Stella's Catch by Thatgirlyouknow

A young girl plays with her latest catch.

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Bringing Ben Back by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This starts my story of Stella and her conquests. In this one Ben goes home with the wrong girl, and she finally finds the restraint to act on her 'accidental' fantasy.

"What?" Ben shouted to the young woman next to him over the din of the band. He loved coming to this bar, and had for years, but every time they had a band it became nigh impossible to talk to the college girls that cycled through. Or at least he thought they were college girls. Ignorance was bliss of course. He knew both the owner and the bouncer and neither of them were the type to ask questions when people paid in cash.

"I said do you want to get out of here?" the short-haired brunette yelled into his ear after pulling him down to her level by grabbing his collar. Her breath was a mix of cranberry and vodka but hot enough on his neck to get a reaction from down below. At five-two Stella had a lot of practice at pulling guys down to her level.

Like every twenty-five year old man in a college town he knew what that phrase meant.

Stella didn't wait for an answer because she already knew what it would be. She was new to town and school didn't start until next week so she had decided to see what bars would let her not-quite-legal self sneak in. Two had threatened to call the cops, but this one had happily taken her twenty dollar 'tip' when she'd given them her obviously fake ID. 

Before she'd finished her first drink this tall well-muscled man had started chatting her up. He was interesting enough she supposed, and he was certainly good looking enough for her to let him buy her a few drinks. While he told her about his work as well as he could over the noise of the local band she'd been checking out his biceps.

He'd do for a freshman girl's first weekend.

Without bothering to see if he was following she sat her drink down on the bar and headed for the door. Together they slipped out of the bar and into the hot night. Inside the air conditioning had been working overtime to keep the building cool; out here there was no respite from the heat. 

Luckily Stella had a pixie-bob haircut and was wearing as little clothing as she could. A tube top and some volleyball shorts were all she'd bothered with. If picking up guys were a sport, it would be fishing, and she would be the equivalent of dropping a bomb in a lake. Despite her hot weather preparations by the time they'd gotten to her car she'd broken out into a light sweat that simply better defined her athletic arms and shoulders. 

Her ass swayed seductively in the street light's glow. She was an avid weightlifted who never missed leg day, which was both good and bad. On the bright side she was strong and her ass looked amazing. On the downside everything she wore looked borderline scandalous. Or maybe that wasn't a downside.

Ben wasn't as lucky as she was, he'd gone to the bar with his usual jeans and whatever sports team t-shirt was on top of his laundry pile. Luckily the air conditioning in the little car was more than up to the task. 

"Huh," said Ben as he settled into the passenger seat and looked around. "I'm not usually the passenger."

Stella laughed as she buckled her seatbelt. "What, like I'm gonna let some strange guy drive away with me in his big truck?"
Ben just smiled and nodded as she started driving. "Okay, you've got a point, but this strange guy is still in the car with you."

He turned and leaned toward her, invading her personal space for a kiss. She giggled and put a hand up to his face to push him back, which he let her do without any resistance. It was obvious to both of them how the night was going and they had both had just enough drinks to be happy and mellow in each other's company. While she drove back to the house she rented with two of her coworkers, 'sandwich artistes' as they insisted they be called, her hand drifted into Ben's lap.

They didn't talk on the drive but that didn't mean the message didn't get across. Her hand was lightly stroking Ben's growing erection for most of the drive. She was impressed with his seven inches and almost wished he had been driving so she could play more. When it came time to park and get out of the car he had difficulty stuffing it back into his pants.

Stella got out of her car as her garage door lowered itself down. In moments the street was dark and quiet again. The suburbs were undisturbed but for the crickets and an occasional owl.

"Are you coming? My roommates are still out." Stella said to Ben as she passed through the door that separated the garage from the rest of the house. She didn't look, but she knew he was struggling to get his erection back into his pants and hadn't yet climbed out of the car. "Come find me!" she yelled in a singsong voice.

Quickly she skipped ahead through the kitchen and began pulling her clothes off.

"Hey!" she heard Ben yell from the garage. From the tone she knew he thought this was funny. If only he knew how much fun it was going to be. There was a deep laugh from where she had come from: Ben was in the house and the game was begun.

"Oh yeah," she heard him say as she hid behind the couch. He must have found her tube top where she'd dropped it in the kitchen. 

Stella knelt behind the couch in a small corner of the living room that was hard to see. Sitting back on her heels she stroked her sex lightly through the tiny red thong she was wearing. It was hard for her not to moan out loud she was already so aroused. She carefully kept her head down as she heard Ben's shoes step across the hardwood floor toward the hallway that led to her bedroom. He didn't know that for sure of course, but there weren't a lot of options.

It also helped she'd peeled off her tight shorts and tossed them in that direction. 

"I'm on my way hot stuff!" Ben said as he peeled his shirt off. It joined her shorts on the hallway floor as he moved to the room at the end of the hall where he was sure he had heard movement. Several feet before the door he lost his pants and underwear.

When Stella heard Ben move down the hallway she crawled out from behind the couch. On all fours she slid her way close enough that she could peek around the corner. Ben's naked ass was visible in the dim light as he jumped into her room. He'd guessed correctly, she simply wasn't there.

"Oh playing hard to get, huh?" he asked aloud as he glanced around the room. There was the sound of a closet opening and closing rapidly as he checked it for his five-foot-two prey. "Ow!" he said to himself as he scratched himself lightly against something. Sucking his finger Ben stepped out of the room and prepared to check the next when he suddenly felt lightheaded.

"What?" was all he had time to say before he fell to the ground in a daze.

When she heard Ben scratch himself on her closet door Stella pushed aside her red thong and slipped a finger inside herself. Peeking around the corner again she saw Ben just as he fell to the ground. Then he vanished, rapidly shrinking until he was no longer visible behind the pile of clothes they'd left in the hallway.

Now for the best part, Stella thought to herself.

Naked but for her red thong, Stella stood up and walked to the kitchen. She made sure she was a little noisy, the moment for hiding was over. For her at least. 

"Hey you went right by me mister!" she called out loudly to the house. There was no response of course. At least not one that she could hear. With a huge smile on her face she stepped lightly through the kitchen and went down the hall.

She knew what to look for of course, so she spotted Ben immediately. It took everything she had to not stare at him and get her fun going immediately. Instead she walked right over his pants and carefully put one foot down as close to him as she could without actually stepping on him.

"Ben?" the giantess asked as she peeked around the corner. Her massive foot had slammed down right next to him and the shock of the situation had left him breathless.

He'd tried to yell to Stella when he heard her call from the kitchen but there was a lot of confusion in his mind right now. First he'd fallen, then when he'd gotten to his feet his pants were taller than he was! He'd had just enough time to register his new tiny stature when Stella had called to him.

I walked right past her? What the hell is going on? He wondered to himself as he took in the massive world around him. Then the world had shook.

Stella was beautiful as she walked down the hallway, everything Ben had hoped she would be. Her B-cup breasts barely moved as she walked, her stomach and legs showed off a lifetime of athleticism. Her thong was exactly what he was hoping she was wearing.

Except she was several hundred feet tall. For a moment Ben could have sworn she looked straight at him, but she must have been noting his pants on the floor. She walked to the bedroom and has almost smashed him without noticing!

When he didn't respond in the bedroom Stella took a step back into the hallway, almost smashing Ben again. From his vantage point her legs were two massive poles, towering buildings that converged on the beautiful site of a hairless vagina hidden behind a thin layer of red material. Her massive form towered above him and for a moment he was frozen in fear. He wanted to call out to her, needed to. 

But he was too overwhelmed, and the beautiful giantess walked back toward the living room.

"Ben?" she called out again in a singsong voice as she looked out into the living room.

Stella posed for a moment, pushing one hip to the side, purely for Ben's tiny benefit. If he had been full size it would have been centerfold worthy. At four inches high he regained his faculties and ran toward his jeans and his cell phone.

