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Author's Chapter Notes:

Brief dialogue-only based story. I hope you enjoy it.
As a brief aside, not really sure what to do with the tags here. The story's actual plot contains basically no sexy-times, but sexy-times are referenced and described, so . . . Rated R? Anyway, please enjoy and as always, thank you for reading!



“Good evening, listeners! It’s your loveable-scamp of a host Roy here with a very special guest. Last week we covered some of my thoughts and opinions on baseline human interaction with the genetically modified, or ‘Gene-Mod’, community. Today, we actually have a member of the Gene-Mod community with us, and one who, she says, delights in her interactions with the baseline community.”






“We usually just refer to ourselves as ‘Mod’, and what you call ‘baseline’ humans, we simply call ‘non-mod’.”


“Oh, I didn’t know that! Awesome! So, that leads us to introductions. My listeners already know me, but would you care to introduce yourself?”


“I’d prefer not to use my name, it might cause problems later on, but if you need to call me anything let’s go with something evocative; how about ‘Miss Mistress’?”


“I can do that. So, Miss Mistress, tell us a little about yourself.”


“What do you want to know?”


“Oh, everything!”


“I really doubt your listeners are interested in where I grew up, or what my favorite dinosaur was as a child, but Utahraptor Ostrommaysi, if it matters.”


“Uh, let’s start with your modifications, I think that will steer us in the right direction.”


“Sure thing, I’m a standard height Titan-Mod with…”




“Roy, don’t interrupt me.”


“I’m sorry, I just… uh what’s a Titan-Mod?”


“Didn’t you just do an opinion piece on mods and non-mods fucking? How could you come to any reasonable conclusion without understanding what a Titan-Mod is?”


“I… uh… You’re right, but what better way to learn, right?”


“Fortunately, you're still cute. Those of us who receive genetic modification, beyond the normal cancer suppression, or immunology boosting, usually fall along three axises; demis, titans, and chimeras. Demis, as in demigods, are kind of a dying breed. Not because they’re actually dying, just because the situation that caused their genesis is rapidly fading. Demis were originally built to allow people to enjoy the full suite of genetic modification, but all them to use non-mod facilities and equipment, which were still the norm at the time. Basically they could lift a truck and still walk through a door frame designed for someone like you, Roy.”


“Yeah, I’d imagine door frames built for me would be a problem for you.”


“Doors honestly aren’t the biggest problem, I can squeeze through most non-mod doors. Showers and toilets are another issue altogether. Once, I was seeing this non-mod who had me over to his place, fun times, but when I went to take a piss, well, let’s just say there were weight capacity concerns, and well, not to be too grotesque in the first interview, volume concerns.”


“His bathroom was too loud?”


“God, it is a good thing you’re cute. Let’s move on.”


“Uh, sure thing. So, demi’s look like baselines, er, non-mods, but aren’t, and what about titans?”


“You’re looking at one, Roy. Titans enjoy the full spectrum of modification possibility. The current, legal, internationally enforced height limit for a Titan-Mod is four meters. It prevents an arms race that both clothing manufacturers and staircase designers would lose. Titans can do almost anything you can imagine and look good doing it.”


“That’s fantastic, and chimeras?”


“Chimera is less of a distinct classification, and more something you sprinkle in. Everyone I know, myself included, is a bit chimera, and I don’t know any… no wait, I know one, what I would call dedicated chimera. Chimeras are mods that have added features that are not only superhuman, but extra-human.”


“What’s the difference?”


“It’s ‘super-human’ to have an arm strong enough to lift a bus. It’s ‘extra-human’ to have six arms strong enough to do the same.”


“Wow, so there are really people walking around with six arms?”


“That’s one of the more tame chimera modifications, there’s extra eyes, skin modifications for fur or scales, tails or tentacles, of course some of the more exotic hair colors or eye colors, and then there’s a select group of people who choose to eschew traditional human appearance almost altogether.”


“Wait, didn’t you say you had some chimera mods? You don’t look, uh, furry to me.”


“Chimera mods are usually pretty well hideable, even the multiple limbs thing can be contained under a jacket when you’re not trying to cause a scene.”


“So what mods do you have?”


“I’m what was originally called a Generation 13 Triple Mod, the generation system has largely been phased out, as the incremental improvements no longer merit what constituted a full blown generation. The triple mod refers to the fact that both of my parents, my demi mother, and my titan father…”


“Ooof that sounds like it would’ve been uncomfortable.”


“What did I say about interrupting me, Roy?”


“Sorry, sorry. You were saying? Uh, I’m sorry, Miss Mistress. Please continue?”


“That’s a little better Roy, but honestly, this room is a bit depressing. This hotel has a private penthouse, let’s do the rest of this interview there.”


“I didn’t know this place had a penthouse.”


“And yet, it does. Follow me, and don’t forget your little recorder.”


“But, what about…?”


“I didn’t ask, Roy, now come on, we can talk as we walk, let’s go!”


“Uh, yes, Miss Mistress.”


