A Mother's Shrink Gun by Vexed

Claire gets to test out a new shrink gun toy but things don't all go to plan.

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1. Chapter 1 by Vexed

2. Chapter 2 by Vexed

3. Chapter 3 by Vexed

4. Chapter 4 by Vexed

5. Chapter 5 by Vexed

6. Chapter 6 by Vexed

7. Chapter 7 by Vexed

8. Chapter 8 by Vexed

9. Chapter 9 by Vexed

10. Chapter 10 by Vexed

11. Chapter 11 by Vexed

Chapter 1 by Vexed

Claire drove home ecstatic about her package. She was one of the few beta testers for the new shrink gun and she couldn’t wait to test it on her husband. As she pulled up to her front door, she quickly turned off her car and ran inside. After having opened the door, Claire plucked the package off the floor and ran upstairs to her room.

Excitedly she ripped open the package. Before her lay the golden glimmering ray gun donning nothing but a switch with the options of “Shrink” and “Grow” and a small dial to set the multiplier. Reaching in, she pulled the gun out and gripped it firmly in her hand. A smile beamed across her face, it framed perfectly by her long blonde hair.

Wanting to get into something more comfortable for her husband, Claire placed the ray gun down on her bed and ran off to the bathroom. She quickly threw on her sexiest lace lingerie and returned to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed, she gave her best pose to the full wall mirror that sat facing her as she waited for her husband.

A door slammed shut and the repetitive thump of her husband’s steps could be heard as he made his way up the stairs. Wanting to be a little crazy and spontaneous, Claire hid against the bedroom wall and awaited her husband pulling open the door.

She grinned with mischievous glee as she heard the distinct click of the door handle and watched it come away from its frame. John, her husband, pulled open the door and began to step in. He quickly remembered that he had left his phone in the car and turned to go get it.

Not expecting the retreat, Claire shot the ray gun at where she expected her husband to step and gasped in shock as his body did not meet its shot. Instead the shot continued on past where he would’ve been, hit the mirror and beamed back towards Claire. A shock similar to an electrical one vibrated through her body as the beam struck her chest.

As expected, Claire’s size began to dwindle. She became smaller and smaller before landing at the smallest possible size of one inch. The gun fell to the floor in front of her with a thunderous boom. Fearing for her safety, she pondered what to do.

Claire’s thoughts were cut short as John entered the room and stomped past her, knocking her off her feet. He absentmindedly changed into his casualwear, not noticing the tiny woman by the door jumping up and screaming.

Now in his t-shirt and jeans, John walked towards the door. Looking towards Claire, an inquisitive expression painted his face. Claire smiled happily and continued to jump as John approached her.

Reaching down, he clasped his fingers around the gun and looked at it curiously. Claire’s smile faded away as her husband stood back up with the gun in his hand, not noticing his wife on the floor. Fear struck her harder as the bassy voice of her husband shook her whole being, “Why is Leon leaving his toys in my room? Surely by the age of 18 he’d be off of these toys by now”.

Shrugging, John left the room with the gun in hand to return it to his son. The door slammed shut behind him. Claire, unbroken by the predicament she was in, composed herself and began trekking towards the gap under her door.

Squeezing under the gap in the door, she watched from her safe place as her step daughter and husband passed each other in the hallway; her husband heading downstairs after having put the gun in her son’s room and her step daughter heading to her room.

Claire stepped out into the now empty hallway. An option befell her: left to her step daughter’s room or right to the staircase. Figuring she’d not make it down the stairs, she turned left towards her step daughter’s room. It was pointless going to her son’s room as she was not big enough to pull the trigger and he was not home.

Jessie, Claire’s step daughter, was 19 years old. She had a long and slender body and shining brown hair that fell down to her lower back. Having just finished a long day at college, she lay on her bed talking to her friend on her phone.

Approaching the shut door of Jessie’s room, Claire climbed under it. As if entering a portal to another world, Claire left the clean cream and beige hallway and entered the pink, densely packed mountain range that was Jessie’s clothing littered room. Not letting her size stop her usual motherly thoughts, Claire sighed at the mess and thought to herself “I’ve told this girl time and time again to clean this room, how am I going to get to her through this?”.

The mind numbing bicker of Jessie echoed through the room as she chatted into her phone, Claire was definitely going to have to get closer if she wanted to get her daughter’s attention at all. Deciding to attempt to scale the bed, Claire began walking between the smelly clothing. She avoided climbing any of it as best she could.

Soon she came to a dead end and was left peering up at huge piles of her step daughter’s clothing on all sides. Sighing she began to climb. Socks, underwear, jeans, tops, dresses! Her whole wardrobe must’ve been on this damn floor.

Like a deer in headlights, Claire stopped dead in her tracks and peered towards the door from her elevated position. Her daughter pulled her phone away from her ear and looked towards the door also as her father began to project his voice through the closed door. “Jessie, do your laundry please. You know what Claire will say if she finds out you haven’t done it” he said in his good cop tone, trying to keep the peace.

Claire and Jessie didn’t always see eye to eye but right now Jessie was her only hope. Jessie shouted back “okay Dad! I’ll do it now!”. Satisfied, John went back downstairs. Jessie quickly wrapped up her phone conversation and stood up from her bed. Horrified, Claire began shouting for Jessie’s attention as Jessie peered around the room with her hands on her hips considering where to begin.

Walking towards the massive pile that Claire was perched on, Jessie began to step over it. Claire watched as the young girl’s short dress flared up as she took the large step, her thong covering her womanhood only barely and her ass swallowing the thin strip at the back as if she were wearing nothing at all.

Jessie’s first foot passed Claire without a hitch. Her second foot, however, caught the top of the pile and knocked Claire and some clothing flying off. Paying no mind to this, Jessie continued to the other end of the room and plucked up her laundry basket.

Claire was thrown from her mountain as the dirty laundry beneath her was kicked over. Flying through the air, she found herself draped in the dirty item as it flew. She hit the floor with a harsh thud and became completely cocooned by what she imagined to be her daughter’s underwear. The light essence of ass and vagina gave away what it was.

Disgusted, she used all her might to lift the fabric but found she was firmly pinned down. Little did Claire know that more items had fallen onto her, effectively trapping her.

Jessie made haste to pick up all her laundry, throwing each item into the basket. She picked up the pile of panties that contained Claire and threw them into the basket. Claire was struck by vertigo as she felt this, she tried her best to claw her way out of her panty prison but had no success. She hit the basket with a thump and was quickly struck by more clothing on top of her, the weight getting to an unbearable point.

Soon, Claire felt the lifting of the basket and then a light sway as Jessie walked towards the laundry room with the basket in her arms. Shortly after having been lifted, the basket was placed down and all went still for a moment.

Ruffling, clicking and thumping could be heard from outside of the basket as Claire struggled to escape. Feeling the weight lift off slightly, she quickly began to crawl towards the leg holes of the panties that encased her. Just before she made it, she felt the fingers of her step daughter close around her tightly, smearing her body against the ass section of the panties. Claire retched as her face was pinned against her step daughter’s filth.

Light shone into her panty prison as it was thrown into the laundry machine. She peered up to her step daughter pleadingly. However, Jessie paid no attention to the inside of the laundry machine. Why would she?

Climbing to the highest point of the clothing pile in the laundry machine, she began screaming and waving towards her step daughter. Jessie turned to face the machine and just as she peered towards Claire, she threw in another pair of underwear that hit her step mother and knocked her down out of sight. Winded and in pain, Claire began to climb back up. She looked longingly towards the door as it closed on her. She screamed out to her unaware daughter as she stood up away from the machine, her round ass peeking out from beneath her dress as she fully extended her legs to stand and then left the room. A whir could be heard from the machine, Claire began to weep. It began to spin.

Chapter 2 by Vexed

Waterfalls of soap and water flooded in from all directions. The machine quickly filled up and Claire felt herself rise as it did so. Soon she was paddling in the soapy water as the machine began to rotate around her. A light spin turned to a strong one and soon Claire found herself struggling to stay above water.

Jessie’s clothing began to get lifted and thrown around. The clothes tumbled on top of Claire and just as she gasped for air, she was dunked into the depths of the water filled machine. Scrambling for the direction she hoped to be upwards she was quickly thrown down as the clothing hit her.

