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The warm air of her breath blew
around him like a small cyclone.
Humiliating as it was for him to
admit if he had not been stuck
down with the strip of tape she had
put over his legs he would have been picked up by the warm air and
blown away. Blown away by the
giggle of a girl. The air as well as
being warm was full of the smells of
her jaws. The kind of smell and taste
a real size man would only get if her lips where close to his face kissing
or whispering. But at my size (just
under an inch) the strong minty
tang of her gum was so strong I
could taste it myself. Below it was
the faint sour smell of the milk she had had on her cornflakes. Talking
of cornflakes as her plump light pink
painted lips moved back and forth
exposing her perfect white teeth
which to me looked the size of large
tomb stones I could see bits of the cornflakes stuck between her teeth.
Only small parts that most people
might not even see but still it sent a
chill down my spine thinking of how
fast the white tomb stone teeth of
this sexy girl had turned the flakes to mush. I did not think my bones
could be much stronger than a
cornflake at this size. I know some
bugs can take a stomping but they
are made to live at that height. My
DNA never had to evolve a way of keeping me alive if a giant sexy gym
girl decided to bring her size seven
shoe down on me! I could tell she
was saying something now but I
couldn?t pick up on the words. I just
heard the low thunder of her voice, rather like a large plane going
overhead. I winced at the sound, I
felt that if this girl should scream or
shout she would deafen me. Seeing
this she giggled again giving me the
faint waft of toothpaste. When she talked again it was in a quiet almost
sexy whisper, the kind only a few
men in this world had been able to
here at full size I bet! At this size it
still sounded like a PA system yelling
into my ear but at least I was not going to lose my hearing. ?So PJ I bet you want to know why
I shrank you huh? Well first of all I
guess I should let you know who I
am. My name is Katelyn, we work
out at the same gym. Maybe you
don?t know my face, you were mostly staring at my ass. Here,
maybe this will help you know me.? She stands up as she says this.
Christ was she kneeling down the
whole time she was talking to me? I
must be even smaller than I was
first thinking! Seeing her pretty face
rise up, height followed by her boobs which where huge even at
real size but at my new height might
as well have been two mountains.
The bra she had on not even
coming close to keeping them both
held in fully. Next came the wide plane of her belly. It was so thin and
toned and from my size it might
have well a wide deaste plane. Her
belly button looked like the pit in
star wars. The one you don?t want
to get thrown in. I gulped. Even her belly button could swallow me whole
if I ended up in it? She stopped with her pussy facing
me. For a second I was in shock.
Even though it was clad in a sexy
lacy pair of red panties, the heat
from it and the smell of sex was all
around me. ?Hahah you like that view my little
man? Well I just bet you do but it
was this I was thinking might jog
your brain.? She started to turn. Now I should
explain how she has me first. When
I woke up I was bound to the table
by my legs. So I could sit up but not
get any higher than that. So not
only was I tiny, I was tiny and pretty much kneeling.
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