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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone ! Here is this week's chapter of this little story ! I hope you'll like it !


Chapter 3

Jake hesitated. Truly, there was many possibilities but one stood above all the others, literally. He wanted to change Jackie a little more – or perhaps more than a little. He just needed to consider what he wanted to change, and how it’d affect her friendships and status. She was super tall but everyone accepted it; she was buff, but not too much and it had clearly made her friends healthier too. He couldn’t turn her into a bimbo, but he felt that this beautiful woman deserved a tad more curves on her body. He just wasn’t sure of what it’d induce as changes for the rest of the world.

“Okay… so… Jackie’s three meters tall” he finally whispered.

As he expected, that change wasn’t too drastic. She sure looked ginormous and it was super impressive but he didn’t feel like it affected the world too much. It was already used to Jackie being two meters and a half after all, fifty more centimeters didn’t turn out to be too impressive a growth compared to the first one. Miranda and Alison seemed to return to a less showy style, but only slightly, with a bit less revealing outfits and the like, but it was clear the universe didn’t deem the repercussions massive to fit with his changes.

“Hey, what are you mumbling about?” suddenly asked a girl to his right, looking puzzled at him. “You seems weird.”

“Nah… not at all” he replied quickly, “everyone’s used to me talking to myself like that without caring about what I say, you know, uh… Amanda?” he tried, finally remembering the brown haired, plain looking, girl’s name.

“Oh, you’re right, sorry Jake, don’t know why I bothered you about it, you’ve always been doing it after all” she chuckled and she turned around to chat with her friends.

Jake shook his head, feeling relieved. He should have made this change earlier, but he hadn’t even thought about it. Sure, he needed to whisper to not attract attention, but at least nobody would care that he did that. With a grin, he focused back on Jackie. He had something in mind, after all, to make some changes to her without undoing his previous ones, he just needed to word it rightly. He took some more seconds to really think about it and then spoke aloud, using his powers.

“Jackie’s is proportionally as curvy as Lindsey Pelas, but she keeps a healthy dose of sport and hit the gym often enough that she remains buff – in fact, she sporting some very well defined muscles all over, but especially her abs, which she likes to show off.”

He barely finished his sentences when she changed. It wasn’t as impressive as the first one of course, but seeing her modest curves be replaced in a split second by large breasts and a smaller but quite attractive behind. Suddenly, Jake felt a little queasy – if she came back to him and brought him back to her room, powers or not, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to resist her and he’d probably let her have her way with him. Perhaps he ought to ditch the party a little, but the idea of not changing her just a bit more was not acceptable.

“Jackie’s renowned the world over for her strength, which is far greater than her physic would let anyone believe” he said, hoping to see some more changes.

It turned out that nothing happened, she didn’t even change clothes – well, she didn’t change clothes again, of course, since his previous change had led to a rather drastic departure from her previous style. She was now sporting a crop top which seemed to struggle in an uphill battle to contain her large breasts but mostly served to advertise to the world around her how perfect her six-pack was. It would have probably put to shame an awful lot of people, considering how well defined it was, and she knew it, obviously.

Her friends didn’t seem to be intimidated or anything but he noticed a slight change. They were clearly impressed and perhaps a tad envious of the giantess. He couldn’t blame them, because in this reality they obviously had to live in the Jackie’s shadow – figuratively and literally. Still, Jake couldn’t help but gasp when the blonde mini-giantess lifted both of her friends with one arm, as if the two of them combined didn’t weight more than an average bag of groceries.

He decided that this sight, which led to a lot of cheers and laughs was a tad too much for him. Now he could picture Jackie doing the same to him, and more. Seemingly, getting a blowjob while being propped by one hand of a taller babe wasn’t just a figment of his erotic fantasies but something of the realm of possibilities, and he felt a little too aroused by the idea. For some time, he looked at the pool, noticing how much larger it had grown – like the whole house really, but then, he felt an enormous hand clasp on his back and a cascade of blonde hair fell around his head.

“I better see you back in my room in ten minute Jake, otherwise I’ll have to come back and lift you up there before everyone to see” she said to him in a raspy voice, low enough that he was the only one hearing it, and he had no doubt about what she had in mind.

It turned out he was in advance. She had given him ten minutes and he hadn’t been able to wait more than seven. Some glances as he went up the stairs were obviously knowing and he wondered if Jackie did that with a lot of peoples in this altered reality. He knew her to be – frigid wasn’t the word – prude a little. But perhaps, being busty, taller than anyone and super strong, this Jackie was actually a lot more open sexually and she collected lovers like others did pebbles?

“You came earlier than I expected you Jake” she chimed when he entered and closed the door behind him, looking absolutely dumbfounded. “What’s the matter? Cat’s got your tongue? Are you surprised that I’d go that far to woo the one person who isn’t intimidated by me?”

