The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan by Frizzle

Abruptly kicked out of her own home by her own parents, Allison Ali Alan finds herself in a strange and unusual world all by her lonesome and with no way to defend herself from the giants that surround her every location. As she makes her journey to the distant land of Washington state, she makes a few friends and enemies along the way... Will there be anything left of her when she arrives to her destination?

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)

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Story is original, owned by me, blah blah all contents are my own blah blah 18+ characters only blah blah no one cares.

This is a COMEDY story with fetish and kink elements involved. I literally write the most nonsense shite I can think of, and put zero effort into a consistent, well though story line. This is simply for fun, and this story is not meant to be taken seriously in any capacity. If I get any comments about plot holes or inconsistencies, I'll kindly tell you to read the darn disclaimer that no one, literally NOBODY, would ever think to read and then you'll see this. Honestly however, the story itself should be pretty obvious to how stupid it is.

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*Volume I* - Chapter 1 - Time To Grow Up by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

**Best order to read the stories in (in terms of Kempverse stories, so the rest are irrelevant from this list)**

1) Nick VS Highschool all volumes

2) My Tiny Life Volumes 1 through 4

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (if you want context for My Tiny Life volume 5)

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5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (gives backstory to a character from Nick V High that appears late in the series)

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Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**





Hello there, my name is Allison Ali Alan and I am pleased to introduce my very tiny and diminutive self! You see, you may recognize me as the late counterpart of Nick and his gang, but long before those treacherous events I had a life of my very own! I won’t bore you with the details, but unlike Nick and his friends dangerous, chaotic and unpleasant series of events… My life was a bit more... Interesting?

You see I’ve always been small, or for as long as I can remember that is. My very loving and kind parents raised me alongside my grandparents, but once I became a particular age we had all equally agreed it was time to go out on my own! I remember it almost as if it were yesterday… 

“Wait… You’re kicking me out!?” I couldn’t believe it, the words of my mother, that is, the words of my mother that were spoken just now, or in the past, in this memory I mean.

“Kicking you out? Of course not!” My mother laughed as she corrected me, “we’re simply packing your things and sending you on a permanent vacation, forever!”

“Yes… That’s kicking me out, mom!” I responded distraughtly as I stood on the dining table surface in our dining room, where most dining tables could be found.

My mother was a tall woman, standing roughly six feet tall and a few inches extra. She had long blonde hair, so long actually that it touched the floor and rolled out a few feet more. She believed that cutting your hair was a grave sin against her God, Ooga Logicious or whatever she called him. She had hot red nails, and always wore the same pair of flats which were putrid green and had holes in the soles.

“Your father and I have agreed that you’re old enough now to no longer be our problem, and considering your distasteful height we’ve decided to send you on a plane to Washington state! Some random family has agreed to adopt you!” My mother exclaimed, as if I should be happy about it.

“This is all a lot of information to absorb…” I fell flat on my ass, burying my face in my palms as I tried to grasp my situation. I was too small to argue, and what was I going to do about it? It’s not like I could just run away, not at this size!

“Listen to your mother Allison,” my father demanded as he appeared from around the corner. My father was only four feet tall and six inches high. He had no hair at all, his head bald and shiny. He had a handlebar mustache so long, he could scratch his forehead with the ends if he wanted to.

“But Dad! This isn’t fair!” I pouted, “I don’t want to go to Washington! I like it here in Texas!”


“Now now… No need to shout honey,” my mother patted my father on the head, “she is just having a hard time adjusting to her soon to be life in Washington! Besides Allison, I’m sure you’ve gotten tired of repeatedly getting stuck in my hair, or stepped on under my feet during the middle of the night when I am grabbing a late night snack! And don’t you remember the time that I accidentally tossed you with the salad I made for lunch one day?”

“That could literally happen with anyone else… ANYONE. ELSE!” I shouted, “it’s the hazard that comes with my height, are you really going to use that as an excuse!?”

“Yes,” my mother answered blatantly.

“Oh… Well okay,” I guess that was that?

A knock at the door caught us all off guard, as a random, red headed woman entered the house with the most annoying grin I’d ever laid eyes on.

“Hello! I’m Rachel, the app said to enter the house when I arrived? So who's getting a ride to the airport?” Rachel stood awkwardly at the front door, staring at my parents and completely unaware of my presence.

“That would be our daughter,” my mother answered cheerfully.

“Great! So where is she?” Rachel looked around the kitchen, but couldn’t see me.

“She’s right there,” my mother pointed towards me.

“Where?” Rachel looked at where my mother pointed but couldn’t see me still.

“Right there,” my father also pointed at me.

“Where’s there?” Rachel asked again.

“On the dining table,” my mother said.

“The dining table?” Rachel seemed confused, “the dining table is your daughter?”

“No, she’s on the table,” my father sighed in annoyance.

“Which table?” Rachel inquired.

“The dining table,” my mother repeated again.

“I thought you said your daughter wasn’t a dining table,” Rachel scratched her head.

“No, our daughter is on the damned dining table! Literally ON THE FUCKING TABLE! THE DINING TABLE!” My father walked right up to the dining table and pointed his finger so close to me I could smell the cheese puff dust still on his fingers, he must have had a snack recently.

Rachel squinted her eyes as she finally spotted me on the dining table, but her eyes then widened in horror as she began screaming incoherently, “OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S A BUG! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rachel ran out of the house like a mad woman, screaming profanities as her voice slowly died out the further she ran.

“I guess we need to call another Uber, could you?” My mother smiled at my father.

“I’ll get right on that…” My father cursed under his breath as he walked out of the kitchen, as my mother pulled out a chair and sat next to the table where I had begun to sulk.

“Now now… Don’t cry Allison, I know this is a hard pill to swallow,” my mother soothed.

“Why are you sending me away! I don’t want to go! Please!” I cried, failing to understand the reasoning for my parents' betrayal.

“Oh honey, you just need to see this from our perspective! Imagine always having to tiptoe around the house, for fear of killing your own daughter! You have to swallow your selfish thoughts and accept the fact that it’s time to grow up, you’re basically an adult now and we’re no longer responsible for your well being! You understand, don’t you?”

“No! I don’t!” I cried.

“Oh, well darn I really thought that would explain it…” My mother sighed in defeat, “well you’re simply not our problem anymore, as an adult you have to take care of yourself. I’m sure you’ll make all sorts of new friends in Washington, far away from us! And you can always give us a call to tell us how you’re doing!”

“I don’t even have a damn phone! I’m too small!” I retorted in frustration.

“Oh yeah… Well we’ll be thinking of you!” My mother took her index finger and patted me on the head carefully, “you’ll always be my little… Er, young daughter!”

My father entered the kitchen again, “we got that red headed moron again, I explained that Allison is NOT a fucking bug and she’s coming back to pick her up.”

“How splendid! Thanks for clearing that up honey!” My mother thanked him happily.

“Whatever… Goodbye Allison, have a safe flight or whatever!” My father immediately opened the fridge, grabbed an entire twelve pack of beer and left for the living room.

“Goodbye dad…” I murmured to myself, as my mother plucked me off the table and began to carry me to the front door.

“Wait! What about my things!” I cried out, as I dangled mid air in my mothers not so gentle grip.

“I accidentally ate them with my breakfast… They somehow got mixed in with the eggs…” My mother let out an ear shattering belch, before a gentle hiccup followed by a giggle, “oops… That must be your stuff! Sorry sweety!”

“It’s fine…” I mumbled, crossing my arms in defiance as she walked out to the porch and placed me on the welcome mat, “you’re just going to leave me here!?”

“It’s fine! Look, that Rachel gal is coming back,” my mother pointed towards the red head who was walking hesitantly back towards the front door. She seemed embarrassed to say the least.

“I am SO sorry about that! I have an aversion to insects…” Rachel smiled awkwardly, “so anyways… Where’s your daughter? Is she ready to go?”

“She’s right here,” my mother answered.

“Where?” Rachel asked.

“On the ground,” my mother responded.

“I don’t see her, where is she?” Rachel scanned the ground but couldn’t see me.

“The welcome mat,” my mother answered more specifically.

“Your daughters a welcome mat?” Rachel was confused again.

“No, she’s on the mat,” my mother said again.

“What mat?” Rachel still couldn’t find me.

“Oh for fucks sake… I AM RIGHT HERE!” I screamed up at her.

“Oh! There you are,” Rachel smiled down at me, “sorry about mistaking you for a bug earlier! I have a phobia of insects! But you’re not an insect, so I don’t fear you!”

“That’s great… Are you driving me to the airport or not?” I grumbled grumpily.

“Sure thing! But uh… Am I supposed to carry you or something?” Rachel suddenly began to sweat nervously, tugging at her collar nervously at the thought of even touching me.

“I mean… Does it look like I’ll get far if you don’t?” I retorted with the utmost sarcasm.

“No… It doesn’t… You’re pretty tiny actually, what’s wrong with you? Is it contagious?” Rachel was having second thoughts.

“There’s nothing wrong with me… I am NOT contagious… Can you just put me in the damn car and we can go already?” I wanted to cry at the humiliation I felt at this very moment.

Rachel slowly bent down, before carefully plucking me off the welcome mat. She gagged pretty loudly, though to her credit she tried her best not to make it obvious. She held me so incredibly far from her body, I was almost weirded out by how far she stretched her arm away from her.

“Well… Here we go…” Rachel slowly carried me towards her car, as my mother waved me off.

“Goodbye my daughter! I love you!” She smiled with relief as she waved me goodbye.

The best I could do was tear up as I waved her goodbye, still confused and lost at why they were putting me through this misery. Who was going to watch me in Washington? How the hell was I supposed to even make it through the airport? They didn’t even give me a plane ticket!

Rachel placed me down in the passenger seat of her car, as the last visual of my mothers face was blocked away forever as the car door slammed shut, cutting off my view of my mom and it would be the last time I’d ever see her again. Rachel got back into the driver's seat, before looking down at me with a half hearted smile and a sweaty forehead.

“So… What was your name again? I don’t remember if your parents told me or not…” Rachel asked nervously.

“Allison Ali Alan…” I mumbled in response, staring at the door that erased the view of my mother.

“Well I’m Rachel… Are you excited to fly to Washington?” She asked as she put the car in drive and began to pull out of the driveway.

“Not even slightly…” I said back to her.

As Rachel drove out of the neighborhood, I began to wonder what awaited me in Washington. I was now on an adventure I never wanted any part of, in the car of a complete stranger who was taking me to a place of uncertainty. The next step was the airport, but I had no idea what to expect when I got there.


I was just a tiny, itty bitty little woman… In a very large, and scary world. My own parents don’t even want me, what kind of start to a story is that?

End Notes:

Please leave a review and let me know what you think. This story is a comedy and is just a fun side project, I don't care to write anything more meaningful beyond what you see here, but that should be obvious. I'll start including more fetish/kink elements starting with the next chapter, this is simply an abrupt introduction to get the ball rolling because I'm impatient and am tired of creating new story intros blah blah.

Chapter 2 - The Airport by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Still trying to set the direction of this story however I managed to add some kinky material this time, so hopefully it'll satisfy those who've been waiting! I'm starting to piece together how I want this story to go, but so far it is all impromptu.





The drive was only a couple of hours, and after Rachel had introduced herself the rest of the ride was silent as I contemplated my life. I wasn’t sure exactly who was awaiting my arrival in Washington, but I was nervous just getting through the airport.

Eventually Rachel and I arrived at the airport, as she pulled up to departures and pulled along the side of the indicated parking location for drop off. She then reached across the car and opened my side of the door, and I could only stare out towards the busy and crowded airport walkway as everyone and their mother went back and forth in massive groups.

“Well it was nice meeting you, have a safe flight!” Rachel said cheerfully.

“Uhm… You’re not going to carry me inside?” I was confused, she couldn’t actually expect me to just waltz out of the car could she? Let alone navigate this nightmare of a crowd?

“I’m just the driver… I don’t usually carry my clients to their destinations…” Rachel said awkwardly, sweating nervously, “you’ll be fine, won’t you?”

“Rachel, I’d be stepped on and crushed the second I left this vehicle…” I pointed to the obvious crowds rushing down the walkway, it was surely certain death for me if I even attempted to get through everyone.

“But that means I’d have to pick you up again…” Rachel gulped audibly, “I mean no offense… But I’m sort of scared of bugs…”

“I’m not a bug!” I said in frustration, “I’m a human being! Please help me… At least get me inside where it isn’t as crowded!”

Rachel sighed heavily, looking around nervously before setting her gaze back on me. She bit her lip nervously, before shaking her head in dismissal, “I’m so sorry… But this really isn’t my problem…”

Rachel lowered her hand towards me, and sprung her index finger behind her thumb before releasing the pressure and flicking me full force. Her finger hit me in the gut, and launched me clear out of her vehicle. I couldn’t believe it as I flew out the door and hit the hard, cold concrete with a ‘thud’.

“Oof!” I grunted in pain as I hit the ground, but luckily I just had a few scrapes and bruises, “what the hell Rachel! Please! Don’t just leave me out here!”

“Sorry Allison… But you gross me out, and you’re not my responsibility. Good luck…” Rachel closed the passenger door and sped off, leaving me stranded in the airport walkway. I was near the edge, so nobody walking was close enough to step on me but that wasn’t entirely reassuring.

