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Chapter 8

As he fell, Jake pondered his situation and what he could do. Strangely enough, his power may well have been absolute, but he wasn’t certain about the changes he needed to make right now. As the ground approached him slowly, far slower than he had expected, at any case, he decided that perhaps he could give Serene a little bit of shame. It’d teach her to better care about her shrunken playmates, hopefully. He took a deep breath, turned around so as to not have his voice taken away by the wind of his fall and spoke, changing the world in a very minute way, for once.

“Serene’s mother barges in” was all he said.

And just as he finally touched ground, with a rather light impact, which didn’t even strained anything in his body, leaving him more than a little puzzled – but happy – he heard a deafening thunder coming from behind the door of Serene’s room, mere seconds before it started to open. Jake was far enough now to see what was happening and glance at Serene, whose look of bliss turned to shock, horror and shame, as she tried to remove her hands from her cunt, but could do nothing to hide the glistening substance on her fingers.

The shrunken man couldn’t understand a word which was said between the two giantesses, but he really didn’t need it to get the gist of it. Serene’s mother seemed outraged by her daughter’s behavior, while the taller woman looked angry and ashamed and hastily tried to dry her fingers on her jeans, while shouting at the older woman, feebly getting up to utterly dominate her own mother thanks to her size – it turned out that her mother wasn’t particularly tall herself, Jake suspected, when he noticed she barely cleared her nether region when she stood next to Serene like that.

It was quite the sight, to see a smallish woman raising her fist and voice to a mini-giantess like Serene, who seemed to grow ever more uncomfortable. Jake decided that she would do well to feel a lot more worried for a time and he started to run toward her mother’s shoes, which were lace sandals. Thankfully, no heels, so he could climb them relatively easily, even if it was still quite dangerous – he knew he wouldn’t even be really hurt if he was trampled upon, but if he could avoid it, he’d be happy!

It was easier said than done of course, since he was really small and the sole of the shoes was taller than he was, even as flat as they were. Mercifully, they were not made of cheap plastic but seemingly something made out of wood, which was thus easy to climb. He soon found himself greeted by the side of her foot, which was really close to the edge of the sandal. Jake searched for some place to rest for a time, but he started to realize that his idea may well have been a little dumb… There was very little room here, it turned out.

There was a smell, also. Oh, it was faint enough that at normal size, he doubted he’d ever noticed it, except if Serene’s mother had put her foot near his nose. But he wasn’t normal sized still and here, it was strong enough that he started to have a strange sensation at the back of his throat, as if he was getting nauseous. And of course, it was far from the only danger, since the woman seemed unable to not move her foot around, balancing on it, stomping it, all the while probably berating her far taller daughter.

And he wasn’t even taking her toes into consideration! As it was, he simply couldn’t stay on the side of the sandal, he risked falling off if he did. Jake had no choice than to walk briskly toward their front, where he hoped to have a tad more space. But her toes were there, each threatening to crush him, especially the largest, which almost seemed to have a mind of its own, flexing this way and then extending that way, always forcing him to move to not be pinned down by it. Jake was starting to get out of breath, which wasn’t a good thing. He needed to be able to move swiftly!

And indeed, after what felt like dozens of minutes but surely was no more than one or two, he was out of breath and with his head spinning a little, he was finally caught off-guard and the large toe fell on him. He wasn’t knocked unconscious when it hit him in the head, but Jake found himself hapless nonetheless. The thing had landed right on him, entirely pinning him in place. Not only the weight made it hard to breath, but his face was also covered, with only the smallest pocket of space for his nostrils to take some much needed air.

And his torment was not lessened when the woman moved. To poor Jake’s horror, who couldn’t even speak himself out of this predicament, Serene’s mother seemed to sense that something was amiss with her foot, since she clamped down on her sandal, or stomped her foot more often, which made the whole ordeal worse for the poor shrunken man. And even when her toe finally lifted itself up from the sandal, as if searching to get rid of whatever was the cause of the nuisance it felt, Jake remained stuck on it.

He tried to pry himself free before the toe returned to rest but try as he may, all he achieved was to twist enough that he could breathe a little easier when it rested again. It wasn’t until it rose a second time that he managed to tumble off of it and he then didn’t waste any time trying to get up, instead rolling desperately toward the edge of the sandal, from which he fell and finally came resting on the ground, which shook mightily. It was then than he finally realized that he wasn’t in Serene’s room anymore.

