120 days shrinking (english) by Russellp

The Brazilian Rafael Ferreira, having been hired by an American research laboratory, move to a house into a luxury condominium in New Jersey. Rafael, after a accident begins to shrink slowly, taking 120 days to reach their minimum size.

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I leave here a special thanks to Gianna, who helped me to improve the English version I made of my story. Gianna, you are a wonderful person, thanks for help

1. Day - 76 by Russellp

2. Day 76 - Part 2 by Russellp

3. Day 05 - The Meeting by Russellp

4. Day 06 - Rafael by Russellp

5. Day 06 - Robert by Russellp

6. Day 17 - Rafael by Russellp

Day - 76 by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.
This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Day - 76


Boots, boots ever. Demi started wearing them when she was 11 and never stopped. 2 tennis, 1 scarpin  to go with her best dress, and all the rest of her shoes were boots. The reason for this lived in the house next door. She remembered clearly when Mr. Ferreira, or Rafael, as he insisted that everyone call him, moved into the house condominium which her mother owned.


Demi watched as the door of your neighbor's house opened. She felt twinge of disappointment and anger when a red-haired woman dressed as an executive came out saying something she could not hear due to the distance. It had been almost three months since she had seen her Brazilian neighbor.


Despite having had several boyfriends without even having reached 17 years, Demi was still interested in Rafael. The fact that he still treated her as if she were still a child of 11, meant the young girl's passion was transformed into a mixture of obsession and anger.


She entered the house slamming the front door, with her parents away travelling , the only other person in the house was her younger sister. Claire was shy, a computer nerd this, added to the fact that she was two years younger than Demi, caused her to avoid facing her sister. So Claire did not complain when Demi slammed the bedroom door with a force that shook her room.


Demi walked by the window and stopped, stepped back to adjust her angle and could see Raphael's bedroom window. For a long time the blinds had been constantly shut, but not today. Demi blinked and tilted her head slightly forward and saw a movement on the desk which was near the bedroom window of her neighbor. Running to her sister's room, she came back carrying a telescope and awkwardly tried putting this on her window ledge. After a moment she walked to the middle of the room, the heel of her boots clicking on the light wood floors, pressed her hand to her mouth, came back and looked again for about 5 minutes, then ran to her mother's room.


Rafael walked around the huge iphone 6 that was in a makeshift stand. For him the device looked like a huge TV, just one centimeter smaller than himself. Was it three months since the same device fit in his pocket?

"At least I have a big screen to watch the Flamengo's game in the Internet " - thought Rafael, clicking the bottom of the cellphone to select the right app, completely unaware that he was being watched.

He dropped into a puff chair, appropriate for its size, it had been designed to be his iphone support. Suddenly a through connection of Whatsapp filled the screen of your iPhone with the name "Demi".


- Rafael?

- Hi Demi, how is going?

- Your voice is so low. - Demi said between giggles.

- I'm just using the speakerphone - said Rafael as he tried to project his voice stronger while he wondered whether it was a good idea to answer the phone.

- Got it. Long time no see. Anything new with you?

- No, everything is good - lied Rafael talking about as casual as possible.

- I do not think so,  three months without seeing you, I bet something happened. Not even a  the tiniest thing?

Rafael began to feel unconfortable. He never talked much with his neighbor. He was nice with her, always greeting her, but not too many chats in recent years. He had noted that since she hit 14 she had begun to flirt with him. That was not enough to bother him, a funny thing, kid's stuff, but reducing the conversations with her had not been easy. However she having pronounced the word "tiniest" in a different way, left him awkwardly.

- Demi, it's time for my game. I will need to off the phone, we'll talk later, okay?

- Oh, do not turn off - Demi said with a pleading, silky voice - i know your soccer team will play only in 20 minutes from now.

- How do you know?

- I learned to like football with 11 years of football talk with you. I know a lot more than you think. For example I know that my mother got a spare key from you, for emergencies. Another thing I know is were she keeps this key, 'little' man.

Wide-eyed Rafael looked out the window and saw his gigantic neighbor wave to him with the raised hand, moving only her long fingers. Provocatively in the other hand swung a keychain. And then, amid giggles, she turned and disappeared quickly from the window.

- Shit, shit, shit ... - Rafael repeated as he ran to makeshift ladder that allowed him to climb and descend his desk.


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Day 76 - Part 2 by Russellp
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Day 76 - Part 2


Less than three minutes after turning off the Whatsapp, Demi slowly opened the door to Rafael's room. She noticed a rubber sealing the bottom of the door, presumably to prevent any insect entered, or that one little man to leave. It was even more excited, as this was a sign that Rafael was there somewhere. She closed the door and stared at the desk.


- Hi Rafael, I came to visit, do not be shy. - She said whispering sympathetically.


From where Rafael was concealed he could see the black leather boots and fine heels. Her footsteps echoing against the wooden floor. When the sounds indicated that Demi was looking away, he risked a quick glance at the giantess teenager. Well designed legs filled the boots that went to a foot below the knee. There came a pair of jeans that fitted like a second skin to her body. The belly was naked showing a strip of golden sunkissed skin, then a short leather jacket ended before the navel. Her hair was dark blond, almost brown, long, looked a little messy from the run over there, but it was very good on her. Not wanting to risk too much and knowing that his hiding place was bad, Rafael decided to seek a better one.


Demi approached the enormous dollhouse on the table. It was all very unreal, but she knew what she had seen, and the more she thought about it, the more she liked it.