"Oh darn," Stella called out to the house as though she didn't know where Ben was. As though she thought he were hiding somewhere as part of their little game. "I guess I'll just clean up out here and finish by myself!"

With that she pulled her panties to one side and gave her pussy a long stroke along its length. Carefully she pulled them far enough to one side that they would stay put over there. Then she walked back down the hallway to where their clothes were piled together.

She saw Ben again, inches from his jeans and wonderfully nude. He jumped up and down to get her attention but she carefully ignored his movements and pretended to be focused on the clothes.

"Oh I hope no one comes up behind me!" she called out.

What the hell is she doing? Ben asked himself. She thinks I'm hiding and I'm gonna come out and fuck her?

Stella knelt on all fours as she approached the pile of clothes. Carelly keeping her head up toward her room she turned so that if she did have a hidden lover in there he'd see her presenting herself nicely to him in the hallway. This was the first time she'd actually gotten this far into her fantasy. Most of the time she ended up stuffing her catches into her snatch before they were halfway home. Her roommates would be proud of her restraint. 

Her roommates always thought her fantasy was silly. Accidentally inserting a four-incher? Sure they'd each probably stuffed a dozen micros in themselves without realizing it, but a four? They encouraged her though, because they knew these fantasies were healthy for her psyche, and to be honest the amount of time she spent planning each attempt was amusing. 

Now's the moment of truth, Stella thought to herself. She rotated her pelvis and spread her legs, pushing her stomach against Ben's jeans and her nipples against the cold floor. She pumped her hips a little as though inviting someone. She was as wet as she'd ever been in her life.

If Ben had been behind her there would have been no restraining himself from the site of the tiny woman's pussy and her panties pulled aside to welcome him. But from underneath he could only think of one way to get her attention. It was too easy. Too simple. He may have been four inches tall but she was incredibly flexible; her pussy was periodically within reach as she thrust her hips up and down. The scent was overwhelming. She was ready for him.

Desperate to get her attention Ben timed his jump with her hips and reached upward. With his hand he managed to slap her clit before gravity pulled him back down.

"Oh!" Stella exclaimed as she felt something vibrate against her clit. She brought her torso up vertical, thanked her roommates for helping her get so flexible, and finished doing the splits directly over Ben. There was a small scream, rapidly cut off, as her pussy devoured his body almost instantly. Stella's eye rolled as she felt him slide home.

Ben's feet hit the ground just as he heard the giantess exclaim. Success! He'd gotten her attention! Ben looked up just as Stella rose up above him, a titan to his tiny form. He got a perfect view of her pussy a few inches above him. 

"Down here!" he yelled waving his hands overhead. Then as he tried to walk forward to get out from under her he saw her legs spread further away from either side of him. He had time to look upward suddenly and scream as he was engulfed.

All around him she pulsed, the wet sides of her vagina both smothering him and letting his struggling body slide further inside. As Ben screamed he flailed his arms as best he could, kicking his feet in a desperate yet futile attempt to push himself out of what was supposed to be this night's conquest. For a moment he felt his feet kick against the cold floor until he was sucked further inside of her. Stella kept herself in the kneeling splits, W-sitting like a grown woman child, for as long as she could stand it. Pleasure wracked her body until she knew she needed more.

Finally! I finally did it! She'd gotten close before, but after smashing two men on the side of her thigh during the climactic drop she'd stopped pursuing it for awhile. But now? She'd never 'accidentally' inserted anyone over a quarter-inch.

The only way this could have been better would have been if she had been dressed up like a little Asian schoolgirl from one of her animes.

"Oh now I can have my fun!" she sang to herself. Before she stood up she took her left hand and slid her panties back to cover her opening. It wouldn't do to have him slide out as she walked to her room. Idly she kicked their combined clothes through her doorway and closed it behind her.

All the while her toy was pleasuring her in ways that no normal man could. She always had fun with her tinies, but this one was something special. She knew she'd picked a good strong man. Ben was in great shape.

His movement paused as she moved, and she took the opportunity to hop on her bed. She sank into the pink covers as Ben convulsed reflexively inside of her, brushing her g-spot. 

"Oh yeah Ben!" she yelled, hoping that he heard her. "Keep at it!"

There was a pause in movement after she said that. Then she tapped on her mons briefly and his struggles resumed instantly. He had to know. The gig was up now and it was a-ma-zing!

Stella reached under her pillow and pulled out her favorite vibrator. It came to life in her hand as she slipped off her panties. She slipped two fingers inside herself to grab Ben's feet and slid him partially outward. His flailing arms pushed wonderfully against her insides before she thrust him back in and pressed her vibrator against her clit.

The world was a pulsing mass of heat and wetness for Ben. He was too disoriented to tell where he was going but he struggled for all he was worth. The world shifted and he paused his struggles, then the world leapt upward, fell downward. Side to side he was thrust.

Was it even possible she didn't know he was here?

There was moment where he thought he heard his name. What?

"Keep at it!" he heard distantly.

No! he thought, realizing this wasn't some bizarre mistake. There was three loud taps on the flesh above him and he panicked. Blindly he thrust and twisted any way he could just as two massive fingers surrounded his ankles. But it wasn't freedom they promised, he realized, as he was pumped in and out of her steaming snatch rapidly.

The walls convulsed around him, growing tighter and tighter. His head spun with the constant movement. Somehow he still breathed, surrounded by her scent. Then the walls shuddered once. Twice. And suddenly the fingers holding his feet pushed him as far as they could just as the walls clamped down on him. Ben fought for all he was worth but it was no use. Her fingertips were more than strong enough to keep him secured deep in her pussy.

Faintly he heard a scream of pleasure.

Desperately Stella shoved Ben in and out of her as she felt her climax approach. He struggled wonderfully, he couldn't have done better if he had trained himself just for this moment. Then she shoved him as far inside as she could manage and came with a dainty scream that her roommates often made fun of.

Dropping her vibrator off the side of her bed Stella took a moment to catch her breath. Deep inside of her she felt Ben continue to struggle, though her orgasm had squeezed his now nigh-immortal self like an angry fist. His movements were muted though it would only be a moment before he regained his strength and continued to pleasure her. 

Sure enough, as Stella stared at the ceiling savoring her afterglow she felt Ben began to shift again. He must have found his bearings at least a little bit; she felt him wiggle his way toward her opening.

"Nope!" she said aloud, sitting up rapidly. With one finger she pushed him deep again before she stood up. She shuddered with pleasure. Her tiny form crossed her room in two paces, where she stepped into the tiny leg holes of her volleyball shorts.

The world shifted again for Ben, but he knew which way was which since she'd shoved him hard against her cervix. Carefully he wiggled his way downward as he felt Stella walk. Then one foot felt air.

He looked down and saw something moving through the opening. Ben pushed his arms against the walls of her vagina, barely able to keep from slipping out as she moved. He looked down just as he saw something dark and massive rapidly approaching. Then his sight was gone as he felt something soft push against his feet, and a finger once again shoved him upward.

"Nighty night!" Stella said with a giggle as she crawled back into bed. Ben continued to struggle as she crawled under the covers. Her shorts kept him from crawling out, but she knew he'd be trying to get out all night if he could. 

Ben felt Stella lay down, and crawled his way toward the opening of her pussy. Feet first he knew he'd feel cotton; he'd seen her pull her shorts upward. He may have had no idea what was really happening to him but he knew he had to escape.

So when he felt hard plastic against his feet he froze. Then the plastic shoved him upward rapidly. His head hit Stella's cervix as the plastic started to vibrate under him.

With her favorite all-day vibe in place and rumbling pleasantly, Stella drifted to a pleasant sleep.

"Sweet dreams Ben," she said aloud as she felt her next orgasm building pleasantly. It was going to be a great night. 

Stella's morning by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Just a normal morning in a house rented by three young ladies.

"You are terrible!" Amy said while laughing. She sat at the round kitchen table that the three girls shared drinking a mimosa while watching a video on her phone. "But not really," she said before taking a sip.

