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Author's Chapter Notes:

***Giant male & couple's interaction***

Cameron’s stomach churned from the rapid spinning of the giantess’s sock being unfurled.  Though it only lasted a few seconds, the tiny shrunken sub was quite disoriented.  As he opened his eyes, he remembered that he had been imprisoned within Mistress Sara’s very stinky, smelly softball sock after being bound by her ponytail holder to prevent him from pleasuring himself as a form of punishment for failing at his chore of painting her toes. The sock was made of very thick cotton, and Cameron was unable to see the world outside.

The disoriented shrunken man felt his world go tumbling down once again as he plummeted towards the opening of the sock, which had been turned upside down by Mistress Sara.  With a thud, Cameron crashed into the large, warm palm of the giantess’s hand. 

“Good morning, little one,” Mistress Sara said softly, standing in her walk-in closet.  “It’s still fairly early, and my boyfriend is still asleep in bed.  I wanted to introduce you to him this morning and thought we’d have some fun with you.  He enjoys dominating shrunken subs, too, and is actually quite good at it.”

Cameron’s eyes were squinting as they adjusted to the light.  He observed the beautiful blonde haired giantess wearing a silk black nighty with spaghetti straps over her shoulders.  Her hair was hanging down, slightly frazzled from sleep. 

Mistress Sara smiled at her bound sub while observing his partially erect cock, and proceeded to remove her ponytail holder from his naked one-inch frame.  After a moment, she clutched Cameron within her closed fist, pulled her hair back, and set her ponytail once again. 

The tiny man was completely immersed within the giantess’ grasp.  It was warm and powerful.  He felt helpless, but yet, completely trusting of the giantess-mistress who had complete and total control of him.  Cameron wished this could be his everyday life.  Maybe, somehow, he’d find the courage to ask Mistress Sara to become a permanent slave to her. He had to admit that the thought of being made to serve at the feet of a man had a strangely erotic and taboo feeling.  It wasn’t a homosexual attraction to a man, but simply the desire to be dominated by a couple that was feeding his erection.  He knew that Mistress Sara was married, and she had always made it sound like she was unhappy in the marriage.  The news of a boyfriend was somewhat out of left-field.

The light shown bright overhead once more as Mistress Sara’s large fingers unfurled, revealing the disheveled, shrunken submissive in the palm of her hand.

“I’m going to show you what a real man’s cock looks like, Cameron.  Not that little, iddy-biddy ‘tool’ that you have.  This one’s so large it hurts me sometimes when he’s soo deep in me,” Mistress Sara said with a smile. 

Cameron watched as her mouth opened and lowered toward him.  Within a moment, her tongue pressed against his body, and the thick saliva caused him to stick to it.  He grunted and groaned as her head raised up and then reared back as her tongue retracted.  The tiny one-inch man rolled over onto his back, slipping and sliding on the bumps of the giantess’ taste buds.  The smell of her morning breath was fairly strong and foul, but Cameron, being a truly submissive and compliant slave to the giantess, trusted Mistress Sara to do whatever she wished with him.

In the dank, dark cavern of the giantess’s mouth, Cameron felt slight rumbles and shakes as Mistress Sara walked several steps.  The saliva in her mouth was filling quickly as a result of his presence on her tongue, and the giantess absent-mindedly swished it over the sub in her mouth.  Cameron coughed on the thick spit that was now slathered all over his body.  His hair was wet, soaked to the scalp, with saliva.

Mistress Sara walked into the bedroom, daylight just beginning to illuminate the room.  She smiled widely as she stopped and felt Cameron laying on her tongue, compliant and submissive.  She then looked at her boyfriend, Robert, who lay sleeping on his back in her bed.  He was young and handsome, in his late 20’s.  He had washboard abs as he was a construction worker by trade.  He had a boyish Brad Pitt charm to him, despite his shorten, and buzzed brown hair. As the sleeping man breathed heavily, Mistress Sara noticed the “tent” his erect penis was making of her nice sheets.

Cameron felt the giantess take a few more steps, and the sounds of a bed mattress creaking and groaning slightly could be faintly heard within the saliva-filled cavern.  The sounds of Mistress Sara’s esophageal muscles swallowing and the undulations of the strong muscle he lay upon startled him momentarily before he noticed the orientation of the tongue that he was laying on went from horizontal to vertical, keeping him adhered with ease.

He looked past his own feet as the darkness was broken by the giantess’s lips separating and her jaw opening widely, revealing a very large, very erect penis that looked like it would fill a movie theater.  Cameron’s eyes opened wide as he felt Mistress Sara’s head lower slowly.  A shadow came over the helmet of the cock as Mistress Sara’s lips and teeth passed over and under it. Cameron felt the warm, massive flesh tube slide up his saliva-soaked body. 

“HRGH-MMPPPFF!!” the shrunken man exclaimed as he was pressed against the underside of the thickened, almost-rock-hard shaft of the giant, his face being rubbed against the purplish frenum at the base of the helmet.

Cameron’s own burgeoning penis was rubbed against the underside of the giant, veiny shaft.  The hardened, very warm flesh-tube seemed to continue to expand as Mistress Sara continued to slide her mouth further down the shaft, using her sub’s naked body to rub against the underside of Robert’s dick.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Mistress Sara, becoming turned on by the thick cock in her mouth. 

Her lips having reached the base of Robert’s shaft, she slowly began to slide her mouth back up.  Cameron felt his the giant shaft reverse its course, seemingly, as he was now being pulled upward slowly by Mistress Sara, who was savoring the taste of her boyfriend’s penis.  Her tongue kept the shrunken sub secured, the thick saliva and taste buds adhering to his backside like a sticky, mucous-like glue.  The tiny man’s face turned slightly to its side, allowing him to get a breath after being smothered for a few seconds against Robert’s cock.

Believing that Mistress Sara would want him to help please her boyfriend, Cameron produced his tongue, too, and as the giantess serviced the penis, he also found himself licking the thick shaft.  His penis was nearly completely erect, as well, which was also being dragged against the giant man’s dick, producing a very sensitive but pleasant feeling.

