My girlfriend's pet by johnnyfive22

Greg has been going out with his hot Latino girlfriend Nancy for over two months now. He has recently got promoted in his job. The promotion has been heavy and Greg hasn't seen that much of Nancy. Unfortiantly for Greg. Nancy has found a solution to that problem.

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1. Meet Nancy by johnnyfive22

2. Going to work with Nancy. by johnnyfive22

Meet Nancy by johnnyfive22
Author's Notes:

This is my first story so it may not be perfect. Please be kind and review. I don't have spell check so you have to bare with me. Thank you for reading

It was a long night of work for me. I had been working till nine in the morning and i just got off at midnight. Walking up the stairs i remember my girlfriend Nancy telling me that we never really spend some time with each other anymore. It wasn't that i wanted to spend time with her. Work was hectic ever since i got promoted i haven't been able to spend time with her as i have wanted. But job was important and we have only been dating for two months. I was actually starting to wonder if i should break up with her. Opening the door to my apartment i dumbed my stuff on the chair.

"Good evening Greg how was work?" My Girlfriend Nancy said as she sat on the couch with her legs crossed. Nancy was gorgous. She was around twenty three and she had an hispanic background. Her breasts showed threw her shirt as she walked too me and i was kind of shocked that she was there this late at night. But that shock soon wore off when i saw what she was wearing. Practically nothing. She was just in a shirt and her panties as i felt her arms wrap around me giving me a deep kiss. "I have missed you so much today you don't understand how much i have missed you." She said and I had to grin at her

"I am sorry that i have been so busy with work and everything it's just kiling me. I just wish i can spend more time with you." I say and i saw a little sparkle in her eyes and i had to wonder what that was about. She kissed me once again and everytime she kissed me my heart melted.

"It's alright Greg, I understood when you got promoted that you won't be around that much. But i am here tonight so we should make the best of it." She explained and I smiled looking over at her. Getting excited like any normal guy would do i felt my bulge began to budge and she chuckled. "My. My baby. Are you that excited to see me?" She said walking back over to the kitchen.

"Well it has been a long day. And i am very happy to see you." I say walking over to the couch. Even though i was very surprised at her being here. It felt like a good time to catch up with each other. I begin to wonder if this was finally the night where we first make love. We haven't made love yet as a couple. I looked over at Nancy as she walked back into the living room with a hand full of water with her and she smiled as she sat down next to me.

"Here i thought that you would like a sip of water." She said and i smiled over at her and took the glass

"Thank you baby." I told her and then i took a sip from the water and i couldn't help but see her little smirk.

"What's so funny?" I ask

"Oh don't worry you will about to find out. Now how about a nice massage?" She asked rubbing her hands on my shoulders and back and i shrugged off her saying as i continued to drink. Nancy always did Massages well and it felt wonderful. But something strange was happening as my vision started to get dizzy. My stomach began to hurt as i put my hand over my stomach.

'Did she just drug me? It felt like i was being drugged.' Nancy noticed my look and she acted like she cared. "Is something wrong baby?" She asked in a concerned girlfriend way.

"Yes something is wrong. You drugged me. Why?" I try to stand up and run but i get dizzy and fall to the ground in pain. I looked up watching Nancy walk over to me with a evil grin.

"I don't understand why did you drug me?" I ask my girlfriend who i thought i knew. This doesn't make any sense. I try to fight it off but it was no use.

"Hm don't worry baby it will be over soon." She said to me in a seductive voice and then something happened to my body. I felt like everything was getting smaller and so was everything in me. The furniture started to get big and to my shock so was Nancy. Her long legs and tall body stared at me with an evil glare. "I can't believe it worked. Your mine now baby. You wanted time together? Well you got it."  I was still couldn't comprehend what was going on at that moment. The last thing that i could see was Nancy's hand reaching down to me and everything went black and i passed out.


It was a long time before i woke up and came to my senses. Everything was a blank but i finally started to remember what has happened to me. I was deeply hurt and shocked that my own girlfriend had drugged me. Was she some sort of psycho that i didn't know about? Standing up i released that i was in some place dark. I could barely see but the smell was terrible. It smelled like foot sweat. "Oh god no." The realization began to hit me where i was and i began to scream for help. That is when i heard some thunder sounds as i began to panic.