He got up slowly, wincing as his arms and legs still ached a little, and his torso seemed to have some difficulties expanding correctly. He looked around, trying to get a sense of where he was now. It didn’t seem that he had been carried around for too long. There was an enormous door, which was clearly too large for a normal person. It had to be Serene’s room and it was still slightly ajar. Jake didn’t feel like exploring the house at his current size, he didn’t want to get stomped upon or something like that, so he started to run as best he could toward the door.

He didn’t reached it of course. He hadn’t been expecting Serene’s mother to turn on her heels and return toward her daughter’s room, so when the shadow came over him, all he could do was look up, open his mouth to let out a scream which was absolutely inaudible for the giantess whose sole, came crashing against him. If he hadn’t made sure nothing really bad could happen to shrunken peoples, he would have been reduced to an insignificant read smear on it – perhaps it’d have been a better fate than what he endured now.

The weight his poor body endured was something else compared to the single toe which had brutalized him before. Now, he had to endure the whole weight of the woman above, or so it seemed at least. His bones groaned but they didn’t even so much as crack however and while his lungs shouldn’t have been able to expand to take some much needed oxygen, he actually could breath in, during the few seconds where his body wasn’t stuck between the sole and the ground, without too much pain.

The whole ordeal was horrible nonetheless. Jake was absolutely hopeless and try as he might, he was now fully stock to the sole of Serene’s mother. In fact, it was almost as if his minuscule but indestructible body had made an equally insignificant dent into the material of the sole. Which meant that while he wasn’t pinned as much by the simple fact that the woman was walking, it also meant he wasn’t able to extract himself from the wooden sole. He struggled and tried to wiggle himself back to freedom, to no avail sadly. All he could hope was that the giantess would stop for a few moments.

He wondered why she had turned around like that. He was so small that the voices of the normal sized people around him where basically inaudible, so deep that they registered only as distant rumble at best, simple tremors shaking him entirely and making it hard to think as his ears suffered under the pressure of those words. He was partially shielded being pushed inside the sole, but to be honest, he’d rather have taken the full force of the voices rather than being trapped where he was for a moment longer. Still, he had some hope to put an end to the situation, if he could endure it a while longer.

All he had to do was to wait and sooner or later he’d be able to wish himself out of this predicament. If he could keep his head clear and not fall unconscious, that is. Pushing away the fear and even panic he felt as he was trapped in a pitch black darkness unable to move or speak, was truly taking a toll on him. He really repented to have given so much power to Serene now. Surely he should have been better able to gauge her character and understood that it would take a bad turn like that… but he hadn’t and now he was paying the price for his folly…

Perhaps there was someone else with power over himself, because it turned out that Jake hadn’t to endure this torment for too long. For whatever reason, Serene’s mother started to tap the tip of her foot on the ground instead of planting it firmly on the ground or stomping on it. And the little crevice he had found himself stuck because of his indestructible body wasn’t deep enough that the new movement could pry him free. He tumbled along the sole and when he landed with barely any dignity left, he shed away whatever remained of it to crawl and then run away on all four.

He didn’t stop until he managed to sneak beneath a table, or a desk or whatever it may have been, he didn’t care to stop and get a good look at it. All Jake wanted for now was to be safe – or at least feel safe. Here, he doubted that he’d be stomped on at the very least. And judging by the pristine state of the floor, probably due to some maid or butler or whoever crazy rich peoples employed to keep their house cleaned, he felt confident in the thought that he wouldn’t get to meet some sort of rodent or bug which could threaten him – at least by filling his future nights with nightmares.

Finally, once he was able to feel safe enough, he got a good look at the situation. The two giantesses were still arguing, and he had to admit it took an impressive amount of gut – or the ability to make Serene’s wealth run dry – for her mother to be clearly shouting at her enormous daughter. Since she was so small, and even if he knew Jackie’s milk had been having a lot of effect on her, he guessed that Serene had got her naturally freakishly tall height from her dad – whom Jake doubted he had ever seen.

He hesitated. He wasn’t certain it was a good idea. After all, what good was it to truly hear people arguing? He was just as used to it as anyone else growing up with a normal family and it wasn’t really something he missed. But on the other hand, perhaps he could have avoid a second and far too close encounter with Serene’s mother if he had been able to hear her talking – or probably shout – at her daughter. Taking that into consideration, it wasn’t really a choice now, was it?

“I’m able to hear what the normal sized people say as if I was normal sized myself” he whispered quickly, wincing when the words of the two ranting behemoths became audible.