In the darkness of Mistress Sara’s mouth, Cameron felt his head and face were back up near the base of the parting of the helmet, pressed against the frenum.  The giantess created a tremendous vacuum, sucking on the cock in her mouth, which simultaneously pulled the air from Cameron’s lungs before he turned his face into the giant man’s shaft to cover his nose and keep a limited amount of air supply.  Continuing with his sense of servitude, Cameron proceeded to suck on a mouthful of frenum.

Robert moaned with satisfaction, awakening to a pleasant blowjob from his girlfriend.  He placed his right hand on the back of Sara’s head as she sucked adamantly upon the head of his dick.  He then felt his girlfriend proceed to suck down the shaft into her mouth as she took him back fully into her mouth.

Cameron found himself sliding back down the large, warm, saliva-soaked shaft with ease as the giantess’s tongue continued to manipulate his body to perform its will.  His cock was at full attention now, and its sensitive scrotal nerve was made to rub against Robert’s shaft, eliciting a moan of pleasure out of the shrunken one-inch tall man. 

Mistress Sara’s head began to bob up and down with the large cock in her mouth at a pleasantly rhythmic cadence.  Robert’s mouth opened as he was breathing heavy, feeling the climax begin to develop. The giantess knew exactly what she was doing – using Cameron to turn on her boyfriend. 

Meanwhile, Cameron’s body was rubbed up and down against the giant man’s cock at a rather rapid motion, the speed of which was almost unfathomable and incomprehensible to him.  He gasped and groaned a few times as he could, when he wasn’t swallowing saliva.  He felt his own erect member approach release rapidly as he licked the underside of the large shaft.  His ears were quickly overwhelmed with the loud moaning of the giantess who imprisoned him within her mouth, as Mistress Sara was quite aroused.  Then…


Mistress Sara’s mouth was now completely empty. 

Cameron was startled as he remained on the underside of the large, hard, warm flesh tube at the base of the frenum.  His arms and legs were splayed, seemingly wrapped around the underside of Robert’s cock.  He felt the air temperature quickly cool around him.  He was so close to cumming, but yet, was now stuck on the massive dick. 

With his head facing to the left, he couldn’t see much, save for the large pubic bush of hair below that belonged to the giant man.  He heard the sounds of two large people breathing rapidly, mixed with the sound of a drawer open quickly, which were quickly followed by the sounds of a wrapper being pulled open.

Within a moment, the tiny shrunken sub felt something get rolled over him.  The world around him was now somewhat hazy, appearing almost to be behind a translucent plastic sheet or something. Cameron realized that he was now encased within a latex condom on the underside of the giant’s shaft.  Sticky, goopy precum slowly flowed down from the urethra, and onto his face, allowing the tiny man a taste of what was to cum. 

Feeling Robert’s penis thicken even more, Cameron stuck his tongue out, lapping at the precum.  He sucked vigorously at the sensitive skin, kissing and licking as well.  He wanted to please his giantess mistress, and if that meant pleasing another man, he was more than willing to comply.

A large shadow loomed overhead, casting Cameron’s world into complete darkness.  Through the thin latex membrane, Cameron observed Mistress Sara’s inner left thigh as she straddled her lover.  Within a moment, he was immersed in darkness as he felt a tremendous amount of pressure from all around.  The temperature against his back became very warm.  The spermicidal lubricant tingled against his skin, as well.  He tried not to panic for air, trusting that the giantess would never put him into a position of too much risk.  He had no choice or say in the matter, and could feel the large, warm walls that enclosed around him begin to slide up and down at a rapid pace.

Cameron grimaced as the latex condom that he was encased in began to tighten up even more as the result of Robert’s giant cock continuing its inflation.  The sounds of the two giants having intercourse were heavily muffled, but were still loud enough to be audible to him. 

Mistress Sara continued to bounce up and down on Robert’s plump penis.  The feeling of it between her nethers, along with Cameron’s little trapped body, was quickly sending her near to the edge.  She bit her lip as she continued to ride vigorously.  Robert’s neck and back were arched against the overstuffed pillow he lay on as he felt the climax approach. 

Cameron felt the large, rock-hard shaft begin to quiver and shake.  The warm precum seemed to increase in its flow while all around him, the constant up-and-down motion of Mistress Sara’s vaginal walls pressed and undulated against him from behind and to the side.  He grunted and groaned as the large penis seemed to thicken even more, causing him to strain within the tightening latex that stretched around him.

Robert’s cock began to pulse, and he tensed his abs.  He audibly strained as his climax approached.  Mistress Sara arched her back, grabbing onto her ankles, yelling in tremendous ecstasy.  Cameron grimaced with discomfort as the large shaft that he hugged released. Within moments, the tiny, shrunken submissive was awash in Robert’s spooj.

Helplessly trapped within the tight latex prison, firmly held against Robert’s manhood, Cameron shut his eyes tight as he felt the semen pour down from the overflow of the reservoir tip, filling his nose and mouth.  It flooded into the slightest recesses between Cameron, the condom, and the large cock.  The tiny man willingly swallowed a mouthful, and then opened up for more to fill his mouth.  The thick, frothy seed of the giant was very sticky, and as Cameron would slurp it into his mouth, he found it difficult to swallow due to the increase in its tack upon contact with his own saliva. After struggling through several gulps, Cameron’s stomach was nearly full of Robert cum.  Air was at a premium, as well, and he was feeling very dizzy as a result.

Blissfully caught up in the moment, Mistress Sara was leaned forward, passionately kissing Robert, whose cock remained held tightly within her pussy.  They tongue-wrestled and swapped saliva for what seemed like a minute before resorting to just some kisses.

Robert ceased the kissing and looked at Sara.

“Wait…what’s that feeling?” he asked.

“You mean, someone squirming against your penis?” Sara said, answering his question with her own question.

“Yeh,” Robert responded.

“I’m letting a sub spend the weekend with me, and I wanted to introduce him to you and a real man’s cock.  He’s in the condom,” explained Sara, smiling.  “I should probably get him out.”

