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A little different, then my last endeavor

Trap Goddess


The sun rises from between two mountain peaks, illuminating a woodland landscape in a bright, almost heavenly glow. As the start of another beautiful Day in the forest began, the entire ecosystem seemed to teem with life in all directions. Fresh morning dew formed on the grass and bushes below, giving off a tantalizing sheen to any nearby herbivores. A nice breeze caused the jade leave in the looming trees to rustle and sway gently from its force, accompanied by birds were chirping their tunes and nesting. Down below, bears were fishing for salmon upstream, and beavers were collaborating to build great damns along the river bank. Then, there was the quiet tranquility of it all. Despite the amount of activity present, this wondrous place lacked any of the hustle and bustle of nearby towns and cities, surrounding the area. There was no clashing of species, or even inconvenient overlap. No, there seemed to exist a place for everything, with everything staying in place. To any observer, it would seem impossible to destroy an environment with such a serene eb and flow. Yes, surely that was impossible…. Right?


As heavy bare footsteps left deep craters in the forest floor, a shrill grunt of annoyance tore through the air. The shriek sent any nearby woodland creatures to scatter in fear. As a short, stockily built titaness named Victoria stomped carelessly through the undergrowth, she suddenly found herself assaulted by a large flocks of birds flying into her field of vision. “Get out of my damn face, fucking little shits!” She cursed, furiously swatting at the avian mob, as if they were a swarm of flies. After ridding herself of what she saw as annoying pests, she continued on her stroll. However, while making her way across the riverbed, she noticed a thickly dense network of trees in her path, all about her height. “Well, that’s going to be inconvenient.” She thought aloud, as she caressed her swollen gut through her jade leaf dress. She always told herself she needed to lose weight, but her taste buds would never let her succeed in that endeavor. Still, there was more than one way to skin a cat. She decided that, instead of attempting to sidestep the trees in her way, it’d be much easier to simply knock them down, like a living deforestation machine. With this action, her large stomping feet, as well as the aforementioned falling trees, made the once peaceful forest seem like a nightmarish safety hazard to all of the fearful creatures down below. Victoria paid the damages no mind on her trek, but honestly if she had, she’d enjoy every minute of it


Victoria hated the forest she lived in. She had been there for quite a while, though she despised everything about it. First and foremost, the food was terrible. Seriously, everything she ate made her sick. If she wasn’t almost puking while forcing herself to keep down the animals she ate raw, she was getting diarrhea due to bacteria from the waterfall she occasionally drank from (she shuddered to consider what was in it). Secondly, there were no types of conveniences out in the mountains. At her size, she couldn’t simply walk into town, and find a shop to dress herself, or even buy groceries. She would’ve sold her soul for a proper wash, maybe get her crudely clipped nails treated. When she was younger, she’d attempt to ask, neighbor farmers for assistance in these departments, who would then either cower in fear, or respond by racking a shotgun. Third, there was no entertainment anywhere out here. Oftentimes, she wished she could be like the humans she observed. Not a day went by in her youth where she wouldn’t fantasize about going to movies, listening to concerts up close or… literally, anything besides living in the middle of nowhere. Now though, she was going to satisfy her latent desires, if there were no other forms of entertainment, she’d make her own. Stepping from out of the brush onto the borders of a nearby small town, her sunken eyes lit up in excitement.


Countless times, she would watch from afar, as other towering members of her kind made cities adjacent to her their oversized stomping grounds. The first time she saw a giant in action, she at first felt the primal urges to run and hide, fearful that if he spotted her, he may come for her next. However, upon viewing further, another primal urge awakened; she wanted to join in. She since discovered how much she loved watching her fellow giants work, as they teleported seemingly from nowhere to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting human populace. She enjoyed the idea of also being viewed as godlike and engaging in everything from leveling buildings, crushing cars underfoot, eating whole swarms of people by the handful. The thought simply lit a roaring fire in her massive belly. She craved nothing more to be as powerful, and awe inspiring as they were. The problem was, she knew that due to having bad genetic luck, it was impossible. Victoria also knew that it was this same bad luck that left her stuck in this dimension as well. Still, while not awe-inspiring, Victoria could still inspire fear. As she neared the entrance to the town called “Cozyville”, she felt her body quaking in excitement, as she reveled in the chaos she would unleash. She had come a long way, and she it would be such a waste not to give its residents something to be afraid of. ‘This is going to be fun.’ She thought, as she eagerly trekked down a street labeled “Pillow Avenue”.




