Unwanted House Guests of Minuscule Proportions by poopoodoop

Tinies are found searching for food in an apartment. How will the girls treat them?

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A story I wrote back in 2017, hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Crumb Snatchers by poopoodoop

Chapter 1 - Crumb Snatchers

Contains: breast crush, giantess, among other micro/macro stuff

"God damnit!" 
"Sam, are you alright? What happened?"
"I'm fine, but there's more of those little creeps, and they got into the cereal box because SOMEONE left it on the counter!"

Samantha was in fumes after finding more tinies in the kitchen, this time invading her favorite box of cereal. She stomped her foot angrily as she ranted to her friend across their shared house, causing her generous butt and bust to wobble beneath her pajamas. "Get your ass over here! I know you were the last one to eat cereal, so you better help me get rid of them!" She yelled. 

Debbie lazily rolled out of bed to see what one of her roommates was yelling about. She peered her head into the kitchen to see her short Asian friend angrily scooping tinies into a plastic cup.  Samantha heard her footsteps and turned to her, yelling, "get in here and help me deal with them, you damn titty monster!" Debbie's bust wobbled into view as she fully stepped into the kitchen. Though Samantha's butt was certainly above average and had more mass than hers, Debbie's tits easily surpassed her perky D-cups in greatness. Her wobbly melons were each at least as big as her head, and seemed to defy gravity with how little they sagged. 

Debbie made her way to where Samantha was putting the last of their unwanted guests into a cup. "I fucking hate these little things, they're always getting into my stuff"
"I'm surprised you can see them through your blind rage!"
"Shut up, will ya? What should we do with them this time?" She pondered as she stared into the cup. Though Sam hated tinies, she had to admit, she loved messing with them. As her face eclipsed the sky above them, her little captives frantically begged for their life. The dozen or so of them were all mumbling and screaming at the same time, until one of them spoke up and the rest grew silent. "P-please, don't kill us! We were only getting food to survive!"

Samantha put a finger to her chin and pretended to consider what he was saying. "Tell ya what. I won't kill you, but we'll do whatever we want with your friends." Before he could verbally react she had plucked him out of the crowd and set the cup down on the counter where the rest could watch. "W-wait, I thought you said you wouldn't kill me!" Samantha's victim screamed as he dangled above the ground, which seemed hundreds of feet away. "Oh, I won't! My friend, Debbie, on the other hand..."

Sam undid the top few buttons of Debbie's pajama shirt, exposing an ocean of cleavage. As she dangled the tiny above the wide expanse of flesh, Debbie chimed in, "aw, do we have to kill them? This one's kinda cute!" 
"Oh I'm not killing anyone, your titties will do all the work for us!" And just like that Samantha's entire hand, and it's tiny captive, disappeared between Debbie's massive mounds. She pulled her hand out, leaving her prey deep within her friend's cleavage. Because of how Debbie's bust filled out her shirt, there was an immense pressure on either side of him. All his life he feared he would die crushed underfoot, eaten, or some worse fate, but he could at least find pleasure in knowing he'd die at the breasts of a total hottie.

Sam put her hands on either side of Debbie's boobs. She squeezed, wobbled, bounced, shook, and groped them in an attempt to put the tiny to his doom. Deep within his soft prison, the tiny started thinking he'd actually survive to see another day, until his entire world began to shake and undulate around him. The fleshy walls to his sides ground up, down, and in every direction conceivable to him as they crushed against him with even more pressure. His attempt to move only caused a slight tickle for Debbie, causing her to giggle. "Heehee, I can still feel him moving in there!" Sam angrily took her hands off her roomie's bust. She happily bounced and shook her breasts, enjoying the feeling of a tiny struggling within them. 

"Haha, my boobies are too soft to smush him!" She cheered. Samantha angrily groped at her chest again, this time putting as much pressure against the sides of Debbie's tits as she could until her expression changed. She couldn't feel the sensation, but she could tell what Debbie was reacting to as she put all her strength into squeezing her boobs together. She finally released them, and looked up to see her friend pouting. She spread her boobs to reveal a tiny red streak smeared deep between her boulders. 

As Sam cackled at the death of the tiny, she realized Debbie was near the point of tears. "Sniff~ I just w-wanted a pet tinyyy~" she bawled. Trying to diffuse the situation, Sam hastily grabbed at a tiny from the cup and tossed them into her friend's cleavage. "H-here! It's okay! You can have this one!" Debbie wiped away her tears and smiled at the tiny that cowered in fear atop her left tit. "You mean it? I can keep her?"

"Of course! And as much as I hate them, as long as you keep it out of my stuff I promise won't crush her," Sam reasoned. 
"Thank yooouuuu!" Debbie cheered as she hopped away to clean herself up and play with her new pet.

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Continued in chapter 2!

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