- Oh, what a cute house. This is where you live?

She said with a tone of voice that people use to talk to babies or small cute animals.

- I'm going to faint so much cuteness. Are you in there little Rafael?


Looking through the small windows Demi can see the details of each room with exquisite little furniture. She was delighted with every room, but saw no sign of her little man. She found a latch that opened the whole front of the house and after kifting every piece of furniture to make sure he was not there. She noticed the rope ladder at the corner of the desk.


- Fuck - Demi slammed her boot down hard. She was not really angry, but imagining that he could be on the ground, she thought she had made a good show for him.


- Come to Demi come Rafael. Do not be afraid - the voice was soft and slightly mocking.

Demi walked slowly to the middle of the room to look where he might be. one big bed, a chair, two night tables  and cupboard. Seeing the locked cabinet, she realised that there were not many good places to hide.


- I love your house, my tiny and handsome neighbor. Are you beneath a piece of furniture? Can you see my boot?


She put the the heel on the ankle of the other leg doing a pose.


- Should be a nice sight right? Did you know my passion for boots started with you? Really. When I was 11, I remember that you were talking to my mother and I, when your girlfriend arrived. She asked if you liked the boots she had bought, and you said "I cant resist a woman wearing boots."  She laughed. - Thinking now I know it was a comment in jest, no big deal, but for me, at that time, with my crush on you, it was. Even after I gave up of my silly passion and started going out with boys my age, I kept the taste for boots. I feel beautiful when I wear them, you think I'm beautiful little man?


Demi went to the curtains and looked back, looked under the chair.


- I love to play hide and seek, but it is not polite of you to let me talking to myself. You know I will find you. Let's make a deal. I know you must be as scared as I am curious. I will not hurt you, okay? I really want to understand and if what I saw is the case and, to take care of you. Tell you what, I promise that if you come out from where you are hiding in the next minute, I'll hold you carefully, just talk to you for 10 minutes and then put you in your little house and go to my house and not return for at least three days, what you think? I do not know why you're so concerned, you were always so positive, fun and confident. No wonder I had an infatuation for you. I think my sister still has hers - She laughed again


- You will be the brave little man of Demi? I'm counting the time if you do not come out after one minute, you'll be punished.


Demi grinned at the thought that she could actually punish an adult man.


Hiding under the bed, Rafael pondered his options. He had almost died of fright when she slammed her boot down hard. Her way of addressing him as if he were a helpless little animal also was not leaving him feeling at all confortable, but he had to agree it was understandable since at this size he really seemed helpless. He sighed. He knew he could not hide for long. The best way was to believe in her offer, so he walked slowly from under the bed.


Demi put her hand to her mouth, a startled reaction when she saw the little man out from under the bed. The hand covered her smile. Quickly she stepped forward and giant boots surrounded Rafael, who flinched at the approach being so fast and so close. Demi squatted and watched the little man between her boots with a huge smile on her face.


- Hi Demi - said Rafael trying not to show how nervous he was.

- Hi tiny. You look so fragile and cute there between my boots - Demi pushed him with the tip of his boot making Rafael lose balance and sit as she giggled.

- Hey, that is not funny

- Sorry, could not resist. But I didn't hurt you, right?

- Only my pride - said Rafael getting up.

- Poor little thing.

- You can sit in the chair and I will go up on the table so we can talk.

- No need to tire yourself out climbing up there - slowly Demi's hand was descending toward Rafael.

- I'd rather you did not grab me,

- Imagine being able to hold you. I'll never let that opportunity pass by. I promised that after 10 minutes I will put you in your house and go to my house, and that promise I intend to fulfill.


Rafael felt a certain relief in those words, but long nails painted with dark green approaching left him apprehensive. He expected her to put her hand next to him, but the girl simply closed her hand around him, holding him over the arms and leaving just above the shoulders and part of the legs visible. Then the hand rose again, holding him fixed in front of her hazel eyes.


- Wow, you're so light. I'm loving the feeling of holding you - Demi whispered smiling gently. With the index finger she stroked his hair and patted him on the cheek - you are so so so cute, it's so perfect and small – she said more to herself than to him.

- You are holding my arms - said Rafael thrashing.

- I know, cool huh? You're so weak and helpless. I never have imagined you in my hands – she said winking.

- Now kiss my cheek to greet me right.


Rafael was moved to the giant cheek. Even this distance, her skin looked perfect and smooth, her perfume was strong for him, though pleasant. Rolling his eyes Rafael kissed her cheek and immediately heard giggles, then the giant eyes returned.


- How did you get so small?

- An accident at work. A meteor fell from the sky, and they brought it to me, but when I went to investigate it, it exploded and I shrunk. - It was all a big lie, but Rafael knew he refuses to tell was worse. She would become more curious, and he was prohibited by contract to tell her what really happened.

- I knew you were a kind of scientist. Curable?

- They're searching, perhaps. He shrugged.

- If it were up to me, you'd not grow again. You are so great this way - Demi smoothed his hair a little longer.

- I do not want to be this size - Rafael said indignantly.

- But you're so wonderfull this size, muaaack - Demi's kiss covered the entire face from the little man, leaving him for a second dizzy and breathless. But he could not deny that the soft lips against his face were a nice feeling.

- Demi, respect me, I'm twice your age.

- Nah. You're pretty boy, like a baby, in fact smaller and weak then a baby. At the moment I am more independent and mature than you. Cute little baby - the voice was one of sweetness and the tip of the giant nail did tickle under the chin. She thought was funny that the little man in her hand trying to get free. - Do not get all mad just because I teased you a little bit.

