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The land was untouched by technology and was still home to magic. Here mythical creatures still existed and although many were terrifying there were some that lived in peace along with the human race that dominated most parts of the land. The land itself was the size of a continent that had one ruling family with numerous lords over other lands. There were sometimes minor disputes between the lords but other than that there was peace and harmony in the land, there had been no wars for several centuries although the minor skirmish did occur every now and again. This landmass was almost cut in half by the great River White that had its source in the north and the mouth in the south. The great landmass was named Angleland after the Angle family that had ruled the land for countless years.

In the West of Angleland lay Morgan, a small village that was ruled by the Lord Trevor Gimus and his family. Morgan itself was only a small settlement with a population of a couple of hundred people. Two of these people were named David and his wife Sheila Snape who worked as the village farmers. For years they had been trying to conceive a child of their own and yet the gods had not heard their prayers. All that seemed to change when Sheila announced to her husband that she was pregnant. No news had ever made him feel so happy in his life.

The pregnancy did not go smoothly however and when their baby daughter was born she was extremely small and sickly. They named her Jessica but almost as soon as she was born they were already thinking about where they would bury her. They had taken her to the village healer who was a kindly man and was devastated to tell them the news that their new daughter would be lucky to live another few days.

With no other option they had to turn to someone who had talents with the black arts and after sacrificing as much as they could the warlock gave them a potion that when Jessica was bathed in it would allow her to live. He did warn of unforeseen side effects but at this moment in time the Snapes didn't care, all they wanted was to save the life of their daughter and were almost willing to do anything to save her.

As instructed the Snapes bathed their sickly daughter into the potion that they were given and almost like magic Jessica's symptoms seemed to disappear. They were overjoyed at first to see that their daughter was healthy and would hopefully live a full life. This joy was short lived however when they noticed that Jessica was growing particularly fast. At first they thought that she was going through an early growth spurt but they soon discovered that this was not the case.

Within less than a year Jessica was already as tall as her parents if she stood up but she didn't stop growing there. As time went by the little girl grew taller and taller and after a few short years was too big to stay in the house and needed to live in the barn. She was as tall as their single storey house after two years and yet she continued to grow.

This caused major problems financially for the Snapes as their giant daughter needed to be fed and clothed and at the rate that she grew clothes didn't last her very long. It was fortunate that they lived on a farm and they could at least feed their daughter. Despite their prayers Jessica continued to grow and instead of seemingly slowing down she seemed to be growing faster and faster as she aged.

Numerous times they had tried to find the Warlock who had given them the potion that had saved Jessica's life but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found. It was like he had disappeared off of the face of the Earth and they were stuck with an ever growing giantess for a daughter.

Despite all this her parents still loved Jessica as much as any parent could love their child. At no point did they treat her differently and they showed her all the love and attention that she needed as she grew up. They had even tried to teach her to use her size to help with the farming work, they only regret was that they had to start Jessica so early since they needed her help to be able to grow more crops so that they could feed her. There were some accidents along the way but as time went by Jessica seemed to take in everything that her parents were telling her. Her size meant that they were able to farm more crops than ever before and herding their cattle was easy when Jessica could simply pick them up and take them to wherever they needed to go. She even learned how to count by moving the chickens from one place to another.

Not everyone shared their love for Jessica however. In the actual village many regarded Jessica as a monster and a freak. She had never done anything to them to warrant their anger but due to her ever increasing size she was seen as a monster who was only waiting to destroy them all.

Even when Jessica tried to play with other children they would all shun her. There was only one boy who actually played with her and she considered him to be her only friend. His name was Tucker Martel and he was the third son of the village Blacksmith. He was somewhat headstrong boy who had dreams of becoming a knight and going on some kind of grand adventure like he had read in the stories. He was the only boy who treated Jessica as a normal person instead of a freak. Because of this the two grew close relatively quickly and it was not long before they became best friends.

Tucker never showed any fear when he was around Jessica and he was the only one who made her feel normal. Due to their difference in size the number of games that they could play together were somewhat limited but they still had fun together all the same. One game that they would play was Knights and Damsels where Tucker would grab a stick and pretend that it was a sword. Jessica would pretend to be a damsel in distress and that she needed Tucker to save her from an imaginary monster.

Over the years their friendship never faltered but Jessica continued to grow at an alarming rate. On her sixteenth birthday she stood one hundred feet tall and her body showed no signs of stopping. She seemed doomed to continue growing bigger and bigger with no end in sight, that was until one fateful day.

