The New Neighbour by DuffyBear

Adam is desperate to fufill his dreams, not taking into account the consequences of his actions. 


Disclaimer: Any character's aliases are purely made by coincidence. These stories are not representative of anybody in particular. They are purely characters which have been formed through my imagination.

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I was unable to carry on with Leverage as truth be told I couldn't see a future for it whereby I could enjoy writing it. Hence this is my latest project I am keen to undertake and stick by. Tags will be added as the story develops. 



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The Dream by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

I will try to update as often as I can, but here it is, my new story.

Adam had grown up in the suburban town of Westerville, Ohio, for the past 17 years. Even though Westerville was not deemed to be incredibly dull or boring, Adam longed for sense of adventure. Everyday was beginning to turn monotonous. School, eat, sleep, repeat, was Adam’s daily routine, and he longed to leave and head off for university to study bio-chemics. Adam was reasonably good looking. Standing at around 5’10, with blonde hair and brown eyes, it would’ve been easily believable to think he was a ladies man. However, this was not the case. While Adam had been progressing through his teenage years, he’d only ever been out with a couple of girls who had now moved on to different towns and cities. By no means was Adam a down and out loser, he was popular at school and had his fair share of action, but he had yet to meet someone who he really lusted for.. Adam was a macrophiliac, and longed to dominated by a woman considerably taller than him, or even being shrunk down to a couple of inches and made subject to a woman’s desires. This is perhaps why he was so interested in science. Over the years, Adam had been developing a concoction, which once injected, could shrink an animate object down to a few inches. So far his attempts had been foiled, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Adam seemed to lack the ambition to create such a solution. He was yet to find any girl he would want to be able to use it for. And secondly, his garden shed provided no real work area designed to undertake such a project. Things were about to change.

In 2053, shrinking devices weren’t unheard of, but they came at a substantial price. With Adam’s family already strapped for cash, and with the hope of sending him to university, there was no way Adam could get the money together while also keeping his secret fantasy hidden from his mom. Yet in the summer of 2053, something great happened. School at finished for another year and Adam had until September to relax in the sun and party everyday. Life was going pretty sweet and he couldn't envisage it getting better anytime soon. One day, Adam was returning home from his friends house, Kieran, to see to his surprise, a removal truck loaded with furniture, pulled up outside his next door neighbour’s house, with removal men lifting items inside the house. Adam, while interested, thought nothing of it, until he saw a blonde girl appear in the doorway. She looked around his age, with bright blue eyes and a full chest, easily reaching D’s, dressed in a white tank top and denim shorts, she didn’t seem to notice Adam momentarily stop in awe like a statue, so she headed back inside the house. Adam was set in stone, she was beautiful. He carried on indoors where his mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Hey mom, since when did we have new neighbours?” Adam asked.

Adam’s mom was a salt. Blessed with good genes and having been Miss Ohio back in 2035, a year before Adam was born, she was a milf to say the least. With the age gap only being 17 years between the two, instead of her being a motherly figure, she was more like a best friend. Slightly shorter than Adam at 5’8, she sported a full, curvaceous figure, with little if no signs of going through 2 pregnancies. Sandy Martin was the real deal. Adam had a younger brother, around 15 years old, but rarely saw him as he had decided to live with his dad down south. Therefore it was just Sandy and Adam.

“Um they arrived earlier today while you were at Kieran’s,” Sandy said, “the family’s real nice, got a young girl named Abby, around your age or something.”

“Ah nice one, what’s for dinner?”

“Mac and cheese, sorry I know it’s boring but it’s not that bad.” Sandy laughed.

“Haha no your mac and cheese it’s the best, I’ll speak later mom just going to my room.”

“Sure thing, I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Adam bounced up the stairs and headed to his bedroom. He scampered through previous files on his computer regarding shrink solutions and the compounds needed. After gathering what he needed he snuck out of the house and headed to the shed. As he sat down at his desk, infront of him was months, coming on years, of research into potential solutions. The problem for Adam was not the ingredients, but the quantities used. It had been a few months since he had last looked at his research, but with Abby next door, his determination was increased. Adam worked consistently for a few hours before having dinner then returning to continue his endeavors. Adam worked through the night slaving away, testing his solution on rats, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep...

