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Saturday, May 29


     Saturday felt to Reese like it might’ve been his most relaxing day in weeks. His parents didn’t expect anything of him, and he didn’t have any school of course, but also there wasn’t any homework to worry about because of his agreement with Olivia. He felt like he had a load taken off, when in reality, he had just become so accustomed to Olivia’s “chores” for him, along with her cheerful attitude that always accompanied them, that he didn’t notice that he was spending several hours a day doing various tasks for her. Far from what the average person would consider a real day off.

     Olivia went for a jog in the morning this time, since it was supposed to rain later in the day. Luckily for Reese, this ended up working in accordance with his plans for the rest of the day: hanging out with some of his friends later that afternoon, before heading to an end-of-school party later that night. He was watching Netflix on the couch when she came home, crashing into her usual spot across from him on the sofa, and lifted her feet onto his lap. He needed no further instructions, slipping her shoes off and tossing them one by one across the house to be near the front door. Just like yesterday, her socks weren’t quite damp, but were still noticeably worn-in, although Reese quickly forgot about this detail as he got to work. At least he had a show to watch, whereas he didn’t yesterday, and luckily Olivia liked the show too, so they could watch together without having to bicker over who got to pick what to watch.

     After an episode had finished, Olivia told Reese that it had been a week since she last had her nails painted, and she wanted a fresh coat. She ran upstairs to get her nail kit, and brought it down, selecting a bright yellow color for today. She patted one of the couch cushions next to where she had been sitting, indicating to her brother to scoot over so he could more easily reach her hand. He expected her to sit normally now, maybe using the coffee table if she wanted to put her feet up, or even the long-forgotten ottoman that she seemed to be allergic to. But as he sat in his new seat and took the bottles of remover and polish from her, she sat back down with her side to the TV, laying her feet out on the other end like before, therefore trapping Reese under her legs this time. At least she’s not completely laying on me like she did last week. Her long, almost peach-colored legs rested on him, and she set her left hand on top of her kneecap, just above his lap. With a smile from his sister for encouragement, he unscrewed the cap off the polish remover, and got to work on giving his sister a nice, fresh manicure.


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