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Author's Chapter Notes:

Commissioned by Misty Phantom, this was my first time writing such a large, round character.  Sure, I'm not a stranger to big and busty, and the Ashitaba's are more on the plump side, but true BBWs were something completely new to me.  Still had fun with this though, High School DxD is a fantastic setting!


Within the Underworld, the Gremory Clan is one of the major powers that maintain order.  As such, their territory is rich with natural resources and castles set in the beautiful mountains and forests.  Capitalizing on the picturesque scenery of their lands, the current heiress of the Gremory Clan, Rias, and her peerage have set a large feast in the backyard of the Gremory Castle after claiming victory in a Rating Game against another powerful peerage.  After a short speech of congratulations and thanks for all of her member’s hard work, Rias began the festivities.


As she eyed all the wonderful food and took in the mouth-watering aromas, the pious Bishop, Asia Argento, noticed a platter filled with a food that looked almost out of place in such a grand feast but brought back fond memories from before she had been reborn as a Reincarnated Devil.  Juicy looking ground meat between two rounded pieces of sesame seeded bread product along with some fresh lettuce, vibrant tomatoes, melting cheese and crispy bacon, each hamburger on the platter was prepared with so much love and care, it was almost a shame to eat them.  Yet, she couldn’t stop herself, as she picked one up and took a small bite.  “Mmmm!  This is delicious!”  Swallowing the savory taste of what was probably the best hamburger she had ever eaten, the golden-blonde haired girl couldn’t hold back her surprise and looked around the feast until she saw the silver haired maid serving at the event.  “Grayfia-san, these hamburgers are delicious!”


Bowing politely, the beautiful woman smiled.  “While I thank you for the praise, Asia-sama, I cannot take the credit for that particular dish.”


“Oh, then who prepared these?  I do not remember requesting hamburgers.”  Noticing the platter now herself, Rias also stepped up to her sister-in-law with a burger in hand.  “Though they are quite good.”


“If that is the case, I’m sure my protégé is happy to hear your praise.”  Motioning to her side, everyone’s attention was directed to the self-proclaimed ‘Ultimate Pawn’, Hyoudou Issei who blushed at the compliments.  “She has been practicing under me for a while now, but I felt her skills had improved enough to present to others.”


With all the attention pushed onto her, Issei was looking at the ground twirling the tip of her shoe in the dirt, unable to hide the giant grin on her face.  “I… I just wanted to repay everyone for everything…”


“Hmmm!  These are so tasty.  Eating Issei-chan’s cooking every day.  Ah, what a blessing that would be.”  Taking small, polite bites, Asia continued to rapidly devour the well crafted sandwiches with a smile on her face.


“I-I’d be happy to cook for you, Asia.  Whatever you want, whenever you want.  Just let me know and I’ll do my best!”  Eager and insistent, Issei watched the elation on the slender blonde’s face as she ate with pride.


Finishing off her own burger and grabbing another before her self-adopted little sister ate them all, Rias licked her lips and grinned.  “Well then, with a cook this good available all the time, we’ll have to be careful of overeating.”  She giggled, as everyone shared in the light-hearted joke and continued with their celebration.


Months Later


“Asia!  Enough is enough.”  Standing to the side with her supporters, Rias was trying once more to reason with her Bishop as the ex-nun sat at the dining room table in the Hyoudou residence.  While the crimson-haired girl, along with all the other members of her peerage, agreed that Issei’s cooking was worthy of a 3-star restaurant, the fact that she favored Asia’s palate and made greasy, unhealthy foods had more than taken their toll on the young girl’s frame.  “Even Devils still need to take care of their bodies, if anything it’s more important to us than humans because we live for so long.”


Shifting in her chair as she crammed a fistful of fries into her mouth, she didn’t even need to wipe up the grease dripping down her lips as one of her two enablers, the chef herself, was standing with a napkin ready to clean up the thing that could have eaten an Asia or two and barely notice.  However, the morbidly obese girl sitting in Asia’s reinforced chair wasn’t some other person, but Asia herself.  Her nun habit stretched to accommodate the massive gut that she was forced to use as a makeshift table, since it kept her out of arm's reach of the elegant piece of dining furniture.  It was heavily stained from constantly dropping food on it, despite the many washings it received, but that hardly mattered to the blonde who used to take so much care of her appearance.  If it wasn’t for Issei or Xenovia dressing her at all, she likely wouldn’t have bothered with clothes at all anymore, so long as she wasn’t leaving the house that is.


“But Onee-sama, Issei-chan pours her heart and soul into these meals.  It would be rude to not show my thanks and eat every last bite.”  While her eating etiquette had fallen low, Asia was still as polite and gentle as she ever was.


“And that’s the other problem.  Issei, if you’re not coddling Asia, you’re in the kitchen cooking to appease her inflated appetite.  This needs to stop.”  While she said it in a very commanding voice, it was clear that it came from a place of genuine concern for two people she loved very dearly.  “We need to talk some sense into these two while Xenovia is out on a mission with Yuuto.”  Having one enabler around was bad enough, but Issei was more likely to listen to reason.  Their shared faith and her past behavior made Xenovia more willing to listen to Asia’s requests and had recently all but moved into Asia’s room for some reason.


“This is quite unacceptable behavior, Asia.”  The long, black haired girl next to Rias scolded, her usual playfulness not present in her voice.  She crossed her arms under her impressive bust size, as her natural height had her looking down at the girl she also thought of as a little sister.  “As a member of Issei-chan’s harem, it is us who should be serving her, not the other way around.”  As was the case for most of the women that got involved with her, there was a strange charisma the perverted girl had that drew other women’s attention.  Even for her, the other of Kuoh Academy’s ‘Two Great Ladies’ alongside Rias, at first she just wanted to playfully tease Issei as her cute kouhai, but now her love was as deep and true as any of the other girls in the room.  Seeing the unabashed favoritism was difficult for her to watch, even if there were still plenty of opportunities outside of the house to aggressively flirt with the brunette.  “Sitting on your rear all day is no way for someone in your position to act.”  While it hurt slightly to be so harsh with the gentle Bishop, she had to be firm with her.


“Not to mention the absolutely terrible example you’re setting for Devils everywhere.  You seem to forget that the Rias Gremory peerage is widely popular in the Underworld, you all have a ton of fans.  As a Devil with so much influence, you have to hold yourself to higher standards.  Young Devil may start trying to emulate your behavior.”  While still not a member of Rias’ peerage properly, the young daughter of the Phenex Clan was being looked after by Rias’ group in Kuoh Academy and had grown quite close to them.  As her family places more emphasis on birth, class and bloodline, she was always more concerned with how the public saw her and them than the others were.  Trying to keep her emotions out of it, the younger blonde was concerned in her own way.  “You have obligations.”


