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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone! This story experiments with some ideas I've had floating about. In the first chapter we meet several of our mainstays, already partway into their journey. Where are they going, and where have they come from? With any luck we'll find out!



I was startled as the phone in my pocket began vibrating. I had tried to contact Jenny repeatedly since coming here to no avail. But, apparently it had managed to pick up some sort of usable signal. The screen displayed a flashing 'Unknown Caller' but, taking my chances I answered. “Hello?” I spoke, rather shakily.

“He..o?......A.y.ne..h.re?” came a static filled voice.

“Jenny? Jennifer, is that you?” I shouted into the mic, hoping to hear her through the poor reception. *wheeeeeeee* There was a squeal as the static cleared.

“Oh my gosh, Tim!” she responded in relief. “Are you OK? I'm so glad I finally got these things to work!” She cast a mindful eye at the partially disassembled transmitter in front of her. “When did you get here? Have things been OK for you?” she asked, her tone quickly changing to one of happiness and curiosity. “I can't believe how well the machine worked!”

“....and then some” I added. Looking at my sister as she sat in front of her computer desk was a live reminder of just how 'big' the changes were. I was lucky she had her headset on, and I could avoid any additional awkward moments were she to hear our conversation.

“I'll say.” she chuckled happily. “I feel great!” Tweaking the components in front of her to ensure their call remained connected she let out a *humph* of satisfaction at her creation. “Would you believe that radio waves travel on slightly different frequencies in this reality? It took me a few days after I arrived to get my head wrapped around it and adapt some of the tech for our phones.”

“A few days? It's been three weeks!” I exclaimed.

She couldn't suppress the squeal of excitement that escaped her throat. “That means I was right about my theory that a synchronization gap could arise with more than one person!” she gushed. “I just got here a three days ago. This is so amazing!”

“Yeah, amazing....” I replied. The sarcasm was dripping from my voice.

“Ok, ok” she responded, catching my hint. There was a grunt as she cleared her throat. “So, are you...um...well.....Are you small?” she asked, almost as if taboo.

“That depends....” I trailed off “Are you, you know....big...ger, really big?” I felt like an idiot as I stumbled over trying to discuss the subject.

“I think that answers both of our questions” she answered with a giggle. “My body feels so amazing, Tim. Yesterday I wasn't thinking and actually ripped the handle off of a door at school!”

“Yeah, meanwhile I'm in this crazy new world full of giants, and barely over a foot tall!” I yelled into the phone. My patience had worn a bit thin. I'd done everything I could to learn about and navigate this new world.

“So, you're a bit small...” she trailed off. “Just because the experiment was a bit unpredictable doesn't mean that things aren't perfectly fine!” she said unconvincingly. “Like I told you, the machine worked exactly the way it was supposed to.” Taking the silence on my end as a bad thing, Jenny sighed. “Ok, I'm working on figuring out what's wrong to get us back home. But, you have to admit this whole experience is amazing, and also pretty fun!” I could almost taste the self-satisfaction in her voice. “Plus, you've probably got it pretty good if everything worked right!”

I growled as something in me proceeded to snap. I had been so overwhelmed and exasperated with adapting to all the changes on my end, and here she was getting to happily enjoy basically all the benefits. “What the fuck gives you the idea that I'm perfectly fine!?” I was seeing red at this point. “You have no idea what this place is like! Or, don't you think one of us might have just gotten the short end of the stick on this?”

“Oh, so I'm the bitch for also having fulfilled every need or desire you could have ever had?” Jenny asked, incredulously.

“You are when I'm literally getting passed around and toyed with like a human plaything!” I shouted in return. My mind flashed to the incident last week before my sister decided to start keeping a closer watch on my well-being. “In fact, why don't we just spin the wheel again so you can see just how good things really are!”

