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Story Notes:

First of all, I would highly recommend reading "A Change in Outlook" first.

This story is going to be told from six different POVs. Sorry for the unoriginal chapter names - but I got inspiration from "Game of Thrones" for the chapter titles.

The main six characters. I don't want to give up too much information, so this just has names, but chapters will be from their POVs.

Richard Lennox: [Rick]
Amy Wong: [Amy]
Lena Morena (a.k.a, Imperia): [Lena]
Alicia Brown (a.k.a Magina): [Magina]
Seth Stetler: [Seth]
Napoleon D'Anconia (a.k.a Discordo): [Discordo]

Author's Chapter Notes:

Here it is, the beginning to the sequel of "A Change in Outlook": "Seeking Power"

There was no place Richard Lennox would rather be than where he was now. He was holding on to the damp and fleshy wall, gripping his fingers and toes tightly but not doing anything to control his erection. As far as Rick was concerned, he was in Heaven. He was inside the vagina of his girlfriend, Amy Wong. Rick could hear Amy's moans of pleasure from outside of his temporary dwelling and that only drove him further into arousal. He couldn't see anything in the darkness, but he could hear something make its way inside the vagina. It must have been Amy's finger.

The finger slowly went in and out of the vagina, showing caution to not hurt Rick as he was going through his own arousal. He began to rub his dick onto the vaginal wall. The adrenaline rush had gotten to Rick and it only made him hornier. If he moved any part of his body, he would fall onto Amy's finger or possibly fall out of Amy's vagina onto the soft bedspread. He knew he wouldn't be hurt. They had done this many times and Amy was always extra careful, perhaps too careful.

Rick thought about moving towards Amy's clitoris and surprising her, but she would spend days and nights worrying about any harm she might have caused him, since apparently women were extra horny over there.

Rick put those thoughts out of his mind and began to go full speed ahead in fucking his girlfriend. He thought about how much power she had over him when he shrank down to size, even if she didn't like the full extent of the power she wielded over Rick. Rick was grateful that Magina had given him the power to change size whenever he liked. This added quite the spice to his sex life with Amy, especially since she moved in with him.

Back in the real world, Rick was the youngest partner at a prestigious New York City law firm. He had much power over his associates in the working world. People feared disappointing him at work, since he could either fire them or delay a promotion/raise. Not quite like that. He had other partners to deal with. He would have gotten rid of a certain associate he worked with often if he could, but the other partners loved her. However, if they had the same experiences with Lena that he had, they would have agreed completely with Rick that she needed to go.

Now, Rick was in what he considered to be his natural state – a tiny pet to Amy. This was his true life. Rick continued the fucking. Amy's moans became more passionate. She was going to cum any minute, Rick knew it. Unless Rick didn't finish first. Amy never wanted to risk getting too caught up in sexual ecstasy if it meant causing him pain. Perhaps, Rick would tease Amy this time and not cum yet.

Rick's erection was throbbing so much that it began to hurt. A couple of minutes must have passed. Amy hadn't came yet. She had slowed down her fingering considerably. It was all that she didn't want him to be washed away in her orgasm. Damn, Amy was good. She would probably be able to control herself much longer than he would. That was something Rick supposed that he loved about Amy. She could easily delay gratification for herself. Rick was a weaker person – a tiny being. He laughed at himself. He knew it was better to not try to trick a giantess. Rick orgasmed and he orgasmed hard. He then jumped off of the vaginal wall.

Rick slowly made his way out of Amy's vagina. He could see her massive face look down at him with a knowing smile. Amy then inserted her finger in and out aggressively. He saw that she was biting her lip.

"You can moan if you wish, I like it."
Amy shook her head with a self-conscious look on her face.
That didn't stop Amy from enjoying herself though.
She fingered herself just as aggressively. Rick wondered what it would be like to be in the mix of Amy going all out on a masturbation session. Rick wanted to try it out, but Amy felt it was too dangerous – she was probably right. For a timid and petite girl, Amy had a strong sexual drive. She was just afraid to exert it on Rick when he wanted to have a shrinkee/giantess session. He had played with her clit in the past, but Amy didn't like to do that too often. Once a month was enough for her.

