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It's a random hookup app. With size involved. What could go wrong?

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This story will be the gathering place for stories about Tiny Tinder. Enjoy! I'll update the tags as I go.

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Mary and Ken's Rendezvous by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Mary and Ken mistakenly hook up through Tiny Tinder. Next time, get a face shot before you get used by your mother!

This is a commission from anonymous, from their mind through my fingers. Enjoy!

Ken paced back and forth in front of the motel room bed. Part of him was excited about what he was going to do, and another part was terrified. Ken wasn’t the kind of guy to act like this. The twenty-two-year-old investment banker had played it safe his entire life, all the way down to his close-cut black hair. Until this morning.

His hormones had finally gotten the best of him. As a fairly tall yet skinny man Ken had trouble with the bar scene. He had a strong chin and fair complexion, but he also knew his demeanor wasn’t something that women were in to. No one would ever mistake Ken for a strong, decisive guy.

Thanks dad, he thought to himself. His father had been an overwhelming presence that never let him have a moment of peace or a single decision free of admonishment and ridicule. Luckily he’d left halfway through Ken’s uneventful high school career, but the psyche damage was done.

This was all why he hadn’t even told his friends about finding Tiny Tinder. He knew they’d support him to his face, then laugh at yet another failed get-laid attempt. They always helped him as best they could with women but at the end of the day, he’d always failed to seal the deal and he knew how they were.

Ken looked at his skinny form in the mirror mounted on the wall above the headboard. He was paler than usual from his nervousness and he wasn’t surprised to see he was shaking. Not only was he two minutes away from fulfilling his giantess fantasy, he was also naked in a strange place. This was the most exciting and risky thing he’d ever done.

He jumped when he heard his phone vibrate on the dresser. Quickly he walked to it, but not before it buzzed urgently again.

“Giantess incoming! Confirm trust mode?” the text flashed red on his screen, giving him the option of raising his endurance as he shrank or not.

His hand shook as he tapped ‘yes.’ The giantess and him had discussed it on the app’s chat feature, and they both felt it would help them restrain themselves. She had heard stories of how the little men could be turned super-tough and regaled him with two of them. Ken didn’t think he wanted to be used in that way. This way he wouldn’t be made any tougher, and he’d have to rely on her restraint to not hurt him.

Together they’d agreed on a rough plan that met both their goals, both safety and sexual.

Ken climbed onto the bed just as he felt a tingling sensation cover his entire body. Not sure what to expect, he closed his eyes and tried not to yell as the he suddenly fell downward. The bed vanished under his hands briefly before it returned violently, his shrunken body landing on the soft blanket with an ‘oof!’ that took his breath away.

He rolled onto his back and sat up as best he could in the clouds of the white bed spread. At his size it really did feel like he was sitting on a cloud; it was impossibly soft. But soon he forgot all about that.

Ken had shrunk roughly in the middle of the bed, and now the pillows seemed half a mile away and stretched far above him. It was as though he’d landed in a parking lot near a massive ten story tall building. Behind him he could see the small television perched atop the dresser, an incredibly massive square that he knew it would take several hours for him to reach at his current size if he could manage the climb.

As it sank in that this was real, that he actually was three inches tall, Ken stood and realized that he was more erect than he’d ever been in his life. So erect it was almost painful. He spun on the bed, trying to see everything that he could as fast as possible.

“This is incredible!” Ken said aloud to himself as his hand drifted to his manhood. He stroked himself lightly, not wanting to prematurely set off his orgasm. That was reserved for when he was hip-deep in his giantess.

They’d discussed what they wanted and expected from their encounter and Ken was relieved that she was amenable to most all of his requests. No more than hip deep in her various holes? Okay. Be extremely gentle so he couldn’t get hurt? Okay. Copious mouth play so he could feel her giant tongue caress his body? She was completely into that.

Like his friends always said, Ken was good at finances. Reading people? Not so much.

He turned to face the door as he heard the handle turn and the door open. It was just around the corner so he couldn’t see the giantess enter, but he did hear her as she called out to him. He’d left his clothes in a pile visible from the front door, just as she’d asked so she would know he was there even if he was hard to find at whatever size she chose to shrink him to.

“Did you know a Comet Coffee cup can hold a whole bottle of wine?” a familiar voice called out to the nigh-empty room with a giggle.

Where do I know that from? Ken asked himself as the giantess came into view.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed when his mother entered the room.