After dismounting Robert, Mistress Sara leaned down to examine her tiny, shrunken sub, encased within the latex prison.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed upon visually inspecting the cum-filled condom and her shrunken sub’s inability to move.  She smiled as she observed every fold of latex that stretched around Cameron was filled with Robert’s spooj.

“Roll on your side, please,” she inquired of Robert, who complied.

Mistress Sara then slowly and masterfully slid the spent condom up Robert’s still-erect shaft, ensuring Cameron remained trapped within.  This allowed for Robert to spurt a few more shots of cum that had not previously evacuated from his urethra.  Cameron was completely soaked in the giant’s seed.

With an amused expression on her face, Mistress Sara held the condom up, observing her trapped submissive, who was unable to stand in the very slippery, cum-filled tip.  Eventually, the shrunken man was able to get some form of footing as his little feet occupied the reservoir tip.

“Are you alright, Cameron?  Everything okay?” asked the giantess-mistress.

Cameron was struggling, though, trying to get his head above the spooj to get some air.  Upon seeing this, Mistress Sara rolled up the condom a way before placing the opening in her mouth, and grabbing the top of the condom near the reservoir tip, and tipped her head back, dumping the cum-covered Cameron into her mouth once again.

The sticky spooj was an incredible adhesive upon contact with the giantess’s saliva, and Cameron held firm and fast to Mistress Sara’s tongue once more.  He felt the familiar vacuum-effect from before as she slurped down the additional semen that her boyfriend had produced, slathering Cameron in another wave of fresh, sticky, clumpy cum.

“There we go.  All better,” the giantess said, which made Cameron’s ears ring.

The tongue then dislodged Cameron, and he was spat back into the latex tube, which still some remnants of Robert’s bubbly, frothy product, now had combined with a glob of Mistress Sara’s spit.  He lay in elongated latex shaft, unable to move as he stuck to the inside with ease.

As Mistress Sara dangled the condom while sitting on the edge of the bed, Robert sat up next to her to look.

“Hey!  I hope you enjoyed that ‘protein shake’ for breakfast, bro!” Robert exclaimed with amusement as he observed the tiny shrunken man who was still slathered in his spooj from being placed back into the condom.

“He’s pretty small and pathetic, isn’t he?” he noted.

Mistress Sara smiled, chuckling lightly.

“Yeh, but he’s about the most loyal pet I have,” she said in response.  “He’ll do virtually anything I ask him to.”

“Oh really?” Robert asked, unconvinced.  “Think he’d suck my cock until I came again?”

“I know he would,” Mistress Sara answered, caressing Robert’s chin as the couple kissed.

Cameron could only watch through the thin latex prison as the two giants made out for a few minutes.  Having heard Robert’s question, the tiny shrunken sub began to prepare himself for future use.


The giantess’s molars bore down upon Cameron’s naked frame, painfully trapping him as she bathed the tiny one-inch man with her saliva, cleaning him up for his next service project.  Cameron coughed and sputtered, swallowing what he could of Mistress Sara’s spit, his head painfully pinched between Mistress Sara’s canine teeth. 

“HRRGGHH-GRGRGGGGLLL!!” cried Cameron, overcome by another wave of the giant woman’s spit.  The air then seemed to disappear from within the giant mouth, and Cameron became very faint as he was put through another bout of intense sucking.

It had been nearly twenty five minutes since their bout of intercourse.  Mistress Sara sat in her living room sucking Cameron clean while on the couch next to Robert, who was only wearing boxers.  They both were interacting with their smart phones.  On the dark brown leather couch next to Mistress Sara lay the remote for the shrink collar. 

“Man, you’re really sucking on him hard, aren’t you?” he asked.

Mistress Sara parted her lips, which allowed for the air pressure to return and Cameron to strain for a breath between the crushing teeth that held him.

“I’m just making sure he’s clean before I enlarge him,” she responded, smiling before sealing her lips shut once more.

Cameron felt the dizzying vacuum of the giantess engage once more, pulling the air from his lungs yet again.  Feeling faint, tunnel vision quickly set in for several disorienting moments before he was discarded off of Mistress Sara’s molars and shot from her mouth like a cannon ball.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!” exclaimed the tiny man who flailed through the air. 

Cameron landed with a moist <SPLAT> on the hardwood floor.  Dazed and discombobulated, he lay panting on his back for a moment before the shrink collar painfully engaged.  His flesh still bore signs of teeth digging in to it, leaving reddened indentations on the front and back of his legs and abdomen.  He grimaced with some pain and discomfort as he felt his muscles tense and joints ache.  The sounds of Robert and Mistress Sara chuckling could be heard.  Several seconds later, the pain subsided. 

“Hands and knees, crawl over here to Robert’s feet, and beg him to suck on his cock,” Mistress Sara said with authority.

Cameron knew that to serve her, he had to move quickly.  Despite still being soaked in her saliva, the still-shrunken sub scurried on all fours and made his way over to the two sets of feet that rest against the hardwood floor.  Mistress Sara’s beautiful feet, naked from a lack of toenail polish, rested next to a set of well-groomed male feet.  He observed some hairs on top of the man’s feet, and some additional hairs on the tops of his toes.  Robert’s toenails weren’t quite as immaculate as Mistress Sara’s, though.  There were of average length and thickness.  The man’s legs were also adorned in hair, but not overly thick.  Though he’d have rather worshipped Mistress Sara’s feet, Cameron lowered his lips to the top of Robert’s right foot, and pressed his lips to it.

Both Mistress Sara and Robert watched the now-three-foot-tall man worship Robert’s feet for a few minutes.  They smiled and chuckled to each other as they watched the back of Cameron’s head hover over the large feet before him.

“He’s not really begging, is he?” Mistress Sara said in observation.

“No…not really,” Robert responded.

“Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, leaning forward to address her sub, “I want you to say, ‘Please, Robert, may I suck your cock,’ in between each kiss or lick you plant on his feet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cameron said, averting his eyes from making contact with the beautiful dominatrix.


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”

Both Robert and Sara smiled and laughed as the half-sized man humiliated himself, worshipping the feet of another man while begging to suck on his cock.

