A Drawn Together Contest by zaneofbane

This story revolves around a common mailman who is shrunk and dragged into a Drawn Together challenge unwillingly. This is a girls only challenge in which Princess Clara, Foxxy Love, and Toot Braunstein must force the unfortunate protagonist to declare a winner. However, should the protagonist declare a winner he must face a special, unknown punishment. Thankfully, the shrinking process has rendered him immune to most sources of damage. How will our hero fair in the newest Drawn Together challenge?

If you haven't seen the show, Foxxy's a black stereotype, Clara's a bigot, and Toot's a fat stereotype. I'll play to their character's, so some people might find them offensive.

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The Calm Before the Storm by zaneofbane
Author's Notes:

(This is a lull in activity before some unaware action kicks off)

You woke with a startled yelp as the world shifted once more. The sensation of falling filled you with terror as gravity shifted. Where you had been on your back before, dangling within a denim hammock, you now were held upright once more. Suddenly, Foxxy impacted whatever she had been falling towards, bouncing upward momentarily before returning to earth again. The creak of springs and the shuffle cloth greeted your ears.


However, rather than thinking about where Foxxy had taken you, you had a new problem. You legs! During the free fall, you had panicked. You had thrashed and clung to anything available in the instinctive hopes to halt your decent, and ended up placing your feet within the sweltering tunnel of flesh known as Foxxy’s vaginal passage. This would have been fine had you not been free falling, they weren’t so deeply inserted as to prove difficult to remove, but when foxy hit the bed the rest of your legs slipped inwards.


As things stood, you were waist deep in Foxxy. Not only that, but the way in which Foxxy was laying caused the fabric of her shorts to bunch up, squeezing you uncomfortably against her. There was no way to shift your pelvis so as to drag your legs outward. You were stuck.


Thankfully, your face was no longer pressed against her clit. It had been forcing your head to the side the entire time, giving you a crick in your neck. You took the opportunity to tiredly work out that pain, the strained muscle hard and bunched.


The first thing you noticed was the difference a few inches could make. Whereas Foxxy’s lips had been a lot tighter nearer her clit, they hung loosely down below. There was even a gap between them where your head could rest with little pressure upon it. It was a lot damper down here, even the pants and thong string at your back had been saturated with her juices, but at least there was little chance of her folds smothering you again. These thoughts and more flashed through your mind as you tiredly took stock of your situation.


The rumble of a snore shook you from your revelry as you sat there, waist deep in womanhood. Foxxy was asleep! You had expected her to play with you more, but instead you were now gifted with the opportunity to escape. It looked like God hadn’t abandoned you after all.


How were you going to get out? You couldn’t scoot yourself out because of the tight denim at your back. However, your top half wasn’t so compressed as to fully restrict movement. You could rotate so as your torso hung downward and try to slide downward out of her channel, but the thought of creeping closer to the ebony maw you knew to rest a mere inches below you seemed unappealing.


There was always the option to climb upwards. You were exhausted and there didn’t seem to be much to grip on to, but you saw little alternative. You definitely didn’t want to remain where you were. If you managed to escape now, it would be a simple matter to hide for a week at your current size. The prospect was alluring when compared to your previous rough treatment, so with that in mind you reached your arms above you and began to haul yourself up the string of Foxxy’s thong.


You were half way to the top of Foxxy’s vagina when disaster struck. Your climb had been as arduous as you had predicted, leaving you exhausted as you hoisted yourself upwards. One hand after another, you clutched at the thong string, hoisting yourself up at a snail’s pace. The fabric was silky and moist, making your grip tenuous at best. Perhaps you would have risked passing Foxxy’s asshole had you known what would happen next. As you reached upwards to grab that tainted, silk rope once more, your hand slipped.


Despite the tight denim, you easily slid your way downwards once more. You hadn’t quite reached a height at which you could remove your feet from your dark tormenter’s passage, so when you fell you were once more guided within her. Moist flesh offered little resistance as you penetrated her, the hot wall contracting hard upon your legs. By the time your momentum stopped, you found yourself exactly where you had started. All that effort, all that exertion, and it hadn’t even gained you an inch.


Angrily, you unleashed a throaty growl, only to have it turn into a yelp as Foxxy’s flesh gripped you once more. Horror flooded through you as the muscles suckled at your thighs and calves, tugging you noticeably deeper within throbbing passage. The contractions stopped and you froze, fearing any stimulation might set her off once more. You were now up to your naval in the self proclaimed mystery solver, the throbbing having drawn you in deeper. It that precious silence Foxxy’s snoring could still be heard droning on soothingly.


After a minute without any further spasms, you let out a sigh of relief. Perhaps remaining where you were wasn’t so bad, considering all the potential alternatives. Being abused by Foxxy hile she was awake couldn’t possibly be as bad as being unconsciously drawn within her. An awake Foxxy knew where you were, a sleeping one didn’t. Who knows how long you could be lost within her if you were drawn deeper without her knowing where to rescue you from. With those thoughts firmly planted in the forfront of your mind, you decided to settle down and wait for Foxxy to awaken.


You leaned backwards, using the denim as a back rest in order to get some shut eye. You would need your rest for the ordeal ahead. However, you would be getting no rest today. Just as it seemed unconsciousness was about to claim you, an iron grip clamped down on your lower half. You eyes shot open in horror as the unconscious woman’s vagina hungrily swallowed at you, gradually drawing you deeper.



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