“Akeno-san, Ravel-san…”  Putting down her plate now that it was empty, Asia used her wings to turn and face Rias and the others as Issei started stacking the other empty dishes she was finished with.  “I can still move around just fine with my wings, and I make sure to use a Veiling spell so nobody finds out.  If you want, I could start using a Transformation spell when I leave the house, though that would be pretty tiresome to maintain all day…”


“And don’t worry about me, Buchou, Akeno-san.  Cooking is fun, I’m happy seeing Asia enjoying my food so much.  Honestly, it’s great practice and I think Asia’s roly-poly cheeks are adorable!”  Poking at the overweight blonde’s chubby cheeks, Issei giggled at how deep she could press before collecting all the dishes on a tray and heading back to the kitchen.  “Just let me know if you get hungry again, Asia.”


Frustration shaking her body, Rias’s magical power unintentionally flared up, enveloping her body in a crimson glow and shook the room slightly.  “That’s…  That’s not what this is about!  We’re worried.  I’m worried.”  Her voice trembled slightly as she got her emotions back under control and tears were forming in the corners of her eyes.  “It doesn’t matter that I can’t fit my arms around you anymore Asia, I can still embrace you and love you no matter how big you get.  But just because you're a Devil now doesn’t mean you're immune to health problems that harm humans!  Can’t you two take this seriously!?”


Looking at each other with somewhat guilty expressions, Issei and Asia understood Rias’ feelings.  While the Gremory Clan was one of the most powerful and oldest families in the Underworld, they were also the most affectionate and had a long history of not discriminating against their subordinates and servants.  The fact that the head of the family said nothing in opposition to Rias, a pure-blood Devil and heiress to the Gremory Clan, intending to marry Issei, a former human, spoke volumes.  If there weren’t serious ramifications to Asia’s weight gain, she wouldn’t be bringing this up at all.


Setting the dishes down on the table, Issei looked at the crimson-haired girl.  “Buchou…”  Using her apron to wipe off her hands, she was about to go over to her King when she felt a light tug on her shirt.  At her side stood the petite, white haired Koneko with a somewhat depressed expression.  “Koneko-chan?”


“Issei-senpai…  You’re always so busy, I hardly get an opportunity to lay on your lap anymore.”  Expressing what seemed to be a petty concern with all the same seriousness of the others, to her it was just as serious of a problem.  There was a change in the relaxed, calming comfort of their home.  “It’s the number one best spot for an after meal nap.”


“Well…  I may have over indulged Asia just a little bit, I will admit.”  The brunette said, scratching her cheek.


“And perhaps I shouldn’t ask Issei-chan to cook so much for me.”  The blonde admitted with a regret filled expression on her face looking at the floor.  “I’m sorry for worrying you, Onee-sama, everyone.”


Wiping the tears from her eyes, Rias smiled at the two and shook her head.  “No, we’re all to blame for letting this go on for so long.”  Happy with the progress they had made so far, they could finally start thinking of a solution.  “I’ll help you in any way that I can, Asia.  We’ll come up with a dietary plan, an exercise routine, everything you need to get back to normal.”


“Um… about that.  We’ve actually realized this was a problem a bit ago and there is a small issue with Asia exercising right now.”  Petting Koneko on the head as she happily clung to her, Issei sighed.  “She’s at risk of injuring herself if she moves too much.”


“Seriously?  Just how many pounds did you pack on?”  Lightly teasing the rotund girl, Ravel poked at Asia’s belly flab a bit and was surprised at how far her finger sank into it.


Giggling at both the jest and her side getting poked at, Asia couldn’t exactly deny that her new figure was quite a bit more plump than she was a few months ago.  “Ah, but Issei-chan’s food is just too good to refuse… a-and she pays so much more attention to me now too.”  If she was being completely honest with herself, the extra weight didn’t bother her at all, but she wanted to do something so her friends and family wouldn’t have to worry about it.  Besides, she had grown much closer to Xenovia and Issei thanks to her ‘over-eating’.


“Well that is quite the problem.”  While she used her playfully seductive tone, the serious contemplative look on Akeno’s face made it clear that she was taking the situation as serious as the rest of them.  “Though it doesn’t sound like you haven’t found a solution for it either.”  Now that she was focusing, she was able to notice a tiny thread of energy leaving Asia’s body that became too thin to see where it led within only a few centimeters.


“Really!?”  Filled with a sense of relief that Issei and Asia weren’t content with leaving things as they were this entire time, Rias was happy to hear they were at least trying to mitigate the blonde’s weight gain.


Sharing a glance with Asia, they both nodded and Issei began to explain.  “Xenovia found a spell, a ritual that, from how I understand it, draws energy from a ‘host’ and shares it among the ‘subordinates’ who participate.  She volunteered to bind herself to Asia to help her lose weight, but we found out that in order for the energy transfer to work they needed to be in physical contact with one another.”


“So that’s why she’s been sleeping in Asia’s room lately.”  Now everything was starting to make a bit more sense to the crimson-haired beauty.


“Exactly.  We were trying to handle this with as few people as possible to not cause anyone else any trouble, but now that it’s come to this, would you guys be willing to help Asia as well?”  Bowing her head, Issei asked the girls for their help.


“Of course!  If it’s to help my cute little sister, I’m willing to do anything.”  Walking over to her Pawn, Rias pulled her into an embrace and did her best to pull Asia into her hug as well.


Contemplating the information they were given, Ravel speaks up.  “But if we need to be in constant contact with her for the spell to take effect, that’s going to make it pretty difficult to manage.”


“We have a solution for that too.”  Issei replied confidently.  “C’mon.”




Guided up to Asia’s room, Rias, Akeno, Ravel and Koneko each stood in a magic circle Issei had drawn on the floor.


“Energy Transfer spells are not held in the highest regard since they have a history of being misused.”  Inspecting the structure of the spell as Issei was drawing it, Ravel was able to recognize that it was a spell designed to share energy, but given the notorious reputation such kind of spells had in the Underworld she didn’t know that much about them.  “Normally it’s one host receiving energy from the other participants, not the other way around.  It would be too much of a risk in any practical use, but to help someone lose weight it just might work.”


“There, finished.”  Standing up after the last line was drawn, Issei moved over to Asia.  “Everybody ready?”


Sharing a couple looks between them, the girls nodded in unison.  If it was to help a friend, this was nothing.


“Great!  Well then…”  Activating the spell with a smile on her pudgy face, Asia bowed to them.  “Thank you everyone.  I’ll take good care of you all until the contract is fulfilled.”


“Contract?”  Before any of them could question what the blonde meant, there was a flash of light that blinded them for a few seconds, accompanied by a nauseating sense of vertigo.  When the disorienting feeling passed and they opened their eyes again, it took a bit longer for their eyes to adjust to their surroundings, but when they did panic gripped them as something seemed to have gone horribly wrong.


While in their reconstruction of the Hyoudou household into a mansion the Gremory Clan took the liberty of making the bedrooms much larger than before, well beyond the size of a standard Japanese apartment each, now the living quarters of the Devilish nun were truly gigantic!  Furniture the size of mountains, the floor as vast as prairies and the two towering figures looming over them were hundreds, if not over a thousand times taller than them!


Even though they were just standing next to each other, there was now a massive space between the four girls as they looked around to get their bearings, with each of them settling on the two frighteningly huge Devil’s staring down at them.  Any thought that something had gone wrong, that this was just some sort of accident and they were just as concerned as they were was gone when they saw the smiles on their faces.


