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Sunday, June 6


     Olivia was extra chipper and cheery on Sunday morning, and it was obvious to Reese exactly why. He was lucky that Olivia couldn’t pick up on his awkward attitude the night before, after he had overheard her moans and screams from getting fucked by Parker. But ‘lucky’ was such a twisted word to use in the first place considering how unlucky he had been to be in the situation in the first place. When he went to sleep that night, he tried desperately to simply clear his mind and forget what he had heard. But while Olivia fell fast asleep in her own bed just across the hall, he spent at least half an hour tossing and turning uncomfortably. I’ve never heard her scream like that before, he thought. He hated growing up. He didn’t think she should be denied those kinds of things in life, he just obviously wished he had never had to be a part of it. She made me take her there, he remembered. I willingly drove Olivia across town to her boyfriend or whatever, heard them having sex, and then took her home like nothing happened. What the fuck am I doing? What happened to me?

     The fact that Olivia was completely innocent was perhaps the worst part. He couldn’t confront her about it, and if he did, that would only serve to make him look more guilty. There was nothing wrong with what she did, she was just living her adult life. But him? Would she think he was gross, that he listened in on purpose and was a pervert? No, definitely not. She’s way too understanding for that, and she’s smart enough to know I’m not like that. But it’s still not something I can ever let her know. And if I start acting differently, she might know something’s up. I’ve been so kind and… involved, with her and her lifestyle lately. If I suddenly avoided her and acted cold, she’d know something was up, and might figure it out for herself.

     All these thoughts raced through his mind as he stared at his sister as she ate the breakfast he had cooked for her. Despite his confusing feelings, he had still made sure that he was awake on Sunday morning in order to make and serve her her breakfast. I can’t change how I treat her, he repeated to himself, or she’ll suspect something. “Hey,” she called out, noticing him gazing at her, clearly lost in thought. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

     He blinked several times as she drew him out of his thoughtful trance, and slowly breathed in to refresh himself. “Nothing,” he lied, looking down in hopes she couldn’t see the lies in his eyes. She had really turned him into a paranoid little guy. “I’m just waiting for you to be done so I can rub your feet.”

     Olivia didn’t even hesitate to think about what her brother had told her. “Awww,” she cooed, getting up and ruffling his hair, heading to put her dishes in the sink. “You’re so diligent now. I feel like I’ve had such a positive impact on you over the past few weeks.” 

     Ignoring her compliment, Reese made his way to the couch. “Can we just get this over with?” he asked, sighing as he sat down. “I’m in a bad mood today.” His sister came around to her usual spot, looking concerned. “And I don’t know why,” he added, just in case she thought to question him about it. She sat down on the couch facing him, but tucked her legs under her butt, her feet dangling off the edge of the couch as she propped her arm up against the couch cushions and rested her head in her hand.

     “You know, you don’t have to do all these things for me. I’ve said it before but it’s probably worth repeating, they’re only suggestions from my helping you with your homework. Like, a wishlist. It’s nice to have, but not required.”

     “I know that,” he replied. “I’m not mad at you or anything.”

     “Maybe you’re just sad to be graduating, and having to say goodbye to all your friends as you all grow up and go your own ways,” she suggested. Well, that wasn’t really on my mind, he thought bitterly, but it is now.

     “Yeah, maybe,” he sighed, eager to move past it. 

     He reached out and grabbed a hold of one of Olivia’s feet, dragging it back with him onto his lap. “Oh!” she yelped out, taken by surprise, as her legs were pulled out from under her. Besides, I won’t be doing these things for you much longer, he told himself as his fingers worked their way skillfully into Olivia’s rough, textured socks, slightly damp from her sweat. My life will be able to return to normal soon, I just have to get through tomorrow. My last day before graduation.

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