Sunlight shown through the window of the shed, waking Adam from his deep slumber. He looked around and realised he had slept through the night in the shed. He was yet to check upon his test patients, the rats, which he had used last night. He had tested three rats, each with different solutions, which he had kept copies of. The one thing Adam was yet to consider, was an antidote. Stretching and rising from his desk, he trudged over to the rats and checked the cages. Rat 001, Solution: +1.342%. Adam opened the cage, and looked inside. The rat was dead, with large mutations having formed on the sides of his head. Various limbs were at disproportionate sizes and at distorted angles. Result: epic fail. Adam then proceeded to the second cage. Rat 002, Solution: +1.486%. Inside the cage was nothing. Adam searched and searched and searched but couldn’t find the rat anywhere. He lifted the cage onto his work station and removed all the stuffing and things inside of the cage. He then got out a magnifying glass and scoured the cage. In the top left had corner he could make out the body of a tiny rat! It had worked! Or so it seemed. The rat was lying dead in a small pool of blood. Adam’s question at this point was had he killed the rat or was it the solution which had resulted in that. He quickly checked the third cage which had similar results to that of Rat 001. Rat 002 solution was his only hope. Adam took the remaining solution and poured it into 3 syringes, taking everything back to his room. Adam sat in his chair and deliberated long and hard for the rest of the day. His dreams were about to become reality.

End Notes:

What do you think? Please let me know, any criticism is welcome. 

Getting Familiar by DuffyBear

Adam woke the next day to the smell of bacon emulating from downstairs. Getting out of bed he trudged down to find his mom cooking a fry up.

“Morning mom,”

“Heya morning Adam, how did you sleep?”

“Not too bad thanks, what you cooking?”

“Just a bit of breakfast, want a bit?”

“Yeah sure thing.”

His mom turned back around and continued cooking, Adam prepared himself some OJ and sat down and read the mornings paper. He looked over to his mom who was cooking, and saw a small pen like object in her back pocket of her jeans. Thinking nothing of it he continued reading.

“Here you are!” Sandy said, placing the meal infront of him, “Would you like any coffee or anything?”

“I’ll have a cup of coffee please mom,” Adam said as he took a bite of his breakfast and continued reading the paper. Little did he know that his mom had been watching him for the last two days when he’d been undertaking his project and had found all of his research and his hidden fantasy. She wanted to fulfill that fantasy with him. Taking the syringe from her back pocket she had found in his room late last night when he was sleeping, she emptied it’s solution into his cup of coffee. God, this is going to be so much fun, she thought to herself. She bought the coffee over to Adam and waited in eager anticipation for him to drink it.

“Here you are sweetie, enjoy.”

“Thanks mom,” he repiled.

Adam lifted the cup of coffee up to his mouth and without hesitation began to take a few sips. Sandy couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. Adam immediately began to feel paranoid.

“Mom what’s so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing honey, honestly,” as she tried to fight back the laughs, “just eat up.”

With that his mom left the room and headed upstairs, Sandy couldn’t contain her excitement. Adam was perplexed at his mom’s behavior but came to the conclusion she was simply in a good mood. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to act in such a joyful manner. Finishing up his breakfast and coffee, Adam stood up and was about to head upstairs when a sudden rush came over him, causing him to loose his balance and fall to the floor. He tried to shout to Sandy but the words were not reaching his vocal cords. As he scrambled along the floor, the dizziness increased and he began to feel more and more sluggish. Reaching the kitchen door which precedes onto the hallway and stairs, Adam saw his mom at the top of the stairs slowly walking down, she hadn’t seen him yet. Adam, in one last vain attempt, tried to get his mom’s attention but slowly he began to loose focus and started to black out.


Sandy arrived at the bottom of the stairs at her delight, to see a pile of clothes lying on the floor. She rummaged through them to find her son in the middle of them all and plucked him out. Standing at no more than 6 inches in height, Sandy loomed over Adam with a domineering atmosphere surround her thoughts. Imagine what I could do to him. She stared in awe at how tiny he was then proceeded to take him upstairs to her bedroom. Lying him down on the middle of her bed, she left her son and would return to him later after work. This was going to be a fun filled adventure.


