The Tunnel by Thatgirlyouknow

This nightclub is some people's greatest dreams. And other's nightmares. Come be a part of the exclusive clientelle, or maybe part of the entertainment....

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Story Notes:

This story will be pretty explicit. Most things go, but not the 'dirty' stuff. No peeing, scat, etc. I like my tinies nice and clean for use, before and after. 

These stories won't usually follow the same people twice, and likely won't interconnect beyond the location. 

Enter through the doors of the city's most exclusive nightclub: The Tunnel.  Beyond these red double doors lies an experience like few have ever imagined. Rules have little meaning here, for those who are able to pay the price. And for the rest? This night-time adventure can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Sarah and Beth by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This chapter follows friends Sarah and Beth, who won a VIP pass to The Tunnel in a contest.  These two will get a couple chapters dedicated to them over time. Not necessarily in order by chapter.

Beth and Sarah knew tonight was their night. Together in the apartment they shared, the two had spent almost two hours getting ready for tonight. Somehow Sarah had secured a special pass for the two of them to get into The Tunnel, the most exclusive nightclub in the city.

"Maybe even the world!" Sarah exclaimed again, putting on her earrings. Satisfied her outfit was complete, she stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror.

The tall blonde had put on her tightest black dress, a short piece that hugged her curves and ventured a little lower on her legs than she wanted. But tonight she planned on hiking up that tiny dress enough that no one would have any doubt what she was after in the club. She didn't tend to strike out anyway, but this might be her only chance to get into The Tunnel. A girl had to plan for the best!

Sarah leaned forward, checking out her earrings. The silver jewelry shone nicely, the shape of a treble clef hanging off her earlobe. Inside the swirl of each earring a tiny was stuck, hands encased in the silver, forever held in the spread-eagle position for Sarah's occasional amusement. She laughed and shook her head. Under her ears the two tiny women screamed for mercy, but of course all she heard was a faint yell. If she could have heard their words she would have laughed even harder.

"I know," Beth said as she walked in to the room, "You've only said that about twenty times tonight."  

Unlike her blonde friend, Beth was a striking redhead with blue eyes. She had also been ready twenty minutes ago. Her outfit wasn't as stylish, but she knew her looks were more than enough. Where Sarah wooed with her height and butt, Beth wooed with her eyes, hair, and breasts. B's weren't anything outstanding, but for a girl who knows how to work them they're more than enough.

Forgetting her earrings, Sarah pulled back from the mirror. 

"Okay, okay, I get it. I'm excited! Sue me," she said.

"Are you finally ready?" Beth asked, grabbing her clutch purse. 

"Almost," said Sarah. She pulled open a drawer on her vanity and picked up two tinies from inside it. The squirming tinies fought as best they could, but ultimately there was nothing they could do. At four inches tall they were helpless.

"Pregame?" she asked Beth. 

Beth just let out a small laugh and nodded. She took one of the tinies from her friend and pulled down her shorts and thong. While she did, Sarah lifted the backside of her tiny dress to reveal she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"You ho!" Beth laughed loudly.  Sarah laughed too, and the two brought their tinies back toward their rears.

"One, two, three!" the girls counted together, having repeated this ritual many times before.

Despite their struggles, the tinies slipped right through the girls' anuses. Reflexively they both threw their hands over their heads to try and protect themselves but all that did was make their entry a little easier as their arms parted the girl's practiced sphincters. And they had no true need to protect themselves; the shrinking process made them pretty darn close to invulnerable. 

Beth groaned as hers made contact, loving the anal play. But tonight there would be so much more, so she savored the moment before pushing her tiny halfway in. His tiny legs stuck out of her butthole, kicking, while his torso was inside her body and doing anything it could to get itself out. Not that it would help even if he could get any traction in there.

Beth pulled her thong up tight, making sure the material pulled ever so lightly on her tiny, before pulling her shorts up as well. The tight material hugged her butt exquisitely; she wore them specifically for tiny play.

Sarah on the other hand didn't bother with a delayed entry. Her tiny was stuffed unceremoniously up into her colon, pushed further with her pink manicured finger, and then left to squirm pleasantly until she passed him out tomorrow. If he was lucky she'd keep and recycle him. If not he'd find himself swimming through sewage until Public Works plucked him out of a filter and sold him again.

"Okay, let's go!" Beth yelled. Together the two left Sarah's room, walked down the hall, and exited their apartment.

As Beth turned to lock their door, her tiny finally slipped all the way into her ass. She smiled, loving the feeling of the tiny losing his struggle and being swallowed by her body. With the door locked, the two left their building and walked to the subway.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Sarah exclaimed as her tiny passenger's struggles gave her an exciting vibration. 


Thirty minutes later the two women were walking past a long line of partiers who were waiting to get into The Tunnel. When something was exclusive in this city, it drew a crowd whether they had a good chance of getting in or not. Sarah had been lucky enough to win a contest on the radio; otherwise these two might never have seen the inside of this legendary club.

There was some grumbling when the two walked up to the three bouncers with their passes, but not much. It was more envy than anger and the crowd knew well enough that anyone causing a ruckus wouldn't be allowed in at all that night.