“You need to learn some self-control Serene!” boomed her mother. “I don’t want to have another problem with the rest of the school because of your freaky ability, and I certainly don’t want to have raised a sexaholic whore! Are we clear now? Do you really get what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do hear you Marylin” growled Serene, whose hands clenched into fists. “But you’d better remember you are not my mother!”

Now, that was something surprising. Jake had never heard about Serene’s father divorcing or becoming a widow. It was strange to learn that Serene wasn’t his wife’s daughter. He was absolutely certain he hadn’t been married to someone else before, but of course, his guts feeling and memories may have been wrong. Still, the minuscule man blotted out the rest of the argument between the two women. Truly, while he didn’t regret understanding what they were saying, it was far from a great thing either, and he started to feel really exhausted as his adrenaline level dropped.

He let himself fall on the floor and rolled into a ball. It turned out that being bug-sized was far more horrific than he had expected, and he knew he would be safe and secure all the while. The few peoples Serene had shrunk who hadn’t had that benefit were probably left scarred for life now, and he kind of felt bad. He almost side-tracked on his boon to the mini-giantess, but he decided against it in the end. Not because he didn’t think it was dangerous to leave her with such power but because he was afraid of what changes he’d endure if he undid something like that right now. Better to wait it out a little.

As it was, Marilyn departed after a final blistering attack on Serene’s character, body, hair, and generally the very way she breathed. Even Jake, as traumatized as he was, was taken aback by the sheer brutality and viciousness of this attack and he felt bad for Serene. If she had to endure such abuse all day, every day, even if she built for herself a shell, it had to be taking its toll on her. He shifted a little, worried, and then got up. He had to make some changes here, if only small ones – no puns intended.

“Okay so… Being shrunk make one actually relish the situations where he should be normally horrified or traumatized” he started and immediately felt the terror of the last few minutes fade away to be replaced by fond memories. “And Serene will want to talk to someone she had shrunken, knowing that she’s supposed to not be audible to them. But in my case I’ll hear it and be able to help her deal with her problems” he finished, hoping that it’d work as he intended.

He stopped and waited to see what Serene would do now. He certainly didn’t expect her to just let herself fall back on her ass and then to cry. It wasn’t some loud weeping, rather soft cries as she hide her face in her hands, her shoulders shacking as her tall and lithe body was wracked by her pain. Now, Jake felt a little bad about it. He was kind of a voyeur now, and he shifted uncomfortably. Still, he waited hidden below this desk or chair or whatever it was, waiting for her to calm down, to see what she’d do.

She seemed to calm down after a few minutes and wiped her tears away. Surprisingly, her pale face had become flushed a little and Jake realized she was really pretty when she didn’t look like someone who had never seen the sun. She sniffled some more and sighed. Then she put her hand inside her shirt, as if searching for something? And when he noticed that her fingers were near her nipple, he realized it was him she was searching. And of course, she couldn’t find him at all, since he wasn’t on her, being several meters away – quite a few kilometers from his point of view.

Her face immediately lost all her newfound colors to turn so white he almost dashed to prevent her from colliding her head with the ground when she’d faint. But of course, it’d have been absolutely useless for him to do so, and she didn’t gave up on her consciousness just yet. Instead, she leant forward and looked at the ground and then her feet, looking both relieved and frightened to not find him here. She didn’t search her panties, probably because she’d have felt him if he had fallen there. He waited, not daring to move just yet, for fear of someone else barging in, and Serene finally noticed him.

At least he assumed she had, since she started to crawl toward him, her clothes barely put back in place, he realized. Jake stood still, he wanted to be found after all. And if she was somehow as used to searching shrunken peoples as she seemed to be, who was he to try and offset her. But when she turned away, searching close to where he was but not quite there, he realized she hadn’t seen him per se, but searched for him where she suspected he could be, or perhaps she knew most of her “prey” had hidden?

“Hey, I know you aren’t able to understand a word I’m saying, but if you can somehow read my lips because you’ve got some sort of brain inside your pretty little head, then please, don’t scatter around, okay? I need to be able to get you before Marilyn, or she’ll raise hell all around us, believe me. So please, don’t be stuck on her or something… don’t make me chase you around the whole damn house…”

Jake hesitated. Should he stay where he was or let Serene getting more and more worried. It wasn’t easy to decide of course. He was starting to realize that his changes had greater impact than he had first believed but even then, he couldn’t resist the urge to change things a little more. What could go wrong?

1.      Jake wait for Serene to find him… and make himself audible

2.      Jake makes himself found… but by Marilyn!

3.      Serene and Marilyn aren’t home alone… there is another!

4.      Consequences be damned, Jake undo the change which gave Serene powers!


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