The Doll Farm by MFXslave

Convicted sex criminals gets served hot justice by way of shrinking, insertion and crushing. No mercy is shown. WARNING! Contains plenty of cruel and graphic actions that will offend sensitive persons!

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1. Chapter 1 by MFXslave

2. Chapter 2 by MFXslave

3. Chapter 3 by MFXslave

4. Chapter 4 by MFXslave

5. Chapter 5 by MFXslave

Chapter 1 by MFXslave



Axel Hoffmann approached the tied up man. When he grabbed his arm and
inspected it for good veins to inject the magic liquid into, the prisoner
tried to beg him to stop. But trying to make yourself understood with a
pair of dirty socks in your mouth and several layers of adhesive tape
around it is not an easy task.

Axel stuck the needle into the man's arm. He did not enjoy this, nor
did he feel any remorse. He was paid for doing what he did. Or at least
he would be when he had perfected the potion. These rich women had offered
him, one of Europe's finest scientists, a five million dollar reward when
he handed them the formula. Until then he lived in luxury in this
grandiose mansion that he didn't even know the exact location of. They had
brought him here blindfolded in a car, six or seven hours away from Sao
Paulo airport, Brazil.

He wasn't allowed to leave the premises, and was at all times escorted
by an armed female guard when he strolled around the small lake or the
magnificent garden. They assured him that the guard was there to protect
him, but he sensed she was there to make sure he didn't flee the coup
before his mission was completed.

His working days were long, between twelve and fourteen hours, six days
a week. Every Sunday morning, and only then, his concubine of choice
entered his bedroom to temporarily erase all the chemical formulas from his
mind. She stayed with him until early Monday morning, making damn sure his
batteries had been recharged so he could endure another week of hard labor
for his boss-ladies.

His sensational discovery six years ago had made him the laughing-stock
of his trade. The idea was so outrageous that nobody even bothered to
check whether or not his theories could hold water. A colleague had
adviced him to write a movie script and send it to Hollywood, and then
laughed him straight in the face. But they didn't realize that he could
actually prove everything he claimed was true. At least in theory. And
the hundreds of failed experiments over the years had taken him so close to
the ultimate solution that all he needed to do now was make the necessary

The problem was not deciding which drugs to mix, but how the exact
proportions should be. Even that problem was about to be solved. His
latest experiments with the male prisoners had been really satisfying. The
only problem was the final stages. The human lab rats had some sort of
attacks in which they started shaking uncontrollably, then collapsed and
finally died between five minutes and two hours later. It was all a matter
of proportions. The latest two cases had lasted much longer than the
earlier ones. He was getting closer. Everything else had been figured
out. He changed the formula once again.

In suburban Rio de Janeiro Carmelita Rosario returned to her crummy
apartment after work as usual. She was cleaning offices downtown for a
large European company and hated it. The wages, the arrogant pale-faced
employees, the way her body hurt after every long hard days work.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and began unpacking the groceries
she had bought on the way home. The only objects left on the kitchen table
when she was done was a transparent plastic bag that contained three lively
two-inch long goldfish and some water. Beside it there was a black plastic

Carmelita was still an attractive woman at the age of 38. She could
have any man she wanted, and knew that life would be a whole lot more
comfortable for her if she found herself a wealthy husband. But doing that
would make her feel like a Puta, a prostitute. And her gorgeous body was
not for sale.

She had left her lazy, no-good husband of almost twenty years as soon as
their two children had grown up and moved away, and was in no hurry to tie
herself up again.

Carmelita poured the fish into a soup-bowl and sensed the sweet
expectation as she watched the three rapidly moving bodies crossing each
other's paths again and again. Ever since she was a little girl she had
had this strange desire that nobody, not even the few men in her life, had
known anything about.

She silently removed her yellow cotton dress. With nothing more than a
pair of white panties to cover her dark brown and very appetizing body she
switched on the TV and sat down in the sofa. She caught one of the fish
with her fingers and lifted her mature, round ass from the seat. She
watched its silly eyes and pretended it was that obnoxious Walter Brennan
at the office.

"I'm sorry mister Brennan! I'm so sorry I forgot to empty your ashtray
at exactly three o'clock as usual. It must be very hard for you. Yes, how
stupid I am! Please, allow me to sit on you!" The wiggling little creature
soon found itself trapped under a huge mass of soft, sweaty flesh inside
the back of her panties.

As Carmelita applied more pressure, the little fish could do no more
than massage the sensitive nerves in her left ass-cheek. But that was more
than enough for her. She wet her fingertips with saliva and began playing
with her large black nipples, at first very gently and slowly, knowing from
experience the value of a good foreplay.

The pleasure the little fish gave her while being slowly smothered to
death under he ass was immense, almost painful. As the first wave of
orgasms started running through her trembling body, she applied full
pressure, letting the fish take her full weight. If only I could do this
to a man instead, she thought as she squashed the goldfish with grinding
hip movements. She often fantasized about shrinking one of those boring
Europeans at work, to bring him home tucked in between her large and heavy
breasts, or wearing him inside her panties all the way home on the bus,
letting him smell and taste his upcoming, cruel destiny.

Sometimes the dreams ended with the victim being smothered to death
inside her pussy; sometimes she would shove his head into her asshole and
strangle him with her rim. But more often she would play with him like a
cat with a mouse, hurting him a bit, but not too much, humiliate him in
almost unthinkable ways, fucking herself silly with his helpless, stiff
body and then licking her own love juice off him, before sucking him into
her mouth. She would do anything for that moment of total power and
control... To be able to suck on the executive like he was a piece of
food, a living sausage.

Carmelita woke up from her trance-like state of mind and caught the
remaining two fish. The first one disappeared between her thick lips and
the second one slipped inside her tight panties. She pressed it firmly
against her second most sensitive spot, the place between her pussy and
asshole, then secured it in that position by pulling the cotton material
real hard upwards.