Periodically, Claire was able to reach the air pocket at the top to breathe. The soapy water filled her mouth, making her cough and sputter. The torture continued on for what felt an eternity before it finally slowed and the water drained.

Battered and beaten, Claire lay completely exhausted amongst the now clean clothing. Jessie soon returned and crouched down to open the door of the machine. Claire made no effort to get her attention, she was too tired. She felt herself being lifted and then dropped into the basket again as Jessie emptied the machine. She wheezed as more clothing was thrown on top of her but still made no effort to escape. She lay like a discarded toy, limp and lifeless.

She felt herself being lifted and then the familiar light sway of Jessie’s movement very briefly. Suddenly she was thumped down again. Light flooded onto her as Jessie heaped the laundry into the dryer. Claire mustered up the strength to scream out but was too late as Jessie threw her into the dryer with the rest of the clothes. She peered up at her step daughter’s unaware face and cried out, her second attempt to scream was met with a slam of the dryer hatch and Claire was plunged into darkness.

Like before, the machine began to spin and an overwhelming hot air was pumped into the machine. Claire screamed out as the scorching heat began to dry the clothing, spinning the clothes violently. She was thrown around the machine with the clothing, beginning to sweat but finding that the heat quickly evaporated it. She fell unconscious from the pain.

Claire opened her eyes hoping everything that had happened was a dream. She was definitely not in the dryer but she was still surrounded by complete darkness. A soft fabric was wrapped tightly around her. What had happened was definitely not a dream, she was still among Jessie’s clothing. Her environment was silent.

The silence was abruptly ended by the piercing buzz of what sounded like an alarm. How much time had passed since Claire fell unconscious? She heard the muffled steps of what must have been Jessie getting ready for college. All of a sudden, Claire’s outer confinement lurched forward and she recognised the sound - a drawer. The light shone through the thin black fabric that was wrapped around her and she could make out her step daughter’s face and body peering into the drawer.

Claire flinched as Jessie’s hand reached for her, she tried to wriggle and scream but Jessie paid no mind. Jessie dropped Claire’s entrapment down to the floor. Claire watched up in horror as her completely naked step daughter placed each foot on either side of her. Her shaved vagina almost glistening as the new sunlight shone through the window and onto her goddess-like body.

Reaching down, Jessie pulled the thong up her legs. The strip of fabric in which Claire was trapped began to unravel as the thong was raised, however the energy generated from the fabric being lifted kept her completely pinned to it.

Realising that the strip she was cocooned by was not the front, Claire screamed out for help but was quickly silenced as Jessie’s round and curvaceous ass cheeks surrounded her. Jessie felt this as a slight buzz in her ass, she dismissed it as an itch and continued to get ready.

Walking over to her mirror, Jessie admired her own figure. She contorted her body to show her face and ass at the same time, giving it a light slap and watching it jiggle. Those days at the gym really paid off she thought to herself. Claire’s whole world vibrated as Jessie slapped her ass, she had no idea what was going on.

Jessie approached her wardrobe and picked out a bra, a top, tight denim shorts and plain black leggings. She strapped on the bra and threw the top over her shoulders. She then slid the leggings up her faultless legs, they hugged her ass fairly tightly. Then she did the same with the denim shorts. Struggling to get them over her ass, she hopped slightly to pull them on.

Claire could see nothing. Jessie’s tight ass cheeks had fully entombed her. The pressure was bearable thus far. Suddenly the pressure lessened for a moment as Jessie bent over to pull on the leggings. Like the Red Sea, Jessie’s cheeks parted and Claire could very briefly see through the thin strip of thong that kept her pinned. In front of her was the huge mirror that sat in Jessie’s room. What Claire seen horrified her. Her step daughter was bent over to pull up her leggings and here she sat trapped between her ass cheeks.

Darkness came over her as Jessie began to stand up, pulling up the leggings. Again, Jessie bent down to pull up her denim shorts this time but Claire could no longer see because of the leggings. As the shorts hit the crease of Jessie’s ass, Claire felt the pressure increase. Out of nowhere, her world was thrown up and down as Jessie jumped to pull them up. With each jump the denim shorts got higher. And the higher they got, the tighter Jessie’s ass cheeks were pulled together. Claire could not move at all. She tried to scream out but her mouth was immediately met by the fat of Jessie’s ass and she could no longer close it.

The pressure between Jessie’s cheeks was unbearable. The smell wasn’t that bad, she expected far worse from an ass. Jessie began to walk, her ass cheeks grinding together as she did so. With each step, Claire felt herself falling deeper and deeper into Jessie’s crack. Jessie felt this slightly and, thinking it was her thong being twisted or something, dug her hand into the back of her underwear. Claire felt the cheeks part and was suddenly winded by her step daughter’s fingers that clawed at her and pressed her harder into the cheeks that encased her.

The thong strip untwisted and Claire was plunged deeper. As Jessie’s hand retracted, the cheeks pressed back down around Jessie. She was firmly pinned now against her step daughter’s asshole. The stench here was far worse and the grease of Jessie’s pucker smeared against her face.

Chapter 3 by Vexed

Jessie went downstairs and poured herself some cereal. Sitting opposite her Father, he looked concerned. “What’s up Dad?” she asked, shovelling some cereal into her mouth after having said it. “I haven’t seen Claire since yesterday morning” he stated in a worried tone. Jessie responded in a sympathetic tone “she’s probably on a last minute trip, you know she’s always volunteering to test stuff so maybe she had to go somewhere to do that”. John sighed slightly, feeling a little better. “Yeah you’re probably right” he said, continuing to eat his food.

Claire screamed out hearing all of this from the confines of Jessie’s asshole but had no such success in getting her attention. Jessie felt the buzz-like itch again and lifted her ass slightly. Feeling no shame in front of her Father, for they were very close, an audible rumble came from within her and it was followed by a sharp hiss from her asshole. The buzzing stopped and Jessie laughed, satisfied that the itch was gone. John laughed also, waving his hand in front of his face from the smell.

Claire’s eyes widened, she screamed. A strange rumble vibrated all around her. Then the anus in front of her twitched and suddenly burst open. A sharp hiss slid out and invaded Claire’s open mouth and nose like a toxic gas. She coughed and gasped for clean air but was met with more of Jessie’s ass stench as it lingered around her.

Finishing up her cereal, Jessie stood up and carried her bowl to the sink. Saying goodbye to her Father, she grabbed her bag and quickly left for college. Claire was having a hard time coming to terms with her entrapment as she sobbed from within the cheeks that held her. She thanked her stars that the smell had went away for the most part, however it now felt greasier and Jessie was walking fast to college which meant Claire was being ground between her cheeks a lot.

Time passed slowly for Claire. The constant grind of her step daughter’s cheeks against her combined with the permanent stench of her asshole meant that she had no time to rest. Her senses were all constantly assaulted. The pressure increased tenfold as Jessie sat in the lecture hall.

An hour passed and Claire’s body was battered, she had no idea how to escape and was shocked at the fact she had survived this long within this tight confinement. A rumble like the one earlier reverberated Claire’s world, horrified at what it might mean Claire screamed and thrashed around as best she could but had no effect on her unaware stepdaughter.

Jessie felt the rumble within her, she twitched her asshole in an attempt to fart hoping that would release the pressure building up. Claire felt the asshole bulge into her face as she did this but no fart came. Unsatisfied, Jessie stood up and left the lecture hall. She sped walk down the hallways of the college, grinding Claire uncomfortably into her asshole.

Jessie quickly pushed through a swinging door and into the women’s toilets, entering the furthest stall from the door. To her luck, the other stalls were empty. She locked the door behind her and began to unbutton her shorts. In one swift motion she pulled her shorts, her leggings and thong down together to leave her bottom half stark naked.

Claire gasped the semi-clean air as the pressure around her released almost completely for the first time. The fabric that had her pinned was all pulled away from her but the cheeks still held her slightly due to the depth at which she was. Jessie began to sit, thus spreading her cheeks.

