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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you everyone for your continued support, critiques and kind words

Step Monster CH3 




As morning came Nancy awoke to what now felt like all too familiar surroundings. Peyton's sock was wrapped around her otherwise nude body so that she could fight off the cold. The loud blaring alarm once again echoed across a room that had already became old hat. Nancy felt a sickness dwelling in the pit of her stomach that this was already what was to become of her life.  

She found herself wondering how long she would be able to take this. If she could muster the will to live on under these conditions. Her step daughter always referred to her as a monster but, she couldn't help but think what this all made her? Never in a million years could she imagine imprisoning someone like this. Denying someone rights, help, safety and more importantly a chance at getting there life back. Peyton had denied her nearly every basic human right under the guise of the fact she was no longer considered human. No, that wasn't true. Nancy knew It was under the reasoning of bitter hatred over an act that she views as destroying her family.  

The sheer thought of that made her sick. The notion of having to live under the rule of this Titaness day in and day out. Having to have her rights peeled away one by one over the course of days, weeks or months. Nancy shuddered as she thought about the day when there would be no more rights to strip. The worst part of the whole thing, was that for a significant portion of her torture she wasn't even sure Peyton even did it to her on purpose. She was neglectful in forgetting she had sealed me in this hellhole. But, Nancy was honestly not sure if any portion of her Morning routine was intentional, or if it was more careless.  

Nancy listened to the thuds of Peyton's footfalls plod about the room. The recognizable booms and thunder claps from her hangers clattering together in her closet as Peyton picked out an outfit. It already seemed like a lifetime ago in which she could remember when that would be her. She remembered relishing the idea of going through her own closet and, putting different pieces together to create the perfect ensemble. She always felt she missed her calling as fashion designer or, wardrobe consultant. Now however, just the idea of having a garment to put on would feel like a luxury.  

 Peyton swarmed about the room readying herself for the day in much the same manner as the previous day. She had always been a creature of habit. She had much of the same routines each day. This led Nancy to brace herself for the hair dryer as Peyton approached.  

"No hair dryer today. It's too hard on your hair to wash and, dry it like that daily. I only do a full wash and dry on my hair a few times a week. This is a rest day so I let it air dry." Peyton said as she hovered over the Pencil holder in which Nancy still found herself trapped in as Peyton applied her make up. This made Nancy furious that she could just be ignored once again in such an insolent manner. She was a person and, was being completely ignored as her step daughter applied make up. She was about to lay into her when she heard her name mentioned over the radio.  

In a follow-up to yesterday's story about a local woman Nancy List who had disappeared from her home.  The police announced today that she has officially been declared missing. While no signs of forced entry were found in the home, the police do suspect foul play. They however did not elaborate as to what led them to that conclusion. The police announced today that they are following up any and all leads. They ask the public if you know anything about her whereabouts to call immediately. The radio reporter said before Peyton cut the radio off. Nancy couldn't believe her ears. It was somehow surreal to hear someone speak about you and, report on you as if you're gone and yet you hadn't ever left.   

"Oh no, maybe I should call in a tip that I saw you in my skate the other day." Peyton said with a laugh as she looked down at the diminutive parent. "I don't have time for the likes of you at the moment. I have class today." Peyton said with a dejected huff. 

Nancy found herself in horrific situation. She knew she couldn’t stay here forever. She needed to get out of this pencil holder or surely, she would die. She knew that she needed real food and, if she had any hope of being discovered or escaping from her stepdaughter she would need to get out.  

"Peyton, honey, please don't leave me in here." Nancy said as sweetly as she could fighting back the anger that raged inside of her over the humiliation and maltreatment she had put her through.   

Nancy found herself looking up at the back of Peyton's head as she continued to walk away. Nancy was left wondering if she didn't hear her or, was she just ignoring her. She could feel the frustration welling inside of her when she saw her titanic stepdaughter stop and turn back towards her.  

"Did you say something? I thought I heard something, but I could have been mistaken." Peyton said leaning down as close as she could.  

"Please Peyton, I'm begging you. You can't leave me here another day. I...I'll do anything. Just get me out of here." Nancy said in the least demanding voice she could  

"I mean, I could, and I see your lips moving but, I don't see the begging. You always said you were a woman of action. However, all I'm seeing is lip service." Peyton says with a smile. Nancy gulped as she looked up at her captor.  

