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Author's Chapter Notes:
Updated 05/02/18. Hope you enjoy the up date.
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1 Katelyn was working on her website when she heard a knock at the door. She hopped up and ran over to check who it was. Looking out she saw no one there but when she opened the door there was a small package at her feet. ?I didn?t order anything that I can remember? she said to herself. She picked up the box and brought it into her kitchen. It was addressed to her but the return address was faded and she couldn?t read it. Curious she opened the box and looked in to see a small bottle and piece of paper. Opening the bottle revealed 2 different colored pills. One was green and the size of a normal Tylenol the other was black and the size of a small egg. 2 Katelyn looked at the note: Goddess, I?ve created these pills so that you can fulfill all your dreams (and mine). The green pill will trigger a short period of growth causing you to grow about 20 or 30 feet tall. This should make you big enough to do most whatever you want to but if you decide its not enough take the black one and see what it does. I?ll be watching the news to see. Enjoy,
J P.S. As these have not yet been
fully tested there may be some side
effects. Katelyn read the note again to make sure she had read it correctly. 3 She thought to her self ''This is creepy''. ?Yeah, right,? she said ?I?m just
going to swallow some pills that
some weirdo sent me in the mail.
They?re probably some kind of date rape drug or something.? She went
and looked out her window but
couldn?t see anyone out in the
street watching her house. She set
the bottle back on the table and
went back to working on her website. She finished up and went
into the living room to watch tv.
After a while she felt her gaze
looking back into the kitchen at the
bottle on the table and couldn?t get
the notes words out of her head. She got up and brought the bottle
and note back to the couch.
Reading the note and looking at the
pill she began to get curious. It
probably wasn?t dangerous, just a
sugar pill or something she thought. She popped it into her mouth and
swallowed. After waiting for a few
moments and nothing happened
she laughed and put the bottle on
the table next to the couch. 4 She had to admit being a little disappointed because it would have
been cool to actually grow but she
knew that this was just a fantasy
and would never come true. Katelyn
turned back to the tv and continued
watching. Suddenly she noticed that the room felt kind of warm and
that she was sweating slightly. This
subsided and she felt a tingling
feeling begin to spread thru her
body. It tickled at first but then it
began to feel good. Great she thought some one sent me some
kind of X. Might as well sit back and
enjoy it. Suddenly she noticed something
else, her shoes felt tight and that
pleasurable tingling sensation was
beginning to increase. Katelyn felt
her hand rubbing on something and
looked down to see that it was slowly moving towards the end of
the armrest of the couch but that
she wasn?t moving it. She looked
down and saw that with every
breath her breasts seemed to swell
but that they didn?t go back to their original size. Looking up she realized
that her perspective was slowly
rising. She was growing! 5 Her clothes began to feel tighter and
tighter. ?Oh, my God this is really
happening, I?m growing bigger!? she screamed as a smile spread over her
face. Katelyn felt her nipples grow
hard as her breasts pushed further
into her tightening bra. The straps
began to dig into her shoulders as
gaps began to open up in between the buttons on the front of her
shirt. Her skirt began to inch up
from her knees to mid thigh and her
shoes began to split from the
pressure of her growing feet. ?I?m getting bigger?, she exclaimed
again as if to assure herself that she
wasn?t just imagining it, ? and if
feels so good!? She began to rub
her hands over her swelling body
feeling how tight her clothes were against her growing form. As her
hands passed over her tits she felt
an amazing wave of pleasure that
made her shudder and moan out
loud. She felt her brief like panties
began to slid up her ass and hug her crotch tighter causing another more
frantic moan to issue from her lips.
?God this all feels so?..?, she broke
off as the feeling of pleasure
increased 10 fold as she rubbed her
tits. Her buttons on her shirt popped off in quick succession one
by one revealing a bra several sizes
too small struggling to contain her
growing tits. 6 The nipples were beginning to peak over the top threatening to spill out at any moment. As she touched the edge of her nipples she gasped and felther skirt split on the side revealing
her panties digging into her hip. Her
shirt drew tight across her
shoulders and began to split at the seams. Reaching down she rubbed her legs thru the taunt fabric
of her panties and felt the
overwhelming bolt of pleasure she
felt moments earlier. She was getting really turned on. Katelyn was enjoying the feel and loved growing. ''I hope this never ends''. She had a flashback to her fantasy. She was sitting on her bed with tiny figures. ''You shall worship me and my body''. She picked one up and popped it in her mouth. "You like that?!" "Hahahahahaha." She dreamed of growing and growing one day. When she swallowed, she moaned in pleasure feeling the figure slide down her throat. "mmmmmmmmmhhmm that feels so good. She worked her gag reflex by swallowing the figures. She felt the figure go all the way down to her stomach. This excited her a ton.
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