Warm Case by Xiao-renzhe

A sequel to Cold Case, though you don't necessarily have to read it to enjoy this one, this is a story depicting something more along the lines of one of Bethany's preferred encounters. 

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1. Chapter One: Bethany Fitz by Xiao-renzhe

2. Chapter Two: Introductions by Xiao-renzhe

3. Chapter Three: Heating Up by Xiao-renzhe

4. Chapter Four: Returning the Fa-vore by Xiao-renzhe

5. Chapter Five: Consume-mation by Xiao-renzhe

Chapter One: Bethany Fitz by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

Light sexual themes in this chapter, but nothing explicit. An introduction to how Bethany operates when there apparently aren't any pesky detectives around.

Chapter One

Bethany Fitz, as she had come to be known by in certain circles, awoke in accordance to her body’s natural clock. That’s to say, it had simply been a dreadfully long time since she’d eaten, and her belly was no longer content with allowing the rest of her body the luxury of sleep. She yawned, stretched, and placed her open palms atop her exposed midsection, contemplating what she’d do to address that pesky physiological requirement.

Make no mistake, the girl loved to eat. She merely wished it were the kind of activity one could engage in at their leisure strictly for the sake of pleasure, like a recreational drug or a good lay. As far as she was concerned, sex had been successfully deposed from its primitive throne of instinctive necessity. She could take it or leave it. Hunger, however, still maintained an incessant hold over her biological self—one she could abate, but never abolish. She’d rather have her hunger at her beck and call for very particular recreational applications, the sort she found herself characteristically fixated on at this very moment. How long had it been? Five months?

She closed her eyes and reminisced about her last little living morsel, the brutish detective. What was his name? He only registered in her memory slightly above other pleasant but otherwise remedial tasks. She wasn’t exactly fond of the man and hadn’t wasted much time on pleasantries before dealing with him. Unwilling prey wasn’t her thing. If he hadn’t been pure evil, she probably just would have chased him out. It wasn’t like he could pin anything on her anyway. She was too careful. If it hadn’t been for the little guy’s partner showing up and nearly making a huge mess of the situation, she might have allowed herself to forget all about him.

“A-h-h, Jones…” she said to herself with a wistful tone. Not the man she’d eaten, but certainly the one she wished she had gotten to know a little better. If she were being completely honest, which she usually was as a rule, she was a little surprised and very disappointed she hadn’t heard back from Jones since their initial encounter. Perhaps she’d misjudged the man. But no, she realized she’d judged him exactly right, and that was precisely the reason she hadn’t heard from him yet, and perhaps never would. The man was neither a villain nor a fool. He stood nothing to gain by her and perhaps everything to lose. That said, those were the same reasons she was confident in her decision to let him go. He would more than likely never bother her again, but if he ever returned, she was certain it would be to her benefit. It would be of his own free will, knowing full-well what she was capable of—what she would want from him—and that’s exactly how she liked them.

She was shaken from her reverie by the disgruntled sound of her grumbling belly. “At least his friend had plenty of fight in him,” she mused. Then she sighed, “not that it does me much good now.” She silently wished a man could last inside of her for five months. She counted herself lucky when they lasted for five minutes, in her belly or otherwise. She promised herself that the next man she found who shared in her twisted desires would be well-met, well-treated, and a well worth the wait.


Almost all mornings began this way. She would wake up hungry, fantasize about her favorite ways to satisfy that hunger, sometimes succumbing to the erotic impulses brought about by remembering some of the better times she had done so, and then she’d end up eating a completely conventional breakfast. This morning’s fare was pancakes with butter, a fruit smoothie, and about four large mugs of coffee. She was polishing off the pot when she parked herself in her computer chair and opened up her web browser. She had some private forums to check. Sure, her physical hunger was satisfied, but her real hunger was always hopeful.

It was slow going. She would have told you the internet was in its golden age, but DSL in the early Aughts was nothing to write home about in a hurry. Still, it had vastly improved her success rate in locating misguided men and guiding them into her gullet, but it was really only a vast improvement when compared to the paltry few she’d scoped out before acquiring it. She briefly recalled her first. He was more of a “convert” than an “enthusiast,” as she’d gradually brought him around to her way of thinking and given him gentle coaxing until he adopted the idea as his own and practically begged her to let him live it. But that was more than good enough for her for her first time.

“If you really could do it,” he had said, “then I honestly think I’d have to let you. At this point, just the idea makes me shiver—but in a good way.” He had laughed nervously at her smile at hearing this. “Seriously, babe, what have you turned me into?” Then they both laughed. It wasn’t long after that she’d elected to put his money where her mouth was…

The memory of the first time she’d had a man in her mouth almost made her squirm all over again from the thrill of the unique experience. It had sealed the deal in more ways than one. It was an awakening. She knew she’d have to do it again, and it solidified her resolve that a man’s—or woman’s—willingness to oblige her was half the fun. But memory was no replacement for the real thing, and fond of it as she was, five months was giving her an itch deep inside that she was in desperate need of having a helping hand scratch.

She had a few threads of correspondence to sort through. Not many she considered legitimate bites. Perhaps one or two that might eventually bear fruit. Then she noticed she had a message from an unfamiliar handle. That wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary. She was an anonymous person on a very particular part of the internet claiming to be a hot woman looking to satisfy. Sometimes she was bombarded. But this message was in her private inbox. It was an address that she didn’t share with just anyone. Typically, if someone knew to write to this particular email, they had at least an inclination of her real business. Her interests were piqued, and she felt a small flutter of hope well up in her stomach.

Chewing on her lip, she opened the message, and as her eyes glided across the text, she actually gasped with delight. She had instinctively skimmed over the introductory drivel and arrived at the words that practically made her heart sing; “can you really do it.” At this, she backtracked and read every word of this anonymous caller’s message again with a new found relish. If this man or woman might possibly be interested in giving her what she desired, they were worth every bit of her care.

After reading the message a few times and allowing herself the foolish sensation of actual anticipation, she decided she’d repay this person with a proper response, one crafted for situations such as these when being direct and concise was paramount. Her response read simply, “Who referred you to me?” To this, there would be one of two responses, and they really should have included the information in the initial email. One was the name of a strip club where she had a very good friend who would occasionally send men her way if she picked up on their interests during some of her more intimate encounters, and the other was the handle of a sort of agent she and a few others like her had who would discover people and match them with others based on specific aspects of their interests.

The latter was a little more reliable than the former. While her friend at the club was seldom wrong about what she suspected these guys “really wanted,” they weren’t always Bethany’s type, and she’d occasionally been less than totally satisfied. A few had even backed out of the deal during the “moment of truth,” during which she’d give them one last shot to call it off before things “went past the point of no return.” While she’d never take an honest man by force, these rare occurrences really tested her patience, and she’d just as soon avoid them.

However, this had never happened when the agent was involved. She suspected this operator had a somewhat more reliable system in place for vetting customers. Good thing too, considering what she paid to get the connection. Either way, anyone writing this address must’ve gotten it from one of those two sources, and that meant there was a very good chance they were serious. If they didn’t give a right answer, she would more than likely cut contact. Never mind how they got the address. Can’t trust just anyone with these things. She fired off her reply, and then sipped on her coffee, gulping down a few mouthfuls with much more satisfaction than she had felt in weeks. She couldn’t help it. Sooner than later, she might be gulping down someone as enthusiastic about the process as she was.

Before she knew it, there was a response waiting in her inbox. “A-w-w, poor little thing must have been waiting at their desk all night for a reply!” She chuckled at her own improving disposition and opened the message with haste. She didn’t see what she was expecting. The response was one word, “Jones.”

“What the hell?” She muttered, and quickly replied, “Do you mean to tell me that Detective Jones gave you this address?” She hit send and waited with a sudden shift in emotion. Her brow was deeply furrowed, and her mind was racing a mile a minute. Was this Jones himself? How did he get this address? Why would he choose this means of approach when he knew where she lived, and she had a phone he’d given her? She must’ve refreshed her inbox twice a minute, desperate for an explanation. Why hadn’t she asked more clarifying questions in her last response?

Finally, just when she was considering writing him again, the response came. It read, “Yes. He said you’re the real thing. I couldn’t believe it. I had to know. I’m so sorry if contacting you was presumptuous, but honestly, I don’t know if I can live with knowing someone like you exists without at least reaching out and asking. Just the possibility that you’d understand where I’m coming from, let alone the idea that you could actually go through with it. I’m not trying to prank you. I’m completely serious about this, as crazy as that has to sound. If he was full of it, just tell me, and I’ll leave you be.”

After she had read this response a few times, she began to relax, and her posture gradually slackened. This wasn’t Jones, but someone else who was somehow connected to Jones. While that was somewhat of a shame, it did lead to a rather stirring possibility. Somehow Jones had tracked down her well-guarded private contact info, and he was sending her referrals! Perhaps she really had misjudged him; he wasn’t such a piss-poor detective after all.

No matter, she’d find a way to express her gratitude to the elusive man at a later date. For now, she had a tug at her line, and she was ready to reel him in. She typed out her response. “It’s perhaps only a little crazier than my desire to reciprocate, my friend. I’m finding Jones to be a surprisingly reliable source. Tell me more about yourself.”


