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Author's Chapter Notes:
this is my first story so please leave a review and if people like it ill do some more chapters thanx

O no! I shouted as my experiment went all over me as I tried to make a formula that would change the size of objects, but as I was mixing two of my very own ingredients together it went all over me. “I best go clean this all up,” I walked over to the sink to wash it off my hands and walked upstairs as I liked to do my experiments in my basement.

          I went upstairs to take a shower, and right after I had finished my girlfriend Alice called me, Alice was a beautiful 5 foot 4 inch tall 16 year old girl, the same age as me, with long brown hair and blue eyes with a very slim figure, she asked me if I wanted to go over to her house for dinner, I told her I’d be right over after I got changed. So I got some clean clothes out (my best ones) and walked to her house, she only lived 5 minutes away.

          I got to her house and started to feel a bit light headed, but after a couple of seconds it was gone, I knocked on the door and within seconds Alice through the door open and invited me in and she said that dinner was on the table. We went into the dinning room and ate our dinner, but about halfway through I started to feel light headed again, this time for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, Alice told me to go upstairs into her bed room, she told me she needed to get changed as she had only just come back from soft ball only minutes before she had made the call to me and hadn’t had chance to get changed having to prepare dinner, she told me she would get changed in the bathroom.

          I was waiting in her bedroom for her to come back when all of a sudden I felt light headed again, but this time I felt dizzy as well and everything started to go blurry and I felt like I had passed out. I opened my eyes and I realized I mustn’t have been out for long as I could still her the rustling of clothes coming from the bathroom. But I couldn’t help but feel strange, as I finally fully came to my senses I looked around to see why I felt so strange. As I looked behind me I saw something that made me freeze in shock.  The table and chair in Alice’s room that I was standing in front of had grown immensely in size as I looked around I saw that everything else was bigger as well, that’s when I realized, they hadn’t grown, I’d shrunk! I thought to myself how this could have happened and I realized it must have been my experiment mixture. As I was thinking what to do, Alice came out of the bathroom and she was gigantic, I was only just higher then her foot, which I now realized she was still wearing socks, and by the looks of them they were the same ones as she wore to soft ball practise, I must have only been 2 inches tall.

        “CALLUM!” I heard her say, only to me her voice was as loud as anything, it was as if she was shouting at the top of her voice down a microphone turned up to max and then amplified, I had to cover my heard, “CALUM WERE ARE YOU?” she said, “IF THIS IS ONE OF YOUR JOKES I’M GOING TO BE VERY ANNOYED,” “I’m down hear,” I shouted but she couldn’t hear me“I’M JUST GOING TO SIT HER AT MY DESK UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO COME OUT,” she said“I’m down here,” I shouted again, but again she didn’t hear me.

       She sat down at her desk and I thought I had to get her attention and then maybe she would help me get back to normal. I started running towards her socked foot, and when I was getting close, I lowered my shoulder to try and ram into her heel, but as I was about to make contact she lifted her heel up but left her toes on the floor, and I was going at such speed I couldn’t stop my self and I ran in to her toes and feel onto my back, as I did so he foot twitched and then she started to lower it. Her foot came down on top of me and she lifted her foot up again, but I was stuck to the bottom of her sweaty sock, I was surrounded by sweat and it really stank, and I hadn’t been afraid to tell her this once after one of her soft ball practises when she had taken her shoes off and had them right next to me.

      I was pressed into her sweaty sock and there was nothing I could do, but luck was on my side and when I hit her foot she felt it and started to lift her foot up to c what she had stood on. As she looked at me she seemed to be happy. “ THERE YOU ARE I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU,” a look of pain went across my face as she spoke, and she must have seen it as she lowered her voice, I could tell she was whispering but it sounded like she was talking normally to me. “Your so small now, you look so cute.”  “Can you help me get back to normal?” I shouted as she pulled me off her sock, “I’ll have to see, depends how I feel” she said with a grin coming over her face as she said this,“But what to do with you now?” she said“I know, seeing as you seem to like my feet so much I’ll have some fun with you, think of it as hide and seek, but when I find you I have to cover you with my sweaty foot and you have to keep kissing it, remember my feet stink after softball like you said,” she said this with a smile on her face, “Well go getting hiding then.” As she put me on the floor she gave to her a very gentle push, but to me it was quiet hard, I decided it would be best if I started running to try and find sum were to hide. I finally decided to hide in under her bed, but I think she’d been watching me as she seemed to find me straight away, I saw the bottom of the cover to her bad that was hanging over her bed that was covering the bottom lift up and saw her foot come under, she pressed her big toe on my leg and dragged me out, “Awww, you went some were where I can sit down and cover you with my foot how sweet,” she started laughing and she put her foot back on top of me her sweaty sock covering me entirely and I was only under just over a quarter if her foot, her toes over my face. “Start kissing then I heard he voice come from beyond the sock, I start kissing her feet, “Argh, this is hopeless I can’t feel you kissing my feet with my socks on, ill give you another chance but this time I’m going to be barefoot and remember, my feet stink.” I started running again and this time I hid in her wardrobe and again I think she was watching me because again she found me straight away. “Well you lose, Callum, meet sweaty foot meet your inmate,” with that she brought her big sweaty foot down on me again but this time there was more sweat and the smell was bout 10 times worse, “how’s the smell? I know you love it” I heard her say giggling. “Go on then kiss my big sweaty foot,” I kissed it,“I can’t feel it kiss it like you do when you kiss me” she said laughing, “but don’t forget the tongue” she was laughing harder now, I started kissing it I was getting all sweat in my mouth and on my tongue, and she was loving it. “Right come with me then, I followed her to her bed, she picked me up and put me on her bed, she was ling down on her bed, “Now I want u to clean my feet of all the sweat and the dirt from my feet with your tongue not forgetting in between my toes and you have to eat it all.” She put her feet right up to me I started licking them like she wanted, getting foot sweat, bits of sock and all foot grime in my mouth and when I swallowed it burnt the back of my throat, I could feel the heat coming of her foot and it stank and it got worse as I licked in between her toes and I had to lick all the grime from between her toes.

         After about 2 hours I had finished and it was getting dark, “Well school tomorrow, we best get some sleep she walked over to one of the socks she had on earlier opened the neck of it and dropped me into it I slid down it the inside was drenched in foot sweat it stank as she closed the top and said, “night, night” I crawled through the sweat and snuggled down in the toe section and thought to myself about the day, she had been evil to me, but in ways I had enjoyed I, and I feel asleep surrounded by the smell of her feet.

Chapter End Notes:
this is my first story so please leave a review and if people like it ill do some more chapters thanx
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