“I don’t know.  I think you need to prove to me just how well you can suck,” Robert said, leaning forward and standing up.

“Lay on your back, little man,” the giant instructed Cameron, who obeyed at a whim. 

Cameron quickly lay on the floor lengthwise across the face of the couch.  He watched as Robert, who was clad only in pin-stripe boxers, lifted his right foot and placed it upon his small chest.

“HRGGHHMMPPPF!” Cameron exclaimed as Robert, who stood 6’2” and weighed a muscular 230lbs, stepped up onto his chest and placed his large size 11 left foot over Cameron’s face. 

A smile crossed Robert’s face at the sound of Cameron’s muffled groans.

“I’ve trampled lesser slaves smaller than you that didn’t cry like such a bitch.  I don’t know that you’re worthy to suck my cock,” Robert said, teasing the shrunken man as he turned his left foot on Cameron’s face and began to brush his toes over his nose and lips.

Cameron’s lips parted, his jaw opening up, and Robert forced his big, second, and third toes deep into his mouth.

“GRRGGGHHHH!!” gagged the small man as he tried to repress his reflex.

Mistress Sara, meanwhile, repositioned herself so her feet were lined up with Cameron’s head, and placed her left foot on his forehead to help keep it in place.  She had a big grin on her face, mixed with anticipation as she licked her lips.  She loved watching an alpha male, especially one that was a ripped and toned as Robert, dominate a sub, regardless if the sub was a male or female.  She recalled some of the tag-teaming that she and Robert had performed on her pathetic excuse of a husband, as well as on some of her other female and male subs.

 “C’mon, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, her instep comfortably resting upon her sub’s forehead, casting a shadow upon his eyes, “suck on his toes and prove you are worthy to suck on his cock.”

Cameron’s lips closed around Robert’s toes, the hairs on top of them tickled the roof of his mouth slightly.  He then began to suck, wishing to please his mistress more than the man that stood on him with his foot in his mouth.  He forced the tip of his tongue in between the large toes as much as possible while still maintaining the pull of his oral vacuum.

“That’s more like it, little foot-fag,” Robert said as he maintained his balance on the shrunken sub’s chest.

Cameron continued to suck between breathes through his nose.  His face was turning red due to the weight of the giant upon his chest, which was quite uncomfortable and causing him strain to inhale.  Robert’s toe slipped out of his mouth with a slight pop, and Cameron kept his mouth opened.  The giant’s big toe then pressed against the inside of his left cheek, and Robert proceeded to make all five of his large toes stretch the shrunken man’s face, filling his mouth with his large foot.

Cameron’s face contorted and grimaced with discomfort as he made gurgling sounds as the result of the large set of toes forcing their way deep into his mouth.  The taste of dirty foot-flesh was all he could sense apart from the pain, until Mistress Sara slid her toes down over his nose and eyes after repositioning her left foot.  With the olfactory presence of his mistress’s foot, Cameron felt his little manhood awaken with a pleasant reflex.

Robert then retracted his foot and stepped down off Cameron, keeping his left foot pinning him down while Mistress Sara placed her other foot on top of the shrunken man’s mouth.  She proceeded to finagle her big toe between his lips, and the little man needed no prompting to suck on it, bringing a smile to her face as his tongue worked vigorously against the underside of her toe.

“Do you see that?” Robert asked of Sara, pointing to Cameron’s inflating stiffy.

Mistress Sara nodded and smiled.

“What can I say?  I have an effect on men,” she responded with a big grin.

Cameron felt the big toe in his mouth retract, but was quickly replaced by the big toe of Mistress Sara’s left foot.  He was in heaven once again, being made to suck on the giantess’s toe while simultaneously being made to smell the others.

“If he’s going to suck my cock, he’s going to really need his mouth and lips stretched,” Robert said, stepping over Cameron and straddling him. 

Being lost in erotic ecstasy beneath his mistress’s toes, Cameron was quite surprised when the giant man took a seat on his upper legs and groin.  His nuts and erection were uncomfortably sat on by the giant as Mistress Sara removed her big toe from his mouth.

Mistress Sara stood up and walked out of the room while Robert brought his feet to rest on Cameron’s face.  The shrunken sub felt the vibration of his mistress’s footfalls leave as he took deep inhales of Robert’s feet.

Mistress Sara returned a moment later, carrying in a dining room chair and set it just above Cameron’s head.  She took a seat, and Robert slid his feet down Cameron’s small face.  Mistress Sara lifted her feet, too, and extended them over Cameron’s face.

“Open up, sweetie,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron was more than willing to accept as many toes as possible at his size, as long as some of them were his mistress’s.  He had never heard the pet-name “sweetie” before, and couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Mistress Sara was bonding even more and more with him.  With his mouth agape, Cameron felt four big toes work and wriggle their way in deep into his mouth.

“HRRGGHH!!” gagged Cameron as Robert’s large big toes seemed to penetrate his mouth the deepest. 

“Good boy,” Robert said as he remained seated on Cameron.  “You need a really big mouth to accommodate my cock.  You saw how big it is this morning.  C’mon, let’s keep working at this.”


Mistress Sara watched as Robert’s big toes seemed to stretch Cameron’s lips far out to their sides, and seized the opportunity to force her big toes down his mouth together, eliciting a hard-repressed gag reflex from the sub.  The undersides of her toes pressed against the roof of his mouth while Robert brought his big toes together and began to pull back on Cameron’s jaw with his large toes.

“There we go, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she and her dominating boyfriend worked their large toes together to continue to force Cameron’s mouth to open wider.

The shrunken man emitted some more gags and moans of discomfort as tears slowly trickled down from his eyes.  The giant couple smiled at each other as they continued their domination for another minute before removing their large toes from Cameron’s mouth. 

Cameron was thankful to have a few moments to lick his chops and massage his jaw-joints as Mistress Sara lifted her foot and pointed her toes down at him once more.  Despite the sore muscles in his face, Cameron willingly accepted the large toes of his mistress as best as he could, and she maneuvered all five to fit within his mouth after a few seconds.