Screaming out in horror, Claire grasped at Jessie’s tiny ass hairs as she realised what lay before her. The porcelain pit loomed below her menacingly. She prayed that Jessie only had to pee but the rumbling she had heard earlier said otherwise.

Suddenly Jessie’s asshole bulged outwards, making Claire lose her grip. Like a meteor, she soared down into the depths of the toilet. Almost all light was eclipsed by Jessie’s ass, only a slither getting through from between her legs. Claire began to tread water and peered up at her step daughter’s unaware face as she sat with an elbow on each knee.

With a quick clench, Jessie uncaringly began to drop her load. Her excrement crashing down towards her mother like a football-sized hailstorm. Claire was plunged under the water as the lumps battered her down.

While the storm struck down below her, Jessie took advantage of her toilet time to play on her phone. As she browsed the usual apps, a quick ding popped out of the speaker. It was her Dad: “Hey Jessie, a feedback letter came in the mail for your Mother about some sort of shrinking program. There’s a chance that this is the reason she’s missing, I’ve contacted the company who sent it. We don’t know how she shrunk or if she’s shrunk. They’ll be coming to investigate the house soon, be careful where you step just in case. Love, Dad”.

Completely aghast, Jessie held her phone close to her chest and considered what this meant. She hadn’t seen her stepmother in at least a day! “Good riddance” she uttered to herself under breath, continuing to blast the toilet below her all the while. She had never liked her step mother. And now, the concept of her Mother combined with the concept of a bug had her all disgusted and itchy! Wait… Itchy…

She had felt and ignored several itches in the past day or so, she just put it down to her clothing or maybe a new soap they used for their clothes. Just in case, she leaned forward and inspected her thong and pants. Nothing. With a hand on her chin, she considered where on Earth Claire could be.

A final plop was heard dropping into the toilet as the metaphorical light bulb appeared above her head. The chaos below her ended. She peered between her legs, just curious about the very possibility. Crazily enough, between her legs was a small being covered in brown crawling up the porcelain and away from the pit of brown she had created.

Jessie quickly slammed her legs shut to hide the expression of pure shock on her face from her step mother. Claire, barely able to see from the excrement covering her, noticed nothing other than that she had been plunged into near complete darkness as she climbed.

Thinking fast, Jessie quickly reached for the toilet paper and wiped herself a sufficient amount. Acting unaware, she bunched up the used toilet paper and dropped it down onto the porcelain before closing her legs again.

Claire couldn’t believe her luck! She neared the top of the porcelain, having initially felt like it were a lost cause as she’d never be able to scale the walls that surrounded her now at the top. As if a gift from God, Jessie’s legs opened and her hand came down to wipe. The toilet paper dropped out of her hand and in front of Claire, immediately after this the legs closed again. The balled up nature of the toilet paper combined with Claire’s sticky body meant she might be able to climb up this paper rather than trying to climb up and end up sliding down the porcelain wall above her.

With no time to spare, she scaled the toilet paper and very quickly reached her ceiling of Jessie’s ass and closed legs. She knew she had to act fast! Jessie shuffled slightly to indicate  she was about to stand to her stepmother without directly communicating with her in order to maintain the illusion of her unawareness. Claire, in a last ditch effort to survive, dived for her daughter’s crack above her. Just reaching it, she grasped at the tiny hairs for support.

Her plan worked. Jessie waited a short while after having thrown her step mother a lifeline. As expected, she felt a slight itch on her asshole. It was the only place her step mother could go since her legs were closed. The itch, acting like a gun in a horse race, initiated the second part of her plan. Jessie stood up from her porcelain throne, her cheeks clasping together as she did. She bent slightly, raised her thong, her leggings and then her shorts.

Claire, despite being again in her step daughter’s ass, felt blessed that she at least survived as she felt the pressure-increasing act of Jessie putting her pants back on and the loud flushing of the toilet that once contained her. She gagged, finally having the time to think about where she was and what she was covered in. Jessie hadn’t wiped well.

Wasting no time, Jessie decided to leave college early. With each grind of her cheeks as she walked, she got more and more turned on. She was surprised by how much this new domineering position she had over step mother got her going. The fact that Claire didn’t know Jessie knew, well that turned her on even moreso. For Jessie, the walk back home was pure bliss. And the fact she knew what it was for Claire made it all the better.

Entering her home, she ran immediately to her room. Stripping off all her clothing down to her thong and bra, Jessie climbed onto her bed. Plucking her phone from where she had placed it before stripping, she took a picture of her near-nude body in her most seductive pose. Preparing the image, she typed the words “Nobody’s home. Come over <3” on top and clicked send.

Chapter 4 by Vexed

From the gorgeous sight of what was the image Jessie sent, the recipient was over in a flash. Letting himself in, he glided up the stairs and to Jessie’s room. She lay there, filled with desire, awaiting his entrance after having heard him enter the house. The door swung open and their gazes met. There stood the behemoth that was Jessie’s boyfriend, Jack.

Fuelled by lust, he tore off his clothing and climbed onto the bed; passionately kissing Jessie as he did got down to her level. His member hung below him like a throbbing spring as it edged towards her vagina. Jessie pulled herself away slightly and put her finger to his lips. “None of that tonight” she whispered. He looked at her confused.

Meanwhile, Claire was in a stinking hell. Her step daughter had been walking a lot, a combination of sweat and shit had grinded into her body. The asshole before her felt almost hungry as the cheeks pinned her down against it. She wished Jessie would notice her. The torment mostly stopped after a while as she felt the pressure on her release slightly. She got a glimpse of Jessie’s bed sheets through the strip of Jessie’s thong as she bent to sit on the bed. Things calmed since then, Claire was thankful for this.

Jack sat before Jessie unsure of what she meant. Keeping eye contact with him she climbed up onto her knees and crawled towards him. Lowering herself down to his penis, she wrapped her lips around it and took the full length into her mouth slowly. She pulled herself away from it until just the tip hovered between her lips before, again, taking the full length. Jack allowed her to do this again and again as he sat in a state of confusion and ecstasy.

Satisfied with her job, Jessie pulled herself away from Jack’s penis entirely. Saying nothing, she turned and presented her round ass to him. He watched in awe as the strip of her thong peeled away from her. Finally, he understood.

Claire could see only Jessie’s bed through the strip as Jessie sat on her knees and rocked slightly for a reason unknown to Claire. Soon, she felt Jessie’s body rotate and horror struck her to her core. As Jessie’s knees straightened and her ass raised, Claire could see clearer and cleared due to the cheeks parting. She screamed out for help to Jack as she met his drooling gaze. Suddenly the thong came down and she writhed to get free, sending a shiver through Jessie’s body, whilst screaming for Jack who was seemingly staring right at her!

The shit that covered her had hardened. She couldn’t get free as she sat glued to the bullseye between her step daughter’s cheeks. Jack came closer and closer, never breaking his line of sight with where Claire lay. She screamed with joy at the prospect of getting free by the hands of Jack as he had clearly seen her. Maybe Jessie had even quietly asked him to check between her cheeks

With what felt like inches between them now, Claire’s heart sunk as Jack’s face disappeared in place of his giant throbbing penis. Her eyes scrunched, her body clenched, her heart pounded and silence exited her mouth, where a scream would’ve been, due to the sheer terror that filled her.

Like a tunnel boring machine, Jack inched closer and closer in a painfully slow manner before finally making contact. The pressure increased drastically as his penis began to press into Jessie’s hole. A muffled grunt of pain left her throat as Jessie pressed into him. Building and building, the pressure began to almost crush Claire’s tiny body.

With no warning, Jessie felt a strike of both pain and euphoria. Her elasticated anus finally gave way. With nothing stopping him now, Jack plunged his penis deep into Jessie. Claire had finally broke free of the hardened vice. However, now, she was at the mercy of Jack and Jessie. As Jack’s member entered Jessie, Claire found herself going deeper and deeper before coming to a sharp stop as Jack’s hips reached Jessie’s cheeks.

All came to a pause. Jack moaned, Jessie moaned, Claire screamed but the putrid air within her stepdaughter stole her breath. Suddenly, Jack withdrew his penis and unknowingly left Claire suspended within the stinking, empty bowel of her own stepdaughter. As quick as it left, it returned and hit Claire like a truck.

