A Long Time Coming by Anynamewilldo

John goes to visit his aunt, but ends up staying longer than he thought

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This is my first story so please leave feedback. I'm not sure whether or not it's good enough to continue so any comments/criticisms are more than welcome

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Chapter 1 by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

Edit: I made a very brief one word edit, just to show that John has been naked since he shrunk

I shuffled around and tried my best to make myself comfortable, though the swaying of the nylon as I adjusted my position made the process quite difficult. Each time I attempted to use my legs to push myself back to a seated position, my feet would slip on the traces of sweat still present in the fabric. I tried to grasp at the walls of mesh at either side, but the weight of my body made this quite difficult too, pulling the sides taut and not allowing any grip. After a few minutes of trial and error, I finally found myself somewhat comfortable, sitting up with my legs stretched out in front of me. Almost immediately, I started to regret how quickly I had managed to manoeuvre myself into a relatively comfortable position. After all, that was the only thing I could do to keep myself occupied. As soon as I had nothing to distract myself with, my mind immediately returned to my present state and just how much my life had changed over the past 24 hours.

This time yesterday morning I was a normal enough 26 year-old on the way to my aunt Beth’s house, going to help her clean up her back yard.

Right now, I’m naked, 2 inches tall and trying to figure out the best way to relax in the toe section of her nylons.

What. The. Fuck?

Having had some time to reflect, it became clear that almost my entire life had been leading up to this moment, though I didn’t know that until yesterday. She had always treated me so nicely. She was domineering, sure, but she paid attention to me and was genuinely interested in me, which was more than I can say for my stepmother Michelle. She and Beth were sisters and while Beth was my firm but approachable aunt, Michele was cold and distant, especially since my father died when I was 9. She treated me more like a servant than a son. Someone who was just there, doing the cleaning and making the dinner. She and Beth were always very close, but couldn’t have treated me more differently. Lying down in Beth’s freshly worn nylon, I began to long for that cool indifference.

Growing up, I jumped at any chance I could to spend time with Beth. She lived about 5 minutes from my mom’s house so I was over there pretty often. There was something weird about the time we spent together, but I didn’t really question it until it all changed yesterday afternoon. She was very….physical. Not in a sexual way or anything, it was always quite playful, but at the same time stern. We would play games – which she would invariably win – where the loser (me) would be the winner’s (her) slave and have to do the chores for the rest of the day. She always made the chores simple though. Things like fetching her slippers and putting them on her feet, fluffing up her cushion before she sat down, things like that. As I got older though, the chores started to get more intense. She would make me rub her feet and sometimes put them in my face, then progressed to painting her nails. One time she even made me be her chair for an hour while she got did her make up. I know it sounds weird but it was actually a lot of fun. I never questioned how strange it was, it was how she had always been with me so as far as I was concerned it was normal. She was just my kooky aunt Beth and I loved her. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed it, but more on how that came about later.

The way she looked at me sometimes kind of freaked me out though. Not all the time, but there were moments when she would flash me a look that would take me slightly aback. Like an animal stalking her prey. I usually brushed it off though, it was better than how she treated most guys. She was a staunch feminist and had quite a dim view of men in general. She had married, but he was out of the picture for at least 5 years. Nobody was surprised when it ended, but the money she got in the divorce gave us a pretty good idea of why she had got married in the first place. She once told me, ‘You’re the only man I need Johnny. Other guys, they just use women, treat them like dirt. But I’ve trained you well, haven’t I? When I’m done with you, you’re going to make a woman very happy’, then smiled at me again with that predatory look in her eyes.


Returning my attention to my present predicament, I looked around my immediate surroundings. I didn’t need to question why she had put me in her nylon, after last night that had become quite clear. She dropped me in with a smile, telling me to enjoy myself. ‘I know you want to, go ahead. I won’t tell a soul’, she said with a wink, ignoring my cries for help. She’d hung it in her bedroom, on a hook on the door that led to her bathroom. It was maybe a 4-foot drop to the floor, but to me it may as well have been a fall from a tall building. After last night’s ‘games’, I found that my body was somehow more durable than it was when I was ‘person-sized’ (as she put it), so I knew there was a chance that I would survive the drop, but I really didn’t want to test my limits just yet. I could barely even bring myself to look down.

I started to think about my situation and l couldn’t help but let out a little snort of derisive laughter. I did have a giantess fetish, but only recently realised that it had been pre-programmed by my sadistic aunt. Up until yesterday, I thought only one other person had known about it. I had told one ex-girlfriend, who did not share my feelings. She tried her best to be open-minded in the beginning, but I could tell from the look of slight disgust on her face every time it was mentioned that it wasn’t something she was willing to participate in. When we finally broke up, she told me that she needed a ‘real man, not some wannabe… tiny… pervert who wants to be a bug at my feet!’ I can still remember the contemptuous look she gave me as she spat those words at me. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. In every other aspect, I was a normal guy. I did alright in school, I went to college and I had a job was mildly enjoyable, if not a little boring. I cursed myself that day. Why did the idea of being tiny turn me on so much? Why couldn’t I just be a normal guy who likes normal-sized women? What was so alluring about the thought of being so small and powerless with a woman who could do anything she wants with you? Since that day, I vowed that my bizarre fetish was always something that would be relegated to the realm of fantasy, never to be brought up again. Although, I still held out hope one day to meet someone who shared that fantasy, who longed to be worshipped as much as I longed to worship her. But I didn’t count on it.

I thought back to my earliest memory of being attracted to giant women. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I was watching ‘Honey We Shrunk Ourselves’ and was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I was with my aunt Beth. We had rented the film when I spent the night at her house. I remembered that I had wanted to watch some action movie but she said that she didn’t enjoy them, so we got it this one instead. We sat on the couch, me on one end and her on the other. It seemed like a pretty boring film for the first while, but my attention was grabbed when the 2 main characters shrunk. They were fighting with each other for a little bit, but it was when their wives came through the door and almost stepped on them that my eyes widened and became glued to the screen. They were so powerless in front of these women who just a few minutes ago were the same size as them. They could be snuffed out without their presence being noticed. I didn’t know what I was feeling at the time, but it was the start of a fascination that would follow me my entire life. Just then, I remember my face being touched by something warm and slightly wet, pulling me out of the action on the tv.


I turned around to face Beth’s bare foot touching my face, very lightly.

‘Hehe you must be really into that movie, I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while’, she said with a smile. ‘Mind if I put my feet on your lap? I’m so tired from walking around all day.’

‘Yeah, sure’, I muttered, eager to turn back to the tv.

‘Thanks Johnny, that’s so nice of you. My sweet, little, nephew’, she said, touching my nose with her big toe on each of the last three words, eventually resting her feet on my lap. We continued to watch the rest of the movie, with my attention occasionally being drawn to Beth’s feet. The smell coming off them was strong, though not unpleasant and she would fidget about on my lap from time to time. I didn’t know for sure, but I guess I had seen her bare feet before. This time though, I really took them in. They were quite big (size 10, as I found out yesterday evening) with long elegant toes that were painted black. Her second toes were ever-so-slightly longer than her big toes and I couldn’t help but look every time she scrunched them together.

‘Hey! The movie is up there!’ she teased with mock indignation, pointing one of her feet toward the screen. ‘Must be scary for them, huh? Being so tiny, so powerless.’ I nodded along, not sure where to look. ‘What would you do? If you were that small right now?’

‘I…uhh’, I found myself getting quite nervous, I didn’t know what to say.

‘Would you try to get help from me?’

‘Uhhh… Yeah I guess so.’

‘Well, it would be pretty hard to get my attention, wouldn’t it? With you down there on the floor.’ She smiled, then started to lift her foot and bring it closer to my face. ‘I mean, I could crush you so easily, and this would be the last thing you would ever see. Auntie Beth’s foot coming down…down… down….and…..squissshhh’. Her foot touched my face, my nose between her big and second toe as she twisted her foot gently.

‘Or!’, she shouted gleefully, ‘maybe you wouldn’t be on the floor. Maybe you’d be right here on the couch.’ She stood up in front of me with her hands on her hips, the same devious smile on her face. She turned around, facing away from me and started walking on the spot, speaking in a slight sing-song voice, ‘I would come in and sit down, not even knowing you were there.’ She lowered herself steadily and gradually, my heart starting to beat rapidly. She sat down on my lap and started gently moving around. ‘But don’t worry, if I found you I would always take care of you. You know that don’t you? My cute little nephew!’ She stood up and walked towards the kitchen. ‘I’ll be right back, I’m just going to get some chips and onion dip’, she said cheerfully with a slight wink.

I pulled myself back to reality. How could I be so stupid? I remembered that night so vividly but I never put the pieces together until it was too late. I guess I never thought something like this was possible, but I felt so cheated. My auntie Beth. She had done this, and she had obviously been preparing for quite some time. But how? My heart raced and I started to shake. Was I just some guinea pig for her? All this time, she had just been grooming me? I thought I was the one man she could trust, but now it looks like I was just playing into her hand, slowly being manipulated over the years to become her plaything.

I had to get out of here. I started trying to feel around for any way to escape my nylon prison, but just then I heard the handle of the door opposite beginning to open and I couldn’t help but pause.

Beth walked in and closed the door behind her. She looked at me from across the room with that same predatory look I had seen so often over the years. This time, however, it filled me with real dread. I suppose now I was aware of her intentions and small enough to be completely unable to defend myself. She sauntered across the room and came to a stop in front me. I was lying just below her breasts and watched as she bent over to come face to face with me. It was breath-taking, everything I’d dreamed of mixed with a distinct sense of betrayal and paralytic fear. She was so enormous but at the same time so graceful in her movements that it was at once terrifying and awe-inspiring.

She looked at me and gave me a smile that was probably meant to look compassionate, but in reality barely concealed her excitement. Her deep, booming voice shook me as she spoke. She extended a finger and on her last three words, poked me each time she spoke.

