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The human had not been asleep very long since he first lied down in the box. Still, exhausted from the nights events he fell unconscious rather quickly. His subconscious mind saw him in the form of a rabbit hopping through a carrot patch. Everything he did, from hopping through the grass, to eating carrots just felt so natural, so free, so fun. However, his joy was interrupted as a giant, potbellied fox burst from the trees to give chase. The rabbit, fearing for his life, ran into the woods, hoping to evade the bloated predator. The bunny would go around trees, across ponds and even attempt to scale mountain sides, though the fox was horrifyingly persistent, and had surprising stamina. It wasn’t too long until he was finally caught, in the demonic kitsune’s clutches, as the beast licked its jaws, Devin felt…the fox lifting him even higher? No, not lifting him, flying. Higher, and higher off the ground, passed the trees, into the sky, holding him firmly all the while. “This made no sense” the rabbit said in shock. ‘What’s going on?’. 


‘What the hell?” Devin said groggily, as his eyes creaked open. He felt weird, like he was standing, but no ground was under him. Fully coming to, he soon could make out Shawna’s face, staring back at him. “Shawna? What the hell are you doing?” When he had first closed his eyes He never imagined he’d wake to find that he was snatched from his makeshift bed. Shawna, panicked upon seeing him awaken nearly dropped him again before catching him mid fall. If he wasn’t awake before, a scare like that surely woke him up. Bringing him back up to face level the titaness was immediately apologetic. “Oh no Dev, sorry about that. I-I didn’t mean to wake you. I j-just was checking on you, but then I saw how cute you looked and I, well-Shawna stumbled over herself, talking a mile a minute as she tried to explain before finding herself interrupted by Devin. “Uh, Shawna-Shawna, hold up a sec, pause. You were watching me sleep? Dude, that’s creepy as hell. What are you Ted Bundy?” Devin said, shocked at what he had just heard. “What? No, I’m not a creep. Anyway, I wasn’t like, “watching you”- watching you it’s just I saw you there, and I had trouble looking away.” Shawna blushed, as she Set the guy down, hoping to god that her bumbling phrases would be just enough to get him off her back.


“Shawna, what’s going on with you, you have been acting weird since dinner.” Devin asked, fed up with the giants’ antics. Shawna temporarily found herself unable to put her plight, into words. As she wracked her giant brain, all she heard herself staying was “stay with me”, or “Don’t go”. Finally, with a deep breath she spoke up. “Devin, I like spending time with you, ok? It’s fun. And well, I Guess-I guess I don’t want this to be a one-time thing for us, you know. You’ll go back home tomorrow, We’ll never see each other, or talk again, that kind of thing. “As she eyed the human’s response, she noticed he had a rather plain look on his face, he seemed almost amused. ‘Say something’ Shawna urged mentally. She just kind of poured her heart out in a way. It’d be kind of shitty to not get a response. “That’s all? That’s what this is about. Well, glad that cat’s out of the bag, but god, you had me thinking you were dying or something.” Shawna was dumbfounded by his casualty of the situation. Seething with rage Shawna clicked on a nearby lamp (the one next to Devin, guy just can’t get a break it seems). She ignored the human’s pained screams, as she yanked him off of her night stand, towards herself. “Screw you, don’t act like I had nothing to worry about! Hell, it’s not like you haven’t been bitching and moaning all night. Plus, you never stopped asking for that cord, like you don’t even want to be here.” As Devin’s eye readjusted to the brightly lit room, took the opportunity to enter the argument, so he could go back to sleep. “Bitching and moaning, you almost killed me, several times. I don’t know how y’all do out here, but for us humans, drowning being sat on, and sit, it is not fun. Also with the, I’m trying to make sure that I get to go home, I needed to know I wasn’t going to end up a sex slave, or some shit.” Devin yelled up at her. Seeing Shawna’s hurt expression, Devin attempted to cushion the blow, as to put the issue to rest (a himself if possible).


 “Look shaw’ all that aside, I ended up having fun with you tonight, I think I said that earlier. Besides, I have a tele-station at my apartment dummy, I can come back whenever I want.” Pacing in exasperation, Devin had trouble reading her new face, it looked like she was thinking about something. “So, you’d be willing to come back?” she asked hopefully. “With a shrug, Devin stated “As long as I don’t die in between visits, and you text first.” Shawana’s eyes lit up, as an excited squeal erupted from her mouth. Devin had to admit, that was pretty adorable to see. Hopefully he would be seeing more of this side. As the giant raised him up to her face, she fell out of control of her actions, smothering Devin in kisses, only stopping as she took note of Devin’s pleas for her to stop. With an embarrassed blush, Shawna wondered if maybe she was taking things too far.” Oh no, are you OK? Did I-did I make things weird?” Shawna asked. She told herself she really needed to get better at reading a room. With a chuckle, Devin soon put her at ease. “No, no, the kiss was ok. However, that pizza breath, yuck, hehehehe.”


 Shawna scoffed as she clicked off her light, in mock offense. “Go to hell, you know you like my kisses. That’s why I can feel your little hard on forming. Keep talking shit, you won’t get any more.” The giant threatened, as she set the human back between her bosom, giving her chest a playful squeeze. “So, would you maybe consider staying an extra day? I mean, I don’t know if you had plans tomorrow, but it seems we enjoy each other’s company.” As she waited for a response, she felt him squirming around in her cleavage, no doubt, trying to get in a more comfortable position. With a tired yawn, Devin soon replied. “You know what, that sounds great. Maybe we can go to the park, the movies, I saw, there’s a carnival coming to town to if you wanna see that as well. We’ll have a ball. But look, whatever we do, I need rest in order to properly enjoy it. So, let’s iron out the details tomorrow, ok?” Devin nestled further into the recesses of Shawna’s boobs, easily falling back into the unconscious state he previously enjoyed. As Shawna rolled onto her side, she couldn’t help being glad to know she now had something to look forward to tomorrow, and someone special to spend time with. “Ok. Sweet dreams Dev.” She cooed, feeling her own tired eyes close.

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