Looking down on her friends and second family, Asia could see their lips moving as they began to talk/yell for or at her, she wasn’t entirely sure since she couldn’t hear such small things talking, but they didn’t seem to be able to hear each other either.  “Perfect, just like with Xenovia-san.”  Giggling as she remembered the first time they shrunk the Holy Sword wielder, she cast a special spell for telepathic communication that she learned for just such an occasion.  “Ahem.  Can you hear me?  Onee-sama, Akeno-san, Ravel-san, Koneko-chan?”


“A-Asia?!  What’s going on?”  First to speak up was Rias, and while it wasn’t quite fear, there was an apprehension in her voice that was normally only heard when they were in a dangerous situation.


“Having a spell to communicate with us ready to go means you and Ise-sama knew this was going to happen, didn’t you.”  Not missing a beat, Ravel immediately called Asia out for their circumstances.  If it was just Issei, then she would have been completely complicit with whatever fantasies and fetishes she wanted to subject her to.  “Though… If Ise-sama enjoys watching this sort of thing…”


“Please, calm down everyone.  Ravel-san is correct, this is the solution we discovered with Xenovia to the physical contact limitation of the Energy Transfer spell.”  Kneeling down to sit on the floor, Asia tried her best to allay any worries they might have.  “I can control your sizes at will, so you’re not stuck like that forever, and this way I can keep you on me at all times.  The Energy Transfer spell is a bit particular of the conditions for you to receive energy from me.  You will not receive energy if you are digesting food currently, nor will it restore lost energy when you were not in contact with me, so that means you need to be directly touching my body while you exercise for it to work.”


With such strict restrictions, it was no wonder this spell never caught on.  However, there was still a problem with this ‘solution’ they came up with.  “You do realize that we’ll burn fewer calories the smaller we are, right?  At this size we’ll barely even affect you.”


“Hmm… that does seem like a bit of a problem for you, but Xenovia-san seemed to be handling it just fine so I’m sure you four will too.”  Disregarding the issue at hand, Asia ended the communication spell and turned to Issei.  “They’re ready to be moved now, Issei-chan.”


Smiling, the brunette helped the obese girl lay down on her back and pulled up the hem of her nun habit over her girthy gut.  “Okay, Ravel-chan first.”  She said, as she reached over and plucked the tiny girl who was still ranting and raving complaints at Asia for not taking their concerns seriously.  “Thanks for agreeing to help Asia out, Ravel-chan.”


Held between the fingers of her beloved, Ravel forgot about what was happening in favor of the praise she got from Issei.  Grinning like a fool, the young Phenex noble blushed and looked away from the object of her affection.  “Oh, Ise-sama…”  Her words didn’t reach the titanic Pawn, but that didn’t matter… until she started to pass under a huge shadow and saw where Issei was putting her.  As a Reincarnated Devil and the host of the Red Dragon Emperor, Issei was much stronger than her slender arms indicated and with one hand was lifting up Asia’s distended gut to reveal the stuffy, sweaty, dark reaches leading up her meaty thighs.  “I-Ise-sama?  Ise-sama!?”  Being brought up the blonde Devil’s chunky legs as she attempted to part them to give access to her pantyless crotch, Ravel didn’t like this was leading.  She thought that they were just going to have to do some exercises on Asia’s humongous gut or something, not… this!  “Ise-sama!  Asia!  Wai-!”  Getting buried in between Asia’s thighs as they couldn’t spread far enough to form a proper gap, Ravel was forced deep, through a hidden, moderately dense bush of thick hair until she hit a wall of flesh.  Hoping, wishing that that was going to be the end of it, when she felt the finger behind her begin to drag her over the untamed bush, she couldn’t do anything but take a deep breath when she began to slip into a slick fold of flesh.  “I need my flames!  But, carefully.”  Not wanting to hurt her friend but needing to get her attention, Ravel ignited her body in a weak flame, though for the fire-based Phenex family even their weakest flames are enough to instantly incinerate small animals.  However, her light lasted shorter than the blink of an eye as the secretion of thick nectar easily extinguished her flames.  “Huh?  Uh… w-well… Yeah, guess I can turn up the heat a bit then.”


Ever since they began experimenting with Xenovia, Asia had grown accustomed to Issei’s touch and now highly anticipated the next time she could experience it.  Feeling the struggling at the end of the gentle brunette finger this time made her heat up all the more and her clothes began to darken around her armpits as her lust spread throughout her body.  Like always, Issei made sure to reach deep inside of her and curl her finger into the perfect spot to make her back arch and her breath catch.  This was already so much better than she had imagined, as Ravel periodically spiked in warmth for only a split second before her sex clamped down on her tightly.  She was getting warmer and warmer each time too, but it wasn’t anywhere near unpleasant.  “Aah!  Ravel-san is so energetic.  But I need to get Onee-sama and the others tucked away too.”  Unable to reach her drooling quim herself, the blonde rubbed her meaty thighs together a bit more as the blush on her face intensified.


“It looks like Ravel-chan is doing her best in there.” Issei giggled, seeing the signs of impatience on Asia’s face as she gently let the excess flab rest on the girl’s legs once more.  Laying her on her back, the brunette rolled the portly ex-Sister onto her blubbery gut and reached out to grab the shrunken black haired girl who was in as much shock as Rias and Koneko at what was happening.  “You’re up next, Akeno-san.  I’m sure you’ll get used to the smell… eventually.”


After seeing what became of Ravel, Akeno wasn’t content to just allow herself to be moved by the gigantic girl without a fight… not that she was able to put up that much of one.  Issei was only lightly pinching her sides but it felt like she was in an immovable vice.  “Issei!  Asia!  Stop this nonsense at onc-!”  Trying to put on her best, stern voice, words died in the shrunken girl’s throat as she saw her destination get pried open.  With her hand almost entirely buried in Asia’s buttcrack, Issei pulled just one heavy cheek away from the other and the dark crevice between them widened until the horrendous gateway to a Hell worse than how the Underworld was depicted long before the current order reigned twitched at the stimulation.  “Issei!  Issei, no!  No, not that, Issei!”  Redoubling her efforts to escape as she was brought through the sweat laced blubbery canyon, the stink that was normally trapped under the obese Devil’s backside was causing her eyes to water.  However, the greasy pucker set in the deepest reaches of Asia’s backside just kept getting closer and closer, what little light reaching it highlighting the hairless, moist folds.  “No!  No, hold on a sec-!”


But her pleas were silenced, not that they would have even been able to echo out of the blonde’s girthy rear, as the tip of Issei’s finger was easily swallowed by the waiting hole, and Akeno along with it.  The half-Fallen Angel was suddenly thrust into a world of darkness as she fell from the finger that forced her through the threshold of Asia’s bowels and didn’t even have the sense about her to fly was the stink of the gas trapped with her flooded into her lungs.  Even though she made the mistake of breathing through her nose, she still tasted the stink and collapsed into the mucus-covered inner walls of the colon around her.


