Pet Girlfriend by Umm this is my penname

Amy is her boyfriend's pet and loves it. Follow her story as she happily does whatever it takes to please her master.

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1. Exposition/Good Morning by Umm this is my penname

2. Shower/Peanut Butter and Jelly by Umm this is my penname

Exposition/Good Morning by Umm this is my penname

She was his pet. She worshipped him. Her name was Amy, a five-inch-tall college student– well she was a college student. Her owner treated her well, considering he kept her as a pet, but that wasn’t really cruel because she enjoys it. She’d been with him for almost a year. As she laid in her human hamster cage, she fell asleep to the memory of how she’d become a pet. Amy started out as a somewhat clingy girlfriend, but her boyfriend liked the attention, so it wasn’t an issue. One day she approached him with a proposition: if she could find a way to shrink herself, would he make her his pet? It was her idea, her dream, from the very beginning. She found someone she loved and trusted and decided to live out her wildest fantasy.

She found a cursed collar that would allow her to shrink to any size her master wanted. Once her boyfriend put the collar on her, only he could remove it. It was in that moment that he became her master. He was gentle and caring, but he always got what he wanted. Not that Amy would ever put up a fight, pushing the limits of her fantasy was her favorite part of the experience. When they had first met, she was about 5’5” with light brown, almost blonde, hair. She was as skinny as a twig, but after months of swallowing noting but cum or cum-soaked junk food, she had become pretty chubby. Had she been full size, it would be as though she gained about 40 pounds.

As she drifted off to sleep, she even dreamt of worshipping her master. She was happy. She was roused from her good night’s sleep by the blaring alarm clock next to her cage. She fixed her hair and knelt by the door. Her master reached in and gently grabbed her. He was barely awake as he set her down between him legs. It was their morning routine for her to get him off and earn her breakfast. She crawled up to his enormous balls and began massaging them, placing soft kisses on them here and there. She often couldn’t wait until she was finished pleasing him to help herself and this morning was no exception. As she licked and massaged his balls, she used one hand to finger herself, allowing small moans and gasps to escape her lips. She began her ascent to his shaft, rubbing her whole body on the stiff, warm member. She humped the base, getting herself off on the enormous cock between her legs that had a rhythmically arousing pulse that shook her to her core as she came on his dick. Once she had recovered from her mind-numbingly amazing orgasm, she eagerly licked her master’s cock from top to bottom, using a combination of her own saliva and the abundant vaginal fluid flowing from her pussy from being so utterly turned on from the whole experience, even after a year. She felt his dick grow stiffer as she approached the tip. She licked all around the hole and even inside. She greedily swallowed all of his precum as she begged for him to release his load. She was a combination of horny, starving, and excited to please her master. She humped the tip a few times before placing her small mouth over the hole and holding on as tight as she could while expectantly awaiting her reward for all her hard work. He finally came, blasting a mouthful of warm sperm into her and another ten mouthfuls down her chest and in a small puddle in front of her. She swallowed the initial mouthful and proceeded to gorge herself on the remaining white nectar from her master. She never missed a drop. Her gut bulged out in front of her as she laid back breathing heavily from her big breakfast. The warm semen still coating her throat and leaving its sweet taste in her mouth.

A giant hand came down and gently lifted her up. She received a kiss on the head and Amy and her master headed to the shower.

Shower/Peanut Butter and Jelly by Umm this is my penname

As her master loomed above her about to step into the shower, Amy watched his hand reach down to grab her. He let the water get her wet and then set her down on the small shelf in the shower where she rubbed her body on a bar of soap. When she was done, her master picked her up and began to wash himself with her body. She was pressed against his chest and his armpits and everywhere else, but she was thoroughly used on his cock. She was rubbed up and down and even rubbed underneath his balls. He used her just how she had always dreamt.

When she was all done, he set her down on the counter while he dried off. She was still turned on from being so close to his cock. That’s when she looked over and saw the electric toothbrush laying right next to her. She turned it on and slowly pulled the head of the toothbrush over to her. The powerful vibrations sent orgasmic waves through her whole body. Amy thrusted her hips against the makeshift vibrator while her master got dressed. She came 3 times before he came over to pick her up for a kiss. She laid limp in his hand, panting and dripping profusely after cumming so many times. He finished getting ready and headed into the kitchen where he made a quick breakfast of peanut butter toast.

While he made his breakfast, Amy climbed the bread bag to reach into the jar and steal some peanut butter. It was an older jar though, so she couldn’t quick get any from the top. She leaned in little by little until she fell in. Her master saw, but thought he’d tease her a little so he pretended he didn’t see what happened. He put the lid back on very loosely and on an angle so she’d have air, but put her back in the cupboard anyway. She sat in the jar, a little worried, but also very excited. She’d only been eating cum for the last month and a half, which she loved, but smell of the peanut butter was amazing. She scooped some up to eat, but couldn’t resist having quite a lot. Eventually she stuffed herself nearly full and fell asleep in there.

About 3 or 4 hours later, she was woken up by the shifting of the container. He looked down at her chubby body, smeared with peanut butter from head to toe. All she could see from her point of view was his smirking face staring down at her from above. “Enjoy your snack? If you want some more, I could make you a sandwich.” She hesitated at first, taking a moment to process his offer after just waking up. She heard her chubby stomach start to growl and so she looked up and said, “Yes please, Master. I’d really like that.” He smirked again and got the bread and jelly. He put some jelly on one slice of bread and then scooped up a big glob of peanut butter with her stuck in it. She was draped over the knife, struggling to move in the thick glob. He spread her out across the other slice of bread, mostly stuck by the thick peanut butter all over her body. She wiped it out of her eyes just in time to see the other piece come down on top of her. She was covered in sweet grape jelly and thick creamy peanut butter. “There. Now you’re a sandwich. I’ll let you eat your way out of it, like the little piggy you are.”

At first she was worried he’d try to tease her and pretend to eat the sandwich, but what was initially frightening became excited. She was thrilled to be able to see how much of the sandwich she could stuff into her gut. She stuffed her face with sugary jelly, highly caloric peanut butter, and dense white bread. She had finished about half before sitting down in front of the other half with a big, bloated belly. She was covered in peanut butter and jelly from head to toe. Her master eventually came over to check on her and saw how much she’d eaten. He carried the plate into the bedroom as she sat there in a little heap of fat with her big belly filled past maximum capacity. He loved seeing her like that and couldn’t help but get himself off. So he set the plate on his bed and started to stroke his cock. After a little while of watching her breathe heavily and rub her belly while still licking some of the peanut butter and jelly from her hands, he came. He put his cock right in front of her and let his load spill out all over her. It covered her face and dripped down her chest. Being a greedy little piggy, she scooped it up and shoveled it into her mouth. Her cheeks bloated as she took in mouthful after mouthful of hot cum and slowly swallowed it. It pressed against her gut, filling her even more. When she finally finished it, she could feel it high in her chest. It was the fullest she’d ever been and it felt like if she pushed on her stomach too much, she’d explode. She desperately needed to rub her belly to sooth the discomfort a little. After a little while she let out a big burp and some of the cum oozed out of her mouth and dripped down her chin. He picked her up and let her lay down in her cage for a while until the next time he needed her. She laid in her little pool of water to rinse of some of the sticky mess, but was too exhausted to do much else but soak in the shallow pool until she fell asleep.


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