Stella rolled her eyes as she flipped her omelette in the pan. For once it didn't fall apart and become scrambled eggs. She smiled though. She really did love her roommates even if their house was full of dry humor and sarcasm that to some would seem hostile. Even if they picked on her usual outfit of tight leggings and a tank top.

It also helped all three of them were roughly the same size. Sharing clothes was easy when all of them came from athletic backgrounds. Amy was the tallest at five foot five, and her long blonde hair normally hung down to her waist. Today she had it in long pigtails leftover from her date last night. 

"You're just bummed out you don't get to laugh at me messing up again!" Stella said to Amy. "I better not see that video on the internet!" she said as she slid her omelette onto a plate.

"Oh relax," Amy replied, "You know Emma and I edit the hell out of these. Deepfake helps, but honestly the look on your face when you get him in is incredible."

Stella snapped her fingers to get Amy's attention. 

"I still wish you'd told me about the cameras first you know. I would've acted it up a bit more!"

"No no, candid is the best," said Emma as she walked into the kitchen in a pair of boxer shorts and a shirt that was far too large for her. Her hair was cut short just like Stella's, except she'd died it a bright candy red. She opened the fridge and poured herself a mimosa from the pitcher they kept constantly full. "But we're both happy you finally got your fantasy in. Pun intended."

Emma pushed the fridge door shut with her hip as Stella sat down with her breakfast. 

"Okay okay," Stella said placatingly as she added some pepper to her plate. "But you can't put my face on there!"

"But look at this!" Amy said holding the phone up to Stella. On it she had paused the video at the exact moment when Stella had pushed Ben up her hungry snatch and sat in a W-position on the hallway floor. Stella's face at that moment was a mixture of ecstacy and fulfillment; if she could have perfected that look for use at any time she'd have had her pick of modeling jobs.

"Wow, you look just like a Japanese schoolgirl without the skirt!" Emma said once she saw the picture. "I'm gonna masturbate to this video later," she said with a laugh and a wink.

"No internet!" Stella said again, "And that's final!" With that she dug into her omelette.

Amy just rolled her eyes and took another drink of her mimosa. She coughed as though she took too large a drink, then picked something out of her mouth. Between her fingers was a thin librarian she'd met at drinks last night. After giving the tiny girl a shake she dropped her back into her drink.

"You know you always do that," Emma said to Amy as she leaned opened a box of cereal and started to pour it into a bowl. Yellow and red crunchy pieces of 'fruit' fell into the bowl, along with a healthy scattering of what used to be several dozen concert-goers. They scrambled in vain at the sides of the bowl as she ignored their plight and poured milk in.

"Excuse me miss crunchy lover," Amy said as she pushed last night's conquest under the mixture of orange juice and champagne. The girl, Rachel? if she remembered right, was a strong swimmer but in her tiny form she would have survived being stuck at the bottom of the drink. She'd been great in bed both full sized and tiny, though Amy hadn't meant to shrink her that small. 

A quarter inch was a great size for the morning after though. Amy was only slightly hung over but tinies always helped with that. Stella told her once it had to do with all the nutrients in a person's body, which made as much sense as anything in their household.

"So how did your night go?" Stella asked Emma, getting ahead of the inevitable low level bickering.

Emma just looked at her and smiled. She picked at her shirt and said "Oh, he was just fine but his taste in clothes leaves something to be desired."

With that she got a spoonful of her breakfast and dug in. Terrified tinies tried to swim out of the way of her spoon but they stood no chance. Their fears of dying in Emma's mouth were exagerrated; these girls' tinies were immortal to most things shy of stomach acid. That didn't mean chewing didn't hurt though, and Emma always made sure she tried to pop the tinies between her teeth before she swallowed them down as a part of her well-balanced breakfast.

"Was?" Amy asked, knowing the answer.

Emma swallowed hard and said "This is my second breakfast," as though it should have been obvious, before getting another spoonful of cereal and tinies.

"Well I'm keeping this one," Stella said halfway through her omelette.

Amy and Emma raised their eyebrows together. They giggled together. Stella had tried this before several times but it never seemed to end well. It didn't help that Amy and Emma made a game out of eating Stella's pets, but Stella herself had an insatiable appetite and tended to get bored with her pets quickly.

Amy finished her mimosa with an extra big gulp just as Emma was spooning up the remaining tinies in her cereal.

"Mall?" she asked Emma, already knowing Stella had a full day planned with freshman orientation. 

"Mall," Emma replied as she motioned for Amy to lift up her shirt. 

When Amy did so, revealing a nipple pierced with a tiny barbell, Emma moved her spoon closer and dropped a tiny onto Emma's nipple. 

"Oh geez!" Amy said, expecting the tiny but not the cold. Stella giggled as she finished her omelette. From across the table she watched Emma lean forward and take that nipple into her mouth.

John screamed as he was dropped from the spoon onto something massive and hot. He panicked as he fell but something metal hit his hands and he grabbed it desperately. Fear gave him the strength to start to pull himself up. Then he felt the heat behind him.

He screamed again as a massive pair of lips surrounded his body. Something massive and wet dragged itself up his back, up the nipple he desperately clang to. Then the suction began. Even using all his strength he only managed to pull on the nipple piercing enough to get Amy a little excited before he vanished into the giantess's mouth and down her throat.

"Pregame?" Emma said to Amy as she swallowed the tiny and licked her lips.

"Pregame," Amy replied, and together they went hand in hand to the living room, stripping their clothes off before they jumped on the couch.

"Have fun you two!" Stella told them as she walked past. Normally she would have joined in but she had a lot of school preparation to take care of today. If she could manage it without becoming too distracted.

"Mmpph!" was the only response the two girls managed as they pressed their bodies together.

Stella entered her room and closed the door behind her as her roommates started getting louder. Idly she kicked Ben's clothes into the corner and turned on her bluetooth speaker. Automatically her favorite album started to play, a fast paced song about a girl hopelessly in love with her neighbor.

"Hey Ben!" she called out to her bedside table. She didn't hear a response, but she didn't need one. Stella pulled open the only drawer and saw him fall to his feet just as the rest of her sex toys rolled forward. Only one landed on him though, and she took it as a sign. 

"Help me damnit!" Ben yelled as something massive hit him from behind and knocked him down. He couldn't see more than Stella's top half over the side of the drawer, but he knew what she was likely doing. And it wasn't helping him. 

Ben rolled onto his back and pushed at the object that held him down. Though it really couldn't have weighed more than a few ouches it was far beyond his capabilies. The shiny metal object had easily rolled onto him to pin him down and he was stuck.

Humming along with her favorite song, Stella ignored Ben as he called for help and slipped her leggings halfway down her toned legs. Still ignoring him she picked up her metal butt plug and a bottle of lubricant. Carefully she spread it on the top of the toy so as not to make a mess.

Stella giggled as Ben tried to run further into the drawer. It was futile of course but she liked his spirit. Hopefully he'd be running further into his next destination too.

She picked up his four-inch form and smeared him with a small amount of lubricant as well. He didn't hold still very nicely but she was used to that. 

Leaning forward she parted her cheeks with one practiced hand while she maneuvered Ben where she wanted him. Part of him touched her pucker and she breathed out to relax. As she did she pushed him against her backdoor and despite his every effort to prevent it, slid him inside of herself effortlessly just as her favorite singer held an impressively long note. Stella followed Ben further into her rectum with her finger until she couldn't push him any deeper.

With a satisfied hum she withdrew her finger and picked up her pre-lubed plug. She took a moment to appreciate the metal's shine and Ben's struggles going back toward her anus. He'd picked the right direction to go this time, and while there were times she'd love to play with herself as a man struggled to escape her backdoor, today wasn't the day for it.

So her plug got pressed up against her pucker as well and she breathed out again. The smooth metal slid inside her satisfyingly and her sphincter clenched down on the narrow neck. Ben's movements paused, the plug had probably shoved him up against the side of her rectum but the lubricant would help him get free.

