A Mother's Shrink Gun by Vexed

Claire gets to test out a new shrink gun toy but things don't all go to plan.

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Chapter 3 by Vexed

Jessie went downstairs and poured herself some cereal. Sitting opposite her Father, he looked concerned. “What’s up Dad?” she asked, shovelling some cereal into her mouth after having said it. “I haven’t seen Claire since yesterday morning” he stated in a worried tone. Jessie responded in a sympathetic tone “she’s probably on a last minute trip, you know she’s always volunteering to test stuff so maybe she had to go somewhere to do that”. John sighed slightly, feeling a little better. “Yeah you’re probably right” he said, continuing to eat his food.

Claire screamed out hearing all of this from the confines of Jessie’s asshole but had no such success in getting her attention. Jessie felt the buzz-like itch again and lifted her ass slightly. Feeling no shame in front of her Father, for they were very close, an audible rumble came from within her and it was followed by a sharp hiss from her asshole. The buzzing stopped and Jessie laughed, satisfied that the itch was gone. John laughed also, waving his hand in front of his face from the smell.

Claire’s eyes widened, she screamed. A strange rumble vibrated all around her. Then the anus in front of her twitched and suddenly burst open. A sharp hiss slid out and invaded Claire’s open mouth and nose like a toxic gas. She coughed and gasped for clean air but was met with more of Jessie’s ass stench as it lingered around her.

Finishing up her cereal, Jessie stood up and carried her bowl to the sink. Saying goodbye to her Father, she grabbed her bag and quickly left for college. Claire was having a hard time coming to terms with her entrapment as she sobbed from within the cheeks that held her. She thanked her stars that the smell had went away for the most part, however it now felt greasier and Jessie was walking fast to college which meant Claire was being ground between her cheeks a lot.

Time passed slowly for Claire. The constant grind of her step daughter’s cheeks against her combined with the permanent stench of her asshole meant that she had no time to rest. Her senses were all constantly assaulted. The pressure increased tenfold as Jessie sat in the lecture hall.

An hour passed and Claire’s body was battered, she had no idea how to escape and was shocked at the fact she had survived this long within this tight confinement. A rumble like the one earlier reverberated Claire’s world, horrified at what it might mean Claire screamed and thrashed around as best she could but had no effect on her unaware stepdaughter.

Jessie felt the rumble within her, she twitched her asshole in an attempt to fart hoping that would release the pressure building up. Claire felt the asshole bulge into her face as she did this but no fart came. Unsatisfied, Jessie stood up and left the lecture hall. She sped walk down the hallways of the college, grinding Claire uncomfortably into her asshole.

Jessie quickly pushed through a swinging door and into the women’s toilets, entering the furthest stall from the door. To her luck, the other stalls were empty. She locked the door behind her and began to unbutton her shorts. In one swift motion she pulled her shorts, her leggings and thong down together to leave her bottom half stark naked.

Claire gasped the semi-clean air as the pressure around her released almost completely for the first time. The fabric that had her pinned was all pulled away from her but the cheeks still held her slightly due to the depth at which she was. Jessie began to sit, thus spreading her cheeks.

Screaming out in horror, Claire grasped at Jessie’s tiny ass hairs as she realised what lay before her. The porcelain pit loomed below her menacingly. She prayed that Jessie only had to pee but the rumbling she had heard earlier said otherwise.

Suddenly Jessie’s asshole bulged outwards, making Claire lose her grip. Like a meteor, she soared down into the depths of the toilet. Almost all light was eclipsed by Jessie’s ass, only a slither getting through from between her legs. Claire began to tread water and peered up at her step daughter’s unaware face as she sat with an elbow on each knee.

With a quick clench, Jessie uncaringly began to drop her load. Her excrement crashing down towards her mother like a football-sized hailstorm. Claire was plunged under the water as the lumps battered her down.

While the storm struck down below her, Jessie took advantage of her toilet time to play on her phone. As she browsed the usual apps, a quick ding popped out of the speaker. It was her Dad: “Hey Jessie, a feedback letter came in the mail for your Mother about some sort of shrinking program. There’s a chance that this is the reason she’s missing, I’ve contacted the company who sent it. We don’t know how she shrunk or if she’s shrunk. They’ll be coming to investigate the house soon, be careful where you step just in case. Love, Dad”.

Completely aghast, Jessie held her phone close to her chest and considered what this meant. She hadn’t seen her stepmother in at least a day! “Good riddance” she uttered to herself under breath, continuing to blast the toilet below her all the while. She had never liked her step mother. And now, the concept of her Mother combined with the concept of a bug had her all disgusted and itchy! Wait… Itchy…

She had felt and ignored several itches in the past day or so, she just put it down to her clothing or maybe a new soap they used for their clothes. Just in case, she leaned forward and inspected her thong and pants. Nothing. With a hand on her chin, she considered where on Earth Claire could be.

A final plop was heard dropping into the toilet as the metaphorical light bulb appeared above her head. The chaos below her ended. She peered between her legs, just curious about the very possibility. Crazily enough, between her legs was a small being covered in brown crawling up the porcelain and away from the pit of brown she had created.

Jessie quickly slammed her legs shut to hide the expression of pure shock on her face from her step mother. Claire, barely able to see from the excrement covering her, noticed nothing other than that she had been plunged into near complete darkness as she climbed.

Thinking fast, Jessie quickly reached for the toilet paper and wiped herself a sufficient amount. Acting unaware, she bunched up the used toilet paper and dropped it down onto the porcelain before closing her legs again.

Claire couldn’t believe her luck! She neared the top of the porcelain, having initially felt like it were a lost cause as she’d never be able to scale the walls that surrounded her now at the top. As if a gift from God, Jessie’s legs opened and her hand came down to wipe. The toilet paper dropped out of her hand and in front of Claire, immediately after this the legs closed again. The balled up nature of the toilet paper combined with Claire’s sticky body meant she might be able to climb up this paper rather than trying to climb up and end up sliding down the porcelain wall above her.

With no time to spare, she scaled the toilet paper and very quickly reached her ceiling of Jessie’s ass and closed legs. She knew she had to act fast! Jessie shuffled slightly to indicate  she was about to stand to her stepmother without directly communicating with her in order to maintain the illusion of her unawareness. Claire, in a last ditch effort to survive, dived for her daughter’s crack above her. Just reaching it, she grasped at the tiny hairs for support.

Her plan worked. Jessie waited a short while after having thrown her step mother a lifeline. As expected, she felt a slight itch on her asshole. It was the only place her step mother could go since her legs were closed. The itch, acting like a gun in a horse race, initiated the second part of her plan. Jessie stood up from her porcelain throne, her cheeks clasping together as she did. She bent slightly, raised her thong, her leggings and then her shorts.

Claire, despite being again in her step daughter’s ass, felt blessed that she at least survived as she felt the pressure-increasing act of Jessie putting her pants back on and the loud flushing of the toilet that once contained her. She gagged, finally having the time to think about where she was and what she was covered in. Jessie hadn’t wiped well.

Wasting no time, Jessie decided to leave college early. With each grind of her cheeks as she walked, she got more and more turned on. She was surprised by how much this new domineering position she had over step mother got her going. The fact that Claire didn’t know Jessie knew, well that turned her on even moreso. For Jessie, the walk back home was pure bliss. And the fact she knew what it was for Claire made it all the better.

Entering her home, she ran immediately to her room. Stripping off all her clothing down to her thong and bra, Jessie climbed onto her bed. Plucking her phone from where she had placed it before stripping, she took a picture of her near-nude body in her most seductive pose. Preparing the image, she typed the words “Nobody’s home. Come over <3” on top and clicked send.

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