- Okay - said Rafael calming - but do you need hold me like that?

- I do not need, but I like to - said, giving a wink.

- Well, you promised you'd let me in my house on the table and go to your house if I went out and let you satisfy your curiosity. How about keeping your word?

- True, I said and I will keep my word - Demi walked to the table and let him go - now be a good little man and go to your little house.

- Why?

- Because I want to see you in it. It will be lovely to see you walk in there. If you do this I'll be gone, I said I'd like to see you go to your house before I leave. - She stopped and looked up with a naughty expression on her face. - But if I count to 10 and you have not been there, I'll be here playing with you for another hour.

- What's so funny? Want to make me run?

- You run if you want sweetheart. I will love spend more time here. One two…


Rafael began to run. Demi put her finger on the path like an obstacle course and when Rafael slammed his hand on her finger and jumped keep running, she make that little noise that girls do when they see a duckling running clumsy, something like "Oint". Rafael opened the door when she was telling between nine and ten and fell on the couch.


Through the window he could see the huge eye spying inside your home.


- Tired, pretty little thing?

- Just a little bit.

- Go upstairs and lie down on your bed so I can see?

- If I do that you go to your house?

- I will.

- Ok then - said Rafael up the stairs and throwing yourself in bed - satisfied?

- Yes, time to go home.


Rafael stared at the ceiling and sighed in relief. He considered that Demi might be a bigger problem than she was already. All he had to do was, after she went out, call the lab and explain what needed to be relocated. It was when he felt the house shake a little and then be raised. He staggered across the room to the nearest window.


- What are you doing? - He shouted at the giant who walked down the hall with the house in his arms.

- I said I'd put you in your house, and then go to mine, I just failed to say that my intention was to take this house with me when I left - said Demi finding it all very fun and exciting.


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Day 05 - The Meeting by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Gianna, thank you for help with my english version. 


Day 05 - The Meeting


The pen hit repeatedly on the table of the Whotech meeting room while Gill moved her fingers nervously.


- Gill - Asami said looking at the pen.


- Excuse me. I'm just nervous about everything that has happened in the last days -  justified Gill to the Japanese colleague in front her.


Stacy entered the room carrying a handbag and a cup of coffee, all rose. The Whotech's CEO motioned to they sit down again as she settled in one of the plush chairs.


- Gill, Asami, Rafael, thanks for your punctuality. I know that 6 am is not the most common time for meetings. But my schedule was already taken and the matter can not wait.

The three employees slightly nodded, but said nothing.


- Asami, as you may not be fully informed, I will give a brief summary - the young CEO of 34 years took a sip of her coffee before continuing. - Five days ago the Whotech was invaded by two men, Steve Phill and Robert Colly. Steve is known for breaking into businesses and stealing research data or prototypes and selling them to competitors. Robert, according to his criminal record, is wanted for robbery and murder and other crimes less relevant at this time. The point is, they messed up an experiment that Rafael and Gill were conducting. Thanks to the intruders there was an accidental release of a new virus, whose origin is confidential, that we are studying. Are you following me?


- Perfectly - Asami said.


- Great. Continuing, the virus when released, luckily, does not survive long with exposure to oxygen. At the time of the accident, there was only Rafael using a mask, but he had not finished putting on the protective suit, resulting in a milder form of infection, but I will come back to the issue of Rafael in a moment.


Rafael was tempted to ask a few questions, but he held back. Stacy looked at her employee sympathetically and continued


- Gill was fully exposed, but we found that this virus only affects men. Gill has no infection at any level. Finally, our two attackers were directly exposed and the result was it cause then to faint and then suffered an immediate accelerated body reduction. After 135 seconds, their size had decreased to approximately 3 cm.


- Asami blinked a few times and frowned trying to understand what she had heard. She looked incredulously at her CEO - How?


- I understand your skepticism, so I want you to meet Mr. Steve Phill - Stacy took a test tube from her handbag. The tiny man in there was just wearing something that resembled a towel tied around his waist. Stacy turned the tube and the little man slipped as if was a toboggan to the black glass table. The other three people in the room came closer, curious to see better. Stacy retrieved a small microphone and placed in front of the tiny figure.


- You can not keep me here. I need treatment. I demand my lawyer. This is kidnapping. I demand that you release me now - Steve's voice was angry, he was clearly screaming, but even with speech amplified by the speaker in the middle of the table, you could only hear it with all the silence in the room.


- After the losses that Mr. Phil caused other companies with his industrial espionage, it seems to me a karmic justice he is now a valuable  guinea pig to this company. Asami, I'm putting you to lead this research. I want you to devote 100% of your time on it. You can use Mr. Phill here as you think is necessary.


- You can not do that. I am a person, not a lab rat - Steve shouted indignantly.


- Mister Phill - Stacy approached the little man's face and he felt intimidated. Stacy was a reasonably attractive woman and wore a big glasses on her face, she appeared to be younger than she was, and that was not good for the position of CEO. Her black hair was cut very short and contrasted well with her pale skin. The sound of her voice, for him, was as if she were using the microphones of a large stadium to speak - Because of your criminal activities and your behavior, the only thing that differentiates you from a mouse for me is your size. Before you were bigger than a rat and now you are smaller than a rat - The CEO joined her lips as if she were sending a kiss and blew. The tiny man fell backwards and rolled, blown by the wind that came from Stacy's lips. The two other women laughed, Rafael looked uncomfortable.