Chapter Two: Introductions by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

Slow size-change, breasts, gentle, willing, mouth play, the steamy content starts towards the end of this chapter and continues in the next

The next week couldn’t have passed more slowly. It crept by like molasses, though that’s also to say it was sweet in its own way. Bethany absolutely adored this part of the process. She liked it nearly as much as the moment she finally got her hands on them. The young man called himself “JP,” and he had opened up to her like a torrent of water rushing through a broken damn. Their fantasies fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and he was filling her up with confidence that he’d be the perfect dinner guest. He was extremely enthusiastic about many aspects of what she considered foreplay, which was always a plus, but his primary fixation was vore. She was certain that he’d be the kind of guy she could take her time with assuming he made it past the “moment of truth,” and that she’d savor every second of his company until his final miniscule struggles faded along with his physical being within the confines of her belly.

They’d discussed some of their favorite scenarios, giving her ample materials to work with as she slowly planned how she intended to put him to use. Every night she went to bed pretending she could feel his tiny hands and feet playing across her naked skin. She would barely brush her nipples and clit with her little finger while pretending it was really him giving it all he had, and then she’d suck on her pinky and swallow, and would swear she could almost feel him going down and wriggling within. It helped that she’d experienced it before. She saved this kind of play for when she was anticipating actually closing the deal with someone. It was much more effective that way. She didn’t know how he was spending the time he had left, or why he needed a week before he could meet her, but she didn’t really care. As far as she was concerned, he was preparing to give her that which she valued above all; his consent.

Finally, the day arrived. She’d considered making him meet her somewhere in public, but eventually resolved to simply invite him over. She was determined to appear confident, in control, but above all, casual. She preferred to make it seem like what was about to “go down” wasn’t really that big of a deal to her in terms of logistics or normality. She liked the idea that her catch had built this scenario up in their mind and imagined it all playing out in a dozen ways only to subvert those expectations and instead come off as someone merely happy to oblige something that to them meant the culmination of a life-long dream and the end of not so long a life. Of course, it was an act. She was practically vibrating with eager anticipation with every passing minute as she lounged on her sofa in her casual clothes. She’d donned a white tank top that fit loosely, allowing for her plain black bra to spill out along with her ample breasts, and sweat pants that left plenty to the imagination. All the better for once they came off and revealed what she wasn’t wearing beneath, she thought. The one really fine touch she did take the time for was in applying a scentless lip gloss that really made them shine.

A few minutes before he was due, she heard a light knocking at her door. It almost made her jump, less out of being startled than being irrevocably excited. She breathed out a deep sigh, forcing her implacable veneer of calm to shield her hopes against any possibility that this might not live up to her every expectation, and she marveled at the smooth sound of her own voice when she called to him, “It’s open, let yourself in.”


JP had arrived almost an hour early. He was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to find her address and really didn’t want to let the plans for today be subjected to such trivial error. After finding the place with relative ease, he cursed himself for being too eager, and walked around the neighborhood feeling like a nervous fool for forty-five minutes before finally succumbing to the allure and knocking on her door. He didn’t know what to expect. He was already surprised that he was simply being invited over for something he considered far from casual, but when he heard her voice call out faintly from behind the heavy door, it was almost too much for him. He was about to meet the woman who had claimed to be able to help him realize his deepest, darkest fantasies. She had promised he wouldn’t be disappointed; guaranteed that by the end of the day they’d both be happy, and by the end of the night, she still would be. He was sure this must be a seriously clandestine operation on her part as she was taking on quite a bit of risk, and yet, her door wasn’t locked, and she simply beckoned him in. “She really must like her prey showing some initiative,” he quietly said to himself, and he turned the knob and pressed forward.

When he got inside, he was greeted to the visage of a woman who looked like she’d just gotten out of bed but was entirely better for it. She was stunning. His eyes made a desperate attempt to collect as much information about her as possible while his ears attempted to communicate to his brain that she had told him to sit down. For a moment he just stood there, mouth slightly agape while he awkwardly shifted his weight from one foot to the other, hand still on the doorknob. By the time her invitation to seat himself had registered in his brain, she was already speaking again.

“Go ahead and lock that. Then please, do come sit down.” She pushed up from her prostrate position and patted the cushion on the couch right next to her.

“Oh, sorry. I uh… right.” He sent the deadbolt home and then, without looking at her again while he collected himself, proceeded across the quaint sitting room and sunk into the soft couch directly beside her. As his weight settled into the couch, she leaned into him, placing an arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder, her pin straight platinum hair draping elegantly over his chest.

“That’s better,” she said. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, JP.” She remained in that position, maintaining unflinching eye contact with him.  He would like to have said he matched her gaze, but his own eyes kept fluttering here and there, sometimes to her cleavage, sometimes to her lips, and then back to her big, glossy eyes. They were somewhat two-toned, hazel rings with little ringlets of turquoise within. They were captivating. It was a couple of minutes before he realized he hadn’t strung together a single coherent sentence since opening the door. He stammered a bit, clearing his throat to prepare to speak until she seized the opportunity to once again put him off his balance.

“You’re cute. Mind if I have a little taste?” At that, she grasped up his left hand and swiftly yet smoothly took his middle and forefinger between her lips. She applied delicate suction to the digits and ran her tongue around them smoothly before extracting them from her mouth’s embrace. She closed her eyes and smacked her lips thoughtfully a few times before forcefully placing his hand on her throat as she swallowed with an exaggerated “gulp.” She then pulled his hand down, guiding it deftly between her breasts before she arranged it so it was placed open-palmed below the left one. As if on cue, he could feel and hear her stomach punctuate the gesture with a single, loud, tantalizing gurgle. He was dumbstruck. She could tell. He had to say something to establish that he actually had anything going on upstairs, but it was becoming somewhat difficult when all of the blood being pumped through his body by his racing heart seemed to be getting stuck in his rapidly hardening erection.

“I… see I’ve come to the right address,” he managed to say. “I like how you shake hands, Bethany.” For a second, her eyebrows came together as if trying to make out what he had meant, and then, she burst out laughing. He laughed with her until she finally caught her breath and said,

“And I see I’ve got the right man,” she gestured to the bulge forming in his jeans. “Now, I’m more than happy to engage with you in shooting the breeze—diffuse some tension—but first, I find it necessary to establish that you really are what I ordered.” She suddenly produced a small, strange-looking sort of pistol from behind her back and let it rest lazily on her thigh. “This can make you smaller,” she began, and held up the little finger of her left hand, “a lot smaller. This small. This is how big I want you to be so that I can easily swallow you, but still feel you once you’ve gone down. You’ll be this small, whole, and alive slipping down my throat and into my stomach. I want to eat you, and if you let me shrink you, I will eat you. I will not let you out. This is your last chance to back down. Are you ready to give me what I want?”

He was speechless. Having it broken down for him so matter-of-factly almost left him shaken to bits. His heartrate had reached impossible new heights, and as if she had him by a set of strings like a marionette, his dick twitched and bobbed up attentively when she said the words ‘swallow,” and ‘stomach.’ He nearly exploded before she finished her little explicative confession. She had told him nothing contrary to what had brought him here in the first place but seeing the device and hearing it from those glossy pink lips made it almost too real, and yet, not nearly real enough. He wanted her. No, she wanted him, and he wanted to give himself to her. He’d spent plenty of time contemplating that fact during the entire week before he’d delivered himself to her doorstep. He was already resigned to his desired fate and would accept it however it turned out according to her demands.

“I’m ready to give you everything. I’m ready this second.” She flashed him a perfect, knowing smile, and her grip on the pistol tightened, and then she tossed it aside. A mixture of emotions washed over him as he watched it bounce heavily off the right arm of the couch before settling harmlessly into the cushion. He couldn’t tell if what he felt was more parts relief than disappointment.

“Good, then we can shoot the breeze. How about I make you a drink?” She braced herself on his thigh, stood up, and made her way out of the room and into the hallway. He was at a loss, and just stared at her sweatpants-clad ass swaying with her steps until she turned the corner and disappeared from view. “You can go ahead and follow me if you’d like to,” she called out, shaking him from his two-parts paralysis of arousal and shock. He hopped up obediently, and then caught himself, forcing himself to try and match her casual demeanor, and tried to steady his shaking hands by burying them in his hip pockets while he followed her into what he discovered was her kitchen.


“You strike me as a bourbon guy, yeah?” She asked without turning away from her task. She had positioned herself in front of an elaborately stocked mini-bar. Several differently shaped crystal decanters reflected the sunlight pouring through them and their contents beautifully, and there were plenty of other bottles, glasses, and little metallic artifacts that made the whole arrangement look carefully chaotic.

“I’d love a bourbon-anything, thanks.” He watched her as she nodded and began putting things together. She peeled an orange, and then used the peel to coat the inside of a couple of crystal glasses before her. A couple of sugar cubes, a few dashes of bitters, and some water all went into each glass. Then she added ice; one big spherical ball of it each, clear enough to read through, and finally grabbed one of the decanters with a darker brown substance in it and poured it over the ice in both drinks. She stirred thoroughly and dropped an orange peel twist into both before turning on her heel and presenting him with one of the drinks.