Claire clambered to her feet as best as she could as Jack pulled back. She made no headway before he, again, steamrolled her tiny body. Faster and faster he got, with each pump a loud moan reverberated through Jessie’s body as she came closer and closer to orgasm.

Claire was knocked deeper with each pound. Each brief moment of relief allowed her a step deeper into her step daughter to avoid the penis that kept invading the space. There was no time for sadness or disgust, she just kept moving deeper. The deeper she got, the less empty the bowels became but at least she wouldn’t be crushed to death.

Jessie felt her body becoming tighter and tighter. The concept of her step mother so deep inside of her and at her mercy was blowing her away. Jack, panting now, got closer to release also from the tightness of his beautiful girlfriend. He shouted out “I’m gonna… come!”.

Synchronised, Jessie and Jack orgasmed harder than they had ever before. Jessie’s entire body rattled with sexual ecstasy for what felt like a blissful eternity as she felt Jack’s thick semen fill her cavity. Claire was crushed from within Jessie as Jessie’s body contracted around her. This time, Jack’s penis didn’t leave the space. It briefly convulsed before suddenly squirting out his seed all over her.

The force of Jack’s release launched Claire deeper than ever before. She clambered for a grip anywhere and hunted for a space where she could breathe. Jack withdrew his penis and fell down to Jessie’s bed alongside her, she did the same. She tried to clench her hole closed as it got used to not having the intrusion. The semen flooded towards the exit, only reaching the hole as it closed completely; thus leaving it within her. Claire was abandoned deep inside, still covered in her step daughter’s excrement and now her boyfriend’s semen. She held onto the ribbed side of Jessie’s rectum as the semen washed over her and raced away towards the exit. Claire lay panting, completely exhausted.

Jessie, completely satisfied with the disposal of the stepmother she disliked so much, stood up and put her clothes back on. She grinned, planning not to relieve herself for as long as she could just to make sure her stepmother died in there. And, just in case, she pulled her thong on tightly to seal her in.

Chapter 5 by Vexed

Two days had passed since Jessie had killed her shrunken stepmother. The shrinking company had come and gone already, having decided that Claire couldn’t have shrunk in the home since the gun was missing too. They wouldn’t tell John how she had shrunk due to confidentiality laws. She must have left the house with whatever it was.

Jessie still hadn’t relieved herself but the pain had become unbearable. It was time. She unceremoniously sat down on her home toilet and unleashed hell. It thrashed out of her like a liquid train exiting a tunnel. She was done in what felt like seconds due to the insane pressure of it exiting her bowels.

Claire was somehow alive! It must’ve been the shrinking process, she was somehow more resilient. It felt like weeks had passed in this densely packed hell. She was pinned against the ribbed edge of her stepdaughter’s rectum. The thick sludge pinned her down like a hydraulic press. She couldn’t believe that, after everything, Jessie still somehow hadn’t found her but that was the reality she was living. She couldn’t understand why Jessie hadn’t been to the bathroom in so long, perhaps she was constipated.

Suddenly the sludge began to move away from Claire like a speedy landslide. She cheered as much as the pressure would allow her, even being flushed away would be better than the hell she was in. After most of the sludge had passed, Jessie kept pushing to allow the final bits to leave. Claire and these final bits tumbled towards the open exit.

The rest of her excrement began to finally make it’s exit from Jessie’s rectum. Claire continued to fall towards the hole with it, excited by the light she had missed so much. Impatient and mostly empty, Jessie finished pushing and pinched off the rest with a swift clench of her asshole. Claire hit the closing exit hard after having been falling. She made it part way through, leaving her body still inside. Without wiping, Jessie stood up and peered into the filled bowl. She couldn’t see the corpse of her stepmother but hadn’t expected to, it was probably deeply embedded in there. She flushed it away as if it were any other excrement.

Jessie pulled her panties and pants up, thinking about her future without the woman she hated, and left the bathroom. She could hear her Dad distraught in his room. He remained hopeful though, he figured Claire had just went somewhere without saying since there was literally no trace of her. Passing by his room, Jessie offered words to console and reassure him. Her brother had finally returned from his time away, they exchanged looks as he passed her in the hall.

Claire, trapped and pinned, tried to scream out as she heard her name mentioned but Jessie’s anal flesh invaded her mouth. After having spoke with her Father, Jessie left his doorway and ventured towards her own room.

She stripped out of her clothes, deciding the night was far too hot to be wearing pyjamas. Plucking a small bottle off her nightstand, she sat on her bed and topped up her nails with her favourite clear varnish before bed. She still hadn’t even noticed an itch in her asshole, despite Claire’s head sticking out of it.

Finally home, Leon had went straight to his room. He had heard about the incident but paid it no mind, for he did not care that much. The one thing he did care about was the strange gun that lay amongst his box of replica guns. John had left it there, thinking nothing of it.

Leon looked at it curiously. Paying no attention to the meaning of each button, he flicked a switch, turned a dial and took a random shot.

Suddenly one of his action figures grew to around 4 feet tall but all of the details on it had faded. Like it had been stretched. He jumped at the sudden appearance of it in his room. He couldn’t believe it! He had his own size increaser.

Not knowing what to really do with it at this point, he put it aside and left the room to shower before bed. He entered the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind him, the hiss of the shower echoed through the room.

Jessie felt slightly gassy as she sat waiting for her nails to fully dry. She lifted her cheek to one side and let rip. Suddenly she felt as if more than a fart came out of her as she pushed. Panicking, she stood up and went to her mirror. Bending down, she looked over her shoulder and her jaw dropped. There was Claire. Fully intact.

With no care for her nails now, she pulled Claire fully out from her asshole and placed her down on her nightstand. Jessie sat down on her bed smiling. “Thank God you finally found me!” Claire began, still covered in Jessie’s excrement. Jessie responded, while getting a tissue and wiping Claire down, “I thought you were gone for good, Claire”.

Claire laughed an awkward laugh. “I thought I was t…” she began before Jessie cut her off. “My boyfriend fucked you pretty deep into my ass and I left you tombed in there for days. Yet here you are…” she said in a fear-inducing tone. Claire’s eyes widened. Her heart beat like thunder when she processed the words.

Slowly Claire began to back off along the nightstand, suddenly turning to run. As she did so, she knocked the bottle of clear polish onto the stand. She continued running but quickly tripped in the thick goo. Jessie sighed as she watched the feeble attempt. The polish kept pouring out of the bottle onto Claire, leaving her covered. Rolling her eyes, Jessie plucked her out of it.

She stood Claire up, her tiny naked body dripping from the nail polish. “That was stupid wasn’t it, Claire?” Jessie said, expecting no response. Claire begged “I’m so sorry, Jessie! Please get John!”. Jessie gestured for Claire to wait there while she looked for some wipes.

Claire stood still, finding the thick goo made moving tiresome due to the weight of it on her body. She watched patiently as Jessie continued her search.

Soon, Jessie returned to facing Claire with a pack of wipes and even nail varnish remover! To her surprise, the nail varnish had almost dried entirely; probably due to Claire’s body heat. On the nightstand stood a perfectly straight and hardened version of her stepmother. She laughed and looked at the bottle of nail varnish remover. Claire watched, her eyes forced open, as Jessie’s expression turned from an intrigued smile to a devious one.

Plucking her up, Jessie tossed Claire’s hard body around in her hands. She was like a tiny doll now. Thinking about what she could do with Claire, something came across her mind. “Now who do we know who plays with dolls?” she said to Claire. Claire tried to scream but no sound could exit the hard shell that surrounded her.

Jessie threw on her dressing gown, opened her door and peered into the hallway. The shower could still be heard from the bathroom, that was a good sign. Sneakily, she crept to her brother’s room and placed Claire down on the edge of his bed. Jessie quickly left the room, only stopping to flash a quick wave to Claire and say “have fun!” with a beaming smile.

Chapter 6 by Vexed

Leon finished up his shower, dried himself off and exited the bathroom in only his boxers. He was a tall and good looking 18 year old with dark hair. His family made fun of his interest in replicas because his looks wouldn’t make you think he was such a nerd, yet he was.