"She knows she has me over a barrel." Nancy thought to herself. Doing the only thing she could think of she dropped to her knees as she pleaded up to the giantess. She said anything, and everything she could think of which could possibly stroke Peyton's ego. She apologized for ever making her do chores. She said how wrong she was for trying to oppose her. She called her a queen and a goddess. She admired her radiant beauty. She fought back tears as she said how wrong she was for forcing her mother and, father to break up. She buried the shame she felt deep inside of her. As Nancy knew she needed out if she were to survive. 

"I'm sure we could come to some kind of agreement. Since I know you wouldn't lie to me; These must be your true feelings after having had time to reflect on things, right?" Peyton inquired in a tone which Nancy couldn't tell if she was being serious, sarcastic or just messing with her. 

"Yes, yes. These past couple days have led me to realize my wrongs and, I want to repent for my transgressions." Nancy blurted out. Inside she knew she would agree to anything as her stomach grumbled in pain. Even though she could still taste the cold spit she had drank in desperation last night. Her mouth was still so dry it would only be a matter of time still she had no voice at all.  

"You called me your goddess I think I heard. So, pray to your maker. Show me that you are thankful that I allowed you to live in these gracious accommodations." Peyton ordered down. Her eyes narrowed as they focused on the tiny woman. She knew she would never do it. As faithful and religious as her and her father are she knew Nancy eclipsed them both. Whenever she was with her friends they called her a bible humper when she was out of earshot. As she would often recite passages, and use stories from the bible to get her points across.  

"I want you to say you forsake all other gods and, say you believe in me as your one true god. I want you to say that you will spend the rest of whatever life I allow you to have in service to me, your god, as a way of repenting for your sins against me and my family." Peyton said. She knew Nancy would never do that and, that was why she said it. She wanted her step mother to know that she would die in there.  Peyton wanted to see that look of desperation that was in her eyes now shatter, and the hopelessness of her new existence crush her. So, when Nancy dropped to her knees Peyton was forced to hide her shock. She couldn't believe what she seeing and hearing.  

Nancy, like her husband was a devote catholic, but she knew though that she needed to fight as god only helps those who first help themselves. She needed to survive. In her heart, she knew for whatever reason that this had to be part of god's plan. He was forcing her through these trials and, she just needed to survive.  She needed to hold on for as long as she could. Then at some point he would drop down an olive branch.  

"I believe that Goddess Peyton is the one true god and, my god. I will devote myself to serving my god in any way she sees fit. While I do not deserve it, I pray to her to absolve my sins against her and her family." Nancy said wiping tears from her eyes. As the last words stumbled out across her lips in her mind all she could think was god, I'm sorry. 

Peyton looked down at the miniature woman. "You disgust me. You sat on your high horse since the day I met you. Now look at you, for what it's worth. I was going to take you with me regardless of what you said." Peyton gloated. 

"I don't know how such a loving man could spawn such a hateful bitch." Nancy spouted Peyton having pushed her last button. She made her forsake her beliefs. She made her go against everything she believed in and, forsake it all! It was all for nothing, but just her entertainment. Nancy felt a fury she hadn't felt in days swell inside of her like a rising tide. Peyton then swiped her hand across the vanity table knocking the pencil holder off the desk in retaliation.  

Nancy was in a state of shock. One moment she was standing up yelling the next she felt her head smash against the ceramic wall of pencil holder with a deadening thud. She hadn't ever experienced a force like that before. Her body rolled along the wall of pencil holder a few feet before tumbling into the bottom of the pencil holder which was now the ceiling. She felt a dreadful pain envelope her as her shoulder hit the floor of pencil holder which continued to tumble end over end. Nancy was bounced like a popcorn kernel into either wall before finally becoming mercifully entangled in the discarded sock Peyton had tossed in days ago.  

As the pencil holder hit the floor and Nancy tumbled out somehow managing to land atop the sock. She let out a scream of pain so loud even Peyton who standing fully upright could hear it. Tears rolled down her face as she stood up on her knees grasping her right shoulder with her left hand. Blood slithered out from the gash in her head from the initial impact.  

Nancy's looked up and up until she couldn't tilt her head any further. Peyton looked impossibly tall. Two large white pillars made from white cotton knee-high socks bunched up around Peyton’s ankles running halfway up her leg.  She then saw nothing but her bare legs until finally a blue and grey plaid like pattern made from a cotton polyester blend skirt was barely visible before her eyes could see no further. This made it so she couldn't even see the top half of Peyton's body form her point on the floor. She didn't remember her looking so massive before as her heart raced in a mixture of fear and pain. She willed herself by perseverance alone to rise from her knees. Her body wobbled left to right like a tree branch in the wind.  