‘How are you? My sweet, little, nephew!’

I’m fucked.




End Notes:

Well that's it so far, I hope you enjoyed it and that the jumping around didn't get too confusing. Please leave feedback, it's my first attempt so I'd love to know what you liked/didn't like, where it could be improved etc.

Choices by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

Hi guys, thank you so much to the people who left a review. It motivated me to keep going so I really appreciate it. Again, I'd really like feedback for this. This is the first time I've written anything remotely like this and this chapter ended up way longer than I planned it to be so I'm not sure if it's any good. Hope you enjoy anyway.

I guess I knew on some level that there was nowhere to run, but I as she unhooked the nylon from the door and started untying the knot, I instinctively began scrambling as hard as I could in a feeble attempt to escape. It was like trying to get out of an enormous hammock with sides that were 100ft tall, and my struggles only served to sway the nylon back and forth and continuously knock me off balance, which elicited a giggle from my now enormous aunt.


‘Did you enjoy yourself in there, Johnny? I hope you got some rest, because today is going to be a big day for you!’ She finished undoing the knot above me and looked down, adding, ‘Well, I guess everything is going to be big for you from now on.’


I wasn’t able to even think of a retort as I soon discovered that I had far more pressing matters to deal with. I paused my struggling for as I saw her hand approaching. Maybe it was because it was such a surreal moment, but it appeared to move in slow motion. It reminded me of one those claw machines you find in an arcade, only far more effective. Her fingers were straightened but touching each other at the tips as they made their way down, showing off her long and elegant fingers with perfectly manicured red fingernails. It was only as they opened up a few feet away in order to grab me that I was reminded to at least try and fight them off. As her fingers wrapped around me and held me in a grip that so tight that I could never hope to escape from them, I found it hard to believe that this was hand of my aunt Beth. It was so huge that it felt impossible that it could belong to a human. I was slowly lifted out of the nylon and I couldn’t do anything but pray that she wouldn’t be too rough on me. ‘Huh’, I thought, ‘I guess it’s not like those claw machines after all’. She had won her prize first time around.


She drew me up to her face, but I didn’t have any time to look at her. She just gave me a big exaggerated kiss. Her lips enveloped my whole face and left a thin layer of her saliva on everything above my chest. My stomach churned as I was quickly lowered to waist height. She started walking with me in her hand and left the room. I tried to figure out where we were going but I found myself mainly focusing on not throwing up. The motion sickness induced by the swaying of her arms as she walked was akin to being on a rollercoaster. It was so depressing to me that such a simple act to her was having such a massive effect on me. Would I ever get used to this? I hoped I wouldn’t have to.


Our short journey ended and Beth sat down. Evidently, we were in the sitting room and she had taken a seat on the couch, then set me on the coffee table in front of her. I fell down on my ass. As I picked myself up and stood to my feet, I finally got a chance to look at her properly. As much as I hated to admit it, she was magnificent, though it’s not like she hadn’t always been beautiful. She was slim and athletic with long brown hair that framed her heart-shaped face, making her look like she was in her mid-thirties, rather than 42 as she really was. At 5’10, she was always tall, though not in a way that could be considered life-threatening, as she was now, to me at least. That wasn’t it though. There was something beyond her physical appearance that I had never seen before. A look in her eyes that simultaneously drew me in and struck tremendous fear into me. As she raised her chin and looked down on me as if I were some sort of frightened mouse, it dawned on me. It was a look a look of triumph, far beyond the predatory one I had grown used to over the years. After all, why would she look at me like that anymore? She had caught me and now she could finally play. I just stood there, dumbfounded. She looked positively regal. Part of me wanted to bow down right now and worship her with everything I had. The same part, it turns out, that had been standing to attention this entire time, without my prior knowledge. This clearly amused her as she reached over with her giant index finger and flicked my erect penis with her fingernail.


‘We’ll get to that later, but good to see you’re excited. That will come in handy. First, I believe we should have a little chat. I’m sure you have lots of questions.’


I struggled to find my voice. I had so many questions, but went first to the most pressing issue.


‘Turn me back to normal size!’


She tilted her head back and laughed, which made me furious. How could she be so cold?


‘Oh sweetie, don’t you see? You are normal size. I’ve fixed things for you. Now you can live the life you’ve dreamed of living since you were a little boy. But that wasn’t really a question now, was it?’


I tried to think, but I was so shocked by what she just said I couldn’t keep my composure.


‘H…How? I…I thought you…you loved me. I mean, why would you –‘


She raised her hand. ‘I think we’ll start with those first. The how is pretty straightforward. Simply put, I’m a witch.’ I just shook my head. I guess anything was possible at this point. ‘After you finished in the garden, we drank iced tea, remember? Well there was something very special in your glass. Something I’ve been waiting to use on you for a long time.’


She extended her finger and gently rubbed he top of my head. If she was trying to hide her excitement she wasn’t doing a very good job. ‘Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Of course I do. Can’t you see that? Look at you, you’re finally getting your dream. You get to be tiny! You get to live your fantasy! Granted, I guess it’s really my fantasy, but we can both see from your little…thing there that you’re enjoying this at least a little.’


She wasn’t wrong. My dick was rock hard. As scared as I was, I couldn’t deny being extremely turned on. I felt so ashamed of myself.


‘Now as for the why. You see John, I never cared much for men, as you well know. They’re weak creatures that think with only their dicks. I mean look at you, for God’s sake. You’re 2 inches tall, standing in front of someone who holds complete power over you. I could end you right now, but yet somehow you’re still excited.  Honestly John, it’s pathetic. But that’s okay, you’re a man. You’re a simple creature. You can’t control it. I mean, if I hadn’t stepped in all those years ago, who knows? Maybe you’d get your pleasure from forcing yourself on women. Treating them like dirt, like some fuck toy for your own amusement.’ She leaned in closer, staring intently, her mouth a few feet (from my perspective) from my face. ‘I. Changed. That. You were such a sweet kid when I met you, I couldn’t have you going down that path. So I took control. Moulded you. Shaped you. Turned you into the kind of man that could actually be of some use. Someone who would serve. Not only that, but someone who would want to serve, to please his queen.’


All colour drained from my face. She couldn’t be serious, could she? I summoned all the courage I could possibly muster and shouted up at her, trying to make myself look like I wasn’t so afraid.


‘That’s not fair! I have a life! A job, friends –‘


She cut me off. ‘I’m glad you brought that up actually. You see John, I’m a gracious queen, and I require loyalty. So I’m giving you a choice. The shrinking isn’t permanent. By my estimation, it will wear off in about an hour and you should return to normal size. That is, if you really want to.’


No way. I couldn’t believe it. Everything can go back to normal! My relationship with aunt Beth might be a little…strained…but I didn’t care. Soon this fantasy-turned-nightmare will be over!


That didn’t make sense though. Why go to all that effort, put in years of work, just for one day? What did she mean by choice? She couldn’t really think that I would choose to stay like this. She still had that triumphant look in her eyes though. This wasn’t over, I could feel it. She wasn’t finished yet.


‘There is only one way to make this a more…permanent solution. To complete my little spell, to truly make you mine, I need something from you.’


My brief moment of hope quickly started to dissipate, but my penis was getting harder.


‘I want you to come. I want to taste it. I want you to relinquish all control and give yourself to me, willingly.’


I was sweating. I couldn’t even speak. All my concentration was devoted to keeping myself from orgasm. My dick felt like it was about to burst, and she knew it.


‘Now of course I could just reach out and make you come myself, I doubt it would take very long by the looks of it. But where’s the fun in that? I want to know, John. I want to know that you’ve chosen to offer yourself to me. That would make your queen very happy John I promise you that, and a good queen rewards loyalty.’


I was in a daze. This was evil. Not only did she want me to serve her for the rest of my life, she wanted me to do it because I wanted to. I just prayed I had the willpower to hold her off until whatever potion she gave me wore off.


‘You’ll come to enjoy it, I promise. Once you're mine, the possibilities will be endless. I'll have complete control over your size. I'll be able to make you bigger or smaller at will. What's more, you'll pretty much be invincible. I could step on you all day, I could sit on you. I could swallow you. I could even introduce you to parts of me you'd never thought you'd see, if you know what I mean.’ I knew what she meant and the thought terrified me. Not my penis though. That was more excited than ever. ‘Don't you want that John? Don't you want to explore your auntie Beth? I know you do. No matter how much you try to resist, you want me. I made sure of that. Here, why don't I give you a taste of what's to come.'


I stayed frozen to the spot as she leaned back into the couch and raised her feet, the ball of her foot resting on the edge of the table and her toes pointed towards me. I was hypnotized. She beckoned me with one finger as she wiggled her toes.


'Come closer. I want you to be able to smell them.' She spoke with a sultriness in her voice that I had never heard before. I started to approach without even realizing. Had she that much control over me already? 


'Remember what I told you that night? I said I'd take care of you. And I will. You might not believe it right now but I really do love you. You'll have nothing to fear when you're with me, just as long as you do what I say.'


I walked as if I was in a trance. I could smell the familiar scent of her feet, this time stronger than ever, and I felt like we were the only 2 people in the world. I reached out with some trepidation and slowly touched her foot. It felt like I was running my fingers over a priceless work of art. I could make out every wrinkle in her toe print. She reflexively wiggled and I jumped back slightly. She giggled again. It must have looked funny to her, such a tiny movement causing me to retract like that. She bent her toe, drawing my gaze with it so that I was now looking down at her red-painted nail. I ran my hand across it. It felt so smooth and I could see myself reflected in it. I began to feel my will give in, my urge to resist dwindling more and more. Would it really be that bad to live like this? No. I had to resist.


As if on cue, I heard her voice. It was so soft, barely above a whisper, yet at the same time so powerful. 