"I'm sorry if you feel a bit uncomfortable down there, Mr. Roberts. I
know how much you English people appreciate comfort," she spoke between her
teeth. "Mr. Roberts" was far better than any of the vibrators she had
tried in her life. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that sorry
excuse for a man struggling for his pathetic life in her crotch.

She had several quick orgasms as she rubbed the goldfish to death, back
and forth between her two pleasure-holes.

The fish in her mouth was getting slightly weaker, so she decided to
wash him down with a mouthful of spit. The small creature went down like a
champion, fighting and resisting until the very end. Carmelita always had
her finest orgasms when she felt something living flopping around in her
belly. She usually didn't even have to rub her pussy to achieve the golden
goal at those precious moments.

She went to the bathroom and dropped the two small corpses down the bowl
and urinated all over them. She glanced down just before she flushed and
thought that golden water was a fitting grave for a couple of goldfish.
Then she remembered to check her lottery ticket. This might be her lucky


Chapter 2 by MFXslave
Chapter 2

Marieta watched the spooky scientist through the glass door. He
reminded her of Dr. Frankenstein. But what Herr Hoffmann was perfecting
in that room was far more unthinkable than what the mad doctor did on the
screen in the previous century.

The German wasn't a very sociable man even during their Saturday evening
dinners. In fact, he rarely spoke unless spoken to. Marieta didn't mind.
She preferred it that way. That was a quality that very few men had.

During his long workdays he was unbearably arrogant and rude to most of
her employees. The few times he spoke to them. That was fine too. She
hadn't brought him here to mingle with her staff. He was there to fulfill
her utmost fantasy, what she had accepted as totally impossible until six
years ago, when she had read that article. The entire scientific world had
taunted him, but she had sensed, or hoped, that it could one day come true.

It had taken her years to finally bring him here, and it had cost a
fortune only to buy all the equipment he had requested. And now... it was
finally paying off.

A new shipload of human lab rats arrived that afternoon. The handcuffed
men lay restless in their uncomfortable beds in cold and damp cells in the
basement. They had been told that they were supposed to perform in a kinky
sex movie in this remote castle. What they were luckily unaware of was
that Marieta had bought all five of them from the infamous prison that had
been their home for the last couple of years.

They were all sex offenders, serving hard time, with small or no chances
at all of seeing the outside world for the next ten years or more. Now
matter how the experiments resulted this was their final destination.
These worthless creatures had all been medically examined. Herr Hoffmann
required healthy lab rats. Marieta found it amusing that from now on these
men were nothing but helpless prey to female predators.

Hoffman injected the fluid into the mulatto man's right arm and stepped
back. After about three minutes the prisoner started shivering, then, a
minute after that he simply collapsed. Hoffmann was pleased to see that
everything was going according to schedule so far.

The slow process was barely visible to the human eye. But after ten
minutes the handcuffs that once held the man so tight were loosening their
grip around his wrists. Three more minutes later he could have slipped his
hands out of them, had he only been conscious. Normal so far. But it
wasn't until the later stages he needed to worry.

Hoffmann studied what appeared to be the inner circle. Four Brazilian
women in their late thirties to mid forties, wearing expensive clothing and
jewelry, beholding the shrinking process with unimpressed faces. They had
already watched this part too many times.

Alberto woke up with a throbbing headache and a nauseating feeling in
his gut. He was lying face down on a cold surface, blindfolded. It took
several minutes for him to realize that his hands were tied behind his back
with some elastic piece of string that also ran around his waist in four or
five layers. He did the best he could to break free, but to no avail.

"Stupid cunts, let me loose or I'll kill you all," he yelled furiously.
The way his voice sounded shocked him. It was as if he was all alone in a
huge hangar or something. He sounded so... tiny. What had they done to
him? Or... what were they going to do? Suddenly the idea of him, a
convicted sex criminal, being sent to a remote mansion with an all-female
staff, didn't seem to be such a good idea anymore. He had expected to
perform in a porn movie, to get as much pussy as he could possibly chew. A
day or two of violent fucking, and then back to the slammer.

What happened next almost caused his heart to stop beating. He heard
female laughter from way above him. It seemed as if it was amplified at
least a houndred times. When he calmed himself down enough to think, he
prayed that he'd been given some hallucinogenic drug. The other
alternative was so horrible... it simply wasn't possible.

Then a huge force scoped him up. My goodness! This can't be for real,
he thought as he traveled upwards, surrounded by human flesh, enormous
amounts of it. He screamed like an insane. Then he fainted.

When he slowly returned to reality half an hour later, he knew that it
was neither a nightmare, nor the effect of some strange drug. He knew,
before he even dared to open his eyes, that he had been shrunken. His
imbecile mind understood that he was now a tiny, doll-sized man, resting on
an enormous woman's soft flesh. The female scent of sweat and arousal made
him dizzy.

A gigantic finger pushed him forwards across the smooth belly very
slowly. The noises from beneath the skin and flesh sounded like roaring
thunder or boiling water multiplied at least twenty times. He noticed that
the smell of wet pussy got stronger and stronger.

All of a sudden the soft bed of human flesh turned into a thick forest
of pubic hair. It was a painful experience to go headfirst through that
rough wilderness. Alberto was scared half do death, unable to accept his
destiny, but his body responded to the brutal massage of her hairy pussy
against his lips and his growing cock. The wonderful smell of a woman in
heat erased the last remains of rational thinking in his feeble head.

By the time he reached the warm and slippery labia he was rubbing his
crotch against hers as if trying to fuck that cruel, playful giantess under
him. He didn't get very far. She cupped her fist around his body, as if
he was nothing but a baby bird with broken wings, making sure his small
penis didn't get any further stimulation. Only his head and feet remained
free. She gently removed the blindfold that covered most of his face with
the other hand.

Alberto stared at a coal black woman's smiling face. She held him very
close to her mouth. When she kissed his head with her thick purple lips he
passed out for the second time.

Rosa couldn't resist kissing her little captive. When she did, he
fainted like a little girl. She sighed. This wasn't as fun as she had
anticipated. At least not yet. She loved to watch his fear. That really
made her pussy juices flow. But she would have preferred a violently
screaming and fighting victim, doing anything to escape her.