“Good boy, Cameron.  I think your mouth is getting bigger.  Don’t you think so, Robert?” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her sub.

“Maybe.  I think I should try to get my toes in there, too,” Robert said.

Bringing his right foot up and pointing his toes down, Robert tried to wriggle his large digits into Cameron’s already full mouth.  Not wanting to disappoint his mistress, Cameron tried to open his mouth as much as he could to accommodate Robert’s toes.  After a few more moments of work, only Robert’s pinky toe remained outside of Cameron’s mouth.

“Well, not quite as successful as I’d like,” Robert said, noting his little toe outside of Cameron’s mouth.

“I’m sure your cock will stretch his lips the rest of the way,” Mistress Sara said, enjoying the feeling of Cameron’s mouth around her left foot’s toes.

After several more moments of discomfort, both sets of toes are removed from Cameron’s mouth.

“So, in order to suck on cock, you have to know how to lick cock, but I’m not convinced that you know how,” Mistress Sara said, leaning forward to address the sub at her feet.  “I think you need to lick my feet to prove to me that you have the skills to suck on my boyfriend’s cock, alright?  Don’t disappoint your mistress.”

The soles of the giantess’s size 9.5 feet were presented to Cameron, who, despite the pain present in his jaw muscles, quickly extended his moist tongue and licked her arches, heels, footpads, and toes as well as he could as she presented them to him.

“Good boy, Cameron.  Lick between my toes,” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her favorite pet, “Show me and Robert that you have a good enough tongue to lick his cock.”

Robert proceeded to present his toes for licking, forcing Cameron to transition from licking Mistress Sara’s toes clean to his.  Cameron noticed the difference in taste, but continued to work diligently.  His giantess mistress placed her footpad and toes on his forehead, covering his eyes slightly, as she leaned forward to watch his efforts.  He slipped his tongue in between each of Robert’s toes several times, using the tip of it to clean against the inlets of his toes, which were covered by sweat, dirt, and grime. 

Robert stood up after having made Cameron clean his toes for several minutes, and proceeded to pull his tube-stick out of the fly-hole in his boxers.

“Stand up, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she stood up and grabbed a handful of her sub’s hair to help pull him up to his feet.

Cameron now stood before the large man who was twice his size.  He gulped at the site of the penis before him as Mistress Sara took a seat on the leather couch adjacent to the two men.

“Show me how to lick his cock,” Mistress Sara said, her hand still clutching hair on the back of Cameron’s head.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cameron replied, sticking his tongue out as he felt the giantess forcefully guide his head to Robert’s semi-erect member.

He felt the warm flesh of Robert’s helmet press against his tongue, and then Mistress Sara guided his head down the left side of the giant shaft, using his tongue to turn on her boyfriend.

“There we go…again…good boy, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she once more guided Cameron’s head down the thickening shaft.  This time, she made him lick from head to base of the shaft, which was still semi-enshrouded in boxers, before pulling him back to repeat the same motion again, and again, and again.

Robert closed his eyes as his breathing changed due to the stimulation.  As he had been together with Mistress Sara since almost the start of her business as a giantess dominatrix, he had the pleasure of participating on occasion with dominating other subs but few were ever allowed to worship his dick.  But having his penis licked and pleased by anyone was quite enjoyable.  Cameron’s tongue continued to provide arousal to Robert’s scrotal nerve as the miniaturized man compliantly obeyed Mistress Sara’s guiding hand, which made him lick once again from helmet to near the base of Robert’s thickening penis.

“Good job, Cameron.  You made my boyfriend hard.  Now, it’s time for you to suck on a real man’s cock,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron opened his sore mouth wide, and Robert’s warmed helmet pressed against his tongue, sliding back into his mouth.  He sealed his lips around the large, thick shaft, keeping his teeth as clear from the giant’s sensitive member as he could.  With his eyes closed, he felt Mistress Sara begin to guide his head back and forth, which gagged him quickly.

“HRMMP-HRRMMPP-HRRRMMPP-HRRMPP!” Cameron exclaimed with a mouthful of dick that tickled the back of his throat.

Mistress Sara smiled as she continued to make her sub’s mouth take in Robert’s cock with a rapid battering-ram motion.

“HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP!!” was the only sound Cameron could make while he repressed his gag reflex.

Mistress Sara had done this many times to her husband to humiliate and belittle him, but otherwise, only a few other select male and female subs ever had the pleasure of serving her and her boyfriend at the same time.

Cameron forced himself back off of Robert’s cock, coughing a few times while trailing some thick, bubbly saliva from his mouth as the urge to purge was almost overwhelming. 

“Now now, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, giving Cameron a look of disappointment.  “Get that dick back in your mouth.”

Cameron quickly composed himself and nodded his head, opening his mouth once more as Mistress Sara guided him back to servicing Robert’s manhood.


The large, bulging helmet gagged Cameron intensely as it filled his mouth.  He dug deep into his constitution to keep his stomach-full of spooj in-check while orally satisfying Robert. His eyes were shut as he concentrated on being used by Mistress Sara to suck off her boyfriend.  The gagging sensation continued to make tears trail from his eyes.

“Mmmmmm…” Robert moaned as the pleasant feeling of Cameron’s small, moist mouth around his head and frenum kept building his climax.

“HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMP-HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP!!!” Cameron exclaimed with each gagging penetration into his mouth and almost down his esophagus.

“Oooh, FUCK!” exclaimed Robert as he was nearing his release. 

The sound of Cameron’s gagged and muffled exclamations were even turning Mistress Sara on as she continued to control her sub’s head with her handful of his hair.  She bit her lip in anticipation of Robert’s release as she held Cameron back from Robert’s cock and watched her boyfriend finish himself by rapidly stroking his moistened penis.

“FUCK!!!!” Robert said, his body tensing as he climaxed.  Groaning, he made sure his man-tube was pointed straight at the small man’s face.

Cameron grimaced with disgust as the giant penis produced several spurts of thick, bubbly, warm, white laces of semen on his face.  One shot hit him in his left eye.  Another almost up his nose and across his lips.  Another shot against the bridge of his nose, running down his left cheek.  Another shot spurted directly onto his lips, and others shots splatted against his cheek.