“I can’t…  I need to get out!”  Willing herself to stand, she turned as the brief rays of light that slipped in as Issei withdrew her finger were cut off by the sealing anal sphincter.  “Sorry Asia, but a naughty girl like you needs to be punished for something like this.”  Raising a hand above her head, a crimson spell circle formed and illuminated the darkness, revealing slime coated walls of wiggling flesh and clumps of semisolid mush she did her best to ignore, as Akeno charged up a powerful lightning spell.  Then, at her command, twin bolts of white and yellow lightning sprang forth and merged together, forming the signature Holy Lightning that earned her the title of ‘Priestess of Thunder’.  Since it combined the power of both light and lightning, this was particularly effective against Devils.  So even though she held back not to seriously injure her, when she saw almost no noticeable effect on Asia’s anus other than a slight twitch, she was surprised to say the least.  “Oh?  Ufufu… Does that mean you can take a bit stricter punishment, Asia?”  She hadn’t been serious before, so other than the fact that she had been shrunk and shoved up the young Devil’s butt, there was no need to panic.  Raising her arm again, Akeno charged up a more powerful Holy Lightning spell.


Wiggling her rear as she let out a soft, short fart, Asia’s cheeks reddened as Issei helped her sit up once more.  There was a prickly, tingling sensation at the end of her rectum, likely caused by Akeno, but she didn’t dislike it.  “That feels really nice too.  I guess it’s not just Ravel-san I’ll have to look forward to later.”  Pulling her nun habit up a bit more to free her overweight inflated breasts, she put the black haired Queen out of her mind for the time being and smiled down the petite Nekoshou who was backing away from her and her helper.  “Come here, Koneko-chan.  Don’t you think it would be fun to play inside of my breasts for a while?  Think about all the milk that’s waiting for you.”


For a moment, the promise of milk stayed Koneko’s retreat.  Licking her lips, her Nekoshou ears and tail popped out as she stared at the swollen breasts.  “Milk?”


Issei easily plucked the unresisting girl from the floor and brought her up to one of Asia’s swollen nipples.  “Asia’s milk is really rich and creamy too, Koneko-chan.  I’m sure you’ll love it.”  Whispering words to entice the catty girl, Issei tilted her finger so the white haired girl slid closer to the opening of the gigantic nipple before her.


“Rich and creamy.  And there would be so much of it…”  Practically drooling at the thought, seeing the mountainous breast was nothing more than a giant milk bank hundreds of times larger than her, Koneko positioned herself to better line up with the milk duct opening at the center of Asia’s nipple.  So as the perverted brunette sunk her finger deeply into the doughy flesh, Koneko squeezed through and began running deeper towards the sweet smelling treat deeper inside.


“It didn’t take much to convince her.”  Only just about to feel the tiny girl hurrying further into her bosom, Asia smiled as she cradled the breast in her hand.  “Which only leaves you, Onee-sama.”


Rias had to watch helplessly as Issei shoved the other three into Asia’s body.  She was shocked and appalled, but even more so she was filled with dread.  “I can’t get away, can’t undo the spell and can’t contact anyone for help.”  She was wracking her brain for a solution, but none came.


“And since you seemed to be the one most concerned with my belly, I think it’s only fitting that I keep you in there.”  Wanting to hurry things along, Asia rubbed her gut as she started to feel hungry again.


“B-Belly!?  No, no, Asia… y-you can’t be serious!”  Seeing the blonde lick her lips, Rias’ dread turned to panic and despair.  Was she really going to get eaten like this?  Swallowed whole and digested?  This had to be a bad joke or something.  Or rather, this was all just a terrible dream.  However, as Issei’s fingers closed in on her from either side, the warmth and pressure she felt was far too real to be considered a dream.  The smell of Asia’s sex and asshole mixed with the sweat that had rubbed off on the brunette’s digit, creating a chokingly potent stink that could have woken the dead.  “No!  Issei, Asia, think about what you’re doing!  This is madness!”  Unfortunately for her though, her words couldn’t reach them.  “No…  No, this can’t be.  Asia is a kind girl.  She’d never…”  As she began to give up hope, Rias saw a wall of flesh come towards her, or more accurately she was brought towards, but looking up she was met with not the chubby face of her gentle Bishop but the deep, sunken pit in the middle of her massive gut.  “Huh?”  Initially dropped off in the shallows of Asia’s cavernous navel, Rias was confused and relieved as she looked around.  However, Issei’s slender index finger came back before she could properly get one last look of the outside world and pushed her into the deepest reaches of the blonde girl’s belly button.


Rubbing her belly affectionately, Asia looked towards where she could feel the President of Kuoh’s Occult Research Club was deposited, and giggled as the low rumble from her stomach overshadowed the minute, barely perceptible caresses.  “Thank you for all your help, everyone.”  She felt blessed, even if actually being blessed would cause torturous pain for a Devil like her, to have so many people willing to help her.  However, the biggest blessing in her life was currently cuddling up with her tummy, rubbing her cheek into the soft flesh.  Petting Issei’s head, she felt a pocket of air work it’s way up her throat until she let out a bellowing belch and blushed.  “Excuse me…”


Smiling up to her, Issei stood up and fixed her clothes before offering Asia her hand.  “Sounds like it’s time for second breakfast.”


In Asia’s Butt


She had lost track of how long she had been trapped in the blonde Bishop’s rectum, but the black haired beauty had grown no less used to the stink or filth coating the wall and her body.  Likewise, she stopped counting the number of times she had shot her Holy Lightning at the puckered exit of her hellish entrapment.  “What’s the point… at best all I can do is cause her to pass a bit of gas.  My powerful lightning magic, feared by Devils, Fallen Angels and Angels alike, capable of instantly incinerating my foes to ash, can only cause Asia to break wind?  And getting tossed around each time she does… how pathetic I’ve become.”  Giving herself a bit of light, Akeno winced at the brown sludge caked to her.  At some point earlier she was caught up in an avalanche of fecal matter and for a moment her eyes lit up with hope as Asia’s anus began to spread open to evacuate her bowels… but then a magic seal appeared, suspending her in the middle of the orifice as all the filth passed around her.  Looking back at a new wall of waste waiting to be passed, Akeno’s light began to flicker as she felt her magic reserves begin to get low.  “A day’s worth of effort, and I’m still stuck in Asia’s butt.  My head feels heavy and hazy, but I’m still so full of energy.”  Sitting down, she leaned up against the soft colon wall and sank a bit into a comforting fold.  “What should I do?  What can I do?”


In Asia’s Sex


“Come on Ravel!  You can do it.”  Psyching herself up as she had been building up her magic power for hours after realizing that her weaker flames just weren’t enough to overpower the fluids Asia’s vagina was producing.  “I didn’t want to have to resort to this, but you’ve left me with no choice.”  Enveloping her body with the Phenex Clan’s signature Hell Fire flames, Ravel burned all of her remaining magic into increasing their intensity and heat.  However, with just about as much ease as any of her prior attempts before it, a single gush of sexual fluids washed over and snuffed out her flames.  “Im-Impossible!  My Hell Fire can easily blow away my brother’s, a High-Class Devil, head!”  That was about as strong as she could make her flames without exterior assistance, and yet the pulsating walls of flesh squeezing her tightly were completely unaffected.  “There’s no way… am I just that weak?  Or is Asia just that much stronger than me?”