That day Jessica had temporarily left her home to run a couple of errands for her parents when she came across a seemingly dying old man on the road. He had seemed to have been robbed and by the looks of him he was on the verge of death. Many people would have seen that there was little that they could do to save him and would have left him. Not Jessica however, the old man had asked her to take him Green Fields that was quite far out of her way. Instead of refusing she agreed to take him, this would be a large inconvenience for her but she still went along anyway since it was the right thing to do.

When the pair eventually reached Green Fields the old man had revealed himself to be a great wizard. The incident had been a test, he had been beginning to lose his faith in humanity but Jessica's kindness had shown that there was still some good in people. He wanted to reward her by shrinking her to the size of a normal person but unfortunately the magic that had made her a giantess was too strong even for him to reverse. Instead he created her a dress that when she wore it allowed her to shrink to a more normal size. She was also gifted with a pair of plain shoes that also changed size with her whenever she grew or shrank so at least she didn't have to walk around barefoot.

The dress had a somewhat cream colour to it and was magic. It allowed her to shrink from her giant size all the way down to eight feet and any height in-between. This was more than anything that Jessica could ever ask for but there were a few minor drawbacks to the dress. She would only stay small when she wore the dress, the moment that she took it off she would quickly grow back up to her full size. This meant that she could still only bathe in lakes.

One other thing that was striking about Jessica was her beauty, she was easily the most beautiful woman in the village and would have made a fine wife for any man if not for her extreme size. Even when she was down to her smallest size of eight feet she still towered above practically every man in the land and the majority of them disliked the idea of marrying a woman who was significantly taller than they were. She had her own dreams but for now she was staying with her parents to help out on the farm. Her body was slender with long legs that made up just over half her height. She had relatively long chestnut brown hair with deep hazel eyes. Her breasts were a little above average for her body size but it wasn't anything to really take into notice. She knew that if she were to walk around naked that many men would not stare at her due to her size but because of her beauty. She was too modest however to be doing something like that.

Although Jessica could shrink herself in size she was still considered to be a giantess. She had to bend down to get through doors and many times when she stood up inside a building her head would strike the ceiling. She ate more than a normal person and could drink a man under the table with some ease. She also had great strength in her smallest size, she was stronger than most men but her strength was not superhuman, not until she began to grow of course.

Her maximum size was increasing as if she was still growing, as long as she wore the dress she could stay at eight feet as long as she wanted but whenever she went to go maximum size she would find that limit going higher and higher with each passing day.

By the time she was nineteen at her full size was around one hundred and twenty five feet and if not for the dress she would be that size all the time. The main times that Jessica would be her full size would be to work, bathe and to travel long distances. Other than that she would remain at her smallest size although some day to day tasks were benefitted when she grew a little bigger.

Her best friend Tucker still wanted to be a knight of the realm like the heroes that he had read in the stories. There had been an old knight who had spent his final years in the village of Morgan. He went by the name of Sir Thomas Parker and he had seen some potential in Tucker so he had taken the time to teach him a couple of the basics in sword fighting. Unfortunately Sir Thomas died long before Tucker could actually be considered talented enough to carry around a sword.

Despite the fact that his skills with a sword were slightly more than average Tucker would sometimes act as if he were the greatest sword master in all the land. Like his father had wanted him to he had also trained to be a blacksmith along with his three brothers. He also had one sister who had already gotten married to a man who lived near the centre of Morgan. Although he was better at being a blacksmith rather than a knight Tucker still dreamed of being a knight and going on some kind of adventure.

In normal cases it was common for a child to inherit their parent's land and titles when they passed on but Tucker knew that most likely he wouldn't get much. His eldest brother would most likely inherit the family business and even if he were to die it would be Tucker's next brother who would get that inheritance. He knew that he was never going to own the family business and this did get him down from time to time.

Tucker was average height with short black hair with brown eyes. He had a bite mark on his right arm where he had once been bitten by dog. Thanks to his year of blacksmithing he had some muscles to his body but he didn't look like a bodybuilder. The clothing that he wore were somewhat like peasants clothing but thanks to the money that came into the blacksmith he was able to afford somewhat nicer clothing than the average peasant. He was far from being mistaken for a lord but he did look a little better than a peasant.

In his spare time when Tucker hadn't been blacksmithing for the family business he had been trying to make himself a suit of armour and a decent sword. His brothers had told him that he should give up his fantasy and stick to blacksmithing. They admitted that he was a better blacksmith than he was a swordsman but Tucker took no notice of them as he continued to try and make himself the armour and sword that he needed to become a knight. He wanted to show him that there was more to him than being a blacksmith.