She held the four-inch long, unconscious man before the lens of the
digital video camera. This was the first shoot of a series of
"commercials" that only a few selected, very rich ladies from all over the
world that were sharing their fantasy and obsession, would be shown as
"appetizers". Marieta smiled behind the camera. Rosa had waited so long
for this.

When the man woke up he was blinded by the light from the video camera,
his legs and torso buried in a soft, slippery rose of giantess flesh.
Marieta recorded from a very close distance, to capture the shrunken man's
every scream and prayer. He was getting real good at performing, now that
he seemed to understand that he was nothing more than a living tool for
them to use.

Rosa pushed him deeper into her swollen cunt with a finger on each of
his shoulders. She had never been this horny in her entire life. She had
played this game hundreds of times before, but only with different kinds of
live fish. This was what she had been fantasizing about every single time,
a tiny man, a living doll, dying a wonderfully cruel death inside her
delicious pussy, while giving her the ride of a lifetime. She knew that
the final part would have to wait, because the "commercial" Marieta was
recording for heir future customers required some more action.

His entire body was totally stiff by fear. Perfect. He was like a
small penis. But knowing her little "penis" was a living man gave her
greater pleasure than any huge piece of cock could ever do. She began
fucking herself with him, making sure he was able to breathe most of the
time. She pushed him in, squeezed him gently for a while with her inner
muscles, released and let him slip out of her, then she pushed him inside
again. This continued for a period of about ten minutes, then Marieta
seemed satisfied with her live footage.

Rosa got up from the bed with the exhausted prisoner in her fist. She
turned her huge black ass to the camera and spread the cheeks with her free
hand. When the man was knee-deep into her tight, smelly anus, he tried to
pull out with hysterical jerks, but Rosa just smiled and pushed him further
in. When he was in waist-deep she removed her hand. Marieta zoomed in to
capture his thrusting upper body wiggling back and forth between those
perfect black ass cheeks. Rosa had to squeeze him hard enough to keep him
inside her asshole, but not hard enough to kill him. At least not yet.
When she rammed him further in and felt his wildly kicking feet inside her,
she had a long, sweet orgasm. Now only his ugly head remained outside of
her body.

Marieta told her to dance her way around the room, slowly, slowly, and
followed close behind, filming every movement and expression on his upside
down, back-turned face that stared right into the lens.

Rosa assumed a sexy position on the bed, standing like a randy dog
waiting to be fucked. Her sex juices made the slippery little man hard to
hold on to. She began to masturbate with a feverish passion. Soon, she
thought. Very soon... The shrunken man's hopeless struggle gave her
several awesome orgasms. He certainly did a good job down there, she had
to give him credit for that. For once in his life he was giving a real
woman some pleasure.

Marieta asked her to lie on the side with one leg raised in the air.
But in order to get a real good shot at both Rosa's beautiful cunt and the
doomed man's face at the same time, she had to squeeze him out of her
asshole and turn him around so that he was watching her sopping wet pussy
when she moved in for the kill.

He didn't want to be inserted into that tight cave once more, but there
was little he could do about it. Rosa pushed him in with a joyful smile on
her wet lips. Marieta sat down beside the bed and made a few necessary
adjustments on the video camera.

"OK, Rosa. Time for the curtain to fall!" Rosa held her upraised leg
with her left hand and started playing with her pussy with the right one.
Marieta focused the picture on the mature woman's horny face. Rosa began
speaking in broken English:

"You are accused of several sex offences against women and girls all
over the country. I find you guilty of all charges and hereby sentence you
to death. I shall execute you myself right here and right now!"

Marieta zoomed in on the rapist's tormented face as Rosa began to hug
the life out of his body. He screamed in pain when the shoulders and the
first couple of ribs cracked. She pushed his body in a little further,
until only his head remained outside of her shining black hole.

She felt such a power rush when she tightened her rim around his neck
and began to strangle him. Marieta watched his bleeding face in triumph.
This was even better than she had dreamed of. His death struggle was
really satisfying to her.

And he didn't let them down during the Grande Finale. He screamed his
heart out for another long minute while Rosa rubbed her stiff clitoris and
slowly increased the pressure. The intensity of the trapped man's struggle
sent her into a state of constant orgasm. She squeezed the rim tighter
around his neck and silenced his screams.

Rosa screamed in ecstasy when he died. After all these years... She
lay on the bed soaked in sweat, taking deep breaths while she fondled her
big breasts. And this was only the beginning, she thought.

Rosa squatted over the toilet bowl and started pissing. She made sure
Marieta had a good angle. Then she let the little carcass slide out of her
relaxed anus and land with an impressive splash in the gold-colored water.
Marieta got a close-up shot and then flushed the toilet, ridding the world
of his ugly remains.

"Tomorrow, Rosa, I'm going to give you two smaller ones to play with. I
want you to swallow them both alive for me." The women kissed each other
and started dressing for dinner.
Chapter 3 by MFXslave
Chapter 3

Catalina wiped the sweat from her forehead and sighed. She had just
finished the third floor, and was about to hit the showers when her
superior Ms Marieta had asked to see her in the rest room.
Catalina hoped it wasn't that evil German that had found some piece of dirt in a corner
and complained to the management. That man was simply unbearable. She
wouldn't hesitate to murder him if she knew she could get away with it.
Everybody hated him. Everybody. Even Ms Marieta, Catalina had noticed
once when she had caught her boss staring at the ugly old man.

She knocked twice on the door and was asked to enter the room. Ms
Marieta was sitting lazily in one of the leather coaches with the short
skirt revealing most of her long and slender thighs. She looked horny and
sinister. Catalina feared the worst.

"Sit down, Cata!" The cleaning woman did as she was told. She loosened
up as her superior got up and walked over to the mini-bar, filled a glass
with Vodka, lime juice and ice cubes, then handed her the cold drink.

