them in hundreds. But it's such sheer delectable fun that I can't resist them.

I cleared a path of destruction all the way up to the densely forested mountains at the back of the city. The rows of apartments backed up right up to the foot of it so it looked though the hills had grown up right out of the city streets. The foliage tickled my toes when I reached them and the trees creaked and swayed under my fingers as I leant over the hillside. I knew there was a viewing platform somewhere here and I peered up along the ridge, following the lights that marked where the little train ran. One of the cars was on the line, not moving. I didn't know if anyone was inside or not, but I wrapped it in my fingers anyway and flipped it off the tracks. It tumbled down the mountain side, bouncing and rolling over and over through the trees with the sound of splintering wood, leaving behind a trail of flaking metal panels strewn in its wake.

Then I stiffened, freezing in place as I heard the sounds of sobbing coming from one side and I turned my head toward it with a smile.

Ah! There it was, the viewing platform, and it was packed too. I had come from below it and the crowds had clearly realised I had spotted them as I could hear the familiar sounds of panic floating down. They must have thought they were safe up there, a nice quiet little spot to watch the show, but nope, nothing was safe if I have a mind to use it, and now I was intent on having a bit of fun at their expense.

Trees cracked and fractured as I pulled myself upwards, dragging my heavy limbs across the dark woods until I peeked over the platform edge at the huddling people. I treated them to a smile, hefting myself up higher until one of my breasts bumped up against it with a fierce jolt that tossed them all off their feet. Oh that made me laugh at their plight. They were so feeble and helpless before me.

They were forced to endure the thunderous shaking as I pulled myself higher, giving them a wonderful close up view of my colossal breasts. I wiggled my shoulders, making them jiggle and ran my fingers around the curve of my skin, tweaking my rock hard nipples as I deliberately bumped the ledge playfully making it wobble. But I longed to kill, and pressed my tits up on the edge of the platform. Screams erupted as the people fled back from the two mountainous orbs flesh. Followed by the sound of the fencing crumpling under their weight, the whole platform tilting drunkenly and sending the miniscule people sliding down towards me. They scrabbled as they slid against me, bloodying their fingers with their desperate grip, some leaving fingernails embedded in the ground, torn out when they tried to avoid the drop. For once though, it was a soft landing, not that that gave any comfort, especially when I gave soft deep moan, the touch of all those tiny bodies on my sensitive breasts making me squirm. The old lustrous flame burned fiercely and I felt a little dribble of my moisture escape me and run into the trees between my legs.
"You feel so good.." I purred, my eyes fixed down on the tiny people trying to crawl away from my bloodstained breasts, completely dwarfed by them.
"Maybe, if you wanted me to let you live, you should lick me clean? And anyone who isn't good enough, I'll fuck you to death instead."

My head lolled back as hundreds of minute tongues licked my nipples and vast mounds of boob flesh. Their hands, tiny as they were, ran over my skin, driving me nuts and making me moan softly again. I had such an evil grin on my face, there was something wonderfully wicked about making them clear away the gory remains of people I had killed so easily, perhaps even people they once knew. Closing my eyes, I couldn't help but shift my body and, as I did so, I felt countless bodies slip beneath my heavy breasts. They were trapped there, between the solid platform and the soft heavy skin above. I heard their desperate plaintive cries, muffled under me, then just a gurgling wet crunching when I let my weight crush them. Thick blood oozed up around my captives, and many gagged on the overwhelming scent of death, or broke down sobbing at the awful torturous carnage.

And that made me want to feel them in other places too. So I swept a few of the sobbing, cowering individuals into my palm, and lowered them between my legs. Ah, that livened them up a bit. They started getting frantic, their screams growing higher and shriller as they were lowered down the length of my body and confronted with my vast sex.

Afterwards, when I perused through all the videos and articles I could get my hands on, I found the most incredible bit of footage, filmed by some weather station halfway up the mountain and conveniently positioned just below me... It was black and white and a little grainy but still showed my legs and ass lit up by the city lights and spread out over the treeline. My curling pussy hairs were parted, showing my wet inner lips, all dribbling with my juices. Then my hand blocked the staggering image for a moment and, when it moved away, hundreds of tiny people struggled against my soft intimate folds, mired in my sticky cum. You could see the panicked writhing, their bodies just visible on the image. Every so often, one flailing figure would loose grip, appearing to get larger and larger until they plummeted out of sight. There was no audio, which was a great pity, but then you can't have everything. But it did capture the moment I clenched my inner muscles and the people in my depths darkened and burst, spewing bloody guts. A few "luckier" ones crawled through my course pubic hairs, trying to escape my murderous pussy.

But all that was nothing compared to the ones I could feel most keenly: the few morsels snared on my swollen clit. Their every movement sent a little shiver running through my body, drawing out a series of soft moans. And that combined with the people tickling my tits, still trying to lick off the blood of my other victims in the mad hope I'll spare their worthless lives. I couldn't help it, my nipples swelled huge and hard and, with a groan, I grasped one heavy breast and started kneading it.

The people pressed up against it didn't even have a chance to scream before their bloody remains were oozing out between my fingers. I bent my head, suckling myself, lapping up their delicious remains, chasing down the living and crushing them with my tongue. I was breathing fast, pushing myself up over the platform to greedily devour any living people left and, as I did so, my breasts rolled over the last of them, reducing them to a slick mess, and finally, the the platform cracked and collapsed under the weight. Bits of concrete and broken bodies avalanched down the mountain side, and I watched the destruction keenly as the debris came to an erratic stop, the last few rumbles dying to an ominous silence.

"Fuck..." I snarled, my eyes burning as I turned to look back at that big building "I can't hold any more...." I stood and turned, striding purposefully through the city, heedless of stuff crushed underfoot. And with each earth shaking stride, I grew larger....


My steps sunk deep into the ground, and I smashed my way through the fragile city, everything seeming to shrink around me. My feet took care of anything in my path, debris raining down from my sole when I raised it and nearby buildings toppling down over my toes when it slammed back to earth again.

When I neared the IFC, I stepped more delicately so as not to damage it, swinging my hips with a casual grace, and looking down at it lustfully. It no longer looked like the mighty structure it had been, now it just looked like an intricate model, a toy that barely reached my knees. In the East, the sky was changing colour with the dawn, so the city was bathed in a cool grey light. Ah, now I could start to really appreciate what the destruction in the blacked out areas looked like and I gazed down on it all in delight.

Once proud skyscrapers were toppled and broken, some laying at mad angles where they had fallen. Smaller buildings were half smashed, their innards explored with lights or wires dangling and sparking. Here and there great plumes of black smoke marked fires, with a flickering orange glow burning the sky, filling the air with falling ash. Best of all was where I could see imprints... A foot print pressed into the street, filled with cars and people crushed flat and contorted, or a row of hand and knee prints, a circular crater from one of my breasts. And everywhere lay heaps of the tiny little people I'd killed. It was horrific, terrible, wonderful and I couldn't help but marvel at it all.

