Unwanted House Guests of Minuscule Proportions by poopoodoop

Tinies are found searching for food in an apartment. How will the girls treat them?

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Story Notes:

A story I wrote back in 2017, hope you enjoy!

1. Chapter 1 - Crumb Snatchers by poopoodoop

2. Chapter 2- Where Tinies Rest by poopoodoop

Chapter 1 - Crumb Snatchers by poopoodoop

Chapter 1 - Crumb Snatchers

Contains: breast crush, giantess, among other micro/macro stuff

"God damnit!" 
"Sam, are you alright? What happened?"
"I'm fine, but there's more of those little creeps, and they got into the cereal box because SOMEONE left it on the counter!"

Samantha was in fumes after finding more tinies in the kitchen, this time invading her favorite box of cereal. She stomped her foot angrily as she ranted to her friend across their shared house, causing her generous butt and bust to wobble beneath her pajamas. "Get your ass over here! I know you were the last one to eat cereal, so you better help me get rid of them!" She yelled. 

Debbie lazily rolled out of bed to see what one of her roommates was yelling about. She peered her head into the kitchen to see her short Asian friend angrily scooping tinies into a plastic cup.  Samantha heard her footsteps and turned to her, yelling, "get in here and help me deal with them, you damn titty monster!" Debbie's bust wobbled into view as she fully stepped into the kitchen. Though Samantha's butt was certainly above average and had more mass than hers, Debbie's tits easily surpassed her perky D-cups in greatness. Her wobbly melons were each at least as big as her head, and seemed to defy gravity with how little they sagged. 

Debbie made her way to where Samantha was putting the last of their unwanted guests into a cup. "I fucking hate these little things, they're always getting into my stuff"
"I'm surprised you can see them through your blind rage!"
"Shut up, will ya? What should we do with them this time?" She pondered as she stared into the cup. Though Sam hated tinies, she had to admit, she loved messing with them. As her face eclipsed the sky above them, her little captives frantically begged for their life. The dozen or so of them were all mumbling and screaming at the same time, until one of them spoke up and the rest grew silent. "P-please, don't kill us! We were only getting food to survive!"

Samantha put a finger to her chin and pretended to consider what he was saying. "Tell ya what. I won't kill you, but we'll do whatever we want with your friends." Before he could verbally react she had plucked him out of the crowd and set the cup down on the counter where the rest could watch. "W-wait, I thought you said you wouldn't kill me!" Samantha's victim screamed as he dangled above the ground, which seemed hundreds of feet away. "Oh, I won't! My friend, Debbie, on the other hand..."

Sam undid the top few buttons of Debbie's pajama shirt, exposing an ocean of cleavage. As she dangled the tiny above the wide expanse of flesh, Debbie chimed in, "aw, do we have to kill them? This one's kinda cute!" 
"Oh I'm not killing anyone, your titties will do all the work for us!" And just like that Samantha's entire hand, and it's tiny captive, disappeared between Debbie's massive mounds. She pulled her hand out, leaving her prey deep within her friend's cleavage. Because of how Debbie's bust filled out her shirt, there was an immense pressure on either side of him. All his life he feared he would die crushed underfoot, eaten, or some worse fate, but he could at least find pleasure in knowing he'd die at the breasts of a total hottie.

Sam put her hands on either side of Debbie's boobs. She squeezed, wobbled, bounced, shook, and groped them in an attempt to put the tiny to his doom. Deep within his soft prison, the tiny started thinking he'd actually survive to see another day, until his entire world began to shake and undulate around him. The fleshy walls to his sides ground up, down, and in every direction conceivable to him as they crushed against him with even more pressure. His attempt to move only caused a slight tickle for Debbie, causing her to giggle. "Heehee, I can still feel him moving in there!" Sam angrily took her hands off her roomie's bust. She happily bounced and shook her breasts, enjoying the feeling of a tiny struggling within them. 

"Haha, my boobies are too soft to smush him!" She cheered. Samantha angrily groped at her chest again, this time putting as much pressure against the sides of Debbie's tits as she could until her expression changed. She couldn't feel the sensation, but she could tell what Debbie was reacting to as she put all her strength into squeezing her boobs together. She finally released them, and looked up to see her friend pouting. She spread her boobs to reveal a tiny red streak smeared deep between her boulders. 

As Sam cackled at the death of the tiny, she realized Debbie was near the point of tears. "Sniff~ I just w-wanted a pet tinyyy~" she bawled. Trying to diffuse the situation, Sam hastily grabbed at a tiny from the cup and tossed them into her friend's cleavage. "H-here! It's okay! You can have this one!" Debbie wiped away her tears and smiled at the tiny that cowered in fear atop her left tit. "You mean it? I can keep her?"

"Of course! And as much as I hate them, as long as you keep it out of my stuff I promise won't crush her," Sam reasoned. 
"Thank yooouuuu!" Debbie cheered as she hopped away to clean herself up and play with her new pet.

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End Notes:

Continued in chapter 2!