Turning so that her backside was visible in the tall mirror she leaned forward slightly and spread her cheeks. The heart on the base of her plug was upside down so she rotated it until it was where she liked it. Then the number changing on the clock drew her eye.

"Shit!" she said to herself. She released her cheeks and quickly pulled up her leggings. They were thick enough she wasn't worried about not wearing panties, but today she would have taken the risk even if they were almost see through. In a flash she grabbed her phone and purse and headed down the hall.

"Gotta go bye!" she yelled to her roommates as she dashed to her car. She didn't get a response from either of them, they were both too engrossed in their sixty-nine position anyway. Their knees were probably blocking each other's ears.

Even in her hurry Stella took a moment to enjoy how her plug and new toy felt inside of her as she sat in her car. Then she turned the key and pushed the button to the garage door. Moments later she was on her way to her college tour.

Stella's School Tour by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Stella gets hungry on a college tour.

Stella pulled into her school's parking lot with five minutes to spare, despite her late start. Traffic had been sparce due to it being a Saturday morning in a college town. So she was humming pleasantly to herself as her latest toy tingled pleasantly in her rectum. Her metal butt plug had ensured he couldn't possible reach her sphincter, but he sure was trying.

"Oh the way you make me feeeeel!" she sang to herself as she scooted out of her seat and stood up, taking in the heat of the day. Her toy must have felt her change in position; his tickling changed qualities as he lost his bearings. Even if he'd been completely immobile her butt plug would have kept her smiling all day.

Slamming the door shut with her hip, which tossed about her toy pleasantly, Stella walked out of the parking lot and toward the student union building. On her way she was joined by several other people she didn't recognize; fellow freshman new to the University. She held a pleasant conversation with several of them as their group followed the signs into a small conference room.

"Hello everyone!" said a cheerful looking blonde girl at the head of the room. Even from where Selena stood toward the back of the group she could see this girl was easily six foot tall. And already her enthusiasm was dragging Selena down.

"I'm so excited to be leading you on this tour!" the girl continued. "I'm Sally and I'm a Junior here!" her preppy voice continued. "Let's not wait around, let's get going!"

Sally stepped aside from the podium and revealed that she was wearing a surprisingly professional (for a college student) dark skirt and red blouse in sharp contrast to most of the tourgoers wearing as little clothes as humanly possible. For once Stella was one of the more heavily dressed with her plain white t-shirt and black yoga pants.

As they went from building to building Stella felt her attention sliding. She wasn't interested in the history of their science building, nor the namesake of their agricultural program. There was some neat artwork scattered across the campus and the gym was nice. She liked the bookstore but restrained herself from buying a keychain today.

Soon the tour moved past the food court and cafeteria. Since it was a Saturday morning nothing was open but when she thought of food her stomach immediately growled. She may have had a toy performing admirably at the far end of her digestive tract, but her omelette that morning was not holding her over today.

"Good thing there's snacks," she said quietly to herself at the back of the group. She hadn't exactly planned on shrinking anyone on this trip, but Stella was always prepared. The brunette wasn't one to waste opportunity, nor was she one to moralize where her food was concerned.

She surveyed the group in front of her. Most of them were younger females, with a scattering of guys here and there. No one particularly stood out to her beyond the tour guide, and until the tour was over Sally wasn't on Stella's radar. Unfortunately none of them seemed too athletic, this was a skinny group.

With a mental shrug Stella stepped up next to one of the boys as they entered a lounge area next to the ID card office. He was taller than her, most guys were, and built like a long distance runner. Hopefully he could go the distance of this tour.

Stella grabbed his hand as the rest of the group filed into the waiting area, and he turned to look at her, slightly surprised. With an exaggerated wink Stella held a finger over her lips to tell him to shush.

"What-?" he started to ask, but Stella was already pulling him back down the hall in the direction they had come from. Naturally he followed her without thinking twice. 

She beckoned him with one finger into the family restroom they had passed earlier and with a quick look around he entered with her. Stella locked the door behind her as the lights finished flickering on. Then she turned to the guy and gave him her sexiest smile.

"We better hurry big guy!" she said, giving her voice that little bit of enthusiasm she knew men always fell for. In case he was missing the point of what she was getting at Stella pushed a hand down the front of her yoga pants and made some obvious hand motions. "Get naked!" she told him.

The guy didn't need told twice. He didn't even know Stella's name, but it was obvious everything about her that she wanted him. The school ID card could wait. 

When he was done stepping out of his jeans and pulling his shirt over his head Stella quickly knelt in front of him. It never occured to him that she wasn't getting naked herself. 

Even if she had been Stella probably would have put her clothes back on quickly. He wasn't very hung and it was obvious from his body language he wouldn't have lasted long even if a quickie was what she had intended. He did have a nice six-pack though.

Stella knelt in front of him to keep him distracted. His heavy breathing was distracting to her, but not for long. She placed her hands on his hips and slowly moved her mouth toward his four-inch cock. In his excitement he didn't feel Stella scratch him lightly on the side of his leg.

Knowing exactly how much time she had, Stella giggled and gave the tip of his cock a lick. It bounced nicely as the timer in her head counted down. She lifted his cock and slipped his balls into her mouth as he groaned. With her tongue she moved them around, giving them a hot saliva bath as they churned with semen that he was desperately trying to hold back.

She was careful as she kept his balls in her mouth to work her way underneath where his center of mass was. He groaned in appreciation of her skils and unconsciously spread his legs. Taking advantage, Stella pushed herself more under him.

Maybe he thought she was going to give him a rimjob. Maybe she had some technique he didn't know about that involved her head so far between his legs. Maybe he was just so nervous he didn't even realize that he was moving for her.

But he didn't notice when the world swam around him. He shut his eyes against the sudden movement. There was a brief sensation of movement, vertigo that reminded him of missing a step on a staircase. Then the wonderfully hot sensation of this brunette's tongue was all around his legs.

"What?" he yelled out as he realized something had happened. His eyes opened and he was staring straight up Stella's nostrils. "Holy shit!" was all he had time to say before the world shifted again and the heat at his legs changed to a massive suction.

This wasn't Stella's preferred method of snack-snatching, but today it just seemed right. Her snack was going to be helping her out, so she could at least give him something beforehand. She'd worked her way under him so that when the shrinking occured she'd be in a position to catch him with her mouth. The first couple of times it hadn't worked great, but she'd gotten plenty of practice in at the restrooms at the mall.

The boy's balls were there in her mouth, getting hotter and wetter. Then suddenly they weren't. After being empty for a mere moment, Stella felt his feet drop into her mouth and she clamped her lips around his body before his feet could hit her throat.

She had no issues shutting down her gag reflex with a little preparation but him kicking her uvula on accident would definitely have activated it, which she didn't care for.

As he squeaked in terror, encased down to his hips in her mouth, Stella sucked hard on his legs and stood up. He tasted clean and faintly of soap which she appreciated. Sometimes a hot sweaty guy was a nice change but right now this was the taste she'd been hoping for.

His upper body tried to fall backwards out of her mouth but her suction kept him nicely in place. With one hand she grabbed his torso and twisted him around against his objections. He tried to resist, she could feel his struggling both in his torso and his kicking legs, but her petite hands easily overruled his efforts. In a moment he was facing the floor from a height of what seemed several hundred feet to him, and her gigantic tongue was slipping all over his legs and cock.

Stella paused for a moment, then rolled her eyes at herself and concealed an evil smile. Carefully she grabbed held his torso between two fingers and slipped him out from between her lips.

"Tell me when you're close!" she whispered to her snack before replacing him in her mouth. With her skilled tongue she sought out his tiny cock and began giving it as much stimulation as she could. Facing the floor the way he was she felt his tiny hands push against her chin to give him some semblance of not being about to fall, as though she would have dropped food on the dirty floor here.