'I can make your life better than you ever dreamed, John. I can give you meaning, purpose. But there's only one way to get it. You know what you have to do. Touch yourself. Go on, don't be shy. Auntie Beth's here.'


I looked down at my throbbing penis. I thought that if I touched it once that would surely be it. I had to restrain myself. I had to fight it.


She shook her head and tutted.


'You're not going to get an opportunity like this again. So don't waste it. You can go back to your old life, to your boring friends, your pointless job and you can continue to live a lie for the rest of your life. Or, you can stay with me. The one person who truly understands you, who not only understands your desires, but created them. Shares them. I know you want this. I know because I made you. I may not have given birth to you, I may not have raised you, but ever since we watched that movie all those years ago, I've owned you. You know it. I know it. Just give in. Come to me. Come.'


That sent me over the edge. Any semblance of self-respect I had went out the window with that instruction. I took my cock in my hand. Beth quickly removed her feet and excitedly leaned over. She brought her face so close that I could feel her breath wash over me as she whispered to me, urging me to continue. 


'There you go. That's a good boy. Your whole life has built to this moment. So savour it. Take it all in.'


She opened her mouth and I watched as her tongue came out to greet me. It stopped at my feet, like a carpet she'd rolled out for me. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt every muscle in body clench. There was no going back now. I came on her tongue harder than I had ever come before. It felt like it was never going to end and I screamed in pleasure as my body released every bit of tension from the previous day – maybe my entire life – all at once. I fell to the ground, shaking all over. I had never experienced pleasure like that. I didn’t want it to stop.


I slowly started coming to my senses and realized with horror what I had just done. I looked up at Beth, who tilted her head back and swallowed my load like it was nothing. She returned to gaze at me, grinning ear to ear.


'Good boy.'


What had I done? I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I felt empty. My whole life, gone. And I had done it to myself.


'Now, let's not waste any more time. This has been a very long time coming, so we'd better start getting you acquainted with your new life.'


I started to feel queasy and my vision went blurry. I knew this feeling. She was shrinking me again.


'Welcome home.'


I blacked out.



End Notes:

Hopefully you enjoyed that, though I may have gotten carried away. Again, please keep reviews coming because they really help. All criticisms and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Back to normal? by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

This is a largely shrink free chapter. There's some towards the end but it's more about trying to show Beth's powers of manipulation. Hope you like it and as usual please leave a review!


For the first few seconds as I regained consciousness I experienced relative bliss. I had not fully woken up yet and my eyes were still bleary so for a few precious moments I felt as if I was waking up in my own bed in my apartment, about to start another normal day in my normal life.


That sense of peace was short-lived though, as memories of the previous day and particularly everything that had happened immediately before blacking out came flooding back to me. I didn’t want it to be real. I held my eyes shut, hoping to cling on to normality for just a little bit longer, but came around to the idea that it would be better to just get it over with. Bite the bullet. Where was I now, I wondered. Wherever it was it couldn’t be too bad. It was actually quite comfortable, very comfortable in fact. The fabric felt smooth, nothing like the scratchy, sweaty nylon I found myself in earlier. It smelt quite nice too, quite fresh. I gritted my teeth and begrudgingly opened my eyes, preparing for the worst.


Well I wasn’t expecting that. I was  in a bed. A normal sized one. I looked up and saw a ceiling, and it wasn’t miles above me! Maybe 8 feet or so? I didn’t matter, I was back to normal! I looked out of the window to my side, out into Beth’s front yard. I almost pinched myself. Was this real? Had this whole ordeal just been a dream? Of course, it must have been. Beth isn’t a witch, and there is no way it’s possible to shrink another human being! Maybe, this was my subconscious helping me to get over my giantess fetish. I was shown the horror of what would happen if it were to come true. Maybe this was the fresh start I needed, a clean break.


‘Morning tiny, sleep well?’


I jolted upright and turned to the foot of the bed, where the voice had come from. Aunt Beth? She’d been here the entire time, watching me sleep?


‘What are you doing, Beth? How long have you been here?’


Wait. Did she just say ‘Morning, tiny’? My heart dropped.


‘Just a few minutes. I was actually coming to wake you up, but you were already starting to stir so I said I’d wait. Do something nice for you before, you know…’, She held her hand out and slowly lowered it towards the floor, whistling as she did. Glad to see that she was in a good mood I guess, but that only confused me even more. How could she be talking to me like this was nothing? Just a little while ago, she had literally taken my life away from me, now she was describing what she was going to do to me like it was some game. I felt like I didn’t know this woman at all anymore. Once again, I found myself struggling to speak.


‘S…so it…really happened? I’m…’


‘Mine? Yes. Are you excited to get going? I know I am!’


‘Please. Last night was a mistake. I didn’t mean to –‘


‘Oh my God. Last night was a mistake, really? Ugh, typical guy. See, and you wonder why I shrunk you. Now come on, get up. I want to start training you as soon as possible. Follow me into my room, I want to show you some things.’


I stayed in the bed, unable to move. I really didn’t want to know what was coming.


Beth looked at me with her head cocked, one eyebrow raised. ‘Seriously? I don’t know if you remember, but I control you now. You’re mine and you HAVE TO obey me.’ She raised her voice and shouted at me like she would a dog. ‘NOW GET UP RIGHT NOW AND COME WITH ME TO MY ROOM!’


I jumped out of bed and meekly followed her. I hung my head and kept my arms by my sides, completely humiliated. The fact that I was still naked didn’t help, either. Beth, on the other hand, was wearing a silk dressing gown which showed off her curves very nicely. She really was beautiful and she knew it. I watched her ass sway as she walked ahead of me and couldn’t help but feel that she might have been exaggerating her movements slightly, just for me. She turned her head and looked down at my slowly stiffening penis and let out a snort of laughter. ‘So predictable.’ My face went beet red. ‘Come on, focus up, there’ll be plenty of time for that later’, she slapped my dick with her hand like she was shooing it away from her. Then she suddenly stopped walking, turned around and grabbed it, slowly stroking as she whispered in my ear, ‘As long as you’re good of course’. She released me as quickly as she had grabbed me, turned back and walked into her bedroom. I followed her in like her lapdog and shut the door behind me.




Her room was large if not a little underwhelming, having already seen it on a much more expansive scale from within the confines of her nylon. Straight away, I looked over to her bathroom door, where she had initially imprisoned me. She had a few scarves and a jacket hanging there, and it gave me pause. I remembered when I had been sitting in her stocking how I found it difficult to even look down to the ground, being so high up that I worried the fall might kill me. But now, it looked so innocuous. So normal. I was hard to believe that any person could have found that to be threatening. I tore my eyes away and glanced at the rest of the room. Her king-sized bed was facing the window on the opposite wall, giving her a view of her expansive backyard, the one I had cleaned up for her before this whole ordeal started. Just below the window was her desk, made out of what looked to be mahogany, with a rigid looking chair facing her open laptop. To the right of the desk was a closed door which must have been her closet. Beth walked into the center of the room with both arms raised and outstretched like she was on an episode of MTV Cribs, then turned to me with a smile. ‘Well, here we are. Get used to this place, Johnny. You’ll be seeing it a lot from now on. Now, close the curtains for me’, she ordered. This time I didn’t need to be told twice. I walked past her and quickly pulled them together. As I turned back to face her, she opened her gown and let it fall to the floor. She was now wearing nothing but a black pair of lace panties. Her expression had changed too.  While I had managed to catch a glimpse of the old, playful Beth when I woke up a few minutes ago, I was now looking at the new, queen-like Beth who began to approach me like a cat stalking up to a trapped mouse. My eyes fell to her large, D-cup breasts, swaying slightly as she closed the gap between us. ‘They’re nice aren’t they?’ She gently shook her shoulders from side to side, showing off how perky her tits still were. ‘See? Not bad for 42, huh? You want to touch them?’ She took my left hand and placed it on her right breast, cupping it. I could only watch as she moved my hand in a circular motion, biting her lip and moaning slightly. ‘The next few minutes here is lesson 1. This is just to give you a little...perspective.’ She released my hand, causing my arm to fall down by my side. She told me to stand next to her desk and close my eyes. I complied and listened to her walking near her bed, opening a drawer, removing something or things and shutting it again. She returned and set down whatever she had taken from her bedside table on the desk. ‘Okay, open.’ I looked down at a series of dildos and vibrators of varying sizes and styles and one set of what looked to be anal beads. I swallowed hard. ‘Like what you see? Go on, examine them. Hold them in your hand, see how they make you feel.’ I picked one up at random, a transparent blue dildo, maybe 7 inches in length. Apart from the colour, it was quite realistic. It had a bulbous head and thick shaft with veins running along it. I set it down, not quite sure what to do with it, then looked at Beth, who extended her hand towards the desk, gesturing for me to pick up another one. This time I picked the anal beads. They were also transparent, this time colourless. There were 7 of them in total of varying sizes held together by a long piece of string. Again, not sure what to do, I just held it in my hand for a little while and looked at it until returning it to its place on the desk. This process repeated until I had gone through every toy under the watchful eye of aunt Beth. ‘Very good, John. Did you like that?’ I nodded, not knowing the appropriate response. ‘We’re going to do that again, very soon. Only next time, you’ll be teeny tiny’, she said, as she brought her thumb and index finger together in front her squinting eye. ‘We’ll see how you handle it then’, She winked, then turned and clicked her fingers. ‘Okay, follow me.’