“An old-fashioned for you, dear.” He graciously accepted the glass and sat down with her at the little table-for-two she had against the adjacent wall. She rose her glass between them, and he did the same, clinking them together loudly before taking a small, exploratory sip. Delicious.

“M-m-m, it’s perfect. Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it. I love a good old-fashioned.” She took a long sip from her glass. “And this bourbon really makes me feel nice and warm inside. I can feel it going all the way down.” She winked, and JP chuckled.

“Then what do you need me for?” He chided.

“Hah! Now that’s what I’m talking about. I was worried you’d lost your wits when you got here.” She gave him a big grin. “And because booze doesn’t know what it’s in for. You do.”

“I do. About that…” He seemed suddenly serious, and her face reflected his sudden shift with curiosity. “I uh, really thought that little gun back there was it. The moment, I mean. I thought you were about to really do it—shrink me. Was that a bluff?” She grinned and took on a playful tone.

“Not a bluff. More of a test… an ice breaker!” She said and noted his confused expression. “I’ll explain. When you got here, you were wound up so tightly that I’m surprised you were able to breathe. That test was meant to take you off guard, and so beget a genuine response. That gun very well could have shrunk you, but I wasn’t ready to just yet. I simply wanted to put you under pressure and see if YOU were ready. I would have sent you packing if you’d said no, and you’d always be left wondering if I was serious or not. But you did take me seriously, and you said yes, so I see no need for such barbaric force. I don’t need the gun for the likes of you, JP.” She smiled devilishly at him. “I think you’re very willing to comply.”

“I am. I pretty much made peace with any possibility before coming here. But if you’re still set on, um, shrinking me anyway, and you got my consent…”

“Hence the ice breaker aspect of the test.” She interrupted. “You’re much more at ease now, aren’t you?” He shrugged acceptingly.

“I suppose I am.”

“I’d much rather you be an active participant in this little game than a simple yes-man along for the ride. I didn’t invite you over here to play the slave or the snack. I invited you over here to be a man; an equal. I like devouring men who want to be devoured. That means you’ve got to carry your own weight and show me that you’re just as into this as I am. Otherwise,” she sipped her drink, “you’re just bourbon.” He took her point.

“Ah, I see. So, my showing up at your door isn’t enough of an indicator for consent. You prefer a loud and clear ‘yes!’ as opposed to the simple lack of a ‘no.’” She nodded.

“Exactly. I know a few women who don’t trade words with their prey. They’re quite carnal about it, as if men really were just food. Very domineering. But I got the impression from you that you regarded vore the same way I did. It’s the main event.”

“It’s sex,” he corrected her.

“Yes! Absolutely…” She tilted her head sideways, eyeing him from a different angle. “It’s sex.”

“In a way that actual sex could never quite live up to,” he said. Her eyes narrowed.

“You almost sound like you’ve done this before.” He laughed.

“Probably wouldn’t be sitting here if I had. No, I just know that sex, while plenty fun, has never satisfied the desire I’ve had burning within me since before I had a word for it; since before I sexualized it. With your help, I’d really like to fix that.”

“You’d really like to… as if now you need MY consent,” she said, the right corner of her lips tugging into a sly grin.

“Well, hey! It’s like we established. Vore is sex to us. If I just wanted to be eaten, I’d go swim around in shark infested waters covered in chum.” They both shared a hearty laugh at this.

“That certainly would get you into some trouble,” she mused, and reached across the table, taking his free hand into her own. “Which isn’t to say you’re not in trouble now. I’ve smelled blood in the water since your first correspondence.”

“But you’re no mindless shark. You’re a beautiful woman, and you want to enjoy some mutually-consented-to vore with me, a man, not bourbon.” Her grip on his hand tightened at his words.

“JP,” She began, and leaned forward towards him, staring at him intently. “I want you inside me more than I’ve ever wanted to fuck anybody.” His whole body quaked from an irresistible shiver that coursed through his bones at hearing these words. He worried absurdly that his erection would end up lifting the small table and spill their drinks. To make matters worse, she leaned even closer to him, and let her jaw slacken slowly before finally opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue. He was a deer in headlights. He could see the overhead lights reflecting off the bumpy surface of her perfect pink tongue, and his gaze was drawn inwards as if she already had him. Her lips were stretched taught and yet still somewhat plump. Her teeth glistened and sparkled more beautifully than the crystal decanters on her mini-bar. Her throat was a dark and inviting abyss framed by a cute and shapely uvula. He didn’t notice that he was leaning towards her until her mouth suddenly clamped shut and she planted a soft, sensual kiss on his lips. She released his hand from her own and leaned back from him, making pleasant eye contact. “Soon enough,” she began. “For now, I’m rather enjoying foreplay.” His face flushed.

“There are other kinds of foreplay I’m looking forward to as well. Some topics we discussed via email.”

“Oh, yes. Don’t you worry.” She licked her lips. “There’s no rush. Plenty of fun to be had before I’ve had my fill of it. But I don’t know how much longer I can keep my hands off of you.” She excused herself from the table and made her way back to the mini bar. This time, she spent much less time and effort concocting a drink, and there was only one glass. She brought it back to him and set it on the table.

“Neat?” he asked, not having noticed her putting anything additional into the bourbon this time.

“Not exactly,” she said. “I told you I wouldn’t need to use the gun.” She cocked one eyebrow up, the expression full if implication. He understood it entirely. She had somehow made this drink specially to suit their needs. He picked it up, weighing the crystal glass carefully in his hand, considering that this was the real moment of truth. She had made it entirely his choice. If he drank this, he would shrink, and she would swallow him. How would it feel? Would shrinking hurt? Would he pass out? What about the swallowing—the stomach? He imagined for a moment his tiny body on the table ready to be plucked up and dropped into her mouth for keeps. He tried to keep his hand holding the glass from shaking.

“Bottoms up,” he said and raised the glass high. “To your health.” He downed the entire beverage in a single gulp. He even shook the empty glass over his open mouth a bit to make sure he got every last drop. He sighed with contentment and set the glass down with a “clack” on the table between them. “A-h-h. So, how long until that kicks in?”

“Not sure, I don’t really bother with measuring. Maybe a few minutes. An hour at most. The strength of the dose doesn’t change how small you’ll get, only how long it takes to get you there.”

“And the dose in that gun in the other room?” He had to make an effort to speak clearly and calmly. He couldn’t tell if he was so nervous that he couldn’t enunciate properly, or if the strange shrinking chemicals were already having an impact on his physiology.

“Extremely strong, and not exactly a dose. It works differently; gets the job done in seconds. It’s more of a defense item.”

“A defense item? What’s wrong with a real gun?”

“This gun makes it a lot more convenient and fun to hide the body?” She stuck her tongue out playfully. He laughed.

“That’s something. But what’s wrong with shrinking me instantly?”

“Let’s just say that it wouldn’t taste as good as your drink.” She never took her eyes off of his. “And the side effects of shrinking that much that quickly are less than pleasant.”

“Any side effects to this method?” He was less curious than he was deliberately distracting himself. He felt a little strange, and he was trying to make sure it wasn’t all in his head.

“Oh, JP,” she sighed with an air of mock-pity. “If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

At hearing this, he suddenly felt compelled to take stock of his situation. He broke away from her entrancing gaze and gave himself a look over. He had taken her implication correctly. He was definitely smaller. He wasn’t sure how much he had shrunk in the last minute or so, but it was enough that the table top had gone from resting directly above his waist to being aligned above his belly button. His jaw dropped. He looked back up to her and she was wearing the most mischievous grin.

“Looks like I won’t have to keep my hands to myself much longer,” she cooed.

“Who said you had to wait this long?” He interjected. He was trying with all of his might to keep a mental grip on the situation. He didn’t want to ruin this experience with a panic attack, and if the physical changes could be endured without a loss of focus, he was determined to see it through.

“M-m-m, no one, of course. But nothing gets me in the mood quite like what you’re doing right now.” His left shoe fell off and landed on the floor with a dull thud. She giggled.

“You’re making my clothes just fall off!” He joked.

“How long before the other shoe drops?” His right shoe followed suit.

“That long.” He chuckled, and then groaned. “Okay, in all seriousness, this feels so strange.”

“I’m surprised you’ve been so cavalier about it,” she admitted, “most people pass out.”

“I wouldn’t call it excruciating, just bizarre. I would guess that anyone who passes out is probably succumbing to the shock of it.”

“So, you’re implying you’re just more of a man than my previous rendezvous?”

“Hardly an implication,” he realized he had to look up at her now to maintain eye contact. The edge of the table had passed the bottom of his ribcage, “and from where I’m sitting, you’re becoming more of a woman every second.”