Running brusquely down the street, a young man stops at an intersection between comfort drive, and pillow Avenue. Taking a swig of bottled water to quench his thirst, he engages in a quick breather, readying himself to continue the other half of his workout. As he finishes his drink, he takes a look around, spotting a nearby coffee shop. The aroma always was enticing, and with his strict adherence to fitness, he figured a cup couldn’t hurt him the next morning, perhaps with a couple of donuts to go with it. However, before he can screw his cap back on, he smells something foul in the air. “Oh god, what the hell is that funk?” he asks aloud. Covering his nose, the man begins to wonder where the mysterious odor could have originated from, as he had never encountered it before. He ran this route every day, and it usually smelled of fresh baked goods, and hot coffee. Before he can ponder any further, he feels the ground beneath him rumble and shake, under rhythmic tremors of unknown origin. The commotion causing panic to erupt in the surrounding townies, stopped at the traffic light.


 ‘Is it an earthquake?’, he thought briefly. However, he instantly shook the thought from his mind, knowing that couldn’t possibly be the case, as there had never been any previous occurrence in this area. Without warning, he’s suddenly yanked from the ground, causing his beverage to spill. Before he can even wonder what was going on, the man hears a voice up above him. “Why hello there, looks like I’ve found my first little human. Do you want to play with me?” The feminine voice said, with an almost playful giggle. The runner then feels quite a large hand grasping the top of his scalp. “Hey who the he-?”, the question is cut short as his head is then forcefully cocked to the left side, a sickening crack echoing down towards the street. “Oops, guess I play too rough.” Victoria said jovially, as she dropped the fresh corpse into the street. The remaining nearby Denizens, who had not vacated their cars long ago, stand paralyzed with fear at what they had just witnessed. “Hehehehe, who’s next?” she asked rhetorically, reaching for another victim. Fear and commotion quickly spread as the large female continued her rampage across the little town. She reveled in the feeling of power she felt as she trampled everything in her path. Although it was a bit of difficulty involved, Victoria found that she quite enjoyed slowly stomping on stopped, vacated cars, especially sedans. Unfortunately, due to her smaller size, she had to jump up and down, using both feet if she wanted to crush an SUV. 


She also found the destroying of buildings fun, though the options of what she could knock down was pretty limited, as she only reached 3 stories tall. She loved the sight of the little humans scurrying about, gagging from her awful scent, as she punched her fist through a three story apartment complex. “This must be how you guys feel crushing anthills. I can see why you like it so much.” Climbing to the top of the structure as if she were King Kong, Victoria smashed her butt on its roof, delighting as she felt the roof slowly but surely cave in underneath her. Soon, she found herself sitting in a pile of rubble, and human remains. “Yes, yes, yes. This is perfect!” She screamed, as she continued her charge. Sure, she wasn’t at the scale as other giants, but who cares? She was in ecstasy, she was finally living out her dreams, and she was far from finished. Her stomach growled in hunger and she was sure she found the perfect way to fill her new urge, as she raged through mattress Drive. 


Fear continued to grip the public, as crowds in the streets continued to scatter about, attempting to get out of the way of the giant’s large, stomping feet. Up high, Victoria basked in the panicked screams, and fearful flight she had induced, as one by one, she worked to stuff the frightened people down her throat. The problem was not the kicking and screaming, nor was it having to bite down on those who were particularly squirmy. No, the problem was once again related to her small size. Being only 3 stories high made the process so cramped, she was sure stuffing bigger people down would cause her to choke. Plus, she felt her belly quickly filling up before she really was able to cut loose and enjoy herself. As she stomped down on all the humans she didn’t feel like snacking on, a wonderful smell beckoned her nose. It was like nothing she never smelt before, so sweet, so sharp. As she sniffed around for more clues as to where it came from, the aroma leads her to a building with a large, circular, sugar-coated pastry on its roof. “Oooh, what’s this now? It smells amazing.” She wondered aloud, barely keeping her saliva production in check. For a long time, all she had ever eaten was live animals (and now humans), along with tree bark. She was eager to expand her horizons, and the humans squirming inside her did a lot to wet her appetite.