She led me into her walk-in closet, which was bigger than my whole bedroom. I knew she liked to shop, but I found it hard to believe that anyone could ever need so many clothes. She pointed to her shoe rack, which carried on for the length of the closet. ‘This, John, is my shoe collection. And you are going to be kept quite busy here!’ She didn’t need to elaborate, I knew what she meant. Unfortunately, so did my dick, which started to perk up upon hearing the news. ‘Hehe, I can see you’re quite excited to get started! Here, pick one up.’ I knelt down and picked up one of her black, open-toed high heels. ‘Good choice, little Johnny! I love these ones. My ex-husband bought them for me when we first met, so they’ve seen quite a lot of use!’ This time I looked in far more detail, understanding the significance of my task. I noticed the slight scuffs and scratches around the edges of the soles. I saw where some of the stitching had come loose and where the leather straps had become slightly worn. Finally, I looked at the toe prints on the sole. After years of use, I could clearly see where Beth’s feet were placed every time she wore them. I drew it closer to my face, trying to get an idea of what it might look like later on at a smaller size and could get a very faint whiff of her feet on top of the stronger scent of leather. My dick was at full mast now. ‘For the record, that’s the most comfortable place for you.’ She reached out her finger and traced along a line just underneath her toe prints. ‘Not as much pressure there, makes it easier on you.’ My God, Had she done this before? ‘Okay, that’s enough. Put it down and pick up that pair of white sneakers.’ I complied, holding them at waist height, trying to subtly hide my erection. It didn’t help that I could smell her scent coming off them, even at that distance from my nose. They had clearly been used quite frequently, probably over many years as well. Beth took the sneakers from me with one hand. ‘You don’t need to hide anything from me, John. I’m actually glad this is turning you on. It’ll make it much easier for you to settle into your new life.’ She reached out suddenly and grabbed my cock with her other hand, leaving the closet with me in tow.


Back in the bedroom, she stopped again in the middle of the room and faced me, her hand still holding on to my penis. ‘Almost there, Johnny. Just a few more things to show you.’ She released her grip on me and took a few steps back, allowing me to appreciate the full length of her body. She hooked her left thumb into the front of her panties and pulled them out slightly. With her right hand, she reached in quite deeply and fumbled around for a little bit, finally pulling out a little figure, slightly less than 2 inches, by my estimation.


‘Oh my God’, I said. ‘Is that another –‘


‘Relax, it’s just a figurine. A little lego man. See?’ She tossed it to me. It actually was a lego man. Just a little plastic figurine. I sighed in relief. ‘You didn’t even know it was there, did you? Quite well hidden, wouldn’t you say? If only he could wiggle around in there’. She raised an eyebrow and I gulped hard. Half in fear, half lust. ‘Here, give it back to me.’ I walked over and placed it in her hand. ‘Now, stand next to me.’ I did as she said. She bent down and placed the plastic man standing up, just in front of my feet. ‘Look at it, Johnny. All the way down there. Right at your feet, barely tall enough to reach your ankle’. I knew where this was going. She cupped her hands to her mouth and mocked shouting down at him. ‘Hellooooo, little guy!’. Turning her attention back to me, she continued. ‘Now, imagine that’s a real, living being. So small, so defenceless. I mean look around you. Think of how long it would take this little guy to reach the bedroom door. How long would it take him to get downstairs? On the tiny chance that he could find a way out of this house, how long do you think he would last, hmm? How many birds, foxes, even rats would consider him prey? Then, even if he managed to avoid them, he’d spend his entire existence living in complete and utter fear, wouldn’t he? What kind of life is that?’ Still looking down at the tiny, insignificant lego man at my feet, I couldn’t help but agree. He was so tiny. What could something that size ever do? I knew the point Beth was trying to make and I wanted so bad to counter it, but she was right. Despite the fact that I would very soon be in the position of that figurine, I couldn’t even begin to think of a reason why someone that size could be taken seriously as a person. Indestructible or not, it would be completely dependent on others for its wellbeing. As if reading my mind, Beth leaned over and whispered in my ear. ‘This world wasn’t built for him. It’s just too big. He needs a protector. He needs someone to shield him from the horrors facing him at his size. But most importantly, in return, he needs to earn his keep.’ She reached out with her foot and grabbed the plastic figurine between her big and second toe. ‘Like it or not John, in a few minutes you will be this small, maybe even smaller. And you will need me.’ She scrunched her toes, then lifted her foot up and collected the tiny figure in her hand. She held it to her face before casually tossing it aside. ‘You’d better not piss me off.’


She left me standing there, jaw wide open and went back to her bedside table, opening it one more time. ‘One last surprise before we begin. Think of it as a warning.’ She removed 2 items, holding them behind her back and closing the drawer with her leg. ‘Hold out your hands’. She pulled a bottle of lubricant from behind her back and placed it in my left hand, then with her other hand placed one more toy in my right. It was a butt plug, but something was different about it. Something was inside it.


Something moving.


I almost dropped it out of fright but Beth grabbed me. ‘Easy, John. Calm down. Just have a look.’ I was shaking. I slowly held it up to my face. Inside was…a man.


Oh my God.


A man with a long greying beard with hair down to his waist. He shielded his eyes, obviously not used to the sudden influx of light. He slowly started to remove his hands from his face and I looked at him in his dark, sunken eyes. He started banging the walls of his clear plastic prison and appeared to be screaming at me. ‘Don’t mind him. You’re the only other person apart from me who’s seen him in 5 years.’ I knew immediately who it was.


‘Is that…’


‘My ex-husband? Yes.’


‘But…you got a divorce.’


‘Yes we did. I called him a few weeks after it was finalised. Told him I’d like to see him. You should have seen him we he came over, so eager.’ She leaned in to her husband, pressing her nose against the plastic and declaring loudly, ‘He actually thought we were going to fuck!’ She tossed her head back and laughed heartily before regaining her composure. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll hardly ever see him. I barely use him as it is. This is just to show you, little boy, that you might be indestructible, but you’re by no means unbreakable.’


She took a step back and removed her panties, standing naked in front of me. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She took the butt plug and the lube from my hand and, opening the bottle, applied a generous amount of it on top of her husband’s prison. He started to flail wildly, knowing where he was going. She coated the butt plug with the lube, then spat violently on top of it, just to add insult to injury. She turned around and bent over, looking back at John. ‘Remember this, Johnny. I can make your life extremely good, or I can make it worse than you ever imagined.’ With that, she inserted the butt plug into her rectum, her tiny ex-husband still flailing and pounding on its walls until he was completely swallowed up by it. ‘Now John, your turn.’


She stood up straight and turned around again, then put back on her panties. She walked into her closet, leaving me still trembling in the bedroom, returning a few minutes later dressed in a pink lycra top and yoga pants, her hair tied in a ponytail. ‘Now stay still John. You’ve been through this twice before already so it should be getting easier on you.’ She looked at me intently and I could feel my insides tense up and my body felt like it was falling through the ground. I was temporarily blinded but I found that I didn’t pass out this time. I opened my eyes to see Beth’s enormous toes right in front of me, wiggling in anticipation. I was even smaller this time, barely an inch tall at most.


‘Holy shit’, I thought. ‘I’m smaller than the lego man’.


I looked up at Beth, her smile beaming down at me. ‘You ready little Johnny? The day’s dragging on and I need to go for a run.’ She bent over and I cowered as 2 mammoth fingers grabbed me, lifting me up. She sat on her bed and pulled her sneakers towards her, then dropped me into the left one. I had thought the smell was strong before, but at this size and up this close it was a hundred times stronger. And she hadn’t even put her foot in yet. Her toes appeared at the mouth of the sneaker and I noticed she was barefoot. This was going to be even more intense than I imagined. I heard her voice again, this time with booming intensity. ‘Remember what I said, try to get in the space under my toes. That’s where you’ll be most comfortable.’ I got off my ass and ran as fast as I could to the toe section. I just about reached it as I heard the sound of her foot being inserted behind me. I dived to the ground and managed to lie down just as her foot popped in completely, sealing me in darkness. By my estimation, I was under her second and third toes but I couldn’t be sure. I felt the temperature increase almost instantly. How hot was it going to get in here, I wondered. My stomach churned as the shoe lifted off the ground, then once again as it landed. Then again and again in quick succession. She was just stepping up and down on me, likely testing how I felt. I heard her say something, but I couldn’t make it out. The only thing I caught was at the end when she declared, ‘Okay ready? Let’s go!’. We took off. This was going to be a hell of a ride.



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Along for the Ride by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

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Beth closed her eyes and tried to suppress a moan of pleasure as she inserted the butt plug into her ass. How long had it been since she’d used it? 3, 4 months? Christ, maybe even 6. It was a bit big for her liking and she much preferred the beads. The appeal of having her ex-husband in her anus had long since lost its appeal too. She had broken him within the first few months and got bored with him once he stopped reacting the way she wanted him to. Seeing how he behaved when he saw Johnny though, that gave her some pleasure. Probably more pleasure than he had ever given her when they were married. She shivered ever so slightly when he was fully inside her. She wanted so much to turn around right now and look at John’s face. No doubt he was enraptured by what he saw. A delicious mix of terror and arousal. She resisted the urge, choosing instead to remain as calm as possible. She needed to have an air of authority about her and didn’t want to seem overly eager. She collected herself and said the words which would mark the end of his first lesson. ‘Now John, your turn.’


She turned around, put on her panties and walked past him into her closet, leaving the door open so she could keep an eye on him. He wasn’t even moving. He was just standing there, probably processing what he’d just witnessed. She’d never do to John what she’d just done to her ex, but she couldn’t let him know that. Her ex was never going to worship her like John would. John was her little pet project. She’d instilled a willingness to serve deep within him. So deep that he didn’t even know how far it went yet. He was terrified by her, of course. More than that though, he was terrified of how much he wanted this. He knew – on some level at least – that his whole, meaningless existence was just a lead up to this moment. For him, this was where life truly began. He just needed a little motivation to accept it. He had to be afraid, he had to be petrified of the consequences of disobedience. The transition from person to pet would be so much easier this way. This whole lesson – the dildos, the shoes, the lego man – was for his benefit. He needed to see with his own eyes how people view little things, how helpless tinies really are in a world that’s built for humans. The sooner he realized that, the sooner he would be hers. Her ex was a different story, so entitled. Always trying to plead with her, trying to escape, trying to convince her that he didn’t deserve what she was doing to him. It was sickening. She had to shut him up, put him in his place. She reached down and patted her ass. Surely by now, he knew where that place was. She smiled to herself and started to get dressed.