I looked at one of my old footprints and laughed, lifting my foot over it to compare. Now, not only did I dwarf it, but if I stepped down, several streets of buildings and thousands of helpless people would be squashed flat.

I now turned aside, looking back down at the IFC rooftop all swarming with people. That building that had been taller than me before was now so small. I could kill the people inside it in a second. I smiled, licked my finger and wiped my writing off the side. Safe? Come on, look at my record today, do I look like the sort to keep anything "safe?"

Ah best of all, you remember I told you the rooftop had these curving spires? Well inside them, on the rooftop it was densely packed with people who had been forced onto the rooftop by the press of people rushing into that building for "safety." It looked like a cage, a curved trap of unwilling sacrifices. Sheer perfection!

Talking of perfection: there was a live webcam on on the far side of the water that recorded everything I did. I watched that afterwards too, and millions upon millions watched it live... what a terrific sight that would have been! But, when I saw it myself, the first thing that struck me was how ridiculously colossal I was. That tall building reached my knees, but the others were lower and I recall estimates on news reports were that I was at least a mile in height. A fucking mile of completely merciless goddess. Even my nipples were larger than a good sized house, let alone what I could do with my gigantic body! My vast pussy could easily have swallowed up an entire building and, well, I suppose that brings me to the point.

That damn building had been tormenting me, that shape, it really did look like a massive cock. Talk about an invitation! I remember reading that the building was supposed to hold 15,000 people, but I think with my little "safe" ploy, I had easily packed it with more than 20,000. Twenty thousand people... That's a lot of people. The thought alone that I was so huge it would take twenty thousand people to satisfy my lust, well that just turned me on even more... I know you guessed it: I was going to fuck this skyscraper to rubble and all the people inside too.

When I got down to my knees, the ground split and heaved with rows of buildings crushed to dust under my legs. Some taller ones just tickled my ass or pussy hairs, but it didn't take much more than a brush of warm flesh to send them crashing down with dust billowing out in every direction. In the cool monochrome light before sunrise, the captives on the rooftop had no choice but to watch my vast feminine cavern shifting over the top of their building, stealing their light and cutting off any hope of escape. I couldn't help but take a deep breath as I straddled their building. There really was nothing quite like treating a rooftop of people to an intimate view of the deaths. The sky was filled with my beyond gigantic womanhood, the soft folds glistening wet. My fingers, those alone the size of buildings, peeled them open to reveal my inner depths. I pondered how many had already died for me, they were no match for my insatiable lust, and now I was ready for my next victims. Thick, heavy globs of my juices ran down the windows, flooding the rubble strewn streets with my heady fragrance and leaving behind only a sticky mixed mess. And now, only now, they truly realised there was nothing to save them from me.

I wanted the rooftop people to stay alive as long as possible, so I was delicate in my movements, making sure I didn't kill the people too soon. I wanted them alive and suffering inside me. Their light vanished and soon only the pretty roof lighting enabled them to see. And what a sight! The elegant curving spires creaking in protest as walls of soft flesh rolled over them, waves of hot, dripping, musky air catching the breath in their chest and the booming of my heart thundering in the very air. But all I knew is they were mine, and I pushed down slowly, engulfing the pitiful little thing.

It filled me nicely, and the smooth sides felt wonderful inside my sex. So I ever so slowly eased it up deep until I felt the tip touch my cervix. It was lucky the roof and interior still had lights... the tiny little mites could really appreciate their predicament. My wet inner folds caressing the windows, leaving them smeared with my juices. The building swaying and creaking ominously with each sensual movement, and every time I let out a soft moan of pleasure.. Hell, it must have been deafening.. An inescapable, deep throaty hum that shook the very building to it's foundations. And then there were the hundreds on the rooftop, swarming in my humid cavern, gasping and gaping in the heat, and choking in my scent.. I wanted to see, so I drew myself upwards and bent to look at the glistening sides of the little toy. There must have been a hell of a lot of horrified faces staring out at me through grimy windows, and as for those on the rooftop.. well, their delicate little spires had protected them from being crushed, but they couldn't do anything to stop my juices smothering the roof, and hundreds of them floundered wildly in the sticky goop. I smirked. I was going to enjoy this.

I started a slow rhythmic stroke, up and down. The building sunk into my pussy and I cast a hot darkness inside, then I pulled up and the it was revealed again, dark and sticky and wet. The rooftop people swirled in my nectar, struggling to escape the flood of eager fuck juices that covered the roof. It gripped and coated them, filling their mouths, soaking their clothing and leaving them spluttering and writhing and drowning..

My breathing was heavy and I threw my head back, my long hair fluttering down my back and tickling my skin. My restless hands roamed all over my body: teasing my breasts, running along my waist and hips, slipping along my thighs or up to finger my throbbing clit. The building shook and the city rocked too... the force of my movements sent walls of water slamming up against the far bank, catching any incautious onlookers off-guard and sweeping them up into the torrent. People on both sides tried desperately to flee the awesome sight but found it impossible to run with the ground jolting so violently. They were helplessly tossed and my wild motions sent once mighty skyscrapers falling to ruins, sprawling over the streets and over the panicking mobs, filling the air with dust and debris and the sound of destruction.

I pushed deep, felt the spires and pressed until they cracked, then more until I felt the people on the roof splatter under me. I gasped loudly, clenching my hands as their little squishy deaths sent a jolt of pleasure rising up through my whole colossal body. I shuddered, closed my eyes for a long moment and then I abandoned all vestiges of restraint. With a feral growl, I started fucking it wildly, my hair whipping round my face as I fed my bottomless lust. I wasn't playing or teasing, now I just wanted to crush and kill, to fuck them and their puny little building to rubble. And all the time I imagined the ridiculously tiny people inside being shaken madly about like peas, screaming in the unnatural darkness, swallowing my copious juices that flooded the interior, flowing down stairways and seeping through shattered windows. They were helpless to escape me and I was going to kill them all. I wanted every last one to die for me, to be squished to death by my mighty orgasm. I felt the thrill in my gut and I started chanting softly over and over....
"Yes, oh God, yes..." feeling the waves of pleasure build to a peak...

But it was not to be.


There was a deep whine as several military jets swooped past and distracted me, my eyes snapping open in fury. My cunt gripped the skyscraper possesively and I growled into their second pass, my teeth gritted and hands clenched into angry fists.
"I'm busy..." I spat, following them with my eyes, daring them to pass near me again. And they did, letting fly with missiles that exploded harmlessly on my hips. I snarled in rage and swiped out at them, one pathetically tiny jet exploding into oily flames against my palm, a second clipped by my finger and sent spinning away, vanishing behind a row of battered buildings. There was a booming explosion, followed by a glowing fireball and towering plume of smoke.

I let out a savage bark of laughter, but the joke was on me it seemed. My sudden movement had been too much for the tortured building. There was a sick crunch and my precious little toy started to crumble on it's base.