"I'm ready to cum", Rick heard Amy say from above.

"Go ahead, I'm not going to stop you", responded Rick.

Rick looked the other way and saw Amy's toes, with purple nail polish, begin to curl seductively.
Amy orgasmed and sighed with happiness. Rick watched as Amy's sexual discharge seeped out of her vagina. He could feel some of it flow under him. This was great, thought Rick, as always he was in Heaven.

"You had fun, Amy?"

"Oh, as always. I love having you help me like that."

"I'm glad you do, because I love you too."

Amy extended out her palm. Rick knew that Amy wanted him to walk on it, so he did. He was brought up to Amy's face. She really was gorgeous. Amy probably had many guys who were in love with her, but she never knew it.

"I love you too, Ricky." Amy brought her lips down onto Rick and gave him a big smooch. He loved the feeling of Amy's lips on his tiny body. Despite his powerful orgasm, he felt his dick begin to grow hard again. Rick loved it all.

"Tee hee", giggled Amy, "you are so tiny. I never get tired of how cute you look at that size."

"I never get tired of how cute you look at any size, sweetheart", Rick then kissed Amy's palm, "unfortunately, it's time to go fucking work."

"I guess it's time for me to go too, huh?"

"I guess", said Rick, "a couple more raises and a promotion to senior partner and you will never have to work again."

"Oh man", said Amy, "you're already planning everything out, huh?"

"I'm going to buy a waterfront mansion in Sands Point. It will probably be at least eight figures, but by that time, it will just be a drop in the bucket for me."

"Is that with me or without me?"

"Ermmm", teased Rick, "I haven't thought through everything yet."

"I wonder how much pressure I need to exert with my fingers to crush your body, it would be quite the experiment."

"I would love to see you try."

Amy began to laugh and said, "you are too funny. So, we love each other and I can move in with you at that waterfront, right?"

"Yea, of course."

"Good. I'll let Magina know that you're definitely going to let me move in."

Rick smiled at Amy and said, "unfortunately, I gotta grow back and get to work." Rick jumped off of Amy's hand and snapped his fingers. He was back to 6'0".

"Wow, you're so little", said Rick to the 5'2" Amy.

"Oh hush", responded Amy, "I can shrink you back right now."

"I would like that."

"What about that job you want to go to?"

"Whatever makes you happy, dear."

Rick and Amy kissed.

"I'm happy", said Amy softly, "now go and get ready to do what you love."

"I wish you were still with my firm. There's not a damn associate in the whole lot as smart as you."

"Oh, you're just saying that because you know I can crush you."

"Absolutely not. But no, as we both know, I understand why you didn't want to work there anymore and anyways.. it takes a lot more than brains to be a good partner."

"What else does it take?"

"A lot of bullshit."

Rick had been a partner of Reged & Vicerea for four months now. As he expected, he was killing it. More than one client had commented that the "firm had become more productive and efficient" since he was promoted to partner. Rick had more influence than he did before, but he didn't have much say in what clients he was assigned. The senior partners and managing partners had more say. It was better than where he was before. People had begun sucking up to him and Jack Lombardi much more than they used to. Jack and Rick had their share of sleazy and difficult clients to work with, the ones that other partners had happily dumped on them. Since Jack got promoted to partner before Rick, Jack ended up with more nightmare clients than Rick though. Rick guessed there was also a silver lining in every cloud. Still, Rick heard from Chad that he was expected to prepare for a potential case against Rosenberg Equities.

Rick pleaded with Chad to not assign him to Rosenberg, especially since he used to date the daughter of the CEO of the company. But Chad commented snarkily, "when's the last time you talked to her? Elementary school?" It was true that Rick didn't speak with Courtney at all anymore. That made it allowable for Chad to dump Rosenberg Equities onto Rick. Rick knew the CEO personally. Greg Rosenberg, Courtney's father. Greg had a very similar personality to his daughter, Courtney. Both were control freaks with massive egos. Rick didn't want to deal with Greg on any sort of level. Especially, since he probably knew that Rick cheated on his 'precious' daughter.