Chapter 2- Where Tinies Rest by poopoodoop
Author's Notes:

Contains: gentle giantess, breast play, nipple play, anal, masturbation, unaware, size difference, and more!

Chapter 2 - Where Tinies Rest

“You’re so friggin cute!” Debbie gushed to her new pet. “I think I’ll call you… Squishy!”r32;The name “Squishy” was a scary thing to be called after watching what happened to the last person that interacted with this towering beauty, but her intentions didn’t seem ill willed. r32;“U-uh, my name was actually Bri-”
“Alright Squishy, you’re lucky I saved you! Big mean ol’ Sam would’ve smushed you too if I didn’t,” Debbie unintentionally cut off the tiny girl. “I’m wide awake now, so to make up for me saving your lil’ heinie we’re gonna play so we can tire ourselves out and sleep!” She placed her little pet on her desk, then began to think about how to play with her. “Squishy” had a feeling she’d end up getting more tired out than her new owner.“Aha! I got it!”

“W-w-what are you doing!?” The tiny blushed as Debbie undid the remaining buttons of her pajama shirt and removed it.“We’re both girls, so it’s fine if you see them! You’re gonna do a little exploring, Squishy!” Debbie plopped her immense chest down onto the desk dangerously close to where her pet stood. The impact knocked her onto her butt, and the masses of flesh wobbled and shook for several more moments after the initial motion. From Squishy’s perspective, the mountains of flesh were seemingly endless, and even attempting to climb them seemed like a daunting task.

“I won’t make you climb all the way up quite yet, just try to get to my cute nipples,” Debbie said, sticking her tongue out playfully. The tiny girl had a hard time finding purchase on the soft, smooth skin before her, but eventually was able to lift herself off the wooden surface she stood on. The scene taking place before her made Debbie giggle, sending vibrations and threatening to undo all of the hard work Squishy had done. After several minutes, she finally reached the pink mound resting among the wide expanse of soft flesh. Thankfully, the curvature of Debbie’s boob meant she wouldn’t fall off and could lay flat, but to help guarantee she would slide down she reached a tiny arm into the slit of her owner’s inverted nipple. 

“H-hey! Careful in there, it’s sensitive!” Debbie was caught off guard by the sudden sensation of a tiny hand feeling around the most sensitive part of her nipple. “Yawn~ Alright Squishy, it’s late and I’m getting tired, so I think it’s time to call it a night. I just ordered your leash online and it should be here tomorrow, but for tonight I gotta find you a safe spot to sleep!”
“W-wait a leash? B-but I’m a person!”“Yeah, and you’re my little person! Now hold still while I figure how to keep you safe for tonight…” A giant finger descended onto the tiny girl, pressing her into the crevice of Debbie’s nipple. It caught her by surprise, but it was both calming and arousing. The sweet scent of her captor’s flesh was surrounding her, and the nub within the opening she found herself pressed against was growing stiff against her minute body. “Today was a good day to be a tiny lesbian,” she thought to herself.

“Aha! Found it,” Debbie cheered. A few moments later the finger lifted off of Squishy, and for the tiny girl left clinging to a nipple half as big as her, was replaced by a sky of gold. Before she could react, the golden star pastie pressed down into her, sealing her against the sensitive nub. The pastie wasn’t quite big enough to cover her entire nipple, as her areola was visible around it, but it did the job of keeping her new pet safe as cozy. “Niiice n’ safe! Hopefully you’re not too squished in there,” Debbie cooed. She proceeded to tuck herself into bed, leaving her enormous tits out so as not to smush her new pet too much. She was sure to lay on her back, as laying forward could be fatal for Squishy. 

“Goodnight Squishy~” she raised a massive tit to her face, planting a kiss on the pastie that sealed her pet against her, sending shivers down her spine. As she slowly dosed off to sleep, her pet was stuck clinging to her nipple. As it returned to its dormant state, she was slightly pulled into the slit of her nipple, with her limbs trapped next to the nub as it hid itself from the outside world. Only the back of her head and upper body would be visible from the outside, had it not been for the star shaped pastie hiding her. It grew fairly stuffy within her sleeping quarters, but the overwhelming sweet scent of the giant woman was in no way unpleasant. “This is my new life,” she whispered to herself. She slowly felt herself drift off to sleep within the embrace of a giant, inverted nipple.

Meanwhile, Sam was minding her own business elsewhere. Unbeknownst to her other roommate, Heather, she was also minding someone else's business. 


Sam watched through the doorway that was slightly cracked open. Her roommate and close friend, Heather, was pulverizing her own ass with an enormous dildo, easily dwarfing anything Sam kept in her arsenal. It was nearly as big as her forearm, and rivaled it in girth too. Despite its immense size, it's full length was being easily forced in and out of her ass. 

Even though the scene taking place before Sam might be a surprising one for most, especially considering the mousy girl partaking in it, it wasn't one bit unexpected. It became news to her several months ago that Heather did this type of thing almost every night.

The night that Sam found out, Heather had (wrongly) assumed everyone gone to sleep, and thought it would be safe to do her daily deviance in peace. Something seemed off to Sam when she heard moaning and thumping through the thin, shared wall to one side of her room. 