Asami took the test tube and grabed Steve between her finger and thumb. She felt the little man struggling fiercely between her fingers. She made an expression of someone who found the feeling interesting and released him into the test tube, which she then pocketed.


- You said there were two men, can I use the second in my research too?


- Unfortunately not. As soon as the accident occured Gill and Rafael did not know what had happened to the invaders and Gill unintentionally stepped on the other man who became a speck on the floor.


Gill looked extremely embarrassed


- Do not feel bad Gill. The world is better off without a criminal like Mr. Robert walking around - Stacy said. - He deserved his fate. Just like you deserve to get the things you crave. We have a job opportunity coming up in about five months, I intend to promote you for this job as leading research. But in the meantime, I have a job for you, which brings us back to the subject of Rafael.


- Do you have the results related to my condition? -  asked Rafael with the worried face.


- Yes, as I was told you've already lost four centimeters so far, right? - Asked Stacy.


- You can upgrade to five centimeters, measured before coming to the meeting – the discouragement in Rafael's voice was deep.


- Well, the results we have so far lead us to believe that, as this contagion was  through the skin  and not through the airway, the effects will be slower. But unfortunately projections indicate that after 115 days you will be with the same 3 cm as Steve.


- Sorry to ask so directly Stacy, but I am also to be a guinea pig of the company? - Rafael tried to hide the panic and the urge to vomit.


- No Rafael - Stacy said in an extremely gentle way - You have done well to ask. I want you to know that you are, and will remain, a company official, a respected person and, as before, a friend. Right now, no one can know what happened here and what is happening to you, but you will need friends to help you. And I think I can speak for the others in this room, that we will be your friends. - The other two nodded and CEO continued. - One of the main goals for Asami in this research, will to be find how to reverse the process, so do not give up yet, do not despair.


- Thank you - whispered Rafael.


- Be able to shrink a person and then bring them back to its normal size has numerous applications. The value of this is astronomical, so the research for your healing will have all the money Asami need.


To Rafael that made perfect business sense and left him with a little more hope.


- But it is more important that you understand one thing - Stacy's voice became more serious. - If news of a man shrinking leaks and is connected to the lab, we  will be suspect to some type of investigation, they will demand we stop the research that can help you. You will be able to talk with friends and family by phone or email, but no one can see you're shrinking.


- I understand the seriousness and consequences, but how do we do this? Should I moved into the lab? The idea of r03;r03;living in the lab bothered Rafael deeply.


- No. We will tell everyone you are traveling for work and you will remain at your home. But in fact  Whotech will pay your rent on the pretext that Gill will live at the house while you are 'gone'. For you, the house is still yours, with all its inside. I imagine it will be less stressful to go through the shrinking process in an environment you know and like.


- She will go come live with me? - Rafael asked awkwardly.


- At first it will just be spending the day. The information you find working together can help Asami to heal you. Do you agree?


- I agree.


- Your house has many bedrooms?


- Four, two suites.


- One of the suites you will need to vacate so Gill can have living space  there. Because there will come a time that it may be safer for you if she can spend a few nights in the house. Gill is this okay for you?


- No problem. I want to participate in that - said Gill without hesitating. - What about his girlfriend?


- No problem - said Rafael - ironically things were not right because she accepted an offer to return to work in London. So probably we would breakup anyway.


- Sorry Rafael, but will be better this way - said Stacy - As everyone will think you are in another country, do not leave home or even call here. Gill will make the communication bridge between us. It may be exaggerated, but it all started as industrial espionage. Anything else? I have another meeting in half an hour and I need to prepare myself.


- Nothing for now. Thank you Stacy - Rafael stood along with the CEO and reached to shake her hand. Stacy then did something she had never done with Rafael. She pulled and gave him a big hug.


- Hold tight. We will get you out of this - Stacy then turned away from Rafael and reached for Gill.


- Take good care of our boy, okay?


- You can count on it - said Gill saying goodbye and leaving the room along with Rafael.



Stacy went to her office and locked the door, sat down at her desk and unlocked a drawer. Picking up an Iphone's box and opened it. The little man inside the box blinked with light.

- So Robert, you are a dangerous killer and a specialist at breaking in, right? - Stacy grinned looking at the little man. In the silence of the room and this distance, she could hear him low.

- That's right, girl. And you should not mess with me. Neither you nor that other little woman who brought me here yesterday. - He spoke with disdain.


- It wasn't yesterday, but this morning around 4am. You must have slept inside your little box, you dangerous criminal - Stacy felt like a child on Christmas day, nor the long meeting that would start in 15 minutes make her feel annoyed. - In addition, a 3cm man should not call any person a little woman, her name is Gill.


Robert showed the middle finger to Stacy.


- Someone needs to learn manners. - No stop smiling, Stacy lifted the little man by one leg level with her eyes. Robert struggled and cursed endlessly. - You are even handsome but you need to cool down - she let the bad guy who fell into a glass of water that was half full. - You know Robert, except for Gill, everyone thinks you're dead -  she said suspending the glass to see the little man swimming under the water line, just head out. - You should rethink how you talk to someone who can swallow you alive. In fact, I had no breakfast today, i was wondering if you taste good. - Stacy set the glass of the lips and slowly began to drink the water. Robert screamed in terror and tried to swim against the current. Stacy pulled the glass from her mouth and laughed watching the little man quietly swimming in the water now at the lowest level in the cup.


- I'll kill you - whispered Robert at a level inaudible to the giant.


