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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Aaron experiences sex from an even worse perspective than before. Anal insertion at micro scale, couples sex, bodily fluids, and hopefully an end to how all this body-changing is mangling my pronouns.

Emma couldn't help but resent her toy for having swallowed, because now cum was all she could taste. She supposed it was her own fault, in a way; she hadn't told him not to; and she couldn't really tell if he was trying to take the initiative and make it hot or trying to get revenge. With that uncertainty, she didn't feel comfortable punishing him for it. After all, it was kinda hot.

But mouthwash still seemed like a good idea. It still surprised her a bit that the first thing he had done when in control of her body was start masturbating. He had done well, too. She could still feel the warm afterglow of a deep, satisfying orgasm. But, holy hell, experiencing it from the perspective of her tiny toy had been something else.

Her body did things that she wasn't even aware of. She never guessed that the simple act of walking would batter him so severely when he was trapped in her ass. She never knew that a gentle flexing of her pelvic muscles would clench her asshole so tight; every contraction had hit her so hard down there that it had driven the air out of her lungs, leaving her seeing spots with blood pounding in her ears. 

And, Jesus Christ, masturbation was something else. She had never given a thought to the little motions of her body as the pleasure built and the climax came, but, from that perspective, they were terrifying. Her hips rocked back and forth, pressing him down with every pass so that she had to fight with all his strength to keep from getting sucked into her own asshole. Her ass cheeks clenched hard, squeezing him with the force of a steamroller until his lungs burned for air. And when she came, her asshole clamped down with a will, as if it was trying to chop him in half while, at the same time, it tried to suck him all the way in.

Fuck, it was hot. Even if she hadn't been able to cum while in his body, it was totally worth it. There was so much potential in trading places with him, too. She could ride it out as a speck of dust between her fingers while she rubbed herself off, she could see firsthand what a dildo saw as she masturbated. She could even be trapped microscopic between herself and her boyfriend as they fucked. 

One sexy experience after another crossed her mind, but they would all have to wait. Most of them required more trust than she had in her toy. For now, though, she knew that her little toy had probably tried some desperate escape gambit while he was in her body. She just had to figure out what it was.

She checked the time. Her boyfriend would be coming home in an hour or so, and she was still feeling a bit kinky. Her little, squirming toy stuck deep in her pussy was an afterthought, but still enough sensation to keep the embers hot. She took a shower, popped one of her birth control pills, then slowly fished her little toy out of her vagina.

"Hey, little guy," she said, letting him slowly shrink down even further. "Sorry to bother you. You ready for a real ride?"

By the time she finished speaking, he was only a dot in her palm, barely a millimeter tall. She shifted her finger around, until he was a black speck on her middle finger, then lifted her right leg up onto the sink. 

"We're going to have a lot of fun," she said to nothing, knowing that he could still hear her. Then, without further preamble, she pushed her middle finger into her asshole, only up to the first knuckle.

Oh, this was going to be fun. She put on a pair of boyshorts and a clingy white T-shirt; she knew what got her boyfriend going; and she was waiting for him on the couch when he got home.

A few glasses of wine and an episode of Game of Thrones later, she wasn't really sure what had happened, but she did remember that it wound up with her on her hands and knees, ass in the air, telling her boyfriend, "Fuck me in the ass!"

The wine was really getting to her. Her last coherent thought, as she felt her boyfriend's cock slide carefully into her asshole, was that the tiny man was gonna love this.


Aaron hated everything that was happening to him. The moment he was shoved up Emma's asshole he hated it. The only way it was like her vagina was the pink color of the walls around him, but that was where the similarities ended. The ridges of the walls that surrounded him were gigantic and spread far apart. He was between two of them, in a cavernous space that was larger than anything he had experienced in her cunt.

He could just barely see her asshole from here, a tight, puckered opening that twitched impatiently with every step she took. If he had been able to free himself from the slime that held him fast to the smooth walls, he would have fallen down right on top of it.