"You've always been one of my most loyal and trusted employees, Cata.
Now, I am going to tell you something that will seem so fantastic and
outrageous, you will probably not believe it. First, have a big sip of
that drink of yours!"

About 40 minutes later, Catalina finished her second drink and rose on
shaky legs. She felt an almost painful excitement as she followed her boss
out of the room and down the stairs. The shower would have to wait. They
reached the studio, where a tall, naked woman with light skin and Indian
features adjusted her video camera. She had small, pointy breasts and a
very thick bush of pubic hair that reached all the way up the slit between
her firmly ass-cheeks, Catalina noticed when the other woman bent over to
pick something up from the floor.

"We were thinking of calling this movie `The Human Thong'. How do you
like that, Cata," Marieta inquired.

"Oh, well... that seems very... fitting."

"Well, I hope he's going to fit you, dear!" Catalina started giggling.
She couldn't help herself. Soon, the other two women joined her in unison,
sisterly giggling-party. They understood the "virgin's" mixed up emotions.
The first time was always wonderful to watch, not to mention to catch on

Catalina slipped out of her white panties, opened her cleaning-robe and
exposed a perfectly mature 42-year old body with shining black skin. Her
large, close to huge, majestic breasts swayed beautifully from left to
right to left as she squatted naked over the little prey. She sobered up
as soon as she saw the ridiculous small creature in the wooden bowl. My
goodness, she thought. It IS the crazy German! She inspected the naked
body that was tied to its hands and feet with a thin leather string. The
Indian-looking lady took a couple of close-ups of Catalina teasing and
taunting her little plaything. Then she gave her new star directions.

"Fasten that leather-string around your waist, but keep the robe on, but
I want to see more of that lovely black flesh, woman!"

Catalina did as she was told, and loved every second of it. She bent
forwards and sighed before the camera, rubbed her fingertip-sized nipples
even harder and bigger. She tied the soft string around her full waist and
sat down on the leather sofa as the camera got closer. She spread her legs
and gave the camerawoman full view of her hairless cunt. Like most
Brazilian women, she shaved her sex on a fairly regular basis, usually
twice a week, due to the heat.

"Action!" the Indian, named Sanneeta, shouted. Catalina wiped the sweat
from her forehead and pretended to clean the corner of the immaculate room.
She hissed and knelt beside the sofa. Her hands grabbed something and she

"Dirt! Dirt all over! Pink, white, yellow, black and brown. I'm sick
and tired of all this dirt! But I'm going to teach you not to bother me

Close-up. Catalina in the bed with wide-open and moist cunt, securing
the little man's tied hands to the string around her waist, just above her
ass. Then the same procedure with his feet. The intense struggle when he
tried to break free tickled her lightly all the way from her asshole to her
erect clitoris.
She knew perfectly well that she had tied him in a very uncomfortable and
painful position, with his feet scraping against the string around her waist,
just under her navel, and his face buried deep between her ass-cheeks.
With a small adjustment she placed his ugly face against her anus.
She had total control of his breathing and movements.
She had total control of his worthless life.

Sanneeta caught everything on tape. Every choked scream and twitching
movement. She adored her new movie star. What a natural!

Catalina felt funny exposing her ass to the lens in this awkward
position, but she knew it was a great angle for the audience. She let the
ugly cretin work his head out of harms way between her elastic, smothering
ass-cheeks for a breath of air, but only for a short moment. She then
opened them with her hands and seemed to suck him back into her lethal
chokehold. When she wrapped her sweaty black flesh around his fighting
body and let out a long, onion-stinking fart in his face, just as Sanneeta
had told her to, she felt the first wave of a long bestial orgasm that
started somewhere deep within her belly and spread through her loins and
limbs until she shook uncontrollably and almost crushed her little pet to
death as she sat down clumsily on the sofa with her hands feverishly
massaging the huge breasts. Her freely flowing sex juices shimmered like
oil on her thighs. Marieta and Sanneeta had to shake and slap her out of
her frenzy and drag her to her feet.

The next scene featured two more "actors" that Catalina, now naked
except for her living thong, "accidentally" found in a laundry basket
filled with the cleaning-staff's filthy underwear. She lectured them about
what might happen to a couple of mice that plays around in the superior
Pussy-Cat's dirty clothing, and rubbed their faces against the dirty spots
at the rear of the panties and made them lick the stained cotton material.
Sanneeta got some excellent footage.
Still with the doomed scientist tucked in between her buttocks, she played
a while with the smaller of her new playmates, a hysterically screaming,
four-inch tall excuse of a man.
She made him grab her left nipple, rose to her feet and started wiggling
her bosom. He tried to hang on by squeezing harder and harder as he was
thrown up and down, from left to right... until his tired hands had to let
go. And he fell to the floor... A split second before his body hit the
floor, Catalina caught him softly with her right foot, just like a skilled
football-player would have. She tossed him up in the air, high above her
head, and let him land gently on her left thigh, inches from her other
victim's tied up feet.

The two shrunken men watched in horror as the black giantess opened a
bottle of olive oil and poured it over them. They lost their balance in
the wooden bowl she had put them in and tumbled around like drunken idiots
as they tried to regain balance with greasy feet against the greasy wood.
The huge woman laughed and lowered her face. Even though she whispered the
words, they heard her loud and clear:

"You have been sentenced to die, both of you. But... being the kind
and loving woman that I am, I'm only going to kill one of you. And I let
you decide which one it's going to be. The first one to climb into my
mouth will be spared. The other one is going to die a very painful death.
Very painful."

It only took them half a second to start fighting each other. Catalina
parted her thick, purple lips and let them smell her lunch. As the taller
guy used his superior strength and longer arms to punish his opponent,
after all he was almost five inches tall, Catalina lowered her pretty mouth
to invite both men in. She enjoyed the show of the two little guys
fighting to crawl into her mouth to be saved.
The funny thing was that each time they tried to throw that big punch to end
the fight, they lost balance and usually ended up being kicked by their opponent,
who himself fell over. Then, after a ten minute long grudge-fight, the taller one
threw himself headfirst into her mouth, trying to crawl over her lower teeth, out
of death's way.