“I can’t believe she flicked me like a bug… Why does everyone treat me like dirt!” I wanted to sob, but I maintained my composure and turned to face the task at hand.

There was a large gap present in the crowd as one of the last groups swept by. I took advantage of this moment and sprinted across the walkway, and though I was small I was still pretty quick. I made it across pretty easily, just before the next crowd stumbled by.

“Phew…” I took a breather as I looked towards the entrance doors, people on their way in and out every couple of seconds. I crept up to the doors carefully and cautiously waited for them to open.

A man and some woman entered the airport, and I slipped through the door as they walked through it. I was in the airport itself now! I looked around and saw the check in terminals, but I was too small to use those. I saw the check in stands where the clerks were printing peoples tickets, but the lines were insane and I had no idea how I would even get their attention.

“Dammit! This is ridiculous… How am I ever going to board that damn plane at this size!? Curse you Rachel…” I was so incredibly frustrated, I didn’t have any idea of what to do.

As I was cursing under my breath, the ground began to tremble a bit as if someone was nearing my location. I quickly became alert as I turned to see a large, but young adult woman quickly walking in my direction. She had golden blonde hair with black highlights, and was wearing shorts so short that her folds were nearly showing. No doubt her ass cheeks were visible from behind.

She was a very slender woman, but appeared quite fit as well. Clearly a gym goer, and she had a crop top on that was so tight, her rather moderate boobs popped quite well with a bit of cleavage to boot. Her hair came down to her shoulders, and she had thick red lipstick on as well as black eyeliner. Her nails were painted black, as were her toes because she was wearing a pair of knee high roman sandals that exposed her silky smooth feet.

She was holding a small purse under her arm that was strapped over her shoulder, and in her other hand was her smartphone which was held up to her ear as she chatted over the phone with somebody.

Before I could react quickly enough, I realized her right foot was practically inbound. A shadow loomed over me in no time as she was in motion of taking her next step.

“I can’t believe she slept with that fat redneck! What a slut! Gross…” The woman said over the phone, paying no mind to where her feet fell.

“Ahhh!” I screamed in horror as her foot came hurtling towards me, giving me no time to jump out of the way.

Her heel hit the floor as the ball of her foot came towards me to step flat on the ground before her other leg would lift to continue forward. I fell backwards as everything became slow motion, my life flashing before my eyes. The bottom of her sandal was covered in dirt and grime, and I was about to become a stain with it all.

Her sandal began to crush my body, her rubbery sole conforming around my body as I felt the immense pressure of this powerful woman beginning to crush me into the hard ground of the airport. As quickly as I thought I’d be crushed to a pulp, was as quickly as everything froze as the pressure came to a grinding halt.

She had stopped abruptly, my entire body unable to move as her rubbery sandal compressed me tightly to the floor. She had held back her step, had she felt me? My question was answered quickly as I felt the rubber sole lift off of me slowly, now hovering above me as I took in a deep sigh of relief.

The sandal then shifted to the right, moving away from over me as light poured over me. I looked upwards to see this massive woman looking down at me, with a curiously raised eyebrow as she contemplated whether or not she was hallucinating.

“H-hello…” I was so relieved she had noticed me, I thought for sure I was going to die.

“You’re incredibly tiny,” the woman rested her foot flat beside me, as she stared down at me curiously.

“I was born this way,” I answered her, “thank you for not stepping on me… I thought I was a goner!”

“I just happened to feel you under my sandal…” the woman began to look around the airport, but eventually looked back down at me, “what’s your name, little one?”

“Allison Ali Alan… And you?” I smiled up at her as I finally stood to my feet, feeling as if this woman could be trusted.

“My name is Devin,” she took her phone and held it closer to her mouth, “hey, I’m going to need to give you a call back. Yeah… I’ll text you when I land,” Devin then promptly hung up the phone and put it in her purse.

“So can you help me check in? I hate to be a bother…” I was hoping she wouldn’t mind, but she never even answered me as she completely ignored my request altogether.

“How did you get here? Where are you from?” Devin asked me abruptly, once again looking around the airport blankly as if she was looking out for someone.

“I was driven here… And my parents kicked me out so I’m on my own,” I answered her, “why?”

Devin looked back at me quickly upon hearing I was kicked out, a small smirk spreading across her lips, “you got kicked out? Where are you going? Does anyone know you’re here? Are you with anyone?”

“No, I’m alone. I’m supposed to be heading on a flight to Washington, but I need help boarding,” I answered, “are you able to help me?”

“So your parents kicked you out… And you’re all alone with no one to look after you?” Devin laughed for a brief moment, “holy fuck… That’s just too good. I can’t believe this.”

Suddenly I no longer felt as if this woman could be trusted, as she mocked me. I looked up at her with concern and disappointment, was she not going to help me then? I needed to get going.

“Well I have a flight to catch… So if you can’t help me I understand. Have a good day, miss!” I turned around to head towards the checkin counter, but her sandaled foot abruptly crashed in front of me and blocked my path. The shockwave sent me on my ass, as I looked up at her frighteningly.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Devin commanded, “I’ve never seen a tiny person in real life before… Can’t tell you how long I’ve fantasized about having a tiny little man! Too bad you’re a woman… But you’re just an object so what’s it matter to me? Would have been nice to play with a little cock, but I can think of a few things to do to that little coochie of yours.”

“What?! How dare you speak to me like that! I’m not going anywhere with you!” I shouted at her, although admittedly I was terrified. I quickly sprinted under her and tried to run towards any of the crowds that were around, the last thing I needed was to be abducted by some kind of pervert!

I thought I could escape, but I was quickly put in my place as I felt the woman's fingers catch the back of my tiny shirt and pluck me off the ground, legs and arms flailing.

“Did you really try to run? Man… You’re going to be fun!” Devin spun me around to face her, “I’m not a faggot, but you’re a lil’ cutie I must admit…”

“Hey! That’s a mean word! You can’t say that!” I was shocked at how rude this woman was, as I happened to be bisexual myself, I took offense to her derogatory word.

“What? Faggot? Are you a faggot, is that why you’re offended?” Devin cackled, “now where am I going to put you…”

“What!? No! Let me go! I’m not going anywhere with you! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” I began to scream, quickly realizing that I was in deep trouble.

My screaming seemed to frighten Devin a bit, as the woman quickly looked around her person to figure out what to do with me. Her eyes lit up, as an idea crossed her mind.

“Well, I was going to put you in my purse… But I’ve got a better idea that’ll keep your mouth shut!”

Devin ducked behind a column to keep clear of any passersby, before taking her free hand and pulling the waist of her short shorts back just enough to create an opening. My eyes opened wide in horror, upon realizing what she intended to do with me. By no means did I want to end up in there, God only knew how long I’d be trapped there.

“Wait! No! I’ll keep quiet! Please!” I pleaded, struggling in her grip.

“Too late cutie, better find a way to enjoy yourself in there! You’ll be pleasuring me the entire way to Miami!” Devin smiled wickedly at me, as my heart sank.

Miami!? She was going to Miami, Florida!? That was on the complete opposite end of the entire country! That’s the last place I needed to be!

“No! Please! Please don’t do this to me! I just want to board my flight!” I cried out desperately.

“Sorry hun, but you never should have told me you were abandoned and alone… You practically did this to yourself. No one cares about you, making you ripe for the taking…” Devin bit her lip as she dangled me above her opened waistline, and tears filled my eyes as I was let go and sent falling into a dark abyss.

I collided into the incline of her panties, rolling down a linen hill before slapping into the wet and moist lips of Devin’s pussy. She was neatly trimmed, and the scent was that of lavender. She was certainly well kept, but that didn’t change the fact that she was abducting me! I looked up through the tunnel of light to see her face grinning down at me, an evil spark in her eyes as she fantasized about all the things she’d likely do to me.

“Get comfortable down there… It’s going to be a long flight!” Devin then let go of her shorts, allowing them to snap back into place as darkness fell before me. Her panties also snapped back, and I felt myself being forced into the juicy snatch of my captor.

“NO! PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME GO!” I cried, but my screams for mercy were drowned out within my confines, the loud airport passersby none the wisers of the tiny woman freshly kidnapped off the airport floor.

The more I struggled and squirmed, the more I seemed to work myself into the folds of Devin’s vagina. I was absolutely drenched in her fluids, and I was surely making her hornier and hornier. I was absolutely terrified, and this woman seemed to get off on me being confined in her private regions.

As I sobbed and accepted my fate inside of the panties of this sadistic woman, Devin happily approached the check in counter with the biggest shit eating grin on her face.

“Where are we heading today?” The clerk asked her.

“Miami, here’s my purchase order,” Devin handed her the papers.

“Great, I’ll print off a ticket for you!” The clerk printed a ticket and handed it to Devin, “have a safe flight!”


“I certainly will…” Devin chuckled under her breath, “I certainly will…”






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Chapter 3 - First Class by Frizzle
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I really enjoyed this chapter, something about writing horny evil psychotic woman just makes me happy, especially when it involves tiny helpless woman. Am I a psycopath? Maybe.





My life was quickly turning into some kind of perverted comedy, as if my entire life was becoming one fat fucking joke. Kidnapped by some psychotic woman named Devin, trapped in her panties like some sort of sex toy as I was firmly pressed into the warm embrace of her moist lips.

I’ll admit I had become completely terrified, the thought of being picked up like nothing more than an object and forcefully taken away by some apparent sexual deviant to God knows where was absolutely frightening. What was worse, is that I did know where I was going… Though I had been screaming muffled cries against the folds of Devin’s pussy, I was still very clearly able to hear the airport clerk say the words ‘Miami’... As in Miami, Florida!

“Oh fuck… Feeling you squirm down there is getting me bothered…” Devin moaned to herself, not necessarily meaning to speak loud enough for me to hear. After dropping off her checked bag, she was heading towards the TSA checkpoint for her screening. She quickly got in line, which was a bit long but appeared to be moving rather swiftly.

Devin continued to browse her instagram, biting her lip as she tried to avoid the naughty thoughts that came with having a tiny little woman stuck in the folds of one's vagina. Her juices were collecting at a steady pace, as she became wetter and wetter whilst I struggled in the depths of her lingerie.

It was quickly becoming a sauna in there, as I felt the soft flesh of her lips growing hotter and hotter, as I was becoming soaked in her juices as I slipped about in my attempts to grab onto any damn thing that could help me regain my control. I’ll admit I might have even been crying, but could you blame me? Feeling helpless was terrible enough, having that be the result of something akin to this… That’s a nightmare.

“Let me out of here!” I shouted, though screaming only allowed for her succulent juices to slip into my mouth. I coughed and sputtered at the taste of her fluids, though admittedly they tasted oddly satisfying. By all means she smelt incredible, her scent was utterly intoxicating in and of itself, but that wasn’t going to give her a pass for being one evil daughter of a bitch. I just wanted to be free of this woman, but oh boy was I completely unaware of the adventure she was about to take me on.

“Place all physical belongings in a tote, and separate all electronic devices!” Shouted a TSA agent as she motioned and navigated all of the travelers, including Devin who was next in line alongside another man.

“Does my watch count as an electronic device?” The man asked the TSA agent.

“No it does not,” the agent responded.

“What about my nose trimmer inside my backpack?” The man asked.

“No… Only laptops, tablets, phones…” The agent responded.

“What about a toy phone?” The man asked curiously.

“What?” The agent was confused.

“A toy. Toy phone? Would that be an electronic device? It makes noises and stuff when you dial the numbers,” the man explained, “also I have a debit card with a chip on it, is that electronic?”

“Sir, for the love of all that is sane, are you retarded?” The agent asked, fed up with the man's nonsense.

“Yes, I was diagnosed by my pediatrician,” the man answered, “how did you know?”

The agent facepalmed, “sir… Just put your items in a tote and we’ll figure out the rest, got it?”

“Does the scanner thing emit radiation? I am very sensitive to radiation and other electronic signals,” the man expressed concernedly.

“No, it is completely organic,” the agent lied, “no signals, radiation or anything. Now will you please proceed?”

The man smiled and nodded, heading quickly towards the scanner as Devin rolled her eyes and began to place her belongings in the designated totes. She separated her electronics and her belongings, before turning to the agent with a question.

“My sandals are difficult to remove, may I?” Devin asked the TSA agent with a seductive look.

The agent rolled his eyes, “they’re open toed, proceed.”

Devin giggled with approval as she sent her totes down the line and proceeded towards the body scanner. As she strode over to the scanner and the awaiting agents flagging her over, she made a purposeful effort to grind her thighs together in an obvious effort to torment me.

Her massive thighs grinding together only made my abode a living hell. All of the sticky fluids that had secreted out of her pussy were now being rubbed all together in flesh and myself combined. My ears, nose, mouth and other nooks and crannies were completely coated in her orgasmic fluids, and I knew for a fact this bitch hadn’t even reached an orgasm yet! How could one woman get THIS turned on by someone like me in their panties!?

As Devin continued to rub her thighs together in an attempt to break me, I felt her lips beginning to fold and rub over one another as I began to slip inside partially between the two giant, soft mounds of flesh. I felt as if it was swallowing me up, savoring the taste of my body as I felt my clothes being ripped apart at the force of the woman’s strength and powerful thighs.