She wasn’t an imposing woman at five-six and a hundred thirty pounds, but to a three-inch-tall man she was a moving mountain. Ken was frozen on the bed unable to get his legs to work as she sat her half-empty plastic cup on the dresser.

Mary made sure she sat down her cup gently; she didn’t want to spill! This was her favorite red wine and she’d made sure she had a bottle handy for the next time she got to use a tiny to satisfy her urges. She noticed there was a mirror on the wall above the bed and patted her hair to make sure it was dry from her shower.

Mary liked a lot of things when it came to sex and using tinies, but most importantly she liked being clean. The forty-eight-year-old divorcee admired her short, blonde dyed hair and flipped some of it up to check out her underlying darker color. Yesterday her hair stylist had convinced her to try something new and she liked it a lot. Her body may not be young anymore but her hair sure seemed like it was!

Satisfied with that part of her, Mary gave her toy a quick glance as her hands drifted to the bottom of her blouse. He was jumping up and down, waving his arms to get her attention. Mary just giggled and gave him a wink before peeling her top up and over her breasts, then the rest of the way off before dropping it on the floor next to his clothes.

She didn’t give her body the once-over her hair had gotten. Mary knew she should go to the gym more, and drink less wine, but overall she was okay with how the rest of her body looked. Her metabolism hadn’t given out yet so she was still fairly skinny, though her once-proud breasts now drooped when they weren’t held up by a bra. For her age, Mary was hot.

Her work skirt came off easily and she slid her panties off with the same stroke. In moments she was naked as the day she was born. Mary ignored her toy for a little longer as she heard his faint squeaks of excitement from the bed and instead opened her purse to pull out a small vibrator that she carried with her almost everywhere.

Ken’s mother stripped naked as he screamed and jumped on the bed, desperate to get her attention. She didn’t notice of course; he was far too small to do anything meaningful at that distance. When she tossed a massive cylinder onto the bed that almost landed on him he was shocked into running. After a moment he realized he was headed in the wrong direction on the white comforter.

“Shit, the phone!” he yelled at himself as he turned around. The pink cylinder that had almost crushed him had rolled further toward the head of the bed and he could see his phone about three feet away. It seemed too far to run, but he had to try.

Mary drained the last of the wine with a heroic gulp; among her friends she was the heavy drinker. She had her no-good ex husband to thank for that. The seven years since he’d been gone had been a long series of ups and downs, but wine had been her consistent friend.

Then she turned and saw that her little toy was eagerly running toward her vibrator. Mary let out a low-throated moan and pinched one of her nipples. Then she climbed onto the bed. Her knee sank into the comforter and disturbed it under her toy’s feet enough that he fell sideways. Then she put her hands down onto the bed, casually pushing his phone onto floor.

Mary giggled to herself as she almost fell climbing up to the head of the bed. Then she rolled onto her back, remembering this time to not smash her toy. Mary saw he’d rolled a lot with her climbing as it shifted the blanket around and luckily he’d landed just a few inches from where she really wanted him.

When Ken regained his sense of balance, he found himself on his back and staring at the plain white ceiling. He made himself roll onto his stomach and stand as quickly as he could manage. On each side of him were two massive legs, seemingly twenty feet high to him, stretching off into the distance and finished off with red manicured toenails.

He turned around as his mother’s voice filled the air.

“So, I know we talked about some rules,” Mary said to the toy as it turned around to look at her, her voice a little slurred. When she spoke, she shocked him enough that he fell onto his back, giving her a nice view of his cock. At his size it was hard to get much detail beyond a skinny man, but that was fine for her. He wasn’t a man to her; he was a living vibrator.

“But I lied about most of them,” she continued as she leaned forward to pick up her vibrator. “I’m not gonna smash you of course,” she said with a small eye roll as she listened to his enthusiastic yelling. If anything, it seemed that her statement had just made him more excited!

“But waist deep?” Mary rolled her eyes again. “Anything that brings you pleasure?” The older giantess looked down at him with a look that clearly stated she thought that was absurd. “You’re here for my needs, not yours.”

Ken stopped screaming up at his mother when he heard her say that. His face turned white as he realized there was no way he was getting out of this. If she hadn’t been half drunk maybe she would have tried to actually speak with him, but he knew there was no chance of that happening.

The fact that his first, and probably only, giantess was his mother was terrible. He knew he was going to need some serious therapy after this. But the fact that she’d just made it clear he was a toy and this wasn’t a mutual encounter? He’d never trust anyone ever again!