At normal sizes Stella loved oral sex, and even on tinies it was fun. Though it was hard to feel the tiny cock at times; at five inches tall there simply wasn't much flesh there for her to play with. As she played with her food she carefully picked up his clothes and dumped them in the large trash can in the corner. Whether he noticed or not she wasn't sure. Not that she would have cared.

Back at the mirror, Stella double checked her makeup and hair while her food was brought closer and closer to climax. After a few minutes, longer than she had expected he would last, Stella heard tiny yells from her snack. Her eyes closed in on him in the mirror and her sucking and tonguing slowed down.

Not knowing what was going on was a nightmare, but the massive wet tongue encompassing his body and his cock wasn't something he could fight for long. The best he could hope for was to give in to the wonderful sensations she was giving him. Surely she'd let him go once this was done and it would just be another wild college memory. Right?

"Hey!" the shrunken man shouted as he felt his moment fast approaching. He knew he'd gotten Stella's attention when she quit messing with her short hair and looked directly at him. Her mouth formed as much of a smile as it could with him in it and one of her hands formed a questioning thumbs up sign.

"Yeah!" he yelled, giving her another thumbs up. 

There was a squeal of delight from the giantess's mouth, and she tilted her head back as he started to shoot his load on her tongue. There was only a slightly salty taste on her tongue, but that was enough.

Tossing her head back as her tiny started cumming in her mouth, Stella relaxed her throat and brought one hand up. As she heard her snack let out an appreciative yell for her oral skills she put a finger on each of his shoulders and pushed him into her mouth.

His legs entered her throat immediately, but she was prepared enough her gag reflex didn't try to push him out. Besides, she blew bigger cocks than his entire body all the time. He must have realized what was happening around the time his hips passed her molars.

It was too late of course, and this was happening too fast. His hands grabbed desperately for her open lips but her fingers simply pushed him further in. When she guessed his hips were entering her throat Stella swallowed hard.

He didn't go all the way in with one swallow, but far enough that Stella lowered her head and closed her mouth. Giving herself a playful smile in the mirror she raised a hand to wave at her snack. Opening her mouth so he could see out one last time she waved playfully to him and gave him the same exaggerated wink that had gotten him to follow her in the first place. 

Knowing it was pointless, he reached out toward the light of the bathroom. Stella briefly considered masturbating right there using the desperate look on his face for motivation. But she didn't have time, she realized sadly.

Then she closed her mouth and swallowed again. This time he slipped straight down her throat, struggling wonderfully all the while. Stella stood there for a moment to make sure he would go all the way down to her tummy, then felt his body 'plop!' down into her stomach.

With a satisfied pat on her tummy as he started pushing at her gastric walls Stella hummed to herself and gave the restroom one last glance. Satisfied she hadn't left any of his clothes lying on the floor, she exited the room and rejoined the tour group.

Despite her reservations, this snack was surprisingly good. He'd been tasty and fun to play with, but most importantly he lasted a long time. The group had to wait while the ID card system rebooted, so her wait in line was pleasantly filled with her food's struggling. Combined with her toy's vibrations in her ass this would have been a wonderful time to masturbate but Stella obviously contained herself. She ate enough tinies that she could control herself in public.

Speaking of, she thought to herself as she eyed the girl in front of her in line.  

An hour later the tour was finished and Stella was walking back to her car with her two new friends Amy and Sarah. They were both blonde girls with a few extra pounds on them, but Stella didn't mind.

Once they'd rounded a corner from the student union building Stella grabbed each of the girls by the shoulder and pulled them in close for hug. The two girls were surprised but of course hugged her back. Moments later Stella was stuffing them each into one of her bra cups while she scooped up their clothes and threw them into the nearest trash can.

"He lasted, but not as long as I needed him to," she complained aloud to herself.

Quickly she snatched one of the screaming girls from her bra and tossed her into her mouth. At three inches tall this one was far easier to swallow, and thanks to the mysteries of how the shrinking process worked, would be slightly more resistant to stomach acid than her last snack.

Stella sat in her car, enjoying all the tingling in her insides before she started the car. As it rumbled to life and she hookup up her phone to play music the second girl was idly tossed into her mouth. After a few casual chews this one was swallowed down as well, then chased with a warm bottle of water Stella saw on her passenger seat.

As the girls struggled for their lives against her stomach acid, unknowingly wading with the remains of the first man, Stella smiled as she read through her texts.

"Will get paper plates and cups," she said aloud as she typed a response. 

"House party!" Stella said happily to herself as she pulled out of the lot and headed to the store.

Surrounded by flesh on one side and a warm wall of metal, Ben continued to fight for his freedom. He knew it was futile, that nothing he could do would get him free from this girl's ass. But he had to try.

Slowly he worked his way down the side of the butt plug, an effort that he'd been working at all day but now that Stella was sitting down he finally could hope it would work. Despite the lubricant he managed to get a forearm around the bulb and carefully pull himself downward. Soon he'd gotten his entire body between the bulb of the butt plug and her sphincter.

In her rectum there was no light, but where the neck of the butt plug passed through her anal sphincter there was at least a hint of light. Pushed hard against her sphincter by the plug this light grew as he desperately pushed his hands around the thin metal neck. 

At a stoplight Stella felt her toy shift a way she wasn't familiar with. Then she felt something she did recognize: her asshole being stretched. 

"Oh boy!" she said to herself. "You really are a resourceful little guy!"

The light turned green and she carefully slipped her yoga pants down to expose her asshole. She would have loved to see what it exactly looked like, but it wouldn't have been safe while driving. So once she parked her card at the store she lifted her hips off the seat.

Just as Ben got his head free of her asshole and saw the beige faux-leather of her car's seat Stella sent both her hands down to her backdoor. An exploring finger felt Ben's head as he screamed and fought against it, while the other hand pulled her cheeks apart.

"You stay in there mister!" she said in a childish tone as she pushed him back inside. It was a little uncomfortable to push on him, which in turn pushed on the butt plug, but once she knew she had him seated back inside she pulled her finger out. 

"I knew he was a good catch," she said to herself as she pulled her pants back up.

The Party, Part 1 by Thatgirlyouknow

Stella pulled her car into the large garage she shared with her two roommates long before anyone started showing up to the party. There would be plenty of people once they started arriving, but early afternoon was too early even for the most early arrivers. Which gave the brunette and her roommates plenty of time to get things set for the party.

She leaned into the trunk to grab the party supplies she'd just picked up and felt her butt toy shift around nicely. Ben had actually done really well in there; he'd almost gotten himself out her sphincter around her butt plug before she'd gotten into the store. Through the whole day he'd been a mobile little pleaser. And somehow no one had noticed (or mentioned) seeing the plug through the thin material of her yoga pants.

Once she sat the supplies on the island bar in the kitchen she headed straight to her room. From the sound of it her roommates were already setting things up downstairs. She'd help them momentarily, but she knew her new pet needed a break. Both for his stamina and sanity.

With a sigh of pleasure, then one of regret, she pulled her butt plug free. It didn't come easily, her rectum clinged to it greedily. With it gone, her sphincter spasmed where it had been held open and comfortably stretched all day. Just before it managed to close Stella felt something small push its way out. Casually she reached to her backdoor again and grabbed Ben's tiny hand.

He pulled free with a *shluck* sound that made Stella giggle. The sounds tinies made were almost half the fun for her. She ignored his tiny screams and opened a jar filled with a toy cleaning solution. Her buttplug went in first, quickly followed by her pet. He sank to the bottom and quickly half-scrambled half-swam his way to the top of the plug to keep his head above the solution.

"You're so adorable!" Stella said enthusiastically to him as she screwed the lid back on. His yells suggested he didn't agree with her, but what kind of giantess listens to her toy's complaints? The jar went back onto her bookshelf; she didn't have time to get everything clean right now.

Stella pulled up her yoga pants and left her room behind. Ben desperately kept himself balanced on the tip of her butt plug. The irony of it being the only thing keeping him alive wasn't lost on him since he'd spent the whole day fighting it as it prevented him from escaping Stella's ass.