Now standing on her own two feet Nancy found herself looking directly into a pair of black Mary Jane styled Doc Martens. She could see clearly what must have been years of dirt and filth beaten into them from use. They had clearly seen better days. However, in the back of her mind she wondered if they were really that beaten and worn or was her size making the grime filled cracks and crevices more noticeable. 

"Beg" was the only word spoken by Peyton as she looked down at the tiny woman. The word Peyton spoke seemed almost as if it carried a power behind it that Nancy had never felt before. The idea that this was her five-foot-tall step daughter seemed completely appalling. As she glanced from left to right she only felt smaller as shoes, purses and bags the size of buildings were scattered about everywhere. Clothing covered the ground looking more like a multicolored ocean of grass which encompassed the whole landscape. They created hills and valleys in their own right. A plastic hanger which laid next to her could now be mistaken for city piping if she didn't know any better.  

Nancy staggered forward humbled by the enormity and scale of Peyton's room. She found that she could somewhat focus rationally if she just stared at the shoes her stepdaughter had on.  They were large enough in stature that when she looked at the shoes she could separate the shoes from her stepdaughter and, it made it seem somehow easier to take in.  

"I said beg." Her voice belted down causing Nancy to cover her ears from the sheer volume. She watched in dismay and awe as her left foot lifted what appeared to be stories upon stories in to the air. It just hung there for a moment as if it had its own power source. Her brain was telling her this was impossible but, her mind was saying this was reality.  

A gush of air surged down like a wind forcing Nancy back to her knees. The air alone was pelting against her with so much force she found her face pressed into a cashmere sweater. The perfume which Peyton had put on whenever she last wore the sweater still clung to the fabric and filled Nancy's nostrils. This caused her to go into a coughing fit as Peyton's foot seemingly exploded into earth causing Nancy tumble end over end landing on her already hurt shoulder.  

As she looked back up she found that she had gotten even further away from the five-foot tyrant. A part of her was telling her to run and hide. However, she knew it was fruitless. She struggled to pick herself back up off the floor. As she reached her feet she couldn't believe how heavy her body felt as her head pounded in pain. Her vision was blurring slightly as she looked forward at Peyton's shoes while wiping the blood from her head wound from her face. 

Knowing how impatient Peyton was. A memory of her yelling at a waitress and calling over a manager all because she had to wait five or six minutes before getting a drink refilled filled her mind. Nothing bothered Peyton more than having to wait her father always said. Everyone always told her that Peyton got it from her mother. When Peyton was a child, people often recounted tales of how she never crawled as a baby. She walked as she didn't have the patience to crawl.  Nancy rushed as quickly as her beaten body could to move towards Peyton. As she reached summit of her shoes she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms as best she could around the dingy black rims of the shoes.  

"Pucker up and kiss em. Kiss these shoes with the mouth you seduced my father with you siren." Peyton lorded down. Nancy, wanting this to be over puckered her dry lips and pressed them against the shoes. She didn't think Peyton would be able to tell if she actually licked them or not but fear kept her compliant. She snaked her tongue out and ran it over the rough dirty rubber. Her tongue rolled along dirt filled ridges. She felt herself swallow the dirt as soon as it her mouth. She had wanted to spit it out but she feared what would happen if she pulled away far enough to do so.  

An audible click could be heard causing Nancy's eyes to dart up. She looked horrified as she saw Peyton had taken a photo with her phone of her. The idea that this moment would be commemorated for all of time made her sick to her stomach. She pictured her posting this on snapchat and Instagram. The idea of her friends all seeing the picture and laughing made her feel smaller than she already felt and was.  

Peyton looked down at the time on her phone. She knew that she didn’t have any more time to spend humiliating the step monster. She sighed a bit dejected as she looked down at the former authoritarian before reaching downward to grasp the tiny woman.  

Nancy tumbled over onto her backside as Peyton tapped her foot against the tiny woman.  Nancy was then looking straight up as her step daughter’s body loomed over her filling every crevice of her vision as she bent over. Nancy still couldn’t believe how far away Peyton’s face looked even now as she bent down. Her locks of hair spilled down like massive blonde ropes from a freighter. She halfway expected to see anchors on the end of each piece of hair. Peyton’s hand descended lower and lower blocking out much of Peyton’s body from Nancy’s view. She found herself mesmerized as the giant fingers curled as they constantly descended lower and lower.  

