The Intruder by agurof_

George is woken up in the dead of night by a thud from downstairs. When he goes to check it out he encounters something far worse than he ever could've imagined...

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1. Chapter 1: The Intruder by agurof_

Chapter 1: The Intruder by agurof_
Author's Notes:

Be warned: This story is very violent and graphic. If that's not your thing, turn away now. It's just the sort of story I wasn't seeing enough of and thus wanted to write. If it is your thing, enjoy!



In a single moment, George's peaceful slumber was over. A dull, distant thud was the cause of the interruption, though he was still unsure if he had heard it in his dream or in reality. He laid awake for a few long moments, eyes wide as dinner plates and ears carefully listening for any unusual sound. A quick glance to the left revealed his wife, Erica, was still sound asleep. “Maybe I'm just too stressed”, he pondered silently, releasing the tension from his shoulders and letting out an exasperated sigh.

George rolled back onto his side, pulling his duvet slightly closer and letting his eyes close again. It had been a gruelling day at work, and he didn't need to lose sleep to imaginary sounds. He began to think joyful thoughts of his newly-wed wife who lay next to him as he drifted off to sleep again, comforted by their close proximity.


George jolted awake again. This time, he was sure he heard a noise – it was louder than before, and he was already awake when it resonated through the house. Not to mention, this time it caused his wife to stir in her sleep slightly, despite being possibly the world's heaviest sleeper. Slightly on edge, George quietly sat up and rose from his bed. He was never an overthinker and didn't like violence; but he picked up the handgun he kept in his bedside table just in case.

He didn't bother to turn the lights on – if there really was an unwelcome guest in the house as he suspected, he didn't want to alert them to his whereabouts until he knew of theirs. He pushed the door to the hallway slowly open with as little force as possible to avoid the usual creaking. As expected, the hall was engulfed in total pitch darkness. However, George had been living in the house long enough to find his way to the stairs easily, keeping his right hand in contact with the wall for guidance.


A familiar sound echoed through the house from downstairs – the sound of the back door, which George had heard countless times before. “But, everyone should be asleep in bed...” he worried to himself, feeling the adrenaline rush start to kick in as he slowly moved further down the staircase.

Swallowing his fear, George peered around the railing at the base of the staircase. The moonlight shone in through the windows, illuminating the living room a little. Though it was still quite hard to see anything clearly, George could see no movement in his immediate vicinity. His confidence boosted slightly but his nerves still alight with caution, he squeezed the handgun more tightly and tiptoed into the room.

The front room was as still as the night. George stepped as silently as he could, his mind constantly alert to the potential threat. His surroundings were so quiet that he could hear his heart hammering away in his chest over anything else. He tried to ignore this sound as he looked to his left. There, the front room seamlessly led into the open plan kitchen, at the far end of which was the back door that led to the garden. The back door which George had heard moments earlier.

George's heart was practically in his throat at this point. He couldn't help but tunnel vision the back door, the source of the most recent thud. The door had a glass window in it – with no movement visible through it whatsoever. Not even daring to blink, George raised his handgun ever so slightly and began a slow approach towards the door.


Suddenly, the room was bright.

The unexpected light felt like needles in his eyeballs after George had forced himself to become accustomed to the darkness.


A familiar voice resonated from behind George. He span on his heel in a quick 180 degree turn to look back towards the stairs. Nobody was there, but George could hear soft footsteps coming from upstairs.

“Where are you? Are you alright?”

His wife. As the fog in his mind began to clear, George recognised the voice. But why was she awake? She was sleeping soundly earlier, wasn't she?

“Erica!” he shouted back, his voice sounding slightly huskier than usual. Lowering his handgun to his side, he ran towards the staircase.

“Are you OK?” he yelled as he ran upstairs, infinitely relieved to see his beloved wife's sleepy eyes staring back at him.

“I'm fine...” she groaned, rubbing her eyes groggily. “What are you doing? Is that... the gun?”

Her eyes widened as she realised what her husband was carrying.

“I thought I heard something downstairs,” George replied, involuntarily speaking in a hushed tone. “I heard it a couple of times, so I thought I'd better take this just to be sure.”

