24 Hours; Part 1: Infestation by AEW

Zach, Daniel, Brett, Emily, and Adam must survive for 24 hours before the medicine in there body expires and they change back to normal size... the question is can they do it?

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Chapter 1: Mistakes Were Made by AEW
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Tags: Feet, Adventure, Unaware, Violent 

“Fuck. We made a huge fucking mistake,” Adam said as he sprinted forward.

He was in his mid 20’s. A good looking guy but one women usually dismissed anyway 

“24 hours. After that the medicine is out of our system and we revert to normal size,” Zach screamed.

He was in his mid 30’s. He had a small beard and was a decent looking guy.

“Fuck you,” Brett yelled behind him, “You just left him back there.”

Brett was in his late 20s’. Built like a linebacker it was no surprise to anyone that the guy hit the gym on a regular basis.

“I didn’t see you going back there for him. Besides, he is fine. The pill makes the user almost indestructible when they are at this size. If he is smart he will play dead and she will sweep him somewhere. At worst she throws him away. 24 hours.”

“You're a real piece of shit Zach,” The last member of the group said.

Her name was Emily. She was in her mid 20’s and had the textbook definition of a girl next door look about her. 

“Again,” I didn’t see you going after him. 

“I need to stop,” Adam said as he began to tire out. 

He stopped in his tracks.

“Are you fucking stupid. We are still out in the fucking open,” Zach said as he stopped as well.

Taking a breath.

Emily looked around.

“I think we have a bigger problem. We didn’t make it very far at all.”

It was true. To them it seemed like they had been running forever. About a solid four minutes actually. A good half a mile by their standards but in reality they had made it about a quarter of an inch. Still close to see the woman in front of them as she poked Daniel with her big toe causing him to fall over. The woman herself was tall. Taller then they could even comprehend. 

Shrinking to the size of an ant seemed like a smart idea at the time. A good way to spy on some ladies. Now Zach knew it was a massive mistake. 

“Aren’t you going to try to run,” The woman said in the voice one would use when you talk to a baby.

Thankfully the pill made it so the women’s voice wasn’t deafening to behold. Like the voice of god or something. They watched as Daniel pulled himself up only to find himself getting knocked over once more by the gargantuan toe.

“Doesn’t she realize he is human,” Adam snapped.

“Why would she,” Brett responded.

“I mean you can look at an ant and see an ant,” Adam declared.

“Sure and if I were in her shoes right now I would just think I found a weird looking bug,” Emily responded, “Unless she tries to get a good look at him she will never know what she did here today. She will never know that she tortured someone.”

“Why is she playing with him like that though,” Adam asked scared, “Why not just crush him and be done with it? Pick him up and put him outside? Anything?”

Daniel flipped onto his hands and knees instead and began to crawl as fast as he could. The woman lifted her leg and hovered her colossal foot over Daniel. Who stopped and tucked his head in. They watched horrified as huge chunks of debris rained down from her foot. The smallest being baseball sized and the biggest being about the size of a bowling bowl.

“Jesus christ,” Emily said as she watched as Daniel got pelted, “Crazy that I never registered that happened?”

“What,” Brett asked.

“The dirt and particles falling from your foot. Something so small.”

“Yes. Crawl,” She said with a smile. Oblivious to the fact that he had stopped.

“She is enjoying this,” Emily declared.

“Almost too much,” Zach responded.

“Crazy bitch,” Adam yelled.

The woman put her foot down right next to Daniel. She did it slowly, carefully even, so as not to hurt the bug at her feet, even then the force of it was enough to cause him to roll a good few inches. She turned her head as he rolled and she chuckled. Her eyes then lit up as she saw the four of them standing there. 

“Fuck,” Zach said, “Run.”

“To where,” Emily said, “At our size we clearly aren’t going to make it far. She only has to take a single step and she has us.”

“Do we have an infestation,” The woman said, “Have to talk to the girls about that later. For now I guess we can have some fun.”

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