The bouncers were all massive men, wearing matching uniforms of a deep red color. Sarah and Beth handed their passes to the one who held out his hand that could have encircled their arms, and he quickly scanned them with a device he pulled from his phone. When it beeped lightly and flashed a green light, he smiled at them and motioned them forward. The other two bouncers opened the doors and a red light spilled outward, accompanied by a dull roar of music and thumping bass.

"Put these on," he told them as he handed them each a pink wristband, "And have fun ladies," he said as they entered. 

Sarah slipped her bracelet on automatically, and reminded Beth to just before they entered. The VIP bracelets would give them a little more status here than they would otherwise have had.

Together they walked in, ignoring the heavy sound of the doors closing behind them, and walked forward through the club's namesake. They walked through a long red tunnel, full of revelers in various states of dress, undress, inebriation, and size. Beth and Sarah stared in amazement; this was everything they could have dreamed of! It was a good thing they had each gotten the next couple of days off of work. Since this club never closed it was entirely possible they'd spend the next couple of days there.

From what they could see there would be plenty to eat.

As they proceeded, Sarah watched a couple passionately kissing, passing a tiny back and forth between them. The music was too loud to hear the tiny scream, but Sarah got wet just thinking about it. Her own tiny was still struggling nicely, and soon she'd find him some company. 

While Sarah watched the couple make out, Beth was watching a couple further ahead. A petite woman was kneeling in front of a man, obviously giving him oral from the bouncing of her head. He pulled her off, mouthed "close" to her, and she reached into her cleavage to grab something. By the time Sarah and Beth were walking by, the woman had stuffed an inch-high tiny into his urethra and began stroking him again, alternating licks and sucks until he grabbed her head and pulled her down on his dick until her nose pushed against his belly and he came down her throat.

And then the girls were past, and the tunnel opened into a massive dance floor filled with people. Everywhere they looked a scene of depravity was playing out. In the dance floor people wearing any clothes was a rarity and occasionally a tiny could be seen thrown across the crowd. The dance floor was down several steps in a large square, with the DJ opposite the entryway and booths and tables spread along the outer walls of the room. At intervals small booths were spread around to make sure the partygoers stayed inebriated and had enough tinies.

They went to one of these booths first. Behind it a slim brunette greeted them with a smile, and each of the girls got a drink. The bartender put their drinks on the counter, and took a shaker from the side and shook it over each of their drinks. With their garnish of micros floating on top the girls took their drinks and booked it to a booth to get their bearings.

While Beth sipped her drink, enjoying the feeling of the micros tingling across the inside of her mouth as they were spread around and desperately fleeing in any direction to try and survive, Sarah was leading the way to a booth. They found one in a corner, a small spot with its own table and a plug that someone had left there already stuck to one of the seats.

"Dibs!" Sarah shouted, and Beth was happy to let her have it. Using it herself would have taken more effort for her, and she wanted to keep her shorts on. At least for awhile.

When Sarah got to her seat, the plug saw her and redoubled his efforts at getting his feet free. He didn't have a chance of success, of course, but the best thing about plugs are that they are great strugglers and at five inches tall most women could easily insert them. Sarah lifted the bottom of her tight dress, stood over the poor tiny who had been designated as a butt plug, and reached between her legs to grab him.

With a little effort she straightened him out, squatted until she felt his head press against her anus, then she relaxed and let him slip inside. When she felt his shoulders enter her she let go of him and dropped back until she felt her bare cheeks press against the seat. The plug went crazy with activity inside of her and she squealed in delight.

"This is a good one!" she yelled to Beth over the sound of the pulsing music. With one hand she sipped at her drink, dooming a dozen micros to death inside of her mouth all for the sake of a brief tingling sensation, and her other she lowered to her sex and began lightly stroking her clit. She made small motions with her hand, and rocked up and down slightly to match the feeling of her plug sliding in and out slightly with her gentle stroking of her sex. 

"Are you starting already?" Beth asked loudly. Sarah was always ready to go, while Beth liked to let things build up more slowly. They both knew they wanted to marathon their time in the Tunnel until they couldn't stand it anymore, but Sarah was more likely to burn out while Beth wanted to pace herself.  

Sarah didn't answer her, which was really all the answer Beth needed. She just smiled and shook her head. Beth took another drink, and a passing waiter offered them a tray of tinies, ranging between two and three inches. Beth took a decorative bowl full of them, smiled her thanks, and sat it down between her and Sarah.

Before Beth could get the first one in her mouth, Sarah had already grabbed one and was shoving her, a little brunette with a runner's body, unceremoniously into her vagina. Beth stopped, leaned forward to see Sarah playing with herself while a tiny pair of feet stuck out of her vagina, kicking desperately. Then she sat back up, casually tossed her tiny through the air and caught it like a piece of popcorn. She held it (truth be told she hadn't even bothered to look at her snack first) in her mouth while she grabbed her drink, and then washed it down with another dozen micros and a big swallow. A few remained in her mouth, moving nicely, while the larger tiny was fighting for its life in her stomach. All for her enjoyment.

This was going to be a great night.

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