There was, at least, room to breathe here, but that just made it worse. The air was rank with the stench of shit, and tiny flakes of it, no bigger than he was, scattered the walls here and there. He could just count himself lucky that he wound up stuck to a relatively clean part of the giantess' colon.

The massive, fleshy tunnel, five times larger than he was tall, twisted out of his view far above him. He knew that the rest of her intestines lay in that direction, and he could only wait in fear of what would come down that path for him. Maybe, if he was lucky, she would pull him out before things got really disgusting.

Suddenly, gravity shifted, and the giantess' asshole was above him instead of below him. Were it not for the clingy slime that coated his body, he would have tumbled down even deeper into her colon. Before he could process what was happening, the wrinkled opening to her asshole parted to admit the purple head of the most massive cock he had ever seen.

Oh no. Oh God no. He struggled, but even if he managed to free himself from the sticky walls, where could he go? Down was towards her intestines, up was towards the giant's cock.

He didn't have much choice in the matter, though. Emma's colon may have been gigantic to him, but it hugged her boyfriend's dick tight. Slowly, it pushed its way in. Slowly, it shoved its massive, pulsating bulk against his face. Slowly, it dragged him from his relatively safe spot and shoved him deeper, deeper, deeper in.

But then it started to pull out. He got caught underneath the head and ground mercilessly between the inside of her asshole and the rock-hard body of his cock before he finally rolled out from underneath it. He was deposited somewhere near where he had been originally, watching as the giant penis slowly drew out of Emma's ass.

But that wasn't it. Of course it wasn't. The man's dick drew all the way out of her asshole, but the wrinkled opening didn't squeeze all the way shut this time. Instead, Aaron got treated to a view of the man's package, his dick quivering and balls swaying, before he came plunging back in.

This time, he was not so gentle. He drove himself into her like he was drilling for oil. Aaron was carried along helplessly, his body twisted and squeezed and whipped back and forth over and over again. The thick layer of water-based lubricant that coated the man's cock made sure that he would never really escape this torture. The giant could drive as deep in as he liked, but the sticky fluid would make sure that Aaron would follow along as he pulled out, just to get rammed again as he made another thrust.

Aaron was just about to accept that this was his fate now, to be ground eternally between Emma's colon and her boyfriend's penis, before it finally ended. After what felt like an hour, the man came, but he was unfortunate enough to be stuck right to the tip of his penis when he did. The first shot, a deluge of sperm that shoved its way past his closed mouth and up his nose, was powerful enough to push him deeper into Emma's body than he had ever been. And he watched, through a murky white haze, as the cock flexed a few more times, pushing out a few more waves of sperm that just drove him further and further down.

Then, when he was so far down that he could barely even see it, the cock pulled all the way out, leaving him helpless in a sea of sperm somewhere deep in Emma's colon.

God, just stand up, please, just stand up, he begged. The woman must still have had her ass in the air, because gravity pulled him, and the stream of cum that he was helplessly trapped in, steadily further down. Eventually, the curve of her colon hid her asshole from view, and that was when he lost all hope. He was doomed to stay in here until she took a shit big enough to force him out.

But then gravity did shift, and not in a terribly favorable way, either. Suddenly, neither the path into or out of her was up or down. A thin rivulet of cum ran down the side of her colon, carrying him along until he settled in an opaque white pool. She had laid down, he realized. Jesus, was she going to leave him here all night?

The unbearably salty taste of the man's cum mixed with the unbearably rancid odor of the woman's colon. She couldn't leave him here all night, could she? He had to be able to get out of this. He struggled, but, at this size, fighting against the man's semen was like fighting against Jell-O. Eventually, he tired himself out, laying back and breathing deep breaths of hot, slimy bodily fluids. 

Fuck her. Fuck her, he thought. At least he had that note, the tiny sliver of hope that was his best and last chance of escaping this hell.