"I think I here my little toy speaking." Nancy's voice boombed above me. The Ceiling of the shoe box lifted and light came in. 'what did she just call me? A toy?' The shock of how big Nancy was came to me and I fell on my knees at the site of her. She looked like a Goddess. This couldn't be happening.

"Well it's good to see that you know your new place already. About damn time you wake up. I forgot how your lazy ass sleeps in on Saturday mornings." She explained.

"You mean it's Saturday? But my job?" I asked in a shaky voice and she just laughed

"Your job? Are you fucking serious? You know all of this is about your Job. You never have time for me anymore. How long do you suppose a hot girl like me can wait?" She said and her voice was scary coming from her giant size. Then i began to get angry. When I get angry I become stupid and say stupid things.

"Now listen here you Bitch. You let me go this incent this is kidnapping. Were done you here me? Wer." I didn't get to finished as her hand reached into the shoe box and wrapped her long fingers around me. "Let me go. Your squeezing me let me MfFFPH" She put her finger on my face to stop me from talking and carried me into her fist. Her hand was warm and soft and sweaty with perfume. I knew that my life wouldn't be the same after that. She put me on the bed and looked down at me. "You bitch i thought that you loved me. How dare you do this to me. You have no right."

"ENOUGH." she screamed and i sat back down immidiatly after her yelling. I was too scared to fight back after that. She seemed to relax as she smiled. "There that is better. You know what honey? Your right i think that we should see other people. Because right now your not even human to me. Your just my pet. My property." She said. I noticed that she had a buisness suit on and walking to her closet.

"You have work today? Where you going to keep me? You can't leave me here like this?" I ask and she smiled back at me. She got some Nylons out of her drawer and got her favorite heels from the closet walking back to the bed. I started to have a bad feeling about this.

"Oh who said anything about leaving you here. In fact I think you should come with me. It's going to be a long day and I need somebody to worship my pretty feet. I mean you always said you had a foot festish right? Always wanted to try it out? Well now is your chance." She said picking me up with her hand once again.

"No not like this. Not this way you will squish me." I try to fight back and she just dropped me inside of her Nylons which smelled like old perfume and sweat. It was damp and disgusting as i fell to the bottom of the foot.

"Actually honey I won't. You see in the potion that i gave you in your drink last night. I added a little spell to it. I have been studying witch craft for years since high school. But i never thought that i would have the power enough to try anything like this." She shrugged.

"But then i thought you would be the perfect experiment. And i was right. And that little potion made you immortal to everything that I am going to do with you" She said
I began to scream curses at her once again. I backed away in fear when i saw her tanned foot coming down inside of the Nylon and i ran as fast as i could but couldn't get out of the way from her feet as her left foot pushed down into me against her nylons and smelly feet as i was pushed agaist her skin. She surveyed her feet and was pleased with where i was.

"I think that you would make a good obidient little boy from now on. Now as your in there be sure to lick my feet and taste my sweaty toes. I can't believe i have to work on a Saturday. But you can help me relax." She said.

Everything then went dark as i felt her push her foot into her black heel and the smell began to get worse. She grabbed her purse and began to walk out of the apartment and every step was crushing my rips but i didn't die. I was trapped under her foot until she took me out. "God help me." I cried out.

And then with anger i began to lick her feet. Finally submitting to her and letting my foot fetish take the better of me i cried out three words "Fucking psycho bitch."

End Notes:

End of the first chapter. Next chapter would be in her office. I have some ideas for this story already. Anyways i appriciate reviews. Thanks for reading :)

Going to work with Nancy. by johnnyfive22
Author's Notes:

Hey sorry i haven't been updating as much as i want. I have exams and stuf lately. Glad you like the story and remember I don't have spell check.

The walk to Nancy's office in her heels was a terrible experience. It didn't help that she had nylons on and the sweat was dripping threw them. I felt my penis about to bust since her heel was pressing on it most of the day. I continued to lick her feet as she walked into the office. I couldn't hear exactually what she was saying from inside of my prison but I knew that she was talking to her secretary Stacey.

"Hey Stacey how are you doing today?" My beautiful girlfriend. Or should I say ex girlfriend at this point?

"Hm wonderful I can see that you had a good weekend. You seemed refreshed" Stacey said and Nancy smiled over at her. Stacey was beautiful just like Nancy was. She had red hair and was a cheerleader in high school. She looked the same and even more beautiful. Tanned body and well formed breasts.