Stacy took a pen and put the tip touching the water - Hold - ordered dryly. She hoisted the little man and tapped the pen on the edge of the box Iphone doing the little man fall ungainly inside.


- I will not kill you Robert, although you have been a bad boy and have made a lot of good people suffer. But the reason is that you do not deserve a quick and easy way out. In addition, it had to negotiate with Gill to have you all to myself and for her to take the blame of your death for the few people who knew you were here. I like to ensure the success of the investments that I make. You go home with me today.

Stacy closed the box. The small holes made with a needle by Gill would prevent the little man from suffocating. She put the box in the drawer, locked it and left for her meeting.



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Day 06 - Rafael by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

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Day 06 - Rafael

The doorbell rang at 9 am exactly. Rafael looked up when Gill entered. For a moment he thought he had shrunk more than the other days, but then looked at the heel of 7 cm dark blue scarpin that give to her one meter and eighty-two in height.

- Good morning Gill.

- Good morning - she said looking down with a big smile. - Would you believe that when I was coming near the door a girl crossed the sidewalk and made an obscene gesture to me?

- It must be my neighbor's daughter - said Rafael in amusement. - Her mother is the owner of this house, so she must have heard that the laboratory are renting for you to live here. Apparently she preferred me to continue being her neighbor.

- Then you should be more friendly here than in the laboratory – retorted Gill

- What an injustice! I am not unsympathetic in the laboratory.

- It is not quite unsympathetic, but your manner is a little cocky and impersonal.

- Really? - Rafael asked incredulous.

- Really.

Rafael thought it best to change the subject - Maybe it was better not wear high heels, makes me feel even lower, you know?

- Do not you think I'm beautiful in these clothes?

- Are you? okay yes, but that is not the point - Rafael looked and she was really good with a dark blue and white dress that ended three fingers above the knee.

- Don't be silly, I love heels and I will continue using them - the tone of voice was quiet but firm. - You are no longer my boss, at the moment we are co-workers and our job is to keep track of your progress day by day and send the data to the company.

- You are right - Rafael said grinning. He actually thought she could accept not using heels, but thought it not worth discussing just because of that. He would need a lot of help from her and it was nice not to spoil the mood on the first day.

- Seeing you have been so understanding, I will take off my high heels. But just today right? - Gill winked and stepped on the floor without shoes. - Didn't work, you are still the shortest – she said jokingly.

- Same height - defended Rafael determined to keep the good mood.

- We will measure to be precise - Gill took a sticker from her purse that was a measure tape, walked to the Rafael's bedroom and pasted on the door frame.

- Do you really need to stick it there?

- Yes, because, starting today, we will measure you twice a day, starting every 12 hours and we will always make a dash to mark the extent of the morning. As I bought the sticker, I will first measure and mark my size. There, one meter and seventy-five. Now you.

Rafael leaned against the wall. He thought Gill was more excited and having more fun than he expected. Of course she had been promoted the day before and maintain a positive environment was important, however did seem she realy to be enjoying the situation. He tried to push those thoughts away. He had decided to have a positive and happy outlook, no matter what, after all grumbling and becoming depressed was not part of who he was.

- A meter and seventy-three and a half, I am officially the tallest in the house.

- Congratulations - said Rafael laughing, but felt a little uncomfortable to see the little mark on the wall, one centimeter and a half below the mark she had written "Gill".

- You'll have to mark yourself and write down anything you feel different in the next two weeks.

- Why?

- I'm going to Liverpool. It is something urgent and personal. I've talked to Stacy and during this initial period you can handle the situation by yourself. If you start to shrink at a faster pace send an e-mail to myself or Stacy saying you're missing us, this will be our code to say there are problems so that appropriate measures can be taken.

- Got it

- This afternoon I will bring boxes of my things to my room here at the house. How I will travel tonight,  you can't even leave the house, what about preparing my bedroom for me? Will you even to be allowed to decorate.

- Decoration is something kind of personal, and what if you do not like how I decorate?

- If I do not like it when I get back, I will ground you - Gill smiled.

- Very funny - said Rafael making clear by his voice, that he had not thought that remark very funny.


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Day 06 - Robert by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Gianna, thank you for help with my english version.

Day 6 - Robert


The sound of heels echoed through the mansion. Minutes later Robert was blinded by the light when Stacy removed the cover. From where he was, Robert could only see the delicate but colossal face hovering over him while Stacy loosened hair, which fell like a cascade around her shoulders.


- Hi Robert, how was your day? - Robert tried to speak but the Stacy's drowned him out it easily


- Wait, don't tell me, I don't care. I bet that the description of how it is to spend the day in an Iphone box is very boring. Besides, I'm still angry at the way you spoke to me and the terrible meeting I had. The Vice President of Finance is a chauvinist pig and went all out to show the flaws in my decisions to all the board members. I bet he hates having a younger woman as his CEO. Do you think he wants my position?


- Do you think I care? - Robert said crossing his arms. But soon uncrossed his arms and laid on the floor of box, which thankfully did not roll like the tube, when Stacy got up and began to walk around the spacious room.


- It was a rhetorical question. I did not expect someone like you to dispense useful advice. But you should care, because my state of mind affects you directly. I really don't know if I can teach you the ways to put me in a good mood, because it may take too long, and you might not survive today - Stacy revealed a menacing smile.


Robert sat and feel several huge strands of hair rubbing against his face.


- Hold my hair  tight little man - Stacy stated with the fingers of one hand directing a lock of her hair in front of Robert.


