"Helped" By An Acquaintance by Amista6

The usual story:  Guy Shrinks.  Guy tries to get giantess to see him.  Giantess sees shrunken man.  And then something different happens...

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Story Notes:

This story purposely starts suddenly.  Theres a reason his shrinking is not explained right away. I dont plan on having a chapter 0, but there will be hints as to why in each chapter.  The story isnt perfect but I hope everyone can look past that and if you have any tips on the format of the story I'd love to hear them. I wrote a quick story that wasnt that too popular a few years ago so I deleted it. It wasnt that good, I think this one is going to be so much better! So even though this isnt my first story, I hope you go easy on me and I promise you it will only get better.  One secret I've been working on is giving everyone a chance to get what they want and see every option this story can go.  You'll see when its finished in I'm guessing under 10 chapters? The story is mostly finished, but I have a lot of editing and details to add.
Some popular titles and spelling errors are on purpose

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Erin and The Boss by Amista6
Author's Notes:

This story purposely starts suddenly. There is a reason his shrinking is not explained right away.   I will probably change the opening to this story by a few sentences, but it wont change the plot.  This is one of the reasons it's taken me so long to post because I cant think of a way to properly start this story without giving away the ending.

Here you are, shrunken and at the local grocery store you used to work at.  How you came to be here is a story that might sound unbelievable, even absurd, but it did happen.

This is bad. This is one of the worst places for you to be shrunken since you pissed off almost everyone you used to work with. There was one girl you had a crush on named Erin.  She never seemed to hate you but... It's a long story.

You remember when you first met her she said she had already started her freshmen year of college before she started working here and even though you were only a few years older than her, you would heavily flirt with her. Unfortunately for you, she would always politely brush off your advances, usually by changing the subject or responding in one word answers and not making eye contact.  You couldn't see why she didn't like you, so you toned it down a bit and decided to do nice things for her, but she still gave a vibe like she thought it was creepy because you weren't the same age as her or something.  You never did figure out why? 

That was over a year ago, but now you see her at register two with no one in line.  You could try your luck with her or you could jump in this customers grocery basket on the floor.  The basket was closer, but who knows what this random shopper would do with you? At least you knew Erin was generally a nice person and would treat you better than anyone else you used to work with. 

You climb up the side of the candy rack and avoid getting stuck in a piece of gum on the way before you finally make it to the moving conveyor belt. Taking a deep breath, you leap on and ride it while jumping up and down and waving your arms.  Erin's gaze isn't in your direction, but she has to look down eventually. 

She's even more beautiful than you remember and even taller too, but that might be because of your current point of view?  You trip forward as the belt suddenly stops moving when it recognizes you as an object in the way of the sensor.  Erin, staring off into space and mindlessly chewing gum, looks down at what caused the belt to stop and sees a tiny bug standing up and shaking its legs.

"Erin! Erin! Please Look down! Yes! Here! I'm Right here!"

You marvel at her beauty and are impressed how her booty and boobs have grown even larger since you last saw her, but almost piss your pants when you hear her next sentence. 

"Is that a bug? Ew. Wheres the fly swatter? It was here before?  Hey Jillian, can you send over the fly swatter?"

"No, It's me! Please Erin, Don't squish me, you have to recognize I'm human!"

Luckily, Erin squints closer and sees what you really are.

"Oh My God, are you a little mini person!  I've never seen one before.  How did you get so small? Was this an accident or on purpose?  Wait, Aren't you that guy who would creep on me and my best friend and not get the hint?" 

"Who? Britney?  I never hit on her. She was always a bitch to me."

"It is you!  What was your name again?"

"You don't remember?  Its..." 

"It's not important.  I cant believe you would shrink yourself just to spy on me.  I knew you were obsessed, but I didn't think you were stupid enough to do something so dangerous. Let me guess, your half assed plan didn't go the way you wanted and now you're stuck at this size and want my help? I've seen enough movies like Honey I Shrunk The Soccer Team and InHerSpace to figure this out. I kind of feel bad for you.  Even though you did interupt me in the middle of my shift..." 

"Shut up for one effing second and listen! I need your help.  What happened was..."

But Erin wasn't listening to you anymore. "Oh no." She noticed someone was walking over and grasped you in her hand before dropping you down into her shirt.  You slid down until you rested in-between her breasts and were snug in her tight, but comfy cleavage.  This was a dream come true! Nestled in the bosom of your crush and they're so much softer and cushier than you imagined.  Even her skin is silky soft and smells lightly of fruit and flowers. It was like you were in heaven, until you heard the voice of a Devil. 

"Here's the fly swatter you asked for." 

"Oh, um, thanks Jillian, but, uh, he flew away?" 

"I'll send Britney over with some bug spray in case it comes back.  You're yearly raise is coming up soon, keep up the great work!"

Jillian is about to walk away when Erin stops her.

"Hey Jillian, wait! "I have a paper to write in creative fictional writing and I wanted to know what you would do if you found a shrunken man?"

"A shrunken man? I don't know? Probably drop him off at a hospital or doctors office."

"But what if it was, lets say someone you didn't like?  Say for example that guy who worked here last year that no one liked?"

"That asshole!  Honey, I would drop him in the back of my pants and tell him to start kissing for all those times of being a pain in my ass.  Serves the little shit right."

Erin says nothing as Jillian walks away but notices how her underwear tends to be swallowed up easily into the abyss of her buttcheeks through her tight work pants.  She feels you shivering in between her breasts and isn't surprised that you're scared of being swallowed up by a mature woman's wide whooty.  

You whisper to yourself in fear "Please don't show her to me. Please don't show her to me. Please don't show her to me. There's no way I'm going to kiss that bitches fat ass. Keep me right here in your bra with your killer rack until it's safe.  Damn Erin, you got some cushy, big ole titties."

Erin, unaware of your typical bro comment about her growing bust, stood there for a moment thinking about what her manager had said.  She was about to take you back out when her best friend showed up with a can of insect repellent.  You didn't realize it at the time, but this is one of your former coworkers that hated you most out of all of them.

End Notes:

Chapter 2 introduces new characters and their opinion on him.

Britney and Jennifer by Amista6
Author's Notes:

new characters introduced.  Spelling errors of celebrites and popular corporations and apps are on purpose.