The feeling of a tiny greasy body struggling between her soft lips and
another one struggling to catch a breath of air with his face pressing
against her asshole was the most ecstatic feeling she had ever sensed. The
sudden orgasm almost made her bite into the small body between her teeth.
Instead she sucked him in with a slurping sound. A thick trail of saliva
ran down her chin, traveled down her neck and mixed with the shining sweat
between the giantess' breasts.
She played with his helpless naked body in her mouth, tossed him around
with her soft pink tongue and almost drowned him with her warm bubbly spit.
She felt the scientist was making progress in his fight for fresh air down
there, so she simply spread her ass-cheeks once more, told him, from the
corner of her mouth, to start licking her anus or she would kill him
instantly, and embedded him in filth and sweat again. Seconds later she
sensed his tongue working on her tight rim. The same evil tongue that had
driven most of the staff half crazy with its never-ending complaints of all
kinds, was now cleaning her asshole. Poetic justice, she thought.

Ricardo held his breath as he was sucked into the huge woman's mouth.
He plunged into masses of soft flesh, warm saliva and two lines of huge
teeth. She turned him over and around constantly with the tip of her
tongue. He had never in his life felt this helpless and scared. And he
was the lucky one! What was she going to do with him? Suck on him like he
was some piece of food? Or a little cock?

When she opened her mouth to speak, he almost passed out. The volume of
her voice stunned him, almost made his head explode. And then, for a brief
moment, he saw the void of death, the inside of her throat, and he
understood what she was about to do.

She playfully sucked him deeper into her mouth, until she could feel his
desperate hands on the slippery walls inside, just above the abyss. She
hesitated for a second. What if he didn't slide down easily as he should?
If he got stuck halfway and choked her? But she remembered Ms Marieta's
stories of all the other human goldfish that had been swallowed the last
couple of days by the female staff. Some of them even larger than this
one. She smiled to the camera and opened her mouth to show the future
audience how to swallow a live one. She released her tight grip to give
him a false sense of security.
He relaxed after about five seconds, probably thinking his nightmare was over.
Then she did it.
A quick, merciless sucking motion, and his greasy body slid down her throat.
She swallowed three more times and felt his desperate body sliding down. Oooh,
what a wonderful sensation!! She had another violent orgasm when he passed
her large, majestic breasts on the inside. She could feel his every
movement inside. At first she was afraid that the shock had killed him
immediately or at least made him pass out, since there was nothing by the
time he finally reached her round stomach. She sighed in disappointment
and was about to let the other women know the bitter truth, when suddenly
there was a twitch from within.

As a young girl, she and her friends had often visited the pet store to
buy gold fish whenever they had some money. Swallowing live ones was an
exciting hobby while masturbating together. Those twitching little bodies
being burnt to death by the girl's stomach acids sure made them come Big
Time. Over and over again. It was cruel, but it sure felt good! She
reckoned at least sixty or seventy of those lovely golden creatures had
passed through her belly over the years.

But this was different. This one really fought! Catalina's knees
started shaking. She knew the man was in great pain, and that the only
thing to hope for for him, was a sudden death. But she was more concerned
with her own well being, and the movie being recorded, with her as the
star. The scientists tongue kept licking her asshole. It tickled so
gooood, she came again, and again.

The squirming body seemed electrified as it jerked around in the futile
struggle to avoid being burnt alive. Catalina feverishly spoke into the
camera: "My God!

He's flopping around inside of me! Like a fucking gold fish, only here
to give me an orgasm, nothing more, ooooh, worthless, dead meat, and the
tongue in my ass, so gentle, so fucking goooood, my asshole, lick it, lick
it gooood, or I'll kill you, worthless creep, lick my asshole good, oh, the
fighting, so wonderful, so brave, so strong, so... You die, YOU DIE! Good
fight, so helpless, so sweeeet... YES! YES! THERE! Aaaaaaaaaaah...
make me come once more before you die, you WORTHLESS PIG!"

She brushed her live thong aside and began finger-fucking herself.
Sanneeta knelt before her and zoomed in on the beautiful shaved pussy. She
turned the video camera off for a few seconds and kissed the swollen sex in
front of her. Then she lay down on the floor, between Catalina's feet and
started playing with her own pussy as she held the camera steady with the
other hand. Steady as a rock. Marieta was impressed. And horny as hell.
Who would think that this middle-aged woman had this much passion in her?

Catalina watched the pretty woman on the floor, and spread her legs even
wider. She fucked herself silly with two fingers and kept ranting like a

"Yes, that's it! One more for mummy! You still got some juice in you,
give me one more, just one moooore! AAAAAAA! YEEEESSSS!!" she caressed
her own sweaty stomach as she stabbed repeatedly, faster and faster into
her smelly cunt, not noticing the desperate scientist trapped beneath one
of her soft ass-cheeks. His wiggling legs could be seen if you looked
closer, but everybody' s attention was concentrated to a point a few inches
to the left. As the last remains of life left the tortured body inside of
the horny masturbator's belly, she stole a final orgasm from his last
twitch and sighed in relief. Then she sensed the live thong moving around,
completely breathless. She giggled and rolled off of him.

"Lookie-lookie, what have we got here? A living doll! Oh my! If my
pussy wasn't so damned sore, I'd fuck you to death right here and right
now. But you'll have to settle for the second best." She smeared him with
her freely flowing saliva and assumed the doggy position. The video camera
zooming in on her dark, tight cave. The moment later, the helpless
scientist's shrunken body appeared, shining with spit, steering headfirst
towards the lethal and smelly rim. His insect-like screams almost made her
laugh out loud. As if somebody would come to his rescue. He was
desperate, and surely knew that if he entered the giant asshole in front of
him, he wouldn't get out of there alive. The moment she relaxed her
muscle, and began pushing his small head into the dark hole, he made his
attempt at breaking free. And for a second, he had managed to pull out his
head and almost, almost... But Catalina simply changed her grip and, to
punish him, applied more pressure. He screamed like a little girl. The
giant women laughed in unison. Cata relaxed her anus again and pushed his
upper body inside. Her rim closed and tightened its lethal grip, pinning
his weak arms against his body at the waist.