Even Jessica had tried to tell him that being a knight wasn't the best life choice that he had. She had seen him wield a sword and she knew that he wasn't all that talented. So far he had only had a small amount of training and never truly sparred with anyone to test his level of skill. He had even tried to spar with her with a wooden sword but even then she could tell that he wasn't as good as he claimed to be.

One day Tucker was sent to the market town of Flea Bay that was located west of Morgan along the western coast of Angleland. Flea Bay was famous since almost anything could be bought or sold there. Tucker had been sent there to pick up a couple of items needed for the blacksmith business along with some works that needed to be given to the customers. Jessica had even asked him to pick up a couple of things for her while he was going and he was more than happy to do this for his best friend.

As normal the town of Flea Bay was packed with merchants trying to sell their goods along with buyers who were looking for items of great value that they could obtain for a fraction of its price. Tucker remembered to stay vigilante since there were a lot of thieves that operated in this town. He thought that he was relatively safe in his horse and carriage but still there was always the chance that something might go wrong of course.

It took Tucker a good three days to reach Flea Bay in his horse and carriage and when he got there he began to unload the pieces of work that needed to be given to the customers. After that he moved onto getting the supplies that he needed for his family before finally finishing off by getting Jessica what she had asked for.

Tucker was just about to leave Flea Bay when a certain outside store caught his attention. At first it seemed to be a store of cartography but when he took a closer look he saw that it was much more than that. It was littered with different withered maps along with various other effects that seemed to look out of place. The man at the store was a middle aged man with a beard and an eye patch. His remaining teeth were yellow and as Tucker looked at him he realised that he had a thumb missing on his right hand. He was a fairly large man with a pot belly and long greasy hair.

"Ah good sir I see that you have taken an interest in the products that I have for sale in my store," said the man with a deep and somewhat crackled voice. "I have maps of every piece of land in Angleland and even one special one that will lead you to the fabled Three Man's treasure."

This quickly got Tucker's attention. Three Man's treasure was a legendary treasure that was worth more an almost unfathomable amount of money. Whoever found this treasure would most likely become even richer than the king and queen of Angleland. For many, many years would be treasure hunters had gone out to find this treasure and none had succeeded. Some even believed that Three Man's treasure was nothing more than a myth, created purely to entice the imagination. There were those who had given up everything they had to try and find it but all had failed.

Even though the man claimed to have a map that led to the treasure Tucker was still somewhat sceptical. He was sometimes a little gullible but even he was not gullible enough to believe him completely.

"Wait, wait you're saying that you have a map that leads to the fabled Three Man's treasure correct?" asked Tucker.

"Correct," replied the man quickly.

"If you have it what's stopped you from going out and finding it yourself?"

"Simple because I'm not a damn fool. The quest to find the treasure is one of great danger that has claimed the lives of many foolish people over the years. I admit I'd like nothing more than to have the treasure for myself but what's the point in having all that gold when you're too dead to spend it? You on the other hand, I can see that you are a brave and fearless man, I can see into the hearts of men and I see one that is brave. You could do what many before you have failed so miserably."

"And exactly how much is this map of yours?"

"Fifty gold coins." This was a small problem for Tucker. This was all the money that he had brought to spend on himself. He had more than that but the rest of it was to take back to the family business. "But that is only a small investment, think about it you pay fifty gold coins now and you have to do a little bit of work but after that you will be the richest man in Angleland. Even the King and Queen will envy your wealth."

"Really?" Tucker was having a good long think about it. Some parts of his mind was somewhat sceptical but another part of him saw this as an opportunity to make his dreams come true. Not so much for the wealth but actually go on a quest, he had always wanted to go on some kind of quest. The wealth at the end of it was only going to be a bonus to him, he wanted an adventure more than anything else. "But before I can even consider buying the map off of you I want to see it first."

"A very smart man, that is what you are my friend. Just bear with me one moment if you can." Quickly the man ducked underneath his store and Tucker could hear him rummaging through some paper and other items until he brought up what looked to be an old map. He placed it on top of the counter and opened it up. There Tucker could see a scaled map of the entire landmass of Angleland. He could see a dotted line that led from Flea Bay all the way down towards the South East to a location that was not all that far away from where they were. "There you have it one map to the legendary Three Man's treasure."

"What the treasures near Lake Town?" He found this to be very unrealistic since it was a place that had been populated for some time.

"Of course not, if it was there it would have been discovered long ago. No the location is only the first part of the trials."

"Trials?" This caught Tucker by surprise. This was the first that he was ever hearing of the trials that involved Three Man's Treasure.