In Asia’s Navel


Despite punching and kicking the blubbery flesh entrapping her continuously since she was shoved into the sunken hole, Rias wasn’t exhausted or even sore in the slightest.  Though that was to be expected, as each time a fist or foot entered her sight there was a faint, green shimmer of light covering her body.  Asia’s Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, as the entire reason she was targeted by Fallen Angels, and ultimately killed, for its ability to heal any creature, regardless of race.  However, that enviable ability was much like a curse now, ensuring she, and the others trapped in the other parts of the blonde’s overweight body, were safe and full of energy.


“Asia!  Wake up!  This has gone on long enough.  How much longer are you going to keep us trapped like this?”  She had been attempting to communicate with the gentle ex-nun, but she was either being ignored or her magic couldn’t reach outside of the filth encrusted navel she was stuck in.


The ball of crimson light illuminating her surroundings revealed clumps of damp belly button lint and other bodily substances she didn’t want to think about that clearly just couldn’t be cleaned away when Asia bathed.  They towered over the crimson-haired Devil like skyscrapers, which made her wonder just how small she was despite trying her best not to think about it.


“Asia!  Asi-ahhhhhh!”  Rias’ constant flurry of attack for attention was interrupted as the footing under her tilted and her entire world began to rotate.  Given how long she had been in Asia’s belly button, Rias estimated by the subtle cues of her body that Asia was sleeping, so this cataclysmic event was merely the young girl rolling over in her sleep.  Using her wings, Rias caught herself before falling into a massive clump of the belly button filth and breathed a sigh of relief.  “Honestly, does she even remember that I’m here?  She can be a bit forgetful at times, but she wouldn’t-eek!”


Her mental fortitude wavering while her physical strength was constantly being replenished, Rias’ despairing contemplation was interrupted when she noticed a large wad of belly gunk had peeled off for the newly-oriented ceiling and was falling towards her.  Throwing her arms up in defense, she activated her Power of Destruction on instinct to vaporize the building sized disgusting object.  However, in her panic, Rias didn’t properly control the output of her dangerous power and as she cracked open her eyes after feeling her destructive energy spring forth, she noticed it continued on and contacted Asia’s skin!


“No!  Asi… a?”  Initially worried for the weaker Devil, since those without enough power to resist her destructive energy can be consumed outright regardless of how small she made the attack, Rias was surprised to see the wave of red and black energy fizzle out when it contacted Asia’s flesh.  “Huh?”  While she didn’t want to hurt her Bishop, and was thus happy to see she didn’t unintentionally do so, it was worrying none-the-less to see her trademark finisher have no effect on the rotund girl.  And given the lack of response from the gigantic body encompassing her, Asia didn’t even notice.  “If…  If even my Power of Destruction can’t get her attention…”  Her anxiety deepening, Rias could only hope that Asia hadn’t truly forgotten her.


In Asia’s Breast


Unlike the other girls shrunken and entrapped in the various other parts of Asia’s body, Koneko had had a great day deep within Asia’s breast.  Literal lakes of some of the most rich, creamy milk she had ever had the pleasure of drinking were waiting from her at the end of each milk duct.  Issei hadn’t lied to her, it was like paradise since, after drinking her fill, she could just nap since all the fatty tissue around her made for an excellent bed and Asia’s body was so warm.  Asia had also communicated with her multiple times throughout the day to ask how she was enjoying her stay.


“But there was something… off about how Asia was talking.”  She couldn’t shake the feeling that the blonde’s tone or mannerisms towards her had changed.  She was still kind and gentle, but there was something else now too.  It wasn’t enough to spoil her fun, so she ignored it.  Getting back to the entrance of Asia’s breast, she curled up into a ball to rest for the night.  “I’ll get Asia to let me out tomorrow and spend some time with Issei-senpai.”


One Week Later


After the first day, Asia hadn’t contacted Koneko at all, leaving the petite girl in her breast all alone.  “Asia!  Asia!”  Calling out to the blonde Devil, Koneko was pushing against the flesh around the tight opening of Asia’s nipple.  After a couple of days, the novelty of being in such a huge breast had worn off and she wanted out.  “Can’t you hear me Asia?  Please, I can’t take it much longer in here.”  The milk that she once thought was so delicious was now becoming too rich for her taste.  As an occasional treat, it was the best thing she ever had, but as every meal for the past week, her stomach couldn’t take it anymore.  She felt sick from just one lick even on an empty stomach!  So, for the past few days she had been periodically trying to get Asia’s attention, with no results, so yesterday she started pawing at the exit and calling out to the gigantic girl.  “Asia?  Asia!”


“Koneko-chan?  Are you awake?”  Finally, after days and days of waiting, Koneko heard Asia’s voice in her head, though it didn’t sound like she was answering her pleas but was contacting her of her own accord.


“Y-Yes!  Yes, I am!”  Wiping the tears of joy from her eyes, the catty Devil replied enthusiastically.  “I’ve been calling out to you for days, why didn’t you answer?  I’m ready to come out now.”


“Oh, so that’s why my breast felt so itchy lately.  Sorry about that, I kind of forgot about you for a bit.”  Giggling dismissively at the revelation, Asia’s breast shook as she bounced it a bit in her hand.  “Though I believe you are misunderstanding how this spell works.  I’m the one contacting you, not the other way around.  If I’m not focused on you, your thoughts can’t reach me, otherwise I wouldn’t get a moment’s peace with all of you in me.”


This news frightened Koneko to her core.  “You can’t hear us if you don't focus on us?  Then… what if you forget about us entirely?  I don’t want to be stuck in your breast for the rest of my life!  Your milk is too dense and rich, I can’t drink it anymore, and I want to see Issei-senpai.  Please let me out.”


“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Koneko-chan.”  The tone in which the chubby girl told Koneko the news wasn’t sorrowful or regretful, but a rather upbeat, playful manner like one would use to placate a child.


However, all the Nekoshou girl could focus on was Asia’s inability to release her.  “You ‘can’t’?!  What do you mean?  I’m stuck in your boobs forever?!”


“What?  Oh, no, no.  Sorry I misspoke.  I can let you out, whenever I want to be honest, but you haven’t helped me lose any weight at all.”  She was still talking down to her, like she was interacting with a child who didn’t know anything and she had to teach rather than an equal.  “You liked my milk so much on the first day, and it’s so nutritious for you.”


“But it’s too thick, it’s upsetting my stomach!  Please, just let me out.”  It wasn’t like Asia to ignore others' worries or discomfort like this.


However, after a couple of gentle taps rippling through the obese-inflated breast from above, Asia just giggled again.  “There, there.  I think someone is just a bit cranky because she hasn’t had enough milk.  Just keep drinking and I’m sure you’ll feel better.”


“What?  No, Asia!  Listen to me.  Let me out, please!”  It was disheartening and frightening how little the kind and caring girl was being towards her plight, but there was no reply to follow.  “Asia?  Asia?!”  Koneko cried out for Asia to listen to her, to let her out, but she was alone again.  Clawing at the opening to try and get the blonde’s attention again, the flesh around her compressed, holding her down as a suction force pulled her flush against the narrow opening a couple of times until a rush of milk began to wash past her.  “Asia!  Issei-senpai!  Please, I’ll do anything!”