Britney had long brown hair that looked a little dirty brunette and almost always seemed to have a pissed off look on her face.  Like she hated her job and life and couldn't do anything about it.  You don't know why, but Britney always hated you. It might have been because you said she looked like a washed up hillbilly version of a washed up Britney Speers, but you never told her this in person, only behind her back.  Also every time you would try to do something nice for Erin, like carry something heavy for her, Britney would butt in and say something like "I've got it, you can do go back to doing nothing or whatever it is they pay you for."  Such a bitch.

"Here's the bug spray. I have to hurry to the back of the store to clean up a spill."  

"Thanks, I'll see you later... Hey Britney, wait!  If you found a shrunken man, lets say it's that guy who quit without notice before Christmas last year, what would you do with him?"   

Britney didn't hesitate with her response. "That Worthless Scumbag! The one who wouldn't stop following you around like a lost puppy?  I'd make him suffer. I'd drop him inside my shoe and tell him to lick the toe jam from my toes (not that I have any), but I would make him my personal footcleaner." 

"That's gross Brit. And really cruel." 

"Yeah! That's the point!  I wouldn't even want to wear socks anymore unless he was inside them. That loser would wish he was found by anyone else."  

"Really? Jillian said she would drop him in the back of her underwear and keep him as her asskisser.  You don't think that's worse?"  

"Trust me. After what he did to you and making our lives harder at this store, the levels of torture I can think of for him are endless! And Gloria's idea is actually fitting for that assclown, I could try that out too, but I want to feel him squirm for his life in between my toes.  Anyone else I found shrunk, I would try to help, but that jackass is going to suffer if he gets shrunk and found by me.  Why are you asking anyway?"  

Not trying to sound weird, Erin quickly replies "Its, uh, for my creative writing class for school.  The subject is What If you found a shrunken jerk."  

"Ugh, I hate writing papers.  I'm not looking forward to finals, they better not have us write anything more than half a page.  Anyway, I have to go clean that mess.  Oh and if you see that loser shrunken, give him to me.  I'll make sure he never bothers you again Haha." 

"Um... haha, yeah, sure."

Before Britney walked away, something caught her eye as she pivoted.  "Gross, another bug.  I'll take care of this one."  

Britney raised her foot over the tiny creature, but before Erin could see what Britney was stepping on, her well worn work shoe had already slammed down and crushed it into a red paste.  Erin wondered if that could have been another shrunken person, but then thought the odds of that happening were over one in one billion. As Britney walked away, it was at that moment that you started to dig deeper in fear of these giant evil women and that digging started to irritate your guardian captress.  You were getting a little too close to Erins nipple, so she pretended to wipe dust off her shirt while pushing you back to the center of her breasts.

Jen from customer service noticed this and walked over to confront Erin. "Hey, I saw what you did."

Jennifer was a brunette who usually wore a ponytail.  She dressed sporty outside of work, but didn't participate in many activities since her junior year in college.  She had a boyfriend who worked here when you did, so you never hit on her...that much.  They broke up since then and she swore off men for a year, trying to find her inner feminist.
Erin, shocked that she had been seen putting a shrunken man in between her boobs was getting ready to come clean and admit she had you when Jennifer responded.

"Bra's getting too tight for you. I've noticed you've been growing in all the right places.  It used to happen to me, but I upgraded to more expensive lingerie. Taylors Secret is having a sale down the street. They're high quality so you shouldn't have any problems adjusting them quickly when no ones watching.  I just bought a few pairs and you wouldn't believe how many comments I got from posting on Snapagram."  

"Oh, Um, Yeah. I bought this at Wallmart six months ago and it's already starting to wear out. I saw some of those comments on your post... Who are they from? Anyone you know?"  

"No, mainly creeps who are obsessed with me, hiding behind screens all day.  I checked out a few good looking guys, but I'm pretty sure their accounts are fake." 

This comment reminded Erin of you again and she thought, why shouldn't she ask. "Hey Jen, What would you do if you found a shrunken man, but it was someone you didn't like?  Lets say that guy who used to work here last year, the one who didn't do anything.

"Oh, that guy, I don't know...give him to a manager or someone else to take care of?  He's not my problem, I'm not going to waste my time with him... Actually... if he's the right size...Yeah... Never mind I take that back, I would take him home with me." 

"Really? Why did you change your mind to help him?" 

"Help him?  Lets just say I have a special Drawer in my room he would be joining when I didn't need him.  Which wouldn't be often considering feeling him struggle inside me could help the work day go by faster. Especially if I could teach him to find the right spot on command..." Jen took a deep breath, bit her lip and stared off into space as she said this.

Erin blushed slightly at Jens lustful response and said "Oh... isn't that a little... severe?"  

"Not really. He was always bragging about how much pussy he was going to get after work and now he could have all the pussy he ever wanted.  It's like I'm doing him a favor. Especially since no one believed he was going to get his dick wet wherever he was going.  Why are you asking a strange question like that? Did someone ask you on Utube?"  

"Um, Yeah, that's why I asked." 

"Oh, in that case don't put what I said, you might get banned.  Think of a funny answer like tying him to a balloon knot or putting him in a sandcastle that's about to be destroyed. I have to get back to the front desk, I'll see you when I clock out.  Hey Kacie, Ask Erin about her Utube question."

"What question?"  Erin didn't notice Kacie walk in behind her. She never planned on asking her because she never met her shrunken rescuee confined in her brassiere before.

End Notes:

hope you enjoyed it.

Meeting Kacie by Amista6
Author's Notes:

This is the last major character to be introduced for a while.


Finally someone you didn't recognize, who had no reason to wish you any ill will.  She could easily give a normal response that didn't involve you being tortured or turned into a sextoy.

Kacie was the newest hire here. She had mid length, natural blonde hair and was petite for her age. She always had a bright, cheerful smile on her face that seemed contagious and instantly lit up any room she walked in with a spring in her step.  There wasn't anyone who ever had a problem with her and everyone seemed to fall in love with her lively, positive and upbeat attitude.  Erin knew she never met the guy in her bra who annoyed everyone last year, so she would be a solid unbiased opinion. 

