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Author's Chapter Notes:
What comes next for Brad? More change from Lisa or has everything leveled out? Apologize for spelling errors
Lisa had gotten all her stuff together to take a shower still holding Brad in her palm she walked towards the bathroom. Lisa has plenty of free time to spend with Brad her parents would not be home for several more hours. Brad didn?t resist to Lisa holding him on the way to the bathroom he felt weak and he had lost his motivation to fight back after what happened with Lisa just before. Lisa thought to herself no kicking, no screaming, no punching, no resistance at all I think I?ve got him. I thought maybe he only said it to save himself but he may have meant it. To Brad it seemed useless now Lisa had shown that she wouldn?t hesitate to put Brad in his place and if needed to go the extra step and hurt him.

Lisa opened the door to the bathroom and put her stuff down then raised Brad to her face. ?Well Brad I need to shower and you definitely need to shower while you were my mouth I couldn?t stand the taste of you? Lisa said. Brad said nothing he had nothing to say. Lisa continued ?So while you were passed out on the table I thought about it. At first I was going to let you take a makeshift bath by filling up the sink just a little bit ,but then I thought it would be easy for you escape. So you?re going to shower with me.? Brad worked up courage to say ?No? Lisa seemed slightly mad ?What?s wrong little guy? You should be honored that you?re showering with me after all you?re nothing compared to me.? Brad didn?t say anything after that to prevent himself from saying anything that would anger Lisa.

?Well say thank you little guy this is an honor for you? Lisa said smiling. Lisa was testing Brad seeing what he would do, looking for some sort of fight in him. ?Thank you for this honor? Brad said he didn?t know what to do he didn?t want to try to fight he didn?t have it in him, but he didn?t want to do this. Lisa put Brad on the sink turned on the shower water then and started to take her clothes off. Brad wanted to look away but something was compelling him look. Brad had always thought Lisa was attractive, but he was never one to ask rashly he didn?t know much about her so he never told her anything. When Lisa finished undressing she looked at Brad who quickly looked away trying to avoid her eyes. ?What?s wrong little guy? Looks like you were enjoying the show.? Brad was confused for a second then realized he had an erection he felt embarrassed and tried to hide it. ?I understand you?ve never seen something like this? Lisa said gesturing her hand at herself. It was true though Brad had seen porn but never a naked female in person.

Lisa grabbed Brad and told him ?Ok let?s go little guy.? Brad didn?t know what would happen but he hoped for the outcome that had the least amount of humiliation involved. Lisa entered the shower and put Brad on her shoulder, ?Now hold on I wouldn?t want you to fall I?m pretty sure that a long way down for you.? Brad didn?t even want to think about what would happen if he fell, but he knew the outcome of falling would not be pretty. As Lisa started getting wet it made it harder and harder for Brad to keep his grip on her shoulder each movement would have him off balance and holding on as if his life depended on it, which it did. After a few minutes of letting the water run over her body Lisa reached for her shampoo. In the process of applying it into her hair Brad started to lose his balance do to the movement of Lisa's shoulders. ?Hey be careful I could fall.? Brad shouted out to Lisa trying to keep his balance. ?Oh you'll be fine don't worry.? She doesn't care what happens to me I'm just an object to her a piece of property, Brad thought to himself knowing if he said anything Lisa would do something to show him where he belongs. Soap from her hair started to reach her shoulder and the rest of her upper body.

This made her shoulder slipper and it quickly became a problem for Brad, he struggled even more to keep his balance. ?Lisa take me off of your shoulder please I'm going to fall if you don't!? Brad yelled while stumbling trying to keep his balance. ?You'll be fine nothing's going to happen.? Lisa said in response to Brad's plea. After she said that Brad had lost his balance and fell down but not falling off of Lisa. ?Lisa!? Brad yelled panicking now. Almost immediately after Brad said that he felt himself moving against his will, but Lisa wasn't moving him she has ignored his call for help. Brad realized he was sliding down off her shoulder toward her breasts. ?No!? Brad screamed out knowing that if he kept moving forward he would fall to his death. Brad frantically tried to get grip and move back but it was to late he was falling and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Brad continued to slide down and noticed he was on her breast. Lisa had average sized breast for someone her age, but to Brad her breasts were huge. Even though Brad was moving relatively slow he was still in a state of panic. As he reach the end of Lisa's breast he knew that if Lisa didn't notice him soon he would fall off and hit the ground. Brad was almost to her nipple he knew that this was it his last ditch effort. He grabbed onto Lisa?s nipple and hoped he could hold on and not fall.

Lisa had been paying attention to Brad the whole time but she didn't do anything to see what Brad would do. When she noticed something touching her nipple she looked down and saw that Brad was holding on for his life. This sight made Lisa burst into laughter but also slightly turned her on. Brad was now humiliated he was holding on the a giant nipple for his life and the only person who could save him was laughing at him. The movement from Lisa's laughter made it difficult for Brad to hold onto her nipple and he lost his grip.Brad knew that this was the end for him so he closed his eyes and used his arms to cover his eyes and waited. Brad landed on a soft surface and once he noticed that he was not hurt he moved his arms and looked at what had happened. ?Well I?m not going to let you die.? Lisa said still laughing at the slight she had just seen. Brad was still processing what had just happened to him.