“Now that you mention it...” Erica pondered, glancing back towards the open bedroom door. “The reason I woke up is because I heard something clattering. But it sounded like it came from the back garden.”

Immediately, George was wary again. Whatever or whoever was making noise at the back door... might have gone back into the garden. Were they trying to find a way to break in?

“Sweetheart, go back to the bedroom and stay quiet,” George urged his wife, taking hold of her shoulders. “I'm gonna go check if anyone is still out there.”

Erica's brow creased with anxiety, but she seemed to understand. With a quick peck on her new husband's cheek, she quietly went back into the now fully lit bedroom.

George's confidence was restored by the brief rendezvous with his wife. Once more, he gripped the handgun with both hands and made his way down the stairs, though this time at a faster pace.

The front room was a little better lit thanks to the light streaming from upstairs. As before, George could see no movement in the room before him. Feeling almost like a badass hero, he turned toward the kitchen, ready to take on any intruders and protect his home and his wife.

That's when it happened.

Out of nowhere, something clapped around George's mouth from behind. Something large, thick, and forceful.

His heart sank.

George tried to scream, but no sound came out. The thing covering his mouth was absorbing any hint of his despair.

Something else wrapped around George's right wrist. The wrist of the same hand with which he was grasping the handgun for dear life. It felt almost like... a hand. An abnormally big, strong hand.

In one swift, expert-like movement, the hand around George's wrist both squeezed and twisted. His nervous system immediately roared in excruciating pain as he felt the bones of his wrist snap, and subsequently shatter. Instantly, the handgun fell from his grip and hit the ground like a discarded toy.

The screams kept coming from George's mouth even harder than before, but the hand around his mouth only tightened. So tight, that George could feel his lower jaw beginning to creak under the pressure. How was superhuman strength like this possible...!?

To his overwhelming relief, the hand released its grip of George's wrist once the gun had fallen to the ground. He could feel his hand flopping around at the wrist, totally limp. He tried to move his fingers to absolutely no success. However, with the pain still surging through George's body, it was hard to process the thought that he was now missing a hand.

The thick hand around George's mouth began to grip even harder all of a sudden. With no effort at all, he was lifted off the ground with just one hand, his legs dangling uselessly beneath him, totally limp with fear. George found himself being rotated to face his assailant. Though his eyes were drowned with tears, he was nevertheless afforded a view of who stood behind him.

George thought he was dreaming. The one who stood before him, holding him a foot above the ground with just one hand, was a woman. However, George had to peer slightly upwards to make eye contact with her.

She must have been at least 14 feet tall. Short, shoulder length dark hair framed her attractive face. She had a cold, emotionless expression, with eyes so dark brown they were practically black pits. George couldn't help but stare into her eyes, out of intimidation if nothing else, but saw absolutely no hint of any emotion in them. Her chilling gaze felt like it was burning a hole in George's head, but at the same time seemingly soothing the hellish sensation in his wrist.

After what felt like an aeon, George finally pulled his gaze away from her face. What was, perhaps, more shocking than her behemoth stature was the rest of the intruder's body. She was stark naked, for starters. Her entire fair-skinned body, which seemed to stretch out infinitely below George's, was stacked with thick, rock-hard muscles. Every part of her seemed to be brimming with limitless strength from appearance alone. Her abs were defined enough to have shadows between the creases, and her arms and legs were downright bulky, with biceps almost as large as George's head and thighs as thick as his torso.

However, what surprised George the most was what he saw upon looking down further. Still motionless in the intruder's firm grip, he noticed something large. He felt as though he was seeing things.

It was a penis. A disproportionately large, flaccid penis, at least as long and thick as one of George's arms. It was complete with two enormous testicles swinging ominously below, each larger than a basketball. It seemed to twitch and move slightly upon being noticed, as though it was alive.

George's consciousness began to fade. All that he had witnessed in the last few seconds was too much to take in. Or, perhaps the pain was starting to get the better of him. Maybe it would just be better to pass out here and not have to experience any of this...

Just as he felt reality slipping away from him, George's head was suddenly released from its meaty vice grip. He crumpled to the ground pathetically and landed at the intruder's feet, his wrist still throbbing in agony. This is the perfect time to shout for Erica,he thought to himself. However, he was unable to produce any sound louder than a feeble cough.