"Hey Erin. What question?"

Erin blurted out nervously fast "Oh it's nothing, I have an internet writing question thing that asks how would you react If a shrunk person appeared in front of you?  But the catch is everyone knows him as a jerk who only helps himself and doesn't care about others and it's possible he did this to himself or at the very least karma did this."

Kacie thought it was funny the way her co-worker blurted out the question and says "Haha, that's a, strange question?  I still would like to help him even though from what you said he doesn't really seem like a nice guy.  Everyone deserves a chance at redemption." 

"So you would turn him into the authorities for help?"

"No, I wouldn't do that to him, I would want to help him.  I'd keep him with me and I would personally take care of him and keep him safe in my old hamster cage when I was busy.  The government would probably experiment on him and he might be living in a metal cage being tested on for the rest of his days.  I wouldn't want him to live that miserable, meaningless life.  That would be cruel." 

"But you just said you were going to keep him in a cage?" 

"Yeah. A fun plastic cage. My hamster seemed to like it and it has plenty of exercise equipment, games and food and water trays for him.  I'm not going to dissect him like some science project like those creepy research scientists."   

"But don't you think he wouldn't want that?" 

"No. He wouldn't want that. But since growing back to normal size is probably impossible for him, he doesn't really have much of a choice.  He would fight it at first, but over time he would come to the conclusion that being owned by a cute girl is much more preferable than being tested on by a bunch of old stuffy lab coats or living out in the wilderness."

"Being owned? So you would own him? Like property?" 

"No... well... not like a possession or item, more like... a pet.  Yeah, he would be living in my old pet cage and would have to rely on me to live and listen to everything I say.  So yeah, he would be my special little pet." 

"Wow.  You would actually turn a person into your pet?"  "Yeah.  It's whats best for him.  And can he even be considered a person like us at his size?  I guess so, I don't know what the proper classification is for them, but he cant do anything you or I can, except basic stuff like walk and talk.  Parrots can do that."

Erin was going to disagree with her and argue he could easily do more than that, but then thought about all the limitations you had and all the differences between you and her.  There really wasn't much you could safely do at that size.  She didn't consider you an animal or pet like Kacie did, but overall shrunken people were pretty useless in a giants world where literally anything could harm you.

You wanted to yell up to them that you could do more than an animal can, but decided to continue to stay silent and safe until Erin was alone.  She continued the conversation with Kacie while you listened with abject horror of what this giant girl would do to you if she found you shrunken and defenseless. 

"What if he doesn't listen to you?  I don't think he would like being owned by a giant woman?" 

"Then he will be disciplined.  If after everything I've done for his well being is ignored, the only thing left for the little thing is a proper punishment.  Nothing sadistic, but it has to lay the message down of what his new place is in life. I could take away his treats, give him a spanking, spray him with water, keep him alone in my shoe closet for the weekend with only water and crackers, stick his nose in it if he leaves a mess. you know, typical pet training. He should understand his place after that and realize that being my pet is one of the best things that could happen to him, as long as he listens."

"And if he still didn't listen to you?  What if he was so stubborn and proud that he never accepted that being your pet was in his best interest?  It would be hard for anyone to accept that belonging to someone as their property, I mean pet, is actually their best chance of survival at that reduced size." 

"If he continued to be disobedient... I don't know, I could always check online, I'm sure there are thousands of websites on how to properly train and discipline a defiant pet.  I don't have to take care of him either, I was only trying to be a good Samaritan.  I could always dump him outside and let him fend for himself, but I couldn't do that since his chances of survival are almost zero and I want to help him live, not kill him.  I could always give him away to someone else to take care of, but the problem would be finding someone who actually cares for him.  Some people might lie and say they would take care of him, but as soon as I give him away, they could start treating him like shit or sell him to the highest bidder.  You said he's a jerk and no one likes him?  That would be even harder to find someone capable of caring for him." 

Erin didn't even think of trying to solve this dilemma by looking online.  And so far everyone she knows here besides Kacie, doesn't like him, so giving him away to help him is out of the question if she's looking out for his well being. 

"Even if you did tame him enough to be domesticated what would you have him do at that size?  Just sit there in his cage?  He's so small, there isn't much he could do. "

"I could probably make him paint my nails or massage me or clean something, but he should be doing that anyway in thanks for what I've done for him.  I'm sure over time I would think of a lot of creative ideas to make himself useful for me.  I'd have him think of ways to thank me too.  It's not like he'll be doing anything else for the rest of his life, so he has all the time in the world.  Like I said before, he would probably hate it at first, but over time he would get used to it and realize how lucky he is to be found and taken care of by a cute girl who actually cares for his welfare." 

There was so much information to be absorbed and Erin never even considered most of what everyone had said.  It was true that there were so many bad endings for him, but what about the good endings?  There didn't seem to be many. 

"Anyway, I have to go clock in, but if you find any shrunken men, let me know Erin and I'll help them." 

She winked as she walked away and you wondered how each of these women could be so similar yet different?  Whats so hard about helping someone who's shrunk? So far she seemed to be the lesser of all these evils.  You weren't afraid of her like the other three, but you still wouldn't want to become an obedient pet to a peppy possessive girl who expected to be pampered like a spoiled brat in exchange for capturing you.  She didn't want to torture you or make you her sex toy, but there was no way in hell you were going to willingly be her loyal lapdog and listen to any command she said all because she believed she was helping you by turning you into her docile pet. 

Erin was being abnormally silent and you didn't like it.  She really should have gotten you help by now.  There was no reason why she shouldn't have and it was making you uncomfortable.  

You couldn't see this from your breastwork, but Erin was deep in thought from what everyone had said.  If you could read her mind, you'd feel as if her thoughts wouldn't exactly put you at ease. At least her tits were comfy.

End Notes:

I hope she doesn't check giantessworld for advice.

What would you do if you found a shrunken person? (28+ Answers!) by Amista6
Author's Notes:

There's no giant interaction in this story, but since this isn't an all female grocery store, there are both males and females answering these questions. For most answers I didn't specify their sex so use your imagination.  My Imagination works as if they are all women answering the questions unless otherwise noted.  Each quotation mark for speech is for a different customers answer. unless otherwise noted.