She pushed her chair back and reached for him across the table at a speed that startled him. In seconds, she had him with both hands under his armpits and had pulled him back towards her. He was a little shocked at how strong she seemed but realized that he was getting down to about the size of a toddler. She set him down atop of her lap with his legs astride her waist like a saddle, and leaned down towards him, wrapping his body with her arms and catching him in a deep kiss. He realized that she had lifted him out of his pants and boxers. He was naked from the waist down. She was enflamed with passion. Her now overlarge tongue breached the barrier of his lips and invaded every corner of his diminishing oral cavity. He returned the embrace with as much strength as he could muster. As they continued kissing, his shirt seemed to outgrow his shoulders, and she pulled it down over his body, actually ripping the fabric audibly in the process. He didn’t care. It’s not like he would need to put it back on. She lifted him away from her waist in the process and held his mouth to hers.

She broke the kiss and leaned back. He took this opportunity to open his eyes and gauge his situation. He was almost overwhelmed with awe. He was probably no more than two-feet tall, and she towered above him beautifully. Had he still been sitting in her lap; he was sure his head wouldn’t come up past her chest. As things were, she seemed able to support his weight with little to no effort. He was so caught up in his observations that when she suddenly stood up, his heart skipped a beat.

“I can tell you’re going to be incredible,” she purred, and stepped into the middle of the kitchen, setting him down in the middle of the floor. He had evidently been shrinking since they’d stopped kissing, as he now only reached midway up her shins.

“This is incredible,” he said quietly.”

“What’s that?” She asked, cupping a hand to her ear.

“You’re incredible!” He shouted, eliciting a laugh from her.

“That’s not what you said,” she chastised him, wagging a forefinger.

“Well you are… and this is… wait, could you really hear me?”

“I have very sensitive ears. And I’m used to attuning them to little voices. You might have to speak up a little though in a minute or two. It looks like you’re about finished…”

“I’m only getting started,” he assured her.

“Is that so?” She reached down and plucked him off the floor, now capable of picking him up in a single hand wrapped around his legs. He guessed he was less than a foot tall. She held him abreast with her face and beamed a smile at him. “Well, first things first then. We’d better get you used to a LOT of this.” Before he had a chance to ask her what she meant, she stuck out her tongue and licked him from his waist to his forehead. The first lick was slow and smooth. He was able to appreciate just how warm and powerful her slimy mouth muscle had become compared to his miniscule form. Then, she licked him again and again until he actually lost count and became quite disoriented. His penis was throbbing within the confines of her grip, and he couldn’t help but thrust against the fleshy padding of her fingertip that seemed perfectly placed for his pleasure. She seemed to notice. “Someone is just revving to go, aren’t they? Well, I’d say you’re the appropriate size for transport. Let’s take this show to the bedroom, what do you say?”

“Do I get to pick where I’ll be carried?” He asked playfully, partially to practice how to timber the volume of his voice, and partially because he was curious as to what she meant by ‘small enough to transport.’

“Only if you have a preference between left cup or right.” Both of her brows went up as she said this, and her free hand tugged and let snap her bra strap.

“I’m sure you have a favorite nipple.” He responded. She giggled.

“How considerate of you! My right one has always been a little more sensitive. See if you can’t make good use of that while you’re in there.” At that, she pulled her right bra cup open and unceremoniously stuffed his tiny body inside. His legs slid down until he felt them collide with the support wire, and his face settled about an inch above her nipple, which he noted seemed to double in size in response to his chest rubbing against it. He didn’t want to waste a second. He brought his hands together in front of his chest and began doing his best to ‘pinch’ her nipple. He went so far as to craning his neck to plant some kisses on the enormous tip, and even bit it a little. This got a muffled “squeal” of surprise from above that he decided translated to “yes, more of that, please,” and so he wriggled a bit so that his face was more aligned with her nipple and he began to chew on it while his hands maintained their efforts.

“This is going perfectly,” Bethany thought to herself. JP was everything she was hoping for. He was confident, witty, sexy, and most of all, very willing. He wanted what she wanted. And now she had him. He’d allowed her to shrink him. Hell, he downed the solution in one gulp. And now he was in her bra, working away happily at her nipple, and she was eager to acquaint him with the rest of herself. She resolved to sit in place for a moment and enjoy the sensations of his enthusiasm. There was no need to rush things. It was going to be a lovely night.


Chapter Three: Heating Up by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

Breasts, body exploration, insertion, gentle, willing, a very sexual chapter


Her initial “squeal” became calmer moans, and he felt his soft prison get a little tighter as she seemed to take her entire breast into her hand and massage his whole body into it gently. This stimulation was extremely effective for his part, as it forced his bare erection to rub rhythmically against her under-boob. He made an effort to focus more on her nipple than on his own erotic pleasure, because he knew that despite the dreamlike nature of this game, his libido could only be rejuvenated so many times, and he didn’t want to spend any precious ammunition in her bra.

Suddenly, his whole world shifted forward quickly, and he felt g-force pull him away from her flesh slightly before he was buried in it with a bouncing motion. Shortly thereafter, the cotton fabric behind him was pulled away and he was freed. He slipped down her breast which was now coated in a thin sheen of sweat and came to a stop just below it on her smooth and taught belly. He pressed an ear firmly against her abdomen and listened to the deafening sounds of her insides. Myriad gurgles and groans echoed in his brain, and he tried to wrap his mind around the idea that it would be even louder once he was on the other side of this relatively thin fleshy wall.

He was brought back to reality at the sound of his host’s smooth, sultry voice beckoning him to pay her some attention.

“What’s on your mind, big guy? Wondering what it’s going to be like from the inside?”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking about,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Why don’t you spend more time focusing on the outside of my body while you still can. Have yourself a good look around the place. I’m just dying to feel your hands and feet all over me.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” He said and stood up on her upper abdomen. He looked around and realized that she was now naked from the waist up, but still had those loose-fitting sweatpants on. He opted to take the path of least resistance first, and figured he’d get acquainted with her upper-half.

He walked to the center of her diaphragm and looked up between her mounds of soft flesh only to see her relaxing with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed. He took careful steps and made his way between her breasts. His feet found solid purchase on her sternum below, but his hands slipped whenever he tried to press them into her breasts to brace himself. He finally made his way out from the canyon of her cleavage and decided to loop around and get back on top of one. He opted for her left, deciding that even the “less favorite” still deserved due attention. He paid it much the same sort of affection as he did the first one, only this time he was oriented with his legs facing north and his head facing south relative to her body.

She let out a gasp and a light moan as he went to work. He looked back to see her chewing on her lower lip. As he turned his attention back to her nipple, his eyes danced over the landscape of her body. He watched with a transfixed awe as her hips slowly rocked around and bucked forward, seeming to hump the air in tandem with his little bites.

Suddenly it all hit him at once; the reality of the situation before him. He was perhaps three inches tall perched upon the nipple of a perfectly gorgeous woman and he was giving her pleasure, but his mind wouldn’t be distracted. She definitely intended to eat him. At the sudden memory, his activity froze, and he looked down at her belly just below his current location. He was going to be in there soon. This gigantic perfect playground of fantasies and nightmares was going to claim him for good. He shivered again, but this time because he realized he could actually feel her warm breath washing over him. He turned back to see her angelic face gazing down at him, propped up by one hand.

“Something the matter?” She asked with the faintest hint of genuine concern.

“Just taking it all in. I guess I hadn’t really paused to consider how extremely real this whole situation is yet.” He didn’t see her other hand coming, but it gently plucked him up and brought him up to her face. She pursed her lips and gave him a kiss that covered him from his face to below his waist as she pressed him into those soft pillows. Then, she kept pressing, and her tongue slipped out and snaked its way between his thighs as his face and chest broke the seal and tumbled into the hot and humid confines of her maw. His hands found no purchase as they pressed on her tongue, and it pressed right back, pinning him to the roof of her mouth. He could feel his legs wiggling outside waiting to be slurped up with the rest of him. Her tongue pressed him even more tightly against her hard pallet and he heard and felt her swallow the excess saliva from all around him. His ears popped as it rushed by. It almost sounded like an enormous plumbing system, like the sound of muffled water rushing through pipes behind the walls. But there was nothing separating him from the drain in this situation save for her grip upon his body. He wondered if this would be it, but as soon as the thought played through his mind and he had imagined being sucked down into that abyss, he felt her tugging on his legs and he slipped back outside harmlessly.

After a moment, his eyes adjusted to the light. He was lying on his back in her palm which she was looking down into with keen interest.

“M-m-m, just taking you in,” she said, and bit her lip lustfully. “This is very real. And I’m as excited as you are. But these lips shouldn’t be getting all of your love. The other set will get jealous.” As she said this, her other hand glided down her body, and he watched as she gave herself a sensual rub through the pants. Then, she looped her thumb under the waistband of her sweats and gave it a playful “snap.” His heart began to race with anticipation. He was going to go down on this woman and penetrate her simultaneously, and to the avid vore enthusiast, that was just foreplay. He tried to imagine what it would be like but realized instantly how foolish that was when it was waiting for him right there. He turned to look at her before he made his move.

“I’m going to eat you with rapacious abandon,” he said. She gasped with a delighted smile and replied.

“Try not to get lost while you’re at it, or I won’t get to return the favor.” She winked, and then gave his whole body a little toss. He soared high in the air and became utterly disoriented before landing harmlessly on what he discovered to be her lower abdomen. She giggled at him ceaselessly which caused the ground below him to rise and fall rapidly. He shook his head to clear the confusion at having been launched like that but enjoyed the demonstration as it made him realize that at his weight, falling wouldn’t likely be much harm to him. He paid her “northern hemisphere” a final appreciative glance before turning his attention to the problem before him; her waistband.