- I will not play your little games - he said, trying to push the hair away without success.


- Do you realy think you won't? As I said I think maybe you won't last long with this behavior - Her voice  was sweet and quiet and did not match with the smile and the threat within the words - you can not see where you are, but I'm standing, which is the equivalent to being on top of a building for you. I will count to three and drop the box. At this size and weight, you may not fall fast and you may survive, but it is almost certain that you will break some bones.


- You're bluffing.


- Let's find out? If you don't want to fall along with the box, hold in my hair like I told you. One. Two. Three.


Robert felt the ground move away quickly, panicked and grabbed the hair strands in front of him. He was shaking and struggling not to fall when he heard the sound of the box hitting the ground.


Stacy had not actually released the box, only moved it pretty quickly, no more than 10 cm, and after seeing that the little man had grabbed her hair, is when she actually dropped the box amid giggles. She lifted the lock of hair having fun with the little man in her hair swinging like a little Tarzan. She walked over to a large aquarium on one side the room, leaned over and let the hair drop. Robert had managed to rise slightly, but the move made he slip back almost to the tip of her hair.


Robert felt his arm becoming tired. Although strong, he had not eaten anything all day. He looked up and instead of the ceiling, saw Stacy's face staring at him. With a move of her eyes, she invited him to look down. He discovered he was halfway between her face and the surface of the water. He saw the figure of a large fish swimming around in the water.


- Comfortable? - She asked casually.


- Not at all – he thought. It felt like he had to keep holding me a very slippery rope, which was an extra effort.


- Watching your muscles, so small and perfect, in action is highly entertaining. Hold on tight, because you will not like to fall into that tank - both looked at the figure of the fish and Stacy continued.


- When I moved here, I authorized my decorator put an aquarium in and fill it with fish. One day my goddaughter came to visit and brought me a present, a new fish, and I just put it there. It was a little larger than the others, but being large aquarium I figured it would be okay. I had to travel for few days and when I returned, it had eaten all the others. The girl, who works for me, put out fish food, but I think it enjoyed it's food alive. He's right there, and he's eaten some fish bigger than you.


- You won't let me fall, you would have to replace me - as he spoke Robert felt his arms getting heavier, but he tried to stay calm.


- You think you're the last cookie in the jar, dont you? - Stacy whispered stroking the little man's abdomen as he swung slightly, clinging to her hair.


- Actually you are just giving me ideas. I'm thinking that you might not be the last cookie, you know why? Because I have the recipe.


Robert feel her stroking his legs and quickly found a way to stand on her finger, looking for support so he could rest his arms.


- No, no, no naughty boy. Not a  footrest - Stacy removed her hand and he returned to swinging from the strand of hair.


- You will be my little pet?


- Never!


- Are you sure ? Because I'll take care of you. I will give you support for your feet and save you from the evil big fish down there. I would not move a muscle to help a criminal, but I could do something to save my pet.


- Fuck you.


- Cheeky - Stacy raised an eyebrow and held her laughter. With the tip of her nail she prodded the little man's balls, but not to hurt.


- No one can say you don't have the balls. But I don't want a desperado who's too stupid to give in. We will stay here talking until your little arms get tired and you fall. And then I'll be watching live a very strange version of the movie Jaws.


- Stacy, no!


- Oh, now it's Stacy, right? You admits you're my pet?


Robert felt the increasing stress on his arms, but frowned and said nothing.


- You know Bob ... Can I call you Bob? - Stacy laughed - What a nonsense, of course I can. So Bob, a killer like you deserves to go to hell. I know it feels like you're already there, but I bet the real thing is worse than here with me. Moreover, with me you have a chance to get out of hell. If you deserve it, you can go from hell to purgatory. Then when you understand all the pain you've caused to others and you repent, you can have a life of relative peace. To heaven you do not go, you have done too much wrong to get to heaven, but you can have a life that will be nice most of the time.


- Get me out of here and we will sit and talk - said Robert amid snorts of effort. As Stacy spoke,  he had managed to climb up a small part of the way between the ends of hair and her face.

- No - Stacy shook her head exaggeratedly and he felt the violent movement and almost slid down, grabbing the hair near tips again. She stared at his chest rising and falling with the effort to hold on for so long to her straight hair. - All right there?


- No.


- If you turn to fish food, I'll have to make another little man. As I said, I have the recipe. Of course, things can go wrong, it can be dangerous. But think, if I only get people who hurt others, criminals like you, I'll be like a super heroine, a vigilante, preventing bad people hurting other people - Stacy seemed more thinking aloud than talk to Robert. - Okay. Super heroine is a bit childish maybe. But I'm loving bring some justice into the world. Many people, like you, do not understand the harm they do. Of course, I won't be hypocritical, I'm loving feeling all the power well. It's something I already like, I manage  an entire company as you know. But this is another level, something much stronger and palpable. Even addictive.


- I-I can not stand it. I will fall - Robert shouted looking at the shape of the fish swimming below it.


- You said something Bob? No matter, I pay more attention to pets than criminals. I just have contempt for criminals. I don't think i would not dare to shrink a person who is good. Probably wouldn't have dared to shrink a stranger either. But a person who deserves it, you know, I think it would have courage. I'm not sure, but I think so.


- Help! - Robert shouted not holding more grip and falling into the water. Desperately looking around and then up. Stacy smiled and waved at him, but otherwise she did not move.


- Tundum ... tundum ... tundum tudum - Stacy began to "sing" the theme song of the shark movie.