“Like I said, triple mod, that means my parents, who you so rudely referred to, received modification prior to conception. Additionally in-utero the modification regimen continued, and once I was born, of course, I continued receiving modifications to make me into what I am today. My parents were smart enough, we’ll take the elevator, Roy, my parents were smart enough to foresee the advantages of being a titan, and so by the time I was a teen, I was already more than two meters in height.”


“Okay, uh, I, give me a moment to catch my breath. Sorry, uh, so what about now? What mods do you have now?”


“Here, Roy, scan this at the elevator panel, it’ll take us up to the private penthouse on the top two floors. My modification package is actually pretty mundane, although very sophisticated. Four meters in height, biological and tissue adjustments to accommodate that increased height, a few cutting edge tweaks to make sure I don’t weigh two hundred and fifty kilos, although I’m still over two hundred, there’s some other kind of boring stuff, an internal body temperature of about forty three degrees, making it nearly impossible to get sick. Ah here we are.”


“Uh, yes, I will do that. Is that all? Of your mods, I mean.”


“Not by any stretch. Join me in the living room, Roy, and bring me the bottle of champagne from the fridge on your way, don’t forget the glass.”


“I, okay, sure, but is that all of your mods?”


“Well like I said there’s some boring things, but I do have some very fun ones. Muscular enhancement that allows for very precise control of every muscle in my body. I’m still waiting on that champagne, Roy.”


“I’ve got it, right here, wow, this place is huge! And everything is so big!”


“Ha, for you maybe, come over here and sit down. No, not with me on the chaise, here, on the floor next to me.”


“I, but…”


“Roy, I wasn’t asking, and don’t talk back.”


“Uh, yes, Miss Mistress.”


“Good, now where was I? Oh yes, the muscular control. While it means I can flex any muscle in my abs to my heart's content, it also means all of my vaginal muscles are also extremely responsive.”


“There’s no chair here.”


“I didn’t say ‘find a chair’, Roy, I said ‘sit on the floor’.”




“Now, Roy.”


“Yes, Miss Mistress.”


“Good. Roy? The champagne?”


“Oh, right, uh, so ‘responsive’?”


“Yes, when combined with my other modifications, I could, if needed grip hard enough with my pussy to lift another titan off the ground.”


“That sounds, uh, really painful.”


“Oh, it is, incredibly so. But I don’t typically pull out that party trick unless I really don’t like you and I’m riding cowgirl, not a regular combination.”


“I can see. Here’s your champagne.”


“Very good, Roy. Now set the recorder down on the coffee table.”


“Uh, why?”


“Roy, we are going to have to work on your… let’s call them interviewing skills. Let’s try this again; set the recorder down.”


“Yes, Miss Mistress.”


“Better. I do have a couple of very fun modifications, however, for example…”


“Oh, oh my God. Wow. Uh, but Miss Mistress, this is an audio recording, would you mind, uh describing the mod for the listeners?”


“Haha, I forgot, sorry listeners. I took the liberty of getting a tongue mod. If I strain really hard, I can lick the bottom of a fifty centimeter bottle, and it’s strong enough to lift most non-mods, although that is usually pushing it.”


“You can lift people with that thing?”


“Would you like to find out, Roy?”


“I, uh, maybe, uh, wait, we’re still interviewing about…”


“You’re not great at following instructions, Roy, but watching you get flustered really makes this worth it. Yes, I can lift people with it, but it’s kind of a pain. It’s near my weight limit with the tongue and it requires a bit of preparation. But the prehensile nature of the tongue is better for other things.”


“Like what? Oh. Oh, I… I think I get it.”


“So cute. Yes, that, but also I’ve used it to whip a naughty partner on multiple occasions, both with the tongue itself, and even a couple of times with the tongue holding a whip.”


“Wow that is intense. Uh, just a minute, let me get a glass.”


“No, Roy, stay there.”




“No back talk, Roy.”


“Yes, Miss Mistress.”


"But if you're looking for something to do, I think I have a job to keep you occupied while we talk. Here."


"I don't…"


"Remove my shoes, Roy. They're just flats today, you shouldn't have any difficulty, hell, sometimes the heel falls off on its own. Now if I were wearing my favorite club boots, you'd probably be unbuckling and unzipping all night."


"Y...yes, Miss Mistress. But I don't see what this has to do with the interview."


"Ah, that feels so much better, it's weird how in such hot weather, even in the air conditioning, even with just a pair of sockless flats on your feet can get so hot and sweaty, isn't it? Don't forget the other one, Roy."


"Yes, Miss Mistress. Uh, Miss Mistress, is that all of your mods?"


"Oh, the cool air feels so good between my… Roy, did you just turn your nose up?"




"At my feet, Roy? My feet?"


"But you said yourself that…"


"No 'buts', Roy, now you've gotta make it up to me. Hey, don't move. Good. Now you just keep that one up on your shoulder until you're done massaging this one."


"Massage? But I can't, they're so big!"


"I'm only a size 65 extra wide, Roy, every journey begins with a small step, so get to work. Also; rude."


"Yes, Miss Mistress. Any other mods?"