She was naked – almost. She was only wearing a frisky and frilly thing, pinkish, so diaphanous that it could as well not have been there, and whatever remained to the imagination paled in comparison to what was offered to view. Jake felt his blood rush to his nether regions and he wanted to do something, to say something, but he couldn’t do anything more elaborate than gulp audibly, as if the three meters tall bombshell he had turned cute little Jackie into was robbing his brain from its ability to think.

She chuckled but she also seemed somewhat nervous when she got up from her bed and approached him. Jake felt as if his eyes would pop out of his head – he had made her incredibly curvy and toned at the same time, which made her every move absolutely stunning to behold. That his mouth didn’t fell on the ground like in a Tex Avery’s cartoon was nothing short from a miracle. And his whole body went stiff when she put a finger underneath his chin and forced him to look up at her, right at her enormous cleavage.

“Did I make a mistake Jake? Are you NOT interested in me?” she asked him, her voice sharper, but he couldn’t tell if it was because she was amused or worried. “Don’t you want to touch me?” she whispered, catching one of his arm and forcing it upward – he didn’t resist at all- until one of his hands nestled on one of her large breasts, incredibly firm and heavy, he could tell that without even twitching his fingers. “I’d love it if you explored me, you know?” she finished, making him gasp.

“I… wow” was all he could answer as he started to truly cup and caress that enormous thing, far bigger than any breasts he could have ever hoped to touch and here she was offering it to him, it was insane!

“Well, it seems you’re liking it” she sighed in relief, and she shifted a little, producing a loud crack behind Jake, startling him. “Shit! Sorry! I’m just a little too eager… I don’t want to hurt you” she explained, blushing and retreating a little.

She had put her other hand on the wall behind him and pushed a little too much on it. Just a little too much, and she had cracked the wall. It wasn’t one of those paper thin walls from the South of the US, not it was really a sturdy one, deeper and dense enough to be well-isolating and blocking most sounds. And she had broken it without even realizing she was doing it. It should have been absolutely terrified, she was far stronger than he had expected her to be, even after her changes. It was obviously dangerous to try and have a little sexy time with her. But in truth, he wasn’t afraid at all.

“Don’t worry Jackie, it doesn’t bother me at all” he said, surprising himself because even without his power behind his words, it was true. “I trust you entirely.”

It was true and a part of him was finding it absolutely insane, but it was the result of the changes he had made to himself before, without noticing it at first. He trusted her, and it extended even to a situation like that, as insane as it was. His bones were far weaker than the wall after all, he could die if she lost it, but he wasn’t worried. His nervousness was entirely due to the sheer size and beauty of this new and – in his eyes – improved Jackie, who was still into him, as surprising as it was for him.

She approached him again, looking both surprised and elated. And she lifted him from the ground, making him yelp a little a second before her lips sealed on his own and she kissed him. It was a little sloppy, he had no experience in that kind of stuff and Jackie didn’t seem to have much either, but it was good, even with his feet dangling far from the ground. He put his arms around her neck, marveling at how powerful even its muscles seems to be under its touch, but he felt incredibly safe and secure. It was exactly what he wanted in life.

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this” she chuckled when she finally broke the kiss, letting him pant for a time, as his lungs ached a little. “To finally be with you instead of the big brutes who are usually hitting on me for a piece of ass…”

“Well, you can’t blame me to not have made a move before… at four meters tall, you are a little above my grade, in theory” he quipped, enjoying the changes as the already massive woman grew even more and the world changed around her to fit her – he felt her tits engulfing his lower body with ease now.

“Here’s a secret Jake… when you’re as tall as I am… everyone’s below my grade… so I get to pick whoever I want, and it happens to be you, sweetie” she whispered, before kissing him again, and this time her tongue invaded his mouth – and he loved it.

He felt the hand which was supporting him shifted from his back – which it now covered largely when it was wide open to his ss. He yelped and she chuckled as she continued to kiss him, looking down from over her nose at him, in a very sexy way. She started to press on his cheeks and she clearly loved it because her kiss became more frantic. Then she broke it and he flew, too surprised to scream, until he fell on the soft mattress of a bed so ginormous a dozen normal persons would have been able to sleep in it! Looking up, he saw that Jackie was removing her very little clothing.

“You’d better get out of your clothes Jake, because if you don’t when I get my hands on you again, I’ll remove them for you and you will have to find new ones to get back home later – or tomorrow… Yeah, tomorrow sounds great, don’t you agree?”