I tried jolting back to rescue my little fucktoy, but the building couldn't take anymore abuse and I felt it shift, cracks racing up the walls and floors collapsing. People inside suddenly found their floors and walls tipping and crumpling, spilling bodies amongst the sodden rubble. I gave a yelp, my hand crashing down into the city as the building slipped sideways. I knew I couldn't save it anymore and I gripped furiously with my pussy, dust and concrete tumbling down as I started to tear the whole thing upward. Hundreds of people tumbled down from it, screaming their way to the ground. Others hung from vast steel girders, twisted into mad shapes, and their cries of fear and agony followed the building skyward.

The upper section was still more than intact enough for my needs and I couldn't stop now, I was so damn riled up. I ripped it completely off it's foundation, and the city rocked again as my gigantic body rolled over onto my back with that delicate little building still entombed in my cunt. Any living people inside suddenly found their world spinning, tipping then ruthlessly sideways so that their walls became their floor and they hit with small series of sick wet smacks, some killed outright, others spitting blood or dragging broken limbs. Those trapped in the broken crown of the structure were spilled helplessly out onto my pussy walls and forced to endure the fierce heat of my body, struggling crazily in the wetness. But they didn't get time to lament, there was a crackling vibration, a roar of destructive sound, and the building rode forwards over them, smearing them to nothing against my hot flesh.

Street after street had been completely flattened out of existence, whole blocks of buildings crushed under my awesome body. Dust and mortar billowed out as I swept my free hand through the maze of buildings, watching them explode under my touch and sprawl down in thundering ruins. But I wasn't bothered about their stupid little city now, I just wanted to cum.

I fucked that skyscraper madly, plunging it into my cunt, rolling it over the bodies of people and mashing them into a vile pulp. I was in a hurry, I could feel it was breaking apart, but it was still enough to drive me wild and I bucked my hips up against the thing, thrusting it deep into myself again and again.

But it was all too much. It shuddered one last time and crumbled away to nothing, leaving me laying amongst the shattered city clutching so much useless rubble.

I screamed out in fury, crushing the remains in my palm and flinging it away in temper. Between my legs, the ground was sodden with my juices and it flowed over the rubble and whatever remnants people there were. I growled in longing, thrusting my fingers up through the rubble and into my pussy in frustration, trying to extract the toll of pleasure. It was too late, the flame of my climax died, to be replaced with a new sensation: a fierce, burning rage.

Debris cascaded from my back, impacting the ground like miniature missiles, the ground buckling and churning as I rolled my colossal body over. My vengeful hands spread over the sea of buildings, crushing anything to powder under them. I looked eastward, my eyes narrowed, to where the sky was glowing red with sunrise. The planes had come from that direction and I was ready to take them on, to show them their folly at daring to interfere in my play. If the puny people thought they were having a bad day before they were now in for a very nasty shock.

I slammed my fists down on the ground and started to rise, sifting streets aside and sending whole sections of buildings and vehicles cascading down the endless length of my body, filling the smashed city with rubble and brick dust that billowed and swirled around my legs as I rose once again to my full, impossible height.

I towered over the city, my lower legs lost in a swirling mix of dust, black smoke from fires and a little pale early morning mist. People for miles around could see me standing there, an immense unstoppable force of destruction, my lips pursed as I turned with a scowl toward the sunrise and started walking. My steps shook the city to its very core but I didn't give a shit about the stuff I was stepping on it was just a sound to accentuate my anger. Down on the streets, through, it was utter hell. I wasn't even paying a blind bit of attention the screaming mobs that perished under my feet, buried under tons of steel and stone as I crushed rows upon rows of buildings. Each step was a tumultuous deafening boom, producing violent quakes that sent bridges and buildings crashing down to nothing. I entered a part of the city I hadn't yet touched, though it still wasn't undamaged, my eyes filled with malice when I spotted the hub of activity amongst the angular structures. My lips curled into a sneer as I stopped, my feet planted apart and my hands on my hips as I gazed down at the pitiful military strength they had brought up against me. Hundreds of gun arrays and turrets turned to bear on me, and I cocked my head, a soft little smile on my face. It looked like it was time to give them a lesson on where the real power lay here.


The streets were absolutely filled with soldiers, a great big hive of activity. It looked terribly disorganised. Thousands of civilians trying to evacuate over land going against the flow of tanks and heavy artillery moving inwards to engage me. Soldiers rushed along in the shadow of buildings, or aimed from windows and rooftops. I could see a ragtag fleet approaching over sea... Including a big aircraft carrier which I can only assume was what had sent the jets. I have to admit I was a wee bit surprised. I hadn't expected them to be able to organise this much resistance so fast... nowhere near this fast. I gave a soft shrug, I suppose it really didn't matter, I had planned to meet with their military eventually. And, filled with fury over the loss of my toy, I was more than up for a fight. Even if it was going to be a teensy bit one-sided.

My arrival caused absolute chaos, I could hear shouts, sporadic gunfire and people screaming and I surveyed it all with complete disdain. Lifting one foot above it all, I swung it back and forth over their heads, carefully selecting the best place to tread. I let out a playful giggle, I couldn't help it, seeing the flutter of wincing bodies when the vast shadow passed over them. When I stepped down, darkness descended on them, growing blacker and sharper, and followed by my deadly toes. First the buildings perished, slamming down floor by floor, then the crowds, the tanks, the cars, all of it pressed down into an all-encompassing footprint that sunk several feet into the ground, forming an impassable crater filled with crushed bloody debris. People nearby were flung off their feet by the rush of air when it descended, those further away blasted aside by the shock. Countless others found themselves dragged mercilessly into my footprint by the inrush of air when I lifted it again. Even trucks and cars were tossed up like they weighed nothing. The lofty skyscrapers collapsed down over my toes to be kicked aside as rubble, sprawling over the city. All that destructive power, and I hadn't even started playing with them yet.

I scrunched my toes and watched them curl over the debris, scooping it into tiny peaks of rubble and bodies. I couldn't even feel the bullets of the soldiers, but I could still hear them, and their shouts. Tanks turned their tiny turrets to face me, firing desperately, and the explosions lit up my legs. On the waters, battleships let fly a vast barrage of missiles, some missing and exploding in their own ranks on the land, but most caressing my body. I could feel those, it was as though I was being tickled with soft feathers, a gentle warm brushing over my skin that only made me smile all the more. All of it was useless, they couldn't hurt me, they couldn't stop me and I beamed. They were helpless, they just didn't realise it fully yet. I was so looking forward to showing them their place in the world.

Buildings shook and toppled as I lowered my body, propping myself up on spread fingertips. I leered down at the tide of bodies trapped in my immense shadow, the spread of buildings like a three dimensional map. I blew them all a farewell kiss, tossing my hair and flirting unashamedly with them. but the sweet smile on my lips soon turned savage, my shoulder dipping as I swept my free arm straight through the marching rows of buildings. They blasted sideways, exploding in rows, spraying rubble and people out over the city, flinging them hundreds of feet into the air. Fires burst under my fingers as vehicles and ammunition exploded, adding fire and boiling fuel to the cataclysm. The incredible demolition only matched by my laughter as I casually wiped a whole block from the map. Then I smashed my hand down atop the apocalyptic scene, flashing white teeth down at the ranks of civilians and soldiers beyond the destruction.