Adam woke completely disorientated. He began to sit up only to fall straight back down as his vision was wobbly and everything seemed, so large. Gathering his thoughts, Adam realised where he was, on the middle of his mom’s bed. Taking it all in he looked across the vast, white plains of duvet and realised he was tiny. How? He had no idea. Adam was not an idiot and quickly came to the conclusion that somehow his mom had done this, though he was sure it wasn’t through his shrink solution he’d been developing. Standing up Adam ran towards the end of the bed and looked down, the drop was formidable. There was no way he would survive, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to stay captive of his mom. As he deliberated over his next move, he heard the front door open and the sound of high heels clicking along the hall way:

“Honey, I’m home, did you miss me?” bellowed Sandy’s voice.

Adam was dumfounded and trapped in state of shock. There was no where to run. He quickly weighed up the positives and negatives of trying to escape as his mom slowly headed up the stairs and decided he would plan his escape at a later date, for now he had to accept what was about to happen. Sandy reached the top of the stairwell and sauntered along towards her bedroom. Wearing a tight fitted white tank top, which barely contained her ample breasts, and a pair of tight, accentuating jeans, it was fair to say Sandy had planned her outfit pretty well. Her heart rate began to increase as she turned the corner and entered her bedroom, only to see her tiny, little son, lying down asleep on top of the duvet, just how she’d left him.

“Hey little guy,” her voice boomed from above.

Charles, looked up only to the giant, towering form of his mother, who previously he had looked down upon.

“I hear you’re into tall women,” she purred, “really tall women...’

With that she clambered onto the bed, her boobs suspended directly above Adam’s head, showing off her incredible cleavage.

“I think it’s time you did a few little chores for mommy, then maybe,” she lowered her chest so it was within touching distance of Adam, “you can have a play with these.” She then dropped all of her heavy weight on top of Adam crushing him with her ginormous cleavage. This is going to be fun, Sandy thought to herself.

End Notes:

Just trying to pick up the pace with this story, I know myself as much as anyone enjoys a fast paced, action-packed, tale so that is exactly what I'll try to provide. Hope you're enjoying it, comments and critiques are welcome as always. 

Busy next couple of days but hopefully another chapter will be out by Saturday 23:00pm GMT

Power Shift by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

Sorry it's taken so long to update this, been really busy all week. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. 

Sandy plucked Adam from the bed and carried him downstairs effortlessly towards the living room. She laid him down on the floor just infront of the leather sofa, which she proceeded to sit down on. Adam, at the base of her feet, was petrified as to what was going to happen next. He could barely comprehend his mother had shrunk him down to a mere few inches while also she had discovered his fantasia for giant women. There was no way out of it.

“Right honey,” Sandy bellowed from above, which from Adam’s perspective she looked like a skyscraper, “you’re going to give me a foot massage today, but if it’s not up to my high standards,” she chucked to herself at the discreet pun she just made, “then things may not turn out so sweetly for you, okay dear?” she cooed, “Now get to work.”

With that, Sandy pulled off her socks revealing her enormous plump toes and soft, gigantic feet. She suspended them in the air before slowly lowering them so they touched the ground ever so softly. Adam stared in awe. He walked over to his mother’s right foot and was completely taken back by the sheer size of her feet. At least double his height, Sandy’s feet were no longer the dainty looking tootsies they were before.”

“Well, what are you waiting for little man, start massaging!” called Sandy from above.

Adam had no idea where to begin, so he gently began to kneed his fists into the sole of his mom’s feet. After doing this for a relatively long while, he began to build up and sweat and slowly ran out of energy. Massaging his mother’s feet were taking a toll on him both physically and mentally. Sandy noticed the gradual decline at her son’s pathetic efforts to pleasure her.

“It seems to me my big old feet are a little too much for you to handle hey tiny?”

“No honestly mom,” Adam gasped, “I can do this.”