What could he say to that? What could he do but get out of his clothes so fast they almost burnt his skin? She purred when he did that, offering him a tantalizing view of her body. Those breasts, which had been almost  non-existent less than an hour before were now absolutely enormous, not so much on her than compared to the rest of the world, and he felt that they were the perfect size for Jackie, that changing them again would be a disservice, because too much was a thing. It wasn’t as if she had many other parts of her body which were worth a sight and a caress.

When she descended on the bed, looming over him, Jake felt as if it was a goddess standing above him, with an incredibly muscular and yet perfectly feminine body. She rolled her shoulders, which made her breasts tilt slightly, and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grope them and enjoy the mass they had achieved – it wasn’t hot air balloons. He managed to focus his hands elsewhere thanks to a sheer force of will and nestled them against her impressive abs, marveling at the power her six-pack clearly contained, probably more sheer strength than in his two arms combined, probably.

“Aren’t I too tall?” she suddenly said, and her voice was very much like the Jackie of old, worried and shy, instead of the towering bombshell she now was. “Most men don’t seem to want to let me take the lead because of it…”

“No, I don’t mind it” he said truthfully – even if he didn’t go so far as admit his fetish toward taller women. “You can make me do whatever you want, Jackie…”

She smiled at it and let herself fall on him. He gasped, since he wasn’t really able to take the weight of a four meter tall girl as if it was nothing, but he didn’t panic, since he quickly realized that she was actually very careful not to her him, even if there was a tremor in her body, or a shiver, she was clearly nervous about it, no matter the bravado she actually showed, and Jake guessed he could understand why – she was so strong that she could hurt him real fast, after all.

“Are you comfortable? Don’t hesitate to tell me if you aren’t, okay? I don’t want to make this a bad experience for you…”

“It’s fine really, you don’t have to worry about me.”

She smiled and kissed his forehead, before shifting a little over him. He was really starting to take in how tall she was, she was more than twice as tall as he was, and even if her body was still very feminine, her limbs were so much larger than his, he felt more like a child than anything else. She didn’t gave him too much time to consider all of this however, when she put her breasts on each side of his head. Each of them was bigger than his skull he realized with some stupor – and much arousal.

She was already gigantic compared to him and yet he realized with some stupor that he wanted more. More of her, equally. He wanted Jackie to be absolutely titanic compared to the rest of Mankind and he decided that being four meters tall wasn’t enough for her. She needed to be at least one meter… no, screw it! She needed to be much bigger and he had the power to do so and make sure the world didn’t freak out about it! He just needed some more air to breathe and say the words and make her even better!

It turned out that Jackie had no intention of letting him say something however. When she finally lifted herself from his face a little, and he gasped the air to be able to change her, his mouth was immediately filled with the pliant flesh surrounding Jackie’s areola, as he felt her nipple setting itself firmly in his mouth, even as one of her incredibly large hand descended on his dick and started to pump it, which was a strange sensation, considering how small it was compared to her fingers. Still, it was obviously feeling very good. Perhaps even a tad too much for him, even.

It was becoming hard to not lose it and when she grunted, clearly wanting him to do something with the nipple in her mouth, he had to give up on the opportunity to talk and change her right here, right now. Instead, he started to lick and nibble at the knot of flesh, eliciting a few moans which did nothing to calm him down. He was starting to twitch down there, even if he wanted to avoid losing it so fast. Thankfully, his nervousness, since he had zero practical experience when it came to sex, prevented him from coming too fast, even if it meant that Jackie’s fingers became deliciously painful to him.

They kept at it for a long time, long enough for Jackie’s weight to start to become uncomfortable and then a little painful. Still, Jake tried his best to not tap out until he really needed to be able to breathe without her mass on his torso, compressing it just enough for each intake of air to be a struggle. She needed some persuasion, because he had continued to work on her body, trying to pleasure her just as she did to him, even if their size difference made it quite a lot harder for him.

She was relentless and Jake had no time for himself and to think about what he wanted to do to Jackie, to make her even more than she was. She was proving just too great with those fingers of her. She finally managed to coax a climax out of him. He felt spent and a little ashamed that she had achieved something out of him so easily, and yet he couldn’t deny that this first approach to sex was absolutely incredible. He shivered suddenly when she lifted herself from him and that the ambient air rushed on his hot skin.

“Well, it seems that somebody liked what I did to him” she purred. “What says you?”

That was an excellent question, more than she realized. Jake had thought of several possibilities:

  1. Jackie would grow to eight meters tall – it was all due to an accident with some produce when she was a kid
  2. Jackie would grow up to six meters tall and it was just normal, some peoples were just tall that way
  3. Jackie would grow up to seven meters tall because she comes from a family of giantess with whom humans share the Earth
  4. Jackie would grow to five meters tall, and it was common in her family for women to be that tall


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