I slammed my right hand down, tearing apart a hospital, pulling my body closer to them, the smoke and dust swirling round my naked form, lit from below by the flickering fires. My eyes glittered with rage, malice and delight, and there was not one ounce of pity in my gaze as I brought my hand down over the disordered tanks and men, and wrenched them skyward, lifting them high up in the air and flinging them back down again. The foot troops were already in full retreat and now had to contend with a deadly rain of their falling comrades, screaming to the last until they broke against the ground. Vehicles were more disastrous, flattening ranks of people or bursting through buildings until they rolled to a stop. My right breast hung perilously close to the roof of a towerblock, swarming with little men who suddenly decided it would be a good idea to shoot. Damn fools, their bullets struck my hard nipple, and the soft intake of breath was all the warning they got as I swung my shoulders slightly. My vast breast sheared away the upper floors in the first hit, and I swung back, turning it into rubble from the impact of my jiggling tit.

I gave a little smile at the assembled ranks, taunting them with my invulnerability and their frailty. Then I swallowed, moistening my dry lips with my tongue, and I bent my head and ran that same tongue through the packed streets. Thousands of people, soldiers and civilian alike screamed themselves hoarse as I chased them down the narrow pathways. People, cars, lorries, tanks, all were scooped up my tongue, or buried under it and the piles of debris shunted along. Their cries followed my mouth skyward, growing fainter to the shattered remnants I left behind, pressed flat with the acceleration and rising hundreds and hundreds of feet in the air.

It was quiet up there, a hard cool wind brushing over the wetness of my tongue. I curled it, and they slipped and clung to my taste buds, the chilly breeze replaced suddenly by a roar of hot moist air and they were pulled back into the heavy darkness of my mouth. My soft moan was deafening, but worse was to come, as I lifted my vast tongue, bringing swathes of struggling bodies nearer to my hard white teeth and as I pressed it over them, countless little lives were crushed completely out of existence. I felt a soft thud, one shell bursting harmlessly against my tongue and I couldn't help but chuckle, tilting the mass of vehicles and starting to chew. My vast teeth made short work of the powerful tanks and cars, grinding the armoured skin in around the very soldiers it was supposed to protect, their pulped bodies no more than a minute tang in my mouth. And when I could no longer feel movement, just a thin gritty paste, I flung back my head and let them slip down my throat.

I lowered my head again, my hair hanging down over the streets and buildings, and I lightly nudged the top of a skyscraper with my tongue, making it sway softly and fogging the windows with my warm breath. Then, with a gentleness that bellied my savage nature, I parted my lips and slipped them down over the cool sides until they touched the ground, taking the whole thing into my mouth. I rippled my tongue along the sides, creating a fierce incessant drumming that filled the rooms and halls with a rumbling trembling thunder and the people trapped inside curled into little foetal balls of agony. Then I brought my teeth together, smashing through the steel and concrete walls like it was made rice crackers, my hard teeth driving through walls and stairways until they came together with a click. I swayed softly to dislodge it and rose, stealing the entire building away up into the sky. Debris showered down, slamming into streets and other buildings, sending hoards of people scurrying away like insects. I had a huge grin on my face, turning towards the planes watching my every move, tossing the little thing until it was gripped between my molars. The walls were no match for my bite, and I crushed it to rubble, mixing bodies and debris in with my saliva, grinding it to blood and powder. I purred softly, hoping there were people still inside to appreciate me swallowing the whole mess in one gulp, but hey, if not I'm sure it was more than horrific enough for those in the rest of the city.

My body was burning with an intense need and I figured that, since the pathetic little armies stole my climax, they'd have to serve me now. I was going to fuck every last one of them to death. I sat back, my ass bulldozing street after street, with my huge thighs towering over the city, and my spread pussy looming above the tiny people. I beckoned them teasingly and peeled myself open, letting the miniscule explosions of shells and missiles caress my soft folds. God knows why they started aiming at my pussy! Maybe they thought I was particularly vulnerable there or perhaps it was even a mad belated attempt to placate me. Maybe they just panicked. I don't know, but it made me tingly, and feeling tingly made me want them all the more.

They never broadcasted the majority of my play with the military. I think they didn't want people to panic (more) by seeing me taking out their only protection with such ease. But, regardless of the censorship, footage is out there if you are inclined to look for it. And there is one particulately impressive clip taken from a news van accompanying the armies.

They were parked up on one of the main streets, and there were a lot of tanks and infantry there all hunkered down behind barbed wire and sandbags... and no, I still can't work out what the barbed wire was supposed to do? Did they really think a little bit of wire would hinder me in any way?

Ah, yes. The view... they were filming away not far from one of my feet, and focused first on my sole. It towered over the smaller buildings and was dirty with all the stuff I'd stepped on today, plus a taint of blood from living people. I wriggled my toes and bits of debris showered down like a powdery water fall. Then the camera moved up my long calf, and up my thighs to show my magnificent body stretching up far into the sky. The cameraman focused on my breasts and my hard house sized nipples, then back down to where my pussy spread over the street. It glistened wet and deadly above them, the pitiful remnants of people struggled in my juices, or clambered through my course curling hairs. Trapped underneath me, you could see a mixed rubble and the unmistakable signs of minute squashed people, many in military uniform, who had got too close and paid the price.Then, inside my pussy, coated in my fragrant cream, was the shattered remnant of that precious IFC building: the one they foolishly made me ruin.

My fingers reached out and, with almost tender care, I swept up as many off the massed people, tanks and cars as I could, cupping them in one palm until I had a decent sized group. That in itself was a mini massacre, the tank treads spun, churning bodies and driving over smaller vehicles. Men fired up at me, pale white smoke trails rushing up to burst harmlessly against my skin. They shot at my curving fingers, or were jolted and ended up shooting into their own people and they splashed like water. And all that carnage, blood and fear was contained easily in my one cupped hand. It was time to show what I could do. I leaned back, parted my pussy lips with my other hand and sprinkled them over myself. I watched with a grin as a big fuel truck sank down inside me, mired in my juices, and dragged helplessly down by my pussy. People twisted frantically, their delicate touch making me tingle... and every so often a panicked tank would let of shell that would tickle me in the most delicious way.