The video camera registered his panicked struggle. It looked very
erotic indeed, Marieta thought with a lusty smile on her face. Catalina
closed her right hand around his legs and began fucking herself with him,
slowly, gently... Even though he was buried deep inside her asshole, she
could hear him screaming. And his wildly jerking head hit her magic spot
repeatedly. She had him right where she wanted him. She squeezed him a
little bit harder with her ass and sensed the power, the pleasure of his
dying body giving her the highest pleasure, the ultimate orgasm coming
closer, closer...
Chapter 4 by MFXslave
Chapter 4

Rajeeva closed the door behind her and admired the luxurious suite. So,
finally she was here.

Leaving her family's grand Bombay mansion usually meant disappointment,
no matter where she went, in India or abroad. She was used to the best and
she rarely got what she deserved. But this time would be different she

With a racing heart, she bent over to inspect the "snacks" the
management had provided her with on the table next to the bed. The fortune
she had spent for a weekend at this "recreational resort" would soon prove
to be well spent money.

She wet her lips and removed the towel covering the glass jar. And
there they were. Three of them. Frozen by fear. Naked. And tiny.
Around two inches high all three of them. By the time she reached out to
grab the jar, her entire body trembled by excitement. She placed her
little human mice, one by one, on the giant bed's soft black leather cover
and began to undress.

As she let her clothes drop to the floor she smiled cruelly at the sight
of the helpless white, or rather, pink little bodies running around high
above the ground, trying to escape their destiny. She knew they would die
if they tried to jump off the bed and so did they.

She admired her perfect body in the full figure mirror across the room.
Her raven-black hair almost reached down to her round and ripe ass. Years
of tennis playing and high-jumping had shaped this perfect body. Her long
athletic legs ended in a thick pubic bush that hid a pair of swollen dark
purple pussy lips, yet untouched by man.

The scent of her hungry sex hung heavy in the air as she climbed the
bed. She had only played this game with pet mice before.

"Mmmjjjaaaauuu," she whispered and let her shining white teeth show.
The three little "mice" froze beneath the giant dark brown beauty. Her
huge breasts dangled before them, like titanic pendulums, hypnotizing her
little prey. The intense pleasure when her nipples brushed against the
soft animal skin made them grow even harder and bigger. A trickle of
cunt-juice ran down her left thigh.

Suddenly she lowered her head towards the tiny trio and sucked one of
them in between her lips. She made sure the other two was watching every
movement. The screaming and squirming body inside her mouth sent her over
the edge, into an ecstatic, blood-boiling lust-quake of an orgasm. And she
hadn't even touched her own pussy yet. This was what she had been
fantasizing about since she hit puberty.

She rolled him around for a while, using her tongue to play with him, to
turn him over every time he seemed to regain control over his pathetic
little body. He almost drowned in her warm saliva, but managed to catch a
breath of air once or twice a minute.

After some 7 or 8 joyful minutes she opened her pretty mouth wide open
in front of the two witnesses, displaying the soaked and scared man for a
few seconds. They made eye contact and one of the men on the bed screamed
something in Portuguese. The man in her mouth replied.

Oh, the wonderful terror in his voice. Then he tried to climb out. She
closed her lips around him and smiled. And swallowed. The two human
insects stared at her with disbelief and horror.

Her body trembled by another savage orgasm as her victim traveled down
her throat. This was about a hundred times better than live gold fish.
Oh, what a powerful, struggling little creature!

When he reached her stomach she cried out loud. It felt like she was
being tickled from the inside, both in the tummy and from behind her stiff
clitoris. Every movement of his tormented little body made her come. His
entire death struggle was nothing but a gigantic, never-ending orgasm for

She opened her mouth to show them that their friend wasn't there
anymore. Oh, how she loved... the sense... of total... control... and
power... the pleasure... the pain...

Miguel desperately tried to jump out of harm's way when the giantess'
mouth opened and closed in, but to no use. She sucked him in, like some
piece of candy, and almost drowned him in a sea of spit. He screamed his
lungs out and tried to break out of the deadly hold. This huge
monster-woman turned him over and struck him down repeatedly with her giant
tongue. He cried and pleaded in vain. Every now and then, she let him
breathe for a few seconds, just to keep him alive. She continued playing
with him for what seemed like an eternity. She even sucked on him like he
was some stiff little dick. She rolled him over again and opened her
mouth. He could see his buddies standing on the black leather cover below
him. They screamed at each other, trying to keep the spirit alive. Then
she closed her lips and the moment later he was tumbling down, down... He
was completely engulfed by some narrow tunnel of flesh and muscles. He
knew, of course, that he was going head-first down her throat, but the
feeling of her superior, powerful body ingesting his worthless meat, was
overwhelming, dizzying... Suddenly, the tight grip let go and he fell.
For a split second, he was set free. Then, he hit a pool of burning
digestive acids. He tried to jump out of it, but there was of course
nowhere to go. He tried to breathe, but the stench almost made him throw
up. It only took a mere five or six seconds for the acid to work its way
through his skin, into his flesh... Then... he really started to scream.
The next two minutes, his tiny body slowly dissolved, as he kept jumping
around in lethal pain, screaming, punching and kicking at the inside of the
Indian giantess' belly. No man before him had died a more painful death.
And no man had died a more poetic death. The last few seconds before he
lost his consciousness and drifted away, he had a final orgasm. His tiny
penis had already dissolved, and become a part of his killer's flesh, but
somehow the rest of his body responded to the ultimate sacrifice and he
ejaculated his way into eternity...

Rajeeva jumped her prey and struck them down with her massive breasts.
Before they could even consider getting up again, she lowered her big,
tasty ass and captured them beneath her brown flesh, one right along the
crack of her ass, she thought she could feel his throbbing head against her
asshole but wasn't sure. The other one got stuck in the soft and dripping
wet masses of her hairy cunt. She kept climaxing. Continuously. Wildly.