"Yes well. Let's just say my boyfriend serviced my every need. Plus I got a tan." She said and when she said this she wiggled her toes over my prune body once again just to tourment me knowing the foot sweat was going down my mouth. "Is my meeting set for later today?"

"Yes should be around three. Your paper work is ready for you on the desk." Stacey said and Nancy smiled walking into her office. Every step crushed my body but because of the spell she put on me I wasn't even crushed. Feeling her press against me more my penis was big as hell now. Feeling her lifting her heel off her feet I felt refreshed as new air came in and I much needed it.

"Whoops." Nancy said seeing i wasn't in her heel and she smiled. Thanks to the foot sweat sticking to me i was literaly stuck to her feet. She peeled me off and carried me to her face as she smiled and smelled me. "Geeze you already stink. And it's going to be a long day." Nancy said letting her tongue lick my naked body and that made me more turned on as I groaned. I stared up at her as she noticed my erection as she held me between her two fingers.

"Please just let me go. I promise i won't tell anybody." I say and she squeezed down on me more as i cried out in pain.

"I don't think you realize what your in. Your my little boy toy now. You do what I say. Every girl should have there man literaly in the palm of her hand. I have mind. And I will be stupid to let go of this oppertunity." She said letting her giant tongue lick my body once again coming around to my cock as I finally gave up on the struggle because it felt so good.

"That's right. I know what my baby likes." She said letting her tongue go down my body and slurping around my cock as she began to give me a giant blow job.I was literally feeling her lips against my skin and they were giant and i almost began to get scared as she continued to suck me. I cumed on her lips and she smiled whiping it up with just her finger. "That's my man."  She told me. My beautiful Latino girlfriend said. 'ok i might just like this' I thought as she pressed down on her phone.

"Stacey. Hold all my calls for the day until my meeting. I have lot's of work to do."

"Yes ma'm. I won't let anybody distrub you." Stacey said not having any clue what was happening in her bosses office.

"Hm now that were going to be alone. There some things i want to try." Nancy said seeing a cup on the desk she dropped me inside of the cup. I thought about trying to escape but the cup would be to big and she was right there so it would be useless. She got up and began to undress herself in front of me taking her blouse off and skirt. She always knew how to make my mouth drop and i was still amazed at her beauty. But at her size she was like a goddess. And at that moment all I wanted to do was worship her.

Sliding her panties off I began to think about what she had in mind and it scared me. I saw her hand coming for me and grabbing me out of the cup. "Come here little man." She commented walking over to a couch in her office and laying down.

My life then flashed before my eyes as her hand lowered me farther down to her woman hood and my eyes went in terror seeing her shaven pussy entrance staring at me. Her pussy lips opening wide like i was it's snack. I could smell her sex from here and i was pushed against the pink monster and i felt the sucking already.

Nancy began to moan as i was forced inside of her sex and i felt my feet going in. I was terrified and i began to panic as she pushed me all the way inside of her and i tried to scream but was cut off from the opening. I pounded on her walls which wasn't the brightest ideas since she was getting more turned on and it sucked on me more.

"That's it baby keep going." Nancy said as she moaned more and ran her hands down her body. I wanted air so badly as i massaged her pussy walls surrendering to the monster. Her giant fingers reached in and pulled me out for air and then pushed me back again as i continued what i was doing.

She continued this which felt like forever but it was only five minutes as she orgasismed and juices went all over me. I was pulled out of her and then lifted to her giant mouth and i saw her tongue reaching out. 'she wouldn't really eat me would she?' I asked and felt her tongue licking my body and licking the juices from my body.

She dropped me in her mouth and pushed me up against her roof licking around me. I felt her tongue going up against my cock and i felt her saliva all over me as she rubbed my penis with her giant tongue and I cummed almost immidiatly as she laughed and spit me out in her hand.

"Hm let's see." Nancy looked at me and took her ring off and shrunk me some more where i was smaller. I stared up at my witch girlfriend as she put me on her finger and slipped her ring on top of me as i was pinned under her ring and she chuckled.

"Don't go no where. Mamma has to work" She commented and walked over to her desk. This was just the start of my day. What else was going to happen?

End Notes:

There you go another chapter. If there are other fetishes you want me to explore let me know. I might bring in Stacey in the next chapter.

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