She put on her top and yoga pants then tied up her hair. She reached for a pair of ankle socks on the way out but stopped herself for a moment. No, she thought. Better to go right in at the deep end. Give him what he wants, before he knows he wants it.


She re-entered the bedroom and stood in front of John, exactly where she’d left him. She felt herself tingling with anticipation. ‘Now stay still John. You’ve been through this twice before already so it should be getting easier on you.’ She looked him in the eyes and focused on how small she wanted him to be. She figured an inch tall would at least give him some breathing room while he was tucked away in her shoe. She watched as he clenched his body, then disappear before her eyes. She looked down to find him right in front of her feet. Hopefully he hadn’t passed out again, she didn’t want to delay her run more than she already had. At least he was moving, that was a good sign. She watched as he stood up and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling as he took in the sight before him. ‘He’s just so cute!’ she thought. She wiggled her toes, knowing what was about to happen and barely able to contain her excitement.


‘You ready little Johnny? The day’s dragging on and I need to go for a run.’ She reached down and grabbed him, savouring the sensation that the little thing between her fingers was her own nephew. She sat down on her bed and dragged her sneakers over. She debated giving him a little kiss before putting him in but decided against it. There’d be plenty of time for that when he’s trained. She dropped him into the shoe, right where the arch of her foot would go. That wouldn’t do, she wanted him underneath her toes, where she could feel him properly. She put the ball of her foot just above the heel of her sneaker and dipped her toes in. ‘Remember what I said, try to get in the space under my toes. That’s where you’ll be most comfortable.’ That got him moving. He immediately picked himself up and started running inside towards the front of the sneaker. She gave him a few seconds then popped her whole foot in, cutting him off from the outside world. She stood up and raised her foot to knee height. Time to give him a little taste of what’s to come. She brought her foot down, putting all her weight on him. She felt him wiggle just a little bit and laughed to herself. ‘Hehe, trying to give me a foot rub already? That’s a good little boy!’ She stepped on him twice more, relishing the fact that she was now his whole world. ‘In fact, why don’t give them some few kisses too? Show them how much you appreciate them?’ She didn’t feel anything. Looks like she’d have to teach him another lesson when they got home.  ‘Okay ready? Let’s go!’ She walked out of her room with her 2 tiny passengers. Something told her this would be a longer run than usual.




I didn’t know how long I’d been inside her shoe, I just knew that I wanted it to be over. I had never experienced anything like this. Every step she took crushed me under her full weight, making me feel like I was about to burst, only to have my stomach churn as I lurched upwards, then smashed once again under the impossible weight of my aunt. I’d learned to time my breaths so that I’d inhale as she took her weight off because I’d have my lungs emptied as soon as she stepped down, whether I wanted to or not. I was amazed that I managed to keep this rhythm going for so long but focusing on my breathing seemed like the only way to keep myself sane in the face of all the other attacks on my senses.


If I’m being completely honest, when Beth dropped me into her shoe for the first time, I was seriously turned on. Seeing her toes on display right in front of me knowing that any second she would be inserting her foot was something I never thought I’d get to see. It was a personal fantasy of mine to be worn in the shoe of a giant woman and here it was, actually about to happen. I had seen it described in the stories I’d read and acted out in videos I’d watched online. Each time I felt so envious of the tiny guy, getting to live out my dream. I hated to admit it, but it was one of the most magnificent sights I had ever seen. The reality of it is so much different, though.


The heat had hit me straight away, as soon as her foot came in on top of me. From there, it only got hotter and hotter until I felt like I was going to pass out. The sweat, which had started off as just a little moisture on her toes, was now constantly dripping down onto my face and body, completely covering me and making its way into my eyes and mouth. My arms were trapped under the weight of her foot so I couldn’t even lift them up to protect myself. I tried to keep them closed but with every step my eyes bulged outwards and my lungs emptied with such force that I couldn’t simply breathe through my nose. I felt slimy all over and considered the possibility that I would never be clean again. It seemed like I had received such a colossal amount of Beth’s foot that its stench would forever be embedded into my skin, no matter how hard I tried to scrub myself clean. Still though, the idea of it – what was actually happening – lingered in my mind. It was chaos, all around me. I was being bombarded from every direction. Being crushed 2-3 times per second, inhaling the foulest odour I had ever smelt, being trapped and coated in slimy foot sweat, with no possible means of escape. All this directly under the foot of my aunt. My aunt who was just going out for a run. I was so inconsequential to her that whether or not I was under her made no difference to her experience, whereas everything in my immediate vicinity – all the hell I was going through – was caused by her and her alone. I was literally touching her, we couldn’t be more close to each other yet our experiences at that very moment were so wildly different that it made my head spin and my dick rock hard. Maybe she would see someone she knew and exchange greetings. Maybe she would stop for a coffee on the way home. Whatever the case, no one would know that she had 2 adult men tucked away on her body, hidden completely from view. As terrible as I was feeling at that moment and as much as I prayed it would end, it was unbelievably sexy.


After what felt like an eternity, her footfalls became less explosive and allowed me some extra time to breathe. The heartbeat in her toes started to slow and I knew that she had reduced her pace. Hopefully this was nearly at an end. She continued walking and while I appreciated the fact that I could slow my own breathing to match her pace, it did nothing for the heat or smell. I was still trapped inside her shoe, after all. She stopped all of a sudden and I heard jingling. She took another few steps and then there was a loud bang. She must be home. I begged to be let out sooner rather than later but didn’t want to get my hopes up. That’s the thing about being so tiny. Not only do you have no say, but until the time comes you have literally no idea when you are going to be let out. It could be 5 seconds from now or another hour and you have no way of knowing until it happens.


Mercifully, it seemed like only a few minutes before I felt the pressure all around me release. I couldn’t wait to feel the fresh air on my face, cooling down my aching body, but as she pulled her foot out I noticed that I was moving too. Shit. I’m stuck to her foot. She planted her bare foot down and I could hear her calling my name. She mustn’t have been able to feel me. The weight increased for a few seconds before I felt myself lurch upwards again and heard booming laughter coming from above. ‘Oh there you are, Johnny!’ Thank God. ‘Here, let me help you out!’ I couldn’t see what was happening because I was stuck facing her toes but I felt something hard against my ribs. Suddenly, I shot into the air and fell to the floor, hitting the ground like a dead weight. I landed on my side and as my eyes adjusted to the light I could make out Beth’s mammoth toes approaching me and grinding me into the carpet. She said something, but the sounds of her big toe over me and the grinding of the floor beneath, I couldn’t make it out. Why was she doing this? I was so weak already, I just wanted to rest. Why was she still tormenting me?




Beth arrived home from her run and went to get herself something to drink. An hour wasn’t bad, but she started to feel sorry for John down there so she didn’t want to go out for too long. Not for his first time, anyway. She finished her glass of water, grabbed an empty mason jar and went upstairs. Once in her bedroom, she reached behind into her panties and carefully removed the butt plug. She placed it back inside the drawer of her bedside table without so much as a glance at the broken man within, shutting it quickly before turning her attention to her nephew. She sat down on the bed and, leaving the jar on the floor, took off her shoes. She was eager to see how John had coped underneath her. She removed her foot and called for him to come out, but he didn’t arrive. Maybe he had passed out? She decided to have a look. Leaning forward, she peered inside into the toe section, but couldn’t see him at all. That’s weird, she thought. What could have happened? Then it dawned on her. With a smile, she lifted her leg and placed her left foot on her right knee, sole facing upwards. There he was, glued face down to her toes, barely able to move. She threw her head back and laughed. ‘Oh there you are, Johnny! Here, let me help you out!’ She placed her right index finger next to him and her left hand laid facing up next to her foot, trying to gently flick him onto her palm. He was so light, though, that she overshot and he fell straight onto the floor. Poor guy. He looked so exhausted. She reached out with her big toe and tried to comfort him, gently rubbing him with it. ‘I’m sorry, little Johnny. Auntie Beth doesn’t know her own strength.’


She removed her foot and reached down to pick him up. He was conscious, but barely. He gazed up at her like a lost puppy. She should let him be for the moment, she’ll have a lifetime to play with him, after all. ‘Okay John, you look like you need some rest. Would you like that?’ He nodded weakly. ‘No problem, little one. Come here.’ She lifted him to her face to give him a kiss but instantly recoiled. ‘Oh my God, you stink!’ She wrinkled her nose at him, squinting at his puny body. ‘Jesus Christ John, you need to get cleaned up!’ He nodded again, this time with much more enthusiasm. ‘But not yet. First, I have to have a shower and you, little boy, haven’t earned the privilege of accompanying me yet.’ She reached for the mason jar on the ground and pulled it up to show him. ‘You wait in here and get some rest. After my shower I have some errands to run so just stay here and recuperate.’ She opened it up and dropped him in, then walked over to her laundry hamper. Removing an old sock, she gave it a quick sniff. It was smelly, but not nearly as bad as John was right now. She shoved the old sock in there with him, giving him a quick wink as she did. ‘Here’s a little blanket too, just in case you get cold’. She closed the jar and kissed its side, leaving him on her bedside table while she went for her shower. While she was in there, she thought of what she might do with him later. There were so many possibilities. She controlled his size. She could make him as big or as small as she wanted, and she would make good use of that. Her hand crept down between her legs as she thought of all the ways that she could use a tiny man. He would soon get to know her whole body, every nook and cranny. He might even end up knowing it better than she did. He only had one priority now, after all, and that was to obey his aunt Beth. She closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit, thinking back to earlier in the morning when she showed him all of her sex toys. She moaned loudly as she pictured him the same size as them, knowing what was coming as she explained how she was going to use him. She thought of him even tinier than he was now, tied to head of her dildo, unable to escape as she brought him closer and closer to her gigantic pussy. She shoved two fingers inside of herself as she thought of how overwhelming it would be for him, and how amazing it would be for her. Her mind raced through various scenarios, all of which involved him giving his entire being for the sole purpose of her pleasure. It didn’t take long for her to climax. She screamed as her knees almost buckled and she planted the hand that wasn’t touching herself onto the glass door of the shower in front of her. She stood there in bliss for a minute with her head down, panting hard. That was amazing, she thought to herself. Now she couldn’t wait for the real thing.