Erin never expected such broad answers and it was a lot to think about. Especially what Kacie had said.  If there was no way to grow back then he would be at the mercy of this giant world.  But if he did know some unimaginable way to grow back, then that would mean he did this to himself, probably to be a pervert and spy on her and in that case he deserved no pity from her.  She could hand him off to the next person she saw and let him be their problem to take care of. Or... She could keep him?  Having a tiny pet treating her like royalty, waiting on her hand and foot sounded really cool, but could she really do that to a human being?  No, absolutely not, especially if his shrinkage wasn't intentional, regardless of the situation, she had to help him no matter what.

He was currently resting motionlessly in the same place she moved him last time.  It was annoying when he squirmed in fear of what the other girls said, maybe his tranquil state from what Kacie said was a sign that he wouldn't mind becoming a well taken care of pet?  He wouldn't have any more responsibilities to deal with. His life would be simple and carefree.  He shouldn't have any complaints especially when his caretaker is someone he is infatuated with. She couldn't ask him now until her shift was over, but she could ask some other people on what their opinion was.  She would meet many different people over the course of her shift today.  From different nationalities, races, religions, ways of life, ages, sizes, attitudes, political views and favorite sports and games.  Everyone had to buy food from somewhere.  Literally anyone could walk in from a family on welfare to a wealthy celebrity.  Why not start with the fashionable business woman in front of her?

"Excuse me miss?  If you found a shrunken man that no one likes because he's a pompous fool..."  Erin was cut off before she could finish her question.

The stylish business woman replied with confidence and authority "I heard what she said while I was picking out a drink, I would take him as a pet and train him immediately. I could use the free Mani-Pedis." 

Erin reiterates "But you're supposed to help him." 

The woman replies while walking away "Yeah, I am helping him. Do you remember what the other girl said?  This is whats best for him...and me."

Erin thought to herself "Maybe I should leave out the part where he's a self-centered bum?  Then I can get some answers that could help him.  If any other woman heard Kacies response, they might not resist the female empowerment of having a man as their plaything.  Even I was tempted hearing Kacie's reasoning, but he's not that bad.  He deserves a chance."

Following the business woman was a much older irritated woman with graying hair. She replied with frustration "Young lady I don't care what they say on the radio, there's no such thing as shrinking and I don't see any shrunken man here, so that proves it's not real." 

Erin replies in a quiet, meek voice, "No, you misunderstood.  I was only saying What if?"  Erin had to apologize many more times before she started on another rant, but by that time her groceries were already bagged.

A woman with a fancy delivery outfit walked over to Erins register next "Well, I have to finish my delivery route, but I could stop home and drop him off at my house until I bring him to where he wants to go. I would have to keep him away from my younger siblings. They would treat him like a toy. I could always hide him in my closet."

Erin counters  "What if they go in your closet?" 

"Then I guess he's their toy now.  I can't control those animals, they would probably hide him at a friends house where I couldn't find him.  I guess that's his fault for trusting a stranger he's never met before.  I have an important job to do delivering medicine.  If he gets captured by them he's in for a difficult life.  Especially from a spoiled brat like Monica, she would make him treat her like a Princess.  Poor guy, he would be slaving away until the sun came down."

After that, a lot of people gave generic, basic responses: Take him to a hospital,  Officer, EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Librarian, Mayors office at city hall, pretty much any civil worker or public employee.

One couple said they didn't have time to personally bring him there, but they would mail him there by putting him in a padded cardboard box and dropping him off in a postbox or the post office on their way home.

Your patience was almost at it's end "What the Hell is she doing asking these questions? She better not mail me!" You started punching her boob in anger. Erin felt this and although it didn't hurt her, it was distracting, so instead of looking like a crazy person and whispering into her cleavage, she instead pretended to adjust her bra again, but this time tightened it so much that you were squished into her massive mammary and couldn't move. you got the message, but you weren't any less angry.  "What a bitch. What the frick is she doing? I know it's busy at work, but she should make an excuse to use the bathroom and then get me the help I deserve."

Erin continues to ask more customers ranging from young to old and gets a variety of different answers.

"Take him too a hospital. Duh."

"The police can protect him."

"Bring him to a psychologist to explain to him that this is his new life now.  It sucks, but it's true."

"Give him some chocolate. Eating giant candy would be so cool!"

"Bring him to the proper Authorities for help." 

Erin inquires "Which proper Authorities?" 

"Ya know, like a doctor or specialist."

Her friend chimes in. "You should bring him to the police Shelley, so they could arrest him for spying." 

"Carissa, you don't know that's what he was doing. He probably needs help." 

"Yeah Shelley, probably, but if he was spying, I wouldn't have him arrested if he would agree to be my spy instead.  There are so many ways I can use him."   

"Don't blackmail him Carissa! He's helpless! He's a tiny, little thing..." the two friends walk out the store continuing to argue about what to do with a tiny man.

One customer with thick horn rimmed glasses said  "I'd ask if I was getting Punked." 

Erin asks  "Are you famous?"

"No...oh... well, whatever I'd ask if was on Kandid Kamera or part of a Chris Angel illusion.  That's too bizarre to happen to me."

A cute, nerdy bookworm around her age approached her register. "I don't have many friends.  I'd ask him if he wants to stay with me and be my friend forever."   

Erin counters "What if he said no?" 

"Oh, I don't know, I could go get him help or something."  Her last remark didn't seem too enthusiastic.  Erin wasnt sure if she would really go get him help.

"I'd help him grow back to normal." 

Erin inquires "How?" 

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know. Haha, a magic potion?  Do shrunken people grow back to normal?"   

Erin asks "What if he couldn't grow back?"  "I would keep him safe until he wanted to leave." Erin inquires again "How?"   

"I have an old reptile cage he could live in.  Aww wait, do I have to feed him and clean up after him too?  I guess I'll ask my aunt or younger sister to take care of him... which might be a bad idea because Ashley might not want to let him go... Oh well, he should have asked someone he trusted for help instead of someone he barely knows.  Kind of stupid if you think about it, because anyone could keep him and tell no one and nobody would ever know he's being kept against his will like some kind of toy sized prisoner. Is that the point of this question?  Was that the right answer?  What do I win?"