As he entered his room, his gaze instantly locked onto the gun he had found earlier. He picked it up to inspect it more. The giant action figure lay still in the corner of the room from before.

He wanted to test it again. He looked around the room for a figure he could stand to lose. His eyes locked onto the strange skin coloured thing on his bed. Paying no attention to where it came from, he placed it on his desk and went to take a shot. He was just glad he didn’t have to use one of his collectibles.

Wasting no time, he took the shot. Claire was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe it was this easy. Leon was literally going to fix everything without knowing. She grew and grew before stopping at 4 feet tall. Little did Claire know that the only way to properly regrow would be if the unshrink setting was used, growing her didn’t quite work like she’d want it to.

She tried to move again as she stood on his desk but the polish still had it’s hold on her. Leon approached the figure. All the features had yet again smudged. Before him lay a skin coloured doll with only basic features. Brushing a hand across it’s stomach, he felt the hardness of it’s skin.

Just curious, he peered up towards it’s vagina and ran his finger along it. The film of polish was lighter here as it peeled away from her as his finger ran along it. Intrigued, he plunged his finger into the doll, surprised by the detail. It was soft. It was moist. Claire screamed on the inside, feeling the painful intrusion.

Leon picked up the doll off the desk and was shocked by its weight. He stumbled over to his bed and lay it down face first to inspect it further. He kneaded the cheeks of the doll’s ass and then began to press into its asshole hard, expecting a similar hole to be there. Like before, the film came away from the hole and his finger fell deep inside. He was even more surprised that it had a life like asshole as well as as vagina.

At this point, the doll had him both intrigued and extremely turned on. He climbed onto the bed alongside it and quickly tore off his boxers. Wasting no time, he climbed onto the doll. Claire couldn’t believe what was happening. She lay face first on her stepson’s bed, abused and unable to move. She felt the weight of him press down on her back, she had no idea what he was doing.

Excited by his new sex doll, Leon parted it’s cheeks and pressed his throbbing penis against its asshole. Claire felt the pain immediately, she tried to scream out for help but no sound escaped. Since it was a doll, Leon spared no thought for the abruptness of his entry and forced his penis into it as hard as could. He felt the tight rectum of the doll surround the girth of his penis. It felt life like. It felt alive!

Filled with lust, Leon began pounding into the doll. The pain was beyond compare for Claire. The disgust and embarrassment overcame her in waves, along with the agony she felt as each hard thrust penetrated her ass so deeply. Leon was in another world. His eyes rolled back into his head as he felt the ecstasy of each pound pulsate through his body.

Claire gritted her teeth and tensed her asshole in an attempt to push him out as Leon invaded her tight space. A stray tear broke through the glue that kept her bonded and dripped to the bed. Contrarily, Leon was in complete bliss. He couldn’t believe this doll felt this way.

With each powerful pump, Leon got closer and closer to release. Claire could feel his penis pulsating more now, it felt engorged, she knew what was to come. Suddenly, she heard Leon groan and felt his semen fill her insides completely in a few strong shots. Sighing in pleasure, he fell prone on top of her static body. He was completely worn out. With all her strength, Claire tried to move even an inch and, to her surprise, succeeded. Leon quickly climbed off her, seemingly in response.

Filled with joy, Claire waited for Leon to turn her over and save her. She could forgive him for this, he didn’t know! She was just happy that he felt her move. Out of nowhere, she suddenly began to shrink down back to an inch. Leon approached her, plucked her tiny body up and placed her down in his box of replicas. Laying on her back among all the other toys, she felt Leon’s semen begin to trickle out of her exposed asshole. Paying no mind to the toy he had just defiled, Leon exited his room. He had not felt her move.

Chapter 7 by Vexed

Weeks had passed as Claire lay at the top of Leon’s box of replicas, a space reserved only for the most used toys. And used she had been. Weeks of daily fucking had left no doubt in her mind that she certainly was Leon’s favourite toy. She silently cursed her step-daughter for causing all of this, how could someone leave their stepmother battered and beaten like this. She was unsure whether or not to be thankful for her immortality, starving to death seemed a nice alternative to an eternity of this.

In the corner of her eye she spotted the usual swing of Leon’s bedroom door as it opened. A less familiar face entered, Claire’s frozen body vibrated with rage and fear.

The devious face of Jessie creeped into the dark room, scanning the contents. Her eyes lit up as she found what she was looking for. The slam of a door reverberated through the walls, Leon was home, she had to be quick!

Quietly she approached the box that her prize lay in, looming over it’s tiny form. Claire tried to break the seal around her lips to scream but had no luck. The giantess’ fingers curled around her and she was plucked out. “Hope you’ve had fun!” Jessie said, scanning the tiny figure.

Her fingers traced along the doll’s breasts, ass and then it’s vagina. Jessie noticed the polish had worn away around her stepmother’s pussy. Curious, she flipped the doll over and spread it’s cheeks. The polish had worn away here also, a light fluid still dripping out. “Oh you did have fun!” Jessie gleefully exclaimed, knowing what violating acts had befell her stepmother.

Claire felt abused and violated as her stepdaughter threw her body around in her hands as if it were nothing. Holding her stepmother’s lifeless, stiff body beside her she reached down for the interesting looking gun in her brother’s gun replica box. It so obviously wasn’t like the others.

She picked it up and scanned the details of the gun. “Shrink”, “Grow” and a few other settings were placed across the gun's body. A metaphorical lightbulb flickered on.

The thumping of someone, likely Leon, coming upstairs echoed through the house. Panicking, Jessie swung the door of her brother’s room open and made a beeline for the bathroom with the gun and her stepmom.

Leon finally reached the top of the stairs to see his sister flying into the bathroom, likely from his room. As Jessie slammed the door behind her, he ran to his room to check the contents were safe.

Jessie paced the bathroom, thinking hard and fast. She knew it was only a matter of time before Leon came looking for what she had stolen. Claire was merely a witness to the entire ordeal, the sickness from being held by Jessie’s side was getting to her.

Leon immediately clocked that the gun and his favourite doll were gone. He stormed out of his room, straight past the bathroom door and downstairs. John was sitting in the living room watching TV.

“Dad! Jessie has stolen one of my dolls… I mean replicas! And is hiding in the bathroom!” Leon shouted, hoping to call upon the justice of their father. Sighing, John stood up and followed Leon upstairs. He wished they’d just get along.

They both approached the bathroom door and John knocked lightly. “Jessie, have you stolen your brother’s doll?” he asked politely, unwilling to take a side this early on. “I’m using the toilet, I haven’t touched any of his stuff” Jessie called back.

Leon, upset by this trickery, flung the bathroom door open. There sat Jessie upon her porcelain throne, her dress draped down over her knees and her panties around her ankles. Leon looked like a deer caught in headlights and John blushed, embarrassed at seeing his daughter in such an inappropriate way.

“Leon! You can’t do that to a woman! Go to your room now!” John shouted, taken aback by the impolite nature of his son. Jessie just sat there with a neutral face stunned by how well this was going for her, totally unphased that she had to be seen on the toilet to do it.

“She has it in the toilet!” Leon shouted back, clutching at straws as he examined the spotless room, knowing he had lost at this point. As if on cue, the high pitched sizzle of Jessie’s piss hit the toilet water. “Sorry I couldn’t hold it” she apologised. John reached for the door handle, apologising back to Jessie and looked at Leon angrily “I don’t think your sister would go on your toys now would she?”. Leon tried to respond but was cut short “Ah!... I don’t want to hear it, you’re grounded for a week”. Defeated, he resigned to his room.

Claire’s stiff body floated in the water, her body facing up. She was forced to stare up at Jessie’s bare ass and pussy while she waited for her brother to unsurprisingly arrive with the cavalry. Hearing the thunder of Leon running up the stairs, she opened her legs and peered down. Light flooded into the bowl as Jessie lifted her dress and looked in between her legs. “Showtime” she said with a devilish grin and promptly shut them, entombing her stepmother in the cold darkness.

Claire could hear the argument outside of the toilet, the sounds were extremely muffled from Jessie’s ass keeping it sealed. She fought with all her strength to open her mouth, finally succeeding to rip the film that covered it. Screamed out as loud as she could, she hoping the toilet echo would carry her voice. The vibrations lightly engaged Jessie’s rear from the bowl below and she even heard the most slight and faintest scream. She was lucky her ass had Claire sealed in she thought but even that scream was a risk.