“NO! PLEASE! STOP! YOU’RE HURTING ME!” I screamed with all of my vocal strength, but it was all for naught. The loud nature of an airport easily drowned out my pathetic cries for aid, as I felt myself beginning to slip into what felt like horny jail, no meme intended. Before long my body was engulfed entirely, her fluids acting as a slippery lubricant which only made it worse for me as I was devoured by this woman’s vagina.

‘Oh… I felt that!’ Devin thought to herself, clearly able to tell that her snatch had swallowed it’s tiny, delectable little morsel, ‘I cannot wait to board the plane… She and I will have so much fun!”

Devin entered the body scanner, spreading her legs apart and lifting her arms over her head with her elbows bent as the scanner spun and did its thing. Of course nothing alerted the machine, and it cleared Devin to proceed. Devin exited the scanner and grabbed her belongings as they came through the x-ray, before winking at the TSA and continuing on towards her gate terminal.

The commotion down her private regions had seemingly died down, but she didn’t think too much about it as she focused on heading towards the airport Starbucks, so she could get her white chocolate mocha with three shots of espresso, a dash of cinnamon, lite whipped cream with two percent milk, hot, a few shavings of almond nuts and a shot of hazel to boost. She was as basic as any white bitch went.

After ordering her abnormally annoying coffee order she began to head to her gate terminal nearby. She sipped her hot beverage with joy, before finding an open seat and sitting down before crossing her right leg over her left as she browsed her phone whilst continuing to enjoy her mocha.

Meanwhile, poor little me had been getting it pretty rough. Being swallowed alive by a woman’s pussy was pretty exhausting alone. I had basically surrendered to this woman’s body as I felt myself just inside the entrance of her vaginal tract, where the light was void and darkness befell me. The scent of her womanhood was overpowering, and I simply rested awkwardly inside the tight confines of this space as I sobbed quietly out of embarrassment, fear and uncertainty.

I couldn’t hear much of the outside world anymore, instead I was hearing the strange and diabolical sounds of Devin’s organs and digestive system as they operated at full capacity. I’d never heard so much of a person's body before in my life, and this was absolutely revolting to say the least. It was about to get worse however, as the tight confines began to restrict me unannounced.

As Devin had crossed her right leg over her left, she unknowingly constricted my already limited confines. I felt the flesh all around me begin to squeeze my tiny figure, taking the little oxygen I had left and causing me to gasp and struggle for air.

Devin’s eyes lit up, a gleam in her eye as she felt the sudden commotion down below. My struggles had sent a series of shutters up her spine, as I began to mistakenly pleasure her from the inside of her own cunt.

‘What the fuck is she doing down there!?’ Devin thought in a panic, not wanting to cause a scene as she became immensely horny and bothered, her forehead starting to sweat a bit as she tightened her grip on her coffee cup.

I was suffering heavily. Her fluids were starting to build up again, seeping out of her like jet fuel out of an airplane. I wanted to die, not really but you get the point. I started pushing outwards with my hands, kicking with my legs, doing anything I could to create space that was squeezing me like a plush doll. The more I struggled however the more she seemed to squeeze her thighs together, I suddenly realized she was getting turned on. It seemed I was making the matter worse.

“ALL ABOARD TO MIAMI!” Shouted the airport clerk over the telecom as everyone began to head towards the gate terminal.

‘Damn the timing…’ Devin thought to herself, grabbing her purse and standing up swiftly as she rushed towards the terminal. She was close enough and was able to beat everyone else, nearly slamming her boarding pass into the hands of the clerk in an attempt to speed things along as she felt herself losing control of herself.

I finally felt relief as the pressure eased up, however the fluids weren’t slowing down as Devin had likely reached a point of no return. At this point I started trying to push myself downward to escape her innards, hoping to get back into her panties at the very least where I’d be safer.

Devin felt me trying to slip out of her though, and I supposed she didn’t like that. Devin quickly squeezed her thighs together as the clerk examined her boarding pass, and I felt myself losing oxygen once again.

I tried to scream but her fluids kept pouring into my mouth with every attempt. I was unable to move at all now, as Devin practically suffocated me. Was she trying to kill me!?

“Go on ahead ma’am,” the clerk gave Devin the go ahead.

Devin swiftly went down the terminal and towards the plane entrance. She practically sprinted into the airplane, catching the flight attendant and the captain off guard a little as they gave her odd looks. This was a high class plane, and Devin had ordered the first class seats that had complete privacy screens and curtains, and the best part was the seat could retract backwards into makeshift cots.

Devin slipped inside, tossed her purse to the floor and quickly closed the curtain as she sat down and leaned back. She began to breathe heavily, sweating profusely as she became intensely horny.

Other passengers began to board, passing Devin’s private seat unaware of the horrors that lay beyond. Devin cranked her seat back a bit and spread her legs, biting her lip as she lifted her panties up to get a view inside. At this point enough pressure had eased and I began to feel myself slipping out of her as her fluids lubricated my entire body.

I fell back onto the fabric of her now soaking wet panties, coughing and sputtering as I gasped for fresh air. I lifted my head weakly, seeing the light pouring over me as I saw the evil grin of this psychotic bitch. She had an insatiable expression, almost as if she wasn’t done with me yet.

“Please… Please let me go… I’ll do anything…” I begged, though I’ll admit I wanted to curse her in vain. I knew it would not do me any good however.

“I’m sure you would, darling.” Devin giggled humorously, moaning seductively as she kept her voice down to avoid drawing attention from the cabin as more passengers continued to board the plane.

“I must say… I was half tempted to cram my fingers inside of me and enjoy myself, but I’m not sure how fragile you are quite yet,” Devin admitted, “seems you survived this far though… Perhaps you’ll last long enough to satisfy me.”

Tears began to well up in my eyes at her words, as I finally started to accept the fact that she would never let me go. “Why… Why are you doing this…” I cried, trying not to let my emotions show, but I was failing miserably.

“Because you’re an insect,” Devin said truthfully, “I can literally do anything I want to you, and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop me. It’s empowering, it’s sexy… And frankly you turn me on unlike any of the toys I have back home!”

Devin reached inside of her panties and plucked me out, dangling me in the air in front of her face as I became a bit light headed. This would have been a good chance to scream for help, but I guess I was so defeated I didn’t think anyone would hear me anyways as I looked this woman in the eyes with an expression of complete and utter fear.

“Aren’t you going to cry for help?” Devin smirked wickedly, “or have you finally learnt your place as my little toy? You and I are going to have fun in Miami… Ever been?”

“Please… Don’t hurt me! I don’t want to die!” I was becoming emotional, unsure of what chaotic oddities this woman was into. She had already made it clear that at some point I may return within the confines of where I had just been freed… The thought of returning inside of her snatch was terrifying. I couldn’t begin to imagine what other extremities she might put me through.

“Believe me, I have no intention of killing you,” Devin assured, “however… I’ll need to perform a series of tests to see just how… Durable you are.”

“What… What kind of tests…?” I asked fearfully, my imagination overwhelming me.

“I’m not sure… Yet.” Devin eyed me up and down, as if looking over my body. “You dress like a person, but you’re not a person. You are a toy now, and toys have no need for clothing!”

Devin lifted me up a little, as I began to dangle over her face. My eyes opened in horror as her mouth opened, her lips parting as her tongue slithered out like a serpent. I wanted to scream, but for some reason I couldn’t find the strength to do so.

The woman dipped me into her mouth, her lips snapping shut around my neck as I felt the sucking sensation of her powerful maw as she began to suck on my body. It was the most intense feeling I had ever felt, and admittedly it felt oddly arousing, though I hate admitting it. Like a strong vacuum, I felt my clothes rip off of my body entirely. She used her tongue to support my body so I wasn’t broken to pieces at the powerful suction of her throat as she inhaled deeply. Before long I felt my naked body, exposed inside of her mouth, as her tongue began to taste my flesh.

“Mmmmmm…” Devin moaned, before pulling me out of her mouth as a ‘pop’ sound rang throughout my ears as the pressure inside of her mouth caused by the suction was released at my exit.

My tits hung out now, my private regions completely visible. I blushed with embarrassment and shame, as I tried to cover myself while she held me at my hips. She smiled wide, opening her mouth yet again to reveal my clothing at the back of her tongue, before her throat expanded and a glob of saliva carried the torn clothing down her throat.


“Mmmm…” Devin moaned again, “not quite tasty, but a little erotic I’ll admit.”

I had no words for her. I looked away as I felt utterly humiliated. Devin giggled again, as the sound of passengers died down as the plane began to fill up. It was nearly time to take off.

“Don’t look so upset,” Devin said, “if you want your clothes back… I can always send you down to get them!”

“What!? No! Please!” The thought of being devoured alive was horrifying, I couldn’t even believe she had spoken such vile words.

“Chillax, sheesh… I was just kidding!” Devin rolled her eyes, “although… I suppose if you don’t behave, it’d be a fitting punishment. Imagine that… Your entire life, all for nothing, inside of my belly… To be withered away into nothing more than nutrients for my body…”

I began to shiver, the description all too horrendous to imagine. The thought of being digested like a piece of food was absolutely sickening, I couldn’t even imagine how that would feel. It would have to be one of the most torturous ways to die I could even imagine, and here she was describing it as some kind of sick kink she’d get off to!?

Devin noticed the look in my eyes, and laughed yet again. “My, it is so easy to inflict fear into you… You’ll be easy to break in for sure. I can’t wait to use you to the fullest extent possible…”

The moment was interrupted as the flight attendant began to speak over the intercom, “thank you for boarding with Alaska Airlines! Please look ahead as we go over the safety precautions in the packet in the slot of your seat. Buckle up and we’ll be heading out soon!”

Devin sighed, “I guess it’ll be a bit of a long flight, but I have no intentions of giving you a second of free time to escape… So I’ll need to store you somewhere…”

“Please… Not in your panties again! Please!!!” I cried, the thought of being in there for more than four hours was horrifying on its own.

“I’ll give you a break for the flight,” Devin promised, “besides… Once we get home you’ll be serving me for the rest of your miserable, little existence. So I think a five hour flight inside my enclosed purse is a fair amount of time to ponder what kind of toy you want to be.”

Devin reached for her purse and unzipped it open, spreading it wide open as she dangled me over the opening. “Will you be a toy that obeys her new goddess? Or will you be the toy that gets crushed beneath my heel for disobedience… You take the time to make that decision, meanwhile I get some shuteye.”

At those final, unsettling words, I was dropped inside of her purse. I hit her lipstick with a ‘smack’ before rolling onto a small pack of tissues. The light faded away as she zipped her purse shut, and just like that I was sealed away for the remainder of the flight.

The ultimatum she gave me was a hard pill to swallow. I could either obey her, and live as long as my body would allow… Or I could rebel, and she’d find some cruel way to torture me until death. The choice was impossible to make, torturous even.


My life… It was over. My servitude... Was about to begin.




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Chapter 4 - Ali In Miami by Frizzle
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Hours went by as I sat in the dark and noisy confines of Devin’s purse. The plane was rather loud, so trying to get some rest was rather difficult with no solid area to sleep properly. Devin hadn’t bothered me since she shoved me in her purse, and I assumed she was sleeping peacefully as she dreamt of all the devious things she had in store for my tiny, little self.

I contemplated my life, how my parents had kicked me out abroad and it directly resulted to where I was now. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be free again, but after collecting my emotions, I pulled out one of the tissues in Devin’s pack and folded it enough times until it began to feel somewhat comfortable. I found the flattest part of her purse I could find, which happened to be her wallet, and laid the tissue down before trying to get some rest.

I’ll admit it probably took another hour to start falling asleep, I mean could you blame me? I knew once I woke up, I’d either have to be the subservient little toy for my captor, or risk her wrath… Whatever that might be. I was terrified, and had no idea what would be in store for me once her flight landed in Miami, Florida.

My eyes finally became heavy at long last, as I began to drift into a deep sleep. I would sleep for much longer than I would have ever anticipated. I didn’t have any dreams, or nightmares of the sort, but at the very least my body had been getting much needed rest. Unfortunately, for me that is, as quickly as I had slumbered away was as quickly as I had found myself being jolted awake.

My eyes shot wide open as I felt the world around me shaking furiously, my world upended as I felt a falling sensation before the bright light blinded me. I hit a cold, hard surface with a ‘smack’. I grunted in pain, my eyes squinting in pain as the light had washed over my form entirely. I had been in that dark purse for so long, asleep, I hadn’t prepared myself for the torrent of light that had washed over me.

Once my eyes were able to adjust, the grainy view of a large window filled my vision. It took up nearly the entire wall, and a clear view of the ocean was laid out before me. It was beyond measuring, its beauty that is. Below was the outline of a beach front, many souls walking about while others lounged in the sun on their towels. It suddenly dawned on me that the flight had likely been long over.

“Were you asleep this whole time?” Devin set her purse aside on the counter, which was located in her kitchen adjacent to the living room where the window was located.

“Wh-where am I?” I asked groggily, starting to remember my current predicament a bit more clearly now that I was awake.

“My place,” Devin smirked seductively, “what do you think?”