?Well I think it?s time we actually start washing ourselves? Lisa said as she grabbed her washcloth wet it and put some soap on it. Brad no longer knew what to expect. Lisa then held Brad so he could look at her face to face and she said ?And you're going to me little guy? Lisa then put Brad on the washcloth it only took him a few seconds to realize what was happening. ?No please I can?t take it anymore leave me alone!? Brad begged, but Lisa didn?t care that Brad didn?t want to she wanted to and that what was going to happen. ?You have no choice what I say goes the sooner you get used to it the better.? Lisa said as she started to rub the washcloth on herself. Brad was being run all over Lisa?s body, she started with her breasts making sure she rubbed him all over each of them spending a little extra time on her nipples. She then rubbed him up and down her legs for a few minutes before moving to her ass. Brad was trying to get Lisa to stop by screaming out to her ?Please stop I just wanted you to help me!?, but it had no effect. Lisa then brought Brad to her face and smiled. She then put Brad down between her toes and finished up washing herself.

She then stepped out of the shower with Brad still between her toes and grab her robe. She then picked up Brad and put him in her mouth. Lisa left the bathroom then walked to her room locking and closing her door when she entered. Brad was confused and scared about what could be happening, he couldn?t see anything but he could feel Lisa?s tongue moving him around. Finally Lisa opened her mouth and took Brad out of her mouth. Brad noticed that Lisa was naked laying on her bed, Lisa then turned Brad around so she could look at him. ?Well little guy it?s time for some fun? Lisa said smiling and moving the hand she was hold Brad in down from her face to her vagina. Brad realized what was about to happen and yelled in protest ?No I?m not letting you do this to me!? Brad then began to run he jumped off Lisa?s hand and landed on the bed. Brad knew that he stood no chance of escape he had to try. Lisa moved her right leg blocking Brad?s path ?You can?t escape this your life now, you live to serve me, you belong to me.? Lisa said, Brad didn?t know what would happen now, but he knew everything was about to become much worse for him. Lisa grabbed Brad by his legs and brought him to her vagina, Brad let out one last plea ?Please you don?t have to do this you're a good person.? Lisa responded with ?I know I don?t have to this that?s what makes it fun.? Lisa then pushed Brad face first into her vagina. Brad started to panic he couldn?t see, he could barely move, and he felt himself moving farther into Lisa?s vagina.

Lisa was waiting for Brad to start moving around and he did. Brad started to wiggle trying to find out how to get out, but he was unknowingly pleasuring Lisa in the process. Brad noticed it started to get hotter and hotter along with it getting wetter. Brad knew he needed to get out as soon as possible or else he many not make it out at all. But every movement by Brad was pleasure along with thought there was a tiny man inside of her. Lisa soon couldn?t resist from fingering herself. Brad was unaware of what Lisa was doing so as he neared the entrance he was hit by her finger knocking him back. It continued to get hotter and her cum was rising Brad was moving as much as he could to get out but kept getting hit by Lisa?s finger. Unknowingly Brad had made his way to Lisa?s G spot. Lisa was now screaming in pleasure fingering herself faster and faster Brad knew what was about to happen. Lisa screamed as she had an orgasm, Brad was shot out of her vagina and laid on the bed where he had landed covered in Lisa?s cum not wanting to move and feeling as if he couldn?t. Lisa was painting she had never had an orgasm like that before. The two laid for a few minutes until Lisa picked up Brad and brought him to her face.

?T-that was amazing little guy!? Brad said nothing and just looked at Lisa still covered in her cum. ?Oh her let me clean you up.? Lisa said then dropped Brad back into her mouth. She sucked on him for a few minutes then noticed that he and erection so she started playing with him. Brad noticed what Lisa was doing and tried to stop her, but he couldn?t stop her and as much he tried to prevent himself he let his load out. Then Lisa took Brad out and said ?See that wasn?t so bad Now was it? Brad said nothing. ?Well you loss, anyway I?m tired so I?m going to take a nap the door is locked so I don?t need to worry about anyone walking in. You can sleep between my toes.? Lisa said. Lisa put Brad between her toes and fell asleep. Brad knew that this was his chance to escape, but when he tried to move he couldn?t Brad knew he was tired. No I have to go now I may not get another chance. Brad thought, but he couldn?t do anything and quickly feel asleep as well.
Chapter End Notes:
It’s been a eventful day for Brad and Lisa how will this affect Brad? There may be no new chapter of Lisa next week because I’m trying to work on another story I want to bring out. Also this was about twice as long as the other chapters of you want me to keep making longer chapters just tell me and I will.Please feel free to leave reviews to help me improve the story.
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