Every instinct in her body told her to run. Told her to get away but, her body laid on the ground frozen until ground shock around her as her fingers dug in around her. Nancy could feel the clothing material that was underneath her buckle and give way underneath the power of Peyton’s finger.  She pushed her own hands outward instinctively as the one-time dainty hand of her step daughter curled tighter and tighter around her. The fingers which once looked trim and thin now appear meaty and powerful.  

It wasn’t long before Nancy felt herself forced into the warm oily palm of her step daughter. She let out a single scream before her voice muffled by the flesh all around her. Desperately she tried to look around but, she found that she didn’t have the strength to circumvent the power of Peyton’s grip. Which for her part she wasn’t applying any real pressure on her stepmother.  It was nothing more than a gentle loose hold to Peyton.  

“Munchkin, would you please come downstairs?” Peyton’s father called from the formal living room. Peyton started walking down the stairs obediently to her father’s wish.   

“Sure” She simply said as if she had already forgotten the minute woman in her hand. Nancy soon started to feel sick from slight side to side movement of Peyton’s hand. By the time she reached the stairs Nancy was ready to bow out. However, as Peyton approached the stairs Nancy started to bounce slightly in her hand as Peyton bounded down the stairs. She was about to turn the corner when she saw out of the corner of her eye she saw a police officer.  

Peyton froze for a moment as her face turned pale white. She looked from left to right for a place to hide her step mother. She could see nothing that would seemingly work, and wouldn’t cause attention. She lifted the flap of her blazer pocket up slid her stepmother into the pocket before pressing it back down firmly making sure the top was secure. She then adjusted her tie slightly before walking into the room.  

“Munchkin, this is officer Martinez. He is assigned to your mother’s disappearance. He just has a few questions for you.” Her father said motioning for her daughter to sit down.  

“Oh…umm okay.” Peyton said stumbling over her words a bit before sitting down on the sofa across from the officer.  

“I don’t mean to take up too much of your time. Peyton correct? I understand you may have been the last person to see your mother.” 

“Step Mother and yes.” Peyton corrected as she re-found her confidence as she remembered the report on the radio from earlier. They don't know anything and I'm not even a suspect.   

“Yes, step mother. Sorry. Did you happen to see anyone hanging around or notice anything that was off?” 

“Umm..Well we got had gotten into a fight. We did that a lot. I was supposed to go this party, but she wanted me to a do a couple chores instead. So, I didn’t see much of her as I was up in my room. I remember hearing her opening and closing a bunch of cabinets though. Like she was looking for something. She’s a very organized person. So, it was out of character for her to be rummaging through draws and cupboards. When I came out of my room later to apologize for my attitude and behavior. She was gone.  I figured she just ran out to run an errand. I didn’t know anything was wrong until I came back home later that night and dad an officer were in the driveway.” Nancy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was distorting the events. That all happened but, not like that.  

“HELP! Officer! My stepdaughter is holding me hostage.  Please!” Nancy pleaded as she beat against the blazer pocket as she listened to Peyton weave a tale of events while accurately misconstrue the events to put herself in the best of light and Nancy in the worst of light possible.  

“I didn’t see anyone weird or strange though hanging around the house that day.  She had been getting a lot of phone calls lately in which she would leave the room or go outside. She never had done that before.” Peyton added.  

“No, no, no! that’s not anything. I was planning a surprise a getaway for your father. You know that you brat!” Nancy screamed as she continued to kick and punch at the pocket. However, much to her chagrin her voice was to weak and strained from the events of the past couple day. The material of Peyton’s blazer being much too thick for any signs of her movement to be visible. If anyone saw anything the movement would've appeared to be nothing more than a byproduct of Peyton moving or fidgeting.  

“Well I think that’s all questions I have for you for now. We spoke to your father earlier. If anything develops we will let you know.” The officer said standing up shaking Peyton and her father’s hand before excusing himself and leaving.  

Nancy felt defeated at that moment. She knew she couldn’t have been more than a few feet at best from an officer and her husband. Neither could detect her presence, or hear her cries for help and salvation. She knew now for any chance of getting help, she would need to be in the open and high up off the floor to have a chance at being rescued.


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