He stepped forward and crouched down, figuring that his best bet in lifting it would be to deadlift it. He got as good a grip on the fabric as he could and lifted with all his might. He overcompensated, finding that he was stronger than he’d anticipated, and ended up slipping as a result of how easily the band came up. Consequently, he lost his grip on it, and as he fell on his back, it came snapping down across his chest. It didn’t sting, but her laughter did. He craned his head back to see her covering her mouth with her hand to stifle her giggles, not that it did any good when he was lying flat on his back below her diaphragm. He wasn’t discouraged or really embarrassed, however. How could a guy be expected to know how to navigate this kind of situation? That said, now that he was trapped under the band, he found it more difficult to lift than before.
            After a moment’s struggle, he sighed and relented.

“A little help?” he asked. She let out a silent snort of air through her nose indicating a single chuckle, and then reached down and liberated him from his trap.

“Of course, little guy,” she began, “but if you’re stuck now, I’m not sure you can handle what’s waiting where you’re headed.”

“Nonsense!” he protested. “I’m just figuring out the physics a bit is all. You’ll see. I know my way around.”

“Oh? I certainly hope so,” she said with a mixture of teasing and provocation. “Hang on tight.” She said, and without warning, lifted her lower body high off the mattress and let it drop back down just as abruptly. Needless to say, he did not hang on tight. What was there to hang onto? Instead, he was bounced around rather mercilessly and lost track of his surroundings before landing silently on the sheets below. He sat up, ready to orient himself, but realized rather quickly where he was.

Apparently, that sudden turmoil meant that she was ditching the sweatpants, and what’s more, she had not elected to wear anything underneath them today. He had landed on the sheets between her legs at about knee-level, and now he was staring at her big, smooth, glistening vagina. It was visibly twitching with what he imagined was the same kind of anticipation to meet him as he had to meet it. He shakily got up to his feet and stumbled sideways into her right thigh, against which he placed a hand for stability. She gasped at his touch and cooed delightedly as she could feel his tiny hand indicating his progress towards her sex. She was desperate to feel him there; touching her, getting wrapped up in her, and penetrating her. She hoped he would have the initiative to dive in on his own, because she was unsure for how long she could resist the urge to stuff him inside of her by force. She could tell she was already dripping with eagerness without even touching herself. All that attention to her nipples had really gotten her going. This was everything she had been looking forward to and she was totally enraptured in it.

She closed her eyes and focused on his delicate touch. With every second it drew closer and closer to the apex. Then, she felt nothing, and her mouth hung agape while she was left wondering where she would feel him next. She wasn’t left wondering for long. She felt one of his hands rub her right on the clit, and she cried out softly.

“Oh-h-h, yes! Come and get me, big guy.” At his touch, she involuntarily thrust herself towards him. It was an almost imperceptible shift for her, but from his perspective, her giant womanhood had seemingly reached out to grab him. His whole body became instantly stuck in her juicy labia and his senses were overwhelmed by the smell and taste of her arousal. Her juices began to soak him as he squirmed to free himself from her sex, and all the while she was loving every second of his struggles. He broke free, and then made his second advance, this time more aggressively, as he realized her body was getting past the point of waiting for him to make his own moves. Her legs began to close around him, and he took advantage of the narrowing walls. He hopped off the sheets and placed a foot on either thigh for leverage, and then, he placed a hand on each lip, and leaned forward and sucked on her clitoris. He sucked and nibbled on it as his hands massaged up and down on either side.

This attention was really getting her going. She bit her lip and groaned with pleasure and took handfuls of the bedsheets as she bucked and thrust her hips forward. He did seem to know his way around, and she was extremely content with enjoying this clitoral stimulation for a while, but she knew she needed to feel him deeper. Her loins practically ached to feel him within her as she clenched. She wanted to squeeze him until she couldn’t hang on anymore. She moaned and sighed with the rising and falling of his tempo until suddenly she couldn’t feel him anymore. She paused, sat up, and opened her legs to see what he was up to.

He was drenched by now with the constantly flowing torrent of her passions answering his clitoral stimulation, and he realized he was probably plenty-well lubricated to take this to the next step. He let himself slip from his perch, his legs thankful for the respite as his muscles had begun to ache and burn with the effort of keeping him in place. He had intended to get right back up and launch himself into her, not truthfully knowing how effective that would be. He was certain that he was small enough to slip inside without much resistance, but he was at a loss for where he would obtain the leverage for the initial push. That’s when he realized that she had responded to his change of position as well. He looked up and saw her beautiful face flushed red with arousal and exertion.

“I want you inside me,” she managed to get out between her panting. She took her left hand and used her middle and forefingers to spread her lips wide open. The temperature and humidity at his current vantage point seemed to increase suddenly. He was in utter awe at what he beheld before him. He could see into her tight little love-tunnel. It was dark and foreboding, but he couldn’t remember ever having been more enthused to go anywhere in his life. “Can you manage that on your own?” She asked sincerely. He stood up and took a very confident step forward.

“Feel free to give me a boost,” he encouraged. And then, with a running start, he launched himself headfirst into her sex. He thought he heard her call out something along the lines of, ‘oh, fuck yes,’ but couldn’t be sure. Her voice was muffled quite a bit at this point. He used his hands to pull himself forward as he wriggled with his whole upper body in his feeble attempt to lodge himself deep within this woman.

Now waist-deep, he paused for a moment to take stock of his surroundings. He’d had sex plenty of times before, but there was notably a profound difference between putting one’s penis inside of someone and putting your whole upper-body inside. The warm flesh around him had a smoothly textured consistency similar to what he’d experienced feeling the inside of her cheeks when he’d been in her mouth, except this time he was being pressed evenly from all sides. It created a sense of pressure that occasionally made his ears pop. It reminded him a little of being deep under water, which wasn’t too far from the truth. She was gushing for him. It wasn’t too tight for him to move around freely, but the issue wasn’t freedom of motion, it was the lubrication. He was having a distinctly difficult time finding purchase by which to pull himself deeper, and he desperately wanted to be deeper. He wanted to feel her vaginal canal squeezing his whole body while she orgasmed, and so he continued to wriggle fruitlessly for a short while.

 Bethany was content allowing this struggle to continue for a moment, but then, she was overcome by her desires, and she reached down to help him along. JP felt the tip of one of her fingers under his feet. She wasn’t forcing him in, per se, but providing him with the leverage he needed to get it done on his own. She followed him with that finger as he kicked back at it and used the strength of his legs to delve ever deeper. He felt her nether lips close up behind his feet, and her finger retreated. He stretched his body as far as he could and realized that his hands came into contact with a soft, convex pillow with a hole in the center. He realized it was her cervix. She must have pushed him deep. He was bottoming out.

He took a little time to process that information. Halting his efforts, he listened and felt. It was quiet all around him save for the occasional squelching sound of fluids being pushed about by a combination of his movements and her tunnel’s twitching in reactivity to his presence. After a moment, he realized he could hear the subtle pulsing of her distant heartbeat along with the faint sounds of gurgles and shifting fluids. He wondered if that was coming from her digestive tract, and marveled that he could hear that over all that lie between her stomach and his current location.

As if he needed reminding that he had a job to do, suddenly he felt a massive shift as she changed positions. He heard the muffled sound of her voice articulating what sounded like a question, and then felt her clench her vaginal walls. If he thought it was tight before, he had no idea what kegels could do. The embrace was consistent and almost breath-takingly overwhelming. He found that he could still take shallow breaths, but it was labored. It lasted for several seconds before finally relenting. When he was released, he was able to fully catch his breath, and began to kick his legs around and press against her walls with his hands in response, realizing that she was probably curious as to why he had stopped moving for so long. Then, another kegel came, once again squeezing the air from his lungs. This one was shorter, but it was quickly followed by several more in quick succession. He could hear her moaning and realized that these ones might not even be deliberate. She was probably just really enjoying him in there.

He went at it with an enthusiastic fervor—wriggling, kicking, pushing back furiously at the tremendous strength that possessed him in body and mind. He was only dimly aware of the fact that every time she clenched her vaginal muscles, his own cock was squeezed tightly against his waist to delightful results. He lost track of how long he’d been inside of her. His eyes were shut tight and there was nothing to hear save for his own exasperated gasps and the distant sounds of her exclaiming the arrival of her steadily building climax. He thought he established a pattern of breathing and active motion between her kegels that seemed to beget the best results judging by the volume of her moans.

Suddenly, he felt his whole world shift sharply once more followed by one long clench and a series of quaking trembles. He was being held too tightly to hear much of anything, and his shallow breaths weren’t sufficient to keep him conscious. Just as the death grip ceased its assault, he briefly passed out.