I shook my head, stumbling about as I tried not to trip over her many scattered purse belongings. I looked around, panic filling my head as I realized this woman really had brought me all the way to Miami. I’ll admit, I began to tear up as I fell to my knees and looked out the window yet again. I never even looked towards Devin, I was just overwhelmed with the reality that she had kidnapped me and dragged me halfway across the country… Away from my destination I might add.

Devin sighed, looking around the kitchen awkwardly as she tried to give me some time to process my situation. I sobbed quietly to myself as I stared beyond the water. I was frozen in shock and grief, starting to resent my parents as I felt they were to blame for what had happened to me. Eventually Devin grew impatient, rolling her eyes before speaking up and breaking the awkward silence.

“Look, I don’t want to sound like a bitch… But you’re going to have to accept that you belong to me now.” Devin crossed her arms, looking down at me expectantly.

I slowly turned my head to face her for the first time. My eyes were swollen red, moist with my tears. “Please… Please let me go…” I begged somberly, hoping to strike any good natured chord that this woman may have.

“Of for the love of…” Devin sighed again, this time sounding more annoyed than before, “you were a lot more fun when you were putting up a fight. Now you’re sobbing like a baby? Ugh… You’re really turning me off, you know that?”

“I just want to go home…” I cried, not sure what else I could say. I couldn’t give this woman what she wanted, not willingly at least. I didn’t have any fight left inside of me, that simply wasn’t who I was. The airport was long behind me, and now all I felt was sadness. I was weak. I have always been weak.

“Too late for that,” Devin retorted, “you’re in Florida now. You felt so good in my panties, just imagine all of the fun we’ll have! I’ll make sure you live a good life, so long as you obey me of course.”

Her words only made me more emotional. I squeezed my eyes closed, shaking my head in denial as I hunched forward and sobbed even harder. I held up my hands pleadingly, “please! I’m begging you! Just let me go!”

“ENOUGH!” Devin grew angry. She balled up a fist and slammed the granite countertop not far from where I was hunched over. The vibration of her fist slamming into the counter sent chills down my spine. I now fell flat into the surface, hunched up in fear as I cried profusely. I couldn’t stop it, and I know it only made my captor even angrier, but it was out of my control.

Devin could see the visible terror in my reaction to her angry outburst, and she sighed once more as she calmed down a little and pulled out the barstool from under the counter to sit on it. She rested her elbows on the counters surface, burying her face in her palms in frustration. She hadn’t really thought this part through, in terms of getting me to listen to her.

The airport had been easy for her. She simply had to snatch me up and force me to go with her. It had been fun because I had struggled the entire time, though now she realized that I was in the process of grieving my old life. She now knew that she’d have to give me time to process this enormous change if she was going to get the obedience she desired out of me.

“What was your name again?” Devin asked me, folding her arms as she looked down at me with a bit more of a gentle expression.

Hearing her voice sound more relaxed had helped me ease up the tension in my body. I slowly looked up at her, still teary eyes as I saw that she wasn’t angry anymore. I slowly sat up, looking nervously at the counter's surface as I struggled to meet eye contact with this woman.

“All… Allison…” I answered nervously.

“Allison… Do you understand that I am not going to bring you back home? Or anywhere?” Devin asked me assertively.

I choked on my words, “y-yes…”

“I don’t want to hurt you Allison,” Devin assured me, “seeing you on the airport floor felt like a dream. You are very cute, and I wanted you. There’s nothing you can do about it, do you understand?”

“I… I understand…” I didn’t want to argue with her anymore. Besides, what good would it have done for me? She could overpower me at every turn, every decision I made would be overruled by her size and immense power. I was utterly helpless.

“I apologize if I was a little rough at the airport,” Devin apologized, “but if you’re going to please me, you’ll need to grow a thicker skin. Your life is to make me happy now, and I plan on shoving you inside me more than once… Among other things, of course.”

I didn’t respond. I only looked up at her helplessly, my weary eyes showing her that I had heard what she had to say. Devin smiled gently at me, leaning forward slowly as she examined my entire body.

“See? Was that so hard? Once you accept your new life as my little toy, you’ll be much happier for it!” Devin giggled heartily as she stood up from her seat, “now I’m hungry. I’ll let you choose what we have for dinner, alright?”

“You… You will?” I was a bit surprised to hear this, though I wasn’t certain why.

“Of course! What are you craving, you sexy little thing?” Devin winked at me, as she whipped out her phone and began scrolling through her local maps, “there’s pizza… Oh! We could get subs from that local deli. Oooo, we could order some cookies!”

“Choc… Chocolate chip cookies?” I asked nervously.

“Of course! I think we should go with subs, there’s this killer italian sub that I absolutely LOVE! What do you think?” Devin looked at me with an expectant expression, as if she was waiting for my input.

“S… Sure…” I muttered.

“If you’re going to speak, you’ll need to be a bit louder toots,” Devin giggled teasingly.

“Sure!” I spoke more clearly, still extremely anxious after everything I had been through.

“Chocolate chip cookies & an italian sub it is! Hope you don’t mind, but I think we’ll share the lot,” Devin laughed rhetorically as she began to order the food through a delivery app.

“Once we finish eating, we’ll settle down for the night in my bedroom,” Devin turned her back towards me as she said this.

“Your… Bedroom?” I gulped nervously at the thought of her insinuation.

Devin turned her head slightly to face me, grinning devilishly. She bit her lip, as she fantasized over the multiple different things she could do to me, that we could do together. I, of course, wanted nothing to do with any of it. What was I going to do though? She had all the control, but for the time being at least she had started to become a bit kinder towards me. I only wondered how long it would last though, because it was inevitable that I’d disappoint her.

Whether Devin wanted to admit it or not, her and I both knew that at one point or another… I simply wouldn’t be able to make her happy. She wanted an obedient, kinky little sex slave. I simply wasn’t the right fit, I just wasn’t.

As Devin turned back around to place the order, a feeling of dread washed over me as I slowly began to realize that the clock was ticking towards my impending failure. 


How long would Devin be satisfied with me until I ultimately became a bore to her? And worst of all… What would she do to me when she no longer felt satisfied with me?




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Chapter 5 - Immeasurable Pleasure-able (Part 1) by Frizzle
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- Domination

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“Wait… So you’re telling me that you nabbed a woman, that fits in the palm of your hand, from the airport!? And she is at your fucking house, right now!?”

Devin smiled with satisfaction as she kicked her feet up onto her coffee table, resting into her soft couch cushions and she held her cell phone up to her ear. “Yup! If you don’t believe me, you should come over and check her out. She’s a cutie, that’s for sure!”

“I don’t know, Devin…” The woman said over the phone with concern, “this seems… This seems a little messed up, if you’re telling the truth.”

“Sofia, get over yourself,” Devin scoffed as she rolled her eyes, “the little thing even told me herself, there isn’t anyone that even wants her! I basically did her a favor by taking her with me! Someone else would have eventually, might as well be me!”

“Where is she right now?” Sofia asked curiously.

“I ordered a sub and some cookies, she’s chilling on my bed right now. The adorable little thing is all tuckered out,” Devin giggled heartily, “now are you going to come over, or not? Just make sure you give me some time to have my fun with her first, I want to break her in before I introduce you two.”

“Break… Break her in? What is that supposed to mean!?” Sofia asked.

“I’ve been grooming her,” Devin revealed, “at the airport I was pretty harsh. I made her think I was going to torture her the entire flight!” Devin laughed as if she thought this were funny. “Instead I let her sleep in my purse the whole flight, and when we arrived home I played some good cop, bad cop yuh know? I just need to get her to be obedient, then she’ll do whatever I say. Forever!”

Sofia was silent for a moment, almost as if she had to process what she was hearing. “Devin… That is extremely cruel. I mean… She’s still a human being, isn’t she? I don’t know, this seems wrong…”

“Tell you what, you come down in an hour and you can see her for yourself,” Devin suggested, “that gives me time to see what she’s worth, and then you can determine if you still think an insect like her is human or not. Deal?”

“Alright… Alright! I’ll come down in two hours, I have some errands to run first,” Sofia agreed hesitantly, “I know you’re having fun with this, Devin, but for the love of God… Don’t make her miserable, can you promise me that?”

Devin rolled her eyes again, “yeah, yeah. She’ll be fine, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Devin hung up the phone, tossing it aside as she let out a short sigh of frustration. She looked at her feet, wiggling her unpainted toes as she pondered what to do with her new, little toy. She smiled, biting her lip as all of the devious ideas coursed through her mind.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you… You cute, little thing!” Devin promptly planted her feet back onto the ground, standing up and heading towards her bedroom where she had left me after our meal.

I had been alone on her bed for over ten minutes, hearing the distant chatter beyond the closed bedroom door. I suppose I should have attempted to escape, or maybe explore my options, but instead I found myself laying on the comforter in despair.

What if I tried? Would it matter? I didn’t even know where I was, and how would I even get out of the state? When Devin brought me home with her, it sealed my fate. My freedom had ended the moment she had snatched me from the airport floor. I knew this, I couldn’t deny it. My face was red, eyes sore from the sobbing. As I heard the door to the bedroom open however, I did everything in my power to hold the tears out of fear of angering this woman.

Devin had a smile spread across her lips as she strode over to her bedside, her eyes penetrating me seductively from above. I slowly sat up, and looked up at her with uncertainty. She had fed me, and allowed me to drink from a plastic bottle cap. Once she had calmed down, she had actually been quite gentle with me. Was it a ploy? Was she just trying to get me to comply? I was mixed with so many feelings, my joke of a life had seemingly turned into a nightmare instead.

“Is it comfortable?” Devin asked abruptly, leaning forward as she hovered over me.

“Wh… What?” I wasn’t sure exactly what she was talking about.

“My bed,” Devin giggled harmoniously, “is it comfortable?”

“Oh,” I shied away from her constant gaze, “I… I suppose…”

“So, so timid,” Devin giggled again, “you are utterly adorable. Are you always going to be this sad? I was hoping you’d start to lighten up by now.”

“I… I’m sorry…” I apologized, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I wasn’t sure of anything, actually. I was afraid to say anything that might upset this woman. I had already been tortured by her during the airport fiasco, and she had nearly lost her temper when I broke down only an hour or so ago. Now she was acting kind, and gentle. I was completely, emotionally confused and distraught.

Devin rolled her eyes, but with a teasing, satisfactory smile pursed on her lips. She slowly turned her hips and sat down on the bed beside me, and I had to back up anxiously as the sheets caved beneath the weight of her ass. I stared up at her nervously, her smile growing even wider than before as she shook her head at me gently.

“I know we got off on the wrong foot…” Devin cooed, “and you might think you don’t have the freedom to express yourself anymore. Let me assure you, that is not the case.”

Devin took her left hand and placed it on the comforter with her palm facing up. I was confused for a moment, but as I looked up at her with hesitance she motioned towards the palm of her hand with a never ending smile.

“Go on. Get on my hand,” Devin instructed, “I want to show you what I see when I look at you.”

 I slowly walked up to her awaiting palm, cautiously stepping onto it as I used my leg to push myself up. I nearly tripped, but managed to catch my balance as I found myself in the center of the palm of her hand. Immediately I felt my world move and I had to wobble to keep my balance as Devin brought me up to her face carefully, but gently.

She brought me up to her eyes, those piercing, blue eyes. I grew still, my heart beginning to race. I could hear the air exhaling from her nose, the groans behind her lips. Her grin grew even wider, her perfect, white teeth reflecting a shimmering light back towards me. What was this feeling? What was she doing?

“You do realize, you are absolutely adorable?” Devin spoke softly, almost a whisper. Her breath wafted over me like a gentle breeze, the sweet aroma of cherries filling my nostrils. When had she eaten cherries? Did she have a mint? We had a sub and cookie to eat only an hour ago, yet her breath was intoxicating.

“I… I, uh…” I was choking on my words, mesmerized by this woman’s alluring nature. Had she put me under a spell? Suddenly I didn’t feel so afraid anymore, no, I was feeling something else entirely.

“I want you, Allison.” Devin’s soft words penetrated my ears as soft as the wind blew. My eyes grew wide, my body growing still as a rock in the flowing river.

Devin slowly brought me forward, her red, plush lips enveloping my entire body as a soft kiss was planted upon me. My face was buried softly, though I did not resist her embrace. Suddenly her lips parted, her cherry sweet breath washing over me as her tongue slithered out slowly to greet me. In an instant it barely touched the bottom of my chin, a small strand of saliva hanging from my chin down to the tip of her tongue.

“Wh… W-what are you…” I could barely speak, or move for that matter. She had entranced me, how I was unsure. All I knew was I felt at ease, and somehow aroused.

Her tongue then came forward, its tip slowly tasting my face as I became drenched in her spit. It then came down across my chest, and began to prod me in the stomach before I finally lost my balance and had to take a step back to catch myself from tumbling onto my ass.

“Hey! What… What are you doing!?” I was frightened now, as some sense started to come back to me.

“You taste so… Sweet,” Devin licked her lips, savoring the taste of her delectable little cutie.

“Please…” I was growing concerned again, fear starting to take control as I pondered what went through her head, “you… You aren’t going to eat me are you…?”