Loosing her patience, Jenny finally pushed back. “Well if that's the case then let's see if you feel that way after getting a double-dose of what you wished for.” Looking down at her phone in frustration she hesitated for a moment before deciding to hang-up. “Of course he's not going to understand” she sighed to herself. The machine was altruistic, only pulling from both of their deepest subconscious desires and interpreting them in it's own way to find their ideal shared reality. “But, it couldn't hurt to try and help him understand either....could it?” Weighing their present options, she swallowed any doubts and pushed the button. “Whatever happens, at least it'll put us both in a better place.” she whispered, closing her eyes and willing herself to think about the best world possible for them. Shuddering as the machine's effect began to wash over her, she felt the world melt away before blacking-out.

There was a beep in my ear as the phone in my hand signaled Jennifer having hung-up. Moments later the world blurred and distorted as the tiny kitchen sponge I had crafted into a chair warped and expanded below me. Despite my best efforts to hang on and handle the strain I passed out.

*BAM* A thunderous slam startled me awake. From the light shining into the room it must have been mid-afternoon. But, I reminded myself that I couldn't be truly sure just how much time had actually passed. Working to make sense of things, I tried my best not to panic as heavy tremors crashed around below me. Shaking off the headache Jenny's treatment had left me with, I quickly took in my surroundings to best prepare for whatever lay ahead. It seemed that I was still in my sister's bedroom, albeit things had been rearranged slightly. The piece of furniture I now resided on sat against window-frame next to her door, and what looked to be a large queen or king-sized bed consumed a large portion of the room along the opposing corner. The rickety old nightstand where I had formerly lived still stood, placed somewhat close to the bed. The glow of her alarm clock read '4:05pm 5/18' as I realized the fallout from Jennifer's sweeping changes had knocked me ahead for the better part of a month. Paying more attention as my head continued to clear, I took note of how all four walls had gone from their jolly mint-green to a dark, sultry burgundy. However, the nerdy posters and wall-scrolls signifying my sister's relentlessly geeky personality remained. Seeing the messy bed, along with greatly expanded toys, clothing and undergarments strewn all about, signaled to me that despite whatever may have changed in the world my sister's relative messiness was likely one of the few, unyielding constants in my life. For being a senior in High School, she sure didn't act like it.

At least I had what seemed to be a small chest of drawers with some personal possessions beside the makeshift bed I was now on. The cell-phone Jenny had given me lay on top, along with some other random knick-knacks. The light on it's back was blinking to let me know I had a text, almost as if mocking me. Getting up to see what was in store, I stumbled, nearly tripping as my foot became caught in the copious folds of my silken bedsheets.....'Wait, silk bedsheets?....' my mind questioned. Turning back, I looked over my now vastly over-sized bed. It hung just a touch off the edge of what I now assumed was my sister's dresser. The sheets and their detailing seemed oddly well made and ornate for my size, particularly when compared to the ordinary cloth napkin I had been using before. Glancing over at the pillow I'd been resting on, my eyes shot wide open as I was greeted by a large logo that read 'Torrid Plush-Tag™' printed into what I had originally assumed to be a purple, silken pillowcase. “What the....” My musings were cut short as the tremors rapidly approached, growing significantly in strength. I steadied myself as the various possessions strewn about the dresser I was on rattled and vibrated with each thump. My bed, already halfway off the edge since I'd woken up, teetered over into the abyss. Peering down at the floor, I managed to see the sponge I had at one point struggled to comfortably sit on hit the ground. It was followed half a second later by what I now knew to be a silk-thong at least four times it's size that collapsed on top of it in a heap.

The worn-out doorknob rattled before the door was thrown open roughly. “Hey, bro!” came a deep, female voice, one both familiar and foreign at the same time.

I stumbled to my feet and quickly turned towards the door. “C-Cassidy?” I gasped, falling onto my ass in disbelief. The woman in the doorway was so large that the door-frame obscured her face from the chin-down. It was as if her body had been sculpted and refined by someone hell-bent on crafting plus-size, Amazonian perfection. Whereas originally she had been quite chubby, but carried most of it in her legs and belly, whatever Jenny had done initially mostly just caused her to gain a good few inches and fill out quite a bit more proportionately. How she looked now though, was something that could only be described as unreal. “....fuck.......” I murmured to myself in disbelief.