It was all that kept him going all night. The world around him was too hot, too smelly, too overwhelming to all his senses for him to really get comfortable. He just listened to the steady rhythm of the giantess' heartbeat and waited, waited, waited.

He may have dozed off towards the end, but it was suddenly interrupted by a dramatic increase in his size. Before he was even fully awake, he felt the giantess' colon squeezing him from all sides. The ridges that seemed cavernous were now uncomfortably tight. Instead of an ocean, the giant's cum was just another uncomfortable layer of fluid. And, most importantly, he could see the exit.

It was tight again; neither air nor light from the outside world was let in, but it was there. Slowly, he started to crawl towards it. He saw it flex, twitching involuntarily at the sensation of him moving along, but nothing stopped him. Clawing at the slippery walls and kicking desperately, he made his way along inch by inch until he was face-to-face with the giantess' asshole. He was working with gravity this time, maybe it was his chance to escape. He shoved his hand out, looking for the leverage he needed to get out, and was surprised to feel her massive fingers grab his wrist.

What little hope he had turned into despair in the pit of his stomach. The giantess took a firm grip on his wrist and slowly pulled him all the way out. The cool feeling of fresh air slowly consumed his body from head to toe, and the light outside was blinding. Before he could process what as happening, Emma had him dangling in front of her face, still held up by the wrist. In her other hand, she held the sticky note he had left under her boyfriend's pillow.

"What is this?" she demanded, her eyes blazing.

Oh, fuck.

Emma had gotten lucky. When her boyfriend was done with her, he took off to the shower, and she pulled her boyshorts back up and stumbled her drunken ass to bed, sprawling out across the sheets and letting out a happy sigh.

It was only then, when her hand found its way under her boyfriend's pillow, that she found the sticky note. She realized immediately what it was the moment she felt it, before she even pulled it out to read it, and it was the most sobering realization of her life. She froze, but the shower was still running; she was safe.

Her heart was suddenly racing. Jesus, five more minutes and she would have been doomed. She pulled out the note, it was short and in quick, sloppy handwriting, almost illegible despite the block letters.


She was torn, still terrified of how close she had come to having her crime unveiled, furious at the little man for doing this, but honestly a little impressed that he had managed to pull it off without her notice. He had only been in charge of her body for a few minutes, after all, and she thought he had just spent all that time masturbating.

She quickly folded up the note and stuck it under the mattress on her side of the bed. At that moment, she heard the shower cut off, and she practically had a heart attack. A bit jumpy, perhaps, but fuck... She had come only a few minutes away from losing everything. She didn't know what the punishment was for having a shrunken slave, but she knew that her boyfriend would not go along with it if he found out.

She had to be more careful. She still didn't have the relationship with her toy that she wanted, and, until she did, she couldn't afford to give him that much control. As much as it disappointed her, her role-swap fantasies would have to wait. If she broke things off with her boyfriend, she might have the time and space to build that relationship a little more efficiently, but she wasn't comfortable doing that, at least not yet. He was a good guy; he may have been a short-term fling, but he had a good attitude and a great dick.

She cupped her ass idly, thinking about the man still trapped inside there. Oh yeah, he'd be staying there all night, but he had a way worse punishment in store. Maybe he'd spend a week in her sock, maybe she'd eat him. She'd figure it out, but, more importantly, she had to figure out where to go from here, how to turn him from rebellious slave into willing servant.

From his view, discovery meant rescue. How the hell did she get him from that to the point where he didn't want to be discovered, because it meant he wouldn't get to be with her anymore?

She had shown him trust, at least some, but it was clearly too early for that. She had tried to break him by punishing him, but that only seemed to make him more desperate to escape. Maybe the first step was demonstrating, somehow, that rescue was impossible. Then, once he had accepted the inevitability of his new life, he would eventually teach himself to enjoy it.

She grinned, wiggling her hips contentedly into the mattress. Maybe it was the booze, but she just had an idea, and it was downright villainous. 


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