Devin laughed as if I had told a joke, “eat you!? Maybe you’re a bit more twisted than I’d have thought!” Devin laughed a bit more as she shook her head with amusement, “have you never been with a woman before? It’s called foreplay.”

“F-foreplay…?” I couldn’t believe what I had heard, was she hitting on me? Did she find me attractive?

“Yes,” Devin giggled, “now if you don’t mind, I’m going to rip those clothes off of you and lick that little pussy of yours! I want to know what it tastes like…”

“Woah, woah…” I shook my head frantically, “wait a minute… I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that…”

“Oh please,” Devin retorted, “you’re just as attracted to me as I am to you! Don’t try to play games with me, you know you want it.”

Devin used her free hand and plucked the back of my shirt, ripping my shirt off entirely and tossing the torn remnants aside. She then grabbed my pants, and ripped them off too. I struggled to fight her, but it was in vain. Before I could do a damn thing, she tore my bra and panties off and left me naked in the palm of her hand. I looked up at her with fright, but at the same time a strange sense of adrenaline began to pump through my veins.

“Lay down, it’ll make this easier on both of us,” Devin ordered, biting her lip as she looked upon me like a piece of candy that had been unwrapped.

“I… Please…” I was incredibly nervous, terrified of the very emotions that went through my body. What had originally been an outright invasion of my personal body, was now some sort of twisted seduction. She claimed I wanted this, but was it true? I couldn’t understand my own feelings anymore, all I could feel was utter uncertainty as I stumbled onto my naked ass and looked up at this woman’s lustful gaze.

Devin didn’t waste any more time, using her free hand to do what I would not. She used her index and middle fingers to force my knees apart, exposing my little, pink pussy before her very eyes. The enormous woman practically drooled at the sight of it, my clean, shaven pussy. Her palm brought me forth once more, as her pink tongue slipped out from her lips and towards myself.

“Ah!?” I nearly jolted as I felt the tip of Devin’s tongue strike like a serpent, the strangely fuzzy tip lapping the surface of my pink folds. A strange sensation flowed up through my back, my neck pulling backwards like a nerve had been tugged as my mouth shot open. “Hnng…”

Devin gave a slight, subtle smile as she began to sensually rub my pussy with the tip of her tongue. Her saliva acted as a lubricant while the rough, yet strangely soft taste buds massaged my clit unlike anything I could have ever fathomed. My eyelids began to flicker with excitement, all of the uncertainty now flowed away as immeasurable pleasure overloaded my senses.

Next her tongue began to cave inward. It began to envelop my entire body as Devin began to slide the surface of her taste buds across my stomach, breasts and all of my tiny, little form. I could feel the rough, wet buds massaging my nipples which only caused my body to further react in all sorts of unusual maneuvers as I tried to maintain control of the absolute intensity of my captors arousing stimulation.

“Mmmmm…” Devin moaned deeply as she savored every inch of my body. The taste of my tiny, plump tits. The taste of my snatch, my skin. Every part of me tasted splendid, and she also loved the way she made me recoil with pleasure at the touch of her dripping wet tongue.

Finally my face had been engulfed, my form so small that her tongue alone could completely wrap itself around me. I was drenched in her spit, yet it felt incredible as the texture of her tongue massaged every part of my body. A tingling sensation had begun deep inside of me, and now I felt myself reaching a breaking point as I realized I was experiencing what was likely the first orgasm I had ever experienced.

“Oh… Gah… Oh my…” I clenched my teeth, my eyes snapping shut as I let out a gasp, “Ohhhhhh…” I had reached a climax, juices flowing out of my pussy and soaking the part of Devin’s tongue that was pressed against it. I bucked my hips multiple times, allowing the sensation to reverberate throughout my entire nervous system before I had finally fallen flat in her palm. I had to take in a series of relaxed breaths, as the woman’s giant tongue finally slipped away.

Devin made sure to lick up all of my juices as she slipped her tongue back into her mouth, before swishing the collected substance in her mouth as she moaned with pleasure. I slowly looked up towards her, and watched as she swallowed my fluids before licking her lips with satisfaction. I’ll admit, it was the hottest moment I had ever experienced.

“You taste… Delicious,” Devin cooed. “I’m glad you enjoyed our little session, you cute, tiny thing!”

“I…” I swallowed anxiously, “I did…”

“See? I’m not so bad, am I?” Devin slowly lowered her hand back onto the bed sheets, and gestured with her eyes for me to get off of her palm. I slowly got onto my knees, before crawling off of her palm and onto the sheets where I looked up at her as I waited to see what would happen next. Surely she wasn’t done, surely that wasn’t all she had intended to do with me.

“Now that you’ve had your orgasm, will you help me have mine?” Devin smirked down at me.

“Wh…” I shouldn’t have been surprised, of course she’d want me to reciprocate. I hadn’t wanted any of this to begin with, but I couldn’t deny the undeniable pleasure that she had given me. I loved it, every second of it. I still wished I could be free from all of this, but somehow she made me feel as if I was obliged to return the favor. I couldn’t shake this feeling, this feeling of obligation.

“You aren’t just going to leave me hanging dry, are you?” Devin gave me a sarcastic pouting expression, “after all of the effort I went into pleasuring that little pussy of yours? And you’re just going to fuck me over?”

“I… What do you want to…” I was struggling, I was still afraid of her. “What do you want?”

Devin held a finger up to her chin in sarcastic thought. “Hmm… I do love having my butt touched. It gets me going!”

“I… Aren’t I a bit small for that?” I wasn’t sure what exactly she was insinuating.

“Aren’t you too small for everything?” Devin laughed to herself, as she shook her head with amusement. “I don’t even need you to do anything, I just need you to be along for the ride, baby.”

Devin slowly stood up from the bed, and I watched as she began to remove her clothes. I grew increasingly more nervous now, not entirely able to decipher what she meant by her sinister words. I was so confused, unable to understand any of her motivations. So far, she just seemed to be sexually attracted to me, and at my size she could do whatever she wanted with me.

Devin stripped herself completely naked, with the exception of her bra which held her absolutely massive boobs. She turned her ass towards me, her pussy lips slightly visible between the two massive, mountainous cheeks that loomed menacingly above. They were perfectly round, and without flaw. Every part of this woman was extraordinary.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” Devin giggled harmoniously. “Now be a good little toy, and let your master have some fun.”

Before much else could be spoken between the two of us, her ass began to fall upon me like the moon hurtling towards earth. My eyes grew wide as the shadow of this colossus darkened the world around me. My heart began to race, my forehead starting to sweat. She was going to crush me with her colossal ass, and God only knew what would come after that.


I had quickly understood that I was a part of a chain now. Like any chain, there are those who are at the top, and those who are at the bottom. As I watched the moon hurtle towards me at an unprecedented speed, I quickly understood that I was about to be under the bottom… 




End Notes:


The second part, per my patreon poll, will host Butt & Anal insertion. This chapter ended up being longer than I planned and I didn't want to go beyond 3k words, so instead of lacking in detail I've decided to extend the chapter into TWO PARTS. 

Chapter 6 - Immeasurable Pleasure-able (Part 2) by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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- Butt Torture (includes butthole)

- Anal Insertion/Vore

- Torture/Domination/Humiliation

- Fart scene near end of chapter (pretty brief, so skip the wordage if you don't like it)





The act of grooming is a process that only the most twisted individuals can master. It requires multiple opportunities to practice the method, and there are multiple ways one might approach when addressing the task. Devin had never groomed anybody before in her life, but she had been groomed by her own father at a young age to be obedient. After breaking free of such a tragic upcoming, she had unfortunately developed some rather distasteful interests when discovering a being whose existence was so diminutive in nature.

“Please! Wait!” I couldn’t let the words escape my mouth any faster than I already had, and those were the only two words that could escape my lips as the titanic, colossal sized ass of my captor fell upon me like the dark side of the moon.

The smooth, plump cheeks had fallen to a speed of which I could not comprehend. For Devin, however, it was a simple act of releasing all tension of her muscles as her body did all of the work for her. She allowed her butt to fall downwards, plummeting towards her little play thing as she prepared to send a message of dominance unlike anything thus far.

My vision was filled with the image of Devin’s perfect, juicy ass cheeks. Light was sucked out of my pupils as the two titans had reached the flat sheets in which I stood, my arms held outwards in a desperate, hopeless attempt to stop the inevitable. My heart had beat out of my chest, my tears all but frozen as I realized there was nothing I could do.

With a thunderous boom, Devin’s ass collided into the bed sheets and consumed all that resided beneath it. In less than a macro of a second I had gone from standing in fear, to feeling the full weight of my tormentor’s right cheek collide into my body and slamming me painfully into the wrinkled sheets.

Her soft, smooth flesh had completely swallowed my body. My lungs had already begun to burst as the wind had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe as her flesh suffocated me, and I was unable to move due to the incredible, dense weight of Devin’s entire butt and upper torso. I wanted to scream, cry and plead for mercy. I wanted to struggle and panic, but I could do nothing. Her ass had frozen me in time almost, though I was completely cognizant of every painful, waking second.

Devin let out bellowing echoes of giggling laughter, sitting callously upon my fragile form without a regard in the world. She tilted her head down to look around her shoulder and at her ass crack, starting to wiggle her butt a little as if to try and evoke some kind of activity on my end.

Her wiggling shifted my body painfully back and forth, a vibrating pattern that only amplified my suffering. My tears had nowhere to go, and only smeared across the flesh of her ass cheek, and in return, rubbed my own tears all over my own face as if to add to the sickening misery.

“Nothing? Not even a pinch?” Devin giggled with pure cruelty, “what a shame, you truly are nothing. You are worthless, an insect.”

Though I was engulfed by her enormous ass, her words had certainly struck deep. I was nothing, truly nothing. A moment ago she had given me pleasure, and now she was showing me the price that came with it. I knew this was evil, but I couldn’t break the fear welling up inside of me. She would stop eventually, right? She wouldn’t allow me to die, not after all of this. She was just trying to send a message, to show me that she wasn’t to be disobeyed, that was all… Right?

“Let’s make this a bit more interesting, you’re boring me.” Devin reached her hand down and grabbed hold of her left ass cheek, the very cheek I was being smothered beneath. She then pulled on it, spreading her ass cheeks apart and finally releasing the much desired pressure that I had felt for what seemed like an eternity.

“Huff…” I gasped for a breath of fresh air, the light piercing my eyes as I saw Devin’s hand spreading her ass cheek that had smothered me only a moment ago. At first I was relieved, thinking that she had made her point and was going to spare me further misery. Oh how naive I had become.

“Let’s get comfortable…” Devin groaned, shifting her ass to the left as she aligned her crack with my present location.

The light was slowly blocked out like an eclipse yet again, as I watched in horror while her puckered, sweaty asshole began to hover above. My eyes slowly expanded with horror, as I realized that my suffering wasn’t about to end anytime soon. Devin had plans for me, plans that reached far beyond getting a taste of my pussy. Tears welled up in my eyes, but after everything I had gone through I had finally made the decision to accept my fate.

“Please don’t kill me…” I prayed in a somber, tearful whisper to myself, as the vibrations of Devin’s shifting slowly came to a halt before the nightmare began.

Devin let her ass fall back into the sheets, this time allowing her spread open ass crack to engulf me as I was quickly wedged between the massive mounds. The cruel woman made a notable attempt to press into the sheets with as much force as she could, as she felt my little body pressing right up into her asshole.

My face was forced into the sweaty, wrinkly butthole with such precision, that I got a nose full as I cringed with disgust. I tried to pull away, ass sweat trickling down my face as I sobbed in utter embarrassment. It was far from over, and the woman had already figured out a way to make it worse than it already was.

The blonde giantess had begun to rub her ass back and forth, grinding her butthole into my body and into the sheets. Things had really started to become intense now, as her wrinkled sphincter was aggressively grating back and forth across my legs, torso and face. Her sweat, which I assumed was a result of her sexual excitement, worked amazingly as a lubricant as I became coated in it. The wrinkles alone would become a terror, the texture of the grinding action causing me to question my sanity as it continued endlessly.

Devin was enjoying herself to no end, now rubbing her clitoris furiously as she grinded her asshole over my body repeatedly. She gave no regards to my well being, her only focus was to enter a rhythmic, more aggressive pattern in an effort to elicit an oncoming, incredible, orgasmic sensation.

The sheer power she had over my being, the fact that she could inflict any dark desire that entered her mind as a thought. There was nothing she could not do with me, not that her mind would show at least. Stumbling across me in the airport was the greatest thing she’d ever done, and she was surely thankful for the coincidence.

“Oh fuck… Hnng…” Devin bit her lip, now slipping two of her fingers into her soaking, wet pussy as she felt the brink of arguably the strongest orgasm she had ever sensed.

“Fuck… Fuck!” The blonde woman was moaning so loud that even I could hear it from below as I suffered horrendously for her pleasure. No time to think. No time to act. Nowhere to go. Nothing to stop her. Unable to cry. Unable to beg. No one to help me. No mercy from my captor. If hopelessness had a definition, at this very moment it would be myself.

“More… I want more…” Devin needed to do something more in order to add the ‘cherry’ on top. She used her free hand and slipped it behind her, wedging her fingers under her ass as she leaned forward, continuing to finger herself with sexual madness as looked forward to her soon to be orgasmic explosion.