He felt utterly helpless. George craned his head back to look up at his still-silent assailant. She was, as before, still staring directly into his eyes, emotionless and speechless.

Her expressionless face may not be telling the whole truth, George suddenly noticed. The terrifyingly large member that hung between her legs began to swell. What was already abnormally large started to become tree trunk-like. The oversized tip of her penis, the same shade of red as her lips, was visibly moist.

To George's complete disbelief, a small drop of warm, viscous pre-cum dribbled out of the tip and landed between his eyes as he stared up at her. All of a sudden, he was re-energised.

Using his good arm, he gripped the floor below him and began to stumble to his feet. More thoughts than he imagined possible were flying through his head. What the hell was happening? Who is this mysterious intruder? What does she want? Is she even human!?

George wasn't able to get very far before his struggling was abruptly put to a stop. Before he could even fully gain his footing, the intruder raised one of her meaty legs and swiftly brought it down on the back of George's knee. Her huge bare foot slammed into the ground at full force, instantly pulverising George's lower right leg and cracking the tiled floor beneath him.

He cried out in pain, this time seemingly able to produce sound. His agonised scream echoed through the house, only intensifying as the cruel intruder ground her foot into the floor back and forth. George could lucidly feel his tibia being crushed to dust under the intruder's formidable weight and power. Chest-down on the floor, he pressed his face into the ground in anguish, pummelling the tile with his fists. Once again, he could feel hot and thick bodily fluids dripping down onto him from above, this time soaking his lower back. Whatever kinda monster this is, it's getting turned on from all this...


A voice suddenly echoed from upstairs, cutting through George's increasingly pitiful cries of pain. Once again, it was Erica. She must have heard the screams, George thought to himself.

“S-sweetheart...” George tried to reply, but he could only manage a quiet wheeze. “P-please... stay upstairs... leave this house if you can...”

George wasn't sure if she could here his weak voice from upstairs, but he'd be damned if he didn't try anyway.


Clearly she hadn't heard him. George was glad she'd followed his advice to stay upstairs. The last thing he wanted was to see any harm come to her. Enough time had passed by now that surely she must've realised she was in danger too, he hoped.

Just then, the intruder lifted her enormous foot from George's leg. He felt part of his leg painlessly detach as she did so, presumably squashed and stuck to her sole after all the grinding. Once again he used his good arm to roll himself over on the ground, feeling the hot pre-cum on his back run down the side of his torso in the mean time. The intruder had turned away from him, seemingly no longer interested. On her sole, George noticed blood smeared along with plenty of torn flesh and some form of white powder. Probably the remnants of his bone.

She began to step away from George... towards the staircase, where the sound of his wife's voice was coming from.

“No!!” George yelled, his voice breaking. “Erica! Get in the bedroom! Barricade the door!!” he screamed, as loud as he could muster. His sudden volume seemed to almost get a reaction out of the intruder, looking over her shoulder briefly at George as she walked away from him.

Erica apparently took George's advice, as he heard her footsteps thumping above him, followed by a loud SLAM from the bedroom door. George tried desperately to get up, despite missing half a leg. He could feel the warmth slowly leaving what remained of his leg as blood seeped from the messy wound. Regardless, he used what strength he could muster to half crawl-half drag himself towards the stairs, and ever so slowly began to climb them.

The intruder, however, was making much better time than him, strolling upstairs casually while still outpacing George easily. He couldn't rid his mind of thoughts of what would happen to his wife if the intruder reached her before he did. Maybe she would show Erica some mercy? Or perhaps she wasn't interested in hurting her, but rather in just stealing something? George had a MacBook upstairs, maybe she was looking for that. He tried to tell himself these things to put his mind at ease, but George couldn't shake the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had to hurry up.

The pain in George's uselessly dragging wrist and leg only seemed to increase as he gathered all his willpower and pulled himself up over the final step of the staircase. His body collapsed to the floor, puffing and panting as though he'd just ran a marathon.


George felt a second wind. His eyes darted upwards, towards the bedroom door directly ahead of him. It appeared to be firmly closed. The intruder was standing in front of it, her towering frame taller and wider than the doorway itself. Still without saying a word, she grabbed the doorknob and attempted to open the door normally. It clicked rapidly as she turned it, and a rattling behind the door indicated it was locked and barricaded with something large. With her inhuman strength, why is she even bothering to open it normally? George wondered as he began to crawl towards the intruder's feet.