The next lot I pulled up from the streets must have had the news camera in it as the footage jolted and spun before going dark for a moment. When the light returned, the footage showed the folds of my intimate area up close, rising like vast hills. There were at least a hundred tiny people struggling on my clit far above, or for a moment at least, as shortly after my hand returned and my fingers rolled over it, bursting the thrashing bodies and smudging the mess over it. The groan that followed was immense, shaking the camera, making the footage crackle and shake. Then my vast hand returned, spilling more unwilling sacrifices over myself, my lips undulating tossing the tanks and cars, making them roll downwards slowly, grimed in think cum. It still filmed even as I grasped more and more people, soldiers and civilians alike, until my whole magnificent cunt was covered in a vast, living wiggling mass. You could see the cameraman, still filming despite the carnage, bless him, his hand clinging desperately to my curling pubes, the world spinning every time moved. There was a fierce glow from above, and though you couldn't see it, I can tell you what it was. Several foolishly brave ships had moved in dangerously close to let loose a fierce volley of missiles. They burst against me like they were nothing, but that meant several vessels were in reach, and I leaned forward, my greedy hands reaching out for the biggest. The next thing the camera filmed was something huge, angular and dark moving over the sky, the film shaking madly, and just before it cut, you realise what it is.

It was a big aircraft carrier, gripped carelessly in my gigantic fist, raining water from the ocean where it had strayed too close to me. I tilted it and let the planes on deck smack down one by one over my belly, tumbling and shattering against me. I chipped off the rough corners with my fingers and gave it a long thoughtful lick along the deck, tasting the little specks who tried to claw their way away. I nodded softly, condemning them all, and I started to slide it down my body. Well, it wasn't as good as the building but I was desperate now to curb the fearsome lust pounding through my veins!

Playfully I bounced the vessel softly with my tits, just to introduce myself, you know? I tapped on the hull softly and paused as though to listen, a smirk blooming on my lips as I stabbed into the deck with my fingers. The armoured deck was no match for me and it split open, the grey metal rolling back like I was opening a can of sardines. I tipped it toward the light so I could peer in at the tiny sailors inside, huddled and gasping in shock at the sight of me. I grinned, breaking the deck a little more, I wanted to make sure they got to taste me before I killed them.

I sprawled back over the city, buildings crunching under my back, not to mention the people whose last screams reached my ears as they were buried under mountains of rubble and skin. My hair fanned out like a halo round my grinning face, but there was nothing angelic about this scene, and I parted my thighs. My right foot dabbed in the cool waters of the bay, my left brushed through the crackly trees at the bottom of the mountains, so the whole city was split in half by my immense body. Buildings tumbled over, leaning up against my skin, propped up by my body, until I moved again and they fell, pulverised under me. Others fell draped over me and I playfully grasped them, dragging up the mess and mashing the rubble into my breasts. I have no idea how many I must have killed by the simple action of laying down over their streets. Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps more. But fuck them, that's what they are there for after all..

I slid that ship all the way down, the yells from within growing fainter as they moved away, but more desperate when they were confronted with my sex. I growled softly and rolled my pussy lips over the deck, smearing them with my nectar and giving them an unrivalled view of me crushing the little bodies thrashing all over my nether lips against their ship. The air was filled with the hideous sound of cracking limbs, the wet bursting of bodies and terrific shrieks. The command tower touched my clitoris, and the officers inside gaped up at the vast knob of hard flesh as it smeared their windows with bloody bodies. But I was too eager, to violent, and it crunched as I ground it to dust. What that tiny captain must have thought when my swollen clit rubbed the life out of his body.. I hope he screamed his silly little head off! I ground myself over it a little more then started to work it inside, my pussy grasping it with a wet sound, smudging deep crimson over the decks, the interior slowly filling with my stifling juices. And as the puny vessel filled me, I turned my head to watch the soldiers in the streets and growled deeply..
"I swear if I get interrupted again, then not one piece of your stupid little city will be left. I'll wipe it off the map..."


I felt the ground thud, and something gripped my wrist, stopping my motions with the ship. I writhed and my eyes snapped open, full of a blistering ire that, for the second time, I'd been interfered with. Then my look turned to guilt.
"I turn my back for five seconds and this is what you get up to?" The admonition was stern but even I could hear the amusement in his voice. I squirmed uncomfortably and looked up, to where a familiar figure stood huge and powerful over me, and I flicked him a innocent, if slightly sheepish, look. I could clearly see him struggling not to smirk when he moved my arm backwards and slid the battered ship out from my depths, trailing long strands of my girl cum and making me groan longingly.

"See now this is why I have to keep an eye on you" his voice was deep and he lifted the sopping thing up and peered into where I slit the hull. "All dead" he added, fixing me with an accusing stare.
"I told you just the airport," he said firmly, "does this look like the airport to you?" I chuckled in answer, jiggling my breasts and plucking up one of the little fighter planes from my stomach.
"Well they obviously seem to think so." I purred back. I saw him drumming his fingers on the battered ship and I knew exactly what he was thinking....

Oh, who is he? Here's where I can give a little conspiratorial tap on my nose and look a little smug.. Nothing for noses! You really don't need to know who, why or how we are or anything else for that matter. I don't want you to try anything and spoil my fun now do I? Well, not that you could..

I arched my back sensuality in the ruins and stroked one hand up his calf and the other over my body, beckoning him like the mischievous temptress I am.
"Well come on, finish me off and I promise I'll be good from now on." Oh, I knew he wanted to, it was blatantly obvious he wanted to, and you didn't need to see the bulge in his pants to know it. But he had a dilemma... he doesn't want to reward me does he?

I can't tell you how strong my urges were, cut short of orgasm twice... twice damn it! The lust was pounding through my body, driving me crazy with longing. It was a fierce, savage need, a thrill that started in my toes, ran up into my intimate areas, across my belly, my great breasts and all the way to my fingertips. I had to have him. I would not be denied a third time.

The broken, shattered buildings tumbled town my body, shunted aside when I started to rise, the rest of my tiny playthings fled the avalanche of debris. They were completely ignored and I slipped my hand up the leg of his shorts. The scattered survivors must have been watching with bated breath... here was the only thing on earth that could do anything to stop me from slaughtering them, could put an end to all this carnage. But, to do that, he had to resist my ministrations, and if he gave in, they would be doomed.

It didn't take much.

He gave a soft little gasp at my teasing touch and gazed down at me with eyes burning. He swelled hard and huge under my fingers, making all the city skyscrapers look pathetically tiny in comparison. Or those that were still intact anyway. Oh, I knew I had him. But he pulled my hand away.
"Wait, not here"
"Over there." His voice was soft as he nodded to the almost untouched buildings on the other side of the water. "This bit's all messed up already... if I'm doing this I'm doing it properly.." And when he proffered his hand to me, he had a huge grin on his face. I think I even laughed, oh, they really were fucked now.

We waded out across the sea, heading for the far bank, and for the second time the waters surged into frothing white capped peaks. This time however, instead of a rough flotilla of evacuees, there was a fleet of destroyers which still shot up at us uselessly. The flashes lit up the eager look on my face, a little half smile hovering on my lips. My hands gripped his arm involuntarily, tugging softly at him. I had really been looking forward to toying with the military ships. He stopped and followed my gaze to see me looking longingly at the group of miniature vessels bobbing on the waves. I turned my eyes to look at him beguilingly. The explosions lit our bodies, throbbed in our ears, and the air had a thick, chemical smell. He looked slightly bemused as he gave a little consensual wave.
"Go on then." I gave a soft triumphant bark of laughter and my eyes snapped round with that predatory light returning as I sought out the tiny ships, as though counting. Then I dove under the waters.