Cutting off her connection with the tiny cat girl in her bosom, Asia smiled down to the brunette sucking on her nipple and ran her pudgy fingers through her hair.  Issei had also developed a taste for her breast milk, as did Xenovia, so she had begun breastfeeding them whenever they asked.  Especially in Issei’s case, it was the least she could do to thank her for all the delicious food she constantly made for her.  “Issei-chan.”


Drawing the perverted girl’s attention for a moment, Issei didn’t stop sucking on the lactating teat but did look up at her in response.


Thinking about what Koneko had said to her, if the white haired girl missed Issei, there was a chance Issei missed her as well.  “Would you like to see Koneko-chan?  I can let her out in a week or so if she behaves.”  She barely felt the little cat girl anyway, so she wasn’t missing out if she let her out for a bit if it was for Issei.  But only for a bit.  Time with Issei was precious and she didn’t like losing any of it.


The brunette nodded and mumbled something likely to the effect that she’d like that, but didn’t take Asia’s breast out of her mouth to say it.


Smiling back, Asia nodded as well and let her go back to suckling on her breast as she leaned back and grabbed some of the crackers on the plate next to her.  As she crammed them messily into her mouth, a bunch of crumbs got all over her face and chest, not that she entirely cared.  Brushing the remnants of her snack down her body, she picked up another handful as she swallowed.


In Asia’s Navel


Marking the passage of days by the number of times Asia slept was a poor representation to measure by, as she took numerous naps throughout the day, for Rias wasn’t sure how long she had been stuck in the obese girl’s belly button.  She hadn’t been able to contact the blonde Devil either in that time, nor was she contacted, or interacted with/acknowledged in any way.  She was just ‘living’ on Asia’s body, unable to escape and likely forgotten.


However, because Asia was leaning back currently, the ‘sky’ opened up a bit and light reached down to the depths she was trapped in, and with it a bit of fresh air, or as ‘fresh’ as the air in Asia’s unwashed belly button could be.  While she had taken the liberty of cleaning up all the gunk and filth that had built up in the sunken indentation of flesh, it was about the only thing of use she had done since she was sealed in.


“The Power of Destruction, feared in all the Underworld, reduced to a belly button clearer…  How low I have fallen.”  Lamenting her lack of ability to free herself, Rias looked up at the glimmer of light shining down.  She hadn’t had anything to eat since that morning Asia and Issei shrunk them down, and though she felt no hunger, she wanted something to eat just to taste something again.  “All I can taste now is stale air and Asia’s body odor…”


As she sighed, wondering if she’d ever be let free and get to eat a meal prepared by Issei again, a couple of crumbs that Asia carelessly brushed off her chest came crashing down next to the despondent girl.


Looking up in surprise, Rias stared at the meal from what might as well be the Heavens from her perspective.  “Did Asia hear my wish and send me food?  But why this and not freeing me?”  A grumble from her stomach told her that her body couldn’t care less about the reason, it wanted food now.  “Yes…  It’s no use thinking about which wish she granted, I should be thankful she still acknowledges my existence at all.”  Ravenously eating the blessing that Asia bestowed upon her, Rias licked her lips and looked up waiting for more.




Swallowing another handful of crackers, Asia let out a small burp as everything settled in her stomach.  She truly enjoyed her breastfeeding sessions with Issei, so even though she had finished the last of her snack, she didn’t say anything despite still being hungry for more.  Petting the brunette’s head and patting her belly, she sighed happily as a rumble emanated from her gut and a familiar pressure built up at the end of her digestive tract.  “Oh, that’s right!  Akeno-san is in my butt right now.  I forgot all about her.”  Slightly amused by the fact that she had an entire person shoved up and living in her butt, Asia established a connection with the Devilish priestess.


In Asia’s Butt


“Akeno-san?  Akeno-san, can you hear me?”  Addressing the black haired girl in her butt, Asia wasn’t sure if she was even awake.  “If you’re resting right now, that’s fine, but if you don’t give me those delightful little tingles I’ll forget all about you.  Though, if you like living in my bum so much, maybe I don’t need to worry about that and leave you in peace.”


“Asia?!  Wh-What do you mean?”  As her focus was diverted from what she was doing, the lightning spell she was currently zapping the gigantic girl with ended and she was cast in the pitch darkness of the miasmic bowels once more.  She had lost track of time, something she assumed the other girls in Asia had as well, but she had been hitting Asia with her most powerful lightning spells until she passed out lately.  “She can’t feel my spells anymore?  But my Holy Lightning isn’t weak!”  Her pride wounded unintentionally by the blonde Bishop, Akeno shook her head.  “No, right now I finally have her attention.”  No matter how hard she tried to contact Asia before, there was no reply, which either meant she was being ignored or not establishing a connection.  She couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by which, by Asia’s own admission, she could be forgotten and left to live out the rest of her life in the filthy rectum of her kouhai.  “Asia, you have to st-!?”


However, as she began to speak, a powerful gust of hot, fetid, moist air rushed past her, knocking her over into a pile  of digested and processed food waste.  It was disgusting every time, but the fact that getting covered in Asia’s fecal matter was bothering her less and less was as concerning as her adaptation to the constant reek of the girl’s bowel gases.


“Well, either way, you’re supposed to be helping me lose weight, not enjoying a vacation in my bum.”  Asia said sternly as Akeno tried to free herself from the log of crap.  “As punishment, I’m not going to go to the bathroom for three days.  Maybe after that you’ll put a bit more effort into keeping your promises.”


With as much as Asia eats on a daily basis, Akeno had been caught up in no fewer than a couple dozen bowel movements since Asia trapped her at the end of her rectum.  So the threat of not evacuating her bowels for a few days was a terrifying idea, as she had little room to herself as it was.  To be buried in Asia’s thick, putrid turds for days was a fate Akeno wanted to avoid at all costs.


“Wait!  Asia, don’t!  I’ll do better, I’ll try harder.  I promise, just, just not that!”  Turning back to the giant anal sphincter, Akeno charged up a power Holy Lightning spell and launched, but it didn’t even cause the ring muscle to twitch.  “N-No, no!  I’ll do better!  I swear, I’ll devote myself to helping you lose weight and I’ll shock your cute little bum hole whenever you want.  Okay?  Asia?”  She could hear the sounds of Asia’s intestines shift and flex, signifying more food waste getting pushed along its journey.  At most she had an hour before the wall of shit was pressing up against the girl’s anus, crushing her into the colon wall as it awaited release.  However, her pleas and bargains didn’t reach Asia as the connection had already been cut.  “Asia?  Asia!”  Panicking, Akeno released another volley of her Holy Lightning.




“Sometimes I swear... those girls.”  Puffing out her cheeks in mild annoyance, Asia pouted as she still didn’t feel anything from her bum at all.  “They make a big deal out of my weight, say that they’ll help, but now all I hear is complaint after complaint.  They haven’t helped at all.  In fact, I’ve gained another 5 lbs this week.”  There was no real, noticeable difference in the rate she was gaining weight since she shrunk the others, but at the same time that meant she didn’t have any reason to let them go either.  Besides, Issei’s cooking was too delicious to not eat as much as she could and she got to spend more time with her beloved brunette.