- I'm your pet! - Robert began to swim looking around and seeing a shadow swimming below him. He started screaming even louder and faster. - Help me, please. I'll be what you want, I'm your pet. Don't let me die. Help!


- See, was not that hard - Stacy said with a gentle voice. She took a small net that served to take out the fish and began to move it toward the little swimmer. She did it calmly, without haste. Robert saw the fish coming toward him, but then was hoisted by the small net. He lay there, breathing deeply and gulping the air.


- What does an pet who is grateful, and who does not want to swim today, say to someone who has just saved it?


Robert remained silent for a few seconds, his anger made his blood boil, but then he gave up - Thank you Stacy.


- Good boy, maybe there's hope for you after all. - Stacy went to the kitchen and dropped the little man inside a glass jar. She took half a cream cracker and held it up to the pitcher, then began to smash the biscuit with her hands, turning it into a shower of crumbs that fell around Robert.

- Now I'll also get dinner for myself.

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Day 17 - Rafael by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Gianna, thank you for help with my english version.

Day 17 - Rafael



Rafael pressed the button recorder and began his report: "day 17 after infection I finally managed to confirm my theory. After my initial shock on the 8th, when my size was reduced from 172 cm (5.64 ft) to 165,9 cm (5.44 ft), I imagined that my rate of reduction was random and was accelerating. The theory I have just prove shows that I was wrong in my initial two assumptions. It took me sometime to identify the pattern, the solution came when I took into account that it was a virus. In the early days the rate was unstable and low because the virus was in the incubation phase. It was on the seventh day that the incubation phase ended and the reduction seemed to stop. The fact is that there was no acceleration, but a constant rate. Although the marks on the tape that is on the door frame, show that the amount of size lost in one day so far is never the same as before, I can finally prove that there is indeed a constant. Every twenty four hours I lose three point fifty-five percent of my overall size. As evidence, on the thirteenth day, my height was 138.5 cm (4.54 ft), I estimated that'd be 119.8 cm (3.93 ft) in the seventeenth day, which proved to be correct by the measurement I did five minutes ago. "



Hunger began to bother him and Rafael went into the kitchen. Dragging the chair to reach the pasta on the shelf, he looked at package for a few seconds and decided it would better to take everything that he used most often and put in lower places. Gill would return in two days, but he preferred to be prepared to fend for himself as for as long as he could. He began to grab everything and in the middle of the noise he was creating, did not hear the door opening.



- Rafael, is it you? - Asked the woman standing at the kitchen door.



- Claire, what are you doing here? - Rafael looked at his recent ex-girlfriend standing just inside the door. She was already tall before when he was one meter and eighty three (6 ft), but from the new point of view of Raphael, she seemed truly statuesque.



- B-but how is this possible - Claire stepped forward and Rafael jumped back, he just could not stop himself. He had not seen anyone after Gill left for her trip and his ex-girlfriend seemed so much bigger than him. - Are you afraid of me? - She asked, stopping as she noticed the reaction of her former boyfriend.



- Sorry Claire. Of course not, just a little surprised I think. I did not expect to see you here. Why are you here?



- I came to return the key to your apartment - said Claire clearly embarrassed - Also I wanted to talk to you. It did not seem right for us to breakup by phone. I could not move to another country without seeing you again. I did not stop liking you.



- I know Claire. You could not refuse the management of a group of art galleries owned by your friend Jules, you always told me that was your dream. I understood your choice.



- And there's nothing wrong about a girl want to make lots of money - Claire said in jest, but then her expression changed and she looked worried. - But what happened to you? You are the size of my seven year old nephew.



- No one must know about this. This has to be a secret. Take a seat in the living room and I'll tell you what happened, then you'll understand why this must remain a secret from everyone.



They sat side by side on the couch and Rafael told her everything that had happened, without leaving anything out. In the middle of the story she held his hand in hers, a gesture of tenderness and comfort, the hands of the Brazilian disappeared inside her hands. She gently stroked her long fingers along his small arms, without interrupting the story, paying full attention.



- My poor little baby - she said with a sweet voice and tugged him into her embrace, hugging him hard against her chest. The movement pulled Rafael who ended up sitting in his ex-girlfriend's lap.



- Claire, isn't a little weird that I sit here, especially after we have broken up? - He asked with a mischievous smile.



- Don't be silly, we still like each other. If I wasn't I was going to live in another country, we'd still be together - she twirled his hair round her fingers and then hugged him again so strongly that he had trouble breathing for a few moments.



- True. You came here with the idea of spending the night, right? - He ran a hand over Claire's face, delighted with her size and beauty. Sitting comfortably in her lap, he could feel her firm thighs.



- Yep - she admitted with giggles.



- Disappointed with my size for your goodbye party?



- Not even a little. I've always had this protective side, kind of maternal. Of course I didn't want you to be shrinking, but asit is happening, I want to make the best out of it. You are so cute - the tone of her voice showed that Claire had no intention to provoke or humiliate, there was only admiration and excitement. And that made Rafael feel good about himself and he relaxed completely.



- I have to admit that you are a lot of woman at this size. Stunning - they kissed again and Rafael jumped as her hand clasped his thighs firmly.



- I'll take care of you today, my soft kitty. - She stuck her hand inside his shirt and her nails scraped gently from his chest to his belly.



- Can I climb down from your lap?



- No way. Unless you say you're hating this and you want me to leave, I'm going to explore the possibilities as much as I can. Accept the situation and have fun, make the most of it.