"Sure do you think any old sap could go and find Three Man's Treasure? No they have to show that they are worthy of finding the treasure. Any treasure hunter or group has to prove their valour and bravery. I don't know exactly how many trials there are before you actually reach the treasure. But each time that you complete a trial the map will update itself and show you the path to the next trial. This carries on until you actually find Three Man's Treasure and as long as you have completed the trial it will be yours."

"Wow." Tucker was completely going into this notion that he could actually find the treasure by completing the tasks. He was beginning to think about what he would do if he actually found it. He would wear a crown and sit on the throne that was placed upon a mountain of gold coins taller than any peak in Angleland. Even Jessica at full size would only be an insect in comparison to its size. "You've got yourself a deal my friend."

"I thought I would. I can see the type of man that you are and I suspect you out of all before will find it and when you do, don't forget who it was who sent you on your merry way to fortune beyond measure."

Over the space of the next couple of minutes Tucker paid the man for the map and went on his very way. The man was glad to have gotten rid of that old map, it was the genuine article but by getting rid of it he was finally letting go of something that had been plaguing him for numerous years. He had actually gone out and tried to find the treasure himself when he was a younger man, unfortunately he couldn't even get past the first trial and had lost his eye in the process. At least this way he was able to send another poor sap to almost certain death and he got a little bit of money out of it. He didn't think that Tucker actually had a chance of finding the treasure. He didn't care, all the man cared about was getting rid of the map and getting fifty gold coins for it.

Before Tucker could head back to Morgan he had to carry out a couple more errands. Although he was supposed to be concentrating on the work at hand his mind was fixated on going on the quest to find Three Man's treasure. He believed that he would succeed where so many others before had failed, he even knew that he was going to tell Jessica first as soon as he got back to Morgan. There were almost no secrets between the pair and it was another reason why they were so close.

Unfortunately due to the fact that Tucker spent all of his money on the map he didn't have enough to stay at any of the inns on the way home. He had to sleep out in the elements and unfortunately on the second night of his trek back to Morgan it began to rain. It was the middle of autumn so rain was fairly common around this time of year.

He was forced to sleep in the cart that his horse was pulling along and he wrapped himself up in a blanket in an attempt to keep himself warm. He felt very cold but even with all this all he could still think about was the quest. In a way this helped him get through the night as most other people would have concentrated on the fact that they were wet and cold. He was lucky to not actually catch a cold.

On the third day Tucker arrived at Morgan where he dropped off the cart at the Blacksmith and went about putting on some dry clothing. He had been gone for almost a week and he really needed a nice warm meal and a dry place to sleep. He had yet to tell his family about the map that he had bought. He knew that they would be against his quest almost from the get go and he even planned to leave in secret to go out and find his fortune. He admitted that he was going to miss them when he went but he thought that he would return a very rich man and they wouldn't have to work ever again.

Only a short distance away from the Blacksmith lay the Snape Farm and as usual Jessica was tending to her chores. A new pen had been built for the pigs and it was Jessica's job to move them all from the old pen into the new larger pen. For this job Jessica grew to her maximum size so that she could move as many as she could in one grasp. Unfortunately many of the pigs would try and escape from her as she went to grab them. It was somewhat annoying for her but she was used to this happening. Despite the fact that these animals had known Jessica their entire lives they were still nervous around her whenever she grew to giant size.

This was more or less the same as everyone else in Morgan who were always nervous around her. Even when she was at her smallest size she would get people staring at her at times and more often than not people who would work past her would change direction to make sure that they were far away. She liked to say that things like that didn't really bother her but in truth it did hurt her inside. She couldn't believe how heartless people could be at times, she had never done anything to harm them in any way and yet they still treated her like an outsider. If it was not for the love of her parents and the friendship of Tucker she would have shown them her displeasure with them.

"Come on guys I'm not gonna hurt you," said Jessica as she tried to pick up more of the pigs from out of their pen. She moved her hand to gently grab them but they would sometimes slip out before she could get a proper grasp on them. She would continue to do this until she had actually been successful in her efforts.

It took her a little more time than she expected as she moved the last pig to the new pen and she looked down to see them all loving the fact that their pen was bigger. She even gave a couple of them a stroke on the head and at least that time they didn't try and escape from her. She gave them a smile before she went to stand up. Suddenly she heard her name called, at first she thought that it was merely her imagination but when she heard it again she realised that it was indeed someone calling her name. She turned her head to see where the voice was coming from and there she saw Tucker running towards her. He had a basket filled with a couple of different things and a wrapped up map under his arm. He seemed to be excited as he ran towards her. She smiled at him and stood up to her full height.