She dried herself off and got dressed then came back into the bedroom to apply a little bit of makeup. She sat at her desk with her back to the jar John was trapped in, deciding to ignore him this time. She loved him, but she had to make him know that he was her property and as such she could do what she pleased with him. If she couldn’t make time for him, then that was too bad. He’d just had to deal with it, he had no choice. That way, he’d come to crave her attention and relish any opportunity to please her, offering her his very best at all times in the hopes of the faintest of praise from his queen.


Finishing her makeup, she looked through her phone for a few seconds then stood up. The lifted her handbag onto her shoulder and left the room, switching the light off behind her.



Life of a pet by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

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‘You wait in here and get some rest. After my shower I have some errands to run so just stay here and recuperate.’


She opened up the jar and dropped me in, letting me fall all the way to the glass bottom. I was still dazed from my ordeal in her shoe and now even more so as I made contact with the bottom of the jar. She carried me across the room and I watched through the glass as she briefly rummaged through her laundry hamper. She picked up a light blue sock which had a dirty black footprint imprinted on it. She pulled it to her nose and grimaced, then cocked her head slightly and moved it towards me. I saw her briefly wink before my field of vision was overcome by her sock coming in on top of me. I tried to scoot myself back as much as I could to the side of the jar but I was far too tired and she was much too quick. The sock landed on me and I could feel her pushing down, forcing it all the way in. I was almost plastered to the side and turned myself to look out. I swayed back and forth as she made her way over to her bedside table and set me down. She bent over and looked in at me, her nose almost touching the jar just above me. Jesus Christ, I thought. She’s so fucking big. I felt like a curiosity, confined to my glass cage while onlookers came and went, taking a little time to look at me before moving on with their lives, while I was stuck in here unable to escape. I wondered how Beth’s ex-husband felt. His cage was much smaller than mine and he really had no chance of ever leaving. Come to think of it, I wondered if he felt anything at all anymore. With a smile, Beth puckered her lips and kissed the side of the jar right in front of where I had found myself, leaving a gigantic mark on the glass. With that, she turned and walked into her bathroom then shut the door behind her.


I found myself alone again. I ran my fingers through my hair. It felt so disgusting, still completely drenched with sweat. My whole body was still covered, now that I thought about it. Maybe some of it was mine but I had no doubt that the lion’s share came from Beth’s foot. At my size, there was a different consistency to the sweat of a normal person. It had a much higher viscosity, like slime or molasses. She was right, too, I really did stink. I could smell her everywhere on me and the addition of her sock only served to ensure that there was no escape from her odour.


The cool air had been so refreshing when I was first released from her shoe. Now though, I was starting to freeze. The sweat had yet to fully dry and I hoped to God that it would happen soon. I decided to climb up on her sock and try to make myself comfortable. At least it would keep me warmer than the glass. I grabbed on and started to pull myself up. It’s confusing trying to find your way up a sock, I found. Since it had just been shoved down on top of me, there was no coherence to it. A lot of the time I would pull the fabric down to me rather than pulling myself up to it, so while I tried to navigate through the wrinkles as best I could, most of my ascent consisted of dragging myself upwards whichever way I was able. I finally found a comfortable part where a slight wrinkle provided me with a space where I could both lie down on the sock and pull another part over me while getting a 360 degree view of the room. I lay down and closed my eyes.


The smell. It was all around me. My skin, my hair, my makeshift bed, everything smelled like her. I started to get hard again and became furious with myself. Why was this still turning me on? She had used and abused me, then just put me away when she was done. She got to carry on with her life on the outside world and I just had to wait here until she felt like taking me out again. And still, I couldn’t help but get aroused at this prospect. Fuck it, I thought. I’m not doing anything else in here. I took my cock in my hands and started to jerk off. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent. All that she had put me through, all that she would put me through in the future, it drove me crazy. My mind was going a mile a minute, thinking of all the ways in which she could use my tiny body to satisfy her. I didn’t last long. I came hard, all over her old sock. I lay there trying to catch my breath and come down from my reverie.


What was I?


My mind felt broken. I couldn’t believe what I was becoming, what she was turning me into. But I couldn’t bring myself to hate her. I hated what she had done to me. I hated that she had spent years preparing me for this life. More than anything, though, I hated that I enjoyed it so much. Would I eventually break? I had already given over all control to her, was there any way that I could get it back? Would she ever let me?


I was torn from my thoughts by Beth re-entering the bedroom, clean and fully dressed. Her deep, booming steps shook the jar slightly and I felt myself moving around on top of the sock. I prepared myself to once again be removed from the jar and toyed with until she had to leave. Maybe then she’d let me rest. However, she pulled up her chair and sat down at her desk, looking in the mirror as she applied makeup. She was so beautiful already, she didn’t need to put anything extra on her face. I did like when she wore lipstick, though. Maybe some time she might put some on just for me? I could even offer to apply it for her, or I could –


No! I had to stop thinking like that. I needed to think of a way to get out this mess. I had a life to get back to, I couldn’t spend the rest of my days as some tiny plaything, living in a jar or a shoe or wherever Beth decided to put me. I needed to focus. I had to escape.


Beth finished with her makeup and left the room without even saying goodbye, turning off the light as she left. The curtains were still drawn from this morning so there wasn’t much light, only what little daylight managed to filter through them. I didn’t know why she hadn’t at least looked over at me on the way out and to be honest I was a little hurt by it. I hoped she wasn’t annoyed by how easily I had become tired. No, stop thinking like that. I had to make a plan, to escape and get back to normal. My eyes were starting to glaze over though. I’d think about that later. Right now, I had to sleep.




I woke up, the sound of Beth’s footsteps dragging me from my slumber. She must have come straight for me as I hadn’t even had time to get my bearings before I was dragged upwards. I saw her face coming into view as she spun the jar around looking for me. Our eyes met and she flashed me a huge smile before lowering me to waist height and twisting the lid off my glass prison. She removed the sock causing me to come up with it, before I slammed into the glass just under the rim and crashed back down to the bottom. I felt 2 enormous fingers grip me by my sides and after feeling the all too familiar sensation of being hauled upwards at tremendous speed, I was finally deposited in Beth’s palm.


‘Hello, little guy! Did you have a nice rest?’ I nodded, still slightly disoriented. At my size, her voice sounded much deeper than normal, which really scared me. I felt like I was being pulled away further and further from my old life, unable to interact with a normal-sized person without being constantly aware of how much power she held over me. I was slightly reassured, though, by the fact that even though her voice was a constant reminder of how small I was, it was still recognisably aunt Beth. I asked her what time it was to try to gauge how long I had been asleep, wondering what my voice must have sounded like to her, but immediately regretted it. ‘Are you trying to say something, sweetie? Hehe, one second.’ She moved me so that I was looking directly into her ear. I took a deep breath and repeated my question, this time shouting as loud as I could. She giggled, returning me to face her. She raised her index finger and wiggled it up and down in front of me. ‘Your voice is so cute! Like a little chipmunk!’ My face went red, embarrassed that shouting directly into her ear only served to make her giggle. ‘It’s 6 o’clock, sweetie.’ Well at least she could still hear me, I guess. ‘Now, I have some work to do, and so do you. Want to see what you’ll be doing?’ I didn’t have time to respond as I saw her fingers closing around me, sealing me in the darkness of her hand. I must have been starting to get used to the swaying motion as she walked because I didn’t feel like throwing up this time. I was deposited on her lap, looking up at her as she sat at her desk fumbling around with something. She leaned over and pressed me into her lap with her stomach, emptying the air from my lungs. Sitting up straight again, she picked me up and dropped me on the ground in front of her toes. There were 2 pots beside them, one filled with a white liquid and one black with what appeared to be 2 small brushes. They looked to be quite fine paint brushes with most of the handle removed. They were still pretty big for me, but it looked like I could hold them fairly comfortably with 2 hands. I had read enough stories online to see where this was going but her nails looked like they were already freshly pedicured, what did she want me to do with them?


‘So, my tiny little guy, I was looking at my nails today and I think they’re pretty boring. I don’t have time to redo them completely but I figured you’d be the perfect size to give them a little top up! Would you do that for your aunt Beth while she does some big people work?’ Ugh. Big people work. As much as I resented her for saying that, I was only a head taller than her big toenail so I guess I couldn’t really argue with her. It wasn’t like she’d be able to hear me anyway. I did my best to flash her an angry stare, which she clearly misinterpreted. ‘Oh relax, whatever you decide to do will be fine, just as long as I see you’ve put some effort in.’ I stood there for another few seconds, hoping that she’d see my angry protest but she’d already turned her attention to her laptop. Begrudgingly, I walked over and dipped the first brush in the black polish. The fumes hit me straight away and I could even feel them in my eyes, completely masking any scent of her feet. I hoped that this wouldn't take too long. I wiped off the excess polish on the brush then approached her awaiting foot and got to work.