As if reading his mind, the intruder quickly changed tactic. Her right arm swelled as she channelled her power into her fist, clenching it around the silver doorknob. With an almighty crack, it was reduced to a fine metallic dust that flowed from her hand when she unfurled it and fell into the increasingly large puddle of pre-cum pooling on the ground beneath her. George's blood instantly ran cold as he realised just how effortless such a feat of strength was for her.

The haunting sound of his wife's terrified sobbing echoed from inside the bedroom as the intruder began to dismantle the door. Her monstrous, throbbing cock seemingly harder than ever, she sunk her thick fingers into the wood of the door as though it was made of paper. With no effort whatsoever she pulled both hands apart and split the door in two down the middle, causing wood splinters to coat everything nearby. Erica's sobbing quickly escalated into screaming.

Just behind the now non-existent door was the heavy wooden table from the bedroom's corner with two large padded chairs stacked on top of it. The barricade did not faze the intruder, though – she kicked the table as though it was a football, sending it and the two chairs atop it clattering into the wall and breaking into several pieces.

At that moment, George made eye contact with his wife. He could see her at the opposite side of the room from between the intruder's massive legs, curled up on the bed shivering in fear and staring at him with tear-strained eyes. It was as though she was imploring him to do anything, anything to help her.

“Please...” she begged, coughing between sobs. “Leave us alone... I need to call an ambulance for my husband...”

George's resolve had never been stronger. Even facing such danger herself, Erica would still think of her husband's well-being first. With a determined shout akin to a war cry, George used his fading strength to pull himself up, grabbing hold of the stair railing with his one functioning arm for support.

“Get away from her... you bitch!” George shouted with as much volume as he could muster.

Again, the intruder simply seemed to throw George a throwaway glance over her shoulder. Cold and emotionless as ever.

Her muscular back twitched a little, perhaps in annoyance. It really was a sight to behold – broad, intimidating and powerful, with deep valleys between each muscle. Like the rest of her superhuman body, it almost seemed excessive.

With the pointless barricade out of her way, the intruder wasted no time ducking under the doorway and into the bedroom, directly away from George who was still hobbling along the hallway. Erica was still atop the bed, pressed up against the wall as though trying to phase through it. It was as though the intruder was totally unaware or perhaps uncaring of the protests of the couple.

Without a word, the Amazonian woman raised her knee and climbed onto the bed. It was a large king-sized bed, but looked as though it would barely be roomy enough to accommodate her. The mattress sunk significantly as it tried to bear her immense weight. This created a dip in the center of the bed. Unable to retain her balance through her sheer panic, Erica tumbled over sideways and landed before the intruder... right below the ever-hardening cock that hung between her thighs.

Using only her finger and thumb, the intruder pinched Erica's night gown and pulled back on it, ripping it off without even trying.

“No! Please put it back!!” Erica shrieked hysterically. She frantically grabbed at the blanket, attempting to cover her naked body with it, but it was no use. It was pinned between the intruder's knees and the mattress.

George found himself practically unable to do anything but watch on in horror. His strength was quickly draining with the blood in his leg, and before long he found himself on the floor again. He just wanted to do anything he could, anything at all, to help his beloved wife. His whole body shook in an infuriating mix of rage, helplessness and disgust. What kind of husband was he if he couldn't even protect his own wife?

Using his unsteady left arm, he reached for the mobile phone in his trouser pocket. Maybe if he couldn't do anything, the police could.

Right before George's eyes, the inevitable happened. The intruder reached forwards almost carefully, as if trying to build suspense and fear in her victim. It seemed to be working.

Erica began to back away from the monster before her, but to no avail. Before she could move more than an inch, a firm hand was around her lower leg. Due to the size of the intruder's hands, her tight grasp reached all the way around Erica's limb with room to spare.


Erica let out a blood-curdling scream as the already unbearably tight grip began to bend her bones. She kicked her other leg around wildly in a feeble attempt to repel her attacker. However the intruder seemed to take this as an invitation, wrapping her fingers around her prey's other leg too. As Erica pounded the mattress with her fists in despair and excruciating pain, the intruder slowly but surely started to pull her legs apart.