"Stella is that you?" Amy yelled up the staircase as Stella entered the kitchen. 

"Yeah! I got the cups and stuff!" she yelled back. "Should I-"

"Great!" Amy interrupted, "Leave those up there but grab the fondue fountain!"

Fondue fountain? Stella asked herself as she noticed a box on the floor by the sink. Wow they went all out!

As she was picking up the box she heard the first *whoomph!* of the night come from the front door. Stella just giggled as a two-inch tall form appeared in the large glass bowl they used as a deposit catcher for their front door 'greeter' system. 

"Never use the front door at our house silly!" she said to the little man as he struggled to realize his situation. Then he was out of her mind as she carefully maneuvered the fondue fountain down the stairs. "Hey the snacks are arriving!"


Four hours later the party was starting to pick up steam. Those who knew Stella, Amy, and Emma all made sure they either entered through the garage or the backdoor. Of course they brought their own 'normie' friends along, they'd make the party more fun for everyone else who mattered. Those who didn't know the girls all made the mistake of entering through the front door and instead waking up confused in a large glass bowl that had been moved downstairs.

Most of the party was taking place upstairs. It was obvious to everyone that there was a lot of action going on in the basement, but not many people had ventured down there yet. Everyone was having an excellent time, from those not old enough to legally drink to the thirty-something who had shown the girls the secrets of shrinking.

"Hey, what's downstairs?" Steve asked one of the girls he had just seen come up. He wasn't sure if it was Amy, Emma, or Stella, and four drinks in to his night he didn't really care. Steve was wrong on all three counts, it was actually Amy's older sister Helena, but since he'd never met her before one could forgive the confusion.

Helena smiled at him, a smile that had led to a thousand doomed men in her tummy, and just winked. She didn't need to say anything, she just winked and walked right by Steve. His buzzed mind rapidly went through three responses.

First, he was a little annoyed that she hadn't actually answered him. The high school jock wasn't used to anything less than an immediate answer from a girl who was swooning from the eye contact.

Second, he registered the wink at the same time he was watching her shapely behind walk away from him. She was wearing a short red dress that threatened to spill all of her secrets, and Steve almost followed. Except for one thing.

"Hey, we need another guy down here!" came a voice from below.

Steve looked down the stairs, a narrow, old set that turned a corner toward the rest of the basement that he couldn't see. The corner of the stairs was lit by a faint red light, the furthest reaches of whatever red bulb was being used down there. Over the blaring music coming from the living room Steve thought he could vaguely hear a lower, pulsating music that seemed to call to him.

There was a moment where all of his senses screamed at him to walk away from the basement door. He had the sensation of staring down the mouth of a lion. Of walking past a group of convicts who were all within grabbing range. Memories of every movie where someone was killed in a basement began floating into his mind while

"Anybody up there?" called the same female voice, followed by a giggle that Steve wasn't sure he should have been able to hear over the music. Suppressing his better instincts he pounded the rest of his drink, tossed it in the trash, and started down the stairs.

No one jumped out at him as he ventured lower into the warm basement. Steve turned the corner of the stairs, expecting the basement to open into a much larger room. Instead he had the option of turning another corner and continuing down to a basement level, or stepping off the stairs and entering a mini-kitchen.

He chose to exit the stairs and saw that behind the mini kitchen a hallway led to another room, this one lit by another red bulb reflecting off what he thought was a slowly turning disco ball. Steve stepped past the kitchenette and saw something on the ground. He knelt then smiled with excitement.

On the floor were somebody's boxers. And not far down the hallway was a pair of panties. And another pair not far beyond those. Clearly coming downstairs had been a good choice.

"Anybody there?" called a woman's voice from that darker room, where the lost clothes seemed to lead. The voice had a cutesy tone to it, a strong contrast to the low pulsing music that seemed vaguely familiar to Steve. If he had any instincts left to warn him of incoming danger they lowered themselves as his erection reared its own head.

Steve didn't hesitate as he walked into the room. It was a lot smaller than he'd anticipated, not much larger than a phone booth. For a moment he was alarmed, there was no way this was the entire room down here. It had seemed far larger when he was walking up to it.

Then a light from his left drew his eye. There was a red arrow, lit by an LED strip, pointing downward. His eyes followed the arrow to where it led. There at the wall was a vertical strip of open space, lined with something that looked soft.

Through the partition a dainty hand came, and beckoned him to come closer. He did, of course, and the hand started rubbing the outside of his pants.

Steve was many things. A great athlete. A decent car mechanic. And an avid consumer of porn. He knew what a gloryhole was, and he wasted no time in fishing his cock out of his pants. The hand lightly grasped his member and pulled him forward.

He pressed his hips against the wall and sighed in appreciation as the unknown mouth bathed his member in heat. Whoever was on the other side was very skilled. Steve didn't lie to himself, he knew he wasn't huge by any means, but the girl (he hoped) easily slipped his six inches into her mouth.

And the things she was doing with her tongue? If he didn't know better he'd say she had two tongues. While she eagerly worked on his cock, somehow licking his base while something tickled on top of his cock, Steve slipped his pants off and pulled off his shirt. 

She took his cock to the base again and he felt the swallowing motion of her throat, just at his tip. The long motion of her tongue on the underside, tingling sensations on each side as she worked her magic. 

How is she doing that? Steve wondered as he felt moving on every side of his cock. Does she have ten tongues?

The hand returned and caressed his balls as he groaned in pleasure, forgetting to analyze whatever was happening in that warm hot cavern. Then the mouth retreated momentarily, leaving his cock to the cold basement air and tingling of whatever she was doing on top of his cock. Its retreat had taken with it whatever had been caressing the sides of his manhood. 

Huh? Steve thought as he felt something moving on the top of his shaft. The mouth was gone, but something was still moving on top of his shaft. Suddenly alarmed, Steve started to pull back from the glory hole, but the hand tightened on his ball sack just as the mouth returned. There was a long lick on the top of his cock that turned into a gentle kiss where he had felt the extra tickling sensation. 

He relaxed as the mouth licked the top of his cock, then the sides. The hand felt him relax, and slipped further underneath him to tickle his taint. Steve wasn't used to that, but he wasn't going to complain.

Until the hand started growing.

Steve tried to scream, but the world shifted around him so quickly it took his breath away. He had a moment of vertigo, his ears popped, he fell what felt like a thousand miles.

Then he was being held lightly in a massive hand that smelled faintly of ball sweat. Far above him was a red arrow, lit by an LED, pointing downward. Terrified, Steve's eyes followed the arrows direction and saw a massive face rapidly approaching as the hand pulled itself back to the same side of the wall its owner was on.

Stella looked down at her catch with a smile. Sure her roommates caught a lot more tinies their way, and they definitely had enough snacks to last the night and the next couple of days, but she liked her way better. Stella liked to play with her food.

"If you come in my mouth I won't eat you!" she said in a chipper voice. 

The naked boy in her hand screamed as she lifted him up to mouth height. The brunette tilted her hand toward her mouth, holding it open with her tongue extended. She made a sound that sounded roughly like 'ten seconds,' and Steve grabbed his only chance. His member.

Desperately he stroked himself, motivated by terror and already close to cumming from the giant mouth that was about to consume his entire body. Somehow it didn't take him long to reach his tipping point. But it did take longer than he had.

Just as he climaxed, coating Stella's tongue with a nice salty flavor (which she noticed), she tipped her hand anyway. Still shooting his load, Steve fell screaming into her mouth. He was just a little too large and hit his head hard on her two front teeth. For a long moment he felt stars while he was enveloped with a massive tongue. 

If he hadn't hit his head he may have seen the numerous other tinies that Stella was carefully keeping in her cheek. The ones she had been using to enhance her oral skills just minutes earlier. The smaller tinies knew what was coming to them, but Stella's tongue and mouth were just too practiced. There was no escape for them, only the knowledge that this girl loved sucking cock and was more than capable of forcing them to help her service whatever man she found.