I sat straddling her big toe holding the brush. I was looking at her nail trying to plan what I could do to it. I decided to keep it simple and just do some straight lines, hoping to get it over with as soon as possible. I held the brush just above the top of her nail getting ready to start when she suddenly lifted her toes. I managed to keep my balance but I ended up drawing a bent line that went from the top right corner of her nail, curved outwards and finished just right of centre at the base. Shit. No going back now, I thought, I'd just have to work with it. I ended up drawing petal-like shapes on the right side of the nail with a black outline and filling them in with the white. I decided to leave the upper left side blank, partly because it meant less work but partly because, well, I thought it looked kinda nice. I added a few small dots here and there with both colours then sat back to examine my work. I was pretty proud of myself, it actually looked good. I hopped off and stretched for a minute before getting straight back to work on her second toe. I used a similar design but there wasn't as much space this time around. At least it made for quicker work, though. The fumes were making me feel dizzy and I thought if I took too long then I might pass out. I carried on, only taking one more break between feet until I finished up with the little toe on her left foot. I thought that next time I should ask Beth to break off a few bristles so I could go into more detail on her smaller nails. I couldn't do much with them, but I did my best. Maybe it was the constant exposure to nail polish fumes, but as I walked back along her feet running my hands across her now dried nails, I couldn't help but feel really good about myself. I sat down in front of her wringing my hands, nervously awaiting her reaction. 


I watched her feet and legs as she tapped away on her computer high above me for another few minutes, not once looking down to check my progress. Eventually I heard a faint banging on the desk above me as she said ‘Shit! Is it already that late?’ and watched as she scooted her chair back to look at me. I felt like an artist exhibiting his work for the first time. I really hoped she’d be pleased. ‘Oh good, you’re done.’ She pushed her chair back, got up and walked into her closet.


Was that it?


I had put so much effort into making her nails look as beautiful as possible and that’s all she had to say? My face once again flushed red with embarrassment and I looked down at the floor, ashamed of myself for expecting anything more. Catching sight of my own feet, I began to think about the lego man that she had shown me when I was big and it all suddenly made sense. You idiot, I thought to myself. Of course, why should she care? They were just her toenails. Sure, she’d gotten a nice design on them, but how much gratitude could I expect? They were just one small part of her magnificent body and she had more important things to focus on. Big people work. I was right to feel proud of the work I’d put in because I was tiny, even smaller than the lego man that was at one point at my feet. I was just doing what little I could do to make her happy, just earning my keep, like she said. Why would she need to give me praise for that?


I was pulled from my thoughts by her booming footsteps approaching again. She dropped a pair of black leather ankle-high boots with a zip going up the side right in front of me, crashing down with a series of loud bangs as they bounced around slightly before coming to rest. ‘Now come here, we’re running late.’ She flashed me that same intense look she’d given me before and I felt myself shrink again. It didn’t even really hurt this time and I only fell to one knee. The shrinking was clearly getting easier on my body. It looked like I’d only shrunk another half an inch, though that made her twice as big to me. I wasn’t even tall enough to reach her toenail now. Funnily enough, it didn’t faze me. I already felt so pathetic and insignificant that it seemed right that I was even tinier now. I didn’t flinch as she licked her index finger, bent over and stuck me to her fingertip. I was carried through the air and with a flick of her thumbnail, launched into her boot. I was lifted in front of Beth’s face, whose voice sounded even deeper now, ‘You know the drill, tiny, under the toes. This one should be easier on you.’ I turned to run to the front of the boot before being stopped again. ‘And tiny?’ I turned to see her glorious smile, bigger than I had ever witnessed. ‘Great job on my nails, I really love them.’ She blew me a kiss and my heart swelled with joy. I smiled back at her but I was too late, she had lowered the boot back to the floor and her freshly painted toes started to come into view, causing me to run with all my might to the toe section. I took my place just before her big and second toe prints and looked over at her nails, still at the entrance of the boot. I admired my work and smiled thinking about the compliment I had received for my efforts. I lay back as they approached, looking upwards awaiting their presence on top of me. All light was cut out as she fully inserted her foot, closed the zip and leave the bedroom. I started to sway again as she walked, though I wasn’t nearly as scared as last time. In my head, I had still resolved to find a way out of her clutches. However, in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel kind of…happy.


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Here Goes Nothing by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

These next 2 chapters take place at the same time through different perspectives. As always, keep those reviews coming and hope you enjoy!

I didn’t know which was worse, being in Beth’s sneaker at one inch or being in her boot at half that size. I definitely had more freedom of movement here and breathing wasn’t nearly as difficult. The smell, however, was so much stronger and the sweat coating my body made me slip around underneath her. Whatever feelings of joy I had experienced before going in her boot were now long gone. I couldn’t believe myself. Was I going mad? That’s the only conclusion I could come to now that I was thrashing around under her toes, trying my best not to slip under the ball of her foot. What kind of person – if I could even call myself that anymore – would take pride in painting someone’s toenails, let alone the toenails of the person who had literally taken their freedom from them? She was turning me into her slave and she was doing it with a smile on her face. What made it worse was I could feel myself slipping. She was exploiting both my fetish (that she herself had given me) and my love for her and using that to make me her willing pet. Not only someone who would do whatever she said, but who would do it willingly. My mind was breaking and I knew it. I had to escape. I had to get out of here before I completely surrendered myself to her. I just had to wait for the opportunity and take whatever chance I had.


I had gotten used to the swaying of her feet by now, but I didn’t think I could ever get used to the smell. It was overpowering beyond belief and I knew that if I ever did get back to normal size I would never forget her scent as long as I lived. It was so strong, so intense, yet so erotic. I tried to resist the urge to jerk off in an attempt to salvage what little self-respect I had left, but as Beth came to a stop she scrunched her toes, pinching me between them. I struggled to fight my way free and my dick made contact with the bottom of her big toe, causing my will to cave. I grabbed on and started to hump it, coming within a matter of seconds. She had stopped walking, but as she pinched me between her toes one more time I started to cry, filled with regret and self-loathing. Would I ever get out of here?


I heard her voice and that of another woman and felt my prison moving again for just a few steps. She stopped and tapped her foot a few times, then took off walking. She was talking to someone else as she did. If only I could get out of here, I’d stand a chance of getting free. All I could do was hope.


A few minutes went by and she must have sat down as I no longer felt the full weight of her above me. She seemed to be having a nice conversation with her friend as they were laughing quite a lot, clearly enjoying each other’s company. I tried to relax and get some sleep as it didn’t seem like I’d be let out anytime soon. I toyed with the idea of jerking off again but this time I managed to resist. I had to remain focused. I was still a human being and I didn’t want to debase myself any further than I already had. I made myself as comfortable as I could and tried to relax.


I didn’t know how much time had passed but I woke up feeling the pressure around me reduce as light flooded into the boot. She was removing her foot! The cool air washed over me and I tried to inhale whatever fresh air that I could. I bounced around the toe section until the boot landed on its side. That was weird, I thought to myself. I could still hear 2 voices. Was she still with her friend? I gathered my thoughts and listened carefully.


‘Oh, nice nails Beth! Where did you get them done?’


Oh, I know a guy. He does great work, but it takes him a while to do it.’


Yes, she must have forgotten about me! This was the chance I was waiting for and I had to act fast before she realised her mistake. I picked myself up and ran towards the light, slipping as I went as a result of the sweat covering the soles of my feet. I reached the entrance and looked up. I saw Beth holding her foot out to her friend. I took my chance and ran straight underneath the couch in front of me.


I looked out at room to get my bearings. Wait a minute, this place looked familiar. Obviously everything was giant but I’d recognise this room anywhere. It was my mom’s house. She was visiting my mom! I had to get her attention. She’d be able to convince Beth to return me to normal. I stayed under the couch, moving towards the giant bare feet of my stepmother Michelle.


Walking through carpet at half an inch tall is really difficult. It’s not nearly as soft or as smooth as you’d think. It resembled more an obstacle course than a leisurely stroll and by the time I reached Michelle’s foot, I was exhausted. I looked up at her, holding a glass of red wine and talking to Beth with a smile on her face. She had always been quite cold to me when I was growing up, but now I was overjoyed to see her. She was older than Beth, but still looked amazing. She was slightly shorter at 5’9 and was a little more curvy but she was incredibly beautiful with her pale skin and long, dark-red hair. I headed towards her little toe, figuring I’d have the best chance of being noticed there. I stood next to it for a few seconds, taking in the sight before me. 2 giants above me, talking about clothes and shoes, laughing and enjoying a glass of wine together. Meanwhile, here was I, not even as tall as my mom’s little toe and able to see my face reflected in her black nail polish. I banged as hard as I could and screamed up at her, praying that I was doing enough to get her attention. Her toes reflexively wiggled, that was a start at least. I continued to use all my strength to make her notice me and couldn’t believe when she actually looked down.


‘Mom! Help!! It’s me, John!!’ I screamed as loud as I could. I doubted she could hear me but it was worth a try. When she finally spoke, it was not what I wanted to hear.


‘Stupid bug, get out of here!’ She flicked her foot, sending me flying across the carpet, coming to rest about a foot away from her. I was dazed but I wasn’t going to give up. I had to keep going. I would always regret not taking the chance. It took a few minutes but I made it back to her foot. This time, I approached her second toe, jumped up to get a hold of her nail and climbed on. I pulled myself up and made my way to her big toe, hoping that my flesh-coloured body would contrast well with the black polish. Again, I alternated between hitting her nail with my fists and waving up at her. I was only at it for a few seconds when she looked down again.


‘Wait a minute, what is that?’


‘Michelle!! It’s John! You have to help me!!’ She reached down and plucked me up between her thumb and index finger, lifting me to her face. Her other hand covered her mouth in shock as she spoke to me.


‘Oh my God. John? Is that you?’


I couldn’t believe it.


I was saved.






There goes Nothing by Anynamewilldo
Author's Notes:

This is the same chapter from the perspective of the 2 giantesses. I hope it works well together but I suppose that's up to you guys to decide. There's also 2 more characters introduced in this chapter. They probably won't be featured for the rest of the story but I'm planning another story around one of them. Hope you like it!