Chapter Four: Returning the Fa-vore by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

Insertion, mouth play, gentle, willing, vore play, another very sexual chapter



Bethany was in heaven. She thanked whatever gods were listening that she’d gotten her hands on someone that was just as into her idea of love-making as she was. Feeling this man squirming wildly, lost to the world deep within her womanhood was hands down the best orgasm she’d experienced in over a year, and she knew even it would pale in comparison to the one she would give herself whilst savoring the sensations of his little but powerful struggles as he slid irrevocably deeper down her throat into his final resting place.

She sighed long and dramatically, winding down from the heightened bliss, and let the tension that had built up in her muscles uncoil. She lied back with her eyes closed and ran her hands over her smooth, sweaty skin, appreciating the sensitivity still present in her breasts and clitoris. Then she sat up, and she consciously relaxed the muscles of her sex, inverting her abdomen vertically to allow the contents to slide out.

After a moment, her little man slipped satisfyingly through her soaked lips and landed on his back in a stain of her juices on the sheets below. She smirked as she realized that he had passed out from the intensity of the orgasm he had given her. She also made note that he was still mostly erect. She wondered if he had cum as well, and he just hadn’t fully deflated yet, or if he hadn’t, and was only at half-mast because of passing out, or if he’d just lost focus on himself. There was only one way to find out.

She rolled over and positioned herself on her hands and knees so that her face was hovering mere inches over his already recovering form. As he groaned and blinked himself back to reality, he was greeted by her beautiful face and perfect, toothy grin from ear to ear taking up the entirety of his view. Before he could react, she leaned down to him and let her massive pink tongue slide out. She touched the tip to the sheets just between his legs, and then with extremely deliberate slowness, she dragged it across his body, wiggling the tip slightly as it scooped under his balls and slid across his shaft. As her tongue passed across his torso and over his face, she enjoyed the smell and taste of her own musk mixed with the saltiness of the sweat he’d worked up in his efforts within her.

JP, meanwhile, was flabbergasted. He hadn’t drifted that far out of consciousness during her post-orgasmic aftershocks. He was just completely exhausted and somewhat spaced out, but seeing her tongue coming right for him had an elegant way of snapping him back into the moment and capturing his complete attention. The feeling of her enormous yet gentle tongue teasing his genitals brought his dick back to attention as well; something that was not missed by Bethany’s attentive eyes.

“Looks like you’re still revving to go, huh?” She glanced at his fully-erect member and bit her lower lip seductively. JP was about to reply, but before he could, she licked her lips, which somehow had the effect of wiping his mental slate clean. “Don’t you worry about a thing. I’m extremely keen to reciprocate. You just relax and let me get you all cleaned up.” With that, she redoubled her oral attack, licking him again and again, mostly around his genitals, but occasionally allowing for one of the long sensual licks that would cover his entire body and leave him completely staggered, shivering in spite of the heat and humidity. Her warm breath, the feeling of her dexterous tongue, and the occasional glimpse of darkness deep within her mouth were overwhelming him and bringing him close to the edge.

Just when he was certain he’d burst; she took a break in the action. He looked at her inquisitively, but she didn’t leave him hanging for long. She snatched him up in her left hand and lied back on the mattress, smiling brightly with her mouth slightly agape. This was it. He was certain. She was going to finish him off, and she wasn’t going to give him any time to think about it. He didn’t care. He was far too caught up in the moment. Her open-mouthed smile grew wider as her jaw dropped lower, making his do the same. She simultaneously released her grip on him as her tongue got a hold of his lower-body, scooping under his ass and bringing him in closer. Her lips sealed around his legs, and she applied light suction to them as she ran her tongue around them playfully. She began to hum delightedly, sending pleasurable vibrations through his bones, and she forced his legs apart with the tip of her tongue which commenced playfully flicking at his junk.

He was subdued in no time, lying there slackly while gasping and moaning with pleasure at the stimulation she was giving him. She sucked him fully inside her mouth without warning and turned him over on her tongue. His throbbing cock was rubbing against the slick, bumpy surface of her taste buds, and his ears were popping. He realized that he could feel her uvula against his left calf muscle, and his feet were touching the back of her throat. He was equal parts excited and afraid, and his body couldn’t decide if it was too tired, too terrified, or simply too shocked to put up a struggle. The only thing there was to do was cum, and so he did. He ejaculated ropes. The duration and amount surprised him for the brief second that the thought crossed his mind, but he was quickly distracted as his ears rung at the sound of her moaning knowingly. She’d finished him, and he suspected she was about to really finish him.

He didn’t have many thoughts. It was like he was sitting backseat and merely playing witness to what was about to unfold. Her tongue pressed him firmly into the roof of her palette, and she rolled it, pushing him downwards, his legs entering her throat. He braced himself. There was a moment’s pause, as if she needed a moment to consider what she was doing, and then she gulped hard. His ears popped. He felt himself slide slightly, but not nearly as far as he’d expected to. She pressed him firmly again and gulped once more, but he still didn’t move. To add to his confusion, he was suddenly blinded by light as her mouth opened back up, and he saw her fingers coming in after him.

She pushed him back to the front of her mouth and extracted him delicately with her thumb and forefinger. She placed him on his back in the palm of her hand and kissed him on the chest.

“M-m-m, that was satisfying. I could actually taste your cum!” She licked her lips, and then took note of his puzzled expression. “Why the long face? Usually guys are pretty happy when a girl deepthroats and swallows.” She winked.

“Oh, happy is a word. Not quite the word I’d use to describe the last half-hour or so. But it’s in the right direction. It’s just…” he trailed off.

“It’s just what?”

“It’s just, I kinda… really thought that was going to be it. I figured I’d be in your stomach by now. That’s all.” She laughed.

“Well don’t sound so disappointed! We can just fix that right now.” She pinched him under the arms again and held him up high above her mouth and stuck out her tongue. “Ah-h-h.” His eyes went wide with surprise.

“Wait! I mean. I’m not—” Her jaw snapped shut without him inside. She laughed at his confusion as she set him back into her palm.

“I know, I’m only teasing. You’re temporarily spent.” She gestured at his flaccid member. “The moment’s gone. I get it.” He inwardly sighed in relief. He wanted it to be more like before, when he thought he was going down for good moments ago. “But I’m really glad to hear you express some dismay at being misled like that. I wanted you to think I was going to swallow you. And you really wanted it, I could tell. But then you ejaculated and had a chance to come down from the ‘high’ of the situation. So, tell me, now that you’ve ‘cleared your head,’ in the strictest sense, do you still feel the same way as you did before you came here? Do you still want this?” She opened her mouth and pointed inside with her other index finger, indicating the obvious.

“Would you spare me if I didn’t?” He asked with mock-sincerity. She laughed hard at this, and then put on a serious, seductive expression that almost gave him chills while enticing him entirely.

“I guess we’ll never know, will we?”

“No, we won’t, because I definitely still want you to swallow me. I really do.” She brought him back up to her lips and planted several successive kisses on his chest.

“I’m so thrilled to hear that, JP. You’re perfect. Not backing down for anything. It’s unspeakably refreshing to have someone share the same level of excitement and commitment to this as I do. It’s rare. You’re a rarity. A freak, if you will.” She winked again. “So, don’t fret, my little man, you’ll be on your way down into my belly soon enough.”

“Ya know, after I’ve had a few minutes to recuperate,” he said sheepishly, and chuckled.

“Of course! I wouldn’t dream of rushing the main event! You’re all tuckered out anyway.”

“Yeah, I’m honestly not sure how much squirming I would have pulled off if you’d done me in a few minutes ago.”

“Oh, I think you would have managed to summon the strength. But I want you fresh. So, what do you say we actually get cleaned up and enjoy some quality time together before we set the mood again? How’s another bourbon sound?”

“That sounds perfect. You know, assuming this one is just bourbon.”

“I don’t need to spike your drink to make you mine. You were mine the second you walked in that door. Besides, if you were any smaller, I might not be able to feel you,” she placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed it, “inside of me. After I eat you.” She slid off the bed and strolled towards the adjacent bathroom. “Now let’s take a shower, you’ve given me an earth-shattering orgasm, and now I’m hungry.” They entered the bathroom, and together, they began to freshen up for the rest of the evening to come.


Chapter Five: Consume-mation by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

This is the final chapter of this installment. Gentle, body exploration, willing, vore. 


Bath time was relatively uneventful. Bethany drew JP a little pool of warm, soapy water in the sink and placed him in it gently, and then stepped into her shower. He considered asking to join her but decided that she probably knew her business and how she liked to run things. He also realized that the logistics of showering together with the size disparity might not play out as well as he sometimes fantasized. Anyway, he figured she wanted them both clean and fresh in a hurry so they could get back to the fun. He set to work lathering himself in the bubbly water and rinsing the stickiness off of his skin and out of his hair. While doing so, it occurred to him that what he was really doing was making himself sanitary so as to be fit for consumption. In spite of the steamy water, he shivered intensely at the thought.

Within minutes, Bethany stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself off. Once dried, she turned to the sink and placed her hands on the counter, leaning over the shallow pool of water and casting a shadow over JP. She licked her lips and smacked them once, and simply stared at him for a moment while he held her gaze with his own.

?All clean, my scrumptious man?? She asked, leaning forward so that her breasts settled on the counter.