Stella enjoyed her snack, savoring the seasoning that he'd provided for himself. Every so often one of her blowjob enhancers fell out of her cheek, but she just flicked them back into place with a practiced tongue. Then a tiny light went off in her little hidey-hole. Someone else had come downstairs. 

Just as Steve was regaining his senses, Stella moved him to the back of her mouth and swallowed. She rolled her eyes at herself as she felt some of her blowjob tinies get caught up by her throat and sent to her tummy along with her latest mark. Then she simply fished a couple more out of the coffee mug she had filled with randoms she'd found at the park and slipped them into her mouth.

"Hey mister!" she called in a singsong voice, betting that it was a man who was following the trail of clothes she'd left for all the horny boys to follow. "I'm in here!"

The tinies in her mouth started moving again just as her fourth cock of the night showed itself. She'd already been salivating from the motion, but knowing she got to play with another man who had no idea he was about to get devoured brought her fun to a whole other level. One hand drifted south as her other guided the cock to her mouth. Her latest snack struggled mightily along with the other boys she'd sucked on, then sucked down that night into her tummy.

Far below Stella's ravenous appetite for men in multiple modes, Ben was once again struggling for all he was worth. He'd had the afternoon off from pleasuring Stella's holes, but with the party going and her playing one of her favorite games, he was back in use. 

She sat on a low stool which put her face at waist height for most men, and kept her legs comfortably spread so that she could push Ben in and out of her dripping sex. At times she'd shove him as deep as she could and revel in his struggles against the deepest parts of her. At other times she'd hold just his head inside of herself and let the random movements of his flailing arms tap on her clit like the perfect vibrator that he was.

Stella giggled to herself as she swallowed yet another man through her basement glory hole. 

They just keep coming! she thought to herself as someone else entered the room.

I wonder how the girls are doing downstairs? she wondered as she moved Ben to her ass and easily slipped him inside. He immediately tried to fight his way back out, but that was okay. 

She didn't mind as she stood and turned away from the hole in the wall. She didn't mind him pushing a hand through her sphincter to try and escape, because the man on the other side of the wall couldn't see the tiny fighting to escape her. All he saw in the darkness was a finely shaped ass being offered to him.

By the time Ben had pried open her asshole far enough to push his head out Stella was leaning forward and spreading her cheeks. He had time to see a train-sized cock barreling towards him and to let out a small scream before it slammed against his face and chased him deep into Stella's bowels.

"No damnit!" Ben yelled as a wall of flesh shoved him back inside Stella. He'd almost escaped, but he should have known better. 

The crushing weight of the cock held him down briefly before it retreated. Knowing what was next Ben tried to get out of the way, but in the darkness of her colon he had no way of getting his bearings. The massive penis slammed him forward, backward, over and over again. He screamed in futility, as he was hit over and over again.

Stella meanwhile was having the time of her life. Knowing Ben was inside her as this new man rammed her ass was all it took. She came within minutes of it starting, then so did her new lover. She pushed her ass against the glory hole as he held himself deep inside her. She felt the heat of his seed coat her bowels, and her toy's struggles spread it about.

"What the hell?" the man in her ass asked aloud as he felt Ben desperately pushing against the cock head that was drenching him in jizz. Her ass had felt incredible, but now something in there was messing with his cock?

Stella rolled her eyes as she heard his statement. He pulled out of her quickly, but she'd known this might happen. She whirled around and shoved a hand through the hole as he stepped backward, not quickly enough. 

Just like every man tonight, she slipped a hand under him just as he started to shrink. When he landed on her hand she pulled it back onto her side of the wall. 

"Ready for the other end?" she asked him as she dangled him over her mouth.


Almost directly below Stella, in the second floor of the basement, Emma let out a laugh. She'd been watching Stella's actions for half an hour now. Amy may have loved the party for partying's sake, but Emma loved to watch. Everything.

"She'll appreciate the videos in the morning, don't you think?" she asked the tiny swimming in her drink. There was no response that she could hear, the vodka in the drink had probably gotten the tiny too drunk to speak.

"These are definitely going on the internet," Emma said to herself as she took a sip. On screen another man was coming down the stairs and had just noticed the panties leading to Stella's impromptu glory hole.

The Party, Part 2 by Thatgirlyouknow

Close to midnight Stella finally made her way down to the second basement of the bizarrely built home she was renting with her roommates. She’d spent far longer in her impromptu glory hole than she’d originally planned, but she’d also underestimated how many guys she’d be able to lure in with a simple trail of clothes. Her stomach was squirming nicely as the tinies were slowly digested.

Her latest pet had also outperformed himself. Ben had spent half the day vibrating in her rectum during a college tour and shopping, then Stella had slipped him in and out of her holes for an hour in the gloryhole. For being only a couple of inches tall he was excellent at his new job. She could forgive him for being tired.

Him being so exhausted that she gave him some mercy had even been beneficial to her. After she had deposited him back into the cleaning jar in her room, she’d found two sophomores who were impressed with her place. So impressed, in fact, that they were eager to see the basement where they’d heard the party was a little more intense.

They weren’t wrong by any means. The first floor was mostly full of normies. The music was loud and the drinks were plentiful, so by any conventional standard it was a great party on its own. But downstairs the real party was roaring.

Neither of them noticed Stella dropping cryptic hints as they went downstairs. One of her favorite games to play with full-sized people involved giving them subtle signs and warnings that they were about to be in over their heads, quite literally. Only one person had ever heeded her foreshadowing, and he’d been delicious.

“Here we are!” Stella said to the two that had followed her downstairs. They exited the staircase into a surprisingly large room. It had been a wide open finished basement when the girls had moved in, but with some determination and trickery they’d turned it into a large party room with several areas concealed behind heavy red curtains for some semblance of privacy.

“Geez it’s huge down here!” the boy said as his girlfriend gasped. No one ever expected this much room.

“You’re not wrong at all!” Stella said happily as she saw Amy and Emma across the room playing beer pong with two older men that she didn’t recognize. Her friends noticed her too and waved. Briefly Stella put a hand on each of her two new friends and Emma laughed to herself as she turned back to the game.

“Um, she’s not wearing any pants!” the girl said while pointing at another young woman who was wearing only a skimpy pair of bikini briefs. Her statement was ignored by Stella while her boyfriend made a point of not looking.

Stella returned the wave as her companions each stuttered as though they’d missed a step. They each had enough time for a confused – “What?” before they felt themselves falling only to be caught by one of Stella’s now massive hands. The girl let out a scream as she felt the fingers surround her naked flesh. The young man was too drunk to even do that much.

With her two new friends in hand, Stella kicked their clothes into what was a growing pile around the corner, just carefully out of sight of the normies who didn’t know what they were getting into. The girls had finely-tuned the setup of their parties over the last two and now they weren’t in danger of running out of anything.

Their first party had been a disaster. All three of the girls had been new to shrinking, and partying, so soon their guests had run through the snacks they’d gotten from a football game and everyone had left early. Their second party had gone better, though half the guests that weren’t supposed to be shrank ended up tripping the front-door mechanism. Which was really too bad; not many people were ‘in’ on the shrinking fun so it was a little ironic that they ended up as snacks as a party they had brought snacks to themselves.

As she crossed the room Stella wove her way between the seven or eight people dancing. One downside of shrinking being an inside club was that even large parties for them tended to be fairly small. Of the forty full-sized people in their house, only twenty were involved in shrinking. Not that Stella minded; it meant more fun for her.

The boy in her right hand was popped into her mouth as she approached her friends. Amy made a shot right as Stella got to the table, despite her opponent trying to finger the ball out of the red cup before it could settle.

“Nice!” she said as she tucked her treat away in her right cheek. He fought wonderfully, making her giggle as she felt her cheek distort from his tiny fists. Idly she sucked the flavor from his naked body as she took in the scene on the table: Emma and Amy were far ahead of the boys.