“Really? Are you really sure you’re up to the task bug, you haven’t been massaging anywhere near as good as you were to start with...”

“Please mom let m-”

“You shall not refer to me as ‘mom’ any longer tiny!” Sandy growled from above, “You shall only refer to me as goddess or giantess Sandy, understood?”

“Yes mom, I mean gia-!”

With that, Sandy lowered her humungous foot on top of Adam, then stood to her full height placing all her body weight on top of her shrunken son. Feeling him fidget beneath her sole, Sandy started to slowly grind her son into the carpet. Sandy felt a sudden rush of energy go through her. This was electrifying! She could never have imagined how powerful or how good being a giantess would be up until this point. Her captive, her son, had no escape from her colossal feet. She could do what she wanted with him. Meanwhile, Adam was struggling to breathe beneath the hot, sweaty soles of his mothers right foot. Attempting to wriggle free, Adam pushed and pushed but to no avail. The considerable weight advantage his mother had over him made it improbable for Adam to even gain a few centimeters, by his scale...

Sandy, satisfied she’d made her point, lifted her hefty foot off of her son. Looking down below, she could make out Adam spluttering and coughing after the physical ordeal she had just put him through. This was immoral. Even Sandy could say that now, but she was just having such a thrill ride being the monumental figure of power she couldn’t give it up, not just yet. Plucking Adam from the floor, she brought him to her eye level, examining his feeble form.

“Have I made my point little one?” Sandy stated with an air of authority in her tone.

Adam however, was too exhausted to respond and struggled to make out the distinct features of his mother’s face due to the fact he was so worn out he had began to loose his vision. Feeling more and more limp, Adam struggled with keeping his eyes open any longer and slowly drifted into a state of unconsciousness. At first Sandy, thinking cynically, assumed it to be fake and ploy in which Adam hoped would relieve him from her clutches for this evening. She wasn’t about to give in so easily. Carrying him back up to her bedroom, she placed him down on her dressing up chair and strapped him there with masking tape, making it nigh on impossible for Adam to even move an inch. Satisfied with her work, she proceeded to take a long shower while fantasizing her next move upon her 3 inch son.

About 5 minutes into her shower, Adam stirred and began to regain his senses. What he was experiencing was like a hangover from hell, all he wanted to do was return to his normal height and go to sleep, yet there was no time for sleep now. Gathering himself, he attempted to stand only to find that each of his limbs had been strapped down heavily with masking tape. Shit. Adam tried to break free of the holds implemented by his mother but was unable to break free of the tape. He could hear the shower running and assumed that she would be back shortly. He had to think fast. Adam looked around for any sharp object or anything within touching distance which he could use to unbound him but found nothing. He began to break a sweat, with his blood pressure rising rapidly, Adam realised he was all but doomed to whatever fate lay before him. The shower stopped running. The heavy sound of his mother’s feet echoed throughout the house. Fear was Adam’s only emotion right now.

End Notes:

Any feedback is more than welcome, positive or negative. Hope you're enjoying it so far. 

Momentary Rest-bite by DuffyBear

Sandy proceeded from the shower towards her bedroom, eagerly awaiting her tiny son whom she had strapped to her dressing up chair. Time to show him some of my other assets, she thought to herself. Turning her head over her shoulder she looked down at her colossal, impressive rear and gave it a light tap. The motion caused her butt to wobble sending a hair-standing sense of power through her body. Satisfied, Sandy continued to walk towards her room. She entered and headed straight for her chair. Not even looking to see if her son was awake, she went ahead and dropped her humungous ass on top of the seat. The loud smack hit the chair forcefully, her bum spreading out over the tiny chair in comparison like jelly. Sandy was beginning to enjoy her role as a giantess. She even pondered that finding out about her son’s fetish had sparked her own. Sandy was by no means stupid, and sensed that her son’s inner sexual desires must have been passed down from her bloodline... or her fathers. After pondering on the thought, Sandy rose from her seat expecting to see  a tiny, broken figure lying unconscious on the chair below her. She way wrong. Utterly bemused, she paraded around the room in search of her diminutive son. He couldn’t have gone far, she thought to herself, he’s only 3 inches tall or so. Little did she know, Adam was hanging on for dear life from the fabric of her panties. Too high to jump, he clung on desperately and hoped his mother would lower her derrière sooner or later. While strapped to the chair, Adam decided that the only way to escape his mother’s clutches was by grabbing hold of her panties when she sat down and then hoping that as she rose, she would take him with her. It had worked, yet now he was suspended in the air, hanging from the panties of his mother’s plump rear.