?Clean enough to eat off of, Ma?am. In a manner of speaking.? Her sly grin transformed into her characteristic, gleaming smile.

?Someone?s eager! Then let?s get you out of there and get you that bourbon I promised. It?s almost time to satisfy our urges.?

At that, she plucked him out of the sink and placed him in her cleavage, and crossed her arms under her breasts to keep them pinned together, assuring his stability for her trip back to the kitchen.

Upon arriving back at her little table for two, she set him down on his seat from earlier, and turned back towards her minibar.

?You just stay put for a moment. I?ve got just the thing for you.?

?I?m not planning on going anywhere in a hurry,? he said, gesturing to his surroundings.

            She strode across the kitchen, and he found himself admiring her naked figure as she went about her business. She had the most perfect ass, and he was surprised to find himself imagining being squished underneath it in his current seat when she came back with their drinks. It wasn?t something he thought would actually feel particularly good, but the idea of those beautiful butt cheeks bearing down on him with all of her weight was arousing, nonetheless. He took note of the fact that his libido was sufficiently recharged and responsive to such lines of thought, as he was becoming hard just looking at her.

She came back to the table and set a tiny thimble on his side and took her own seat across from him. For a moment, he just stood in the middle of his chair and wondered what she expected him to do, since there was virtually no way for him to reach the table, but then her leg extended across the gap between their chairs, and she daintily placed her foot on the edge of his seat, creating a bridge for him to traverse.

?Why don?t you come over here and join me, JP. I?m sure you?re fit for the journey.?

?Reckon I can manage,? he said, and walked over to her perfectly pedicured toes, carefully stepping up onto the big one, and slowly made his way down the slant of her foot to her ankle, and then began climbing up her smooth shin. When he reached her knee, he was greeted by the view of her naked midsection under the table. He admired the sights as he deftly descended her thigh until coming out from under the table. When he got to her hip, he looked up and saw that she was bringing her palm down, and she offered it to him as a sort of elevator. He stepped aboard, and she lifted him to the table. He stepped off and made his way back across to his drink.

The thimble was still a rather large receptacle for him at his size, roughly comparable to a top hat. She hadn?t filled it up all the way, but it was still probably more bourbon than he could handle. He picked it up in both hands and made his way back to Bethany and sat down next to her glass. It was filled with clear liquid this time.

?Vodka?? He asked, knowing it wasn?t the case.

?Water,? she replied, ?just needed something to wash down what I?m about to swallow.?

?I thought you liked a struggle. I?ll go down easy if you want.?

?Oh, I?ll be salivating enough to swallow you no matter what you do. This pill, on the other hand, excites me less.? She held up a small white tablet.

?What?s that for??

?Special antacid. It?ll neutralize my stomach for a while, that way you don?t experience anything unpleasant during your time spent within me.?

?I was under the impression that this was going to be a one-way trip.?

?That?s what you want?? She asked sincerely, cocking one eyebrow. He maintained eye contact with her for a moment before answering.

?Yes. I want you to consume me for keeps.?

?You mean you want me to digest you.?

?I want you to digest me, yes. I want you to swallow me alive and digest me.? His heart began to race. He wasn?t sure if it was because this fate was so close to becoming a reality, or if it was because he was paranoid that for some reason, she wasn?t going to make it happen. Would she back down? Had he done something to make her question his willingness?

After what seemed like an eternity of silence between them, she smiled, and raised her glass in a toast.

?You?re really something special, JP. I?m going to cherish every second spent with you right up till the end. And after you?re gone, I?ll think of you every day. You?re going to make me so happy tonight.? He sighed with relief. She was still going to swallow him. This was still on. ?Drink that,? she said, ?it?ll help make this better for both of us.? He wasn?t sure what she meant by that. He didn?t need to be drunk for this. It wasn?t a matter of courage; it was a matter of need. He needed to become her meal. Even so, he lifted the bucket-sized thimble of bourbon to his lips and took a sip.

?It?s not as strong as I expected. Did you water this down?? He asked.

?Not exactly. It?s mixed with another special solution.?

?You?re quite the chemist.?

?I WISH I was the one that came up with all of these things. I?d be rich; well, richer than I am. No, someone else like me came up with that, I assume. I pay a hefty fee to maintain access to all of this. But it?s worth it. Everything should be as precise and perfect as possible for what we?re about to share.?

?I agree. But I have to admit, if you?d have shrunk me down and tossed me down your gullet the instant I walked through the door, I wouldn?t have been very upset with you. It?s what I want.?

?I?m convinced that?s the truth, and I?m thrilled to hear it. Still, this way?s been better, right??

?So much better. I?ve had the night of my life. You?re making my dreams come true, Bethany.?

?Oh, JP, you?re making me melt. I truly adore you. Be mine?? She said, leaning down and resting her head on the table, placing her cheek beside him.

?I already am. I always will be. You?re the special one. I?m so glad I found you and that you?re into this the same way that I am. This is the most amazing, pleasurable experience I could have ever hoped for.? He kissed her upper lip and gave her lower jaw a sort of hug that made her chuckle. She let him hold the embrace for a minute before sitting back up. Without speaking, she placed the tiny tablet on her tongue, and drew it back into her mouth. She took a gulp of water to wash it down, and then stuck her clean tongue back out with a satisfied ?ah-h-h.? JP followed her example and took another big pull from his thimble. It wasn?t pure bourbon, but it was still rather potent and plentiful.

?Should I drink the whole thing?? He asked.

?Better that you do.?

?What?s in this special solution??

?It?ll make you feel a little tougher?more comfortable. You won?t lose sensation; that wouldn?t be any fun. But it?ll keep anything from really hurting you too much. Sort of a pain-killer, but in the sense that it prevents things from registering as pain. You?re still physiologically the same.?

?Save for the fact that I?m three-inches tall, that is.?

?Yes, save for that.? She said. He took another big gulp, nearly half-finished with the concoction. He was enjoying this last conversation with her, but he could feel the mood shifting. He could tell she was ready for him soon. He decided he?d like to be the one to initiate the turn towards the end.

?So, I?ve been thinking,? he started, and took another small sip of bourbon-elixir, ?and I was going to ask you how you wanted to play this out; the final round, I mean.?

?Oh? You were going to? What changed?? She asked with keen interest, resting her chin on her hands and gazing at him longingly.

?I think I would rather do this my way.? He answered. At hearing this, there was a sudden, strange gleam in Bethany?s eyes. They narrowed seductively. She looked both amused and predatory.

?What?s your way??

?I?d like to feed myself to you. I?d like to have control over when I relinquish control completely. I want to tell you when to swallow me.? Her jaw slackened slightly, and she gasped. Her eyes widened. She couldn?t believe her ears. No man, no matter how enthusiastic about vore on the onset, had ever offered to feed himself to her. They all got nervous and required her to initiate it. She would ask them if they were ready, and she was usually met with a blank stare, a nod, or a flat yes, but never this. Suddenly she felt vulnerable; out of her element. This was completely new, and her calm, controlled demeanor began to slip away from her grasp. She realized she?d been staring blankly at JP for over a minute now, and completely missed whatever he?d said last.

?Bethany?? He asked with a hint of concern.

?What? Oh. Sorry. I just? I? You?re. You?re the?? JP somehow realized that he?d caught her completely off guard with this. This was the first time he?d seen her flustered all night. He felt a surge of confidence, as he knew he?d said exactly the right thing, and decided to press his advantage.

?I?m the first man to tell you how he wants it?? She nodded in affirmation, suddenly quite speechless. Her shock was quickly translating to intense arousal. This man was pressing her buttons, and she didn?t want him to stop. ?Good,? he continued, ?I?m glad I?ll really stand out in your memory after all. Now?? He downed the remainder of his beverage. ?Take me to bed and keep me forever.?

She complied, placing her open palm on the table for him to step into. He did so, and she cupped him against her exposed chest with both hands and practically sprinted back to her bedroom. When she arrived, she leapt into bed, keeping him safe against her skin during the maneuver, and then released him onto her chest as she sat up against her pillows propped against the headboard. Normally, this would be when she began to tease her catch as she groomed and prepped him for the final plunge, but instead, she kept silent and stared at him expectantly. He didn?t disappoint.

?Place me on your belly. I want to listen,? he said. She quickly obliged, picking him up by the armpits as she?d done many times before, and gently placing him on her stomach directly below her left breast. He lied down and pressed his ear into her soft, warm skin, and listened intently. He began to rub her belly with his hands, and she moaned quietly, and bit her lip in an attempt to stifle it. She could feel herself getting wet, and her heart was pounding in her chest like a drum. She was certain JP could feel it, and that he?d figured out that he?d unbalanced her, but she didn?t care. She wanted desperately to devour him, but she wanted him to tell her when. She?d never been so enthralled.

?What do you hear?? She asked almost shyly.

?Your sexual appetite. I?m going to satisfy it. Would you like that??

?Oh, please? please JP. More than anything.? Her breathing was becoming erratic. She was on the edge of losing control and shoving him greedily into her maw without ceremony. Her whole body was trembling. She wanted so badly to feel this man wriggling down her throat as she masturbated into a frenzy. But letting her prey take charge like this was so tantalizing. He wanted to be eaten as badly as she wanted to eat him. She had to wait. This was so unique and thrilling. It was like her first time all over again. Better.  Somehow, it was like he had her in the palm of his hand, and his presence electrified her.