"Ah you're back Tucker," said Jessica with a smile on her face. She began to walk towards him so that he didn't have so far to run and as she did she began to shrink herself. By the time the two reached each other she was at her smallest height of eight feet once again. Even so there was still a two foot height difference between the friends and it almost made her look like the big sister and he the little brother even though he was a year older than her. "Did you have a nice time?"

"Jessica you're not going to believe what I have," replied Tucker not really responding to her question. He was out of breath after running to her and he needed to take a couple more moments before he was even able to talk again. "I have something that's so amazing it's going to blow your mind." He was speaking so fast that Jessica was struggling to understand. She smiled at him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Wow calm down little man. When you talk that fast no one can understand you, now take a deep breath and tell me what's going on."

"Ok." He took a couple of deep breaths before he could begin to speak again. One thing he did quickly do was place the basket down on the ground. "While I was in Flea Bay I bought something that is so amazing that you'll need to prepare yourself for it." With some haste he unravelled the map and showed it to Jessica. He had a huge smile on his face but Jessica seemed to be unimpressed. "So what do you think?"

"It's a map of Angleland, forgive me for being rude but what's so impressive about that." He even gave it to her so that she could take a closer look. Even then she didn't see anything special.

"Ah my dear that is something that is going to blow you away. This is the map that will lead me to the fabled Three Man's treasure. Before you say anything I know that it only seems to lead towards Lake Town but that is only the first trial. After that it'll show me the way to the next trial and so on and so forth until I finally reach Three Man's treasure. Think about it, when I find the treasure we won't have any money troubles at all. You could stay at your full size and wear a dress completely made out of silk."

"You really think that this is the map to Three Man's treasure?" There was some scepticism in her voice as she didn't really believe that this was the genuine article.

"Well the guy at the store said it was."

"Oh Tucker you're a sweet little man but sometimes you can be so gullible." She rolled up the map and handed it back to him. "Just because someone says that it'll lead you to Three Man's treasure doesn't mean that it's true. To tell you the truth I think you've been conned out of your hard earned gold." She didn't like having to do this but she knew that it was best to tell him the truth.

"Even so I'm still going to take the chance." He had taken some of what she said into his mind but deep down he knew that no one was going to stop him from going. "Even it is fake it gives me a chance to go on a quest like I've always dreamed of. Facing dangers that you only hear in stories and even if there is only a small chance of me finding what I am searching for than it is still worth a shot. I know that you'll probably try and talk me out of it but my mind is already made up. On the morrow I will start my quest to find Three Man's Treasure and if I find it I promise to give you some of it. I have brought what you wanted from Flea Bay now if you don't mind I've got go and get myself ready, a world of adventure awaits for me."

Tucker turned around and went to walk away but the next thing he knew he saw a huge shadow and then a giant hand picked him up from the ground. He felt no fear as he found himself face to face with Jessica. She was only half her full size but even still she was a towering giantess. She had a small look of concern on her face as she looked at him and she knew that for the moment she needed to stop him.

"Wow hold your horses Tucker just take a moment to think about this for a moment," said Jessica with a gentle grip around her best friend. "Let's just say that it is a map to Three Man's treasure, going right now isn't going to do you any favours. Think about it logically Tucker, its mid-autumn right now and winter is just around the corner. If you start now you'll most likely freeze to death on the road before you make any progress. I know that nothing I can say will make you not go but at least wait until spring. It'll give you time prepare and in the warmer weather it'll make your quest that little bit more pleasant. Going off like this isn't going to do you any favours, so can you at least promise me that you'll wait."

"Ok fine," replied Tucker admitting defeat. He hated to think that he had to wait but he couldn't deny that there was a lot of sense in Jessica's words. "I'll wait but on the first day of spring I'm going to find the treasure."

"I expect that you will. And I'm coming with you."

"What?" This caught him by surprise. The thought never crossed his mind that Jessica would actually want to come along with him. "You actually want to come?"

"Sure, do you really think that I'd let my best friend go off into mortal danger without me there to help him? I know that you might not like to be defended by a girl but you have to admit that if I carry you the journey won't take as much time. And at least if you run into any serious trouble that you have me there to back you up."

"I don't know."

"Trust me Tucker you know that I would never let anyone or anything hurt you. You're the only friend I have in the world."

Tucker could see the sincerity in Jessica's eyes and he couldn't say no to her. There were too many benefits of having her come along with him for him to leave her behind. He thought that he would be able to deal with swordsmen and thieves by himself. But there were still other things that were too much for a single man to take care of himself so having a one hundred and twenty five foot giantess by his side was all he could hope for. He nodded his head at her to indicate that he accepted and she smiled back at him. Both were going to have an adventure that would last in their memories for the rest of their lives.

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