“Adam darling, where are you?” Sandy bellowed, “Mummy’s not going to be happy if you have tried to run away from her.”


Sandy was beginning to feel frustrated by her son’s disappearance and out of her anger, she was starting to conjure up idea’s on how to punish him. Perhaps she would make him subject to her colossal feet and force him to scrub off all the dirt and clean them throughly. Or perhaps pound him into unconsciousness with her huge ass, then leaving him shoved in her butt crack for the rest of the day. Or even better, submerge him in her vast cleavage and going on a long jog, forcing him to drink her sweat which would be excreted from her monumental orbs of flesh. All of which was turning her on and distracting her from the process of regaining her son. Meanwhile, Adam was still  hanging on, and looking for an opportunity to let go and run for his life. He had to be patient however, the drop from his mother’s ass would surely kill him and he was yet to think through his plan for when he had escaped the clutches of his mother. Who could he turn to? Even if he escaped from the house, where would he go? Any one of his friends lived far away even at his normal height. He was good as dead without his mother, and he knew it. Yet he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days as his mother’s play thing. He had to find a way to reverse the process and return to normal height. Being shrunk wasn’t such a good idea after all he thought to himself. Adam knew all his work and equations were down at the bottom of the garden in the shed, stashed away, but he would need help in going over there and getting it all back, but help from who? He didn’t have time to think as his mother was lowering her ass to floor, in preparation to examine something she had spotted on the floor. Adam didn’t need anymore encouragement then that, and as Sandy’s ass lowered itself ever closer to the ground, he jumped. Landing on the soft carpet he regained his composure and stared up at his giant mother who was facing the other way, her head scouring the floor in search of her tiny son. Being careful not to get her attention, he slowly tip-toed underneath her bed. Adam needed to think through his plan of action on how to get downstairs. The steps themselves would take too long to jump each one at a time. Unless he did it at night? No that would never work he thought, how would he even get out of the bedroom when the door was shut? Pondering to himself quietly, he looked across the room and saw the dirty clothes bag, filled to the brim. The clothes would have to be taken downstairs at some stage to be put in the washing machine, and this is when his idea struck. Adam came to the conclusion that, during the night, he would climb into the bag and wait till morning when his mum would take it downstairs. But for now, he needed to conserve his energy; his mother’s ass had still given him a beating earlier on the chair and he had several bruises come up. He would move at midnight, now it was time for sleep.

End Notes:

Terribly sorry for not uploading sooner, but have been so busy with work. However, I'm trying to get back on track with this story. Feedback and criticism are all welcomed. Hope you're enjoying it so far. 

Reunion by DuffyBear

Darkness came and Sandy clambered into bed, blissfully unaware of the fact her son was beneath her, hiding under her bed. She was distraught and angry at the same time. Angry at the fact that she had lost her son, but also distraught that her son was ‘scared’ of her. Deep down, as much as she enjoyed being a goddess, she didn’t want to loose her son, he was all she had left. Sandy even began questioning her relationship with her son after all that had happened. While part of her wanted to restore him back to his normal height, she didn’t want to loose all this power she had. She loved it. Being a giantess, while it wasn’t one of her deepest fantasies, she was beginning to immerse herself in the role, loving every minute of it. Sandy decided she would return her son to normal height if she found him, but not straight away, there was still so much more fun to be had with him.