"I don't have time for that.  I would give him to the first employee I saw who worked here to help him.  It's the least I can do to help." You say sardonically. "Too bad that wouldn't help at all since almost all the employees here want to torture me or keep me as a slave.  Except Erin, but I don't know why she hasn't done anything yet? Do something." You poke at her hefty hooters as you say this, but your tiny finger is barely recognizable to the giant girl.  She doesn't respond to your insignificant movements so you continue to prod while she proceeds to ask the question.

"Take him to get help right away! I heard some people who find them keep them as pets and they're never seen or heard from again.  Can you believe some people would actually do that?  Taking advantage of someone who needs help and keeping them for their own personal amusement?  Such despicable people should be punished."

"I have terrible eyesight, so I would presumably think he's a bug and step on him. So sad."

Some who answered were... a little eccentric.

"Ask him how I could help him get back to his fairy village of other minikins and then go to a doctor and explain my bad decisions at Woodstock."

"Aliens man, Aliens. It's the only possible explanation. People don't shrink for no reason."

"Not the Government, that's for sure.  They don't tell you this, but the Illuminati ordered the scientists to do experiments on them to reverse engineer it, so they can weaponize it and shrink their enemies and use it on their allies for covert spy operations."  This guy sounded like a nut job, but those last two applications did make some sense.

"Until he gets a cure, I would keep him attached to my Necklace.  So I could always feel him and know he's safe."

Erin asks "There's a cure?"

"Ummmmm, I haven't heard of one, but there has to be one eventually, right?  They conceivably already have a cure, but are waiting for it to be a higher demand so they can jack up the price. Damn Corporations taking advantage of the little guy. Oh, haha I made a joke. haha, "little guy", that cracks me up.  Oh! I can keep him on my anklet! And on my bracelet too! And attached to my belly button ring! He can go everywhere with me!"

After that response Erin changed her query from "How best to help a shrunken man?" to "How would you keep him safe until there's a cure?"  There was still plenty she didn't know about keeping a shrunken man safe, but soon enough she would learn everything she needed.


End Notes:

I Tried to do something unique by having a large number of people answer but tried to make it as realistic as possible but still keeping every possibility open.

If there's any problem with the formatting let me know and I'll fix it. It was not easy, but I plan to continue it in the next chapter which should be uploaded in a few days and then chapter 7 will have Erin interact with her shrunken captive.

How would you keep a shrunk man safe until there's a cure? by Amista6
Author's Notes:

Time for the questions to start to end and the giantess interaction to rise.


After the previous response, Erin changed her query from "How best to help a shrunken man?" to "How would you keep a shrunk man safe until there's a cure?"

"I have an old dollhouse he could live in until he grows back."

Erin asks "They can grow back?" 

"Oh, yeah... I guess I don't know if they can grow back, but he could still live there as long as he doesn't become an inconvenience."

Erin replies  "And if he was an inconvenience?" 

"He can leave.  He's not staying with me rent free like some kind of freeloader."  

The woman in line behind her heard this and said "Haha, that's hilarious. I would definitely keep him in my old dollhouse for free.  That is, if my parents didn't sell it yet?  I hope I don't accidentally walk in on him humping Barbie, Hahaha."


"I would keep him safe in my make up dresser.  He'd be great at helping me with my makeup too."

"I'm too old to take care of another mouth to feed. I would give him to my daughter to take care of. I promised her a new pet after the last one died early and this is almost the same thing."

Erin responds "But you're supposed to help him."

"Oh...er...ok... He would be treated great, she's a wonderful, responsible caregiver."  The customer responded, clearly forgetting what was said about the last pet. 


"Until there's a cure I would keep him in a lock box for his own safety, so he cant get out and accidentally get squished by one of us.  I'm really bad at watching where I step.  Ugh, see, I stepped on a something red before. Probably a cherry or strawberry."

"I wouldn't know what to do with it. I forgot to get my niece a present, I'm sure she would like to take care of it, she likes tiny cute animals." 

"I don't want him, but I could give him to my students as the class pet to take care of until they found a cure. With thirty different caregivers he'll always have someone giving him attention.  A different student could take him home each night."

Erin asks "What if he was lost or stolen?" 

"Oh, I haven't thought of that... I'm sure I'll think of something!"


"Aww a helpless little guy. I already have a lot of tiny animals to take care of, but I work at a pet store, so I could bring him there until I found him a nice new caring owner until there's a cure."

Erin asks her "How would you decide if someone was truly nice and caring." 

She answers nonchalantly. "I can just tell.  He'll be fine."

Some people didn't hear the questions correctly. 

One large, fat bottomed customer came to her register and threw down lots of laxatives, suppositories and gas pills. She responded to the question "At this point honey, I'll try anything to get rid of this pain."  Erin thought the customer misheard the question, but you knew what she meant and it terrified you. 

The rest of the answers weren't much better. 

"In my food? There better not be a tiny man eating my lunch, I'm starving, he would get gobbled up in seconds."

"Oh sweetie I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what I would do with him."  Her daughter, eyes glued to her handheld video game, without looking up said with a smile "Got to catch them all!"

Erin was going to ask what they both meant when a group of bitchy looking girls walked over and the Mother and daughter walked away.  this new group didn't seem to like her question "What? Why would we waste our time on some runt? Unless he's cute. He can stay with me if he's cute."

The dark haired girl said, "Girl please, he's staying with me if he's cute, not your ugly ass."

The third girl said " I don't care if he's cute, but if he's rich he can stay with me and when he grows back I can either marry him or get a huge reward as a thank you." 

Erin asks "What if he doesn't grow back" 

She immediately lost interest " Well then his broke ass can go get help somewhere else, but maybe there's other benefits to holding on to this guy?"

Some shoppers were too busy with their own lives to listen to what their cashier was asking and either ignored her, didn't hear her or said they didn't know and moved on with their lives.

"Sure honey, I'll donate to the little sick guy. Here's some change."   

"Yep, today is really nice.  Beautiful weather."

"You have a nice day too."   

"Huh, Yeah, Okay. The card readers not working."   

"I don't roleplay.  You're out of gum." 

"Paper, not plastic." 

"No Thank you.  Can I get my change back in singles?"