Ducking to avoid smacking her face, she entered into the room. I gulped, watching intently as the top of her head and swell of her hips brushed against the entryway before slamming the door shut. The woman that walked into the room retained enough of my sister's former facial features to be familiar, even down to her glasses. Yet, she had also managed to evolve and mature quite a bit. I decided to stay seated as she walked inside, not wanting to risk a fall as her titanic body shook the room. The flimsy, low-cut tank top and ridiculously small gym-shorts she wore did absolutely nothing to contain her unbelievable assets. Coming to a stop in front of my location she placed a hand on her hip, smiling excitedly while eyeballing my form. I noted in the back of my mind that I could faintly smell her crotch from where it stood just feet (or inches at her perspective) below the upper level of the tall dresser I sat on. “Did you have a good day off? Hope I didn't wake you up....” she trailed off. Her tone came across as warm and affectionate. At least it seemed that my sister still cared for my well being. Looking down at where I'd been staring a moment before, she placed a hand onto the dresser and ducked past me. Cooing in dissatisfaction, she effortlessly retrieved my bed from the floor.

I felt both eyes pop out of my head as the top of her cleavage consumed my vision. The mascot from whatever anime convention her shirt had come from was stretched and distorted as she bent over. I gulped as the fabric creaked, watching it somehow struggle to stay intact. “N...n..no way....” I stuttered.

“Did you say something, bro?” asked Cassidy as she once again stood tall. Her right hand moved forward and gently placed my recovered bed next to me.

“Umm, no” I managed to get out as I took in her ludicrously massive form.

“K!” she replied with an upbeat smile “It's already been a while since we replaced the old one, so I've gotta remember to actually stick-down that new bed of yours! We can't always have it moving around!”

“We?” I asked, apprehensively. *CLANK-CLUNK* Came a sound from downstairs as the door opened and closed.

Another series of rumbles shook my world, as my mother's voice rang out. “Cassidy, did you put away the groceries!?” Everything rattled as enormous tremors that equaled and quickly surpassed the worst of my sister's came ever closer.

Gently laying her palm on the wooden surface in front of me, my sister eagerly waited for me to hop on. “C'mon Tim, let's go say hi to mom before she makes a big deal out of things.” Stepping onto her palm I felt a shudder go through me as her body's warmth radiated up from below.

Cassidy started over to the door, grabbing the handle and ducking through the entryway as she raised her voice. “Yeah mom, I put everything into the....” She came to a stop as the door opened to reveal what appeared to be a living mountain....or so I thought. “...fridge”

“Good, we can't have the milk spoiling again” came the booming voice of my mother.

Following the sound I looked up, and up.....and up. I had thought Cassidy was massive, but compared to her my mother was utterly titanic. I watched in disbelief from my sister's palm as she stepped through the door and stretched to full height. Despite her formidable size, she barely made it to my mother's chest. An area that easily eclipsed even my sister's newly enhanced proportions several times over. “Can you hold him?” she asked as I was transferred to my mother's larger hands.

“Hello, my big-boy!” came the deep, cheery voice of my mother from above. Looking up, I was greeted by a warm smile from another knockout of a woman. This time, matured to perfection.

“Ugh, finally” groaned my sister behind me. “This thing was killing me” I turned to see her tank-top in one hand as the bra she wore was slid off by the other. Cassidy sighed in relief as she lazily dropped the garment.

This was all too much. Feeling dizzy, I lost my footing and fainted. I had already checked-out by the time I hit my mother's soft hand.

Chapter End Notes:


Thanks for reading! There's lots more to come, so please leave some feedback or a review! Your suggestions really help me to continue and improve!


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