"Oh this champagne is lovely, and you’re not terrible with those tiny fingers. Uh, yes one more modification, although it's much less readily apparent than the others. I have an innate modification that allows for primary sexual characteristics to be altered or added ad-hoc based on specific chemical catalysts."


"I… I don't get it, what are primate sexiness crackers?"


"Focus, Roy, focus. I know my feet are amazing, but I need you to be able to work and listen at the same time. Primary sexual characteristics. A penis."


"You have a dick?!"


"Cute but you're awfully ballsy for someone with my foot next to their head, and the other in their lap. You know, with my heel above their balls?"


"Nnnngh. Sorry! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Miss Mistress. I just was surprised. I didn't notice that you had a… had a…"


"A dick, Roy? Oh that's because I don't, at least not at the moment. I am genetically capable of growing one, temporarily, with the proper supplement taken orally, if I want to."


"Why would you want to?"


"Well setting aside the benefit of being able to try new things, it's pretty amazing to be giving and getting at the same time. Titan three ways are intense, and being able to lend an organ to whichever hole presents itself is not only useful, but very fun."


"I hadn't really thought of that."


"And Roy, I find that having the ability to grow penis especially useful in my non-mod interactions. Fucking a titan is always fun, but there is something unbelievably sexy about holding down a smaller, struggling, begging tiny person before spreading their legs and just…"


"Oooohoookay! I uh, I get it."


"Your face is red again, Roy. Don't neglect my toes, or in between them. And don't interrupt me."


"Yes Miss Mistress. That all sounds…"




"Very, I'd imagine that a night clubbing with you would be amazing. I… did I say something wrong?"


"No, not really, but it does just show a little bit of a lack of imagination. With the exception of a couple of very specific clubs, with very specific clientele, my night out at a dance club is pretty much the same as anyone else's. Overly loud obnoxious music, designer drugs and alcohol, gyrating against somebody until we're both too dehydrated to continue. But would you like to know what I get up to after the club?"


"Yes, yes very much!"


"Well it's time to switch feet, here give it a kiss, thank me, and move on to the next one."




"Roy, did it sound like a request?"


"Thank you, Miss Mistress."


"Very good Roy, now after the club is much more interesting. Oh your technique is much improved from the other one, but don't be afraid to really put some effort into those thumbs, you're not going to hurt me Roy. So after the club, do you want to hear about a night where I take home a lucky non-mod, a lucky titan, or a night where multiple contestants win the grand prize?"


"Miss Mistress, may I ask a stupid question?"


"Go ahead."


"Do you not care for demis? You mentioned non-mods and titans, but not demis."


"Very observant Roy, I think you're learning. I don't mention demis because from my purposes they're usually on par with non-mods. Don't get me wrong, a demo could snap a non-mod in half without much effort, but I can do that to a demi. It's true that they can take quite a bit more punishment, but in reality unless I'm hate fucking somebody, I don't need the extra durability to enjoy myself and usually neither does my partner. Although one time, I did hook up with an exceptionally masochistic demi, that night took a turn. Hey, no slacking off."


"Sorry, Miss Mistress. So you think of demis like non-mods?"


"In the bedroom, generally yes, but like I said, that extra sturdiness can come in very handy on occasion. About the only thing better for letting out your aggression is a well built synthetic."


"One of those robot's?"

“Yes, those robots. They can do some truly bizarre things.”


“I… uh, yeah, I know.”


“Oh Roy, are you embarrassed about using a sexbot? Don’t be, they can be fun! But something tells me you played it safe. What was it? Cute, girl next door type? Mommy-domme with big tits? You can tell me, Roy, I won’t tell your listeners.”


“It wasn’t anything like that, it was just, uh, normal.”


“That’s honestly a little disappointing, Roy, I think there’s a little pervert inside of you that’s screaming to get out, or whipped.”


“So, uh, synthetics can mimic some of the mods that demis or titans have?”


"Nice dodge, Roy, but yes. Still they don't beat the feeling of being tangled up with someone else, or someone else being tangled up by you, but with the wide range of options and models, if you're into some niche kinks, a synthetic can be built to fill those perverted holes. Speaking of, how would you like to try the champagne, Roy?"


"Yes, Miss Mistress. Uh, Miss Mistress? I can't get a glass unless you take your foot off my…"


"You won't need a glass, open your mouth."


"But I…"


"That's it, right there on your tongue. Let me tilt your head back just a bit. Here comes the champagne, don't let any spill. Very good. Drink it all down. Don't forget to clean up. Not your hands, Roy, your tongue. I don't want my shoes sticky with champagne later, so lick it all up."


"Wow, that was, I can't believe you could fit two whole toes… I've never done that before…"


"You're welcome, Roy. But I've been thinking, rather than tell you about one of my nights with a non-mod, instead you will run to the kitchen, grab another bottle from the bar, and then meet me in the bedroom. I'll give you a first hand account of mod-non-mod relations."




"Roy, I wasn't asking. And when I said 'run to the kitchen' I meant 'run'. I expect you to be next to the bed, champagne in hand when I walk into the room."




"What was that, Roy?"


"Yes, Miss Mistress!"

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