Mistress Sara was incredibly turned on at the site of her shrunken sub covered in her boyfriend’s spooj.  The smile on her face was as huge as Robert’s cock.  Robert shook his spent penis a few times, milking out a few drops of post-cum onto Cameron’s lips as he breathed heavily from his release.  The humiliated sub proceeded to part his lips, which were sticky from the warm, frothy deposit.  He snaked his tongue out along his sore lips, tasting the warm, salty protein.

Mistress Sara proceeded to grab Robert’s cock and rubbed the underside and helmet all over Cameron’s face, collecting the ejaculation on it.  She used Robert’s helmet to rub into his closed left eye to collect some cum from there, and then guided the helmet down to Cameron’s upper lip.  Cameron opened his mouth and welcomed the barely deflated penis back in. 

“Clean it,” Mistress Sara instructed him.

Cameron’s cheeks caved slightly as he began to suck gently upon the large cock.  He used his tongue to lick and lap off the thick, coagulating cum.  More post-cum trickled out of Robert’s dick into Cameron’s mouth.  A few more passionate sucks on the man’s helmet, and Robert tucked himself back into his boxer.

“Good boy,” he said, lightly bitch-slapping Cameron’s right cheek with his hand which had not been spurted upon.

“See, I told you he would do anything I wanted,” Mistress Sara said, standing up and embracing her boyfriend while Cameron remained standing before Robert with the large penis pointed at him still.

A few moments later, Mistress Sara stepped back from Eric and grabbed the shrink collar’s remote.  Eric proceeded to walk out of the living room back to the master bedroom.

“Cameron, we need to get ready for my get-together tonight.  I’m having several girl-friends over, and they are all wanting to meet you.  I told them you give excellent foot-massages and you like to clean shoes and feet with your tongue.  I have some fun and exciting games planned, too, that involve little ol’ you, too!  But before that, I still need to go to the grocery store!” Mistress Sara said, looking down at the three-foot-tall man standing before her.

“Yes, Mistress.  As you wish, Mistress,” Cameron responded with a look of contentment about his face, which quickly turned to a face of pain as the shrink collar began reducing him down in size.

The shrinking man staggered a bit and fell to his left knee as he continued to miniaturize at the feet of his giantess-mistress.  The pain subsided, and Cameron was now back to an inch in size.


Mistress Sara had walked back into her bedroom with her shrunken sub in the palm of her hand once again.  Cameron observed Eric getting dressed, pulling on a pair of blue jeans, white socks, and a tight dark navy t-shirt that accentuated his muscle tone.

“Bye, babe!” he said, kissing Sara as he carried his black Converse All-Stars in his hand.

“See you tomorrow night!” Mistress Sara said as she walked toward her dresser.

Cameron felt the palm of her hand tip to its side, causing him to roll off of it onto the dark hardwood top of the dresser.  After getting to his knees, the tiny man observed a few jewelry boxes and necklace trees nearby with multiple styles of chains with charms hanging from them.

“Now, I still need to take a bath and get dressed to go out grocery shopping, and I need to do something with you to make you ‘presentable’ to the world.  After all, I can’t exactly be seen with someone like…well, someone like you in public.  So I had a thought,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron was not sure what to expect, but knew that Mistress Sara could do anything to him that she wanted and he would be alright with it.  The giantess reached into a jewelry box nearby and extracted a small golden chain with pretty fine chain-links.  Mistress Sara undid the clasp and laid the chain out on the top of her dresser.

“Lay down here, with your arms up above your head,” Mistress Sara said, instructing her sub who obeyed immediately.

Cameron lay down near the middle of the chain as instructed by his mistress.  He lay his arms above his head without question.  Smiling at her sub, Mistress Sara proceeded to manipulate Cameron’s wrists to slide through two of the chain’s links that were side-by-side.

“This part will be quick,” the giantess said as she picked up the shrink collar’s remote.  After dialing in a slight adjustment, she pressed the button, and Cameron winced for a brief moment as he was enlarged to 1.25”.

“Perfect!” Mistress Sara said as she set the remote down and picked up the chain by its ends. 

Cameron was now dangling by his entrapped wrists from the chain several feet in his perspective above the top of the dresser.  The giantess then lowered him back down to the top of the dresser and set the ends of the chain down.

As he remained laying on his back, Cameron watched as Mistress Sara opened a drawer beneath and produced a black plastic jar with a black screw-on lid.  It was about three-inches square and two-inches tall.  The label on the side simply stated “Gold Body Paint”.

After unscrewing the top of the jar, Mistress Sara proceeded to pick up the chain and held both ends in her left hand.  She had an amused expression on her face as she watched her tiny sub stare down into the jar as he was lowered towards it.

“Do you trust me?” asked the giantess of her sub.

Cameron looked up at Mistress Sara’s beautiful face while trying to mask his own concern.

“Y-Y-YES, MISTRESS!!” he answered with some panic as he felt his feet and ankles dip into the thick liquid.

The giantess continued to lower Cameron into the paint slowly, savoring the look of subtle panic on his face.  The cold liquid was now up to his waist, covering his manhood.  A moment later, it was up to stomach, then chest, and then just below his chin.  Cameron turned his head up, closing his eyes tightly as he took a deep breath just before the golden paint washed over his face.  To keep the liquid from coming into his nose, the tiny man managed to push just a little bit of his breath into his nostrils while he was lowered further into the jar.

Mistress Sara continued to dip her sub all the way into the jar of golden paint until his hands were submerged as well.  After a moment of watching the chain wriggle, the giantess lifted Cameron up from the jar. 

“GAAASSSPP!” exclaimed Cameron as the golden body pain streamed off his body into the jar. 

He kept his head tilted down to keep the paint dripping away from his mouth while he gasped in some air.  Mistress Sara chuckled lightly as she began to lower him back into the paint once again.  Upon this realization, Cameron took another deep breath, tilting his head upward, and was submerged once again.