Meanwhile, below the bed, Adam was awoken by the sound of the bed creaking as his mother shifted into various positions. He would give it half an hour or so before he decided to make his move. There was no way he wanted to be caught and face whatever punishment his mother had planned. The fact that he’d escaped would have angered her and he could sense this earlier when he was hanging from her butt as she searched for him. So far, his fantasy wasn’t coming along exactly how he had planned it, up till now it had been a torturous affair leaving him with no choice but to escape the comforts of his own home. Adam had yet to consider what he would do after his mother had taken the dirty clothes bag downstairs. He could think of no one nearby who would be willing to help him. Then suddenly it hit him. He would make for the new neighbor’s house next door. After all, Abby, was the reason behind him developing a shrinking formula. That’s where he would head for. 


As the stirring movements of his mother stopped above him Adam made a break for the clothes bag.  Yet he didn’t anticipate how far away it was in comparison to him. He had to be quick however, there was no time to loose. Sandy on the other hand had woken from her brief slumber and was in need of going to the toilet. She rose slowly and bounced gently out of her, her feet hitting the ground with enough force to startle Adam. Panic set in, Adam was trapped in the open, the clothes bag was still some distance away, yet it was too far for him to go back now. He could feel the vibrations of his mothers colossal feet heading his way. Adam curled himself into a ball hoping his mother wouldn’t see him and stopped breathing altogether. He looked up could see a giant sole passing above his head. She hadn’t seen him! As he watched his mother walk off, her humungous hips swaying as she did, he had to admit he was ever so slightly attracted to his mother and her curvaceous figure. He no longer saw her as his mother, rather just a goddess who he should worship, who he felt obliged to worship. Something within him was overriding his rational thinking. He should be heading to the bag, he thought to himself, but deep down his innate, carnal fantasy took over, and he stopped where he was and waited for his mother to return. 


Sandy finished up in the bathroom, briefly admiring her figure. For a woman who had gone through two pregnancies, she was extremely happy with how she had come out the other side of them. Her body had retained it’s plumpness from her earlier years. Despite being 35 years of age, Sandy looked 10 years younger. She couldn’t sleep and she knew why. She was worried about her poor, little son, out there all alone. She had pushed him beyond the point of return and all she wanted was to make it up to him, or at the very least apologise. The reality then hit her that she may never see her son again. The one person in her life who she could truly say she loved, had disappeared. Downheartedly, she walked back towards her bedroom, tears rolling from her beautiful blue eyes, her head facing down. I am a monster, she thought. And with that she broke down on the landing in full tears. 


Hearing her mother fall to the ground, and the sound of her crying, Adam sprinted off towards her, desperate to comfort her and show her that he was alive. Running faster than he thought was possible and screaming “MUM, MUM!” at the top of his voice, he turned the corner and entered the landing and came to a sharp halt. Fear set in once more. He had forgotten the sheer size of his mother in comparison to him and immediately regretted the decision he had taken. Sandy looked up to see a tiny figure at the door of her bedroom, stunned into absolute awe, and this brought back previous, sensual desires she thought she had buried. She was determined to give her son a show. Rising slowly to her full height, she whipped back her long blonde locks and started to take up various sexual pouts and poses. Adam was immobilised, completely fascinated at the sight of his mother’s impeccable body. She slowly sauntered over to her son, placing her vast toes directly infront of him. Adam strained his neck back, looking past his mother’s titanic breasts, to see her seductive, smiling face bearing down on him. Shocked by the sheer size of her, he came. 


“Hello little man, where have you been hiding?” bellowed his mother from above. 


End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed it. I know a lot fo readers are anxious to see Abby, but her apperance doesn't come till later in the novel. However, that doesn't mean that there will only be these two characters present in the coming chapters... 

Burning Desire by DuffyBear

Sandy slowly bent down and grabbed her son firmly in her hand, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She then began to bring Adam up to her face and examined him closely, she couldn’t believe he hadn’t tried to escape! 


“Adam honey listen,” Sandy broke the silence between them, “I’m so sorry for treating you how I did, it was wrong of me, it’s just I haven’t felt so sexually empowered since your father left, I think my emotions got the better of me. Please for-”


Adam cut in, “Mum, honestly it is fine, I was just a little shocked about it all. You have no idea how scary it is being this small and I just want to say I don’t mind being your little man, I just don’t want to get hurt.”