“About time you made it down here, miss ‘vorey hole!’” Emma said with a laugh as the two boys across from her each did a shot of a clear liquid. Spread out on the table were a large number of shots, each containing someone who thought that this party would be fun for them. As one of the players would make a shot the opposing team would grab a shotglass and down the liquor and tiny.

At first they’d had the tinies and liquor in each of the red cups they used as targets, but the ping pong balls would knock out the tinies. Obviously it took some fun out of the game if the tinies went down without a fight.

Stella swallowed her snack with faux-guilt on her face. He screamed on the way down and struggled just like the rest.

“Excuse me for playing with my food,” she laughed as she grabbed one of the shots.

“Hey we made just the right amount!” one of the guys told her in protest.

“Oh, like you’re even gonna get that far!” Stella said, pointing at the two cups remaining on the boy’s side. “You didn’t need to make half of these!”

With that Stella tossed the vodka and former barista back. She wasn’t a huge fan of straight vodka, but she’d found that alcohol kept the tinies her stomach kicking for longer. Vodka would work until she made herself something fruitier.

Emma proved her right with her next shot. The guys groaned and tossed back a shot each. Then they recovered their balls and promptly missed each shot.

Amy quickly ended the game by draining her next shot. The guys were surprisingly good sports about losing to the two younger women, though that might’ve been the alcohol talking and making them too mellow to be angry. Or maybe the tinies had something to do with it. It was just impossible to stay mad about something when your belly was full of squirming goodness.

“Nice shot!” Stella said to Amy. She went to give her a high-five, but quickly changed hands when she remembered the other snack she’d brought down from upstairs. Their hands smashed the tiny between them and Amy snagged the stunned little girl out of Stella’s palm.

“Who’s this sweet little thing?” Amy asked her as she popped the tiny into her mouth.

Stella just shrugged as she gathered up the shot glasses. Even though it was a party she still felt compelled to do some cleaning.

“I don’t know,” she said dismissively, “Some normie who missed every ominous hint I gave her.”

As Amy swallowed down the tiny Emma and Stella turned their attention to the remaining tinies in shot glasses. Stella had gathered the remaining six into two rows and each of the tinies were once again trying futilely to climb the walls of their glass prisons.

“So, good news!” Emma said to the tinies who were up to their waists in the clear liquor, “We won really fast so a lot more of you survived!”

Some of the tinies stopped trying to escape when they heard this. One brunette started crying again while the only man left tried to get their attention by waving his arms.

“Now here’s the deal,” Stella said as she leaned forward to them. Amy just rolled her eyes and walked away while Emma leaned in closer. She was a fan of theatrics. “You’re gonna stay right here, and if any of you are left when we’re cleaning up you get to live. Sound fair?”

She didn’t wait to hear if they agreed with her idea of fairness or not. They were out of her mind by the time she’d straightened back up to keep talking with Emma.

“I need a drink!” Stella said to Emma over the music as the two walked over to the counter that had been designated the bar for the night. “And one that isn’t straight vodka.”

“One of the guys brought over some kind of lemon whiskey,” Emma said as she sipped her own rum and coke. “Mixes really well with cold Squeeze.”

Stella took her advice and poured a cup full of the orange flavored soda, then a double shot of the bright yellow liqueur.

“Where are the stirrers?” she asked Emma while looking on the counter. “Wait, never mind, I found them.”

Emma hadn’t heard her anyways, they were right next to the speakers blasting out some dance music that neither of them had heard yet. Daintily Stella picked out two blondes, their color matched her drink most closely, and she dropped them in. At one inch tall they were the perfect height to keep a drink well mixed, especially since their feet had been fused together with a heavy caramel that Amy kept on hand.

The two sunk to the bottom of her cup instantly and Stella was happy to see that their panicking immediately started her drink moving. They wouldn’t drown, but their reflexes wouldn’t let them realize that. And once her drink was empty she got a sweet bite afterward!

Stella and Emma made their way to a quiet corner and dragged over two chairs. The girls cheered each other with their cups and took a long drink. Stella did a double take as she realized how strong of a drink she’d poured herself and Emma just giggled.

“I’m gonna black out tonight, aren’t I?” Stella asked no one in particular as she looked at her cup with a surprised look.

“If you black out I’m gonna eat your latest pet,” Emma said as she took a delicate sip. Her tongue dipped into the top layer of her drink and failed to scoop up the tiny swimmer she’d dropped in earlier. Somehow she’d lucked out into an actual competitive swimmer; this one had survived two refills, though Emma hadn’t truly tried to consume her until this last cupful.

“Yeah, I already caught Amy trying to sneak into my room earlier,” Stella said, recalling how she’d caught Amy while she was heating the chocolate for the fondue fountain, “Luckily Ben was already busy.”

“Is he still busy?” Emma asked, giving Stella’s butt a pointed look.

Stella just gave her a stern look in response. Emma and Amy had eaten every pet Stella had tried to keep. Those she hadn’t eaten herself, of course. She had good intentions but her appetite often won out over her desire for a more consistent toy. At times she thought she should just get a dog.

“Can we just enjoy the night?” she asked as she looked across the room.

Two of the older girls had placed two bowls full of tinies in front of them as one of the boys held his phone up as though he were taking a picture. Moments later it was obvious he was recording an eating contest. Not far behind him on the worn-down couch two couples were tossing tinies back and forth like popcorn.

Emma leaned toward something Stella couldn’t see and came back with a squirming form covered in chocolate.

Stella smiled as she looked out at everyone having fun.

“I’ve had enough of a break,” she said as she took a deep breath and finished her drink in one gulp. The caramel sweets she kept in her mouth until she felt the candy dissolve. Then she swallowed her treats down.


The following morning, Stella found herself waking up on the downstairs couch. From what she remembered, most of the partygoers had cleared out around three, and her and several others had decided to finish any alcohol they could find. Carefully she sat up, her head spinning slightly, but otherwise she didn’t feel very hungover.

She stumbled over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. It was drained in a few gulps as Stella looked around the room. A few of her friends were passed out in various positions around the room, and someone’s bikini bottoms were dangling from the overhead light.

The brunette giggled at the sight, and started gathering up trash. After a moment, when it started to feel futile, she switched to grabbing shot glasses. She was always amazed at how many shot glasses they’d accumulated.

“Hey!” Brittany yelled as the short-haired giantess came closer. She was still up to her hips in vodka, yet somehow the fumes hadn’t made her drunk. Her cheerleader arms waved and she jumped up and down to get her attention.

“Hey, I’m still here!” she screamed. For a moment she feared the giantess wouldn’t see her, or keep her promise, then the giant eyes focused on her and a massive hand picked up her glass prison.

“Huh,” Stella said as she saw a full shot of vodka still on the table. Idly she picked it up, and was overwhelmed by the feeling that she was forgetting something. The tiny inside was trying to get her attention, and Stella decided she’d better not waste the booze.

“Down the hatch!” she said happily as she tossed back the shot. The liquor burned its way down her throat, accompanied by the pleasant struggles of—

“Oh damnit!” Stella told herself as she remembered her promise to let the survivors go. There were so rarely survivors at their parties that she’d flat out forgot! “Sorry little lady!” she said, aiming her voice down at her stomach as she patted it twice before resuming cleaning.


Upstairs, Stella’s door creaked open slowly. Amy peeked in to make sure Stella wasn’t there, then tiptoed lightly in. A pair of normies had slept together in Stella’s bed, but she didn’t spare them much more than a giggle.

Ben looked upward as he saw the door open, careful to stay balanced on the massive butt plug that was his island in this sea of toy cleaning solution. He had almost thought he’d be rescued the night before, but the giant couple hadn’t even noticed his presence before they’d leapt into bed together.

Amy looked to Stella’s bookshelf, saw the jar of cleaning solution, tiny secure inside, and smiled. Her stomach rumbled faintly.



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