The giantess loved playing with her subs like this.  There weren’t many that she had that she felt she could actually do this to, but with Cameron, well, there was little she wasn’t willing to subject him to, knowing that he only wanted to entertain, worship, and serve her.  A bubble rose to the surface as she watched the chain wriggle back and forth for a few moments.  Before she pulled Cameron up, she scooted one of her necklace trees over.  Lifting the chain up, she heard the tiny man gasp for air yet again.

“There we go!” Mistress Sara said with a big smile as she hooked the chain’s clasps together and hung it up from the necklace tree.

Cameron remained dangling from the links, coughing occasionally.  The paint streamed off his naked body down his legs from his feet into the open jar below, diminishing quickly from his small surface area down to a dribble for a moment, and then to just a few drops.

“Try not to move too much, Cameron.  I want you to dry and look good, alright?” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron opened his eyes, which was met with some resistance from the thick liquid that he had been immersed in.  He watched the giantess open a different drawer and pulled out a pair of black cotton panties.  Mistress Sara then turned and proceeded into the bathroom.

The tiny man felt almost weightless as he dangled from the chain’s links.  He could see in the mirror that was visible in the bathroom Mistress Sara removing her black silk nighty.  The sound of bath water running could then be heard for several minutes.  During this time, he was able to sneak some peaks of the beautiful, naked woman before she stepped into her bathtub.  His little prick, which had never been permitted to purge that morning, thickened for a few minutes before returning to its flaccid condition and he fell asleep from exhaustion.


Cameron groggily stirred as he came to.  The sound of a drawer opening by Mistress Sara awoke him, and he lifted his head in time to see the beautiful blonde giantess standing seemingly naked before him.  She had applied some eyeliner and makeup before coming over to her dresser.

Mistress Sara removed a black bra from the drawer, and proceeded to slip it over her ample bosom and secured it behind her back.  Next, she slipped a black V-neck t-shirt on, followed by a pair of short denim shorts.  With a smile on her face, the giantess turned her attention to Cameron.

“Look good, little slave,” she said as she lifted the chain from the necklace tree.

The giantess unclasped the chain, and began to lower it.  It was then that Cameron realized that he wasn’t on a necklace, per se, but rather, and ankle-bracelet.  As he was lowered toward the giantess-mistress’s right foot, Cameron noticed that she had painted her toenails a sexy, shiny blue color.  He came to a rest against the outside of the giantess’s ankle, and Mistress Sara clasped the chain on the opposite side of her ankle from her sub.    Once secure, the giantess stood back upright, and proceeded to take a step.

Helplessly, Cameron bounced against the side of the giantess’s ankle just below her right ankle bone.  His wrists were tightly trapped within the chain-link, and his hands were cold due to the restraints.  The giantess’s foot lifted once again, quickly raced forward, and then smashed down upon the carpet in the bedroom once again.  The motion was semi-nauseating for the shrunken sub.

Mistress Sara exited her bedroom, barely noticing the tiny shrunken golden human-shaped anklet charm that occasionally bounced off the side of her foot as the sounds of her soles slapping against the hardwood floor broke the silence.  She proceeded to walk to the sliding glass door that led out to her in-ground infinity pool with fancy concrete patio that went around most of it.  There, on the floor, were her well-worn Chaco athletic sandals.  These were her most favorite and comfortable shoes, and occasionally, they were some of her most favorite tools of pleasure, being used to trample subs underneath.

Cameron’s stomach churned as the giantess’s foot lifted from the hardwood floor, its toes quickly pointing down, and then descended through the teal-green and blue-colored sandal straps.  The tins man was jostled for a moment as Mistress Sara’s foot settled in to the hard rubber-soled sandal.  After stepping into her other sandal, the giantess leaned down and proceeded to pull the straps of her sandals tight.  She smiled down at Cameron, tapping his head with her index finger.

“You gonna be alright?” she asked.

Cameron nodded his head, his mouth having dried shut from the paint, which he hadn’t noticed until just that moment when he went to speak.  Mistress Sara smiled and stood back up, turned around, and after dawning some oversized ruby-pink colored sunglasses, proceeded to walk out of her front door.

As the giantess walked, Cameron was blinded by the sunlight.  The rapid motion of Mistress Sara’s footfalls continued to disorient him as he bounced against her massive.  He had no control over his movement and motion, and was at gravity’s will.  Thankfully, the walking stopped for a moment, and the sound of a garage door opening filled his ears.  A moment later, Mistress Sara walked up to her shiny white Tesla, and proceeded to get in.

The music blared loudly in Cameron’s ears, and the air conditioning caused him to become very cold.  Being so small, he had very little mass that needed to be cooled off, which also helped him endure the times that he had been imprisoned within Mistress Sara’s workout socks. 

The giant foot seemed to stay mainly on the gas, but occasionally would fly over to the brake suddenly, it seemed, which continued to make the small man nauseous.  After nearly twenty minutes, Mistress Sara parked, and proceeded into the grocery store.

Cameron’s world began to slide around the giantess’s ankle, and he was now bouncing off her Achilles’ tendon.  The sound of her heel-flesh slapping against the sandal’s hard rubber insole now filled the tiny man’s ears.  To combat the dizzying motion of Mistress Sara’s walking, Cameron tried to fixate on the black insole that was visible from underneath her heel, but the jarring impacts of her footfalls kept him bouncing and sliding too much.

Step after step, Cameron was made to endure the brutal ride.  His hands had gone virtually numb, and his elbows and shoulders were burning from the abuse.  His body ached as well from being made to pummel against Mistress Sara’s foot and ankle bones.

As she stood in the wine aisle, she realized that Cameron was hanging against the back of her foot.  She lifted her foot from the floor by raising her knee strait up.

“My ankle charm does me no good if he’s not on display,” she said, sliding her ankle bracelet around so that Cameron lay on top of her foot near her ankle joint.  She then set her foot down to the floor and continued shopping, grabbing a few bottles of wine and placed them in her basket.

The giantess continued to walk up and down several more aisles, and Cameron once again found himself sliding down to the side of her foot.  With each successive footfall, the anklet sent him to the back of her foot once again.  As Mistress Sara had stopped and was perusing some fancy cheeses, Cameron felt the two links around wrists give.