Shit, that was pretty disastrous. A wall of water slammed up into the city, driving in through the streets and smashing any jetties on the far bank to matchsticks. Of course, the ones on this side had already been demolished. The naval vessels suddenly found their ships raised on a gigantic wave, hundreds of feet high. The violent wave dragged mighty vessels down, spinning and whirling, or tore their hulls apart, blasting through the innards and leaving only ghostly hulks listing on the waves. How any of them rode that tsunami I'll never know, but I'm damn glad they did.

I couldn't see any of this chaos, my eyes were firmly on the underside of the destroyers. I reached up and pinched the propellers, crushing them in my fingertips and immobilising my chosen victim. Bubbles rose from my mouth as I drove my fingers in through the hull and started pulling the stern down under the water. The ship tilted at an impossible angle, the prow lifting up out of the water, tiny bodies tumbling and screaming down the deck, slamming off guns and railings to plunge into the waves. It must have looked pretty impressive to the other vessels, or pretty terrifying, perhaps both. The ship tipped more, water showering down the exposed hull. Sailors clutched at anything they could, but still more ended up spinning down the deck, howling until they were broken on some exposed part of their tiny ship. Then I yanked the whole thing downwards and it took only seconds for the ship to vanish under the water, dragging tiny sailors down with the suction. And then a stiff silence, broken only by the panicked cries and splashing of men in the waters.

I released the little ship and it was sinking down, trailing bubbles and wreckage, heading straight towards my face. I smirked then, on a mad impulse, I rose up under it, real Jaws style. I opened my mouth and gripped the ravaged ship in my teeth, then I surged back up out of the water right in the midst of those surviving, and very shell shocked, battleships. Water streamed off my body, the waves roared and churned around me and I swirled my hands through the deep waters, careless of the savage pounding the ships were getting from my actions. My hair was plastered flat and soaking wet, and I pulled back some stray locks as I turned and looked down at the tiny useless ships rocking violently near my breasts. There was the sound of tortured metal and my teeth closed in round the ship in my mouth, and a grisly red pulp tainted the sea water that dribbled from the mess as I crushed to death any little people still within. When I was done, I spat it out and tossed it aside, the hunk of twisted metal hitting the water with a smack before sinking out of sight.

A frigate turned it's gun turrets round and fired up at my tits. It was like warm air, one even bathed my nipple in shells, my skin glowing red in the tracer fire. I shifted my vast body and nudged the vessel with my hard nipple, making it spin in a slow circle. I poked at it again, this time from above, ducking the prow under the water then watching it bob up again, the soldiers shouting up and begging me over and over to stop.

"Fine, I'll stop..." Instead I gripped the underside and pushed the ship up against my nipple. There was the brief delightful squirming of men I pinned between the ship and my nipple, before I felt it pierce the deck. The crowd burst apart, smeared to dripping gore and then the metal tore and instead, I felt the delicate, panicked touch of hundreds of wiggling sailors trapped inside. It was wonderful on my sensitive teat, so I shut my eyes and slowly ground the rest of the ship up against my breast, rolling it over until nothing was left but flattened twisted metal, draped over my colossal swaying breast.

A sudden wet, crunching snapped me out of my reverie. My head twisted round and my jaw dropped.

He had discarded his underwear and his hard cock hung a few hundred feet above the waves. And it was strewn with debris and people. His hand was slowly and deliberately stroking up and down his shaft, accompanied by the crunching of the ship clutched in his gigantic fist, slowly being ground against his cock.

He was staring straight at me, I knew he had only done it to catch my attention, and he did, Hell,he did. He knew I could never resist such a cruel show of gigantic power and he grinned, opening his hand to let the shattered ship land with a splash. I could see the little telltale red smears of crushed people on his hardness, when he turned away from me and headed out up onto the bank and deep into the collection of buildings.

I licked dry lips, surging up out of the water and wading after him. He had left a trail of destruction through the city, once mighty skyscrapers were crushed to rubble, people were crawling, broken and sobbing, away from the carnage, staring up in horror when I bore down on them in pursuit. Naturally I didn't use his pathway, instead I took a parallel path, plunging through intact buildings that burst apart, sprawling wreckage over the mobs of yelping people, my heavy tread making half damaged structures collapse. Behind was a vast plume of dirty grey brick dust, streaked with black from raging fires. But my eyes were on him, he stood towering and naked in the centre of the city, with chaos at his feet, just waiting for me to catch up. Suddenly, I was in a hurry and the city reeled to rolling tremors as I practically skipped through the remaining distance and grasped his body, pulling him up tight against my still damp skin and kissing him passionately. There was a moment of quiet then, the destructive rumbling fading away so I could hear the softer noises.. car sirens, the crackling of flames, planes buzzing round from a safe distance. The sounds I really appreciated though were the human ones.. screams of fear, cries of pain, the agonised gurgling of the dying, people begging, pleading, crying, some even cursing. On the streets, they fled, skirting impassible footprints, swarming over debris. It was all a waste of time, they may as well have just sat and waited for the end. But that wouldn't be very interesting for us now, would it?

He took a step back and lay down over the poor city, tens of thousands of people must have perished under his back. Whole streets were crushed out of existence. The careless destruction was driving me nuts, and I took his position as an invitation, leaping forward, straddling him, until I could just feel his tip caress my soft folds. Yes, no need for foreplay here, my foreplay was the whole darn city and I was ready to fuck right there. But he obviously wasn't. He gripped my waist and jerked me forward with a cheeky grin..
"Not yet, first show me how you play..." and his other hand came up from the streets, sprinkling tiny shrieking people on his chest. They looked pathetically small, especially so close to my pussy, that towered up over them huge and unstoppable. They cowered down, shrinking back from the deadly vision, covering their faces as though hiding from the spectacle would save them from it. Not that they could hide from the heavy unmistakable scent of my arousal. I gazed down over my mountainous breasts, lust burning in my eyes. Oh I wanted them so badly, but I didn't have time to muse. I felt an urgent hand at the back of my thigh, nudging me forwards.

Like I really needed any urging? I slid forwards, my pussy lips splaying outwards with my immense folds hanging above them. I couldn't wait anymore and I rolled my hips, bringing myself forwards and smothering the little group of people with my cunt. At least a dozen were pinned under my clit, ridiculously tiny pathetic twitching bodies, yelping until my flesh muffled their cries. More weight rested over them and their ribs started to cave in, their skins splitting so bloody pulp sprayed outwards. Still I pressed them down ruthlessly over his chest until I felt them pop and saw the rayed gore burst from under me. I moaned, his eyes fixed on my womanhood, his fingers stroking along my hips, down along my thighs, making me shiver when they ran dangerously close to my pussy. The slicked bodies squelched under my cunt and I raised my arms, swinging my hips, my breasts swaying and jigging as I rolled the little people between his chest and my womanhood grinding them into long mashed smudges of crimson. I felt his fingers suddenly tighten, his face fevered. He had a magnificent close up view and he obviously wanted a part of it. His hands jerked, forcing me forwards so my pussy was pressed against his face, then I felt the touch of his colossal tongue.