At long last the tension had eased, the grinding had come to a halt. My body was wedged in her ass crack, the side of my cheek stuck to her wrinkled asshole. My eyes were swollen red, face dried with a mixture of my tears and her ass sweat. With the dismal amount of hope that remained within me, I had briefly thought it had finally come to an end. To learn that I was wrong once again, broke me unlike anything I could ever describe.

I watched as Devin’s finger came into view, and in a final act of horror it pressed against my head, and began to force me into her asshole. Upon this realization, a deep instinct I wasn’t aware existed had emerged. My eyes shot open, and a sudden burst of strength I didn't’ realize was buried deep within me had let loose. She was going to insert me into her asshole.

“No… NO! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” I screamed, kicked and scratched. I screamed for mercy, as I kicked the sides of her ass cheeks, while I scratched and punched at her finger while it put a painful amount of pressure into my skull. Everything I did was in absolute vain.

“DEVIN PLEASE! PLEASE DON-” My cries were abruptly halted as her finger crammed me head first into her butthole. The wrinkled surface was forced to expand, swallowing my face like a fucking monster before pulling it all the way in painfully.

“OooooOOoooo,” Devin cooed with the utmost pleasure, the feeling of my round head slipping into her anal cavity had almost sent her over the edge. She two her two fingers and proceeded to grab me at the waist, as she began to push me the rest of the way inside of her.

My legs kicked violently, my screams nothing more than muffled echoes in the deep confines of Devin’s ass. I couldn’t breathe, my entire face engulfed in the sphincter muscles of her anal exit. That all changed as I felt her grab my body and begin inserting me the rest of the way, and before long I was able to gasp in a putrid, stale air as I finally entered the inside of her rectum, that final stage of her large digestive tract.

Devin shivered with pleasure as she crammed the rest of me inside of her rectum. She arched her back as she shoved me the rest of the way inside of her, her mouth an oval shape as she cooed harmonic pleasures while continuing to finger herself. My squirming was violent, and constant. It was the final push she needed to put her over the edge.

“Fuck… FUCK!” Devin slipped her fingers out of her pussy, a torrent of orgasmic fluids releasing all over her bed sheets. The devilish woman moaned so loud that her neighbors had likely heard them with ease. She felt a bubble forming in her gut, all of the commotion giving her a slight bit of build up of the gassy kind.

I was screaming and crying, the air was absolutely vile. The scent was the most revolting thing I’d ever inhaled, and the mucus coated, wrinkly shaped insides were constricting my entire body like an anaconda suffocating its prey.

“Let me out! LET ME OUT OF HERE! Oh God… Oh God, WHY!” I cried profusely, the reality of being inserted like some kind of butt plug was the most humiliating, degrading act I’d ever experienced. I had no idea it could have gotten so much worse, and to think the airport fiasco had been the peak of this woman’s endless torment.

Unfortunately there is always a way for things to get even worse, and though I thought for sure that couldn’t be the case, I should have known better. Devin could feel the gas building up, and on instinct she had bent over a little towards the side while her body shivered out the last of the orgasmic sensations. Right on cue, Devin had a fart that she simply couldn’t hold. She hadn’t even planned it, though it didn’t take away from the irony as she let out an evil grin.

The insides of her rectum began to shake and vibrate, before an intense blast of air rippled around my entire body. The sound alone had nearly shattered my eardrums, the toxic fumes burning my eyes and nostrils and causing me to instinctively open my mouth to take in a breath of fresh air. This only allowed the toxic fumes to fill my lungs, and I found my insides literally burning on fire as Devin ripped ass with me inside of her.

The fart was so loud, that even Devin had a moment of remorse as she pondered the horrors of such an experience. She rested comfortably on her ass afterwards, leaning back and stretching her arms before falling flat on her back. She smiled happily to herself, staring at the ceiling as she enjoyed the feeling of me struggling inside of her continually.

“Sorry about that,” Devin giggled, “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad though. It’s just a fart, right cutie?”

My eyes were on fire, my lungs felt as if they were melting. I couldn’t even begin to describe how horrific it had been to experience such torment. As bad as it may sound, it almost felt like the worst gas chamber ever created. I felt like I was going to die, no… I thought I was going to die. Everything started to become a blur, though in the darkness it was hard to tell since I couldn’t see anything to begin with. Sure enough, I became so light headed that I felt myself slipping unconscious.

Devin was relaxing comfortably, hoping her friend would arrive soon. She was incredibly excited to show Sofia her new play thing, and though her friend seemed a bit hesitant, she was sure she would get her to play along.

Upon noticing that my struggles had come to a halt, Devin grinned wickedly as she closed her eyes and decided to take a short power nap. Maybe just twenty or thirty minutes, then she’d let me out. She considered the idea of whether I might be dead or not, but ultimately she shrugged it off and decided that if that were the case, I probably wasn’t worth the trouble anyways.


After all, what would be the point of having me around, if I broke so easily? Devin wasn’t concerned about it anyways, and drifted right into a deep sleep.




End Notes:

Poor Allison, this was a pretty wake up call for her current situation. But can she recover...? Or will Devin succeed in grooming her?


Chapter 7 - Rescue Your Reason by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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- Brief sock scene (used sock, no odor, no feet)

- Gentle scene(s) yes I know shocker for this story





The knocking at the front door alerted Devin promptly, who was in the kitchen making a sandwich since she found herself still hungry after her previous, sexual escapades. She quickly applied the mayonnaise before quickly tightening the lid and placing her top slice of bread into place before making haste towards the door.

“Coming!” She announced, approaching the front door promptly with nothing more than her laced panties and a long, white t-shirt covering her body.

Upon opening the door Devin met eyes with her friend Sofia. Her friend was about the same age as herself, and was of mixed asian descent. Sofia had chocolate brown hair that extended just past her shoulders. She had hazel eyes, and plush lips. Unlike Devin, she was pretty full figured, but not overweight. She wore slim black flats, tight black leggings and a white crop top that exposed her belly in full. Quite the eye catcher to say the least.

“You’re late!” Devin teased, “I’ve been so excited to show her to you!”

“Right…” Sofia was quite hesitant to see the tiny, blonde woman that Devin had snatched from the airport. She found the overall idea rather crude and inhumane, but she was willing to hold her judgement for the time being.

“I had so much fun with her earlier,” Devin said as she walked towards the kitchen while Sofia closed the door behind her and followed hesitantly with open ears.

“Yeah? Why is that?” Sofia asked, walking over to the living space and sitting down on the couch as Devin walked over to her with the sandwich on a plate. Devin set the plate down on the coffee table and sat near Sofia on the couch.

“Well first I got her off with my tongue, holy fuck it was hot!” Devin bit her lip as she recalled the act, “but then it was my turn to get off, I slipped her into my asshole! Feeling her squirm inside of me was the hottest experience, ever! Best orgasm I’ve had in years!”

Sofia’s eyes grew wide in shock, “you… You put her up your asshole!? Like what? A butt plug?”

“I guess so, except she was all the way inside of me,” Devin cooed, “I swear Sof’, you got to try it!”

“I… That sounds a bit cruel, doesn’t it?” Sofia asked with concern.

“Oh she is fine,” Devin assured, “she only cried for like ten minutes when I let her out, she’s currently sleeping in one of my used socks in the hamper. I wasn’t really sure where else to put her, and my purse seemed harsh after all the pleasure she gave me.”

“So, is she human? Like… You just took her off the airport floor?” Sofia was struggling to come to grips with her friend's behavior. She had always known Devin to be rather prude and sexually driven, but she never imagined her friend would go to such great lengths for her own personal pleasure. Especially at the expense of a poor, tiny woman who had no say in the matter.

“I mean she looks human, except she’s fucking tiny!” Devin responded, “she can’t be more than four… Maybe five inches? I haven’t taken a measuring tape to her so I’m not sure to be honest.”

“Interesting…” Sofia thought about everything that Devin had told her, “can I… See her?”

Devin gave her friend a devious smile, “I thought you’d never ask!”

While the two had sat on the couch and talked about the tiny, blonde woman in Devin’s used sock in the dirty hamper, that is precisely where I had been for a prolonged period of time much to my own dismay. Devin seemed to think my sobbing had only lasted for ten minutes, but that was because she had tossed me in her sock and into the hamper to ‘punish’ me for being a ‘cry baby’. A detail she decided to withhold from Sofia.

The sock was comfortable, I’d have to admit. The smell wasn’t that bad either, so I couldn’t really complain. It actually smelled like vanilla, probably a lotion that Devin applied to her feet that soaked into her socks. I did manage to get a little bit of rest, but after the horrendous nightmare I had endured inside of Devin’s anal cavity, I had been quite scarred emotionally and mentally.

Every time Devin began to grow soft, she would remind me abruptly that she was in charge. She would remind me that I was nothing more than her toy, her slave. It was cruel, and I cried endlessly over it. My mind was fractured, blame going in multiple directions. I blamed my parents, and then I blamed myself. I even blamed that uber driver, Rachel, for not escorting me inside the airport upon request.

No matter who I tried to blame, I would only end up blaming nobody at all. How could I possibly blame anybody for the despicable acts of a random stranger? It wasn’t like anybody could have seen it coming, I certainly hadn’t. Nonetheless, I laid on the fuzzy surface of the inside of Devin’s used sock and sulked myself into oblivion. I was thinking of trying to plead again, when Devin returned, but I feared that I might upset her.

Suddenly I heard the loud voices of Devin and another entering the room, as I sat up only to feel my sleeping abode abruptly shrinking as Devin grabbed the sock and lifted it up along with me in it. I could barely react before I felt myself tumbling sideways, light washing over me before I landed on the blondes fleshy palm. She abruptly enclosed me in her fist, as I felt myself being carried back to the living room.

My heart began to race, her friend had come over. Was she as evil as Devin? Were they going to tag team me in cruel and unnatural ways? The thoughts coursing through my mind plagued me to no end, and I already felt tears welling up in my eyes even though I thought they’d long dried up. Before long I was dumped unceremoniously onto the hard surface of the coffee table.

“Well, there she is!” Devin stood tall as she peered down at me, Sofia at her side with wide eyes.

“Wow… She is small,” Sofia held a finger up to her chin in thought, looking down at me curiously, “you didn’t tell me she was blonde.”

“What does that matter?” Devin asked.

“She kinda looks like a mini you,” Sofia answered.

“Really? I don’t see it,” Devin looked at me closely, but shook her head in denial.

“She’s pretty adorable, I’ll give you that,” Sofia sat down on the couch, leaning forward to get a better look at me. It was then that she saw my eyes, swollen red and filled with tears. Immediately she knew that I was in distress, and it didn’t sit well with her one bit. Devin then sat down beside Sofia as well.

“What’s your name, little one?” Sofia asked me warmly, as I looked up at her with terror in my eyes.

“A… A-Allison…” I answered somberly.

“Cute name,” Sofia smiled at me, “why are you crying, Allison?”

I did not answer her, I only looked towards Devin fearfully. I could see the woman give a frown, as she looked down at me with a stern gaze. I swallowed any words I might have, and looked down at the table's surface as I ignored Sofia entirely.

“That’s what I thought,” Sofia grew angry, looking over at Devin with a scowl, “this poor little girl is terrified, Devin.”

Devin rolled her eyes, “she’s a woman, and she’ll be fine. She just needs to get used to her new life, that’s all…”

“She looks barely eighteen years old,” Sofia retorted, “why are you being so callous? Are you really that cruel?”

“She’s mine Sofia,” Devin stated heartlessly, “can’t you just fucking enjoy this with me?”

“Devin,” Sofia sighed as she rubbed her head in frustration, “you’ve been a great friend for a long time. I know everything about you, or did you forget? Does this entire situation not remind you of anything? Anything at all?”

“Don’t do this to me Sof’...” Devin hissed, crossing her arms like that of a child throwing a tantrum.

“Look, you already kidnapped her,” Sofia retorted, “all I’m saying is that maybe for once you could actually be a good person, instead of making a helpless individual feel the terror of God because you have daddy issues to work out.”

“Leave…” Devin stood to her feet and pointed to the front door, “get out. Now.”

“Whatever, I didn’t want to be a part of this anyways!” Sofia promptly stood to her feet, but looked down at me one last time as I looked up to meet her gaze. I could see that she felt sorry for me, but I also had a feeling that she wasn’t going to help me either.

“I’m sorry Allison,” Sofia apologized, “Devin might come off a bit harsh, but I assure you that she’ll take good care of you. Just give it some time, maybe we’ll see each other again in the not too distant future.”

Sofia turned and headed towards the front door, promptly making her exit while closing the door behind her. Devin fumed for a moment, as I looked up at her with fear in my eyes. She was upset, really upset. I was praying and hoping that she wouldn’t take it out on me, and once again I felt tears welling up in my eyes at the thought of what might happen next.

Devin sat down on the couch, leaning forward as she rested her elbows on her knees. She sighed heavily, before looking up at me with a blank expression. After a brief moment of tense silence, she finally spoke up.

“You’re crying again,” Devin sneered, “what are you upset about now? Afraid I’m going to lash out at you because my friend pissed me off?”

I shook my head to answer her, too afraid to speak up.