His eyes opened wide as his wrists slipped through the now broken links.  Cameron fell awkwardly below onto the rubber insole of Mistress Sara’s sandal.  Unable to get his balance, he face-planted, hitting his head hard against the hard floor of the store.  He groggily opened his eyes and lifted his head as a large shadow loomed over him, unaware that Mistress Sara’s sandal lifted slightly from the floor and hovered over him before the Vibram sole came to a crushing rest upon his golden, naked frame.

“HHRRMMMPPPPFFFF!!!!” Cameron cried, his lips finally breaking the seal created by the paint as he made his exclamation of pain beneath the giantess’s sandal.

Mistress Sara, meanwhile, hadn’t noticed Cameron’s bonds had broken.  The anklet chain had hung loosely enough around her ankle that is rested against the top strap of her Chaco sandal.  The tiny 1.25” man was being crushed in a deep tread-channel on the sole of her sandal, between the unforgiving hard rubber sole of the sandal, and the even more unforgiving hard-tile floor of the store.  Panic began to set in as he tried to inhale, but his lungs weren’t afforded room to expand. 

Then, the giant shoe lifted, and Cameron went on an even more dizzying ride as he was upside down for a moment before the massive foot crushed him against the store floor.  For a split-second, Cameron was seeing stars before the giantess’s shoe lifted once again, pivoted rapidly above the store’s floor, and crushed down upon him again.

Mercifully, as she stepped, Mistress Sara felt her anklet chain roll off the top of her foot onto the floor, causing her to stop.  Her eyes opened widely with alarm, and she looked up and down the aisle to make sure she was alone.  She then glanced up and down the aisle from where she had walked from several times, scanning intently for any movement along the base of the store’s shelves.

Meanwhile, Cameron was being crushed to his wit’s end beneath the giantess’s sandal.  He was so small that Mistress Sara didn’t realize that she was standing on him.  Then, the sandal turned and twisted as Mistress Sara continued to look for him.  The friction generated upon Cameron’s skin actually removed a fair amount of gold body paint on his front side. 

“HRRGMMPP!!” he exclaimed as the giant foot lifted slightly as Mistress Sara knelt down, continuing her search for him. 

Cameron coughed a few times before trying to cry out, but he was too late as the sandal’s sole crushed him back against the floor for a brief moment.  Mistress Sara took a few slow steps down the aisle, hoping that no one would come along, and that she’d find Cameron. 

She then began to wonder if she had lost him in another aisle.  As she scanned the floor, she noticed the streaks of smeared golden body paint on the floor, which made her pause.  The giantess-mistress took a step forward towards the streaks, and as she stepped down, she heard a faint squeaky cry of pain.  Her eyes widened yet again, and she lifted her right foot from the floor, bringing it sole-side up to her left knee.

“Oh my!” Mistress Sara exclaimed softly as she observed her tiny, shrunken one-inch sub stuck to the sole of her shoe.

“Cameron, are you alright?” she asked as she pinched the tiny man’s legs and peeled him out and off the hard rubber sole.

Cameron dangled limply in the giantess’s grip as he was overwhelmed from the crushing pain, his arms hanging down past his head.

“Cameron?” Mistress Sara asked again, nudging him with her other index finger. 

Finally, the shrunken sub coughed a few times, groaning for a few moments

“Y-y-y-yes…Mistress…I’m…I’m alright,” he faintly responded.

“Why did you escape from the anklet?” Mistress Sara asked sternly.

“I…I didn’t…the chain…gave way,” the disheveled slave tried to explain through his exasperation.

The giantess knew full well that her favorite pet would never actually try to escape.  A somewhat devious smile crossed her face as she thought of what to with her shrunken slave next.


Mistress Sara entered the single-serve women’s bathroom and took a seat on the closed toilet.  With Cameron still dangling from her hand, she lowered him to lay on top of her upper leg, crossing her right leg over her left as well.  In her other hand was the broken ankle bracelet.  She unclasped the tiny chain, and proceeded to pull off the clasps with ease.

Cameron lay almost motionless on Mistress Sara’s leg, watching what the creative giantess was doing.  The large fingers of her right hand lowered to him, holding the chain in their grip.  The submissive shrunken man allowed the beautiful woman to wrap the chain around his ankles and legs, securing them tightly.

Next, Cameron’s sore arms were made to raise over his head once more, which popped in the process and made him wince momentarily in pain.  Mistress Sara disregarded his exclamation, and with the other half of the anklet, wrapped his wrists and forearms tightly, leaving a length of chain still.

To test her binding skills, the giantess-mistress lifted her bound, shrunken sub by the chain, dangling him in the air once more.  Cameron stared at the beautiful woman’s amused expression, falling more and more in love with her and how easily she manipulated him. 

Mistress Sara proceeded to stand up and hiked her right leg, placing her foot on the closed toilet lid.  Shen proceeded to lower Cameron under her second toe.  The tiny man lay face-down with his arms being lifted above and behind his head as Mistress Sara pulled up on the chain between her big and second toes.  The giantess then manipulated Cameron’s bound legs up between her second and third toes, and managed to slip the end of the chain from her slave’s arms through his restraints. 

Cameron groaned as he felt his arms get pulled up as Mistress Sara pulled on the very fine chain and proceeded to tie a knot.  His body was effectively wrapped around the underside of the giantess’s second toe.  He then felt his back rub against the giantess’s toe flesh as she spun her new shrunken human toe-ring up over her toe’s knuckle.

“Perfect!” exclaimed the giantess, admiring her still somewhat-golden toe-ring.

“HRRRMMPPP!!” cried Cameron as Mistress Sara scrunched her toes, which in turn smothered the tiny man’s head between her second and third toes. 

Cameron’s back, hips, and shoulders ached as the giant foot came to a rest on the floor.  Mistress Sara released her scrunch on her toes and proceeded with her shopping.  The tiny man felt every body-jarring footfall that Mistress Sara took.  He was helplessly trapped as a toe-ring around the beautiful giantess’s toe, and there was nowhere else he would rather be at that moment.


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