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The World
It is 2121, and a strange virus has escaped the clutches of the scientists that had originally created it. It was meant to shrink criminals and deal with the over-flowing population of the United States. However, after the virus escaped and shrunk about one-eighth of the U.S. population to 4 inches, the government was thrilled.

They claimed full responsibility for what had happened, and when asked about it, claimed, ?1 person gave up their life for 7 of us. It was well worth it.?

The 28 Amendment was passed, and if you were any less than 5 inches tall, you were a pet.

Countless amounts of people had been abused, yet there had been owners that had treated their pets with compassion. Here are some of their stories.


?Watch out!? Ariana yelled as the football went flying towards Stephanie. Stephanie, however, merely grinned and jumped to the side, miraculously managing to catch the ball without breaking anything. Ariana sighed in relief and walked towards Stephanie, trying not to faint in relief. Her parents, famous businessmen had just bought a new house. Or more precisely, a mansion. 3 stories high, and covering a grand total of about 60 acres. There were workers all around the property, fixing up the house and making it the best it could be. If anything had broken or even been close to getting hit by the football, Ariana knew she would be grounded for at least a week.

?You worry too much!? Stephanie yelled at Ariana.

?Well, you don?t know what it feels like to have multi-millionaires for parents!?

?I would love to, if that?s what you?re saying.?

Ariana couldn?t help but grin as she finally reached her best friend. They had been separated for almost a year when her parents went to London and had taken Ariana with them. Ariana had been very lonely at the time and the only form of communication she had had with Stephanie had been through Skype.

?After all, I wouldn?t want to ruin your birthday like this, would I?? Stephanie asked Ariana with a grin and Ariana grinned back. She said nothing and instead punched Stephanie in the stomach lightly..

?Of course you wouldn?t,? Ariana replied sweetly and both of them broke into fits of laughter.

?Come in you two. I have a snack for you!? Emma, Ariana?s mother, called.

?Race you!? Ariana yelled, knowing full well that she would lose, but wanting to have some more fun with her friend before she left. Ariana and Stephanie broke into a full sprint and ran towards the front door and out of the front yard. Ariana had a head start, but Stephanie was ahead of Ariana by the half mark and easily won. She waited for Ariana though, and watched her friend come in out of breath, while she was hardly panting at all. Stephanie, however, decided not to pursue the subject and walked in after Ariana, knowing full well that today was Ariana?s special day, and that she did not need to hear it.


Cowering at the edge of the box, Nathan looked up in both fear and anger at the woman who had ruined his life for the previous two months. But he knew full well that he couldn?t do anything, because he was only 4 inches tall to her, and she was a giantess to him.

She smirked at his helplessness and closed the lid. ?Today?s the last day that you?ll get to be my wonderful pet. I?m taking you back to the shelter where animals like you belong.?

?You?re a monster!? Nathan called out. ?Just because you?re bigger doesn?t mean you?re better! You?re the same fucking this that I am!?

?It means the world. And you tiny things just don?t have the common sense to understand it. Now shut up so I can take you to the shelter. Let me live the last few minutes with you vile little thing in peace.? she shot back, closing the lid on the box. Nathan was left in darkness, not knowing what was to come, nor knowing what was to happen with his life. He put his head down and did the only thing left to do. He cried.
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