My Friend Lorraine by BigAl

This story was written simply for my own pleasure but I thought I may as well share it with you lot! It is a gentle story with no forced actions, everything is consensual.

I apologise if it isn't everyones (or anyones!) cup of tea, but as I say, it's just my own story of my own personal fantasy.

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Part One - Introduction by BigAl
My friend Lorraine is quite short, only about 5’ tall, has dark hair and a slim figure.  Ever since I met Lorraine, I have had this fantasy!  I have tried all ways to try and get her to sit on my face, or at least get a quick feel and sniff of her butt while she wasn’t looking but I’ve never managed to do either.  I try sitting in the doorway having a cigarette while she squeezes by me, my face turned away until her butt is level with me then turning hoping my face makes contact with her butt, but still no luck.  I never realised that Lorraine actually had noticed what I was doing.It was a summer Saturday evening that Lorraine came to visit me and we were sitting in my garden having a few beers when completely out-of-the-blue she asked me straight if I liked her butt.  I couldn’t answer but I turned an extreme shade of red which probably did all the talking for me.“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Lorraine said laughing and pretending to warm her hands by the heat of my face. I nodded embarrassed.
“Nothing to be ashamed of, plenty of guys look at my ass!” she said. “I’ve noticed you seem to want to sniff it! I’ve never had blokes trying to sniff my ass before but if you want to, just say so.”
“Erm, I’m sorry Lorraine.  I can’t help it.  I’ve got this ‘thing’ about attractive women’s butts!” I replied, once again burning with embarrassment, “If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d LOVE to sniff your ass!”
“Look, I’m your friend” Lorraine replied with a strange look on her face, “Let’s go inside.”Once inside, Lorraine directed me to lie on the couch which I did.  She stood about 3 feet away from my face, her gorgeous ass hypnotising me. 
“Are you ready for this?” she asked, looking over her shoulder, “My ass is coming!  I’m going to sit on your face and if I’m comfortable, you may be there some time!”Slowly, so slowly it was almost a torture, she backed up towards me.  When her ass was only about a foot away from my face and I was almost leaning towards it to get a sniff of it, she looked over her shoulder at me and something about her face told me she was in a very playful mood!“I never thought you’d actually admit you liked my ass” she laughed at me as she turned around and jumped on my chest with her knees. I was suddenly winded.
“Open your mouth and drink this” She said, producing a vial of what looked like water from her pocket.  I didn’t know what else to do so I swallowed the contents.
“The one thing you didn’t know about me is the fact that I’m a witch! Not a bad witch though.  The reason I can do this to you is because you want it, even if you don’t realise it yet!” Lorraine laughed as I fell dizzy and then unconscious.
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