- You're right. Instead of getting maudlin, it is best to live the experience enjoying it however much you can.



- That's my boy - she said laughing and putting her arm beneath the legs and back of Rafael and lifting him to give several tender bites to his belly.



- Stop! Stop! Crazy girl - he said laughing while being put back sitting on finely sculpted thighs. - You're cutting the romantic mood.



- Don't worry dear, soon I'll bring the mood back and I will shake this little world of yours - Claire smiled confidently and flexed her feet making Rafael go up and down on her lap a few times. - You are so light Rafa. What's your weight?



- Twenty-three kilos and seven hundred grams.



- Wow! Only that? - Rafael shrugged casually and she confirmed it then continued. - And how your clothes are so perfect on you?



- The CEO of Whotech sent clothing versions for all sizes. She also ordered five versions of a home  for when I'm between 20 cm and 3 cm.



- Can I see the houses? - The eyes of ex-girlfriend shone like those of a child in a toy store.



- They are not ready. But I can show you the clothes. Actually all of them are the same as this, only different sizes.



- Please bring me the tiny ones for me to see - Claire put her ex-boyfriend standing on the floor and slapped his ass to encourage him to walk quickly.



- You have a heavy hand - Rafael complained, rubbing his ass in jest, as he get the clothes.



- Sorry sweetheart, I'll be careful not to hurt you ... much.



A few minutes later Rafael came back with two small packages. Claire made various sounds affected showing that was melting at such cuteness. She unfolded the clothes for 12 centimeters (4,7 inches) and placed them on her right thigh. The clothes for 4 centimeters (1,5 inches) she spread on her palm, while with the finger of her other hand she straightened them. The sight of her playing with the clothes left Rafael with a feeling that he could not classify, something that was not entirely bad.



- I'm just seeing the socks, where are the shoes? - She asked holding the socks with the tips of her nails.



- I was told that the shoes are more complex to make, but they will try to make some for my minimum size. At least, the soles of the socks have a reinforcement which will protect my feet a little.



- You know, it doesn't feel right to leave you at this time. Maybe you should come with me. I earn good money and I bet you do not eat much. It's better than staying here with a stranger.



- As tempting as it is, I need to be here because of the lab.



- What if I talk to Jules and ask for a delay of another month or two? Or perhaps organise it to come every weekend? I could take care of you, help with stress, keep you happier - she said thoughtfully, holding her chin and tapping her lips with her forefinger.



Rafael considered the plan for several seconds. It would be really great, but the logic and reality won - It would not work.



- Why not? - She said pouting.



- Firstly I don't want to mess up your project, I always knew you wanted to be rich as Jules. This job will give you money and present a lot of opportunities, for you meet people. While I think you do this for good reasons, if you lose that job because of me, you'd blame me the rest of my life.



- But…



- Moreover, the biggest obstacle is, that Whotech made it quite clear that if someone outside the company knows, they will stop the research for my healing. It was not for you to know, you can not talk about it to anyone and no one can know that you know the whole story. No one can know you saw me like this.



- I understand, you're right - she said after a dismal sigh. - But let's  make a deal, maybe I'm not your girlfriend anymore, but if things get bad, you let me know and I will come here and take you with me.



- If you are not with someone right? - He teased.



- I will not say I will not go out with anyone - she said laughing.


- But I do not want a relationship. If it is to be something to someone, I'll be with you again, no matter your size.


It made Rafael feel good


- We'll still be talking via email and skype. But we can not say anything about my size in these conversations, right? If the person who will be here with me discovers what you know, this could be a big problem for me and Whotech.



- Right. And when is your nanny back? - She said giggling.



- The Scientist - Rafael put emphasis on the word scientist. - Who will monitor my situation, will be back after tomorrow.



- Great. I can stay until tomorrow then - she left the clothes on the coffee table but she held up the little socks to Rafael - And I'll take these socks as a memory.



- But I will need them when I am 12 centimeters tall.



- You could use a pair of a similar size, no one even notices socks - said Claire with a sweet and coy voice.



- Okay, you win, take the pair of socks - he said shaking his head in amusement.



- Yay! - She celebrated clapping hands and putting the socks in her bag. Then she stood up, lifted Rafael and put him over her shoulder as if carrying a sack of potatoes and patted the butt of her ex-boyfriend. - I'll take you to your room now. And since you gave me the socks, I'll let you choose between two stories for us to play.



- Which are? - Said Rafael as she was walking toward the stairs to the second floor of the house. Sometimes Claire liked to spice their sex up with a story and interpreting roles she chose. He thought how much fun it was how when she took roles seriously. And Rafael had to admit that beyond investing the costume, she was a great actress.



- The options are: 1) You are shipwrecked on an island with Amazons, where men are feeble, sex objects and an Amazon has kidnapped you. 2) You will be treated as an innocent little boy and I'll take care of you sweetly, but force you to obey your "mother", which will obviously mean making naughty with you. - Claire entered the room and threw her ex-boyfriend in bed without much ceremony.



- You are crazy - said Rafael laughing after bouncing on the bed.



- Choose one - she said standing at the foot of the bed, with her hands on her hips and legs slightly open, like a posturing superhero.



- Let me see ... - said Rafael working out which scenario would be more fun and knowing that for hours she would not go out of character.



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In the next chapter we will see Asami and Steve. This will give time for you to use the review to choose between the options:
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B- Rafael choose option 2 given by Claire.
C - The story continues from the next day, without going into too much detail about how it was to play them overnight.

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