“You don’t?” Sandy exclaimed, shocked at the fact her son had just admitted he was happy being her “little man”, “You don’t mind being my little toy boy?” Sandy’s large smile beamed infront of her son, revealing her large, perfect teeth.


“Um well,” Adam said, stunned, “not exactly your toy but-”


But before he could finish his sentence, his mother had already began to galavant off towards her bed.”


“Yay honey this is going to be so much fun!” 


And with that she placed her son in between her gigantic breasts and curled up into bed. Adam, meanwhile, was fighting for air. His mother’s boobs, hefty enough when he was normal sized, were incomprehensible at his diminutive form. Adam squirmed and struggled to break free from his mother’s bosom but his attempt was in vain, they were simply too big. Sandy could feel her son jiggling about in her cleavage and gave her breasts a ‘light’ tap, for Adam however this sent shockwaves through her bosom causing a ringing in his ears. Sandy then felt the struggling stop.


“Sleep well my little man, tomorrow is a big day,” she paused, “I’ve got my lady friends coming over for our weekly book club and was even thinking of inviting our new neighbors from next door! I’m sure they’d love to see you!”


Sandy chuckled and proceeded to shift into a more comfortable position and switched the light off. All sorts of evocative idea’s were coming to fruition as she slowly drifted off into a deep slumber, her ample bosom rising and falling gently with every breath.




The light poured through the curtains and Sandy slowly began to stir. She looked over across her bed and glanced at the time. The clock read 10:24am, her girl friends would be coming over in a couple of hours. She got up out of bed stretched and headed on downstairs. Entering the kitchen, Sandy made herself some coffee and had breakfast. A fry up; toast, egg, bacon, sausages. Despite her amazing figure, Sandy had a humungous appetite. Yet, while all of this was taking place she had completely forgot about her tiny captive trapped in her bosom. Adam was sweating heavily. He had been nigh on suffocated between his mothers breasts for around 11 hours now and the effects were starting to show. He had become more and more physically drained from vain attempts at getting his mother’s attention, while the only source of food and energy were the crumbs from his mother’s toast falling down into the abyss he was trapped in. The sweat dripped from Adam’s forehead, accompanied with his mother’s own sweat from her boobs, he was beginning to become submersed in a pool of perspiration. Suddenly, he felt a jolt and saw an array of light beam down upon him, temporarily blinding him. As he gathered his senses, the light was swiftly replaced by the thrilled face of his mother. 


“Hey little guy!” Sandy exclaimed, “How did you sleep? I bet it was comfy!”


She then proceeded to reach her hand down into her giant globes and plucked her son with relative difficulty from her tremendous orbs of flesh. 


“Mommy needs to take a quick shower and freshen up for her book club later,” Sandy paused, “can I trust that you won’t try and run away from me again?”


“Yes mum I promise.”


“Good, because otherwise,” she stood up, placing Adam on a seat nearby, “there will be punishments!” And with that she slapped her rear ferociously. Adam was well aware of the power his mother’s butt had and would definitely not be taking any chances. He had to suck up to her now if he was to have any chance of; surviving and growing back to his normal height. 


“Okay then honey, I’ll be back in a minute, why don’t I place you on the windowsill and you can have a look at the world around you.” 


Sandy picked Adam up from the chair and placed him gently on the windowsill. She then sauntered off towards the shower, leaving Adam alone. He glanced outside and could see kids across the street riding their bikes, two other neighbours having a conversation and another cutting his lawn. For the first time, Adam felt imprisoned. He missed the freedom he had at his normal height and realised in this moment that he was solely dependent on his mother who had complete control over his foreseeable future. Suddenly, his gaze drifted and broke him free from his melancholic state of mind. There his eyes fixed on Abby. Her beauty was magnificent and he was able to enjoy it from the vantage point of his mother’s bedroom window. Her long, full blonde hair, accompanied by her incredible figure, which exceeded way beyond her tender years. How he longed for her to be his master, his goddess. While his mother still fulfilled his dreams to an extent, Abby was on another level. He had to get to her. The question was: How?

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