The creep in her stomach was still struggling bravely. She thanked him
quietly and began grinding her cunt and ass against her other two
playthings. Carefully. She didn't want to break them yet, so she rode
them gently and slowly as the lustful tickling inside her belly slowly
faded. Wow, he had lasted at least 2 minutes, maybe 3. This was going to
be a delightful weekend, she thought as she dug her sharp fingernails into
the pussy-soaked one and threw him into her mouth.

She knew she wouldn't want to taste the one stuck beneath her ass, so
she might as well let him come to some real use. She positioned her
mouth-captive with her tongue and spread her lips slightly. In front of
the mirror, she made sure he was watching the show before she started

Between her thumb and forefinger a wildly flopping tiny man tried to
avoid being shoved up the Indian giantess' anus. She moved him closer,
made him smell and kiss her foul-tasting hole.

She moved her attention to the man inside her mouth. Yes, he paid
attention. He was surely watching everything. She even felt his cock
harden against her soft tongue when she pushed his friend's head through
her backdoor. To her great amusement she noticed that he too had an
impressive erection. In his earlier life he had been hung like a donkey,
but now the size of his cock was nothing but a minor problem. She shoved
him deeper inside her ass until he was in hip-deep. Then his big penis
prevented him from going any further. She could of course ram him in and
break his manhood in the process, but she wanted him to be in one piece, so
she pulled him out a bit and used her thumb to press his erection against
his hairy stomach, then she shoved him so deep that only his feet was
sticking out of her tight rim.

The man in her mouth spasmed and began humping her tongue. Moments
later he ejaculated. He had just watched his friend disappear into this
cruel giantess, but could simply not help himself.

Then it was lights out for him too. She swallowed him whole and sent
him kicking and jerking down her throat. What a thrill!!! And she could
feel every movement, every tense limb of the one buried in her ass. Her
narrow, muscular meat-walls closing in on him, like an anaconda,
strangling, choking her victim to death, slooowly, no mercy shown.

When the other one hit her acid-dungeon, she began rubbing her pussy.
At first gently, but soon in wild, rapid circles around the clit. Knowing
he suffered beyond any human understanding turned her on even more. That
he was jumping around inside of her, just to avoid the burning acid-hell
for a split second, while she was masturbating and enjoying herself, with
another man teasing her sensitive spot in the rear, her magic spot, with no
more than a minute or so left to live.

She finger-fucked herself as she slowly began squashing the man inside
her asshole. He really was no match for this well-trained vixen. She
could feel the bones in his body breaking like tiny sticks under her
overwhelming pressure. Her love-juices flooded and soaked the leather
cover under her sweaty body. For a while, about 10 or 15 seconds, right
before the ass-victim began breaking, the two twitching bodies seemed to
fight a duel, as to decide which one was pleasing her the most.

Rajeeva screamed and panted, now stabbing two fingers into her delicious
cunt, fast and furious. The man in her stomach still had a lot of juice
left in him. She served herself another series of mind-blowing orgasms
during his death-struggle.

Afterwards, Rajeeva was combing her hair in front of a window
overlooking the park. She had had enough sex for a while. Maybe she could
go fishing, or socialize with the other guests, or play some tennis. After
she had dressed, she phoned her mother and told her that everything was
alright, that she had been shopping and meeting a lot of interesting
people. Well, that wasn't entirely a lie.
Chapter 5 by MFXslave
Chapter 5

The three Thai ladies entered the dining room.

Dham, the petite, fragile-looking leader at first sight appeared to be
the quiet, shy type. Her big almond-shaped eyes could lure any man into
any kind of romance or act of lust that she wanted. It was her cruel,
superior and slightly perverse smile that set her apart from most other
Asian women. She was 38 years old and had honestly never looked any
better. A shoulder-long Page framed her beautiful and timeless face.

Like her two followers she wore nothing but her birth-suit. It was
pretty hot anyway and they were about to have some fun, so why bother with
uncomfortable clothes? Her heavy and mature breasts seemed to be a couple
of sizes too big for her small body, but they were all natural and all
hers. As she spread her gorgeous ass on the leather seat, she revealed a
perfect and neatly shaved pussy with dark-colored thick lips.

Along with her came the only two women she knew that were prepared to
walk over corpses in order to have some great, innovative sex. Her own
daughter, Sa-Phan, a 20-year old vixen with long black hair, almost one
head taller than her mother and just as strikingly beautiful. She had a
tasty ass, as big as her mother's but a little bit more solid. Her breasts
were a lot smaller but very cute and firm.

She had inherited her mother's menacing smile. Many young men had been
taunted and turned down by those red lips. Usually after having served her
other pair of irresistible lips. Her favorite hobby was letting her dates,
mostly rich and spoilt mama's boys her own age, give her some real good
head job while she smoked a cigar, and then kicking them out for being
lousy pussy-lickers.

Her pretty little cunt was in the same condition as her mother's, bald,
shaved only a few hours ago. She loved the feeling of the smooth leather
seat against her naked ass-flesh and moist pussy.

The third madam, Wan-Luk, a 35-year old predator with one true passion
in this life: to humiliate the opposite sex, the more public the better.
Once she had slapped the face of a male employee and ordered him down on
his knees. Then, in front of a group of giggling female secretaries, she
had pulled up her short skirt and revealed a naked crotch and ordered him
to start eating her. As he sucked and licked her delicious cunt and drank
her sweet nectar, she had scorned and ridiculed him, and finally pissed all
over his face when she came in wild spurts.

Wan-Luk was a little bit chubby, but each and every pound on her body
was in exactly the right place. She had even bigger tits than Dham. Most
men found her incredibly sexy and wouldn't mind kneeling and give her a
nice lick-job, golden shower or not. A thick black bush covered her finest

The lunch buffet in front of them had cost millions of baht but that
didn't bother them. They could afford it. Dham peaked into the large
soup-bowl. As ordered, there were 15 tiny men in various sizes, from less
than one, to a bit over two inches high, almost knee-deep in olive oil.
They seemed frightened out of their minds.

