a lil drink by hedorah

Jake has a roommate that doesn't approve of drinking what so ever. But that will not stop Jake from going into his secret storage for a few drinks in secret.

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Story Notes:

This is my first story here, so i am sorry if i done wrong somewhere.

Chapter 1, huh by hedorah
Author's Notes:

Sorry that these are short chapters, but this is just how i write.

"hi Reece!" i say as i walked into our appartment. "oh hi Jake.", Reece anice girl that to me is simply just my Roommate, nothing else to me, just someone who helps pays the rent. Though i do sometimes take short glances at her rear, and my 5'11 height and her 5'2 height, helps me take peaks at her breast as well. 


"Uh Jake?", says Reece breaking me form my thoughts. "Uh yeah, need something?", "ya could you move out of the way so i can plug in my phone, please?", "Oh yeah sure, no problem."


Some stuff about my roomy, she is always on some type of degital device, I mean seriously does she not know about something called an electric bill? Though at least she is quite when she is on her devices. Another thing she HATES alchohol. I am not talking about the taste she hates it in general, she once kicked me out for having some when i came back from the store.


After some time of me watching T.V on "The Jake Chair" (bassicly my chair and relaxing area), and her doing whatever on her computer, she finnaly got tired. "Welp. I'm beat, i am hitting the sack, night Jake. "night Reece" i say back. "oh and Reece, do not forget that it is your turn to clean the dishes!", "yaya" she responds back to me, not even turning back. 


i waited a lil while longer just to make sure that Reece was asleep, then went to my secret Cabinet. You might be wondering why i have a secret cabinet, and where it is. Well I have it to hide all of my alchoholic beverages from Reece since she, you know doesn't like them, and where? Well then it would not be a secret.


When i opened it i nearly tore my hair out when i saw what was in my collection. Only half a bottle of some beer i got at the beer fest two months ago! I mean come on self, i know you are lazy, but this is the only way you can get a drink in here!


"Screw it" i opened it up and drank what was left of my beer. Once i was all done with it, i went to bed myself.


i woke up to the sound of Reece's alarm. Though it seemed louder then ussual. luckily it only lasted a ew seconds since Reece turned it off. All awake i said morning to Reece, and got no reply.


Now if you knew me, you would know that if i say anything to you i want a response! I do not care i you flick me off, say a lil cuss word, or even say bye, I WANT A RESPONSE!


I queckly sat up only to be met with a sight that will be scared in my memory for a while. I saw a giant roommate. I mean freaking huge, the statue of liberty would be jealous just looking at her!


My natural instinct got the best of me and i hid in between the cusions of my seat. "morning Jake." said Reece with a yawn and a hint of drowsyness in her voice. "Jake?, huh he must have left for work. Weird i thought he was off. Perhaps he went out wth some friends of his." said Reece


"she doesn't know i am here, nor shrunk for that matter." i say to myself. At first i was thinking that me hiding was a bad idea, but i do not wish to be anywhere near her at 8 inches at least, she might hurt me.


My thoughts were interupted by a BIG weight that came on me out of no where. "ahhhhhhhhhhhh, i am sure Jake wouldn't mind me sitting down here. Besides it is pretty comfy." said Reece


"That BITCH!" i said. She is sitting in my effing chair. MY chair, The Jake Chair!. My anger got the best of me and i went straight out of the cusion i was under, to reclaim MY chair. it was easy since she for some reason got up from it, i dunno why though.


I found out when i looked to see she was just repositioning herself. "Oh sh--" was all i chocked out before the biggest ass of my life came at me. She was wearing sweat pants today it seemed.


"ahh much better, now to see if Sarah is on." said Reece.


Who's sarah, i wondered to myself? i really don't know my roommate.




after several long minutes of listening to her annoying beeps, and her humming, she got up.


"Almost forgot to have breakfast, can't miss the most important meal of the day!", she said with an annoying sing song tone, look i admit it might have been somehwat cute for some people, BUT I WAS STUCK UNDER HER ASS FOR HEAVENS SAKE, YOU WOULD BE THE SAME.


When i heard those words i nearly yelled for joy, and praised every super natural being i was saved from being under her ass. But Life is tuff unfortunently. When She stood up i got up with her. i knew she had a decent size ass, the third biggest i ever saw, but still, WHY!!!!!!


Every time she stepped there was a little jiggle, though it was never good enough to release me sadly enough. My ride stopped in about 8 steps and she started making herself something to eat.


A few clinks and clangs, doors opening and closing (i assume to be our fridge) and she finally sat down to eat. 


My tiny form was nearly cruched under our wooden seats as she sat down to enjoy her food. Speaking of food, i haven't eatin yet. Oh well one problem before the other i guess.


"All done", said Reese getting up once more with a passenger. She walked about three steps, and then i finnally fell off. the impact hurted like hell, but no broken bones at least. when i stood up i looked at her, or more likely her rear. "damn" i said silently. She had did have a nice body as i do believe i mentioned earlier. My brain finnaly kicked in and i remmebered that i am sopposed to be fearing for my life.


I looked around for anywhere for me to hide before she noticed a little me on the floor. The only place i could think of was in my secret cabinet. I started in a run till i was had cover behind the counter. 


When i finnally made it to my cabinet, i turned and saw a bit of cerial. Me on a empty stomache took some time to gathered part of Reece's breakfast that could last me a few days till i went to my new home.


Once i entered i dropped my food and checked out my surroundings. I noticed that there was a small drop off my drink left over, Seeing how i was thirsty and tired from my track here i sipped all i could from it. 


"man i am beat, i am sure a little nap wouldn't hurt right?" and so i took a nap, wondering what i am goin to do now that i am this size with a giant.

End Notes:

again i am sorry of the size of the story, but again that is how i be writting like

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