Claire noticed a disturbance in her flesh ceiling as Jessie’s vaginal lips began to part. Suddenly a stream of piss darted out, directly hitting her in the face and body. Her screams were cut short as she was sent deep into the toilet water by the pungent piss. It flooded into her mouth as she gasped and tried to scream.

Jessie thought about how close a call that was as the door shut and she reached for toilet roll to wipe. She unceremoniously wiped her dripping pussy and stood up, with her other hand she grabbed the battered Claire from the yellow water. Dropping the wet toilet paper into the bowl below, she flushed.

Claire, taking advantage of her new power of voice, continued to scream for help. This development was too uncertain for Jessie’s tastes so she squeezed her stepmother’s lips shut. “Do not shout, you listen now” Jessie demanded.

Claire took no notice of Jessie and continued to scream whenever she was able, knowing Jessie had nothing but bad plans for her anyway. Uneasy over how loud Claire was, Jessie reached over to the cistern, opened it up and grabbed the gun out. She shook the droplets off of it and aimed at the tiny figure.

Claire paid no attention and continued to scream. Suddenly she felt that familiar zap and began to shrink. Soon she was no more than a centimetre tall. Her screams, whilst quieter, were still too loud for Jessie’s liking. “Last chance” she said to her tiny captive, raising her tiny body up to her face.

Claire looked up at Jessie’s large features. Her giant eyes peered down, scanning for a response from the tiny woman that she held just below her giant nostrils and mouth.

Sucking in as much air as she could, Claire screamed out “FUCK YOUUUU!!” to her sadistic stepdaughter in an attempt at defiance. Rolling her eyes, Jessie responded with simply “have it your way”.

As she was being held on the tip of Jessie’s index finger, she felt her body begin to rise. Suddenly, the force increased and Claire was sharply dragged upwards. Like a bullet, her miniscule body was pulled upwards through the air.

With her tiny captive in place, Jessie gave a powerful snort as her finger lay directly under her left nostril. She felt the stiff speck fly through her before coming to a sudden stop half way through her nasal passage. The foreign body was extremely apparent to Jessie, she could feel her stepmom lodged in her snot. As she pulled her finger away from her face, her stepmother was nowhere to be seen. Satisfied, Jessie lifted her dress and tucked the gun into her panties before placing the cistern back onto the toilet and making her way to the bathroom door.

As Jessie left the bathroom, Leon peered out of his room in a final attempt to catch Jessie with his toys. She came out with nothing at all, no gun, no replica. She looked over to Leon and threw him a slightly confused look to really gaslight him and sell her innocence before entering her bedroom. He responded with an equally, but much more real, confused and defeated look back. She could feel the vibrating screams in her snot but the viscous goo let little sound out.

Shutting the door behind her, Jessie pulled the gun out of her panties and stuffed it down the back of her bed for safekeeping. Deciding to leave Claire in her nose as punishment, she stripped out of her dress and underwear and climbed onto her bed to relax. Switching the TV on, she put on her favourite show, Catfish.

Hours passed as Jessie absentmindedly watched TV and played on her phone, she had begun to get used to the feeling of her stepmom in her nose and eventually fell asleep for the night.

The sun beamed through her window, lighting up her nude body as it lay limp on her bed outside of the sheets. Claire had been in hell, forced to stay suspended in the thick goo with no way of escape.

Jessie’s eyes flickered open gracefully and her slim naked body rose from the bed, rubbing her head she looked down at her phone. “Wow, a good 12 hours of sleep there”, she stated to herself, proud.

She had totally forgotten about her stepmom in her nose but she could feel a load of snot lodged right up there and planned to get rid of it soon. Reaching over to the box of tissues on her desk she plucked a bunch out.

Raising them to her nose, Jessie began to blow with all her might. The thick lump quickly dislodged and began barrelling out towards the tissue. Claire felt her body being pulled with the snot into the tissue with a thud. She peered up from her gooey position into Jessie’s oblivious eyes, Jessie looked back down into the tissue.

Not seeing Claire, she turned her nose up at the disgusting amount of snot in the tissue. Quickly she crumpled it up and threw it onto her desk for her to get rid of later. Claire couldn’t hear much through the tissue and she had no idea what was going on outside or how long it had been. She had felt herself moving quite quickly at one point but now she was discombobulatingly still. She couldn’t tell if it had been days, weeks or hours.

Finishing up, Jack climbed off the bed and grabbed the first tissue he saw. The snot had dried into it by this point, Claire was left stuck to the inside by a thin layer that remained over her. Jessie opened up the tissue, finally exposing Claire to the outside world.

The light flooded into Claire’s eyes, briefly blinding her, as she hadn’t been in light for quite some time. She screamed out for attention as Jessie unknowingly began to lower the tissue. The scream, that Jessie would’ve usually heard, was cut short as Claire and the tissue were slammed against Jessie’s hairless pussy. Making sure to clean herself properly, Jessie really dug the tissue in to scoop it all out. Soon it had soaked up all of her’s and Jack’s cum that was trickling out of her pussy. Claire cried out at every opportunity as her tiny body was forcibly rammed into every crevice of her stepdaughter’s pussy.

Jack didn’t plan to stay for much longer and hastily left. Jessie didn’t mind, he had adequately served his purpose and truly rocked her bed. The non stop rocking had actually dislodged the gun that was stuffed down the back of it. As Jessie stood up from her bed with the tissue, to finally discard it, a thump was heard at the back. Curious as to what it was, she peered under.

There sat the gun she had hidden. It all came flooding back. She looked down at the tissue in her hands and carefully unfolded it. There amongst the cum and snot lay her stepmother, too abused to scream at this time.


Chapter 8 by Vexed

Giving her stepmother no time to speak or recover, Jessie quickly carried her to the bathroom and cleaned her. She paid no mind to any of the noises coming from the living toy, she just rubbed it and rinsed it. Finally satisfied, she carried the doll back to her room.

Claire felt her movement returning as the water and snot had worked wonders to get the polish off. However, her stepdaughter was always one step ahead and was already reaching for her clear polish. Jessie, making sure to leave the pussy and asshole untouched since it accidentally worked so well last time, covered her stepmother in polish again.

Jessie spread Claire’s asscheeks and held them wide open until they stayed stuck like that. Within 30 minutes, Claire was totally static yet again. The layer of polish was much thicker this time except for her intimate areas which were totally exposed. Claire’s asshole was no longer covered by her cheeks, she worried about what Jessie was planning.

Opting to grow her stepmother, Jessie watched as the solid doll got bigger and bigger. Claire was now around 4ft tall, again with features smudged. Admiring her handiwork, Jessie walked over to her desk and grabbed some paper, a pen and some tape. Claire couldn’t make out what was being written and soon Jessie taped the paper to her naked stomach.

“Just a few finishing touches needed” Jessie said with a smile. She grabbed something and quickly left her stepmother in her room, leaned against her wardrobe.

Soon Jessie returned holding things that Claire couldn’t quite see behind her back. Walking up to her stepmother and getting uncomfortably close, she placed something down on the desk beside them out of Claire’s view. “Here’s your finishing touch” she said, and with that Jessie plunged her fingers into Claire’s pussy below. She tried to scream out at the intrusion but was unable to.

Jessie continued to finger Claire’s pussy, sliding her fingers completely out periodically and using them to cover Claire’s entire crotch and ass in her juices. Every so often her finger would slide out and then plunge suddenly into Claire’s tight asshole, lubing it up more and more as she went. Soon, Jessie was plunging two fingers in, really spreading her stepmom’s tight hole until finally coming to a slow and calm stop.

Claire sighed internally, relieved at how minor that was compared to what else she had endured. Wasting no time, Jessie heaved her heavy sex doll over until Claire was leaning face first into the wardrobe with her ass facing Jessie instead.

Jessie reached down at her desk and grabbed at the mysterious item. She leaned right into Claire, her crotch hugging the bare ass. With her eyes level with Claire’s, Claire could feel Jessie’s breath in her ear. Then she raised her left hand, to make sure that Claire was fully aware of what was going on. In front of them was Jessie’s flailing brother at about 12 centimetres tall. Claire’s eyes bulged in horror.