“Hello, police!?” George barked down the phone. “Please come to 2457 Brook St right fucking now! …There's a brutal assault underway! I'm heavily injured, missing a leg. I might not make it. But please come save my wife! There's nothing I can do!”

George tossed the phone to one side once he was done, not wanting any extra weight on him if he would need to stand again. The emergency operators had heard his wife's shrill screams over the phone, reassuring George that they'd send a small army as soon as they possibly could.

But that still didn't make him feel any better about what was unfolding before him. Sick to his stomach and with tears in his eyes, he watched on as the intruder spread his helpless wife's legs far apart like she was a ragdoll. She lifted Erica with just one of her ripped arms, perching the smaller woman atop the glistening head of her enormous cock. The head alone was wider than one of Erica's thighs, but that would do nothing to slow the intruder. Using her other hand, she gripped Erica's entire head, forcefully shoving two of her thick fingers down the poor woman's throat to keep her quiet and muffle her gagging.

Mere moments later, the intruder thrust her wide hips for the first time. With seemingly no resistance at all, the entire length of her cock slid inside Erica. George, still on the floor, vomited straight away at the sight of it. The intruder's sheer girth alone instantly tore several inches of skin from her groin to her lower abdomen. A ghastly crack resounded through the room as the massive cock was forced further in, abruptly separating Erica's left femur from her pelvis. In no time at all blood was freely flowing from between her displaced organs and out of the fresh wound between her legs.

Even muffled by the fingers thoroughly stretching her throat, Erica's cry of pain was haunting. George wanted nothing more than to cover his ears and block out the awful sound, but he was finding it increasingly difficult to move his one working arm. He began to wish the intruder had finished him off first, simply so he didn't have to experience any of this. Maybe this was part of her plan. Did she want George to suffer through this?

Seconds felt like hours to George. As the time slowly ticked away, the intruder became rougher and rougher with his wife. She inserted a third finger into Erica's mouth, spreading them apart and dislocating her jaw with a hollow click. This seemed to arouse the intruder further. Though she still showed no sign of emotion on her face, she quickly began to thrust even harder.

The entire time, the intruder did not break eye contact with Erica. Her cold, uncaring gaze seemed to hurt almost as much as everything else.

Becoming more excited with every thrust, the intruder tightened her grip on Erica's torso. Flesh and bone gave way to her strength, as a snapped rip pierced through her skin from below. The intruder decided this was the perfect time to rotate herself and Erica on the bed so that George could get a better view from the hallway. Seeing the exposed bone and blood seeping from between the giantess's fingers, he quickly realised the extent of his wife's injuries.

”ERICA!!!” he screamed, his voice husky with weakness. “Can you hear me!?”

As if on cue, the intruder promptly removed her fingers from Erica's mouth, allowing her to reply.

“G-George...” she gurgled weakly. “Please... help me... I love you...”

He let out a primal shout in reply, unable to find the words to convey what he meant.

“I love you too, honey, please stay strong!” he shouted, knowing it was hopeless anyway but wanting to believe otherwise.

With a burst of newfound energy, Erica grabbed one of the intruder's fingers in an attempt to fight back. Without even a second thought, the intruder responded by easily ripping her entire arm from its socket. A torrent of blood sprayed out everywhere, some even reaching George. Loose veins hung from the new hole in Erica's shoulder. Her now blood-stained face still keeping eye contact, the intruder began to devour Erica's disembodied arm in front of her. She bit through flesh, muscle and bone as if it was nothing more than a chocolate bar. Within seconds, she had swallowed the entire limb. She licked her lips and let out a small burp.

The first sound she had made until now.

George had resorted to closing his eyes at this point to avoid witnessing what was happening. He simply couldn't bear it. The love of his life was being literally ripped apart before his eyes. What was he supposed to do? He wasn't even sure his wife was still alive. Much to his frustration, he still couldn't even hear any sirens.