Assuming I get out of this alive, he thought as his gaze moved downward from her face. She wasn’t paying anymore attention to him, instead she’d already started getting herself ready. One hand was caressing a nipple the size of a basketball while the other was slipping her vibrator into her mouth as she slathered it with saliva.

Ken looked further down to what he knew he couldn’t escape. What he’d eagerly been awaiting until his mother’s arrival had turned this into a nightmare.

The massive pussy awaited, cleanly shaved and glistening as Mary’s juices started to flow. He gazed upon it like he would a lion; it was majestic and terrifying at the same time. Ken was so stunned by the sight that he didn’t even notice his mother’s hand sneak around behind him.

When her tiny didn’t rush up to her pussy like she’d hoped he would Mary simply picked him up and brought him there herself. As she continued to get her vibrator wet she rubbed his face lightly on her clit, alternating between letting his screaming face slip up and down her sensitive bud and turning him so that his short hair was stimulating her instead.

“Save some of that fight for my pussy!” she told the toy as she deemed her vibrator wet enough. He was using all his energy fighting her fingers instead of the tender, needy walls of her vagina!

She lowered the toy by an inch and thrust it into her waiting hole. Mary threw her head back as she felt his head enter her wet tunnel, quickly followed by his shoulders. Her fingers deftly propelled him further in until she gently squeezed his ankle between two fingers.

“Oh, you have no idea how much I needed this,” Mary said as she felt her body try to swallow his. It always felt best when the tinies got in past the shoulders; just like having a baby once the shoulders were through you knew the deal was sealed.

“Oh come to Mommy,” she growled lowly.

Mary held her vibrator against her clit as the toy started to fight against her. She moaned as she felt his struggles; he twisted and threw his arms about as he panicked inside her. Despite her promise not to kill him Mary held him deep inside where she knew there was no air for a few seconds. When his struggles started to slow down, she began to withdraw him.

The outward movement caused her pussy to grip him tightly at first, not wanting to release its meal, then Mary made herself relax. The toy’s struggling resumed as he got close enough to her entrance to draw a deep breath, then she plunged him back in as far as he could go.

The older woman savored every twitch and thrust as she carefully slipped him in and out of her sex. Her vibrator rumbled wonderfully on her clit as her newer toy complimented its buzzing perfectly. At times she thrusted him quickly, others slowly, keeping herself at the edge of bliss for as long as she could handle.

Ken screamed as he was shoved inside of his mother’s vagina, her hands no more considerate of him than they would be a dildo. A finger at his back shoved him further into the boiling hot canal, and just as the muscles gripped him to drag him further in he felt two massive fingers grab his ankles.

He struggled with every ounce of strength in his body. His panicked mind couldn’t help it even though a part of him knew that was exactly what his mother expected him to do. Her toy to do.

“Oh yeah, Mommy likes that!” Mary said as her toy did its magic. This little one was certainly living up to his promises, at least as long as she remembered to let him have some air. She’d made that mistake once before and didn’t feel like doing it twice.

The investment banker felt his stomach heave as he was propelled back and forth in his mother’s pussy like the sex toy he’d volunteered to become. At times he could breath, at others he merely got a mouthful of her lubricant. Never did she stop thrusting, never did he stop trying desperately to escape. After several minutes of this he felt his prison get tighter around him, her fingers pushed and pulled him more frantically.

“Mommy’s getting close!”

Ken lost his lunch when he realized what was about to happen. He heard her voice saying something on the outside of her body but he couldn’t make out what it was. The man may have had few experiences with the other sex but he knew what it sounded like when someone was about to orgasm. He turned his head and vomited, hoping that the constant motion would keep the emesis away from him.

Mary approached her orgasm slowly, surely, taking her time. Then she felt her toy squirt his own fluid inside of her and she lost control.

“Oh yes!” she yelled as it all came together. Her pussy clamped on her toy and she let go of his ankles to grab one of her breasts. She felt him get pulled deeper into her pussy as her orgasm took over.

It came to her in a slow flood. Not all at once like some women, but as a rising tide of heat and pressure. Mary writhed on the hotel bed, lost in ecstasy as her toy kept struggling. He must have sensed she was in the midst of the ultimate passion; he slid further into her sex he turned and began kicking and scratching at her G-spot.

“That’s it! Squirm for Mommy!” Mary squeaked out as her toy worked its magic and her vibrator carefully rode across her clit to stretch out her orgasm as long as it could last.