As soon as Leon had appeared, he was gone. Jessie, making a show of it for herself, slid his body down their stepmom’s back and to her ass. Using the lubrication from before, Jessie took great pleasure in plunging her brother into Claire’s bare ass.

Leon’s head quickly pushed past her sphincter, suddenly in the dank depths. He coughed and screamed, his body flailing as if his life depended on it. He couldn’t believe his sister was putting him in his sex doll.

Claire yelped internally as her stepson’s head met the shit that he had packed into her ass over the past few weeks. Not eating had meant she had never needed to let it out, so it just stagnated in there and left a truly rancid odour.

Not afraid of a challenge and noticing the pressure of Claire’s tight ass pushing back, Jessie forced her brother’s shoulders in further and Claire’s asshole soon gave way. She failed to moan in pain, her asshole flexed and spasmed over him. The rest of his body slid in with little resistance.

Almost like a pop, Leon’s feet finally went past the point of no return and Claire’s asshole reflexively closed over them. Held so tightly in the confines of her asshole, Leon was unable to turn around or shimmy out. He merely shook and flailed against the walls that pressed against him.

She tapped and rubbed Claire’s asshole, checking it was secure. As she pressed into it, it began to sink slightly but gave a good bit of resistance. Happy with her work and sure Leon was secure, Jessie struggled to carry the lifesized sex doll down the stairs and to the front door. Opening the door she dragged it out onto the porch, rang the doorbell, shut the door behind her and ran upstairs.

Hearing the doorbell from the other room, John got up from the sofa and quickly approached the door. Opening it, he peered out into the garden to find nobody there. Scanning the area he caught a glimpse of the human looking toy on his porch and jumped back in surprise. Laughing at himself, he realised it wasn’t real.

He couldn’t help but find it familiar as he scanned it’s body. He looked down at the sign on it’s stomach. “John, I’m sorry I can’t be there right now. Please take this until I return. I love you - Claire.” it read. His emotions stirred, Claire was alive! He ran into the street to see if she was there but found it totally desolate. Overwhelmed by emotions, John remembered that there was an extremely lifelike sex doll on his porch, he retreated to his home to take care of it.

Worried his kids might see this huge doll, he quickly dragged it upstairs and into his bedroom. This would require further investigation.


Chapter 9 by Vexed

The heavy doll fell against the bed as John released it from his grasp. He was still in shock at what he had found out, Claire was out there. This was all too surreal.

“Does Claire want me to fuck this doll in her place? Why can’t she just come home now?” He asked himself, clearly frustrated, slamming his hands onto the bed around her.

“I can’t do this without her. Does she realise what I’m going through? Or what I went through when I thought she was gone forever?! John vented, now pacing the room.

The pressure from the hardened polish kept her lips sealed shut throughout this ordeal. She prayed John would figure out it was her, or else this nightmare may never end.

“That bitch abandoned us. She is getting a piece of my mind when she gets back! Fuck her!” John shouted aloud. The doll vibrated unnoticeably as Claire used all her might to create the slightest movement, panicking at John’s growing anger towards her.

The slight vibration flickered in the corner of his vision, getting his attention. He glared down angrily at the doll, “Yeah fuck her!” he repeated. “You want me to fuck this doll while you’re gone? Oh I’ll fuck it” John stated, unzipping his jeans and hurriedly pulling them down to his knees.

Wasting no time he grabbed Claire by the legs and easily pulled her hardened, petite body towards him. She wanted to scream out but the only movement she could manage was the flexing of her vagina or asshole that Jessie had kindly left untouched and that may not work in her favour.

In the bottom of her vision Claire could see John’s hands, one on her right hip and one on his now exposed throbbing member. He looked down at her pussy as her ass hung slightly now at the bottom of the bed.

“No lube” he said, shrugging. Claire winced inside as she heard those words, followed by the feeling of John’s spit slapping against her exposed vagina. Suddenly she felt his tip lightly graze her clitoris as he rubbed it up and down the length of her womanhood smearing the spit into her folds. Her body ached with frustration as the polish held back her shudders from the long missed touch of her husband. She just wished it were in a better situation.

Out of nowhere John began to apply pressure against her vagina; the spit did very little to lubricate it as John began to force his way into the doll, paying no mind to the pain of a doll. Claire wanted to scream out as the friction burned her skin.

John’s pelvis slammed against Claire as his penis plunged fully into her. He moaned out, having not felt the inside of a vagina in quite some time. “This is what you get Claire” he stated angrily as he began to pound her vagina… Hard.

The pleasure Claire had felt as their genitals had met soon faded as her pussy was ravaged red raw. Each pump slammed into her cervix harder and harder, her vagina gushed over his cock in an attempt to slicken the walls. John couldn’t believe how good this doll felt, he wondered what else it could do.

An internal sigh of relief overcame Claire as she felt John’s penis retreat from her aching pussy. John climbed onto the bed, sitting himself down above Claire’s breasts. His knees on her shoulders and his weight on her chest, a lot to bear.

As he shuffled into a comfortable position his swinging cock slapped against her face, he peered down at her. “I wonder” he said as he began to lean his muscular body forward.

The familiar feeling of spit hit her, this time on her lips. She felt the polish slacken slightly, straining to rip open her lips in this potentially saving moment.

With his right hand, he pressed his slick tip against her hard lips but they did not give way. Claire was both excited at the possibility of being able to speak to John soon and horrified at what she thought he was trying to do.

Desperately straining, she felt the polish weaken. Suddenly, and finally, her lips broke the polish that sealed them and her mouth flew open.

“This is it!” Claire thought as she finally gasped in the air to speak to John. She barely made out a tenth of the “J” when the vacant space in her mouth was filled by John’s girth as he pressed himself into her.

Suddenly John began to rhythmically slam his penis into the back of her throat. Claire choked and screamed but only a low gurgle escaped past his engorged penis. Still unable to move the rest of her body, Claire cried internally for John to stop. John couldn’t believe this doll moaned too, it was so life like!

His moans got faster and his slams got harder as he got closer and closer to climax. He had waited so long for this sort of release.

John moaned out and shuddered as he came hard into the back of Claire’s throat, his penis so deep that it simply flowed down; no swallowing necessary.

Relieved, John slid his ever limpening penis out of the doll and lay down beside it. Claire, worn out, moaned quietly “Johnnn”. He stirred. “Johnnn” she said again.

More certain he heard his name, John jumped up and looked at the doll. “Claire?” he asked, shaking in shock. Claire, recovering slightly, continued “yes it’s me John”. John fell to his knees and cried out “I’m so sorry Claire! I didn’t know”.

Realising she had no time to lose with Jessie still on the loose with that gun, Claire began to speak faster “Jessie did this, you have to help me”. John stared, his jaw dropping as Claire lay there in this sadistic prison.

John’s door creaked open.


Chapter 10 by Vexed

Stood in the doorway ominously was the girl they’d all come to fear. Completely unclothed and holding only the gun that had propelled her into power in the first place in one hand and a jar in the other.

“This family is now under new management”, Jessie stated, the feeling of power surged through her. John was unmoving, in complete shock at the insanity his life had suddenly become.

Claire, realising how close to freedom she was, screamed out to stir John, “please John! Do something!”.

Before John could even make a move, Jessie, like a seasoned cowboy, sprung the gun up from her hip and fired a single beam. The life drained from Claire’s eyes as she watched her only hope shrink down to not even a couple inches tall.

The towering Jessie slowly approached her minuscule Father and carefully scooped him into the open jar. Claire begged and cried as Jessie approached her still static body.

A second beam shot out of the gun and Claire’s size quickly dwindled. Again, she was tiny, but at least human-looking again. Jessie held Claire’s rock solid body in her hands for a moment before dropping her into the jar with John. She crashed down against the glass, a significantly more painful entrance than John’s. Paying no further attention to them, she casually left the empty room with them in hand and headed for her own.

Claire and John were thrown against the walls of the jar as Jessie carried it and placed it down on her desk roughly. He attempted to plead with the giantess as she looked through her drawers, totally uncaring of her family seeing her petite, naked frame as she sat.