Instead of removing her other arm in the same fashion, the intruder opted to to grasp it and twist it, bending it beyond recognition. Erica's pelvis was totally dislocated from her spine from the thrusting force. The gaping wound that was once her vagina had long ran out of blood to bleed, and her arm wound was becoming cold. Her abdomen had distinct bruising from the jackhammer-like pounding below the skin. Her body had become so mangled that the intruder was running out of ways to break it.

In one last fit of emotionless bloodlust, the intruder wrapped a forceful hand around Erica's tiny neck. She leaned further forward, bringing her huge face mere inches away from Erica's, staring directly into her eyes as she squeezed. Rather than cries of pain, Erica's quickly draining life force allowed her only to let out a pathetic gurgle.

The harder the intruder squeezed her neck, the faster she plunged her cock in and out of Erica's wound, and the further her victim's eyes rolled back.


Finally, the intruder reached what she wanted. Arching her rippling back in pleasure, she let out an almighty roar, almost like that of an animal. Her plump testicles visibly quivered as she unleashed a torrent of searing hot cum inside the deformed body. Erica's neck was crushed instantly by the intruder's invasive fingers, her entire body tensing with the earth-shattering orgasm. Erica's body fell limp. Any life left in her was gone.

The intruder relaxed her hold of Erica's corpse as her climax ended, looking into her victim's eyes once more. The look frozen on her face as she passed away was one of sheer terror, tears still wet on her cheek. Blood and hot cum were oozing out of her mouth, and out of every wound. Laying the mess of flesh and bone on the bed, she swivelled around to the side of the bed and stood up.

Only now was George hearing distant sirens. But he already knew it was too late. He hadn't dared to watch, but something within him knew his newly wed wife was gone. It was as though a part of his soul had been ripped away. All he could do now was lay helplessly on the ground as he felt the ground beneath him shaking with the intruder's nearing footsteps. He wanted nothing more than to die.

The intruder, coated generously in Erica's blood and her own cum, knelt down next to George. In his blurry vision, all he could see was her foot next to his face. It was probably big enough to eclipse his entire head.

She rubbed her finger against her one of her ample breasts, where some of Erica's blood had spilled. Once her finger was thoroughly coated in blood, she forced open George's mouth and inserted it. He was too weak to resist or even bite down, instead having to suffer the taste of his dead wife's blood straight from the monster that spilled it.

After a few moments of rolling her finger around, the intruder raised to her feet again. A pleasant tingling sensation still lingered in her shrinking cock like a warm afterglow. She had gotten what she came here for. She had no further business with the man below her.

As he expected, George felt the behemoth woman's sole press against his cheek. Was it finally over?

She slowly began to apply pressure. George could feel his skull slowly being crushed, fragments of bone splintering off and exploding in his head like frag grenades. The pain was the worst he'd ever felt in his life, but at least it would be the last he ever felt, he thought to himself.

The intruder seemed to derive some form of pleasure from pressing down slowly, rather than efficiently squashing George's head instantly. She could hear the creaking sound as his fragile body slowly gave way, her cock twitching in excitement despite only just having been satisfied.

The last image in George's mind before his skull finally cracked and sliced his brain in half was that of his wife Erica and her beautiful smile. He remembered their wedding day, and how they'd promised to be together until death. A bittersweet smile formed on his lips as the pressure became too much, and his entire head was crushed to dust under the intruder's sole. She indulged in a few seconds of grinding her foot around the floor, smearing brains, crushed eyeballs and bone shards around, relishing the gruesome squelching noises it produced.

As a treat for all her hard work, she span around and took a seat on the man's corpse, instantly collapsing his ribcage and crushing his heart. Grabbing her own foot with her strong arms, she pulled it towards her face and started to lick away the brains that were smeared across her sole. She bit down on the leftover shards of bone, crunching them like potato chips. She didn't often bother with eating her victims, but today she was on an empty stomach, and the contents of the human head were the tastiest parts!

Sirens echoed through the house as a gathering of police cars pulled up outside.

“This is the police! Open up, or we're coming in!”, a muffled voice yelled from downstairs. The intruder wasn't happy to have her meal interrupted. She rose to her feet, finishing off the shard of skull she was crunching, and made her way to the stairs...

To be continued?


End Notes:

I left the ending open in case I decided to write another chapter to this story, as I found myself liking the Intruder character more than I thought. We'll see!

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