“I should have just left you at the airport,” Devin buried her face in her palms, “Sofia is right. I’m fucked, I can’t help it. But it is too late now, no way am I letting you go. You probably have rights and shit, hell, you’d probably get me sent to prison.”

“I… I wouldn’t!” I finally spoke up, wondering if this might be my only chance to speak reason with this woman.

Devin looked up at me, rolling her eyes. “Don’t even try. Just fucking accept it already. You’re mine now. I’ll admit, perhaps I’ve been a bitch… If you accept your new life and do what I say, I promise I’ll be easier on you, alright?”

The words weighed heavily upon me, but deep down I knew it was the answer I would get. She was never going to let me go, I knew this now. Besides, what kind of life awaited me in Washington state anyways? Maybe if Devin would treat me a bit better, then perhaps I could learn to enjoy this new life in due time.

And as invasive as it was at the time, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed Devin’s tongue play initially before she tortured me with her ass. As horrific of an experience as it was, I still felt torn emotionally. Was this her doing? Was she still manipulating me? I didn’t know, but I suppose it might not take too long to find out.

“The mood in here sucks ass,” Devin huffed, picking up the remote for her television, “how about we rent a movie and watch it together? I’ll make us some popcorn. Do you like popcorn?”

I nodded solemnly, “I do…”

“Great, do you like romance movies?” Devin asked as she stood up and headed towards the kitchen, taking the plate with the untouched sandwich still on it.

“Sure…” I answered quietly, wiping my dried tears away as I began to calm down now that I realized she wasn’t going to become upset with me.

“Great, I have a movie you might like,” Devin grabbed a bag of popcorn from her cupboard and began to open the plastic seal, “would you prefer to stay on the table? Or you can sit on the couch, or my lap… Up to you.”

“Can I sit on your lap…?” I asked nervously, preferring to be somewhere soft, but also somewhere where I wouldn’t have to fear being sat on by mistake.


Devin placed the popcorn bag into the microwave and hit the sensor button, turning to face me with a hesitant smile, “sure… Lap it is.”




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Chapter 8 - Total Obedience by Frizzle
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- Pantry entrapment

- Vaginal worship (no insertion)





The movie had been somewhat enjoyable, but as I sat on one of Devin’s massive thighs I couldn’t help but feel distracted during the entire thing. I felt like I was constantly met with whiplash. One moment I’m being told to move out of my parents home, the next I’m being kidnapped by a deranged woman. One moment she is torturing me and being cruel, the next she’s cooking me popcorn and enjoying a romance movie with me.

A mixture of emotions were surging within me, and I was unable to process half of them. I was constantly in fear of what would come next. I was constantly wondering what to say, what to do in order to ensure that I wouldn’t upset this woman any more than I already had. Her friend, Sofia, seemed to have knocked some sense into my captor, but not enough for me to be set free.

The bowl of popcorn seeds sat on the coffee table, I had only taken a few bites out of a single piece of popcorn while Devin had cleaned the bowl of any remaining scraps. She was lounging back as she enjoyed the movie, not really paying much attention to me on her lap. It was a brief respite, as I peered up at her momentarily to see the reflection of the television screen in her eyes. She was biting her lip, intensely watching the movie which was currently in the heat of a passionate sex scene.

I suddenly felt a little hot myself, and realized that Devin was shifting herself on the couch as her thighs pressed together. I was sitting down, so I didn’t lose my balance, however I could tell that she was getting worked up. I looked up again to see her eyes dart down towards me, a faint smile spreading across her lips.

“Enjoying the movie…?” Devin cooed.

“I… I am…” I responded softly.

Devin reached for the remote at her side, turning off the television before tossing the remote aside and looking down at me once more, this time with her full attention on me. I’ll admit it sent a shiver down my spine, I could tell she was ogling my figure, my body. She had that look in her eye, the same look she gave me before she used her tongue to bring me an unwilling pleasure.

“You’re so fucking adorable,” Devin took a deep breath, leaning in a little more as she rested her elbows on her kneecaps to allow me plenty of room on her lap.

“T-Thanks…” I smiled nervously at her, darting my gaze away shyly.

“Your little tits are sexy, and your pussy tastes juicy,” Devin bit her lip even harder, refusing to avert her gaze as her eyes penetrated my very soul.

“I…” I had no clue how to respond to that, she was basically seeing me as some kind of object. On one hand it was somewhat flattering, but knowing that she could do whatever she wanted to me was terrifying.

“You’re definitely a fragile one,” Devin giggled heartily as she leaned back into the couch, “you cry way too much, and you’re far too soft. It’s no wonder you were so easy to break.”

As hard as it was to hear those words, and as much as I wanted to prove her wrong, naturally I began to tear up as I realized she was right. I looked down shamefully as I tried to hide my expression from her. It was in vain, as Devin giggled yet again once she saw me sniffling.

“Ugh, there you go again!” Devin rolled her eyes, taking her index finger and lifting my chin up, forcing me to look her in the eyes. 

“Understand these words, tiny one. You are mine. You’re stuck with me. Nothing will separate us. You might think me to be cruel, and evil. That is fine, I want you to feel that way. Love me, hate me, it is all the same in the end. You are hot, and I want to do things to you. I’ll do whatever I want, when I want, and you’ll oblige me. Either accept this now, and perhaps I’ll make your time with me enjoyable, or perhaps another round in my gas chamber will have you come to your senses. What do you say?”

The silence was deafening, her words ringing throughout my ears. Perhaps I was wrong entirely, perhaps Sofia had no effect on Devin at all. This was a game for her, and I was the object of all her desires. She was absolutely right, she could do whatever she wanted to me, and I could either go along with it or suffer harshly for my resistance.

Her finger held my chin up, my eyes locked with her gaze. Neither of us spoke a word, as the tears trickled down my cheeks. I slowly exhaled the breath that I held in, as the realization finally kicked in. I really was stuck here. There was nobody to help me, nowhere to go. This was my life now, with this woman, this goddess. What else could I call her? She controlled my very life now. We were two blondes, and she was my master now.

“Well?” Devin said impatiently, “do we have an understanding?”

“Yes…” I answered.

“How does that make you feel?” Devin asked, smiling as she made progress. Her mission was to groom me from the start, and though Sofia’s visit hadn’t turned out how she had desired, she was able to use it to her advantage to gain my complete obedience.

“I-I don’t know what you want me to say…” I answered honestly, unsure if she wanted the truth or not.

Devin gave me a wicked grin, as if she had hoped for such an answer to begin with. “I want you to tell me that I am your world, that you’ll do anything for me,” Devin commanded, “I want you to tell me that you're dedicated to making me happy. Can you do that?”

More tears began to trickle down my cheeks, my eyes growing red. “I’ll make you happy… I promise…” I nearly choked on my words, my nose filled with snot as it began to run. My heart had nearly faded away, my acceptance of this new life digging deep inside of me.

Devin moved her finger and wiped some of the tears from my cheek, beginning to rub my head soothingly as she smiled with satisfaction. “Good girl, I know you’ll do a great job. But naturally, after your recent episodes, I’ll need a bit of assurance.”

“What… What kind of assurance?” I asked hesitantly, unsure of what she had in store for the two of us.

The blonde did not answer me, she merely smiled down at me with a lustful expression. Suddenly I felt myself being plucked from her lap, as Devin stood tall and dangled me in the air. I didn’t fight it, but I’ll admit I looked up at her with terror in my eyes. Her other hand reached for her waistband, and I looked down as I saw her pull back her tights and thong. I knew what was about to happen.

“Prove to me that you’ll commit yourself to my pleasure,” Devin commanded, “and if you satisfy me, then perhaps we can ‘upgrade’ your sleeping arrangements from my used socks in the hamper. Nod if you accept.”

I nodded somberly, and Devin licked her lips with anticipation.

“Good girl! I wasn’t actually giving you a choice, but your willingness, however hesitant, is a nice bonus point to the start of a great, mutual hierarchy!” Without another word, Devin abruptly let me go as I began to plummet towards an all too familiar prison.

Her aim was a bit off, as I fell horizontally and felt my thighs smack the top of her waistband. I was flung forward as my legs kicked up from the impact, and I fell face first into her laced panties before my legs swung back around and I tumbled painfully towards her private region. I hit the bottom of her panties and flung forward, smacking face first into her moist lips.

In a disoriented state, I slowly came to my senses as I peered up to see her face looking down at me. The cruel smile on her lips, it was a firm reminder that her kindness had always been a facade. She claimed to reward me for good behaviour, and that idea was all that kept me from breaking down entirely as she allowed her tights to snap snugly against her waist once again, sealing me in a familiar darkness.

“While you worship my boat sized cunt I’m going to do some cleaning up! Don’t disappoint me.” Devin patted her crotch without a care, and I felt my back being slapped painfully as my face was buried between her folds. 

As I pulled my head out, strands of her juices stuck to my cheeks. I know she probably wanted me to do anything, something to elicit pleasure. I had to fight my emotions, I had to overcome my weak nature. The last thing I wanted was to be further humiliated by sleeping inside of her dirty socks, and though she didn’t specify my upgraded sleeping arrangements, I decided it was time to quit sobbing and accept my new position.

I stuck out my arm, my hand pressing against one of the sides of her pussy lips as I felt it ooze with her fluids. The scent was intoxicating, her womanhood unlike anything I could have ever fathomed. I was thankful that she was rather clean, she clearly took pride in her well being. I suppose it could have been worse, at least my goddess was a gorgeous, well kept woman. My parents didn’t want me anyways, but Devin did, so maybe this was always going to be my fate.

I started rubbing the soaked folds of her vagina, positioning myself the best I could to better reach her clit as I worked my way towards it. Her juices oozed between my fingers, the stubble of her shaven pussy scraping against the palms of my hands as I rubbed inward and outward. I used my feet to maneuver my position against her silk panties, pushing my torso upwards as I slowly approached the location of her clit. This is where the real pleasure would begin.

Devin felt my hands against her folds, but it wasn’t enough for her to pay any mind to it. She decided to let me do my thing, not anticipating much out of me after the conversation we’d just had. She entered the kitchen and approached the sink, grabbing the sponge from the counter to start doing her dishes while she waited for something interesting to happen.

She grabbed the dish soap and squeezed some onto the sponge. Next she rubbed it into the sponge, before turning on the sink faucet and soaking the sponge briefly before suds began to appear. She began pulling dishes and cups out of the sink, scrubbing them all thoroughly as she placed each dish into her dishwasher. She hated streaks and other grime remaining intact even after the dishwasher cycle, so she preferred to scrub them before as an insurance of cleanliness.

Once she placed all of the dishes into the dishwasher, she tossed in a few detergent pods and started the ‘tough’ soil cycle before turning her focus back towards the sink. She began to use the sponge to clean every crevice of the stainless steel sink, making sure that no food, grime or other matter was to be seen. She then rinsed the sink out using the sink hose, before using a towel to dry it all off.

“There we go,” Devin smiled with satisfaction, “much better! I should have done this yesterday honestly.”

Devin turned her attention towards her bedroom, where a load of laundry was long overdue. She began walking down the hallway, turning abruptly into her bedroom as she located the dirty hamper bin. She grabbed the bin, as heavy as it was, and began dragging it to her washing machine located in the hallway closet.

She opened the closet doors and prepared to put her clothes in the washing machine, but found herself buckling at the knees when a sudden assault could be felt on her clit. The blonde bit her lip with pleasure, feeling my tiny hands now massaging her colossal clit as she realized what I was doing. While Devin had completed the dishes and cleaned her sink, I had worked relentlessly on adjusting my body upwards. It was a tight trap that I had found myself in, but it did not stop me from making my way towards Devin’s clit.

After being held captive for so long, I was starting to get better at pleasing my new goddess. Though my heart still yearned to be free, my mind was starting to come to terms with my new life. I began massaging her clit, licking and sucking on it even. I made no effort to be gentle, my goal was to ensure that she’d notice me inside of her panties and by no means was I going to surrender that goal.

Devin grabbed the edge of the washing machine to help her balance, as my rough handling of her sensitive part led to her being unable to stand upright. All thoughts of chores had receded, and now Devin’s attention was solely on my efforts to please her. A sly grin swept across her lips, as she closed her eyes and bent her knees a little further.

‘I didn’t think you had it in you…’ Devin thought to herself, enjoying the sensation of my tiny hands on her massive clit. Though she had become pretty horny, it wouldn’t be enough to reach an orgasm, but that didn’t matter to her right now. She had succeeded, I was obeying her without delay, and that is all she wanted.

I hadn’t noticed that Devin’s movements had come to an abrupt halt, all that filled my mind was bringing her pleasure. If I could prove to her that I wasn’t useless, then perhaps my life with her could improve. For this to happen, however, I’d have to go the extra mile to make her happy.

I continued to lick and suck on her clit, doing my best to try and get the entire thing into my mouth but I found it to be quite the challenge. Her snatch was oozing with fluids now, she was certainly getting hornier by the second. I tried massaging her clit on the sides, while sucking on it and licking at it on the front so I could get it at all angles. I had never had sexual intimacy with anyone before, let alone a woman. 