I let out a harsh gasp, the sensation made me shudder. I felt the tiny trapped people struggle against me, then the soft caress of his tongue, first pressing them into my depths, then dragging them out and crushing them. He kissed my clit, swirling the twitching mess around it until it rose like a little smooth island out of a sea of blood and twisted bodies. He lapped my juices, tasting my powerful lust and the tiny people at our mercy, rumbling deep in his throat as he drank in my scent. It was driving me completely wild, and apparently it was to him too. I felt him loop an arm around my leg to pull me to one side. The ground jolted and heaved as we rolled over with a force that toppled buildings or miles. Anything that was beneath was obliterated, disappearing under walls of flesh. Nothing could withstand our gigantic bodies, it was all pulverised. And I was still writhing as he followed me over, bringing his face in close to continue licking my vast pussy.

I was squirming and moaning, my hands roamed the streets and decimated the mobs of yelping people. They fought desperately against my vast fingers when I curled them into fists, first encasing their bodies, then crushing them to a dripping pulp. I tore whole buildings from their foundations, grinding them to rubble on my breasts. I poured out the miniscule inhabitants in thousands, kneading them without mercy, using their tiny bodies to make a slick red paint over me. My fingers ran through the vile slush, clearing long pathways only to smudge the mess over again, making soft whorls and spirals on my skin. Such a wonderful slippery mess.

Then I groaned again, louder this time. He had moved back, drawn his own hands over my sex and parted my pussy lips. I wasn't sure what he was up to until I felt the first frantic fluttering deep inside my cunt as he started fingering tiny people deep inside me. Damn, they struggled, they struggled a lot and, tiny as they were, I could feel them as one tickling mass. I saw his hands rise again, dripping with gore and clutching at swarming bodies. I caught his eye and there was a glint there. I had a funny feeling I knew where these toys were going too. And I was right. I heard them screech, begging and promising anything. Yea, right, what could they promise that I couldn't take from them? They screamed and screamed like he was lowering them to the gates of Hell. And he was, and the fires were the furnace heat of my body. Despite all their pleas and struggles, he fingered them into my dark cavern and I squeezed my cunt muscles round them, eager for the kill. But he tapped my leg.
"No squeezing..." He had always loved teasing me, I shouldn't have expected any different I suppose. It was a terrible but arousing feeling at the same time... the delicate, intimate touch of all those lives trapped inside me, and I couldn't even respond.

But he wasn't done with them yet, nor with me. He swept the streets clear of tiny people and he sprinkled them over my vast jiggling breasts, looming over them all like a God. His voice throbbed with arousal as he addressed the captive tinies for the first time.
"Please your Goddess, little ones, and perhaps I won't let her kill you."
They were grim faced and frantic, beating tiny fists over my breasts, some tumbling down into my cleavage, where they could feel my heartbeat pounding to the song of my arousal. There was something horribly delicious about the sight of so many morsels licking hard nipples that dwarfed their entire bodies. Those stranded on top of one of them squeezing, stroking frantically, some even just beating madly at them, desperate for me to feel them there. I did too, their touch was so soft and it tickled me and it was too much to bear. I lifted my hands to knead my breasts and crush them all, but he gripped my wrists, forcing them down again.
"No squeezing..." he repeated softly.
"Oh God.. but I can feel them." I writhed again and he grinned in reply.
"Ah good, better get some more then."

He tore into the streets, pouring handfuls of wriggling people all over my body. They screamed, stroked and struggled, making me burn, my hands clenching and unleashing again, my nails clawing into the tarmac like it was made of tissue paper. He tore up buildings, tipped out the little squishy parcels and poured them all over me, or forced them up into my pussy to join the rest trapped there. My body was like a vast and unyielding mountain range, and I was covered in frantic mobs of thrashing, yelping terrified people. My cunt was filled, and the press of tens of thousands of tiny victims fighting me was riling me up unlike anything ever before.
"Please... please.... " I begged over and over... it was almost too much, I knew I couldn't stand it much longer.

But even now, he still wasn't done with me and he traced a fingertip round my lips, then he leant over me from one side and kissed me. I groaned, first with desire, and then with longing. His mouth was full of frantic morsels and, as he kissed me, he tipped them out into mine, crunching any who managed to linger in between his own jaws. He was practically laughing as he waggled a finger at me.
"No squeezing... " he repeated for a third time and now I was forced to endure the struggles in my mouth too.

The people fought and struggled, beating uselessly at my hard teeth. I could feel them pressed under my tongue, clawing over each other and smothering in my saliva. I could hear their muffled screams and my hands clenched into fists, with my nails digging into my palms. My eyes were wide and pleading. He was watching me, my colossal body trembling with the powerful sensations wracking my body and he smirked before he brought a finger to his lips and moved it down his throat.

I knew exactly what he meant and my soft moan must have deafened those in my mouth, I heard and felt their final shrieks becoming more frantic when my tongue lifted them and pressed them up against the roof of my mouth, slowly drawing it in circles, savouring the tiny lives crunching and breaking. I severed their limbs, buffeted them over and tore them apart, and the living who escaped my tongue were swallowed in a sea of thick pulp. Then I growled again, a heavy predatory sound, before I gulped them all down.


He turned to me with fire in his eyes and moved over me, holding one of my wrists in the air so he could bathe my nipples with his tongue. The people there shrieked in terror, as, true to his word, he didn't let me hurt them. He did it himself, flicking over my nipples, snapping limbs and bursting their innards, then savagely smearing the little wriggling remains in bloody circles over my breast.

He straddled my aching body, drawing renewed shrieks from the swarming denizens of my body as they found themselves cast under his shadow. It always amazes me how intense their panic can get, but they really didn't appreciate how lucky they were compared to the little toys down below. And talking of those.. they burst into renewed cries as his cock bumped up against my pussy lips and, by his soft little gasp, I knew that he too now felt the touch of the people writhing inside. He pushed himself up against them eagerly and I felt the whole mass shift in my cunt, bodies pressing in against bodies, contorting and compressing like some mad tessellated image. His focus turned back to me, and my immense body spread out over the shattered city and covered in hundred of thousands of people trying to clamber wildly up the length of it and away from him. I saw him frown, his eyes sweeping down over them and I just thought shit, not the call of conscience, not now. Well, I still had some cards to play, and I tensed my inner muscles softly, not enough to kill, but more than enough to send a ripple of pure animal panic running through the mob. They went nuts, beating on his cock head and desperate to stave off the inevitable. They really didn't help themselves, his restraint melted away, his breathing slow and deep as he grit his teeth and slid inside.