As she ripped the roof off the establishment, the sweet smell increased. Peering inside, she spotted a human woman, loading a freshly baked tray of good onto a display rack. Looking up at the commotion, the girl nearly flung the tray in fright at what she saw. “Hello down there, are those free to try?” Victoria asked the human, feigning a warm smile. The worker did not even answer, instead running in terror, and letting out a panicked scream. As she watched the employee flee in terror, the giant shrugged. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She snickered as she reached inside for her first tray.  The treats tasted amazing, it made her glad she had not eaten that 4th human. Tray after tray of pastries disappeared down her gullet, as she savored every bite. Tasting what she thought was yet another donut, left her shocked as she tasted meat under the bread. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that this meat was not raw as she was used to. It was warm, juicy, and seasoned too. “Oh god, this is so good.” She thought almost in tears as she continued to enjoyed the bakery’s products. 


Soon, it had been 30 minutes since she had started her feast. Her stomach gurgled in complaint, as she patted its large mass, sympathetically. She loved the feeling of being so full, but at the same time, she decided that after a large meal, the best thing for her to do was to stretch her legs, and get some exercise. Walking through the ruined streets, the giantess took time to admire her handiwork fully. All around her, people cried out in fear as she passed by, screaming out things like “Oh my god”, “What the hell?”, and (her personal favorite, so far) “We’re all going to die”. It was like her personal playlist, come to life. 


Continuing down the street, she felt as if nothing could possibly go wrong at this point. The scares, the destruction, everything was just-. <Whoosh>, something whizzed past Victoria’s eyes, barely missing her temple. “Holy shit, that was almost too close.” the giantess said, fear welling up inside. One step further, and she could’ve possibly been killed. Looking around for the source of the shot, she almost failed to see another one coming her way. <Whoosh>, she luckily avoided another projectile, this time having to dodge, before she finally found the party responsible. Perched on a far off building, there was a man, dressed in a black trench coat, cargo pants, and sunglasses. He seemed to be shooting at her with an impressively powerful crossbow. Pulling back on the drawstring, he launched yet another bolt towards the advancing giant, hitting her square in her right shoulder. “Ouch, shit!” Victoria cursed in surprise, as she yanked free the…arrow? Victoria inspected the item, sporting a confused expression, though she did not have a lot of time to be curious as her adversary launched even more bolts rather from a loaded magazine. <Whoosh>, <Whoosh>, <Whoosh>, <Whoosh>, <Whoosh>, <Whoosh>. One after another, Crossbow bolts were launched at Victoria, as she struggled to both dodge, as well as continue in the man’s direction. Unfortunately, she wound taking an arrow to the thigh, as well as getting grazed on her cheek “Ow, annoying little punk” she snarled, as she stepped through the emptying streets, for once not even caring if she was causing any gruesome deaths below.


As she finally closed the gap between her and her attacker, she drew back her fist, before launching a haymaker into the building’s 2nd story. The structure shook with the force from the blow, stopping the one on the roof from loading another shot. Without giving the human a chance to recover, she landed a flurry of punches, demolishing the front, side walls completely. As Victoria scaled the building to its roof, she reaches as far as she could, attempting to grab her rival, and personally crush him to death for his attack. As she grabbed the sides of the building for purchase, she glared at the little man struggling to aim his weapon at her face. Still, the human showed no fear, as he readied himself to take the shot “Got’chu now, you arrogant piece of shit.” She spat with disdain, before feeling the building she was on tip forward from her added weight. A shriek of surprise escaped them both as the 5 story structure collapsed around them, like shattered glass. Victoria landed on her back, covered in a blanket of building material, surprised to still be conscious. As she brushed the rubble from herself, she scanned the area, determined to track down the man in black. However, her inspection brought no signs of life, other than her own, emerging from the wreckage. “Hmph, he wasn’t so tough.” She said smugly, confident that she had indeed won their little duel. As she continued on wrecking the city, her victory added a renewed spring in her step.


Franklin woke up. surrounded by darkness on all sides. He couldn’t move much, but although his surroundings were pretty snug, he didn’t feel too badly injured. While being crushed by the large mounds of flesh that trapped him, he did his best to register his new environment. It would be difficult, given his lack of sight admittedly. Though, mostly, he was just glad to still be alive. He was sure the fall off that rooftop had killed him, and the fact it had not was shocking to say the least.  “How could I be so stupid?” he asked himself in frustration. He knew taking on the giant alone, much less with a crossbow was stupid as all hell. However, he was not about to do like everyone else, and cower in fear. He had done enough of that his whole life. To be honest, it felt good to do something brave for once. Plus, he found the battle to be quite stimulating to say the least. 