"A shrunken what? No thanks, not interested." 

"I don't know.  Can I have two receipts?" 

"Can I get stamps?"

Some patrons answered honestly, but heartlessly.

"I wouldn't. When are you getting the fiesta nacho chip and dip back in stock?"

"Why would I go out of my way for someone I don't even know.  Isn't there a charity or something nearby that can help him?"

"Gross, keep that thing away from me. It's probably filthy and covered in diseases."

"I wouldn't keep him safe. I'm busy now and I don't even know the guy.  I'll do him a favor and call him an ambulance.  Hopefully nothing happens to him by the time it gets here but I gotta go."

"I'm not going to help that thing, It's practically a bug, it would probably bite me. Have you ever saved an insects life before?  A kitten or fuzzy duckling sure, but not some vermin. Yuck."

Erin explains "He is still human." 

The snobby customer responded sarcastically "Sure he is. I don't need my receipt. Have a nice day."


"I'm on my lunch break, but I would bring him to the nearest health center after I finished work.  I can't risk losing my job for something that's in no rush to get help. It's not like he's dying or sick. He's only shrunk." 

Erin asks "Where would you keep him?"

She starts blushing as the first place she looks is down towards her breasts. "... in my pocket? or purse? Somewhere safe for him, but where he wouldn't interrupt me while I'm at work.  Maybe a drawer?"

If Erin thought she was overloaded from her conversation with her coworkers before, She  was certainly close to her limit now at processing all this information.  She was surprised so many people had given so many different answers and even more surprised at her self for asking each and every customer that came to her register.  She needed a break.

"Hey Jillian, Can I take my fifteen now?"

"Sure, let me go find someone to cover for you and you're good."


Finally! These questions were starting to get old fast and now she could finally have a private moment with you and explain why she was being such a bitch and not getting you help right away. 

End Notes:

These past 2 chapters were difficult for me to format, but I really wanted to do something unique that could give a different view for the gts genre. I'm going to focus on Giantess interaction for the next few chapters, I still have over 20 detailed answers left but I'll think of something to do with them.  Also one point of these questions and answers was to help everyone get what they want in the end. You'll see what I mean at the end of the story.

A Well Deserved Break by Amista6
Author's Notes:

Who's in charge here? Main characters are back in the spotlight


Being trapped with her warm jugs was starting to make you sweat. The body temperature of her breasts and close contact with her skin was literally making you hot.  Erin wasn't sweating more than normal, but at your puny size you could just barely see and feel the moisture perspiring from her pleasant smelling body.  Even though she was sweating, you were surprised that her sweat didn't stink. It smelled like normal sweat, but with the type of feminine body soap or lotion she used.  You have no idea how many hours it's been, but it feels like it's been all day since you have no idea how to measure the passage of time under her shirt. 

In reality Erin wasn't even halfway done with her shift, but was still relieved when Jen came to relieve her for her break."  "I'll cover for you, Erin.  When you get back from yours, Jillian is going to cover for my break."


"Great, Thanks!  I'm starving I need to get something to eat right now."

"Here, you can have this candy. I bought it because it's new, but I didn't like the flavor." "Thanks.  I skipped breakfast so I'll eat anything at this point."


Erin ran through the store to the breakroom and almost bumped into a customer on the way.  Fortunately they had no idea, they were too absorbed in comparing the prices of name brand to store brand products. She sat down in the break room and places her head on her arms, so exhausted that she almost forgets about the shrunken former co-worker in her undergarments.  Erin takes you out and places you on the table, right next to her piece of gum she was chewing. She put it in the original wrapper to save for after her break.  She opens a bag of candy and gobbles half the bag down like it was life or death. Which is how you viewed your situation.  You can't believe this bitch is actually ignoring you to eat some sugary sweets instead.  Now that Erin took that moment to have something in her belly to digest, she was ready to ask this incredibly shrunken man just what was going on, but before she could, he spoke instead.

"Hey, HEY! Are you going to help me or what?  Put down the junk food and do something.  why the fuck haven't you done anything yet!" 

"Calm down, It's not like your dying. I'm on my fifteen min break and I haven't eaten yet today.  And you're not making my job any easier, you're very uncomfortable and distracting to hold in there, I can feel you squirming and poking my breast. If only I had pockets or someplace else to keep you."  She goes back to her snack and starts gulping it down.

"What the fuck? Did you really just say that and then ignore me to eat your lunch? Why do you have to keep me under your shirt anyway?  Why don't you go bring me to a place that can help me." 

Erin facepalms, gives an aggravated groan and puts her impromptu meal on hold because of your annoying squeaks.  She can just barely hear you, so she picks you up with two fingers and drops you inelegantly onto the palm of her right hand. Her skin is very smooth, she must lotion often. Under the aroma of her lotion is the sweetened fragrance of the confection she was eating and just barely sniffable is the scent of loose metal change and new paper money bills.  There weren't any cuts or rough patches, so you could see she took good care of her hands.

"Where am I supposed to bring you?  You haven't even told me.  Where do you live?" 

"I don't live far, but you cant bring me there."  "Why not? "Because I owe my friends parents a lot of rent money and I don't think they would want to help me right now." 

"Do you go to school?" 

"No... I dropped out... but I'm going to go back!" 


"...Eventually. I have to save up some money first." 

"So you have a job?" 

"No... I'm on unemployment." 

"So you mooch off of other peoples hard work and effort without giving anything beneficial back in return, like a leech or parasite. How long were you planning on staying on unemployment? Why don't you have a job?"  

(Internal thoughts) "She is really grilling me. I don't think I should tell her that I don't want a job because I plan on riding this unemployment benefit for as long as possible. Why did these questions matter? Why couldn't she just help me?  Why did she have to wait until her break to take me out?  I would think finding a shrunken person warrants leaving your register to get them help.  Wow ,shes beautiful, but so Gigantic.  She's staring at me with such a piercing gaze.  Like I really am a parasite. She looks like she's getting agitated and impatient now."


"Well?  Are you going to answer me?  If you're not going to school, not working and living off of other peoples blood, sweat and tears... What are you doing with your life?" 