Thousands of people were ruthlessly squished and smeared along the length of his cock, and I felt every last one of them. They thrashed in frenzied agony, then they would bulge and burst, their blood and guts seeping out from my cunt, splattering into my curling hairs and drooling down into the ravaged streets under my ass. I hoped there were people still alive down there... what a fantastic view they'd get, if they'd dare to stop and look.

The rest of the people were pushed up into a writhing human mass, squeezed between his tip and my cervix. I could still feel tiny people alive against my pussy walls, they were struggling like mad, pinned between his hard shaft and my wet unyielding pussy. He hesitated a moment and I think he was just enjoying the feel of them squirming so delightfully against him. It was only a moment, but I tugged impatiently at him, dragging him down against me and when our bodies touched tiny people died in thousands and thousands. It was almost like being covered in popping candy, they screamed and ran, then squashed between two giants like they were nothing.

They were nothing. Just the tiniest feeling of crackling bone and then burst of warm sticky pulp that made a wonderfully slippery muck that stained our bodies red.

Messy? Yes of course it was messy, it was terribly cruel, savage and brutally evil. That's why it feels so good to do it, making a massacre out of the insignificant people, their tiny civilisation that has taken years to build reduced to nothing more than a toy for my every least pleasure. And making a mess out of it all is far too tempting to resist.

He gritted his teeth, his body tense and my own burning with intense lust. My inner muscles gripped his hardness playfully, making the bodies squidge along it, a slick wave of death running along my insides. God I wanted them, all of them and I pulled him close so I could whisper softly, savagely in his ear.
"Fuck me, fuck me and crush them all to death..." I could see him struggling with his faltering restraint but I knew it was far too late to save it now. He had tasted blood, he'd killed and torn the tiny city apart for pleasure. He couldn't stop now and we both knew it. He only hesitated a fraction of a second more, before thrusting deep and hard into my pussy. I gasped in surprise, the explosion of the people splattering in my dark cunt sending a fierce, savage thrill ripping through my body. He started a deliberate heavy stroke and with every pump people died and screamed. Gripping my shoulders he forced himself as deep as he could, my hips bucking against his thrusts and matching the rhythm. We both gasped simultaneously, eyes wide as he plunged through the swarming bodies and we both felt the deaths of the mass at his tip. Anyone still alive was helplessly churned in a sea of blood and my inexhaustible juices, drowning and gagging in the intense heat, squealing when the thick shaft rolled over them and tore them apart, dragging the remains back and forth within me. His hard cock was glistening with blood. And as the powerful flow of pleasure built, we fucked harder, faster, almost oblivious to the tiny world being demolished by our horny bodies. It was little more than a background noise, a vast continuous rumbling roar of destruction.

And now the city really knew the total horror of our gigantic sex. Buildings rocked and crumbled, dust billowing out round our bodies. My tainted juices were endless, flooding the streets between my legs, coating hoards of people and cars. Our every motion caused death and destruction. But it felt wonderful, their little city and all their lives were just an offering for our carnal pleasures.

His hands dug into my shoulders, it was painful, but an exquisite pain that only added to my euphoric lust. We were both wild, the pleasure building and building, my ass smashing into the ground and our joint booming moans reverberating through desolate streets. We had completely decimated the city, and it's inhabitants, but only moved faster, more furiously. It wouldn't be long now.
He cried out, his shaft shuddered and I gasped as he slammed violently up deep inside me. There was a pause, the calm before the storm where he was rigid. Then he cried out again, letting an intense roar explode into the air. I felt his orgasm hit me, a blast of hot cum surging into my pussy, and the last few survivors vanished in a torrent of searing white cream, swallowed up by his immense load smothering them. And that was more than enough to tip me over the edge myself. My pussy gripped him and I cried out in delight, that cry blowing out any intact windows and sending people sprawling, clutching at their bleeding ears in agony. All along his cock, bodies popped with tiny little tingling bursts of blood, the sensation driving me wild and drawing out my orgasm into another, and I cried again, grinding myself up against him as he thrust, pumping his load inside me. We were both desperate to extract the lives of every last soul in my cunt.

When the waves of pleasure finally eased and my tense muscles released him, he slowly slid himself out. His shaft glistened with my juices and bloody mashed bodies, long trailing lines of our mingled cum dripping down, tinted pink with blood. And I couldn't resist that sight either, whole buildings fell from my body or were sent sprawling aside when I pounced on him, lavishing his manhood with my tongue, cleaning it of blood and coaxing out the last few drops of his cum. It was like getting a taste of our terrifying sex, and the people who died for it. He shut his eyes and his fingers teased my hair, pulling me across with him until we were both laying spread across the streets. Our bodies were caked in blood and debris and I kissed him deeply, grinning softly. He stared back, his own eyes mirroring my smile and his fingertips playing idly with the mess coating my tits.
"We just destroyed a whole city by having sex.." he said quietly, like it hadn't yet sunk in. I giggled naughtily and batted my eyes, a soft flush tinting my cheeks.
"You regret it?"
"No. You're right, it is more fun like this."
"So we can do it again."
He chuckled, bending over and kissing me again passionately.
"Naughty! We'll see.... But only if you are good. That means no more sneaking off! "
I cocked my head so my hair swung down and looked beguiling and innocent, my voice sweet, just a teensy hint of evil showing through.
"Would I ever do a thing like that?" And he tasted the metallic tang of blood in my mouth when I kissed him back roughly.

six months later........

I had been in San Francisco for a few weeks. It took a long while getting here as a lot of the transport links had been fucked up, quite literally in some cases. I had seen the sights, eaten the food, you know. All the usual stuff, nothing sinister. Yes, I would have loved to play, but I promised. It's strictly a casual visit.

I was making my way through a car park towards a shopping centre, when I noticed a group of people standing at a table. I couldn't work out what it was that had caught my eye at first. Then, with a grin, I realised it was my own image. They had a still of me striding through the forest of buildings. And would you believe they censored the naughty bits?

There was a young lady with one of those cheap plastic charity buckets to collect money for the "Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund" Now that did make me grin. I opened my bag and got out some coins... See, I can be generous sometimes.

Oh yes, it's still pretty bad out there. The place is a building site, and we left them some very "interesting" engineering challenges. But what I find incredible, laughable, is how people fail to recognise me. I can only guess they just don't want to.

The lady with the bucket felt me pluck her elbow and she heard a vaguely familiar voice speaking to her.
"I'd like to donate to the Victims of San Francisco fund." She blinked, hardly missing a beat as she turned.
"You mean Hong Kong"
Then she looked up into my face and her skin turned ashen. Ah, now she definitely knew who I was. I dropped the handful of coins into the bucket with a clink and looked her full in the face, smiling broadly.
"No, I'm afraid I don't... "

After all, promises are made to be broken, right?


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