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Lily walked into her apartment happily, her long bunny ears just grazing the top of the door frame. In her hands she held a small brown box with small holes in the top, a little present she?d gotten for herself that day after getting off work. She kicked off her large shoes at the door before stepping into her living room; she wore size 12 flip flops, around the average shoe size for female rabbits her age. As she strode towards the couch she could hear what sounded like tiny yelling coming from inside the box.

?Let us out!? A male voice yelled; a female voice cried, ?what's she going to do with us..??. ?I hope she's nice and fluffy!? another female voice called called out, sounding much more cheerful than all the others.

Lily sat down on her large brown couch, wiggling her toes excitedly as she set the box onto the coffee table in front of her. She took off the lid with her her furry fingers and set it aside. Peering inside, she saw five tiny humans, each slightly smaller than an inch and dressed in small jeans and t-shirts. They all trembled in fear seeing the gigantic bunny girl smiling above them; all except one anyway, a blonde girl was standing up straight, smiling and actually waving to the giant bunny.

?Hiiiiii!? She yelled.


Now for some exposition. This is a world populated by anthropomorphic mammals. They come in most species you would naturally find in the normal world; cats, lions, bears, and bunnies just to name a few. They have all evolved to have more human-like bodies while keeping some of their key features. For instance, bunnies still have long ears and feet, deer still have antlers, and most species still have tails.

Humans also exist in this world as well, but now at miniscule size. They were discovered a long time ago living in tiny villages in forests and jungles. They were all gathered up and are now available for purchase at special stores. Most often they were purchased as pets, though they were found to have many uses. Lily had read online that the rich often had them as expensive snacks, that people even used them as living action figures, or that they could be used as tiny squirming sex toys.


Lily had always wanted to own humans, even if she only had one. But her parents would never let her buy one, they always said humans were too expensive and that she'd lose them in a week. But now that Lily was on her own at nineteen years old, she'd finally saved enough money to get a small box of them. She wasn't able to get a proper cage for them yet so she hoped the box would do for the first few weeks, and that they could survive on and crumbs and leftovers she didn't eat from her meals.

Lily now faced the seemingly infinite possibilities of what she could do with her new little pets; though she'd always had a fun little idea ever since she was a little bunny.

?Hey everyone!? Her voice finally boomed above the tiny creatures in the box, ?so, um.. I'm Lily, but I guess you can just call me 'Goddess?!*.
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