One Month Later


Laying in bed, waiting for Issei to finish cooking breakfast and come get her, Asia was still feeling a bit horny from sleeping with the lovely brunette and Xenovia.  Both come to cuddle with her on a nightly basis now, so she enjoys their shared time together, but they both wake up so early that she has no one to help her on the occasions when she feels her immorality tickle her womanhood.  “Oh!  That’s right.  I’m not as ‘alone’ as I think.”  Forgetting the girls in her body all too often, Asia giggled as she remembered how happy Koneko was to get to come out of her breast for a few hours last week.  She kept the petite Nekoshou palm sized, but she didn’t complain when Asia told her it was a privilege and favor to Issei since Koneko hadn’t kept her promise at all.  “If our little kitty is a good girl, I might let her out again.”  She could feel Koneko curled up in her breast, but that was nice… for now.  “But for now, there’s another misbehaving child that isn’t doing anything all day.”  Slipping her hands under her belly fat, Asia rubbed the lips of her vulva through the medium length bush Issei and Xenovia kept maintained for her.  “Ravel-san.  Why have you been so quiet for so long?”


In Asia’s Sex


Hearing the voice of her captor, her better, in her head, Ravel didn’t attempt to beg or bargain with Asia, not only did she know that she was likely unable to changed her mind after so long, but the blonde had thoroughly proven herself to be the superior Devil between the two of them.  “My flames are far too weak to compete with you, Asia-sama, so I’ll not fight back.  While at first I couldn’t believe the Hell Fire flames, the pride of the Phenex Clan, could be so easily extinguished by the fluids produced by a young, Reincarnated Devil’s vagina, I now understand.  It’s not that my fire is weak, you’re just that much stronger.”  It wasn’t like Ravel was an overly arrogant girl before, but being so completely defeated by a fellow Bishop piece was a humbling experience.  “I won't cause any more trouble for you or your superior vagina.”


“That’s unfortunate, Ravel-san.  I quite enjoyed the warmth you gave off.”  Disheartened that the noble girl wasn’t going to heat up anymore, Asia also didn’t want to force her to either since she still felt great just wiggling around inside of her sacred vessel from time to time.


“Y-You mean…  My weak little flames actually are useful for something?”  There was a noticeable excitement in her tone, like there was a glimmer of hope in the dark, moist tunnel for the first time since she was shoved into it.  “Does a Devil as strong as you actually have use for someone as powerless as me?”


Giggling at the melodramatic question, Asia tightened her vaginal muscles around the tiny girl a bit.  “I suppose I don’t, now that I think about it.”


Her high spirit coming crashing back down, Ravel’s unwitting, nervous smile faded as the reality of her situation and position sunk in one more.  “Right…  Yes, that only make sens-”


“But my vagina might, if you’re a good girl and warm it up for me.”  Her little joke aside, Asia did enjoy the warmth that Ravel gave off, so if she could experience it again she’d like to.


“Not you… but your sex?  No, no, that only makes sense.  The power difference between us is so great, just having me attend to one part of your body is more of an honor than I deserve.”  Unlike her fellow blonde Bishop, who was more or less joking, Ravel was a pure-blooded Devil raised in the Underworld.  For as civilized as it was, the underlying rule was essentially that of the weak serving the strong.  Outside of the Gremory family, discrimination between classes of citizens was common where they interacted, so for her to hear a Devil who demonstrated so completely to be above her, Ravel felt the need to submit to Asia’s sex to her very core.  After all, it’s what Asia herself wanted from her and she had no place to object.  “Thank you, Asia-sama.  I swear to attend to your Sacred Vessel dutifully.”  Igniting her flames, Ravel did her best to keep them burning as the undulating flesh around her doused them in thick, sexual lubricant.


“Huh?  Oh, well that will be fine I suppose.  Just don’t do it all the time, okay?  Maybe only when I’m feeling a bit naughty.”  Slightly confused but happy to feel a foreign heat spread through her sex, Asia cut the communication with her new, willing, living sex toy.


“As you wish, Asia-sama.  Now, Sacred Vessel-sama, please allow this unworthy one deeper access to your more sensitive places.”  Producing a constant chain of bursts of fire, Ravel, for the first time since she entered Asia’s nethers, turned herself around and began to crawl deeper into the embrace of her sole duty.



Pulling her soaked fingers from her naughty bits, Asia rested her hand on her belly as she felt Ravel’s heat travel further into her.  “Oh?  If you really like it some much inside of me, Ravel-san, then you might never get ‘rebirthed’ again.”  Her joke aside, Asia enjoyed the pulses of heat she was feeling, and felt no need to play with herself.  Squeezing the tiny girl with her vaginal muscles and rubbing her thighs together was more than enough when coupled with the delightful squirming and warmth.  So, all that was left was to wait for Issei to come and feed her breakfast.  “I wonder what Issei-chan will make today?”  Licking her lips, her tummy rumbled in anticipation.


In Asia’s Navel


On her knees with her hands stretched up towards the opened heavens above, Rias prayed for another blessing to be granted to her.  Ever since what felt like an eternity ago when Asia first blessed her with something to eat other than belly button gunk, the only time she received blessings from the gigantic girl was when light shone down from above, like it was right now.  Since the ex-nun was still very pious in her dedication to God, being one of only two Devils in the world allowed to pray to God and not suffer intense headaches, Rias realized that mimicking those actions increased the likelihood of Asia likewise rewarding her.  It wasn’t every time however, but if she wanted something to eat or drink that didn’t come from Asia’s body she believed it was just a matter of her sincerity.


“Asia!  Oh, Asia.  Please, if you can find it in your heart, grant this one a blessing.”  She even tried her best to copy the religious sounding prayers she had mostly ignored from the religious Devil.  She had been praying for weeks, and even then she was hours into her prayers for the day when the light dimmed slightly, catching her eye.  Her heart skipping a beat, the crimson-haired girl looked up and elation swelled in her heart as her eyes teared up.


Slowly running down the sunken depression, a translucent liquid flowed down and began to flood the area around her.  Wasting no time, Rias began to drink up the viscous, nectar-like fluid, despite the strong scent and sour taste.  Compared to the sweat that Asia almost constantly produced, this was a treat that she would savor.


“Thank you, Asia, for this day’s blessing.”  Offering her thanks, Rias swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the liquid flooding her home.


Six Months Later


With a soft cushion under her head, Issei stared up at the ceiling of the small room reserved for Asia and Xenovia to pray in.  While it was little more than a storage closet, it was a quiet place that the others knew not to disturb them while they were in there.  As she laid there, a shadow fell over her and her view was quickly replaced by the wide, round posterior and shadowy undercarriage of the overweight blonde as she prepared the kneel down.  Despite her feet being planted at either side of Issei’s head, her thighs were too thick to give a proper view of the bare crotch as she held up the hem of her habit.