JP was trembling too, though he doubted she would notice over her own quaking. Her arousal was contagious, and the air in the room was charged with a newfound tension that was begging to be cut. He could smell how wet she?d become, and it made him throb. He rocked his hips forward and pressed his erection into her flesh, knowing that he?d get to try that from the other side within mere minutes. He was so close to realizing his dream, and he was absolutely thrilled to have somehow turned this into a unique experience for his host. He could tell she was in unchartered territory, which he relished, because so was he. He?d only get to experience this once, and the way things were going, his first was a first for her. He closed his eyes and listened to the argument of gurgles and growls beneath him. It was like her stomach was calling for him in several voices interrupting one another ad nauseum. He kissed her stomach and got up to his hands and knees and looked up to her.

She was the perfect picture of sexual frustration building up to a breaking point. She was squirming around as if he were back inside of her vagina. He wondered how long he could keep this going?how long he could deny her this?before she couldn?t hold back any longer and took him. But she wasn?t the only one; he was denying his own desires as well, but he was forcing himself to take his time. It would end up just the same, but so much better.

?Are you hungry?? He asked her tauntingly.

?Oh my god,? she said barely above a whisper. What was he doing to her? She shut her eyes and her left hand instinctively slid towards her sex and began to massage her clit. This made JP all the more eager to pursue this line of questioning. He was pushing her to a point she?d never been. She wasn?t just going to eat him; he was going to make her.


?Yes?? Her eyes opened back up and focused on him like laser beams. She had such a flustered sincerity about her now.

?Are you hungry??

?I?m so hungry.? Her clitoral massages quickened.

?Can I take care of that??

?Oh, JP.?

?Can I feed you??

?Oh, fuck.?

?Do you need it??

?I need you!? JP stood up and gestured towards her right hand.

?Bring me up to your face.? She immediately obliged, almost knocking him over in her haste. He stepped onto her open, shaking palm, and she brought him level with her lips. ?Show me inside.? Her mouth opened wide, and he was bathed in her unsteady, shaking exhalations as she struggled to maintain composure.

He stared inside for what he knew would be the last time. Even her tongue was trembling for him. Every other breath was a high-pitched moan. He was peripherally aware of her frantic masturbation taking place behind him. He knew there would be no better moment.

?Stick out your tongue,? he managed to say. He was trying so hard not to stutter. He was overwhelmed with anticipation. Her tongue extended and the tip of it pressed into the flesh of the palm of her hand. He leaned forward and placed his hands on it, and she cried out in delight. He crawled on, and once satisfied that he was stable, he turned around and sat on her tongue facing out of her mouth. ?Bring me inside.? Her tongue slowly and shakily retreated into the confines of her teeth.

He stared across the landscape of her beautiful body and acknowledged that he?d be providing nourishment for that body shortly. His instincts were absent. He felt none of the necessary sense of self-preservation that he should feel in this situation, and he took note of that with interest. Somehow, he was committed to this as if this was all that mattered?all that existed. He turned back over onto his belly with his head facing down her throat. He groaned with pleasure at the feeling of his cock once again sliding against her taste buds but was resolved to save his ammo for what was about to come.

?You?re the most amazing woman I?ve ever met, Bethany.? She replied with an extremely exasperated moan that sounded almost like a plea for mercy. He granted it. ?Swallow me whole!? He?d barely gotten the words out before her teeth came together with a ?clack? and she gulped hard, sending him over the edge and down her esophagus into the darkness below. The suddenness of it shattered his resolve, and he began to cum violently, making him spasm all the way down much to her delight. Finally being allowed to give in to her carnal necessities pushed her to a newfound level of orgasmic bliss, and she screamed incoherently and began to kick and roll around the bed, tearing the sheets up and becoming entangled in them as she abandoned conscious thoughts and surrendered to the mighty onslaught of the waves of her electric throes. She could feel JP, the greatest man she?d ever had the pleasure of meeting, sliding irreversibly down into her stomach at long last, and the satisfaction that realization brought her was too much for her to process all at once. She passed out while moaning his name and still being rocked by the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm she?d ever experienced. The only sound to be heard in the room was that of her labored breathing.


JP regained consciousness and tried to ascertain his situation through the fog of his post-ejaculatory daze. He couldn?t see anything, but where his eyes failed him, his ears told him everything. The myriad sounds of Bethany?s belly were almost deafening, and the steadily decreasing pace of her heartbeat told him that she?d already had her crescendo. He was lying on his back in a very shallow pool of warm water. There was a very subtle odor that he couldn?t quite place, which he found remarkable, as he?d expected it to be unbearable. He wondered if she?d somehow taken care of that too, as she seemed to have had an answer for everything. A perfect and precise experience in every way. He stretched out his limbs and felt the soft, slimy folds of her belly, and marveled at how calm he was. He was content. He lied there for several minutes just taking it in.

He wondered how long he?d been out, but reasoned that it couldn?t have been long, or he wouldn?t have woken up. While Bethany?s last little gift of fortifying bourbon had worked as promised and he felt no pain save for a very slight tingling sensation where he?d rubbed the slimy folds with his hands, he knew there wasn?t enough oxygen in his current confines to keep him from asphyxiating for too long, though he didn?t require much at his size. He lied there and basked in the sensual overload of her stomach, and waited for Bethany to awaken, or for blackness to take him.

Bethany awoke with a start and sat up quickly. She didn?t move a muscle for several seconds, concentrating hard, searching for a familiar feeling within, praying that she hadn?t been out for so long that she?d missed it. Then, she felt it, the characteristic tingle of having a living man inside of her stomach. She sighed with a very contented relief. He?d really carried her away.

?Wriggle if you can hear me, JP,? she said calmly, knowing from experience how to pitch her voice for the task. She felt him nudge into the left side of her stomach in reply. ?That a boy. Still with me. You really are something.? She lied back down and relaxed considerably. ?Oh, JP. That was unspeakably erotic. I can?t begin to tell you. You?re the best I?ve ever had, and I really don?t tell that to all the boys.? She felt him grow more active within her, and it made her womanhood twitch in response. After all of that, he was still turning her on. If only she had ten others like him. But no, there likely would not be another like him for a long time if ever, and this one was hers. For keeps. Her stomach would see to that.

She reached down to feel her wetness and brought her fingers back up for a taste. It reminded her of when she?d sucked him off earlier. She?d meant to test his resolve, but he held up, and managed to test hers. Images from the whole day began playing through her mind accompanied by the feeling of JP squirming inside her belly in real time. She brought her hand back down to her crotch and rubbed herself softly and slowly. ?I?m going to go another round, JP. The feeling of having you inside of me is too precious to pass up.? He continued to wriggle to her delight. ?Normally this? ah? is my favorite part? but I don?t know if anything will? ever top? what you did for me? m-m-m? when you fed yourself to me? it was the ultimate gesture?? She kept at it at a steady tempo, shooting for endurance this time instead of intensity. She wanted to talk to him and enjoy him until she couldn?t feel him anymore. She patted her belly with her other hand as she continued to speak to her one-in-a-million little lover.

?No one has? ever done that for me before. But you gave yourself to me? and you were? so, so delicious. I?ve consumed you. And now you?re mine. All mine??


JP had been shaken from his daze by the sudden shift of his entire world. Bethany had stirred and began talking to him. He was able to gather most of it, and it filled him with pride and satisfaction. Her words were shining through him in a way that invigorated him for one final push. He rolled over to the nearest wall of her stomach and wrapped his arms and legs up in the folds and began to squirm and get comfortable. Everything was tingling now. His head was light and dizzy, but when she said she was going to go for another round, he was determined to do the same. He stroked himself as he struggled for her, knowing it would be his last effort. He thanked her for that last seemingly magic potion, as he felt no discomfort. He heard her say ?I can feel you inside of me,? and it made him redouble his efforts to please her one last time. He?d given her everything. There was nothing else to do but bask in it and take pleasure. He lost focus several times, but kept on going, determined to finish one last time. Finally, he did. It wasn?t violent like before. He simply felt released and relief. His having been consumed was proof of consummation between them. He fell asleep believing that this was falling in love.

Bethany had continued talking until she sensed his struggles fading. ?I can feel you inside of me. You satisfied my hunger so well. I don?t know when I?ll ever be hungry again,? she said softly. She didn?t feel him again after that. She continued to stimulate herself until she came one last time, and then she drifted to sleep rubbing her belly, cherishing the treasure within, looking forward to making him a part of herself. In a way, she did love the man. When she awoke the next day, she would feel hungry, of course, but only in the conventional way. He truly satisfied her urges for quite some time. The next time she opened her web browser to check her messages, it wasn?t to hunt, it was because she was eager to find a way to thank Jones for sending her such an excellent and unexpected treat that would leave her absolutely content for many days. Thanks to JP, she would be ever in pursuit of a level of committed willingness which would leave her comparing people to him forever, which is to say, of course, that she would eventually seek to have her fill once again, as always.


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