Was Heather having someone over? No, I would've seen them come in. Besides, she barely goes outside. What, exactly, is going on in there? It seems pretty loud.
Sam snuck her way to Heather's door to investigate the origin of the commotion. When she opened it, she was shocked at the time to see the very scene that she was peeping on consistently to this day. Her pale friend had her face buried into a pillow, fat ass high in the air, and both hands urgently clawing at a massive dildo, desperately trying to fit as much as possible into her ass. She had her headphones over her head, so she had no way of knowing her friend walked in on her demolishing her own ass.

That night, Sam blushed and got herself out of the room before her friend noticed. Tonight, however, things were far different. Sam had gotten used to rubbing one out while watching Heather's fat cheeks jiggle and engulf the entire false phallus several times a week. Heather had a bad habit of not closing her door entirely, and her roommate took it as an invitation to watch. She didn't have to worry about being caught, because Heather reamed her own ass so hard that most nights she passed out with her face in the pillow and her dildo buried in her ass. 

Tonight, Sam's agenda didn't follow its usual routine of mauling her clit with her fingers while watching her friend go to town with a massive dildo. She knew Heather was a heavy sleeper, and wanted to see how much fun she could have with her new little toys. 

Sam crept into the room, cup of tinies in tow. As she approached Heather's bed, the amount of lube and bodily fluids strewn about increased, until she reached the epicenter of the mess; a massive, purple dildo rammed deep into her dear roommate. Sam gripped the dildo at its base, then began gingerly coaxing it out of its orifice. It finally slipped out with a sloppy "plop" and landed heavily on the bed between Heather's pale legs. Carefully plucking a tiny out of her cup, Sam dangled him before the gaping orifice, ensuring he knew what was bound to be his fate. She slowly lowered him, and his vision was soon filled with the inside of a giant introvert's ass. 

"P-please! You can't do this to me! I'll-I'll do anything if you ju-" The tiny's begging was cut off when Sam released her hold on him, sending him plummeting into Heather's ass. With the stimulation it received from being fed a tiny pest, her ass instinctually clenched down around him, further sealing him in the fleshy chamber. It took every bit of willpower in Sam's conscious mind to not break down and ravish Heather's ass with her tongue after seeing the powerful display.

Heather's ass clenched and unclenched several times, giving the illusion of it chewing on its meal as it gobbled it down, pulling him deeper into its hold. It opened up once again, seemingly asking for more. Sam glanced down towards the cup of quivering captives, and her devious grin once again crept across her face. 
Sam tilted the cup downward, sending the remaining tinies directly into her friend's ass. They screamed and clawed at the smooth material in an attempt to halt their decent, but to no avail. Sam took great pleasure and arousal in watching as all the tinies tumbled into Heather's ass. One managed to get a hold in the edge of her sphincter, saving her from falling as deep as her companions. All the squirming in her ass caused Heather to moan and wiggle in her slumber, clenching her ass and squeezing down on all of her butt's new chew toys. 

Any sign of the tinies disappeared into Heather's bottomless bottom, aside from the hand of the tiny that managed to grab onto her exit's rubbery ring. An extreme pressure, one even more incredible than expressed on the tinies deeper in the hungry orifice, was present all around her. Because of all the glorious sensations that were present, Heather groggily reached a hand back and slid two digits into her ass, effectively forcing the tiny into her ass without the slightest clue of what her ass had done.

"Fffuck that was so hot..." Sam whimpered to herself. Her hand snuck into her panties and was swiftly invading her quivering honeypot. Despite how much she hated tinies, she was curious how it'd feel to have shoved one inside of herself, forcing it deep into her pussy purely for her own sexual pleasure. She tried suppressing her moans as she grew closer to climax, soaking her hand and garments, dreaming of burying her face in Heather's ass and licking away like there was no tomorrow. She wanted nothing more than to know the pleasure of Heather clenching down around her tongue as she went to town on her. 

"Hnnng~" Sam bit her knuckle as she finally came, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body and visibly shaking her. Coming down from her orgasmic high, she noticed Heather moving more and more. 

Shit, she's waking up!

Sam scrambled to grab the now empty cup and silently scurried out of Heather's room, leaving nothing behind but a small puddle of love juice on the floor and an ass full of squirming captives. Heather was slowly coaxed back to consciousness by the pleasant stirrings she felt deep in her ass. It felt... better than usual. It was different, too, from how her anal demolition's afterglow usually felt. It was consistent, but the more she clenched in response to it, the less sensations she felt within her. 

Heather quietly rose, depositing her massive dildo back into its hiding place, and taking out a fairly less immense buttplug. She slid it in with ease, relishing in the feeling of being full again. Little did she know, she was putting one final blockade between the tinies in her ass and the freedom they were desperately clawing toward. Heather pulled up some snug-fitting pajama bottoms, pulled up her blanket, and snuggled close to her Asakura Mao body pillow.

End Notes:

This is as far as I ever got with this story. If I were to revive it, what would you want to see?

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