Beth approached the black-painted door and rang the doorbell. It was a rather large suburban house on a fairly quiet street. The sun was starting to go down but it was still a warm summer evening. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the cool breeze hitting her face. She felt so relaxed. Opening her eyes, she looked down at her feet and giggled. She scrunched her toes as she thought about the tiny boy in her boot. She doubted he was as relaxed as she was, going by the tickling she felt as she made contact with  him. Who knows, maybe he was enjoying himself? She remembered how she had glanced down at him from time to time as he painted her nails. The poor thing was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even notice her. He took his time, adding a few brushstrokes here and there, hopping off her right big toe to look at the left one again so he could match the design. She really was impressed with how seriously he took his work, though mostly she just found it funny. It was funny how much work he had put into something so inconsequential. It was funny how sad he looked when she ignored his efforts. Most of all, it was funny how big his smile got when she finally thanked him. He was breaking, she knew it. Maybe not completely just yet, but soon. He was bound to have a little bit of fight left in him but she knew how to deal with it. She’d have to punish him, but to do that he’d need to do something which warranted punishment. And she knew exactly how to make that come about. She scrunched her toes for a final time, biting her lip as he thrashed around again, before the door finally opened, revealing a tall red-haired woman standing in the doorway. Beth held up the bottle of wine she was holding and kissed Michelle on the cheek.


‘Hey sis! Fancy a drink?’


‘I’d love one.’ she answered with a smile. ‘Come in.’


They kissed each other on the cheek before Beth entered the house and closed the door behind her. Michelle stopped in the hall, giving Beth a curious glance.


‘So, is he…you know…’ Beth smirked and tapped her right foot twice on the floor. ‘And what size?’ Beth squinted one eye and held her fingers half an inch apart. Michelle’s shocked expression only lasted for a second before they both burst into laughter. ‘Oh God Beth, I can’t wait to see him!’ She turned and started walking towards the kitchen, proudly announcing, ‘But first, let me introduce you to my little friend!’


‘Who, Stinky?’


‘No, he’s in the living room pouring us drinks. This is the one I’d like you to meet.’ They stopped at the counter and looked down at the 6-inch man lying spread eagle on a rectangular piece of cardboard, each limb held down by a piece of Sellotape. He looked about the same age as John, maybe a little older. He was struggling to break free from his bonds but stopped as soon as Michelle started drumming her fingernails a few inches away from him. The look of terror on his face sent a shiver down both of their spines, it was so intoxicating feeling how much he feared them. Beth leaned in closer, her chin resting on the counter just in front of him.


‘How long have you had him?’


‘Since this morning. He’s not mine though, he’s Christine’s. I only have him until tomorrow.’ Michelle stared down at the little man on the counter and spoke in a matter-of-fact voice – ‘Apparently Christine wasn’t too impressed with her daughter’s choice in boyfriend so she decided to take matters into her own hands.’ She too leaned in, her face next to Beth’s. ‘If he ever wants to be big again, he’s going to have to prove himself worthy of being with her daughter.’


‘Oh yeah? Knowing Christine, I don’t think that’s gonna be easy. What’s his name?’


‘I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ve just been calling him runt or tiny.’


The little man finally spoke up. ‘My name is –‘


He was quickly silenced by Michelle’s fingertip covering most of his face. ‘Whatever I say it is, runt.’ She slowly removed her finger and brought it down towards his crotch, rubbing it gently. ‘Christine told me that her daughter wished he’d last longer in bed.’ The little man opened his mouth to protest but was silenced with a wag of Michelle’s finger. She returned her finger to his crotch. ‘So I’m going to help him work through his little…shortcomings while he have a drink. Is that okay with you Beth?’


‘Of course it is! I’m always happy to watch a little man learn his place!’


‘Good. Shall we?’ Michelle grabbed the little man by his now rock-hard penis and lifted him into the air, eliciting a high-pitched scream from the tiny. With a smirk, she turned and led the way into the living area, the tiny bound man swaying as she walked.


They entered the living room to see a naked man no more than 2 and a half feet tall waiting next to the coffee table. With a flick of her wrist, Michelle threw the 6-inch man onto the glass table. The piece of cardboard he was tied to slid for a bit before coming to rest between the glasses. The women stood over the larger man who immediately dropped to his knees, placed a kiss on both of Michelle’s bare feet before moving on to Beth’s boots and returning to Michelle.


‘Good boy. That will be all for the moment.’ With a glance, she shrunk the man down to an inch tall, picked him up and dropped him down the back of her panties. They sat down on the couch, Michelle grinding her ass slightly as she took her seat. They chinked glasses and began to drink.


‘So, how’s your little pet adjusting to his new life?’


Beth smiled broadly. ‘He’s starting to come around. Still resisting a little bit but it won’t be too much longer.’


‘Has he tried to escape yet?’


‘He hasn’t had the chance yet, but something tells me he might make an attempt if he sees an opportunity. I mean, my feet are pretty tired, maybe I’ll need to take my shoes off soon.’


Michelle snickered. ‘So do you think he might try to get help from his dear old stepmother?’


‘Maybe. I mean, if he does, he’ll have to deal with the consequences…but we’ll see.’


‘We will. But first,’ Michelle turned her attention to the little man on the table, ‘let me take care of this little one here. We wouldn’t want Johnny getting suspicious now, would we?’ She licked her thumb and index finger then brought them down to the little man, gripping his penis and slowly stroking it. The man closed his eyes, appearing to enjoy it. ‘Now focus up runt, you don’t want to come too early.’ She turned her attention aback to Beth, continuing to pleasure the man. ‘So how’s your ex-husband? Still a pain in the ass?’


Beth laughed out loud. ‘You bet! Although I wouldn’t call him a pain, more of a tickle.’


‘Best place for him if you ask me.’




The clinked glasses and took a sip of wine. They continued chatting about their lives for another few minutes before their attention was drawn to the little man on the table, who began to breathe much heavier and moan louder and louder. ‘Careful, tiny. I warned you, don’t come too soon.’


‘Please Miss, I’m trying not to…not to…to….aaahhh!’ He came all over Michelle’s fingers, who looked quite pleased with herself.


‘Looks like Christine was right, that’s not nearly long enough to please a woman. At least another 15 minutes would be the bare minimum you pathetic little worm.’ She carried on stroking, making the man scream for mercy as she turned back to Beth and shrugged her shoulders. ‘Men.’


‘Unbelievable. Want some more wine?’


‘Love some.’


They continued talking for the next 15 minutes, all the while the little bound man was screaming in pain. He would only get any relief when Michelle had to change hands before the agony would start all over again. She wasn’t even concentrating on him as Beth filled her in on the last few days.


‘Honestly Michelle, you should have seen him. He was so cute straddling my toes, making sure that each nail was painted to perfection. He’ll be the perfect little servant, I know it!’


 ‘You know Beth, I’ve got to hand it to you. When you told me what you’d started all those years ago I felt a pang of regret. He was such a sweet little boy when I met him, but once I knew where he’d end up spending his life, I decided to keep my distance. To do what I could to make his normal life as unappealing as possible. I think I did my bit to help you, but with the work you’ve put in and the length of time you’ve waited for this, you deserve the best, most obedient little slave in the world. I’m proud of you.’


‘Aw thanks sis! You wanna see him now?’


‘Yeah, I think this little shit has had enough. Have you had enough, little guy? Or do you want me to keep going?’ She quickened the pace of her stroking, making the man scream louder than ever. ‘Okay fine.’ She withdrew her finger and thumb, wiping them on his face and body. He looked completely defeated, barely even conscious. Reaching into the handbag next to her, Michelle withdrew a glasses case and opened it up. She removed the tape from the man and gripped him by his now red-raw penis. She lifted up his limp body and deposited him inside, shutting it and dropping it back into her bag. Beth shook her head with a smile on her face.


‘So cruel.’


Michelle shrugged her shoulders before pointing at Beth’s boot. ‘Come on, get them off. I want to see my stepson.’


‘Okay, but remember, no talk of shrunken guys. He has to think he can trust you.’


‘No problem.’


With that, Beth removed her boots and kicked them to the floor.


‘Oh, nice nails Beth! Where did you get them done?’ Michelle said with a smirk.


Oh, I know a guy. He does great work, but it takes him a while to do it.’


‘Well, you’ll have to introduce us some time!’


Oh I don’t know about that, he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment.’


They continued to chat about more mundane topics to keep themselves occupied as John made his way over to his stepmom’s foot. After about 20 minutes, Michelle felt a tickly on her little toe and she tried her best to look serious as she looked down.


‘Stupid bug, get out of here!’ She flicked her foot, sending the tiny man tumbling along the carpet. She and Beth exchanged smiles as he gradually made his way back. She felt him climbing this time, making it on to her second toe and eventually her big toenail. She glanced down to see him hitting her nail and waving up at her. She moved her toe up and down and tried to hide her laughter as he struggled to maintain his balance. Leaning in, she did her best to appear confused. ‘Wait a minute, what is that?’ She brought her hand down and pinched her little stepson in between her thumb and forefinger, lifting him up close to her face. She had to raise her hand to her face to cover up the smile that was creeping across her face before settling herself once again. She tried her best to sound surprised, whispering, ‘Oh my God. John? Is that you?’


The tiny man started waving as hard as he could and appeared to be saying something. She brought him to her ear and heard him squeaking very faintly.


‘Yes, it’s me! Help me please!! It’s Beth, she –’


She brought him back in front of her face, her lips turning into a sinister smile, baring her white teeth. ‘What are you doing out of Beth’s boot? Were you trying to escape?’


He stopped flailing immediately and stared up at his gigantic stepmother.


‘I think it’s time we had a little chat.’


End Notes:

Well I hope you liked it, I wanted to try my best to capture the hopefulness of being saved and the realisation that it wasn't close to over yet. I'll cover more in the next chapter anyway. I have another story planned with the 6-inch guy and the character of Christine but I'm going to finish this story first. As always, reviews are more than welcome!

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