Looking down over her shoulder but unable to see her most beloved person, Asia was a bit embarrassed, but Issei had requested this herself, so she was willing to push her hesitation to the side.  “Are you sure this is what you want, Issei-chan?  I haven’t been able to pray properly for a while now, so I plan to make up for it all today.  I likely won’t be moving for a few hours, if not longer.”


“Yeah, don’t worry about me, Asia.”  Nodding with a bright, perverted smile on her face, Issei firmly held the several inch tall cat girl napping on her chest as the rotund blonde slowly began to lower her body on top of them.


Seeing the gigantic backside of the gentle Bishop approach, Koneko didn’t try to run or escape Issei’s grip, rather she nuzzled closer to the brunette’s chest and smiled contently.  “If I can spend just a bit of time with Issei-senpai, even if it’s under Asia’s huge butt, then it’s worth it.  My stomach is still a bit upset from all that breast milk I had to drink last night, but Asia said she wouldn’t let me spend time with Issei-senpai if I didn’t.”  Rubbing her belly as it recovered from processing so much of Asia’s extra thick and densely rich milk, she smiled.  Time spent with the perverted dragon girl was worth a bit of discomfort.


By the time her knees were on the floor, Asia could feel the bottom of her butt already touching Issei’s face.  Slowly, she rested her weight on the thinner girl, burying her face deep between her buttcheeks as they spread apart, and let her habit go, covering her backside once more.  Her gut was covering most of Issei’s torso, so as she wiggled her tush to get a bit more comfortable, she giggled at the pair of feet she could see sticking out from the curvature of her gut.  The brunette’s labored breathing tickled her sweat drenched butthole, and after she settled in place, she felt her tongue scrape across and prod at the quivering orifice.  “Oh, Issei-chan.  I’m supposed to be praying.”  While she thought that, the smile on Asia’s face and slight gyrotation in her hips as she ground her butt on the brunette’s face made it clear she didn’t mind at all.  “...  But if that’s what you want…”


Akeno’s Domain


“Akeno-san?  Akeno-san, are you awake?”  Hearing the blonde Bishop’s voice in her head, the black haired Queen slowly awoke from her slumber, half buried in a pile of waste.  “Hello?  Akeno-san?  Are you awake?”


“Hmm…?  Oh!  Asia!”  As her mind registered the familiar voice, Akeno sat up with a bright smile on her face.  While she wasn’t able to accurately measure time in her home, it felt like months since the last time Asia contacted her.  “My, what’s the special occasion?  Have you been enjoying my lightning massages lately?”


“Huh?  You’ve still been doing that?  Sorry, I couldn’t really tell…”  Apologizing for not noticing the shrunken girl’s efforts over the past few months, Asia giggled at the thought that the once powerful ‘Priestess of Thunder’ couldn’t even stimulate her rear consistently.  “However, I’m currently sitting on Issei-chan’s face and was going to ask if you could assist me a bit, but…”


Feeling her cheeks flush with the humiliation of not even gaining the notice of her gigantic captor after so much dedicated time and effort, Akeno felt a burning in her loins.  Scooping up a handful of the fecal bed, she took a big bite of the waste and charged up her magic for an exhausting attack.  “Ahn!  What a naughty girl you’ve become, Asia.  But this humiliation and your delicious waste is just what I need to give it my all!”  Ever since spending three days completely encased in the obese Devil’s compacted stool, what she once thought of as a repulsive substance had become a resource for comfort and strength.  There was still a scarce amount of nutrients and magical power to be found in Asia’s waste.  Focusing that into her spell, Akeno laughed loudly, echoing through the bowels she lived in, as she released it at the slimy anal muscle keeping her right where she belongs.



For the first time in a long time, Asia felt a slight tingle from her butt, enough to make her body stiffen up slightly and clench her butt over Issei’s face.  Akeno’s attack finally reached her once more and prompted her anus to fibrillate, releasing a chain of meaty, long farts.  The release of tension in her gut was also a relief, so Asia didn’t hold anything back, and soon the room smelt of her bowel gases.  The squirming and enthusiastic licking from under her only encouraged her to continue, as she was happy if Issei was happy.


Clasping her hands together once her bowels settled down, though she was faintly aware of subsequent jolts for Akeno but they were much weaker than the first, Asia began to pray.  “Oh Lord, I thank you for the blessings you have seen fit to grant both myself and my family, despite us being Devils.  I thank you for Issei-chan’s delicious cooking and loving affection, and pray you will allow me to continue to stay by her side forever.”  It was only thanks to the gentle, considerate, though slightly perverted brunette that Asia was even able to pray at all.  She owed both the fact that she was alive and that she was made an expectation in the system maintained by Micheal to Issei.  To add in all the little, selfish requests she fulfills and meals she prepares, there was nobody in the blonde’s life more important.  “I thank you for the support and friendship I receive from Xenovia-san, and for Koneko-chan who has become such an obedient little girl, the perfect pet for us to raise.  I hope for your guidance to convince her sister, Kuroka-san, to join her one day.”  While there was a rift between the two sisters, Asia hoped that bringing them together would mend their relationship… that and the white haired Nekoshou just couldn’t keep up with the milk production of both of her breasts, so having another little kitty around would help lessen her burden too.  “And I thank you for helping both Akeno-san and Ravel-san accept and adapt to their new positions in our family.  Even if they are unable to help manage my weight, the true blessing is having a happy family that supports one another.”


Thinking of the young Phenex noble, while praying Asia squeezed the shrunken girl with her vaginal muscles a couple of times in a way that indicated to her that she was to heat up for a bit.  She didn’t need to communicate with the fiery blonde anymore, at the behest of Ravel herself since she felt unworthy of speaking with Asia directly for some reason.  But Asia didn’t mind, Ravel was obedient and she respected how she crawled deeper inside of her without being told to.


Waves of tantalizing, pleasurable heat pulsed deep in her sex at her command, and soon there was a slight flow of her nectar dripping down her crotch, through her bush and to Issei’s tongue and chin.  The girl under her happily licked it up, which filled Asia with a warm, fuzzy happiness.


“To live such a happy, peaceful life with everybody, I thank you for all that you have done for me.  Oh Lord, I pray.”  As she finished up saying her thanks and began her prayers in earnest, Asia couldn’t help but think she was forgetting something.  “Hmm…  Well, I’m sure I’ll remember it eventually.”


Rias’ Home


Likewise, on her knees and with her hands firmly clasped together.  Surrounded in crudely made fetishes in the likeness of the rotund girl made from the very gunk and filth that constantly built up in the deep navel, Rias prayed and waited, for hours, days, weeks and months.  Her once silky smooth, vibrant crimson hair was matted and had chunks of belly button lint stuck in it and her clothes had long since worn out, leaving her naked.  Though she showed no sign of discomfort within the makeshift pentagram of her hasty making, her thoughts focused on just one thing“Asia…  Please, please grant me another blessing.  Yesterday I did not pray enough, I was not devoted enough.”


However, it wasn’t a matter of piety or redemption.  The tiny crimson haired girl was only so lucky to receive a ‘blessing’ due to Asia’s careless, messy eating and hygiene.  In truth, so long as the blonde never remembered her existence, ‘Rias Gremory’ was little more than a parasite living off the bounty of her body.

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