However, he wouldn’t wish his current situation on his worst enemy. The rocking back and forth motion of the giant’s walk threatened to give the human a bad case of motion sickness. There was a loud heartbeat thumping nearby, as she continued to exert herself, in his hometown. As the constant sway moved him towards her breast bone, Franklin was exposed to the horrifying sounds of human screams for help, as well, as a constant sloshing noise from inside his unaware captor. He could make out the sounds of the cruel beast laughing as she was undoubtedly continuing to lay waste to the rest of his town on the outside. Then there was the heat, which combined with his current attire, was downright unbearable to endure. Desperate for relief, the young man squirmed fervently, attempting to remove his restrictive jacket.



As Victoria finally crushed the last few survivors she could find, she treated herself to one final look at the ruined town of Comfyville. As the sun began to set, she luxuriated in the afterglow of her first ever rampage. The experience was simply incredible, and she was eager to try it again sometime. As she travelled back into the woods, she felt a pang of regret as she didn’t have any souvenir to remind her of the experience. Her sulking was soon interrupted however, as she felt a squirming feeling in her bosom. “-The fuck?” She thought, as she tentatively reached down her leafy dress, pulling out a flailing human. Her eyes, looked at him in dull surprise, before brightening as she saw the familiar looking shades he wore. ‘Oh my god!’ she thought, as she connected the dots. This could not be more perfect for the titaness. Seriously, what could make a better trophy? 



Holding the little human up to her face, she let out a wicked chuckle, addressing her once formidable opponent. “Well, well, well, look who followed me home.” The human in her fist said nothing, still attempting to maintain his stern silence. “Oh, what’s the matter, no badass one liner? Oh, let me guess, you think you’re the strong silent type, hmm?” she asked him mockingly. Finally, the human spoke up, though he did not say too much. “I have nothing to say to you.” Franklin said folding his arms in a stern fashion. “Fine, but I have something to say to you, little guy. I destroyed your little town. It looked a lot more like ancient ruins as I left. Hell, I think you may have been the only survivor, when all is said and done. Isn’t that neat?” Franklin balled his fist in anger, thinking of all the lives lost in one day, almost all of them, he knew personally. He knew there was no point continuing to fight, his crossbow was down in her shirt, and honestly, he was simply tired. Call him crazy, but he was starting to believe he wasn’t cut out to play hero. “Look, if you’re going to kill me, I don’t need your speech.” The human spoke, teeth gritted.


“Aww honey, don’t be like that, you’re not going to die today. In fact, I could use you as a permanent companion.” She said as she continued to her homemade tree fort. Franklin gave her a confused look in response. “A c-companion, what?!” The titaness smiled, amused at his reaction, as she climbed up the tree to her makeshift home, clutching her memento in one hand as she did so. “That’s right, see, I live alone, and honestly, it sucks. So, since you seem able to survive a whole rampage, you’re going to be my new roommate. By the way, what’s your name anyway. I’d hate to keep calling you “little guy”, you know?” fuming while being set down on the wooded floor the human responded to her question. “My name’s franklin.” He said plainly. Victoria the human onto her pile of homemade pillows, as she readied herself for bed. “Hmm, ok then “Franklin”, here’s how this works. You belong to me, you will accompany me anywhere I go, either hunting for food, or during any future rampages I go on, got it? If we run into any other giants, you’re expected to aid in destroying my competition. You’ll get to put your good aim to some good use. In Return, anything you need to play your role effectively, is yours. You need weapons, gear, want to go into town for some R&R? Let me know, and it’s yours.” Franklin processed the rather simple demand, though he did have one burning question. “What if I refuse this offer, then what?” He challenged, wondering if he could weaponize her isolation against her. “Well, that’s not an option. If I find out you tried to escape me, I’ll simply tear every human civilization apart until I find you. And if I find out you took yourself out of my life, well, I’d be so grief stricken, I may just…Do my best to destroy everyone and everything, understand?” She asked as she curled up around him.



Franklin could see that this was a losing battle. As much as he hated the situation he was in. The only other option would be to increase the death rate. At least from his position, he had a chance to attempt to control it. Plus, he had an opportunity to perfect his craft of killing more titans, and save more lives. Making up his mind, he silently lied down on a pillow next to Victoria. As she clutched him tightly, she brought him close to her gurgling stomach. “Glad to see we have an understanding. Now, go to sleep. We had a pretty long day.” She cooed down to him, as she relaxed against her pillows, looking forward to a good night’s sllep after such a great day out. Franklin however, was having trouble sleeping however, as he was occupied contemplating his new role as Victoria’s “Companion”, curious to what the future would be like from here. 

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