Jessie either couldn’t hear him or was simply ignoring him as she searched for her nail varnish remover in her messy drawers. Soon, she plucked out the bottle she was looking for and held it up to the jar.

“Can you relax?” Jessie began, “unless you like her in such a compromised position, you dog!”. John looked at the ground, his cheeks flushed red as he thought about what he had done to his wife and how his daughter must have heard.

Reaching into the jar, Jessie plucked her stepmother out and began rubbing her hard skin with the nail varnish remover. Claire felt it burn, but it worked perfectly as she slowly regained the ability to move.

Satisfied with her work, Jessie threw Claire’s limp form back into the jar before peering down into it. Her parents began immediately rubbing at Claire’s inflamed skin in an attempt to wipe off the excess nail varnish remover before it did too much damage.

With her head still hung above the jar's entrance and, not being a total sadist, Jessie spat into the jar and covered both her parents in her slimy, bubbly spit. “You’re welcome”, she said, smiling evilly. Claire and John both continued rubbing her skin, disgusted but thankful for their new master’s spit.

Claire’s skin began to soothe, the redness dying down. They hugged their first real hug in a long time, both of them on the verge of tears.

“If you two lovebirds wouldn’t mind, I’d like my brother back” Jessie said simply. John looked at Claire in confusion, she returned his look with complete horror as she remembered where he was.

“What?! Where is my son?!” John replied, turning and angrily screaming up to his captor. John watched as Jessie’s eyes fell upon Claire, who had begun to bend over.

John looked at his wife as she exposed her asshole. “He’s not… She wouldn’t have…”, he said, refusing to believe his daughter would be so evil.

“John… Relax… You have to get him out”, Claire said, the calm voice of reason now. She spread her tiny, white cheeks for him.

John looked at his wife in disbelief as she bent over and spread her cheeks. Was this their life now? Complete humiliating obedience to his now goddess daughter?

Defeated, John reached down between her cheeks and pressed his fingers into his wife’s asshole. Claire gasped as he entered suddenly, a sharp pain twanged through her as he began to dig around.

Feeling what he assumed was Leon’s head just at the tip of his fingers, John attempted to grasp it and pull his son out. Leon screamed out as the giant fingers gripped his head and began tugging, the pain was immense. However, it was a welcome rescue from this hot, stinking hell as he felt his shit-covered body slowly being pulled towards the exit.

Having shrunk inside of someone, Leon was barely even a centimetre tall now and covered in his own stepmother’s excrement. As John plucked him out, he lost his grip and Leon fell down heavily against the glass gasping for air. Both Claire and John crouched down to help him in any way they could.

Jessie’s phone vibrated heavily on her desk, the three tiny people peering over at the monstrous device shaking beside them. Reaching for it, Jessie picked it up and pulled it to her ear.

“Hello?”, Jessie answered, “Yeah… Yeah… Sure! See you soon! Bye!”. Her captives were unable to hear the other side of the conversation.

“I’m going to need you two on top form” Jessie stated, looking at the two tiny men in the jar.

“Us two?” John asked, speaking for himself and the silent Leon who was too small to project his voice to her.

“Yes, you two!” Jessie confirmed. “SHE is missing, but you both are not. Aunt Jackie is coming to stay.”


Chapter 11 by Vexed

Jessie reached into the crowded jar, her three tiny relatives all ducked in fear as her hand came down upon them. Claire screamed in desperation, clawing for any grip as she felt the giantess’ fingers choose her and clasp around her torso. 

The two men grabbed onto Claire quickly and began pulling her back, refusing to allow Jessie to take her. The battle was certainly not hard fought as Jessie tugged on Claire lightly, although Jessie didn’t exactly plan on letting all three of them out of the jar so she released Claire angrily, which threw the three of them against the glass.

“Clearly you three have too much fight in you. If this is how you behave now, what about when Aunt Jackie gets here? Can I trust you?” Jessie ranted to her captives, clearly displeased by their disobedience, but not at all concerned about her ability to keep them in line.

Grabbing the jar she briefly clasped the lid shut and shook it aggressively as if making a cocktail. The three tinies clattered against the sides and each other violently for only a moment. After what felt like an age, their prayers for her to stop were answered as she placed the jar back down and opened the lid back up.

The previously defiant tinies all lay on the floor of the jar stunned. Reaching back in, Jessie plucked Claire out with ease and held her by her side like a child would a doll.

“I have a few things to do before Aunt Jackie gets here. I need you two to do a couple of things for me, but I think you need to realise who’s in charge first…” Jessie said, her tone scarily neutral. The two dazed Men peered up at her as she grabbed the wide jar with her spare hand and placed it on the chair she had just been sitting in.

Now spectating from a lower position, the two men were exposed to a sight of their daughter and sister respectively that they wished they had never seen. Her tight vagina hovered mere inches in front of the jar as she stood there looking down on them, her perky breasts bouncing with each tiny movement her body made. 

Their view was soon replaced by an equally embarrassing one as the two men watched in horror as Jessie began to rotate her youthful, petite body to face away from them. Expecting her to exit the room, they were shocked to find her getting ever closer.

Soon Jessie’s peach was directly above the jar, both John and Leon looked away in disgust as they were exposed to her asshole and vagina. Her potent feminine odours slowly filled their nostrils. Suddenly, Jessie sat her ass fully onto the jar and their world changed.

The air quality immediately dropped as their sky was eclipsed by Jessie’s ass, their only source of oxygen whatever was trapped beneath her asshole as she sat. Her thick chicks spilled over the sides of the jar, red lines appearing where the smooth glass rim dug into her flesh as she created a perfect seal.

Leon ducked down as low as he could go and pulled his head in close to his chest while John retched in disgust as his daughter’s stinking asshole flared inches above him, the heat hitting them as if they had opened an oven. Composing himself, John began screaming up to the giant girl who heard nothing through the thick glass.

Suddenly, the nineteen year old’s asshole flared open and a blast of hot gas filled the tiny space. The two men coughed and sputtered, falling to their knees on the floor of the jar. Condensation began to build up on the sides, wiped away only by the handprints of her captives desperately clawing at the sides of their toxic enclosure. Jessie held this position for a while, letting them stew and ensuring all of it had left her asshole.

With dexterity that could make a magician jealous, she quickly raised her ass off the jar and slammed the lid down onto it. Both men, holding their breath, pleaded with Jessie as best they could through the jar, but it was no use as they watched her immediately exit the room with Claire in hand.

Leon and John choked for clean air. Jessie’s gas, with nowhere to go, hung like a thick cloud. Their eyes burned as they both writhed on the floor of the jar, both forced to inhale her noxious gas and too weak to coordinate any sort of attempt at getting the lid off. Drifting in and out of consciousness, their lungs worked overtime to pull whatever oxygen had been housed inside of Jessie’s rectum out of the smog.

An unknown amount of time passed and Jessie reentered to find both men twitching on the floor of the jar. She giggled, glad they hadn’t died yet. Removing the lid, Jessie watched as life sprang into her two captives. It was as if they had been resurrected as the gas floated out of the jar and was replaced by fresh air.

“I’ve hidden Claire, if either of you try to pull anything or if anything happens to me then she WILL die” Jessie stated sharply, the sudden lack of even her usually devious tone disturbed both men. She meant it.

“I’m going to regrow you so Aunt Jackie doesn’t get suspicious, I might even let you both stay big for the indefinite future if you behave.” Jessie began, “but I want NO funny business, if Aunt Jackie gets either the tiniest idea that something is up, Claire dies and then I’ll deal with you both. Do you understand?”.

The two men nodded in unison at the still naked giantess. “Good!” she exclaimed back to them simply. And with that, she plucked each of them out of the jar and placed them on the ground. Reaching for the gun, she aimed at each of them and fired.

Soon, the two men stood up fully. Their large, masculine forms towered over her tiny, nude body at normal size. They looked at the devil that controlled them with rage in their hearts. But, understanding their situation, they did nothing. 

“Get a shower, she’ll be here in an hour and you both reek!” Jessie commanded, holding her nose as they exited her room in sequence.

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