Rick sighed. The first thing he would have to do was meet with Chad to discuss whatever the fuck was going on with Rosenberg Equities.

Rick arrived at the office and saw that Chad was already at his office with Lena. Maybe Chad wanted to meet with Rick later about it?

"Good morning, Rick. Come on in! I have quite the brainbuster for you."

"I don't want to interrupt whatever it is you're discussing with Lena."

"Oh, oops. I forgot to tell you. Lena will also be working on the Rosenberg case with you as the lead associate. We need a very strong team to get these issues resolved. Shut the door."

Lena flashed a bright smile at Rick and said, "I'm so excited to finally be working on a case with you. It will be like old times, hahahahahaha!"

Lena was a good actress. Rick didn't forget who she really was – Imperia, the sister of Magina. Imperia had supposedly "reformed" from her evil ways, but Rick knew better. He was ashamed to admit this, but he knew that because he saw much of himself in Lena – she wasn't giving up so easily.

"Yea, but hopefully not too much like old times."

"Oh right", said Lena with a girlish giggle, "you're still seeing that Amy girl, huh?"

"Amy who", asked Chad nonchalantly, "I shouldn't be delving into such personal matters though."

"Agreed", said Rick quickly. Rick felt some sadness that Chad had written off Amy from his memory. Amy helped the firm so much behind-the-scenes. Rick may have been the one who regularly shrunk to an inch tall, but Amy was only an inch tall in the eyes of the firm.

"Okay", said Chad, "I'm glad I put you two together. I remembered you two got along so well when Lena started working here. She has told me personally that your generosity and strong knowledge of the law helped her grow into the fine young attorney she is today."

"Yep, I absolutely said all of that! Rick, you're the best!!"

"Thanks", said Rick curtly.

"Rosenberg Equities is in some alleged trouble. Their external auditors, Deloitte, refused to issue an unqualified opinion on Rosenberg's financial statements since they believe that Rosenberg has been inflating and wrongfully estimating the fair values on the majority of its alternative investments. Fucking stick in the mud auditors can't see the big picture. This alone puts Rosenberg in some trouble. They have refused to pay Deloitte the audit fee and is suing Rosenberg for that. It's our job to show that Rosenberg isn't actually committing financial statement fraud and the auditors made a mistake. That unfortunately isn't all. The IRS has reasons to believe that Rosenberg owes approximately $575 million in taxes – from "illegal" off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands. We need to help Rosenberg prove that those accounts are perfectly legal and the private equity firm is not entitled to pay a goddamn cent, understood?"

Rick understood alright. He was pretty sure that the auditors and the IRS were correct in what they found. However, Rosenberg was entitled to an attorney and fair representation. All Rick needed to do was find a reasonable doubt.

"Yes, I understand. Are you sure we really want to get involved in this? I'm pretty sure a Big 4 accounting firm and the IRS have a pretty good basis for these allegations."

"A client is a client. You're the fucking prodigy, Rick. If anyone can figure how to help Rosenberg, it's you."

"This is so exciting", squealed Lena, "I am always up for a challenge. As you know, Chad, I have worked closely with Rosenberg Equities over the past four years. I can even help Ricky out a little bit."

"Yes, I do. I know you both will do your very best to make the firm proud!"

"Thank you, Mr. Millburn", said Lena.

Lena and Rick both left Chad's office. Why was Rick being given this crap case? And why was Lena put on his team?

Lena must have noticed Rick's anxiety.

"Don't worry, Rick, I think this case is going to be the best thing to happen for both of us."

Lena smiled devilishly at Rick. He could see it in Lena's eyes. She was still the same person/Magic she was before. She was still the woman who tortured and bullied Amy to no end. Lena was very much Imperia. Rick needed to be smart about it all and not let himself be influenced by Lena/Imperia. There was a problem though. While Rick's brain told him not to trust Lena, while Rick's heart told him that Lena/Imperia was bad since she hurt Amy, Rick's dick told him Lena was incredibly attractive and someone who would satisfy his giantess fantasies.

Chapter End Notes:

So, what do you think so far?

This story will have some non-GTS chapters for purposes of plot development - but I hope you still enjoy it. There will still be plenty of GTS material, trust me.

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