How to Train Your Brother by Jessajess99
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 After a recent development disorder leaves him much shorter than he used to be, Reese has become academically demotivated, and worries he won't receive his diploma in his final few weeks of high school. But his sister, a recent college graduate who's twice as tall as him, moves back home. Her arrival sparks a change in Reese's attitude to start treating his family - and particularly his amazon of a sister - a lot nicer than anyone would reasonably expect. Eventually his sister realizes she might be able to save him from failing his senior year, and Reese does his best to more than thank her in return.

There was some kind of spam attack on the website which is why it says I have over a thousand reviews. The moderators deleted the fakes but I guess the site still says I have a bunch. The real number is like 250ish or something. 

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Shrink: Dwarf (3 ft. to 5 ft.), Munchkin (2.9 ft. to 1 ft.)
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Series: How to Train Someone in 23 Days or Less
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Introduction & Table of Contents by Jessajess99


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Hi, thanks for checking out my story! How to Train Your Brother is unique in that there are two different versions, but they both follow roughly the same storyline: Reese is having trouble finishing up his senior year of high school, when his sister Olivia, who’s 6-and-a-half feet tall, graduates from college and comes home to stay with the family for a little while. They both follow the same general guidelines with the same major plot points, but approach them from different perspectives - literally. 

Version 1 is good if you’re into

Version 2 is good if you’re into

Version 2 isn’t done yet (18/19 days complete), but Version 1 is 100% finished, so you can finish the whole thing from front to end before starting up the current version. But WARNING: Version 1 is pretty boring for the first half! Even the second half is pretty slow. When I say it's a slow burn I mean it's a really, really slow burn. Some like it though so if you know you're into stuff that takes time while still being tame then go for it! Otherwise V2 is probably the one for you.



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There are a lot of scenes that I just didn’t know how to categorize, and lots of little moments that were too small to warrant adding but technically fell under various categories. For example, there’s a chapter that details him unable to lift weights or properly use a treadmill, and another where she falls asleep in the bathtub and her foot nearly drowns him. Those kinds of interactions could respectively be categorized as humiliating and unaware, but it's sort of a stretch to call them that. They contribute to the general theme of the story but idk a concise and descriptive tag for them and a few other scenes.

- "feet" without any other adjectives implies that they're clean, vs "sweaty feet" which is self explanatory
- the 'worn' tag means he's worn inside her clothes in some way
- the tags are listed in roughly the order they show up in the chapter



Version 1:

Coming Soon



Version 2: 

Day 1 - Gentle

Day 2 - Serving

Day 3 - Teasing

Day 4 - Footrub, teasing, worn, unaware ass, trapped

Day 5 - Back and foot massage

Day 6 - Feet, boobs, teasing, worn

Day 7 - FF/m, feet, sat on, muscles, humiliating, boobs, worn

Day 8 - FF/m, feet, gentle

Day 9 - Sweaty socks, teasing, boobs, ass

Day 10 - Boobs, legs, clean feet, sat on, light femdom, worn, humiliating

Day 11 - Shoes, humiliating, gentle, boobs

Day 12 - Sweaty armpits, sweaty socks, angry, femdom, feet, teasing, ass, facesitting, unaware

Day 13 - Sweaty socks, light femdom, legs, light MF/m cuck

Day 14 - Angry, light foot worship, FFF/m, feet, humiliating

Day 15 - Sweaty boobs, sweaty socks, sweaty feet, trapped, unaware, FF/m, ass, light femdom

Day 16 - Boobs, sweaty feet, sweaty socks, ass, facesitting, femdom, MF/m unaware cuck, sex

Day 17 - Light femdom, ass, farts

Day 18: Parts 1 to 5 - Trapped, feet, boobs, very humiliating, femdom, FFF/m, ass, angry, spanking

Day 18: Parts 6 to 10 - Mean femdom, sweaty socks, self-discipline, humiliating, ass, facesitting, farting, boobs, bondage, wedgie, sex, unaware cuck

Day 19: Sweaty Savior - Femdom, sweat, armpits, boobs

Day 19: Sibling Shower - Boobs, butt, armpit, teasing

Day 19: Toes & Titties - Boobs, teasing, feet, femdom, foot worship

Day 19: Foot Slave for Two - FF/m, feet, foot worship, teasing


Upcoming chapters:

Day 19: Smelly Elly - FFF/m, sweaty socks, unaware (Patreon-only til 4th week of June)

Day 19: The Suitcase - FFFF/m, butt-smothering, butts, sweaty socks, teasing (Patreon-only til 2nd week of July)

Detailed Character Guide - Can be used as a reference if you're having trouble differentiating those in the story (Patreon-only til 4th week of July)

Day 19: Bikini Hugs - FFF/m, unaware, boobs, teasing (Patreon-only til 2nd week of August)



I hope for this story to have a little bit of something for everyone by the time I’m done. Hope you enjoy!


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