You tried to tell her how hard it was in this economy to find a job after you quit to go on vacation and party in the Bahamas because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Or why you couldn't focus on school because you were out all night partying because that's what your old roommates did and you had yo join them. And how your parents kicked you out and decided to retire out of the country because of this and the old basement of your friends house didn't let any light in and that messed with your sleep schedule.  You used to win at friends poker games, but you were on a bit of a losing streak.  She didn't seem too sympathetic with your plight. When you started talking about your metflix and exbox live accounts being cancelled and your favorite drink being taken off shelves, Erin had had enough. 

She looked down at the ground in frustration, gave an exasperated sigh, looked back up and waved her beautiful dark hair out of her face and said. "Oh My God! None of that matters. Excuses, excuses, excuses! Who cares about your TV shows and video games and spending all your money on partying and gambling.  You've wasted your life and now you want me to feel bad for you and risk losing my job to get you help that doesn't need to be rushed. I have to help my family pay bills and you need junk food and soda money.  You think I like working this crappy minimum wage job?  No. We all hate it, but we do it because we have to.  We can't just run away and party just because we don't like our jobs and want to stream movies in a dank, musty, old basement.  What are you doing with your life?"

"I'm doing a lot, but it's a bad time and it's taking time and..."

"I'm going to ask you one more time and I want you to answer honestly with no pathetic, shitty excuses. It should be obvious, but I'll even give you a hint. You can sum up your answer in one word.  So... What are you doing with your life?" 

The look she gave you was now only slightly of anger and more of disappointment.  The kind of disappointment where you see a poor, sick homeless man begging for money, but then later find out he has a house and car and is very healthy, but only does this because he doesn't feel like working like everybody else.  You wanted to give more reasons why you were in this financial situation, but that would definitely only anger her more and you didn't want to enrage a giantess who could crush you in the palm of her hand.  The more important thing than explaining your lifestyle choices was gaining her help and it killed you to admit it, but you knew you had to say what she wanted to hear in order to survive this ordeal.  Embarrassed by her words and your decision to admit this to her, You look her in the eye and say in a meek voice  "...Nothing." 

She stares at you for a moment without any emotion before saying "So why should I help someone who's doing nothing with their life?"

"Because you fucking said so!  You say you're going to help me and now your going back on your word after keeping me a prisoner with those jumbo gazongas you keep in your bra this whole time!  Go get me some fuckin' help right now!"

The look on Erins face instantly made your anger disappear.  You've never seen her this angry before or even angry at all before today.  This wasn't like her at all.

"You think a tiny thing like you can make demands of a giant?  I could squish in my hand right now.  I would never do that, but do you really understand your position right now? Go on, try to get out." 

She gently closes her fist around you, so only the top half of your body is free.  Her arm is outstretched, holding you in a fist while you're struggling to escape from her grip, but it's too strong.  An almost smug smirk appears on her face, her red lipstick complementing her dark hair. 

"Do you see how powerless you are?  I'm not even trying that hard and you're trying to make demands from me?  How dare you after I've gone out of my way to try to help you."

"Wait! Erin, please you have to help me.  You can't leave me like this, I'm helpless here, look at me.  No one else knows I'm like this.  Anyone could come in here and squash me like a bug or grab me for themselves.  Please, I'm begging you, I know you're a genuine, honest person who only wants to do what's right.  You have to help me, it's the right thing to do."  


End Notes:

Conversation ends next chapter and details of what each female associate would do to him are brought up

Don't You Know What These Women Will Do? by Amista6
Author's Notes:

Break time is over. Decisions are made.

"Relax, I'm not a monster. I'm going to help you, but not right now. I wanted you to understand the situation. I have responsibilities and as soon as those are done I'll talk to you more about what happens next."

Erins calming response soothes your fear, but paranoia and skepticism rise up to take it's place.

"Good, that's good.... but how do I know you're telling the truth? How can I be sure you don't want to harm me?  You could be lying and asking those questions to see who wants me the most.  I heard what they said,  Prove to me you're not like them."

The look that flared up on her pretty face looked even more furious than before.  A regretful terror floods your body.

"Are you serious?  How stupid are you?  I literally just told you I would help you, then you call me a liar?  And if I was lying what could you do about it?  You just told me how helpless you are by yourself.  You're being ungrateful and wasting my time again.  I asked those questions to see the best way to help you, you stupid ass!  Most of them said they would help you, why do you think I asked them how to benefit you instead of abuse you?  I even left out the part about about what kind of person you really are, but that was obviously a mistake. I don't know how to deal with a pint sized person.  This isn't normal and it's not easy for me.  You owe me for this."

That was really stupid to say.  You don't know why you said it, it kind of just came out.  This whole situation is stressful, but you really have to think before you speak.  People always said that was one of your biggest problems, but now the stakes are a lot higher.  You want to say something to calm Erins increasing outrage, but her resenting rant continues.

"If you don't believe me, think of when I first found you. I knew how much Jillian hated you and I could have easily let her find you, but I thought being found helpless by her would be worse than being held in my bra until after work.  Would you rather be trapped in her underwear right now, kissing wherever her wedgie takes you?" 

The image of being dragged deep into the greasy recesses of the Bosses fathomless buttcrack, trying to claw your way out of her slick glutes to no avail, made you instantly cringe.  The thought of what lay deep down in between the abyss of your former managers excessively large buttcheeks never occurred to you before.  Was it hairy? Was it smelly?  How hot and sweaty was it in her rear? Was she gassy?  Did she wipe well?  All questions you would have been able to answer in livid detail by now if Erin had decided to follow procedure and hand you over to her superior.  She would have dropped you in the back of her panties and you would have gone where no man had gone before.  And knowing Jillians resentment of you, where no man would ever leave.  Any chance of a life serving the bosses overgrown ass is not worth risking.   

"No! I..." Erin interrupts you again and yells. "What about Britney?  Do you want to be the insole to her sockless shoes?  She hates your guts!  Her gym sneakers are in that locker right there.  Say the word and I'll leave you in there as a present for her to find for her workout later."  You're not sure who hates you more, but Britney would absolutely enjoy squeezing you inbetween her sweaty toes and whatever other torture she could think of.  There's no way you can risk becoming Britneys toetoy. 