Dham and the other two ladies were all wet by excitement right now. He
daughter began stroking her own stiff nipples as she watched their shrunken
victims, knowing that five of them were all hers, to use however she
desired. She grinded her juicy cunt hard against the cool leather and
trembled. She wanted one right now, straight up her burning pussy, but
tried to act unimpressed. "Want a snack, my dear child?" her mother asked.
"No thanks. Maybe later." "Better give you all the tiny ones. You'll
squash all the others with your tight little pussy!" They all laughed.
Sa-Phan replied: "I bet at least half of them could live quite comfortably
inside your huge cunt!" More laughter. Dham kissed her lovely daughter on
the forehead and promised: "I'll show you what this old cunt can do to one
of them little insects. Just wait and see!"

They had played similar games with various aquarium fish before, but the
mere thought of actually inserting a living human being and then slowly
"play" the living daylight out of his body.

Dham, as usual, took charge. She bravely picked one of the
less-than-an-inch-tall men up and held him in her cupped hand. He was all
slippery from the olive oil. He crawled around in horror on the
light-brown skin of her palm. Three pair of curious eyes looked down on
him. Since they were all naked, he had a strong feeling some deadly game
was about to start. The moment later, he found himself smothered against
an enormous breast. The erect nipple was about half as long as he was
tall. His panicked fear mixed with some strange kind of... lust. Musky
female odor filled his nostrils. He reached out his tongue and began
licking her titanic nipple. She tasted salty and sexy.

The giantess trio began laughing and speaking in some foreign language,
maybe chinese. He was suddenly taken for a quick ride downwards... and
landed on a black leather seat between a huge pair of female thighs, in
front of a gigantic pussy reeking of female joy. The entire seat was
drenched with her delicious juices.

A log-like finger pushed him forwards, against her lovely purple and red
and brown flesh-cave. He sensed the other giantess' hot breath on his
back. An enormous tongue pushed him into the inviting vagina.

Darkness surrounded him as he was being forced deeper into the slippery
and soft tunnel by the tip of a monster-tongue. He drank mouthful of her
tasty juices and inhaled her lovely aroma. Even though it became clear to
him that he had reached the final destination, he understood the poetic
beauty of ending his violent life inside the same precious orifice that had
once given birth to him: a cunt.

The soft, rubbery and slippery walls started to close in on him. When
she flexed her love-muscles he could barely breathe. When she relaxed,
then so did he. Then her pulsating flesh silenced his horrified scream.
He was nothing more than a tiny living doll, being savagely violated by a
rich Asian brat. She kept playing with him like this for several minutes,
before reaching the ultimate climax. Then she crushed his body, killing
him as easily as she would a mosquito. She kept pinching her painfully
hard nipples and rubbing her even more sensitive clit until she passed out
and fell off the seat.

Dham caught her fainting daughter before she hit the floor. She lay
beside her and stroke her long hair and massaged her firm legs.

A couple of minutes later the squashed remains of a shrunken man slipped
out of her baby's shaved womanhood.

Sa-Phan and her mother curiously watched Wan-Luk picking up a human
doll, about two inches tall, and then a thin, sharp needle. As she held
him firmly with her left hand she began scratching his exposed and naked
body with the needle. The three women laughed sadistically at his
blood-chilling screams.

This viscous game continued for about two minutes. By then, the mother
and daughter had begun playing with their own breasts, both amused and
aroused, watching the wicked onslaught.

Wan-Luk smiled at the tormented little man and inspected his bleeding,
more or less skin-free backside. "This will do" she whispered and
brusquely stuffed him into her hairy and drooling wet pussy. The intense,
shocking pain when his open wounds touched her freely flowing juices and
her contracting pussy sent him into a screaming- and jerking-frenzy that
had a very sweet, orgasmic effect on the playful and cruel kitten.

He made her cum for almost a minute nonstop, before her overwhelming and
merciless pressure finally killed him.

Dham grabbed a creature that appeared to be around an inch and a half.
She did the extremely bloody tattoo-job on him as well, even more thorough
than wan-Luk had done on her little victim. Dham peeled most of the skin
off his trembling little body and landed him on his feet in a round brandy

Her hypnotized audience seemed awe-struck as she squatted before them
and held the glass below her hair-less pussy.

The semi-conscious man, just barely being able to remain on his feet,
managed to keep his balance as the glass containing him got trapped beneath
a giant, shaved pussy.

Even in his tormented state, the sight of the Asian lady's superior
cunt, and the wonderful smell of it, gave him an involuntary but bestial
erection. He knew what she was about to do, and he knew that he deserved
just that.

The moment the monstrous ray of golden death left her shining purple
labia, he welcomed it with an open mouth.

Dham had to squat in a rather uncomfortable fashion to be able to watch
her own show. When she finally released her golden shower and saw how it
hit him straight in the face and pushed him over, made him take her piss in
his mouth the brief moment before the incredible pain of salt water in open
wounds hit him, and scream and flop around as if he had been set on fire.

The blood mixing with her urine gave his death-struggle a rather poetic
frame. Like a living painting in yellow and pink.

Wan-Luk and Sa-Phan masturbated ferociously, both eager to time their
orgasms with his painful death.

The glass was almost half full of her golden liquid, making his efforts
to jump out of it every time he landed in it hysterically funny to watch.

If one didn't know better, he might as well had been tickled instead of
burnt half to death... if one didn't hear him scream... If one didn't
watch his agonized face when he finally couldn't fight anymore. when he
just lay there, twitching and crying, waiting for the mercy of death.

The last thing he saw was two feverishly masturbating Asian beauties,
getting their rocks off while watching him suffer and finally die, in a
pool of piss.

The three naked women raised their glasses of pink champagne in the air
and saluted themselves.
In each glass lay two shrunken men, swimming around aimlessly in the cold drink, waiting.

The End.


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