With a final cry of passion Mary pulled her vibrator off her clit and dropped it to the side. Her toy’s struggles slowed inside her while she caught her breath and let the endorphins of her afterglow lull her into a half-sleep.

Smiling, Mary sighed and spread her legs apart a little more then brought her heels up to her butt. She took a deep breath then exhaled, flexing her abdominal muscles as she did so. With a move she first practiced when she was going to give birth some twenty-two years ago, she pushed her toy out of her pussy.

Mary giggled to herself as she felt the toy slide out of her then drop onto the bed in a puddle of her fluids. She sighed, still riding the afterglow wave.

“Oh you little toys really do an old gal good,” she said to the toy as she felt some movement between her legs. It was these moments she felt more alive than she ever had as a youth.

“Wish you’d have been fine with the toughening part, I could use you all weekend!”

Ken struggled to his feet as he heard his mother threaten to keep him all weekend. It was a good thing she kept to that part of the agreement at least; if he’d been super-tough she would have just shoved him back up her pussy and headed out to happy hour. Ken was better off not knowing how narrowly he’d avoided spending the weekend in his mom’s pussy as she tried to find a full-size cock to ride.

His face was covered in her juices and he did his best to wipe himself off as he stumbled away from her massive pussy. He heard his mother do her trademark giggle as he walked away from her, desperate to be anywhere but here. Tears streamed down his face as the horror of what had happened continued to set in. If he hadn’t already vomited, he surely would have now.

“Oh fine,” Mary said as she saw the tiny limping away. She’d probably been too rough again, but at least this one didn’t seem to be badly hurt.

Her pussy tingled again as she recalled the first time she’d had a volunteer toy not want to be made super-strong. She’d made the mistake of propelling his tiny dildo self by his head; she hadn’t killed him, just paralyzed him. When it was obvious what had happened, she’d sucked him down her hungry throat with the last of her wine before she’d headed home and slept like a baby.

Mary made sure she carefully climbed off the bed without knocking the toy over. Her movements were more limber, she felt so relaxed after releasing her pent-up urges. Mary twisted her torso as she walked to where she’d left her phone, getting some satisfying cracks from her back.

“Ten minutes good enough for you?” Mary asked the tiny rhetorically as she re-opened the Tiny Tinder app on her phone. Usually she set a ten-minute timer for her toys to return to full size after they’d been used up and she was long gone. She’d been very careful to not set a timer for a few of them of course. No one wanted a snack exploding inside of them.

Unfortunately for Mary, the wine had gone straight to her head and she forgot what she was doing as the app opened. Without paying attention she opened the re-size menu and clicked full-size without setting the timer first.

“holy SHIT!” the toy yelled, the sound growing louder as his body reached full size.

Mary froze as she realized she’d just full-sized him with her still in the room. She would have re-shrank him immediately so he couldn’t get any funny ideas about reciprocation but once the toy was back to full size they had to agree to shrink again. Slowly Mary turned around and screamed.

“Ken!?” she screamed as she realized who was on the bed. Her hands came up to her face as though she could block out what she’d just done to her son.

“I tried to tell you when you came in!” Ken said, retching again. Of course, nothing came out, he’d already lost it inside his mother’s pussy.

“Oh no no no no,” Mary repeated to herself as she fell backward against the dresser.

Ken couldn’t look his mother in the eye. All he could see or smell was her wet pussy juices still clinging to his body. Part of his mind was telling him he hadn’t really escaped.

“How could you?” he cried out. He knew that it was a terrible mistake, but nothing could shake the sensation of being pushed and pulled through his mother’s pussy as she screamed in ecstasy. His hands shook as he covered his penis from her sight, which he was sure would never get hard again after this.

Mary dry heaved as she realized what she’d done, how much pleasure she’d gotten from using her son like a toy. How deep inside she’d felt him.

“I didn’t know!” she responded, “I didn’t know!”

The two stared at each other for a long moment, not quite meeting each other’s eyes. Then Ken grabbed his pants off the floor and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Mary stood there in horror as she heard the shower turn on, then got dressed as fast as she could.

Two minutes later she was on the highway home struggling not to cry while Ken let nigh-boiling water run over his shoulders as he sat under the showerhead.


Three days later Mary got a text from her son. Thanksgiving was still on, but don’t expect him to stay long.

She understood of course. She’d spent the last three days trying to see if amnesia truly did lay at the bottom of a bottle.

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