"No! Why would I..." Erin cuts you off again.  "And Jen, she wants you as a part of her collection of sextoys.  You were always bragging to the guys about getting pussy, why don't you ask me to bring you to her?"  It's true you used to say that often, but you didn't know the girls knew that.  Getting lost in Jens vagina all day isn't as bad as being found by Jillian or Britney, but you don't know if you could handle that long pleasing that sexual nymph.  Even for a short time in her snatch, you're not sure if you could survive being crushed by her vaginal walls after an orgasm.  Something you weren't eager to find out.

"I don't want..." She interrupts you once again. "And there's always Kacie.  She wants to train you into becoming an obedient, little pet.  Is that what you want?  To become Kacies trained animal being treated like a beast instead of a man?  Doing tricks for her and her friends whiles she brags about how she trained you to paint her nails and massage her when shes sore? I can bring you to her right now if you want that?  If I told her you asked me to bring you to her, knowing Kacies answer from before, she would be so happy you agreed to be owned by her.  Becoming her petman doesn't sound as bad compared to what the other employees and customers said about you.  As soon as that first customer I asked heard what Kacie had said about you, she wanted to do the same thing, but I don't think she would be as nice or caring as Kacie.  She's probably your best bet right now if you continue to disrespect me." 

You said you would never let her train you, but over time if she never let you go, you wonder if one day you would really be doing tricks for a group of spoiled, self indulgent girls who coo over the entertainment you give them. Only to put you back in your cage and go live their regular lives like you really are some kind of dumb, domesticated animal that's only good for their amusement.   You wouldn't be a slave like the other women wanted, but becoming the permanent property of a spoiled blonde is not a life you want to live.

"So, will you please shut up and stop poking my boobs like a little shit and appreciate that I'm trying to help you unlike most people?"

"Ok, I..." Erin cuts you off for the 4th time."Good! Now please! Be quiet while I finish my food and grab a drink for the last ten mins of my break that you've already wasted so much time of!"

You nod your head yes and she gently places you back on the table on a memo about the cleanliness of the breakroom.  Not wanting to anger the only person who can help you right now, you stay silent and watch while she eats and reads what looks to be a memo regarding paycheck release date changes.  You were surprised at her outburst, you've never seen her get mad like that before at anyone.  Every time a customer pissed her off she would usually vent about it when they walked away.  You really were lucky she didn't hand you over to any of those crazy bitches, but she seemed pissed and stressed right now, so you can wait fifteen minutes until her break is done to ask her to speed up getting you help.  You wish she would stop focusing on work, but she's the one in power here, not you.  It's causing you some anxiety, but what's really unnerving is how she can pop those gummy candies in her mouth so easily and chew them up like white boulders grinding up tiny little creatures. At your size, you can relate to their stature and helplessness.  You really want to go sneak a nibble too, but you're afraid Erin won't see you and accidentally grab you with them sending you both to the depths of her well-rounded stomach.  Then you would be the one helping her by digesting alive inside her belly and sent travelling through her intestines to nourish her overworked, voluptuous body. 

After about 10 minutes she gets up and walks to the employee refrigerator. She bends over to take a water bottle from the bottom shelf next to a crumpled bag of Mexican fast food and you see the top part of her coinslot peek out just a little bit as she crouches.  You're glad she hasn't had the idea of keeping you secure between her asscheeks. Her mildly sweaty tits are a godsend compared to those twin moons that have no room to breathe.  If those growing water balloons were starting to burst out of her bra, then the same was probably happening to datass in those constricting panties.  The level of sweat in her curvaceous behind would probably have you slip and slide in-between her buns all the way down into... it's best not think about it... but still, she did have a great booty. 

When she turns around she catches you staring at her backside and gives you an annoyed, disgusted look like she labeled you as some kind of loathsome pervert. You're waiting for her to scream at you again, but instead she decides not to mention it and brings you up to her face with two fingers and pulls open the front of her shirt.

"Listen, I'm really sorry for freaking out and yelling at you like that, but I'm going through a real tough time right now and I cant afford to lose this job or even get my hours cut.  I know your nervous and scared, but you really shouldn't be rude and demanding to someone who is going to help you, but has their own immediate priorities to deal with.  Especially if you're too minuscule to do anything about it. I promise I'm going to help you, but I have to get back to work now and I want you to be somewhere safe where I can feel you, in case you fall out.  You should feel lucky you're going back between my breasts. I don't have any pockets on these yoga pants and most guys would kill to get as close as you are.  You never would have seen them at your other size, so be thankful I actually care about your well being and don't put you in a drawer or paper cup for someone else who hates you to accidentally find.  You owe me so much for this."

"Yeah I know, All I want is some help as soon as possible, but you..." 

You were about to complain again, but kept quiet in case she got angry or thought of a less comfortable place to keep you.  Her breasts were comfortable enough for now. You just had to do a better job of hiding your erection.  Erin noticed how quickly he became silent again and thought it was smart how she reminded him just how good he had it with her and how the others would not be so supportive.

"I'll do you a favor, since you want to leave here so badly, I can ask to not clock out for my lunch break and leave early instead.  I still get paid the same, but I'm going to be really tired after work since this fifteen minutes will be my only break today.  So no complaints when I get home and I'll need your cooperation when I rest. I just want to kick back, put my feet up and relax.  Sound good?"  She said as she popped her piece of gum back in her mouth, chewing it loudly.

You were about to give a full response to Erin when you both heard footsteps coming from behind the break room door.  "Ok, but why... Hide me!" 

Your main concern right now was not being found by anyone who hated you and even though Erin wasn't helping you exactly the way you wanted, she was still the best choice in this place.  Erin was expecting a thank you, but also realized your concern being found shrunken and vulnerable, so she grabbed you and once again and dropped you back into her bountiful bosom before the unknown person walked in. 

Erin was still shocked that she had found a tiny person. She didn't believe it at first, but the more time passes, the more, natural it feels. She heard about it on the news, but never believed it before since she never saw it with her own eyes until now.  It was strange how she adapted so fast, but maybe talking about it with all the others made it seem normal. Still, as long as he was safe with her and in no danger, there was no need to rush to help him. She did still have a job to do and bills to pay. After everything she heard today, Erin now knew the best way to help.


End Notes:

Help who?

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