A late night at the bar by TheGiantessArchives

She was beautiful. Theost beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Blomde hair, blue eyes, and only 3 bar stools away. Maybe if I'm lucky I can get her to come home with me. I'm going to go talk to this girl. Little did he know, it was the worst mistake of his life. 

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Just a quick one off, fast paced action. Let me know what you think, still a very early writer. I appreciate your guys feedback. 

1. Chapter 1 by TheGiantessArchives

Chapter 1 by TheGiantessArchives
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I couldn't believe how I ended up here. My night quickly turned when I glanced upon her. A beautiful blonde woman with nice c cup breasts was sitting at the bar a few stools down. I quickly went to try and talk her up. She didn't seem very interested. She quickly got very frustrated with me and shrunk me down to barely 3 inches tall. She picked me up, gave me a quick look over and chuckled, then unceremoniously tossed me into her purse. 

I fell for what felt like forever. The air rushing past me rowers in my ears for what felt like an eternity. I finally fell into her carton of cigarettes, knocking all the way down to the bottom of the leather purse. 


During the car ride home, I decided to try and look around for anything useful at my new size. Her sunglasses alone, however, were 10 times my size at least. There was no way I was going to be able to use any of this stuff.


 After giving up, I felt the car engine shut off and we were heading inside. Roughly, she threw her purse down, causing her cigarettes to nearly crush me. I'm pretty sure this was the biggest camel crush logo I would see in my lifetime. After about 5 minutes, light flooded into her purse, blinding me. Before I could even see clearly, I was greeted by my new goddess's eyes. She was staring intently at me, and I saw a hunger in them. 

"Well good morning my new little toy. Oh, I've been so excited to get to play with you. My last toy broke way too quickly. He didn't even survive one day in my socks! But I have very different plans for you…" 

I could hear her lick her lips as she said this. Before I even had time to try and respond, her massive digits were encasing me in her palm. She stuck her tongue out, and dangled me upside down. She playfully jabbed at my body with her tongue, causing me to almost fall out of her fingers. She lowered me down onto her tongue, snatching me into her mouth the second her fingers let go. She threw me against the roof of her mouth, running her tongue against my naked body. She tossed me around, sucking all the flavor out of me that she could. I was so tasty apparently, she was moaning. Her moans were deafening in my ears. It was like she was tasting chocolate for the first time. After sucking on me bored the goddess out, she knew I was ready. She aggressively spit me out of her mouth and into her palm, she stared down at me, and I felt myself growing. Her hand was a little more of a giant seat then landscape now. 


I quickly realized this may not be for the better though. Gripped in her palm, she held me on her bed. I looked up to see her massive ass above me. It was an extraordinary sight, seeing this large, shaped booty coming down on me. Her smooth skin was ready to welcome me into its embrace. It was what laid being that terrified me. As she got closer I saw her anus puckering at me. She was clean, but her ass was covered in sweat from the car ride. As I finally came into contact with her ass, she teased me a little, rubbing my face against her cheeks, back and forth. She would occasionally press my head against her ass hole, sending anxiety spikes through my entire body. After 5-6 times of her scaring me, she stuck me in up to my shoulders. It was even worse because I didn't see it coming because of her ridiculous game. The smell here was God awful. Her anus was sucking me in, begging to consume my entire body. Before long, she pushed my legs in, and I was up to my waist. She grabbed onto my feet, slowly pushing me in, then pulling me out. And in, and out. She steadily got faster as she got more excited. As she got more excited, I could smell her pussy juices, Even through her ass. When she couldn't handle it anymore, she took me out and shrunk me back down smaller than before. I was barely even a millimeter. She grabbed her massive dildo off her side dresser and shoved me into a pre made slot. As I stared at the goddess pussy, it looked like it was the side of a skyscraper. I felt like I was going into a Portal to my death. She wasted no time in shoving me all the way in. Her pussy was much more of a delicacy than her ass. Her warm wet pussy quickly overwhelmed me with her juices as I took in mouthful after mouthful of her cum. Her walls were pulsating against the rubber cock, causing me to slip out, getting pushed further and further in. Suddenly, she started going even faster, and I could feel her walls getting even slippier. I could hear her moans from inside her body getting louder and louder. She started screaming in pleasure as she finally came sending me rushing out of her pussy in an ocean of her cum. I laid there on her bed, in a puddle of her juices. I was sticky, soaked, bruised, possibly broken, and I could barely move. The goddess picked me up, and her face lit up, but in a very sinister scary way. 

"Ooh, you actually survived. That means we get to play favorite game. She proceeded to grab my foot and dangled me over her mouth again. Only this time, I was staring down the back of her throat. I quickly began to panic, thrashing around as she slowly lowered me in. 

She giggled. " Go ahead, little man. Thrash all you want. It feels amazing when you're in my esophagus. Ooh, you're gonna taste so good." And with that, she let go of my foot. She swished me around her mouth again. Her saliva covered me, causing my skin to burn from the acidity. After having satisfyingly tasting me, she made one last toss around with my helpless body, and then gulp! I was gone. Sent down to this woman's stomach to be digested, and shit out the next day.


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