I had never even masturbated before, so I most certainly had no idea what I was doing other than what I had been told or seen in movies and shows. Admittedly, I was starting to get turned on myself. Tears began to trickle down my cheeks as I continued to worship and pleasure Devin’s massive clit, as I felt myself slipping into a deviance that would never be washed away.

This woman was slowly turning me into something I never would have imagined, a subservient, sex toy that was slowly becoming enraptured in the provocative fantasies of her larger captor. Was this my fate from the moment I was born? My destiny the moment I set foot in the airport? I’d never know for certain, but at the same time I had finally decided it no longer mattered. I didn’t want to spend any more time sobbing over my previous life, instead I had decided to accept it now, and be spared any further pain. I couldn’t take any more of it.

Interruption came swiftly, the light flooding over me once again as I paused what I was doing and looked upwards to see the face of my goddess. She looked down at me, and my heart eased upon seeing a look of pure satisfaction in the blonde woman’s eyes. They penetrated my very own, a lustful expression on her face. In that moment I knew I had done well, and I’ll admit it was the greatest feeling after so many previous disappointments.


“You’ve made quite a ruckus,” Devin cooed, “fair enough… Let’s move this into the bedroom, shall we?”



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Chapter 9 - An Inside View Of Devin's Cunt by Frizzle
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- Vaginal play

- Vaginal Insertion & Climax





The door to the bedroom burst open as Devin kicked it with her foot. Her hand slipped into her waistband, her tights slid off with haste before she tossed them aside and began to take off her shirt too. Light engulfed my position as I craned my neck and peered through her lace panties, the blurred image of her approaching bed filling my view.

It seemed impossible, but as I waited patiently while her laced panties held me close to her snatch, I could almost hear her heartbeat increasing steadily, as if she was getting increasingly excited at whatever thoughts crossed her mind. I had done my job so well, that she had taken us to her bedroom now, and I had no clue what was in store.

Devin practically leaped into the air as she landed softly on the mattress, rolling onto her back swiftly and adjusting her back onto some pillows for support. Her hand swept over her belly, slipping into her panties as her fingers crept towards me.

“Mmmmm…” Devin moaned as her fingers pressed into my head, and she began to mess up my hair purposefully as my face was assaulted.

Her index finger positioned itself to the back of my head, gently pressing my face into her soaking, wet pussy as she shook with pleasure. Her fluids oozed into my mouth, and I had yet another taste of her oddly delectable juices. I was slowly enjoying this torture, what I once sobbed over many times. I didn’t truly have a choice in the matter, but her odd gentleness was enough for me not to put up any resistance.

“Oh God… Oh fuck…” Devin cooed, her voice echoing throughout her bedroom as she continued to massage my body into her cunt with her fingers.

I was slowly slipping between the folds of her vagina, her fluids acting as lubricant which made it quite easy to slip closer and closer towards her hungry cavity. I knew what would soon become of me, the very thing that Devin had once alluded to on the airplane. She had never gone through with her threat, though I knew she’d expect this of me now after everything I’d been through.

The lips of her pussy began to take me in, her finger speeding up the process. The rate at which my heart beat had begun to increase, and I found the familiar anxiety creeping over me once more. I was uncertain what it would be like, scared of what might happen once I was inside. Though Devin hadn’t even mentioned the idea of inserting me into her pussy, she didn’t have too. I knew I was close to receiving an inside view of her inner, feminine division.

Just as everything appeared to be reaching a climactic start, Devin’s finger relented and I felt her hand slipping back out of her panties. Instead, her fingers gripped the waistline of her panties and lifted them up, Devin’s large face looking across her body and into my eyes with a lustful expression.

I managed to free my left hand from her folds, bracing for support as I pulled myself partly from her lips. I looked into her piercing gaze, a sweat on my forehead as I pondered what thoughts might be crossing her mind. Her expression of lust became a deviant grin, her head tilting back only slightly as her eyes told me all sorts of secretive, inner desires.

“I want you to do it yourself,” Devin requested gently, unmoving from her position as she smiled, awaiting my response.

“I… I don’t…” I choked on my words, fear starting to grip me yet again. I knew what she wanted, but I figured she’d force it upon me like she had before. Instead, she wanted me to do it on my own, to put myself inside of her of my own accord. I wasn’t sure I had the ability to do so.

“Hush,” Devin commanded, and I fell silent immediately as I looked down shamefully.

Devin smiled gently, rolling her eyes as she shook her head. “Oh Allison… You can do this, I know you can. You just crawl inside, make me squeal, and I’ll let you right out. I promise.”

I looked up at her and saw that her expression was gentle in nature. Her tone was calm. There was no threat, no telling of a punishment should I fail her. No. She was almost rooting for me, encouraging me to overcome this simple task. I looked down at her pussy, which still engulfed my lower body. Did she really believe in me? Did she really believe I could do this myself?

“I… I’ll try…” I murmured, shaking and trembling with uncertainty as Devin’s lips turned into a wide grin.

“Good girl…” Devin whispered.

Her fingers released her panties and they snapped back into place. I could barely see her hands grabbing her tits as she began to play with them, but I knew I needed to focus on the task at hand. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and prepared myself mentally and emotionally. I could do this, I knew I could. This was my chance to show her that I wasn’t pathetic, that I was more than an emotionally broken young woman.

‘You’ve got this Allison…’ I thought to myself, before taking action and slipping my entire body into her wet folds.

The slimy walls encased me, but there wasn’t enough pressure that I couldn’t move around. I reached outwards in an attempt to find her opening, and it didn’t take long before her vaginal cavity took my entire left arm as I felt myself sink inside.

In the moment I was a bit torn, but in an effort not to disappoint I grew the courage I needed and inserted my right arm before going head first into Devin’s cunt. For such a sexually driven woman, Devin was as tight as a woman could get. I immediately felt the increase in pressure on all fronts, as my head slipped in followed quickly by my upper torso. The walls of Devin’s innards shook and trembled at my touch, and the once quiet moans became very audible even from within her confines.

“Oh Goooood…” Devin moaned semi loudlike, fondling her tits and massaging her nipples to amplify the pleasure she felt from my entering her insides. The image in her mind alone was enough for her to begin building a climax, the thoughts of what it must be like at my size, inside of her vagina, was extremely enticing to her. Especially considering that she didn’t even have to force her will upon me to make it happen.

It was becoming harder to maneuver forward, the pressure starting to constrict me on all sides as her inner cavity contracted and expanded while pulsating all at the same time. To my efforts even harder, Devin was struggling to remain still as her hips bucked and swayed at my touch, making the task at hand all the more difficult. 

Nonetheless, I eventually managed to crawl all of the way inside of her pussy once I felt my feet slurp inside with the rest of my body, a loud moan sending vibrations my way as Devin bit her lip painfully in response. Her hands squeezed her breasts so hard that she felt her nipples tingle with pleasure, her nails digging into her own flesh as she craved me to be deeper and deeper inside of her.

At this point I had become absolutely drenched in her vaginal secretions, her orgasmic juices that were finding all sorts of ways to penetrate any cavity my body possessed. I was starting to choke on her fluids, breathe her fluids, and her fluids even slipped into my ears as I felt them pop and my hearing fade away. My heart was racing faster than a torpedo, but my will to see this through was far greater. I couldn’t accept defeat now, I had to prove to myself and to Devin that I could do this for her.

I sputtered some more before I managed to cough out most of her fluids before swallowing the rest. I strenuously plugged my nose and blew so much air that I cleared my ears out too. I then used the last of my strength and crawled as deep inside of Devin as I could, her ribbed textured insides rubbing across my body as I made progress. Any sense of potential enjoyment escaped me, my only focus to make Devin happy. Her body shuddered more and more, pleasure surging throughout my goddess’ body.

“Shit… Shit…” Devin bucked her hips again, feeling an orgasm creeping towards her. She could barely take any more, feeling me so deep inside of her now that she wasn’t sure she’d ever get me out. She didn’t bother to try and stop me however, instead biding her time as she waited for me to do all of the work for her as originally planned.

Once I felt myself being constricted beyond reason, and my lungs burning to breathe at all, I knew that I had gone deep enough. I began running my hands back and forth, massaging her insides while her juices oozed between my fingers. Her fluids ran down my back, my legs, my arms and anywhere they could run down. For all intents and purposes, in this moment, I may as well have been a vibrator since that’s all Devin likely saw me as in this moment.

A fire had lit inside of me, tears starting to well up in my eyes, and I began to put in the most effort I’d ever put into anything. I began to lick the inside of her pussy, the cave that I had found myself lodged inside of. I swallowed and ate her fluids by the mass, guzzling it like gatorade as I massaged her insides simultaneously. I dedicated my entire existence to making a ruckus that she would remember, an orgasm that would be impossible for Devin to forget.

Now her body was shaking like that of an earthquake, and I knew an orgasm was close. I began pushing and massaging at the same time, while stretching and kicking with my legs to add more of a sensation. Devin let go of her breasts and reached over her head, grabbing the headboard of her bed for support as her eyes clenched shut and her breaths became fast and repetitive. She couldn’t take much more of it, and needless to say she had never anticipated that I’d do such an immeasurably, fantastic job to boot.

‘I’m not useless…’ I thought to myself, starting to sob as I continued to furiously pleasure my new goddess, ‘I am not pathetic… I am not useless… I am not a toy… I can have a purpose, I can… I CAN!’

I pushed, kicked and massaged harder than I had this entire time, and in that moment it happened. Devin’s eyes shot wide open, a squeal of utter, pure pleasure escaping her lips as her hips bucked upwards so hard that I felt my body being crammed and compressed to a most painful degree.

A torrent of her orgasmic fluids washed over me, drowning me as I sputtered and choked yet again. I was a tiny, insignificant, little speck inside of a considerably larger, goddess-like woman who was in the middle of an intense orgasm. Her fluids treated me like nothing, drowning me like nothing. All the build up, the hope I gave myself to convince myself that I wasn’t some toy, had shriveled away. Devin’s orgasm alone threatened to end my life, what does that make me?

“Holy fucking shit…” Devin spat aloud, finally calming down after her orgasm reached its end. Her fluids had spilt over the sheets, her lace panties drenched. “You did… Amazing, Allison.”

Devin lifted the waistline of her panties, peering inside but finding much to her dismay that I was not ejected with her fluids. She then realized I was still deep inside of her, and she had almost not even noticed! She giggled heartily, finding it quite hilarious that I was stuck inside of her so deep and so good, that the amount of pressure that her ejecting fluids created was not enough to dislodge me.

“A promise is a promise,” Devin spoke to herself, taking her fingers and cramming them inside of her pussy as she began to fish around for me.

A moment passed as Devin felt nothing, and she began to fear that I might be too deep. After a bit of perseverance, however, she eventually brushed against my foot. She smiled as she plucked my foot and slowly, carefully began to pull me out of her vagina. Once I slipped all the way out, she carefully dangled me over her body before dropping me with a splat onto her stomach.

“I must say, that was most unexpected,” Devin said gently, looking down at me as I curled into a ball, “fine work little one, that is probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had… Fuck, we should just do it again! Tell me, you want to do it again, Allison?”

Upon receiving no answer, Devin looked down at me more closely as she saw me curled into a ball. She raised an eyebrow, “Allison? What are you doing?” Devin took a finger and forced me out of my curled position, revealing my eyes to be filled with tears as I cried somberly.

“Oh Allison…” Devin sighed, but not because she was angry. She carefully scooped me from her stomach and cradled me in her palm as I cried and cried, unable to stop. I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t help myself. Though I had succeeded, the entire ordeal was simply too harsh.

“Now, now… Don’t cry,” Devin smiled softly as she looked down at me, using her free hand to gently rub my head as she tried to get me to calm down. “Why are you crying sweets? You did such a good job!”

I wiped my running nose, looking up at her with swollen, red eyes as I admitted the truth. “I… I thought you were going to leave me inside…”

“What?” Devin was surprised, though she knew she shouldn’t have been. “A promise is a promise, and I promised that a good effort would lead to an immediate exit. Do you not trust me?”

“I do…” I answered, though I wasn’t sure if I believed my own words.

“I knew you had it in you Allison,” Devin cooed, “perhaps you're not just a toy after all… Perhaps there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

“You… You r-really think so?” I asked doubtedly, wondering if my efforts had really deserved such a reaction from my blonde goddess.

“I really do,” Devin assured, her wicked grin both deceitful and aware at the same time, “you’re totally drenched… Let’s say you and I get cleaned up, hm? How does a bath sound? Just the two of us? Naked…?”

Somehow managing to lose my ability to see through her deceit, and my newfound desire to be accepted as more than some inanimate sex object, I nodded solemnly. I wiped the tears from my eyes, her assurances soothing my gentle, sensitive heart. I slowly smiled as I looked up to meet her gaze.

“Sure…” I agreed, “I’d like that.

“Then I’ll draw a nice, hot bath!” Devin cooed, giving me a sly wink as she carried me off the bed and towards her bathroom.

It had only taken a small amount of time, but Devin had slowly begun to see the fruits of her efforts. In the beginning I had struggled relentlessly and begged to be free, yet now I was aiming to pleasure her, and becoming comfortable with the idea of becoming the tool of her sexual desires. 


The problem was, despite knowing deep down that Devin was up to no good, my hope for a better future had begun to blind me from the truth.



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